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First Time

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction! Any resemblance to reality is bullshit and purely coincidental. I am a sick S.O.B. and I am just writing this to try to work through a lot of shit in my own life. Anyone who thinks this is a good thing to try at home is even sicker than I am. Hopefully you can just enjoy the story without trying it.

When I was about 16 my family was kind of in between homes. My dad could never seem to settle down in any place for very long so we were moving quite often. This particular time we were living with my Aunt Jean and Uncle Stephen and their three boys: Tim, 7, John, 6, and Roy, 4. With my parents, my two younger sisters, Allison, 7, and Tina, 5, and me, there were 10 of us living in a three bedroom house. Needless to say, it was cramped. My aunt and uncle slept in the master bedroom, I stayed in one bedroom with my cousins, and my parents took the remaining room for their space. My sisters were left moving their double bed into a rec room that adjoined the garage displacing the pool table to the back porch.

Now, I was a horny teenager, unlucky at my previous school in losing my virginity, and totally curious. I had been played with sexually as a child (but that's another story) and so I naturally felt that it was ok for me to try out my cousins and sisters. However, I also knew, from experience, that adults didn't really understand kids' sexuality so I needed to keep it secret. Because of this I would conduct my experiments at night when everyone was asleep, including my "victims".

Again, this is best saved for another story, but is important for this story because one night my uncle found me bent over Roy's bed when he came in to check on us boys. I made up a lie about the youngster falling out of bed (which he did from time to time, but not that night) and he left after looking at me funny. That look made me wonder how long he had been watching before making his presence known.

After focusing my attention on my male cousins for about a month, and almost being caught by my uncle twice more (He may have actually been watching the whole thing and only came into the room after I went back to my bed) I decided to try out my sisters. I sneaked into their room and experimented a little with them (Once again, another story). I did this every night for almost another month before I heard a noise at the door (which I always left open for a quick getaway) as I was kneeling between Tina's legs, the fabric of her panties' crotch pulled to one side. I whirled around and jumped up from the bed as I saw my uncle leaning against the doorframe, watching me. I tried to protest my innocence, saying I wasn't doing anything except saying goodnight. Uncle Stephen nodded in a knowing way, advancing toward me, then pointed at my little sister's still spread legs. Her flowered panties were still to one side of her crotch showing off her immature sex, proving my guilt. I started to speak again, attempting to explain (lie) my way out of it. He put a finger to his lips and led me out the door to the garage.

I was scared, and if I hadn't used the toilet before going to bed, I'm sure I would've pissed my pants. Stephen looked at me hard before sitting on the hood of his car. The fly of his boxer shorts (the only clothes he was wearing) popped open from the pressure placed on it from within, and I got my first view of my uncle's dick as it protruded from it's cloth prison. It was HUGE! I hadn't seen too many adult dicks, especially not hard ones, but this had to be bigger than normal! It was about 10 inches outside the shorts, I couldn't see how many more inches extended inside. It was also just a little thinner than my wrist. I'd seen my dad's hard before (I'd hidden in the closet to watch him and my mom one time) and it was only about half the size of my uncle's cock.

After staring for a while I realized Stephen was talking to me. "Duncan? Hell-lo? Ah, good. A little distracted, hmm? As I was saying, I've been watching you. I know what you've been doing with my boys, and your sisters. I know you're very sexually curious."

I was still staring at the pulsing cock, but I listened and was getting more and more scared that he might tell my mom and dad. "Uhh, yeah. Are you gonna tell on me, Steve?"

"Well, I could, but I think I can figure out a better way to remedy the situation. You'll still be sexually curious, and horny as hell, if I tell. Why don't we do some sexual experimenting? I'll get you off first, then you get me off. Now, there are some conditions."

"Okay!" I was getting as hard as he was and so excited about the prospect that I would agree to just about anything he suggested.

"Okay, now, as I said I'll get you off, then you get me off, okay?"

I nodded.

"If I get you off and then you refuse to get me off, I'll tell your parents what you did to your sisters. If you tell anyone about what we're doing I'll tell your parents what you did to my sons." I swallowed hard, now understanding how much power he had over me. I was of legal age, and he wasn't my biological uncle (Aunt Jean was my mom's sister) so it wouldn't technically be incest. He held all the cards. He could tell my parents that I was being sexual with him voluntarily. Sure it would be shameful in the family, but not illegal. Anything he could tell on me about was against the law and I was old enough to be tried as an adult and get put in prison instead of juvenile hall. "And last," he put the final nail in the coffin, "if you ever try to stop our sexual encounters in any way I'll call the police and tell them everything I saw you do to all of those poor innocent children. Since you've already agreed to doing this, you are already roped in, and this last condition includes right here, right now. If you try to leave now without having sex with me I will call the cops tomorrow."

