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Three Generations

I grew up in a large family; my mom had four brothers and four sisters. None of the women were especially attractive (at least they didn't try to be), except for my aunt Anne. She was a knockout! She also dressed to show it off. I don't think she had an outfit that wasn't sexy; she wore short skirts before they were fashionable, usually with spiked high heels, with blouses that were normally semi-transparent and underneath a very sheer lacy bra and matching panties. She was built! She had one child, my cousin Wilma who had inherited all of my aunt's great looks and on top of it was smart (straight A student), captain of the cheerleaders, prom queen, etc. Problem was - she knew she was hot and consequently was a real bitch! For some reason she took it as her mission in life to embarrass me at every opportunity. One of my older brothers once told me people like that usually get "paid back" at some time in their lives. I could only hope he was right.

Aunt Anne was married to a guy named Bill who was pretty cool. He had arranged to use a caretaker's cottage on a nearby lake in exchange for being the caretaker. The rich people thought it pretty cool that they had "servants" and we loved the lake, so it was good for all. As I was the youngest I got to go up on Friday nights to help Bill with the grass cutting and other chores so that on Saturday it was ready for the owners and for whatever guests Bill and Aunt Anne would have at their cottage. Sundays the family would gather there. The cottage was old and had knotty pine floors and walls; it had a bathroom, kitchen, one bedroom and one large "family room. " A number of the "knotholes" had fallen out of the walls over the years, so you could peek through the walls into the adjacent rooms.

My Aunt Anne gave me my first hard on and it never went away. At the lake she would usually wear either a short skirt or short shorts and a tank top with spaghetti straps. Although she always wore a bra, as I said it was usually very sexy and lacy. Also she would wear the bra straps loose, and when she bent over you could see everything, and I mean everything; her breast, nipple everything. I was never really sure if she would bend over on purpose or what. Anyway I was helping Bill one night and we sat down to rest. Aunt Anne brought us something cold to drink and when she bent over to hand me my drink one of her breasts fell out of her bra. I couldn't believe it, it was gorgeous, 36D (I had been through her clothing drawers before and was well aware of what she wore) hard nipple and a large areola. My eyes became large saucers and my dick went from soft to rock hard instantly. To prevent my aunt from seeing she had given me a hard on I rolled onto my stomach, as I did so she turned to give Bill his drink and when she bent over I got the best view of the honey spot between a women's legs I had ever seen! She had bikini panties on, very sheer and I could clearly see the pussy hairs. Not wanting Bill to catch me looking up my aunt's skirt I look to see if he had caught me and noticed he had a big smile on his face as my aunt's tits were now hanging in his face.

After finishing our drink, Bill suggested we get back to work. I couldn't concentrate, and all I could think of was how much I wanted to fuck my aunt! I knew I had to get to the bathroom and quickly, I still had this enormous hard on and I had to jerk off before either Aunt Anne or Bill saw it. I was going to tell Bill I had to go the bathroom, but as I looked around he was nowhere to be seen. I headed toward the cottage. As I entered the cottage I heard strange noises coming from the bedroom and so I immediately went to the hole in the wall and peeked in. What I saw almost made me cum right then and there. Bill was between Aunt Anne's legs and was pounding away like the world was about to come to an end. My aunt was moaning and I could hear her saying, "Deeper, harder, fuck me good." All of a sudden Bill grunted and I knew he was cumming. He rolled off Aunt Anne and said he better get outside before I missed him, I couldn't believe it! There I was pounding my dick and only seconds from cumming and he was coming out of the bedroom! I didn't know what to do so I ran to the front door and pretended to me coming in as he was coming out. When are eyes met I simply stated that I had to go to the bathroom and would be out to continue helping him in a few minutes, relieved that I hadn't caught them he told me to take my time.

