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Brothers and the Girlfriend

"You don't have to do that," Marcus said down to Mrs. Ramirez as she knelt down on the living room floor, scrubbing the hardened stain on the plush white carpeting where her 18-year-old college student had come the night before.

"No, your parents have beautiful carpeting. I don't want them getting mad at you for some silly stain we caused," Mrs. Ramirez said. 'We' included her friend Rosa, who was waiting near the doorway for her friend to finish cleaning before leaving. The two 30something-year-old women had dressed again after waking up an hour ago with Marcus in his bed. Marcus wasn't dressed however, but his penis was limp now anyway, since the trio had engaged in another hot threesome that ended only moments ago.

Neither Mrs. Ramirez, her friend, nor Marcus seemed to mind that his younger brother Matt and his girlfriend Theresa were watching TV in the living room when the three emerged from Marcus' bedroom. Matt looked a little embarrassed, but not half as much as Theresa appeared as Marcus stood there nonchalantly naked and talking with two older women who he had obviously had sex with. Marcus might as well have not even known his brother and brother's girlfriend had existed, with the effort he put into acting gentlemanly in front of his two bed partners.

Finally Mrs. Ramirez got to her feet and walked to Rosa at the doorway as they prepared to leave. Theresa tried not to look, but it was very hard ignoring the two women pressing their bodies to Marcus and sharing a threeway kiss. They waved goodbye and Marcus waved back, and closed the door.

"Wow, Matt," Marcus finally acknowledged his 15-year-old brother's presence as he walked toward him and Theresa on the living room couch. Marcus sat down on a chair next to the couch. "Wow," he repeated.

Matt was happy for Marcus on the inside, but didn't appreciate his manners in front of Theresa. "Marcus, put your damn clothes on. Theresa doesn't want to see your ugly ass." Marcus just smiled over at Theresa even though she watched the TV, too embarrassed to look him in the eye.

"Oh, you're just jealous, Matt," Marcus said a bit angrily, since he thought his younger brother should be proud of him. "Because you can't get two women in bed with you. Two older, hot women who don't mind going both ways, at that," Marcus added with a boastful tone.

"I don't need two women, Marcus. I only need and want one, and she's sitting right here next to me," Matt said as he reached over and took Theresa's hand. Theresa broke her fake glare at the TV and smiled at him, but looked back before Marcus caught her eye again.

"Whatever. Everyone fantasizes about being with two people at the same time. I even bet she does," Marcus said, pointing at Theresa. She kept trying to avoid looking at him, as tempted as she was. Marcus was frustrated at them now.

He got up off the chair and walked in front of the couch where Matt was. Marcus touched his own limp penis with his left hand and then held it out to Matt's face, "Smell that? That's the smell of two women's asses," Marcus said, smiling as he knew Matt was impressed and was just acting unimpressed because of Theresa.

"Get your hand out of my face, pervert," Matt said with an angry tone. Marcus laughed at his fake anger, determined to make him tell his true feelings. But just then Marcus caught Theresa in the corner of his eye, and he swung his eyes around just in time to see that she was looking at his penis. Marcus suddenly realized that Theresa might not have been very honest with her behavior around his nakedness and bluntness. Maybe she was also trying to act unimpressed for the sake of Matt. Marcus had to find out.

Theresa suddenly realized Marcus had caught her glare and she quickly looked away. Matt saw the quick movement in the corner of his eye and realized immediately, when he saw Marcus smiling over at her, that Theresa had been looking at his brother's cock.

"Yeah, Matt, I think even your girl likes the thought of two people together at once..." With that, Marcus extended the hand he had touched his ass-scented penis with to her nose. At first she tried to look disgusted. Matt was ready to smack Marcus' hand away, but what Theresa did next took both him and Marcus by surprise.

Not able to stand the sexual tension she felt, Theresa swung her face to meet Marcus' hand and he felt her warm tongue lap against his warm palm as she grabbed his wrist hard. "Holy shit!" Marcus let out without thinking.

