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One Week

One week. That's all he could say to himself. His parents were leaving town, and he was going to have the house to himself for a whole week. The only drawback to this was that his 12 year old sister was going to be there. It didn't matter. She was always fun to be around. But in the last couple of weeks, it was different. She was maturing, and becoming a lady. He had overheard her mother talking about how she started taking birth control about a month and a half ago. She was three years younger than him. She was the popular kid in school, but also popular with the boys. She always had a boyfriend, and some of his buddies said they are going to fuck her as soon as she gets into high school. He had been noticing her in a different way recently. He always was watching her ass as she walked, or her nipples on a cold day. He had been taught that incest was wrong, but he couldn't get the thoughts out of his head. Some times, he got a hard-on just by being in the same room as his sister. He wondered if he could initiate something while their parents were gone.

"Good bye," their parents said.

"Good bye," they said in unison.

With that, they were free for one week. Sara said

"Katie's coming over tonight,"

"You sure don't waste time, do you? You have the whole week to hang out with your friends, and you need to get going tonight."

"Yes. She is coming at seven and spending the night."

With that she stormed up to here room. He was trying to remember which one was Kaite. Oh, yes. Katie. She was the pretty one. She had tits around 36C, very large for a twelve year old. Suddenly he realized that not only did he want to fuck his sister, but now her twelve year old friend. His daydreaming was cut short by a knock at the door. He went to the door and opened it. As he gazed at who was knocking, he saw a stunning girl at the door. He looked her up and down. He realized that it was Kaite.

"Hi," She said.

He managed a weak "Hi." He could not take his eyes off her nipples. For a twelve year old girl, they were huge. They were sticking through her tight blue shirt.

"Can I come in?" she asked.

"Sure," he said as he forced his eyes away.

"Sara, Katie is here. Come in," he invited.


Sara came downstairs with nothing on but a little nightie and some flimsy panties.

"Put some clothes on," he demanded.

"Why? We are just going upstairs to talk about makeup, and guys. Then we will go to sleep."


As they went upstairs, he could not help but notice her cute little ass. "Damn," he said to himself. "Why can't I get a piece of that." It was almost 7:30, and he went to his room to get change into some more comfortable clothes. While he was putting his shorts on, he heard a noise up stairs. It sounded like someone having sex. He wondered if Sara and Katie had snuck a guy up while he was in his room. With nothing on but a pair of shorts on, he went up stairs to see what was going on. The sound was getting louder, and it sounded like a girl moaning. He crept to the door, which was open a little. He peeked in. He saw a girl licking another girl's tit on the T.V. screen. So that was it. They were watching a porno. He looked to the bed, but what he saw surprised him. It was Sara and Kaite, matching what was in the video. Kaite had her shirt off, and Sara was licking her stiff nipple.

"What the hell is going on here?" he asked.

Startled, Sara tried to cover up, but Katie just sat there.

"Are you going to come in and talk to us?" Katie asked.

He opened the door and walked into the room. He thought of what to say, but he couldn't think of anythink. Suddenly, Sara broke his concentration.

"Judging from that bulge in your shorts, I don't think you are mad."

"To be honest, no. I think that girls like you are curious, and it is alright."

Kaite asked, "Can I ask you a question?"


"This sounds kind of weird. If you say no that's fine. I want to fuck this guy at school. I told my mom and she put me on the pill. But I'm scared. I don't know what to do, and I am afraid he might hurt me. I want to first fuck some guy I know and trust, like you. Would you pop my cherry? Please?"

He was stunned. Here he was, in his sister's bedroom, with two horny, naked lesbian girls, one was his sister, and the other was her friend. What should he do?

"O.K." he said, not really thinking, but letting his impulse get the better of him.

"But there is another problem."

"What?" he asked

"Sara wants it too."

His head was spinning with the possibilities. Could he really fuck his horny little sister and her best friend. They were both on the pill. They could say some other boy did it. Finally, he looked at Katie, who's shirt was still off. This was it. No turning back.

"Okay. I'll fuck both of you, as long as you don't tell a soul."

"We promise."

"Good. Now I want you both to strip."

"But I'm already naked," said Katie.

"Then help Sara."

With that, Katie commenced to slowly pull off Sara's nightie, teasingly, as if she knew he wanted to see what was underneath. It wasn't much, just a white training bra. She had semi-erect nipples. As she stood up, Katie stood up with her. Together, they pulled down her panties. It was then that he first saw her tight virgin cunt. It was pink, and moist from the excitement. She removed her training bra, and exposed her puffy, pink area around her nipples.

"Now what?" asked Katie.

"I am going to do you one at a time to start with. Who wants to be first." Katie replied quickly,

"Me. Do me first."