I practically ran to the bathroom, locked the door and started searching through the clothes hamper until I found a pair of my aunt's lacy bikini panties. I started jerking off and knew it was only going to take a few seconds. As soon as I started I heard notices coming from the bedroom and realized my aunt was still in there, I didn't know what to do, if I continued to jerk off and my aunt caught me I would be in deep shit. On the other hand if I didn't I was sure I would explode. I decided to peek through the wall and see what she was doing. What I saw made me cum immediately and all over the place. My cum hit the wall, the floor, everywhere. There was my aunt lying on the bed fingering her self, obviously Bill had not satisfied her and she needed to cum as much as I did. Suddenly she stopped, and looked around the room in search of something. On a table in the corner of the room was a bowl filled with fake plastic fruit. Aunt Anne made her way to the table and selected the largest of the plastic bananas and brought it back to the bed with her. Lying on her back she inserted the banana in her cunt and began to stroke it in and out. She came a few minutes later and I knew I had to get the banana so I could get a smell of her cunt that I was sure would be on it. What happened next got me rock hard again, Aunt Anne inserted the banana back in her cunt and then put on her sexy lace panties and her short shorts. She then left the room and went outside. I searched for the panties I had started to jerk off with earlier and wrapping them around by dick I pump until I exploded a load of cum in them. I put the panties back in the hamper and fully exhausted went outside.

The rest of the day was uneventful except I couldn't take my eyes off my Aunt. Also the wet spot between her legs was very obvious and seemed to get larger as the day went on. I figured she was having one orgasm after another because of the banana shoved up her cunt. I jerk off two more times before I finally fell asleep.

The next day my cousin came with her girl friends and some boys. Of course she immediately started to embarrass me every way she could. Her boyfriend Jerry was also getting in on the act and really busting them off on me. My older brother was also there and told me that the only reason Jerry was breaking them off was because he had a little dick and knew that, based upon the sizes of my brothers' dicks which he had seen in the boys locker room, that I was probably twice as large as he was. Anyway later that day my aunt gave me some cold drinks to bring out to my cousin and her friends. As I approached them Jerry ran up from behind me and, grabbing my swimsuit, pulled it down. There I stood holding a tray of drinks and my cock and balls hanging out for all to see! Jerry and Wilma were laughing as hard as they could, but I noticed everyone else, especially the girls, had this look of surprise on their faces. I heard one girl say "oh my God" and another "Wow." Trying to be cool I put the tray down, pulled my suit up, and walked back to the cottage vowing someday I would get even.

About five years went by without anything exciting happening. During that time Wilma married Jerry, had a baby daughter and got divorced. Then the big surprise, Aunt Anne's husband Bill dropped dead! The whole family was in shock. As my aunt didn't drive and now lived alone; and since I was the youngest, unmarried and had no life to speak of, I was designated as the one to take her shopping, cut the grass, do repairs etc. What started out as a chore got better as I noticed that my aunt still dressed sexy and still looked real good. I remember helping her one-day as she climbed up on a stepstool and asked me to hand her some items that were on the floor so she could put them away. As I looked up I got my second look at that beautiful pussy of hers, only this time I was sure I got caught, as she looked right at me! Unbelievably she didn't say anything. Over the next few years I would catch some good looks down my aunt's blouse, up her skirt and once or twice naked coming out of the shower. I never had the nerve to do anything about it, although now I was sure she was doing it on purpose.

Then one day one of my other aunts was celebrating some special anniversary and I noticed my Aunt Anne was really packing in the hard liquor, something I had never seen her do before. I later found out that she and Bill would have been celebrating their 25th anniversary in a few weeks if he had not died. My mother turned out to be my best friend that day. Seeing my aunt drunk, she insisted that I not only give her a ride home but that I stay the night just in case Aunt Anne needed me. My cousin Wilma told me, in her usual bitchy way, to make sure I left the windows open in the car because if they were closed it would only make my aunt's condition worse because of the heat. She then shocked me and told me "not to try and cop a feel because of my aunt's condition."

