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Fourth of July at the Racquet Lake

The Fourth of July weekend was coming up. We expected it to be a nice four-day weekend. My sister and I were also looking forward to a break from work. The peak spring workloads at the nursery had passed and the schedule of summer contracts seemed to be well in hand, at least until early September. After that I was returning to college and didn't really want to know. Our parents still were undecided about what to do with this holiday time. Not surprisingly and as usual, they kept coming up with nothing in particular to do except to keep fooling around home in their badly neglected garden.

Bonnie and I, not wanting to be caught up in this passive and repetitious time wasting activity, talked over the situation and made a preliminary plan to go camping by the lake region in upstate New York. At the next breakfast, we decided to ask if we could take the VW bus, a tent and some gear and spend a week or so camping on the lake. We actually wanted time for sex but would call it "just goofing off" to appease our parents. We were sure our family's long history of vacations at the lake would make the request seem quite reasonable. Two issues might upset our plans. One was the possibility that our parents would want to come along with us. This would be terrible. Secondly, even if they didn't want to come we were not sure we would get their approval anyway because we were guilty of a blatant indiscretion the week before.

We feared the rejection would come from Mom and if he knew be supported by Dad. We were worried that Mom had found evidence of us fucking. We were not too sure. Although circumstantial, the evidence was substantial and certainly logical enough to figure out. Even blind Freddy would realize that Bonnie had been nude in my bed.

Ever since grandmother's birthday in April, whenever Bonnie and I had time or energy, which was too infrequent, we would use the respite to enthusiastically fuck each other. This immensely enjoyable activity usually took place when the house was clear of unwanted interruptions or at night when the two us were supposedly or actually out visiting friends. As our enthusiasm increased so did the intensity of the activity. For instance, after washing the evening dishes and feeding the dog we would fuck in the peony beds in the back garden. We often would use the neighbor's fishpond during the weekends when our parents were home. Sometimes we fucked on the gilder in the breezeway, which took a great deal of physical skill and much stifled laughter late at night. Finally, the need became so overwhelming that we began using each other's bed before dawn. We knew the risk was becoming impossible. We wanted to fuck in the nude but haste made fucking happen when we were always partially dressed. If we could better organize our time we were sure that we could be much more experimental with each other. We had several things that we wanted to try but these usually required more time than our quickies would permit. We now looked forward to an extended time at the lake to expand our skills.

After Oma's birthday episode, Bonnie decided that she liked to fuck la naturale. I had to admit to Bonnie that I liked it too. I told her that I was very enthusiastic about putting my sperm inside all her holes. She affirmed that she liked to have my sperm released deep insider her vagina, especially when I would then spend a lot of time sucking it all out. We decided that condoms, called rubbers then, were out and birth control pills were in. This was so we could continue to fill Bonnie with just my sperm and not with our baby. Besides, we decided, condoms were too difficult to get and much too easy to mislay or have discovered either before or after their use. Further, condoms meant a mess or evidence being leftover after the deed. Bonnie also noticed that the latex ruined the flavor of my sperm. She discovered this tidbit of information when she wanted to taste some sperm and had bit a hole in a filled condom before we took it off. In the end, our desire to keep exchanging as much natural bodily fluids as we could, won out. This was because we liked their natural taste, their odor and their feel.

Within that second week, Bonnie had wormed a prescription for the pill from her high school councilor telling her that she had a new Catholic boyfriend who refused to use condoms. Thereafter, our tentative initial trials became routine unencumbered fucking because we were not going to get Bonnie impregnated, at least not now. We talked a great deal about the possibility of having a baby and enjoyed the idea. We quickly realized that we both shared a real desire for a pregnancy, but that would be in the future, not now. Our aim was to fuck as much as we could and in as many ways as we could. However, if in the end it happened, we decided we would be just as pleased if a bit surprised.