At first Marcus was shocked at the erotic gesture, but then the feel of Theresa's warm tongue running back and forth against his palm turned him on, and he felt his penis twitch back to life.

Matt felt shocked at first too. The next feeling he had was betrayal that his girlfriend was doing this, not to mention in front of him. But the third feeling overwhelmed the first two, as he realized she was horny, and the fact that she was licking up what remained of the sex his brother had with two women earlier that morning only heightened this emotion. He felt awkward about it at first, but he watched willingly.

Theresa stopped suddenly and let go of Marcus' wrist. The sex-drenched look on her face that had been there just a moment ago was gone, and now she looked like the Theresa that Matt knew.

"Oh my... Matt... I'm... so sorry, honey." Matt looked at her for a moment as they sat next to each other on the couch. Marcus was still in awe of what happened and remained standing there with a full erection now, hoping something would develop here.

"Theresa... don't... don't..." Matt started to say as Theresa hung waiting for his next words. "...Don't stop," he said, and with that, Matt reached over and brushed his palm against his brother's penis and brought it to Theresa's face. She didn't allow herself time to be shocked over his reaction, and instead grabbed his wrist and began licking it now.

"All right!" Marcus said, egging them on. He was so relieved that Matt hadn't backed out of the opportunity. He felt a strong respect for his brother now, as he watched the 15-year-old replace his palm with his lips as he kissed Theresa. Matt got off his seat on the couch and crawled on top of Theresa as she laid her back on the couch. Matt was kissing her passionately as she reached around him and caressed his back. The two were locked together tightly by the lips as they struggled for better position against each other.

Marcus was tempted to reach down and masturbate as he saw Matt grind his hips into Theresa's. They both still were fully-clothed, but Marcus recognized the obvious sexual gesture -- his little brother was rubbing a hard-on against his girlfriend.

Theresa smiled between their kisses as she felt his erect penis pushing against his jeans and on her thigh. She continued caressing his back, but now she snuck her hands under his shirt and touched him skin-to-skin with her palms. She could tell Matt was getting hot just be the temperature of his skin. Theresa couldn't believe this was happening. She still wasn't sure if Matt would allow Marcus to join them, but just the thought of two sexually aroused men in the same room with her was enough to get her off. She couldn't resist it anymore, as she reached down further.

Marcus watched closely as Theresa crawled her hands down Matt's back and slipped them under his jeans. He watched as her hands clasped beneath the Levi 501's as she squeezed Matt's ass. Matt almost seemed to spit her lips away from his as he smiled widely at her. She smiled back up to him as she said, "Take them off, Matt." Matt hurriedly and awkwardly reached between both of them and Marcus listened as he could hear Matt unzipping himself. Then Matt reached to his side with one hand and yanked the jeans down his hips. Marcus watched as his brother's ass came out of its hiding place, with Theresa's hands gripping both buns in both hands. Matt returned his lips to hers as she massaged her hands against his butt now.

Then she stopped their kissing for a moment and retreated one hand from his ass and pushed it between their bodies. Marcus knew by his brother's sudden expression that Theresa had just grabbed for his penis. Theresa had another big smile on her face as she held it in her palm and squeezed it. She looked over at Marcus with that smile to show him her happiness that Matt had a nice sized penis, even if she couldn't see it yet.

A moment later Marcus heard another unzipping noise and knew that Theresa was unzipping herself now. She reached to her side with the hand that unzipped her pants and tugged it down her hips now. Matt didn't back his body away to look at it, but he could feel her vagina against his penis and he could already tell that it was wet. He leaned down and kissed her passionately again in response.

He and Theresa were too tight against each other to pull their pants down all the way though, so both of their jeans remained just below their hips. Theresa wanted to change this but wanted to stay this close to Matt, so she looked to Marcus for help. He saw the look in her eye and knew immediately what she wanted, because he had been thinking it himself.

