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Ten Steps to Heaven

As my mother bent over, her huge, milky white tits filled the front of her nightdress and, at the rear, her asscheeks split open revealing her hairy pussy. I guess she was too dumb to realise what she was showing me and too dumb to realise that although I was only just twelve I was as horny as a dog and gagging for my first taste of pussy - hers or anyone else's.

Up until then I'd been interested in trying to catch a glimpse of my sister's fourteen-year-old pussy but she was smarter than my mom and knew what I was up to. Whenever she caught me creeping round trying to sneak a peek she'd tell me to fuck off in no uncertain terms. That was that then. 'Course, I was still able to snitch the odd pair of her panties out of the laundry basket for a quick sniff, but they didn't do much for me.

I guess I could have looked at all the pussy in my collection of Hustlers and Playboys but after a few flick throughs I'd got weary of those whores and wanted the real thing.

This glimpse of mom's pussy was just terrific. I think then and there I decided to pork it. Fuck knows how, but I would.

I guess I'm abnormal. Even amongst my pervy crew at school they thought I was sick for wanting to pork my old lady and, naturally, I became known as 'mother-fucker'. 'Course, I'd sooner fuck THEIR mothers, but, like I said, I was so horny at twelve I'd take any pussy I could get.

Trouble was, how was I going to get the dumb fuck to let me pork her? I had only one advantage - I was smarter than she was. Mother and I had never really got along. Tanya, my elder sister, was the apple of her eye and I was just a crude punk as far as she was concerned. Step one of the operation then was to get into mommy's good books.

Yeah, I straightened up my act, cleaned my room, helped with chores, even spoke to her. She was gobsmacked. I heard her telling my old man that, "Kevin must have a girlfriend." A girlfriend? Fuck! No girl would go near me with my reputation.

Step Two involved much present buying (ok, stealing) and general flattery on my part. "Oh fuck mom, don't you look nice - is that a new hairdo?" - Ok, I even left out the 'fuck'. She was so relieved to see me back in the bosom of the family that she bent over backwards to be nice to me too.

Step Three. "Mom, I'd really like to take you out on a date - just you and me." The old cow was charmed by the idea and much mirth was had by dad and Tanya too - fuckers.

Step Four. I chose a diner on the edge of town so none of my friends would see me. Mom had dressed up nice for the occasion and although it was nothing sexy, it did show off those fat boobs nicely - boobs that I was sure to be squeezing soon.

Step Five. Romantic Film. Carefully chosen to have a bit of passion too. Not a patch on a good porn flick though.

Step Six. Ask mom to drive us to a romantic quiet spot so we can look at the moon. The dumb fuck is charmed even more and saying she can't remember being out on such a lovely date. The old man never gets off the couch anymore except to get another beer.

Step Seven. Good, the place is deserted. We sit in the car in silence. Mom's probably thinking dumb thoughts to herself but I'm copping a view down the gap in her blouse at the top of those mammeries. Here goes!

I reach over and put my arm round her shoulder. She turns to me with an affectionate smile. Too late she realises I'm zooming in with mouth open. Confused she doesn't have time to react except to turn her head a little as my lips make contact with her face. I missed her lips but that doesn't matter - I head for her ear with my tongue instead. She's kinda struggling slightly but my arm round her shoulders has a tight grip and my other hand's up, copping a feel of her jugs.

"John, John, what're you doing?" she's trying to say, but by now it's fairly fucking obvious.

"Oh mom, mom!" I moan, acting like I'm in the throes of passion.

"No, no," she's saying, getting a little panicky, like she's stepped into the wrong movie.

I'm getting to salivate a lot over her ear and neck now and although she's trying to bat it away I'm getting a good feel of her tits which is genuinely making me feel horny now. Eventually though I have to give up - otherwise I'd have to rape the old cow and what fun would that be?

I hang my head in shame and look suitably contrite. After she's over the shock of my fumblings she's back in control again and starts to speak:

"Oh John, what on Earth did you think you were up to?"

"I'm sorry mom," I say in a suitably sorrowful voice. "I dunno what came over me."

"Well, let's say no more about it then."

Fuck - that's no good.