For all of these above reasons, we decided to try for the trip anyway. Our "give away" evidence concerned Bonnie's nightdress being left behind in my bed one morning the week before. When Bonnie left to go back to her room, the nightdress remained bunched up under the sheets at foot of my bed. Unfortunately, neither of us gave it a second thought. The following evening Bonnie found her nightdress newly washed, pressed and carefully lying on her bedspread. We realized it could only have gotten there when Mom made my bed that morning. To further incriminate us, it was used to soak up my emissions that had seeped from Bonnie's vagina during the evening. It would have been better for her to simply allow my sperm to seep out and become absorbed into the sheets. This evidence could then be considered as just another wet dream. Mom certainly was used to these ejaculates happening on a regular basis. We were sure that Mom would have smelled the odor of the sperm soaked material and drawn the correct conclusion. The strange thing is that I usually suck Bonnie clean of my sperm before we finish for the night, why not that night I don't know? Hence, we approached the breakfast table the next morning with quite a bit of trepidation but equally as much excitement. It was becoming increasingly more difficult to pursue our evolving sex life without eventually being caught. The real possibility of losing access to each other was a serious worry for both of us. Our mutual indulgences had become terrifying experiences to both of us yet we knew we would never stop. The issue needed to be addressed before there was hell to pay.

We presented our carefully reasoned case that morning. We were immediately surprised to get an almost instantaneous approval from our parents. We looked at each other in amazement and then smiled wondering how to find out just what Mom knew. Maybe she thought I was a cross-dresser and she really didn't want to know. The next day was spent collecting all the various camp materials and stuff. Bonnie and I were not interested in all the gear our parents thought we should take but we accepted the offerings anyway. We were ready to leave early the next morning.

That morning Dad had checked the VW bus for the sixth time. Just upon leaving something really strange happened. Mom came and kissed us both. She carefully whispered into Bonnie's ear while at the same time making sure that I overheard their conversation saying, "Make sure that you take your pill each and every evening, it's very important. You still have another two years of high school to finish". She then casually slipped a packet of condoms into my top shirt pocket. She then whispered in my ear this time but again loud enough for Bonnie to clearly hear, "These are just in case Bonnie forgets to take her pill in the evening or ends up losing them. In fact, she might want to used them both to be extra sure". Bonnie turned bright red and I chocked. We hugged our parents, got into the car, and left without another word. Still not sure about the true implications of Mom's comments and in a state of shock, we set off on the trip north.

The distance would see the trip take about four hours. For the first twenty minutes, we were speechless. I asked myself, was Mom's comment a personally considered response? Was the issue discussed between our parents and then considered? Were these comments and statements an approval or just an acceptance after the fact? My thoughts were so busy that I missed the connection on to the New York Thruway. Bonnie finally said that she was trying to figure it out. She was not sure how Mom knew about the birth control pills. The only thing we could figure out was that the people at the drug store called Mom about the prescription. In the end, Bonnie decided it was easier to just enjoy the fact that Mom at least, accepted that her children were fucking each other. She probably thought that it was better to passively support the process than hope to change it. I agreed that I liked the idea that we had some sort of parental if not approval at least awareness. I thought that it would take some of the bad tension out of always sneaking around to stay out of trouble.

As we talked about this disclosure by our parents, it made us quickly reconsider a situation that if not dealt with carefully, could have been quite serious trouble for both Bonnie and I. Two weeks before, we were only saved from calamity by Jim's quick thinking sister, Cindy, when we were all unexpectedly caught screwing in their backyard pool. Cindy quickly told her mother that we were just skinny-dipping while the rest of us froze in fright. The only light came from the pool lamp making it hard to hide our lack of trunks and suits. Jim and Cindy's mother apparently accepted this explanation as just young people playing around. We were told to put the deck lights back on, and to put our trunks and suits on or we would have to leave the pool. We believed then that Mrs. Vultmer was unaware of the true nature of our activities. This was in spite of Donald and Ellen continuing their demonstration of bareback riding just on the edge of the pool. They had remained coupled, causing Donald to ejaculate into his sister as Cindy's mother was talking to us. The other four of us were able to separate and remain in the pool. Cindy's explanation was lie of cause. The fact was that her mother had caught her son and daughter and the other two sets of siblings fucking each another. As yet, each pair of us was only fucking our sibling.