He stayed standing on one foot, and leaned his knee down against the couch just at the side of Matt and Theresa's hip, and began pulling both their jeans off.

Marcus didn't think of it as gay, but his eye caught his younger brother's subtle ass for a moment. He was a bit impressed at how smooth and shapely it was for a guy's rear. He felt a moment of lust at the intruding thought of reaching down to kiss it, but he let that moment pass quickly and pulled his brother's pants off his feet. Then he had to lean down further to pull Theresa's pants off her legs as she laid beneath his brother. The sides of his arms touched both sides of Matt's hips and Marcus allowed himself to glance down at his brother's butt again, but looked away again as he yanked Theresa's pants from her feet. What Marcus didn't realize was that Theresa had been watching his eyes and recognized the expression on his face. But, dismissing it for now, she brought her eyes back up to Matt's.

They watched each other lustily for a moment until Matt felt Theresa spread her legs and wrap them around the back of his thighs.

"I'm ready," she said up to him. Marcus envied his brother now, as he watched his firm hips gather between Theresa's legs as he positioned himself. Matt was nervous as he finally felt her vagina at the tip of his cock, not knowing when to push forward. He wanted this to be just right with his girlfriend of 5 months. But he saw a look in her eyes that clinched it. And so he began.

Marcus was tempted to masturbate again as he watched Theresa's face suddenly make a strained expression and she moaned, "Oh!" Matt had clearly entered her and Marcus watched as he pushed his hips slowly forward, easing his way inside her. Theresa's hands moved up to the side of Matt's arms and gripped them tight and she braced herself as he pushed inside her. Marcus could tell Matt was straining too and it was confirmed when the younger boy moaned.

Matt moved his hips back now, and felt his now-wet penis slip out of the vagina and into the cool air. But before his head fell out of her, he soothed it back into her.

"Ohhh!" Theresa moaned again as she grabbed the side of his arms tighter. Her eyes were looking at the ceiling as he pulled back out, and then sank in again. Matt was finding a rhythm now, and his hips moved slightly swifter against her, but not too fast.

With nothing but her shirt and socks on, Theresa rocked back and forth beneath her boyfriend as his warm, strong penis pushed apart her cunt and entered inside her. His cock was missing her g-spot though, and the majority of her pleasure came from watching the expression on his face as he moved back and forth against her. He was panting heavier now, and she could tell he was close to coming by how his nuts had tightened and had stopped slapping against her.

Marcus watched with an impatient cock as his little brother fucked Theresa. Both of their bodies were still tight together and they seemed to fit perfectly as they looked into each other's eyes now.

"Oh yes. Oh yes!" Matt groaned as he felt his dick throbbing. He knew he was there and immediately he pulled out of Theresa and lifted himself off of her and onto his knees on the couch, with his penis in his right hand. He jerked it as the two onlookers watched. Suddenly a blast of pearly semen spit out of it and landed on the couch, just beside Theresa's shoulder. Matt readjusted his aim and the second shot hit his girlfriend's shirt. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the beautiful sensation as the rest of his jizz spit out onto Theresa's hips.

Marcus didn't know what turned him on more; the sight of Theresa's vagina in his sight for the first time, or the loads of come that was spilling from his brother. Theresa just smiled at Matt and was satisfied that she had made him orgasm.

Matt felt his knees weaken as his orgasm passed and he fell backwards against the couch, and lay at the opposite end of where Theresa was. But in his afterglow, he found the strength to lift his head and smile at Theresa, his dick still in his hand as it softened in his grip.

Marcus looked at Theresa now and she returned his stare and smiled up at him. Marcus wanted so much to lean over her and kiss her lips, but he was still unsure of how Matt would react to that. He wanted to turn to Matt and look for some sign of acceptance, but he didn't have to. "Go ahead, Marcus," Matt said as he looked over and recognized his girlfriend and brother's mutually lustful stare-down, "This wouldn't have happened without you, so go ahead."