"No - I'm so sorry - it's just that I get these urges and you're such a beautiful woman," I say quickly.

She responds well to 'beautiful woman'.

"Oh John, I understand, but you're only twelve. You've got a lot of growing up to do before you learn to control those feelings."

Who wants to control them?

"Uh yeah, I guess so. I guess you hate me kissing you like that?"

Now it's her turn to look uncomfortable.

"No, no darling. It's not that at all. It's just that it's... it's... inappropriate."

Inappropriate! Christ! Not as inappropriate as something I just thought of! I try a little sob and like magic, her arm is round ME now.

"Shhh, shhh," she says.

"I wish I could die," I sob. I should get an Oscar.

"Come, come," she says, her little boy back in her arms for once.

I bury my head in her tits. Mmmm. She strokes my head. Now's the time. Inhaling that sweet scent I go for....

Step Eight. I unfold from her arms, look her straight in the eye, wipe an imaginary tear from mine then say: "Oh mom, you're so cool."

She smiles, flattered down to her in-growing toenails.

"Let me kiss you. Let me kiss you properly."

She closes her eyes and puckers up.

I kiss her, modestly, on the lips, but, as I hoped, the earlier action has got her wound up and her heart is beating rapidly. The kiss goes on for a few seconds longer than any filial kiss ever should and in those seconds lies my triumph. 'She's mine,' I think, but like the cautious angler reeling in his champion catch there is still more work to be done.

I initiate the parting and a new look travels between mother and son. That of equals, conspirators who share a common secret. She looks slightly guiltily at me but smiles nonetheless. No one has paid her a compliment in years and so she must take happiness where she can.

"C'mon," she says, still grinning. "We'd better be getting back or what will they be thinking!"

Yeah, what will they be thinking. Certainly not that mom's dangerously close to getting porked by some incestuous cock.

"Yeah," I agree, but making no attempt to move away from her. "I guess we had."

I drop my hand on her thigh and she doesn't move either. She's gazing at me, exploring my face as though seeing me for the first time.

"Oh John, you're so handsome. I guess I haven't noticed how good-looking you're becoming. Just like your father."

My father? Spare me please - I'd sooner top myself now rather than end up looking like that fat bastard!

Is it time? Is it time for Step Nine? Yes, of course it is.

I lean forward until our lips are almost brushing and this time it's she who cannot resist - even when I let my lips hang slightly loose and our tongues touch. I'd only ever done tongue-touching before with a kid in my class who I had to beat up afterwards in case he was a poof - it was nothing like this. This was electric and I almost lost control, but I still hadn't reached Step 10.

This time there was no resistance to my exploring fingers. She was like putty. Nah, not like putty; like a generous helping of something soft, warm and silky smooth. There was no resistance as my tongue explored more of her mouth and my fingers clumsily undid her buttons. Christ, she even helped me by undoing her own bra strap so I could get a better feel of her tits. The fat nipples at the ends were rigid and I flicked them with my fingers, enjoying their rubbery quality. Of course, getting my cock in her cunt was still my main objective but I felt that at Step 10 there would be no more obstacles.

When I put my mouth to those little goodies she began to moan. I'd had no practice at this, except from flicking my tongue over the cock of the guy at school - you know, the one I beat up. I seemed to be getting the same response from her as I did from him though.

She was muttering, "I mustn't, I mustn't," but I knew she was too far gone to stop now. I bet you that if I'd slipped my hand under her skirt right now I would have found a slippery mess. It isn't every day your son goes down on your nips.

I lost control a bit then. My hard-on was aching for release from my pants and I wasn't that sure I could stop from ejaculating right then and there. I persevered though and took out the sensations on her nips, squeezing and gnawing and biting them as hard as I dared. Mom had gone from moaning to groaning out loud.

I guess I could have carried on like that and tried to ease my way into her panties but that route could have led to disaster. Instead I pulled back, put on my most sincere face and initiated Step 10.

"Mom," I said. "I want to be inside you."

She was a taken aback by the sudden lack of attention on her nips as she was by my request. I tore my attention from her stiff little wet shining nipples that poked up towards me in the moonlight and looked in her eyes.

