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"Okay, I may look like an angel, but I'm not. Actually, I've been fucking since I was nine." Those were the first words Angeline said to Dr. Manchester, the school psychologist.

"Doc M", that was what the kids called him, looked across the room at the beautiful, demure child seated on his office couch -- small, blond, waif-like with large innocent blue eyes reminding him of a Keene painting. Even for a man as jaded by his encounters as he, her frank confession resulted in raised eyebrows.

Angeline had been sent to see him at the request of a male faculty member who claimed that she was precocious beyond her years and had actually attempted to seduce him -- or so he thought. But he hadn't been exactly sure about that. It could have been in his mind only; the way she looked up at him; the way she walked in the hallway, not the exaggerated ass-swishing sashay of some of the senior girls trying to act sexy for the high school athletes, but a rather simple gait with toes pointed straight forward and tight little hip motions which somehow made her move like a... like a kitten or a young deer.

Doc, regaining his professional composure, looked at her and smiled -- his friendly non-threatening smile which said she was okay and he was okay with it.

"Well, Angeline, I've got to say you fooled me. You don't look much older than that now, but since you're in the eighth grade, you must be -- what, fourteen?" She nodded. "Okay, since you brought it up, do you want to tell me about that? That's a little early to be sexually active, but it's not all that unusual (in dysfunctional families, he thought, but didn't say aloud). But it would appear to be something that you are concerned about. Don't worry, our discussions are always confidential and you don't have to rat out anyone out if you don't want to."

Angeline was sitting with her knees together and her hands folded in her lap. Watching his face, she shifted ever so slightly to become more comfortable, her knees parting slightly and very briefly, but it was enough to give Doc a glimpse of white. Damn, he thought, did she just flash me? Did she mean to? Best to confront her now and be clear about that.



"Just now when you moved. Did you mean to show me your panties?"

"Yes. Did you like it?" She grinned a little dimpled pixie grin looking at him slightly askance -- coquettish.

Doc knew he would have a problem with this one, but it would be interesting. He just couldn't know at the time how interesting.

Doc sat back raising his glasses to scratch his nose. A very candid child -- refreshing -- he thought. "Now you said that you had your first sexual encounter...?"

"Fucking", she interrupted.

"...hm yes, alright... fucking, when you were nine. Shall we talk about that?" He was intrigued that she didn't seem the least embarrassed by the "F" word.

"Okay. Well first I have to tell you that I have five brothers and they have all fucked me at one time or another -- sometimes several at once. But don't get me wrong, I love them all dearly, and they love me. Not just for sex, but we are a close family," she said earnestly.

Close is an understatement, he thought as he nodded pleasantly. "Okay, yes. Go on." He paused for a second then interrupted her. "What about your mother and father, Angeline, are they aware of your... er... close relationship with your brothers?"

"Our father left us when I was three, right after my youngest brother, Timmy, was born. He was a loner and traveled a lot for his work. One time he just... never came back. I think he used to send my mother money, but about a year later I came home one day and she was crying. She told us that our father was dead. Then she got a whole lot of money from an insurance company. We were never poor."

"And Timmy, your younger brother, has he... er... fucked you also?"

Angeline's face lit up, "Oh yes. Timmy is my favorite. He is such a jolly little thing. I had lots of fun teaching him. He was seven our first time."

This gives a whole new meaning to "brotherly love", he thought. "Okay, we'll talk more about Timmy later. Now, about your mother, does she know ...? I mean, is she aware of your...?" Doc pressed her, then relaxed, realizing from her body language that he was coming across too pushy.

"About me and my brothers? No, she doesn't have a clue. We don't see her much now that we're all in school. She spends time with her friends and has become active in politics -- you know, family values and all that. Sometimes she leaves a note and money for us to order out. Sometimes James, my older brother, cooks. Actually, Jack is oldest, but he's in the Marines and won't be coming home for a while, not until after boot camp. I really miss him." Angeline sat straight -- primly -- with her knees together idly twirling a lock of her blond hair with a wistful look as she spoke of Jack. Doc noticed that her speech was quite precise for a fourteen year old.

"Would you tell me about your first time," he urged gently, watching her intently over his glasses.

"Oh, sure. It was up in Jack and James's tree-house when I was nine."

"So which was your first, Jack or James?" Doc took off his glasses and polished them nonchalantly trying not to make his questioning seem important. He did not wish to alarm her into retreating from him. He needn't have bothered as she went on eagerly.

"Neither one. Actually it was Tommy, my next oldest brother...."


James and Jack spent most of a month that summer planning and building their tree-house in the massive old oak in the back of the family house. It was almost a hundred feet back beyond the terrace and the small garden. First they had to build a ladder into the gnarly trunk with pieces of old half-rotted lath -- a task which resulted in more than one swollen thumb, several sudden falls and many scrapes and bruises. When they finally reached a major fork about thirty feet up, it was time for the main construction to begin.

First, they managed to nail a platform together from more old boards and 2x4s using the rusty, ten-penny nails in an old coffee can found in the garage. They hauled it up with a rope and sort of "secured" it to the major limbs of the old tree. Then Jack remembered an old discarded wooden packing case down by the railroad tracks, which they managed to bring home with the help of a rickety, little red wagon.