Marcus smiled over quickly at Matt and then turned to Theresa. Just as he had been tempted to do, now Marcus dropped to his knees beside the couch and leaned over Theresa and brought his lips to hers. She brought her arms around him just as she had for Matt and caressed his back as the two of them relaxed in each other's kiss. Marcus could feel Matt's wet jism on Theresa's shirt and couldn't decide whether he was repulsed or turned on by it. He just pressed tighter against her as they kissed.

Theresa finally pushed Marcus away from her lips. "Lay down on the floor," she said to him. Marcus didn't hesitate to lay back on his back and await her next move. Theresa made it when she sat up straight on the couch and lifted the shirt over her head. Both Marcus and Matt felt their body temperatures raise a bit at the sight of her beautifully-shaped breasts as they hung from her chest. They weren't large, but they seemed to fit her slim, 5'7" frame perfectly.

Theresa stood straight up now and walked over Marcus as he looked up at her, finding new arousal in seeing her vagina from this angle. Soon she stood directly above his face and he knew what was going to happen next as she lowered herself to her knees and her pussy hovered inches from his lips. He could have lifted his head to taste it, but he waited for her to initiate contact. And she did, as she bent her knees further and brought her hips down upon his soft face. Immediately she sighed in relief as she felt his wet lips touch her vagina.

"Yes," she let out with a hiss. Matt stayed laying back on the couch and watching his brother kiss his girlfriend between the legs. He saw the act from behind her, but he could distinctly make out his brother's tongue as it first snaked up against the cunt that rested below her ass. He could also see Marcus' penis twitch in excitement. Matt felt life begin to return to his groin, but he was far from erect again.

"Mmmmm," Marcus moaned from beneath Theresa. The tremors coming from his voice vibrated against her clit and made her wince a little as she panted now. His hands were on her thighs as he pushed her down a little tighter to his face. Her pubic hairs danced in front of his eyes as he let his tongue drag along her slit.

"Oh fuck!" Theresa moaned and the butterflies in her stomach caused her to drop to her hands now, and she was on all fours. Matt laid back and watched Theresa's ass crack open and the sight turned him on almost as much as watching his brother eat her out did. Matt's penis began slowly growing back to life, and he noted his brother's cock sticking up too. Maybe it was the raw sexual fever of the situation, but Matt enjoyed the sight of it. His brother's erection was a comforting presence as he grew back his own. But soon Matt's eyes turned back up to Theresa's butt, and he knew he must have it now.

He got off the couch and fell to his knees and hands and crawled over to them. In a moment, he was on all fours over Marcus, with his face so close to Theresa's ass that he could smell it. He peaked into the dark, opened crack and could make out the pink anus set between both her pale, sexy buns.

Theresa could feel Matt's breath on her ass and smiled at what she knew would come next. Her hips still rocked back and forth on Marcus' face, and she knew this next sensation would for sure guarantee an orgasm. Then it happened.

She felt Matt's warm, moist tongue slither just below her asshole, but immediately she felt it readjust and hit the mark "Oh!" she moaned at the presence of a second tongue on her body. Marcus knew his brother was there too, especially when the two brothers' penises collided like swords at play. Matt thought about positioning himself differently to avoid the contact, but he enjoyed the angle he was against Theresa's body, and so he stayed.

Matt tasted her ass on his tongue as he brought it back into his mouth and kissed the anus with his lips now, before letting his tongue back out. The two brother's drove their tongues and lips against her hips, making love to her with their mouths, and Theresa could feel it coming.

Theresa bounced her hips between the two of their faces. Her entire body felt like it was tingling as she felt her clit begin to light up. Her legs got weaker as Marcus' tongue teased the clit, and Matt only added to the pleasure with his lips all over her sensitive asshole. Oh yes, this was it. YES, this was it!