"O.K. Lay down on the bed."

Katie did what was asked of her. After she laid down, he surveyed the young girl. Stunning, absolutely stunning. Her tits stuck up like mountains, no sagging at all. She spread her legs, and asked

"Now what?" "Just lie down."

With that, he pulled down his shorts. Finally, he thought to himself. His cock was free from its restraints. Both of the girls looked at it in awe. Sara asked

"How is that going to fit inside me?"

"You'll stretch. After a while, you get looser."

"Oh," she replied.

"Now, come here."

She did as she was told. He came closer, and sat down on the bed.

"Sit on my cock."

She got up, and moved towards him.

"I'm so wet."

"That's how I slide in and out."

"Sara, while we are doing this, I want you to get ready. I want you to play with yourself. Now."


She reached her little hand down and spread her lips apart. She did not get into it at first, just using one finger, but after looking at her brother's cock, she got a tingly feeling between her legs, and before she knew it, she had three fingers pumping in and out of her cunt. Now, back to Katie. She was lowering herself on to his cock.

"Go slow. If it starts to hurt, just go up. It'll stop hurting after a while." He instructed.

"Ohh. It feels so good. More. I want more."

"Take as much as you can handle."

In a few minutes, she had slid all the way down, and was bouncing up and down, trying to get more. As she bounced, her tits bounced with her. Sara could not take her eyes off of them. Then Sara got that warm feeling inside her cunt. She was going to explode.

"Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ahhh. I'm cum, I'm cuuummming!"

Katie stopped bouncing long enough to watch her best friend. After she was done, Katie continued to bounce. Suddenly, she felt her pussy muscles start to twitch. She knew she was going to have an orgasm. He could feel it too. His cock started to throb. He knew he could not last too much longer.

"Katie, I am going to cum. Get off so I can shoot it in your mouth."


Katie got off of his cock, and onto her knees.

"Sara, why don't you join her?" he suggested.

"All right."

Together, they bathed every inch of his cock in spit. Soon, his cock started to throb again, and almost too soon, he came. He shot cum everywhere. In both of their mouths, in their hair, onto their tits, and when he thought he was done, his sexy sister took both of his balls into her mouth, and milked him to his second orgasm within a minute. This one, though not as powerful, was still satisfying to the cum hungry sluts.

"Can I have a turn?" asked Sara.

"Let me rest. My dick hurts from being hard for so long. Why don't you guys entertain yourselves."

They got the hint. Sara laid down on her back, and spread her legs. Katie got between them, and smiled. She licked slowly. First her outer lips. Katie got her wet, and licked the little slit. After about a minute, she moved her tongue a little closer, so she was licking her sensitive inner lips.

"Ooooh, Ooooh, Ooooh. It feels so, so good. Make me cum." Begged Sara.

So Katie did just that. She moved from her inner lips to doing what she wanted, which was tongue fucking her little cunt. In and out, just like he would be doing with the dick that gave Katie so much pleasure. Every once and a while, she would move and flick her little clit with her long, slender tongue. Each movement was like an electric shock to Sara. Suddenly, Katie stopped.

"Don't stop. I'm gonna cum. Please don't stop." Begged Sara

"I'm gonna let your brother finish you off."

"I don't care. Just do it. Now!"

He positioned himself in the perfect position for what he planned to do. He lightly licked her little clit, till it became bigger. As soon as it was big enough, he took into his mouth like he did to her nipple, and sucked on it. Her clit was so sensitive, within seconds, she was overcome with ecstasy.

"Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, Oooh, I'm, I'm, I'm cummming."

Her breath was coming in ragged gasps. After she had regained her composure, she was shaking. She had never experienced anything like that before.

"Do you think you are ready for my cock?" he asked

"Ready or not, I want it."

With that, she spread her legs, waiting for her big brother's cock to fulfil the fire that burned inside her, the fire that mad her clit hard and her nipples ache.

"Fuck me, now."

With that, her brother took his cock and rammed her little 12 year old virgin cunt. He popped her within three strokes. She was in heaven. He positioned his cock so that with each stroke, the shaft of his cock would rub against her clit.

"Ugh, Ugh, Ugh, Ugh, Ugh, Ugh, I, I, I'm cuumming. Fuck me big brother. Pound me with your cock. Fuck me. Oooh, Oooh. Yes.

With that she had her orgasm.

"Get ready, sis. I am gonna cum. Get ready. I'm cummming. Ugh, Ugh."

He moaned as he filled his sister with the biggest load he had ever shot. Eventually, they both calmed down, and remembered that Katie was still there. They all took a shower, and went to bed. It was going to be a long week.

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