With much tugging and sweating -- and one near miss when the rope broke and the box fell nearly smashing James -- the prefab fortress was raised and installed on the platform with little margin to spare. It was then that they discovered that there was no way to get in! Up came an auger bit and a keyhole saw with which, after taking turns sawing all day, they managed to cut a trap door in the platform and a small window in the box for light. Then, having completed their project, they let the others know that it was theirs and theirs alone -- no younger siblings in their hidey-hole.

One day Jack found some old porn magazines in the trash behind the Jenkins house. (Old man Jenkins' wife had caught him with them and raised hell until he threw them out. When he went back later, secretly, to retrieve them, he was really pissed to find them gone.) The two conspirators pored over them for many hours discovering the hitherto unknown facts of life.

"Gee," Jack said adjusting his crotch, "these pictures make my dick feel funny -- sort of tingly -- nice though."

"Yeah, me too." James had unbuttoned his jeans and pulled his dick out, stroking it as he looked at the pictures of naked men and women engaged in their trade.

Soon both boys were wanking away for all they were worth. Jack was first to climax. "Oh God, I think I'm gonna pee or somethin'. Oh, oh shit I can't stop it!" White gobs of goo spurted from the tip of his dick all over the picture.

James followed a second later, his face twisted in a spasm of pleasure as his cum joined his brother's on the slick page of the magazine.

Having discovered the ecstasy of climax, the two masturbated incessantly for the next couple of weeks. The magazines became a mess of distorted pictures, its pages stuck together by dried goo.

One hot summer day, James was first to blurt out what they were both thinking: "Jack, we've just gotta get some real girls to fuck (one of the words they'd learned from the 'zines)."

"Yeah, but who... how...?"

Then, looking down, they saw Angeline playing with her dolls on the terrace -- actually she was serving them tea. As they watched Jack heard James gasp as they caught a glimpse of her white cotton panties under her flowered, gingham dress. They looked at each other.

"We can't get Angeline up here. She's afraid of heights," Jack remembered.

"Tommy can do it. She'll do anything for Tommy."

"Yeah, let's get Tommy," Jack agreed.

They found Tommy watching cartoons on TV and enlisted his help with his sister. "I'll try, but Angeline is afraid of high places. Why do you want Little Miss Perfect up there anyway?"

"Never mind, just get her there and we'll make it worth your while. That's a promise."

The capture of Angeline took some planning. Tommy got her to the base of the tree, but she refused to climb the ladder. Then, on the pretext of "hide-and-seek", he got her to close her eyes and count to ten while he hid. With her eyes closed, Tommy suddenly put a loop of rope around under her arms and James and Jack hauled her kicking and screaming up through the trap door. Tommy watched her pantied bottom disappear through the opening, and then climbed up himself.

Angeline's anger was turning to fear and she was crying, "What are you doing to me? What's wrong with you? I'll tell Mom!" A moment later she noticed the slimy pictures, which Tommy was now staring at. "Wha-what are those horrid pictures... oh no, you're not...!"

"Forget mom, she never comes back here even when she's home -- which she isn't." James sneered.

With that he pushed her backwards and Jack pulled her dress up around her neck. Tommy watch transfixed as James put his fingers under the elastic of his sister's panties and pulled them down to her ankles.

Angeline's eyes were wide with fear as she lay back on her elbows. She was certainly nothing like the women in the pictures -- no hair, no fat pussy lips, just a puffy, little slot between her legs. Jack and James took out their cocks (another new word in their vocabulary) and began to masturbate over Angeline while she and Tommy watched.

Angeline stopped crying and suddenly a little smile replaced the fearful look. "You two sure look funny pulling on those things, what are you going to do, pee on me or something?"

"Just wait," muttered Jack as he felt the first pangs of his pending orgasm.

Suddenly white goo cascaded from the tips of their cocks all over Angeline's belly and mosquito-bite nipples as she squealed with surprised delight.

"What's this stuff?" She asked as she swirled it with her finger. Then, as they watched, she tasted the end of her finger. "Hm, it tastes quite good, you know," she said quite properly. "Now, GET ME DOWN!"

"We're not done with you yet," James responded. "Okay, who's gonna fuck her first?"

"I think we should go in order of size, smallest first so as to not ruin it for the next guy. Tommy can go first," Jack said.

"Now just a minute, you guys, what's fucking and why don't I get a say," Angeline protested.

"Shut up, Angeline, you're the fuckee here, and you don't get a vote," James said.


The two older boys instructed Tommy, who had a hard-on in spite of himself; to pull down his pants and kneel between his sister's legs. James spread her small pussy lips revealing the tender, pink flesh of her tiny vulva.

"Now put the end of your dick -- I mean, your cock -- right here in this little hole and push it into her," Jack instructed.

"Why do you call it a cock when it has no feathers?" Angeline asked.

"Hush, woman!"

Tommy began to push in. Angeline sighed, "It's going to hurt me, isn't it?"