"Oh my GOD!!" she cried out with her loudest pitch as she felt the tremors overtake her hips and her vagina seemed to release a tension that had been building up for years. She was coming, and for the seconds that it lasted, it was the most beautiful thing. Matt and Marcus shared this moment with her, as they kept their tongues rolling against her body even as she began bringing herself down on her side to rest.

She smiled as she scooted her body right next to Marcus on the floor. She looked at his face and at that wetness all around his lips. Matt had brought himself down on his side right behind Theresa as she laid on her side. Marcus was still on the floor, smiling at both of them. Theresa knew this was a tender moment between the three of them and decided to take advantage of each other when she saw the two brothers looking at each other proudly.

"Kiss him," she said as she looked back at Matt's face, which was just over her shoulder.

"What??" Matt said with a shocked look on his face. When Theresa looked back over to Marcus, he had a similar look on his face.

"Kiss him," she repeated, this time at Marcus. She went on. "I saw the way you were looking at his body earlier, Marcus. And I saw the way you just looked into his eyes." She turned her head back over her shoulder to address Matt. "And you-- you are always telling me how you love your brother so much. I always thought it was just brotherly love. And maybe you did too... until today. Both of your body's and heart's are calling for each other on this morning. Please... answer them."

Theresa's voice was so poignant, made so much sense and was so honest to their mind's that neither one of them hesitated for a moment. Matt lunged his face over Theresa's shoulder and Marcus brought himself to his side and the two brothers' lips met right above her eyes. Theresa watched and her heart sank as she could almost see the repressed passion finally being let loose before her eyes. She could almost feel the love between them as she laid on her side in the middle, looking up at this beautiful sight. The two brothers kissed passionately, their lips moving wildly against each other. Theresa knew they had more in store for each other as she felt Matt's hard penis pressed against her back and Marcus' erection was slapped against her thigh. She knew she must do something about this.

Theresa slipped out from between the two of them without breaking their kiss. She got up to her knees as she moved behind Matt and looked down to watch the passionate embrace before doing what she did next. She brought her face down behind and she angled her nose to be parallel with Matt's beautiful asscrack. She got near it as he had done for her. But unlike her, Matt was not bending over, so she had to reach down with one hand and lift up one of his buns. She watched as the inside of his crack opened up to her. There was her boyfriend's asshole and she knew what came next.

Marcus felt Matt's lips push a little tighter against his and Marcus knew something was up. He opened his eyes and could immediately see part of Theresa's head peeking up from behind Matt's hips. She was clearly doing something to Matt's butt with her face and Marcus had an idea of what it was and what it was for.

Theresa finally came up from behind Matt and stood on her knees again. She reached for one of Matt's hands and nudged on it. Matt finally parted his lips from his brother's and looked back curiously to Theresa. Now she opened both arms to him and he got the message. Matt got to his knees too and came up to her and then wrapped his arms around his girlfriend. He was expecting a kiss but instead Theresa just rested her head on his shoulder and reached around to grab his ass with both hands.

Marcus stayed on the ground, looking over Matt's fine ass again as it faced him. Then he saw Theresa's hands take both Matt's buns in her hands and he looked up to her eyes. She stared back at him and said, "Make love to him, Marcus." With that, her hands slowly parted Matt's buns apart to reveal the anus which was lubricated with her spit and saliva. It looked so perfect to Marcus.

Meanwhile Theresa could feel Matt's heart race against her chest as she made the request to her brother. He felt scared of the idea, but excited at the same point. Yes, he wanted this. And feeling his girlfriend near him would help comfort him during this new experience which was about to take place.

Marcus nervously got to his knees and came up close behind Matt, but didn't touch him yet. He had anal sex just that morning with two women, but this was such a different concept. This was gay sex- and incestuous, too. But he loved his brother and wanted to be inside of him. Theresa's smile as he neared Matt indicated that she wanted it too. Marcus smiled back before joining his lips with hers for a moment. Matt could hear the two kissing over his shoulder and knew immediately that his brother was near behind him. Then he felt Marcus' hands grab both sides of his waist.