"John, you can't be serious!"

"Why are you denying me when you know your body wants it?"

"I don't know... I don't know what I want. Oh John, you're confusing me!"

I told you she was dumb.

I stuck my hand under her skirt that was rucked up with all the action and reached her pussy. Sure enough her crotch was soaking. She gasped a little at the touch and I held up my fingers to her face triumphantly.

"See? You want me inside you too!"

I could see her brain desperately trying to work it all out as her body betrayed her. I shouldn't let those cog wheels turn too long though. A brain can be a dangerous organ in the hands of someone as dumb as mom.

I kissed her again. By now my lips were beginning to feel a bit sore and puffy from all the attention I'd given to her breasts. While kissing, which hopefully disengaged her struggling brain, I slipped my hand under her skirt again and skilfully, I felt, managed to disengage her panties too. With those suckers round her ankles she was mine. Carefully untrapping my painful erection I moved in for the kill.

Really I would have liked to have got down on my knees with a flashlight and explored that pussy of hers properly. I knew what they looked like from a host of split wet beaver shots in those mags of mine but they weren't the same as the real thing. But, for Step 10 to succeed there must be no hesitation - no beating around the bush, so to speak. Exploration would come later.

Anyway, to cut the story short, in the uncomfortable front seats of my dad's Chevvy I lost my virginity to my mother. (That's if you discount a host of other less savoury objects I'd tried putting my cock into over the past few years of discovering what an enormous amount of pleasure it could generate). I couldn't claim to be an expert and I doubt whether my twelve-year-old cock could deliver that much pleasure but fuck her I did and I lasted for all of about ten seconds. But, oh, those first five seconds and the ball churning five seconds of orgasm I had after that were incredible. Mom was so worried she thought she'd actually damaged me in some way. It was difficult to explain that it was as if my balls had just been turned inside out.

Although I was quick my main advantage was that I was ready again almost instantly and wanted more. We fucked a total of ten times in that front seat. Mom couldn't get enough of her new source of cock and I couldn't get enough of it being inside her.

Eventually, when we were all screwed out and sitting dishevelled in the front seats we both realised that it was getting seriously late and so mom reluctantly started the engine and we drove home.

I love watching women drive. There's something really sexy about the way they concentrate on the road, their bodies seemingly passive and yet working to control the power of the car. I watched for a while but eventually could not resist undoing some of those hastily fastened buttons. Now I could play with my mom's breasts to my hearts content and she could not stop me - even if she wanted to.

We got home. Mom looked dreadful fearing that dad would somehow sense what we'd been up to. The dumb fuck was sprawled out in front of the TV asleep so, grinning guiltily at me, she gave me one last tonsil tasting, told me she loved me, then took herself off to shower and bed.

Me, I preferred to keep the smell of her cunt on me. I went to bed and wanked long and hard over the evening, replaying how perfectly my ten steps to heaven had gone....

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Chapter Two - Tanya

The next day at school I invited my mates to smell my mom's pussy on my cock but none of them took me up on the offer. I described in detail what had happened but none of them believed me. I was pissed off. Although the (multiple) fuck had been thoroughly enjoyable, what was the point unless I could brag about it afterwards? There was only one thing to do; a repeat performance, but this time with a suitable audience.

Mom was a changed woman. She had a new spring in her step and seemed to spend a lot of time tarting herself up. I don't know why she bothered; all I wanted was pussy.

We had a chance to fuck later that week. Tanya was out with her girlfriends, dad was asleep in his chair so, coyly (which was a disgusting sight) she led me upstairs by the hand, stripped me and jumped me. I got my first blow-job that evening too. While she bent over and sucked at my cock I was able to play with her pussy and give it the examination I really wanted. I got to know that pussy even better when she pushed my head down into it so that I could use my mouth on her. Apart from the smell it wasn't that unpleasant, in fact I quite enjoyed running my lips over the moist fleshy flaps; making her squirm as I flicked her clit with my tongue. It really was like being in control of her - all the time I was giving her pleasure I controlled her. I got a big kick from frigging her off and looking as she lay, eyes tight shut, moaning on the bed. The thought of controlling her was turning me on more than the thought of the sex. How far could I go? I wondered.