Although Bonnie and I had been fucking for some weeks now, this was the first time we tried fucking one another while our friends watched. Our friends were also openly engaged in "watch us" activities. We were all having great fun trying various oral, anal and vaginal approaches to sex. It was so the others could see how all our body parts worked. Bonnie and I were surprised to notice that we were mistaken about the uniqueness of our incest. Our closest friends were as deeply engaged with incest as were we and with much more experience.

We had wrongly thought we were introducing our friends to something they didn't know about. We thought our sex was incredible stuff that would be both new and exciting for our friends to witness. It felt wonderful to do and it always felt wonderfully naughty afterwards. Instead we found that we were the least experienced if perhaps the most adventurous pair indulging in these incestuous activities. That night we learned that Jim and Cindy had begun having sex with each other several years before when Jim was still in high school. Further, we were informed that Donald and Ellen started earlier during last summer's vacation break when Ellen began her periods. We were surprised yet greatly comforted with this knowledge because, with the exception of other friends, Paul and Inga, Bonnie and I were unaware of other siblings indulging in such play. Our exhibition for the others was our attempt to defray some of the guilt we were occasionally feeling about our activity. Paul and Inga were previously our only reference that siblings actively engaged in sex. Now that narrow reference was expanded to include our best friends.

As Bonnie and I talk about the pool night, we developed second thoughts about the whole excursion. What we had considered as unawareness on the part of Jim and Cindy's mother may have been wrong. She, like our mother, may have correctly understood the behavior of her children and that of their friend's. The mystery kept deepening. There was no noticeable difference in the relationships between these parents and their children after the experience. But the issue of the drug store notifying our parents about the prescription and that of Jim and Cindy threw a different light on their mother's understanding. We had to conclude that they knew what was really going on in the pool that evening and at home between their children.

Accepting that we got away with it that evening, we continued to talk. We were amazed that we all had our first sexual experiences with a sibling. Only Cindy said that she had sex with an older man before seducing Jim shortly afterwards. It was Cindy's story about how she got "deflowered" at a picnic when she was twelve that stimulated the evening's mutual exhibitions. Now sixteen, Cindy was the oldest girl. Jim, Donald and I were old classmates each either eighteen or nineteen while Ellen was the youngest at fourteen and Bonnie was fifteen. Jim told us that last year when talking to our classmates at high school he found that siblings seemed to offer the normal introductory pathway to initiating sex. This understanding quickly increased the scope of sexual activities Bonnie and I wanted to try. The whole bunch began to offer, "have you tried this" stories as the night passed. The only difference between the three pairs of siblings was the fact that Bonnie and I weren't using condoms or "weanie wrappers" as Ellen called them. While we were clearly into exchanging bodily fluids, the others had yet to appreciate the full enjoyable gambit of possible activities.

Bonnie and I found that after fucking with our friends that night that we liked fucking one another best. We never really figured out why. Yet, for me it was because I always felt more comfortable being inside Bonnie than when I was inside either Cindy or Ellen. Maybe it was because I knew that Bonnie liked having my sperm inside her. Also, I liked sucking out Bonnie after we fucked and the other girls were not as interested in oral gratification either as givers or receivers. I really liked the taste of my sperm. I also had to admit that I liked the mixed tastes of Jim and Donald's sperm when I sucked them out of Bonnie the first few times. Jim and Donald like fucking Bonnie because they did not use condoms. Cindy and Ellen, on the other hand, always wanted to use condoms, making it a less pleasant experience. They appeared not to like either the stickiness or taste of their brother's sperm. In the end, we concluded that at least presently, we would join in on any activities the group wanted to try but only as long as it didn't effect our fucking.

We discussed the whole short history of our incest as we drove north. Bonnie said that she was as horny as hell and slipped off her shorts and panties throwing them in the back seat. With her feet propped on the dashboard, she set about busily masturbating. Within seconds the fragrance of her creamy secretions were wafting throughout the car. We still had an hour to drive but it was becoming unbearable for me to drive while smelling Bonnie's odors or while watching the expressions of enjoyment sweep over her face. To tease me further, she placed her well-coated fingers against my lips for me to taste. I told her I was wetting myself and she suggested that we stop at one of the roadside picnic spots so she could relieve me of some of my stress. Within minutes, we found a pull-off that was empty of cars.