Marcus unlocked his lips with Theresa's as he began his descent. His eyes never left hers though, as she comforted him with her beautiful brown eyes. Marcus held his brother's waist tight and inched forward, feeling the moist anus against the tip of his cock.

Not interrupting his gaze with Theresa, Marcus talked to his brother for the first time since this incestuous escapade began.

"Matt, do you want this?" Matt wanted to hesitate, but the answer was so obvious as he answered back with a sure "Yes, Marcus." With that, Marcus let go of Matt with one of his hands and reached down to grab his penis so that he could guide it into Matt's body without it slipping about on the surface. With that firm grip, Marcus began his descent into heaven.

"Oh!" Matt gasped as he felt his brother's penis head pop into his anus. The sudden sensation was painful and Theresa could feel Matt's distress in the way he tightened his grip around him. She whispered in his ear, "It's okay, Matt. He loves you." Marcus could hear the words too, and was also comforted by them. He did love his younger brother and felt the love grow in his body as he sank his penis deeper into Matt's behind. Matt's anal walls were like a soft pillow surrounding Marcus, and he wanted to be completely surrounded by him.

Theresa held Matt's cheeks apart for Marcus and kept her eyes locked onto his. Marcus had his penis more than three-fourths of the way in now as the pair glared at each other seductively. Finally the base of his cock touched against Matt's ass and the older brother immediately began pulling out slowly.

"Ohhhhhh," Matt groaned as he felt the penis dragging along his insides. Theresa didn't break her stare with Marcus, but she did turn her head to kiss Matt's neck. Marcus brought his cock almost completely out, but then pushed back in a bit faster. Matt tensed up in Theresa's embrace again.

She could see his face getting redder as the sex went on. Matt's brother was taking him to incredible heights now, and Theresa wanted to contribute. She broke her embrace with Matt and her stare with Marcus and lowered her face down by Matt's penis. He knew what was going to happen next, as he looked down at her, his hips still bucking back and forth as Marcus humped him from behind. Theresa measured his movements and timed it just perfect, as she wrapped her moist lips around his beautiful cock. It popped out almost immediately when Matt's body jerked back, but she caught it again and didn't let go the second time. "Ooooohhhh," Matt moaned at the new sensation. He could feel his body ready to boil over.

Marcus had his eyes closed now, as he moved his hips faster. He could feel the come in his nuts building up as he made love to his brother. His ass was so tight and so slick now, and Marcus knew he was close. Matt had that same thought, as Theresa went at him.

Her lips sucked his penis in and out as her tongue ran along his shaft. She knew he was close too, as she rubbed his nuts and saw the expression on his face. Then without warning, his jism took her by surprise. She felt the bitter shot hit the back of her throat and the rest oozed out onto her tongue. She smiled when she heard a grunt from behind.

"Fuck yes!" Marcus screamed, and Matt immediately felt his brother's warmth fill his insides. It was such an odd feeling, but welcomed, as Marcus looked down as he pulled his penis from Matt to let the remaining semen spill onto his back. But Marcus was surprised when he felt Theresa immediately grab his cock and pull it to her mouth, as she sucked on it from between Matt's hips. She wanted to taste her boyfriend's ass, and Marcus had been all the way in it. Marcus' come was an added bonus as she took it in.

Matt caressed her hair as she pulled Marcus out of her lips and laid on the ground. Matt laid himself beside her and Marcus smiled as he laid himself beside Matt. They all looked at each other in this beautiful afterglow. The three of them were suddenly in love. Theresa leaned to Matt and kissed his lips. Marcus leaned over him and brought his lips in for the kiss too. The three of them laid there together, kissing, with the taste of Matt's ass and come and Marcus' semen being shared by Theresa's mouth, and seemed to melt into each other during this tender moment.

Then Matt and Marcus' parents walked through the front door.

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