We fucked that week whenever we could. Dad had no fucking clue but we had to be a bit more careful with Tanya. She had female intuition on her side and sensed that something was up. She was suspicious of me acting nice to mom right from the start of my little plan, taking every opportunity to denounce me as a two-faced creep. Once I'd porked the bitch though I could ease up on the good kid routine a little, which, frankly, was a big fucking strain and a relief to end it. I knew I'd never get Tanya off my case though and so it was time for another PLAN.

In the meantime I still had to prove to those cunts at school that I was getting some off my old lady. I arranged a second romantic evening but this time we cut short the food and flick and went straight for the fucking. I got mom to drive us to the same spot where I'd arranged for my mates to hide, waiting to see me perform. I glanced out of the car into the darkness but saw no sign of them. Hopefully they were just well-hidden.

We got straight down to it but I made every opportunity to make sure my mom's bod was on display while I fucked her. She didn't want the car light on, but there was still enough moonlight for us to be clearly seen.

The next day at school I was a fucking hero. Word spread from my own little gang until most of the fucking school knew. 'Moth-er-fuck-er!' I heard shouted with awe as I walked down the corridors. Yeah, motherfucker par excellence!

It was inevitable that, with the rumours flying, Tanya, who was a few years above me in school, would find out. She caught me during one of my frequent smoking breaks behind the bike shed and pushed me up against a wall.

"What the fuck are you up to?" she demanded.

"Having a smoke, what's it look like, sis?" I answered, laconically.

"I guess you've heard that everyone seems to think you fucked mom on your little date last night?"

"Yeah," I answered.

"Oh, so I suppose you think it's funny when rumours like that spread? Well I fucking don't!"

She was now shaking with anger at my lack of response. It was time, time for THE PLAN.

"Look, cool it. They're saying it's true 'cos it is. I porked mom last night and the night before that and several times this week in fact."

She looked as stunned as I hoped she would, but there was also the awful realisation that her intuition was not wrong. She knew, but had been unable to admit it to herself.

"How could you?" she said, dully.

I smiled. "Because you wouldn't let me."

"What?" she screamed, trying to make sense of it all.

"Because it was you I wanted - you know that - but you wouldn't let me near you. Well, mom would."

"No! You're saying all this is because of me? I don't believe it!"

I'd totally fucked her mind over. Time for Mr. Sincere. I put a hand on her shoulder and looked her in the eyes. I looked at her through a lank of hair that hung over my eyes - I'd heard it once described as 'cute'.

"It was you I wanted Tanya - mom picked up on those vibes and I couldn't stop myself - but it was you I wanted."

I'd turned her world upside down and had a shrewd idea where she'd fall. There was a moment of silence then she screamed, "You fucking little fucking filthy fucking pervert!" with tears in her eyes. She walked away then turned and spat, "Both of you!"

Well, that was more or less what I expected. What? You expected her to jump in to my arms and forgive me? Christ, you don't know my sister. One thing for sure was that life at home was going to get exciting....

The tension in our house grew to boiling point - it was only dad who couldn't feel the vibe. Tanya refused to speak to mom. That's not quite true. When mom asked her innocently what was wrong she glared at her and told her to fuck off. It was great - I'd touch up mom at every opportunity, morning and evening, as I knew she couldn't resist. Tanya would strop about; glaring at us if she even caught us together in the same room.

Mom, dumb as she is, began to catch on that Tanya's attitude might have something to do with our illicit sex life.

"D'you think Tanya knows?" she finally asked me, incredulous that this could be a possibility after how 'careful' we'd been.

"Dunno mom," I said, "Maybe you should talk to her?"

Mom attempting to find out what was wrong ended with Tanya giving her a slap. At fifteen Tanya was now bigger than mom (except in width) and there was nothing she could do about it.

"I think she knows!" said mom, horrified.

"Let me talk to her then," I said.

I hauled my incestuous ass into her bedroom - the forbidden territory - and found her lying on the bed, listlessly flicking the pages of a book, too sulky to even order me out.

"How long are you gonna keep this shit up?" I said.