As I took my aunt to the car I was really pissed at my cousin. My aunt had a full drink in her hand and as we reached the car she asked what she should do with it, half joking I told her to "down it." Was I ever shocked when she drank the whole glass in one gulp! She got in the car and as I climbed in the driver's side I noticed her skirt was well up her legs. My mind began to play tricks on me and suddenly I found myself, not only rolling up the windows, but also turning on the heat.

By the time we arrived at Aunt Anne's house she was, as they say, "totally shit-faced." As I help her up the stairs she slipped and I ended up holding two beautiful tits, one in each hand! Imagine my surprise when I felt both nipples immediately become hard and my aunt moaned and said, "That feels wonderful." My dick got hard as a rock and I knew I was in trouble; I had started something that I knew I couldn't walk away from now. I helped my aunt into the house and sat her down on the couch in the TV room, sitting down beside her. I then noticed the top few buttons of her blouse had become undone and I was, once again looking at those beautiful tits I had desired for so long. I couldn't help myself and soon found my hand had somehow wrapped itself around her left tit, playing with the nipple, which grew harder and harder as I played with it. Aunt Anne, in a quiet voice, her eyes shut, whispered, "it's been so long, and that feels so good." That was enough for me; I dropped one hand down on her leg and immediately started to slide it up her thigh. When I reach her panties I wasn't surprised to find they were soaked. I slid my hand inside them and started to finger her cunt, she arched her back sending her cunt forward on my finger and said "oh God I'm cumming!" Feeling really bold now I dropped to my knees in front of Aunt Anne lifted her skirt and in one movement removed her panties. I then placed her legs up on my shoulders and started to suck her cunt. Within seconds she was cumming again, and again. I kept sucking and quite honestly I do not know how many times she came but it was a lot, she kept on saying "its been so long and it feels so good." My dick was as hard as it's ever been and I knew one thing for certain, I was going to fuck my aunt and fuck her good!

I took Aunt Anne into her bedroom stripping off her blouse and bra as we entered the room. Placing her on the bed I took off my clothes and without any concern for her, lifted her skirt and in one motion slide my dick all the way into her. She moaned with delight, not that I really cared, all I wanted to do was cum. I found myself fucking her as hard as I could, and thinking what my cousin would say if she knew what I was doing now. I guess I was getting even with Wilma by fucking her mother. Unfortunately being overly excited I didn't last too long and soon found myself cumming in my aunt's cunt. Fully satisfied I wiped my dick on something and went into the TV room and fell asleep on the couch.

I woke up the next morning to my aunt banging things around in the kitchen. As I got up I picked up the cassette player that I carried everywhere with me. I walked into the kitchen and attempted to give my aunt a kiss on the cheek as I always did. She surprised me as she turned away and told me to sit down. I did as I was told and my aunt immediately began to read me the riot act, she told me that she knew I had "raped" her the night before and she was going to tell my parents, my cousin, Father Anthony from our church and the police. She said she had plenty of evidence because she had saved her skirt where I had wipe my dick after fucking her. I didn't know what to do. Then my aunt let me off the hook, I apparently had been absent mindedly playing with the tape in the cassette player/recorder, she screamed "is that all you can do is play with that tape, you would think it was the most important thing in your life, what do you have to say for yourself?" Thinking quickly I looked her straight in the eye and said " go ahead, tell anyone you want, but after they hear what's on this tape we will see who's in trouble." Looking at me she asked "what are you talking about?"

I replied, "I taped our little adventure last night, would you like to hear yourself begging me to fuck you?" Her face went white and as I pretended to press the "play" button she screamed "no, don't." There was a few seconds of silence then she said, "If you give me the tape, I promise not to say anything to anyone." Looking back I replied, "if I give you the tape there's nothing to stop you from carrying out your threat. Anyway I have a better idea, with this tape I figure I can fuck you anytime, anywhere and anyway I want."