We gathered the lunch packages Mom had wrapped for the trip and made off for a picnic table at the far end of the elevated picnic site. The site backed up against a field with cows and a large scattering of oak trees. Bonnie had pulled on an extra large T-shirt as her only garments. I was still in my very moist underwear and shorts. Take them off she said and walked off towards the picnic table. I did as she said following her peek-a-boo bare-ass with my erection. Bonnie said that there was enough food for a month and asked what I wanted to eat. I said I wanted to eat her. She said, "with mayonnaise or ketchup". "Just your normal creamy dressings will do" I replied. She hopped up on the picnic table drawing up her knees and opening her thighs. She handed me the mayonnaise to open and enjoy lunch.

We talked although my mouth was full of Bonnie about what to do next. After several rather noisy orgasms, Bonnie said it was time to cream her correctly. Bonnie lent back on her elbows to observe as I placed my aching penis into her soppy vagina. Bonnie was smiling a curious smile as I released my sperm into her a few minutes later. After I fell out of her vagina, she told me to lift her ass up off the table and kiss her clean but I was not to suck her out. Bonnie was right, pussy al la mayonnaise was delicious. She said for me to try the ketchup in a little over two weeks when she had her period.

As we ate lunch and talked she said, "I think we should invite the gang to the lake". I liked the idea. We found a telephone box in the next village and called. Jim and Cindy were on their way but Donald had to wait for Ellen who was in New York City until six that evening. Therefore, we thought that if we see Donald and Ellen it would be tomorrow about noon. Cindy said that she was fitted for a diaphragm and she wanted to try it without using a condom. That was so I could eat her out like I did with Bonnie and I could teach Jim the finer points of giving head to his sister. I thought, great, I might get a taste of Cindy after all. We traveled the remainder of the way arriving at mid-afternoon. We paid for three isolated campsites, set up the camp and waited for the arrival of Cindy and Jim. Bonnie decide to take a nude swim to a small island in the lake. I said I would join her. She then started telling me about the story of the Brook Fairy and the warty frog as we waited for Jim and Cindy to arrive in about an hour's time. I guess you realize who the frog was?

At seven fifteen Jim and Cindy arrived at the campsite having gotten lost along the way. They had brought along a large wall tent so that we could all sleep together rather than in small individual tents. Cindy was always on the ball. Bonnie and I quickly moved our stuff into their tent and used our two-man tent as a food store and general equipment dump.

In thirty minutes we were all settled into the camp. The sun had set only moments before so Bonnie declared that it was now clothes-off time because we would not cause the local wildlife any fright. She walked to one of the picnic tables, climbed up on its top and started to remove the two garments she was still wearing, her sweatshirt and shorts. Then while striking several blatant poses, open vagina, open anus and stretched nipples pulled a red topped pink vibrator from her shorts pocket and waved it all around for us to see. She then began an Indian squaw dance using the vibrator to cup her mouth as she chanted up and down the tabletop. We were delighted and clapped in approval.

Bonnie then began to lick the tube letting saliva collect on its surface and dribble down her front. The campfire caused the drips sparkling on her breasts and stomach. After about five minutes of dancing she stopped, faced us, squatted down and slowly ran the vibrator between her labia. She finally inserted it deeply into her vagina in one smooth motion. When she removed her hand only its bright red top was visible meaning the other six to seven inches was buried in her vagina. Then looking directly at me she said, "Turn it on with your mouth". I knelt on the seat, lent over and sucked the vibrator into my mouth and turned my head to switch it on. Unfortunately, it just twisted in her vagina. Seeing the difficulty, Bonnie stepped back pulling the tube out of her vagina. She then bent down and sucked the vibrator into her mouth biting down on it so I could twist the switch. As it started it made my teeth chatter.

Bonnie then said, "Ok, put it in me". She quickly positioned herself back into a squat position as I tried to hold the vibrating dildo in my mouth. All I could hear was gasping laughter from behind me and from Bonnie at my vain attempts to insert this tube into Bonnie's vagina. No matter how I tried I could not hold it still long enough to align it to her hole. The scene must have been strange because Bonnie was in such hysterics that she was shaking so much with laughter that I could not manage to get the tip positioned inside her. To make things worst I felt someone undoing my shorts. I looked down and saw Cindy and Jim pulling my shorts off. I was not aware of it until then that I was fully erect. Cindy took my penis in her hand and started to masturbate me making it impossible to continue.