"'Til I finish school and can leave this dump," she replied.

I looked across her bod. I'd got a hard-on the minute I'd entered her room and got a whiff of the feminine scent. She was in shorts, bare foot and her long legs stretched the length of the bed.

I sat on the bed; still no response.

"Don't leave," I said. "It was a one-off thing. I swear I haven't touched her since."

She looked up at me - searching my eyes to see if I was bullshitting. It was a hard act to keep up but she seemed satisfied. I gradually began to tell her how much I fancied her. I told her all the things that turned me on about her as she sat in silence. I told her that even now, being close to her like this was giving me the most tremendous hard-on. She laughed at this and I looked hurt.

"I'll prove it!" I said, and before she could object, whipped out my little stiffy to her gaze.

"Fuck!" she breathed.

I proffered it to her like I was her lover bringing her a bouquet of roses. Like I thought, she was unable to resist touching the cock that had fucked her mother.

"It's yours," I said. "If you want it."

She smiled at me and stroked it gently. I had no idea if this was her first, but from what I'd heard at school it probably was. Good.

"So this is the cause of all the trouble?" she said, smiling indulgently.

"I can't help it, sis. I'm just a horny dog." That at least, was true.

I let her hold my cock like it didn't belong to me, like it was just some toy that I'd given her to play with. She was so fascinated by it that she kind of ignored me. She pulled back the foreskin and wanted to know if it hurt. She cupped my balls and rolled them in her fingers. She ran one fingertip around the edge of the crown of my cock. All this was driving me nuts of course. The desire to fuck her was overwhelming, but, true to the plan, I held back. Eventually she came out of her appreciative trance and looked up at me.

"Is this what mom did?" she asked, stroking the shaft.

"No, nooo," I breathed. "It was just a quick thing, over before it started. She never touched me the way you're touching me now."

Tanya seemed pleased with this info.

"Mmmm. What else didn't she do? This?"

And with that she tucked her hair long hair behind one ear, bent over and took me in her mouth. I clutched the bed sheets at the fantastic sensation. Mom had blown me but she didn't seem to be a natural like Tanya. Mom was all teeth compared to this. I had to hold on carefully to avoid blowing my load in her mouth. I was still too prone to coming early. Smoothly, like a velvet piston, she brought her head up and down on my cock, seeming to keep the suction up all the time. It was no good. I think I managed a brief moan before spurting.

Tanya jerked her head up immediately, cum running out of her mouth and down her chin. I have to admit that, just for that instant, she looked superb - a pearl necklace princess.

She spat.

"You fucking bastard!" she yelled. "How dare you come in my mouth without... without... without even fucking ASKING!"

I tried to look suitably ashamed but before I could offer any explanation she hustled me to the door, tears in her eyes and threw me out.

Mom was hovering anxiously in the hall. I looked at her and smiled.

"No problems," I said.

Later, when Tanya had calmed down, she shyly called me back to her bedroom and we made love properly. The lovemaking was superb, far better than it had ever been with mom and when I was ready to come she deliberately went down on me... and swallowed.

Later still, as we lay in bed together and I idly toyed with her hair I promised myself that I would not fuck mom again. It was a promise I broke immediately. Leaving Tanya's room later, after she'd fallen asleep, I bumped into mom creeping round the landing.

"Is she ok about things now?" she asked, apprehensively.

"Yeah," I said. "I explained everything to her and she doesn't mind any more."

"Oh, that's wonderful!" she exclaimed, and flung her arms round my neck.

Despite two hours of solid fucking with Tanya my treacherous cock rose to the feel of my mother's body against mine.

"Do you want to...?" she began, feeling it too.

"Er... yes," I said, truthfully.

Knowing that things were patched up with Tanya seemed to have made her feel much better. She stuck her tongue down my throat on the landing, right outside Tanya's bedroom door. I lifted up her nightie letting my hands roam freely. She kissed me fiercely and we collapsed on the floor and I'm ashamed to say that we rutted like pigs on the landing. Anyone could have seen us, dad or Tanya but I no longer gave a fuck - it was pussy and it was mine.

Chapter 3, 'Mother & Tanya' Coming Soon....

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