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First time

This is story is true. I'm 30 and have always had a strong sexual attraction to my mom. I have to admit, she is no raving beauty, but to me she's gorgeous. Mom is 45 years old, 5' 2" tall, weighs approximately 125 lbs. and has 34A breasts.

My step dad died in May and I brought my mom home to stay with me for a couple of weeks. I'm divorced and am living alone. We'd only been home one day when my wildest dream came true.

I came home early for lunch and entered the house. I walked down the hall to take a leak and entered the bathroom. There she was. Standing in from of the vanity, putting on her makeup, absolutely naked. I'm not sure which of us was more embarrassed, but I got an instant hardon. Mom didn't know what to cover, her small and slightly saggy breasts or her completely shaved pussy. I backed out of the bathroom and she closed the door.

Mom appeared in the kitchen about five minutes later, fully dressed and very flushed. She stammered and said she just never thought to close the door since I wasn't expected for another 30 minutes. I told her not to fret about it and I wouldn't tell anyone. She came over to give me a big hug and back off really quickly. My hardon was tenting my suit pants and had poked her.

She quietly asked if she had caused that problem and I said yes. It was natural for me to get hard when I saw a pretty, naked woman. She said she was my mother and I shouldn't think like that. Not even thinking, I un zipped my fly and brought out all 9 1/2" of raging hardon and said this puppy has no conscience about who she is. Realizing what I'd said and done I put my cock away and left the house.

For the balance of the day I got no work done. I phoned home and asked mom if she'd like to go out for dinner and said I'd be home around 6:00 PM. When I got home I quickly changed and we went to a local Greek restaurant. As we were lead to our dimly lit booth I took notice of what mom was wearing. A black skirt, approximately 3" above the knee, 2 1'2" pumps and a white silk blouse. She looked very sexy to me. Through out dinner we finished a bottle of white wine. I must admit to only having one glass. Mom's glass was never empty.

When we left the restaurant, Mom held my arm and said she was a little tipsy. I could feel the curve of her left breast against my arm. When I helped her up into the truck, her skirt slid up and I saw she was in stockings, and not panty hose. As I drove home mom slid across the seat and put her head on my shoulder. Within seconds she appeared to be asleep. Without considering the consequences I put my right hand on her leg and slid it up under her skirt. I almost shot my load when my hand came in contact with her naked cunt. I pried open her thighs and began sliding my finger up and down her bald slit. Locating her clit I began massaging it as I drove home.

Once I was in the garage and the door closed. I turned in the seat and put my other hand on her now moist cunt and slid my middle digit easily between her lips. Within seconds mom was humping my digit and I slid in a second finger. The smell of cunt filled the truck as mom's orgasm hit.

I slowly withdrew my fingers and began unbuttoning her blouse. I unclasped her plain white bra and freed her hard eraser sized nipples. Lowering my mouth to her nipple I began to suckle and tease it. Amazingly it grew even longer. Mom had nipples almost 3/4" long and as thick as my little finger. As I sucked, my hand went back into her steamy hot cunt and she began to cum again.

Suddenly, mom pushed my head away and demanded to know what I was doing. Pushing my fingers back into her cunt she hit an even stronger orgasm. This one seemed to go on forever.

She began to cry. I apologized and helped her cover up. Claiming it must have been the wine I asked for her forgiveness. She continued crying and said it must never happen again.

About an hour later I was lying in my bed sliding my hand up and down my rock hard cock relieving the pent up cum in my nuts. Without knocking, mom opened my door and walked in. She was in her house coat, buttoned to the throat. She gasped when she saw what I was doing, but did not leave the room. Slowly walking to the side of my bed mom looked down upon my now shrinking cock. Sitting on the edge she gently touched the head of my leaking cock. As it began growing under her touch, mom undid the buttons of her house coat and opened it. She was naked underneath. I reached up and touched her nipple. As I pinched and twisted her nipple mom got up and straddled me. Putting the head of my cock against her cunt she began lowering herself slowly onto my "thick as her wrist" hardon. Unable to control myself I thrust my cock up into her cunt. I have never felt a cunt so hot, wet and tight. I traveled upwards until I hit her cervix. Mom cried out in both pain and pleasure. She had the entire 9 1'2" buried deeply within her. Mom began moving and riding me like a demon possessed. Within seconds I could feel my cum building and was meeting her thrusts with my own. As I pounded against her cervix, my cock was rubbing the hard nub of her clit. We exploded together in the most mind shattering orgasm either of us has ever experienced. As I lay there with my mom collapsed on me I thanked her and began twisting her nipple again. Mom kissed me on the lips and said she has never had a cock the size of mine in her. My step dad apparently only had 5 skinny inches and my biological father was only a little over 6."

Sliding off my cock mom said she wanted to do the final two things she's never done before. Turning herself around, mom took my still hard cock into her mouth. As she sucked I pulled her leaking cunt to my face and started licking and sucking her juices and my cum. Within seconds she was exploding cum and juices over my face. As I neared my own orgasm she let go of my cock and got onto the bed doggie style. Mom then asked me to fuck her from behind. As I entered he cunt from behind the sensations were incredible and I once again shot my load deep into her cunt. Mom's two-week stay lasted almost a month. We see each other on a weekly basis and each time is like the first. Mom's insatiable thirst for my cock has kept me in a constant state of readiness.

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