Out of frustration I made one more lunge at Bonnie's vagina luckily forcing the point of the vibrator into her vagina. To ensure a good fit I let go of the tube to get a better grip and bit down on the tube. Inadvertently, I collected several pubic hairs between my teeth so when she moved back I pull several from her labia and mons. Bonnie howled increasing the laughter from the other two. Bonnie was riding the dildo all right, but she was also experiencing a stinging sensation that must have sharpened the impact of the vibrator. The consequence was that Bonnie immediately broke into a major orgasm that forced her to collapse on the table in exhaustion. Bonnie lay on her back with the dildo poking up between her legs having ejected it from her vagina during the orgasm.

I stood up and applauded her, but Jim and Cindy were too overcome with mirth to stop laughing. It took several minutes for the group to settle down to breathable conditions. "Who's next?" whispered Bonnie, as she lay still flat on the tabletop? To my surprise Jim came over and gently pulled the vibrator from Bonnie's vagina then bent over and French kissed her labia for several minutes until Bonnie moaned that she was about to come again. Spurred on by Bonnie's enjoyment Jim deepened his efforts sliding his tongue from anus to clitoris then sucking deeply on her labia. Bonnie arched her back and allowed the orgasm to sweep over her body. "Don't let me go," she moaned to Jim who seemed to accept his fate. Cindy let go of my penis telling me, "do that to me". She hopped up on the opposite end of the tabletop and waited for me to administer head to her vagina. I sat on the seat and slowly kissed Cindy's inner thighs until I had my tongue slipping up between her lips. "Put the vibrator in me" Cindy pleaded. I dutifully inserted the dildo only to be quickly told to turn it on. I took it out and found that it was on but the batteries were flat. The fact that it had been used for over an hour was enough to make it useless to Cindy. Bonnie, whose pussy was still attached to Jim's mouth, said that, "I'm sorry but I used it all the way along the trip and I didn't have any spare batteries". "Oh, no. How could you do that to me." cried Cindy. Bonnie just moaned that she was sorry.

Bonnie sat up and said that she was really sore where I had pulled out her pubic hairs. We all took stock of the situation. Each of us then took our turn examining Bonnie's labia for red spots where hairs had been pulled free. Jim said that I should only be allowed to service Ellen this way because she was still without a full mane of pubic hairs. I growled making Cindy quickly close her thighs. The laughter began all over again. Bonnie said that since I was the culprit I should supply the cream to sooth her sore spots. Bonnie wanted to be fucked with sperm, then to have it robbed into her sore labia. I quickly got up as Bonnie slid her bum near the edge of the tabletop Cindy followed saying, "Allow me" where she grabbed my penis and carefully placed it into Bonnie's vagina. Then with a little push on my ass I moved smoothly into Bonnie. "Fuck me nice and slowly so that you get all your sperm in me in three or four squirts", she whispered. I did as she said and rocked inside her for several minutes until I was unable to stop and released my sperm deeply inside her. The pressure to hold myself in her permitted Bonnie to have a gentle yet protracted orgasm that she moaned was great.

As I rested inside Bonnie's vagina I notice that Cindy was riding Jim with incredible force. Clearly only Bonnie had been the active member so far and Cindy was trying to catch up. Bonnie and I separated to assist Jim with Cindy. Bonnie pointed to Cindy's ass as she bent over to permit Jim to suck her nipples.

"Let's lick her anus." Bonnie proposed. We both crawled between Jim's legs and started kissing Cindy's ass. Bonnie and I then took turns licking her anus until it became soft and able to be probed with our tongues. Cindy obviously enjoyed the anallingus bring her to a deep orgasm within minutes. This strong orgasm quickly forced Jim to ejaculate in his sister. Everyone was satisfied but a bit sticky and carrying a full evening's odor. We decided to take a short wade in the shallow beach on the lake to refresh ourselves. The water was warmer than the night air. We waded for some time holding one another. The experience was totally delightful and relaxing. We talked about the events for about an hour. Then we heard Cindy gasp, "I didn't use the diaphragm and I'm full of Jim's sperm". We all looked at each other when Bonnie asked Cindy where she was in her period. A quick calculation found that Cindy was near or at ovulation.