I knew I was trapped, and hoped that it wouldn't really last forever, especially since my family would be moving again soon. Maybe not living in the house would help stop this, but then I hadn't even tried it yet, so, maybe it wouldn't be so bad (I hoped). I had started to lose my hard-on, but now that I thought about his dick, touching it, maybe sucking it, and who knew what else (like I said, I was a virgin and totally inexperienced), I started getting hard again.

"Okay? Good. Now, I won't tell you to stop what you're doing with the kids, but I will be watching. Continue with it if you want, but remember, I'll be collecting evidence. If you see me in the doorway, feel free to continue, if you want. I'll be jacking off, watching you, so don't worry about being caught, by me anyway. Now," he jumped off the hood of the car and pushed me back on the hood of the car behind me, "let's get to it." He pulled down the shorts I was wearing and immediately bent down and started sucking my semi-hard, 5 incher. I had been so excited while with my sister, then as he talked to me, it was amazing I lasted the two minutes I did during my first blowjob. When I came it was absolutely mind-blowing! I'd had plenty of orgasms at my own hand, but nothing compared to this sensation!

I lay back and reveled in the afterglow, my dick still twitching after pumping my adolescent seed into my uncle's mouth. Usually my cum ended up in a tissue in the trash can, or flushed down the toilet. It made me feel great that someone actually sucked it out of me and drank it, or so I thought. As I lay there, Stephen came up next to me, gave me a big hug, then locked his lips on mine, pried my lips apart with his tongue, then pushed some of my cum into my own mouth. It tasted a little salty and bitter, but I heard from one of the slutty girls in my last school that each guy's semen tasted different, so I wondered how Steve's would taste.

"Your turn," he said, sitting up. I got up and stood in front of him. He'd shed his shorts as he sucked me, so he was fully naked, his huge member standing up as long as my forearm, the head just slightly smaller than my fist. Because of its size I didn't even need to bend much to be face to face with the monster. I started to lick it, tasting his precum that dribbled out of the tip. It was pretty good and hoped I would soon have a mouthful of it. When I tried to fit my mouth over the head, though, I could only get about half of that purple, throbbing bulb of flesh into my mouth. I tried sucking on that much of it, but only succeeded in wearing out my jaw muscles. When I tried fitting more of it in my mouth I scraped it with my teeth and Uncle Stephen finally stopped me from attempting it again.

"I'm sorry, Steve. I want to be able to do the same for you as you did for me. I like the way you taste, too. Can I please try again? Maybe I can lick you enough to make you cum."

"No, kiddo, it's no use. You'll just hurt me with your teeth."

"You want me to jack you off? I'm pretty good at it!" I offered.

"No. After I blow you, do you think that would be fair?" I shook my head, knowing that a hand is no substitute for the warmth of the interior of the human body. I was still inexperienced, remember, and didn't have any idea of what he was about to suggest. "I have an idea that should work," he said, and walked to a shelf, returning with a small jar of petroleum jelly. He opened it and began smearing it on his penis.

"I don't think that'll taste very good, Steve, even if it helps it slide into my mouth."

"Oh, it won't be going into your mouth, Dunc. Turn around and lay on your belly on the car." I finally realized what he was planning. Since I couldn't think of any reason to keep Vaseline in the garage I even wondered if he hadn't planned this for a while. Sure enough, he began wiping the slippery substance around my anus and even inserted a couple of fingers inside me. This stretched me beyond anything I had felt, even taking some pretty thick shits in the past. I wasn't at all used to anything going in.

"Uh-umm, Steve?" I stammered and gasped as he wedged another finger into me to try to stretch me enough that I wouldn't get ripped open by his member. "Are you sure it'll fit?"

"The human anal sphincter is an amazingly stretchy muscle. With the proper stretching beforehand, I could fit an entire fist up your ass, and a good part of my forearm. Your aunt loves anal sex. I married her because of that. It's a wonder we had any kids at all. Trust me, you can take it, too."

I was relieved a little when he removed his fingers (all four that he'd managed to get inside me), but I knew what that meant- he was about to replace them with his massive cock! He held my hip with one hand, also keeping me down on the hood of the car (big hands, go figure), as he lined up the head of his manhood with my anal orifice. I could feel it's bulbous head rubbing between my cheeks as it probed for the opening in which it would soon be lodged. Finally, after an excruciatingly long wait (probably only a few seconds) it found the spot and began tunneling inward.