She did not respond, but the look on her face was total surrender. By this time I had a hard on and had removed my cock from my pants. Feeling powerful I told her to come over to me. When she did I stood up, placed my hands on her shoulders, and gently pushed her to her knees. As she looked up at me I said "suck my cock, and suck it good."
She hesitated for a second and then took my cock in her mouth and started to suck. I don't think I lasted more than ten seconds before I blew the largest load I ever did right into her mouth!

I fucked my aunt as often as I could over the next few years, anytime, anywhere and anyhow I wanted to. She was the first woman I ever fucked in the ass. One night, after really giving it to her I fell asleep in her bed. The next morning all hell broke loose as my cousin let herself in the house and entered her mother's bedroom only to find me naked in bed with her mother. She really went nuts, the threats my aunt had made a number of years before were nothing compared to what Wilma was threatening me with. All I could do was smile; finally Wilma asked, "What the hell is so funny, I know all about the tape and it won't do you any good, I promise you that."

I looked at Wilma and said to her, "That tape never really existed so I don't give a damn, however the tapes I've made over the last few years along with the photographs and videotapes are another story." Wilma looked at her mother and I could see defeat in her eyes. Before she could say anything I told her to come over to me. I was shocked at how easily she gave in. Once she stood in front of me I told her to get down on her knees. She did what she was told, knowing what was coming next. I then said, "Take my cock out and suck me off." As she sucked my cock I thought of anything other than the wonderful feeling of my cock in her mouth. I wanted her to suck for a long time. Suddenly my brothers words from years ago came back to me as I realized it was "pay back time." With that thought I came in her mouth, without a doubt it was the best blowjob I had ever had. I pulled out just before the last couple of shots and came on her face and in her hair. Watching the cum drip down her chin and out of the corners of her mouth got me hard again, and with my aunt watching, I helped Wilma up, bent her over a chair, lifted her skirt, ripped off her panties and fuck the daylights out of her. Life was good!

Over the next few months, Wilma and my aunt tried to get me in compromising positions so they could get me to stop fucking both of them, luckily they were never able to do it. However it started to become a strain and I knew I had to do something to put an end to their attempts. By this time Wilma's daughter Melanie was around seventeen and the third generation looked like it would be ever prettier than the prior two. However, much like her mother, she would only wear the best of everything; often asking people whom had given her gifts for the sales receipt so she could return the gift and get something more to her liking. Therefore imagine my surprise when a father daughter affair came up at her school, and since her father was long gone Melanie ask if I would go with her. Although neither her mother nor grandmother wanted me to do this, neither said anything.

As we left for the affair I was shocked when Melanie turned to me in the car and said, "The only reason I asked you is because I had to come with a male adult, so do me a favor and stay out of my way until it's time to leave." The apple does not fall far from the tree as they say, another bitch! I did as she asked and when we left she didn't even say thank you. I stopped to get gas and while out of the car opened the trunk and retrieved an envelope I had stored there. Re-entering the car I threw the envelope in her lap and said to her "a present for you." The look on her face was priceless, she was staring at photographs of her mother and grandmother in various sexual positions and the cocky look she had been sporting all night was suddenly gone. I pulled the car into an isolated resting area on the highway as she asked, "What are you going to do with these?"

I responded, "It depends on how good of a cock sucker you are." With that I whipped out my cock and getting up on my knees moved over to her side of the car and stuck my dick in her mouth, she gagged a little and then began to suck my cock. She had obviously inherited her mother's talent because in no time I was ready to blow my load. I pulled out of her mouth and told her to get in the back where there was more room. Once there I removed her panties, sexy and lacy ones at that, slipped between her legs and with a smile on my face fucked as hard and long as I could. When I finally shot my load I sat back and smiled realizing I had "paid back" my cousin not once, not twice but three times. Life was really good.

Until today people wonder why I am still single. The answer is simple, I am financially well off and figure with three pussies to take care of why should I complicate my life.

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