"Well its not the first time we placed my ova with Jim's sperm. Maybe I'll get knocked up this time. It's only a matter of time right Jim?" she said. Bonnie and I were not too sure how to read this situation. It was exciting to know when and where our friend's conception had occurred but we were more concerned that the remainder of the camp trip would now be under a cloud. Cindy asked how Bonnie was able to accept my sperm without be impregnated and were we on the pill? Bonnie then told Cindy that she got on the pill with a prescription from the school councilor. Cindy said she got the pill the same way and asked if it upset Bonnie's periods because it did hers. Bonnie said yes, it had originally but not now. Cindy continued to ask why, what happened? Bonnie then looked over at me and said because she doesn't take them any more.

"I don't understand," Jim said.

"If you don't take the pill you can get impregnated," quipped Cindy.

Bonnie, still looking at me said, "That's right".

"Where are you in your period?" I asked.

"I ovulated this morning when we fucked on the picnic table at lunch. So I can be as pregnant as Cindy right now", Bonnie declared.

The four of us sat quietly in the warm water thinking about what had just taken place. Jim and I had ejaculated our sperm into our sisters who in turn, we find out, are in the fertile stage of their period and we were not using any contraceptives. The feeling between us was one of "wow that great". Pleasantness prevailed and not feelings of fear or despair as we suspected. Cindy had moved up to Jim and was sitting on his lap in the water. Bonnie spoke up first. "I like what happened. I really want sperm in me over the next few days. I stopped taking the pill so that I was fertile this week. Cindy, you talked about the same thing didn't you?" Cindy said, "Yes". Bonnie went on, "You said that you really wanted Jim to make a baby in you before you started college. Well I want the same thing". Bonnie moved over to me and said for me to move up into the shallow water so she can mount me. I was totally mesmerized but moved towards the bank. Bonnie then grabbed my penis and gently stroked it until it was erect enough for her to fuck me. She looked at me and said, "Are you ready?" I looked up at her and said, "Yes". "See Cindy, it is as easy as that". Bonnie lowered her vagina over my penis and slide down. Bonnie followed, "Ok you guys come over and watch us make a baby, no come over and help us make this baby, we'll help you later".

The next fifteen minutes were consumed with the best and most marvelous fuck ever knowing that Bonnie was making every effort to use my sperm. When she orgasmed she said that she wanted the sperm placed deeply against her cervix to insure that most of my sperm was able to enter her uterus. Once the sperm was placed in her she whispered, "thank you. Hold my hips up so your sperm doesn't drain out of me"

Cindy asked Jim if he was ready. Cindy said that she wanted to be fucked under the same tree as before so she could bring their baby back to the exact spot and tell it that this is where it was conceived. We all got up and moved to the spot where an hour before Cindy had ridden Jim to ejaculation. Cindy lay down so that Jim could mount her missionary fashion. Cindy carefully aligned Jim's penis and it slid in with ease. "Fuck me like Jack did to Bonnie" she whispered. Twenty minutes later saw Cindy orgasm and cause Jim to place his sperm deeply into his sister. Tears were streaming from everyone eyes as the traces of their fuck seeped out of her vagina. We all lay there for quite some time when Cindy said "I hadn't thought that I was going to become a mother this evening but now I can't wait for it to happen".

"We need to make a pack about these pregnancies," said Jim. I said, "Ok, what is it?" "Well I want to have my baby to come from Cindy and I think that you want your baby to come from Bonnie, right? So we need to remove the incest from the children's history. Let's do it before the children are born," he continued. "I agree, so Cindy's child will have been fathered by Jack and Bonnie's child will be fathered by Jim. Agreed". Bonnie said that this was fine by her but Cindy said that she wanted to tell her child, eventually that her brother fathered her child. Bonnie said she wanted the same condition. We all agreed that each pair of siblings would make a baby but the offspring would be from the union of the respective mix of Jack and Cindy and Bonnie and Jim. We put all the sleeping bags together and slept dreaming of the activities tomorrow.

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