"This will probably be a little uncomfortable, Dunc," he cooed to me as he pressed slowly inward. He squeezed it in little by little, by fractions of an inch at a time. This must've been very aggravating for him because after only a minute or so of slowly feeding it in, with me mewling and gasping with each forward motion, he said, "Oh, who the fuck am I trying to kid? We both know this is going to hurt like a bitch. This is kind of like ripping off a Band-Aid, you can take it slow, trying not to rip all the hair off your arm or leg with it, but end up hurting yourself the whole time, or you can rip it off quick, maybe taking some hair with it, but the pain is over quick. We've just tried the slow method," he gripped both my hips now that he was firmly planted in the entrance, even though his whole head wasn't even past the outer sphincter yet. "Now we'll go with the fast method."

He held on tight and pulled me back toward him as he also thrust his pelvis forward. I was worried before about making too much noise and waking my sisters, or the whole neighborhood, for that matter, but with this new onslaught I couldn't have cared less who woke up. IT HURT! I screamed like a little girl as the wide, fleshy crown of my uncle's cock-head popped inside me, then howled like a mad dog as he found the interior limits of my colon. I finally settled down to a loud, but steady, grunting as he began pumping in and out of me, testing that interior limit, and disproving it several times, entering me with more and more of his foot-long shaft. I realized, after a couple of minutes that seemed like and hour, that he was actually spanking me with his groin and balls and grinding his pubic hair into my ass-crack with each stroke.

The pain was intense and the pressure in my gut and in my head made me feel like I would explode. I didn't, but I wished I could as Stephen continued to pound my ass for all he was worth. For someone who had been jacking off while watching me with my sister, and while he sucked me off, he showed remarkable restraint. He was able to drill me at a decent pace for more than 15 minutes before he sped up and started groaning his signal of impending orgasm. He shot one huge, hot blast of his semen up my ass, then one hand came off my hip and clamped the base of his sperm tube. He withdrew with a pop and I felt the warm liquid rushing out of my gaping hole. I groaned and tried to stand up. Meanwhile, my uncle wiped off his dick with the hand not restraining the flow of his cum, then he approached me again.

"You said you like the way I taste?"

I nodded. My stomach hurt from being pummeled from the inside. I knew what he wanted, but I didn't know if I was up to it. Before I could protest, though, he put his hand on my shoulder and guided me down to my knees. "Wrap your lips around the head again and you'll get quite a treat," he grinned.

I opened my mouth and put it to the tip of the dark purple, strangled snake in front of me. It put me off knowing where it had just been, even though it had been wiped clean, but I put as much of it into my mouth as I could (Less than before since the excitement and the clamping of the base made the head swell to an even greater size). I was, nevertheless, determined to drink and swallow as much of my uncle's baby seeds as I could.

I was totally unprepared for the onslaught of torrential semen that attacked my tonsils. I almost gagged, but luckily a second blast pushed through and mercifully opened my throat allowing almost all of it to rush into my stomach unhindered by the need to swallow. I thought maybe that big, first shot (most of which now puddled on the floor under my still gaping ass) would have taken some of the violence out of the remainder of the ejaculation, but I was wrong! I later learned that while he would watch me during the previous month and a half or so, he would masturbate, but not to climax. He also hadn't been fucking my aunt during that time (yes, she knew why, but again, that's another story) so he could build up this massive first ejaculate for me. Anyway, he blew another wad into my mouth, and another, and another, quite a bit of which actually didn't stay in my mouth, or go down my throat. He finally pulled his dick from my mouth and pumped one last spurt out, directly onto my forehead and down the bridge of my nose.

"Damn! You look like the biggest cum slut I've ever seen, Duncan! You've got cum all over your face, dripping down your chest, draining out of your ass, and even from your own dick. Guess you liked that a whole lot, huh, my favorite nephew?"

"I'm your only nephew," I managed my normal comeback (no pun intended) to his usual phrase. I was amazed at myself. I had experienced a great release as he withdrew from me, but I guess I didn't recognize it as an orgasm because of the accompanying pain and release from it. I guessed that with the stimulation of my prostate, plus the relief of him vacating my ass, I was able to become hard, enjoy the stimulation, and finally ejaculate from the fantastic feeling of him leaving my bowels.

"Wouldn't change anything if I had a hundred. Especially not now that we're even closer than ever, and will be from now on," he reminded me of our bargain and how I would have to take his dick in my ass every time he wanted, after he gave me a blowjob, of course. Maybe the next time I'd ask him if I could fuck him first before he fucked me. At least that way it'd be totally even. And, of course, that's going to have to wait for another story.

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