"I'll try not to, Angeline," he grunted. She was tight --really tight -- but under pressure her tiny vaginal opening gradually stretched and moisture soon lubricated its passage until Tommy finally had his ten-year-old three inch dick in as far as it would go. He thought he felt some blockage, but couldn't quite reach it.

"Good. Now fuck her!" James whispered.

"What? How?" Tommy had no understanding of the term.

"Just hump your butt up and down and push and pull your cock inside her hole. Tell us how it feels."

After a few strokes, Tommy settled down to a rhythm. "Gee, this is starting to feel good -- really good!" He reported.

Angeline began squirming and sighing, "Wow, I'll say. It feels wonderful, Tommy. Don't stop yet."

A few moments later Tommy experienced a very pleasant clutching sensation in his crotch muscle and did his best to come. Then, panting, he pulled out his cock with several drops of clear, stringy fluid still stretching to Angeline's pussy lips.

"Wait. Don't go yet, it was just starting to feel really good," Angeline protested.

"Don't worry. Be happy. There's more to come -- much more," James said getting into mounting position in front of her.

James pushed his cock up her previously lubricated vagina easily until it was blocked by her tight maidenhead. "Damn, I'm stuck or something."

"Don't swear, James, mommy doesn't like it. Ow! Oh!" Angeline shrieked as her cherry broke.

"Okay, I'm in all the way now," James chortled as he began pumping her.

"Oh, James, that feels good. Oh, its wonderful." Angeline purred as she put her arms around her brother's neck and began humping and grinding her little ass. "Oh, something's happeniiinngg! Oh! Wow! Oh my GOD!"

"Now who's swearing," James grunted as he launched his sperm into Angeline's climax.

James pulled out sweating from exertion. "Thanks, sis."

"My pleasure," smiled Angeline, blowing a wisp of damp hair from her face and looking expectantly towards Jack.

At a fifteen, going on sixteen, Jack had developed more muscles -- and a six-inch cock, much longer and thicker than his younger brothers. Angeline had a moment of panic, "Hey, that's pretty big!" she said looking back and forth between his cock and her little pussy -- flushed and swollen, but still quite small.

Jack feigned an evil laugh, "the better to fuck you with, my child."

As he pushed into her, Angeline's mouth opened and her eyes crossed as she felt herself being split wide open. "Ahhghh, Jack, be careful. I think you just hit my spine!"

Jack fucked her hard and fast. The world began spinning for her and she thought the tree-house would surely dislodge and fall.

"Jack! Jack! Oh my God. Please, I can't take much more of this," she exclaimed in a narrow place between pleasure and pain as Jack's full grown cock throbbed in and out of her child-sized pussy. She screamed once in ecstasy, then fainted as he pumped her full, adding his load to the others, then pulled out leaving her lying in a pool of goo and virgin blood.

They lowered her, still mercifully half-conscious, to the ground, where she regained her senses cradled in Tommy's arms, looking up at the open trap door far above from whence Jack and James peered down at her.

"Is she alright?" They asked anxiously.

"She'll be fine," Tommy responded, helping her to her feet and guiding her shakily towards the house. Her dolls still sat around her toy tea table where they stayed until the next morning.

From then on, one or more of her brothers fucked Angeline every day. While going about her daily business, she would be seized suddenly and dragged giggling into the bushes or behind the tool shed or wherever, where they would simply pull down her white cotton panties and fuck her silly. She thrived on all the attention she was getting from her older brothers and was quite pleased that they no longer treated her like a little kid.


"...so that's the way it happened, Doctor. I've been getting fucked by my brothers every day of my life since I was nine... and I love it!"

Doc wiped moisture from his glasses and patted his upper lip and forehead with a handkerchief. "I see... well... uh..." words failed him at the completion of Angeline's tale. He realized that he now had a profound hard-on beneath his desk and was glad he was not sitting exposed in his easy chair. "I guess that's all for today, Angeline. Thank you for being so frank with me. Please come back tomorrow and tell me about your other brothers."

"Okay, Doctor, I enjoy talking with you. You're not at all like most grown-ups I've met." She smiled her little coquettish smile, which he now accepted as completely innocent. She arose gracefully, straightened an imaginary wrinkle from her dress and was gone, leaving a scent of lavender and one very perplexed shrink. For the first and only time at school, Doc found it necessary to go into his office bathroom and jack off.

The following morning dragged by ever so slowly for Doc -- a woman trying to get her son out of Special Ed and back into mainstream -- a whiny kid with an even whinier mother complaining that her son was misunderstood -- all his father's fault, for bloodying another kid's nose, etc., ad nauseam.

At last there was a soft knock at the door. His heart leaped. "Come in, Angeline."

Angeline glided in, swirled her long, flowered skirt and sat down across from the shrink. No flashing today, he observed. She sat as before, prim and proper, hands folded in her lap, on his leather couch. "Good morning, Doctor."

"Good morning, Angeline, did you sleep well?" She was radiant except for a slight puffiness under the eyes. Must have been a good night, all right. He tried to imagine which brother or brothers had fucked her last night -- what all they had done to her.

"Yes, thank you, and yourself?" She responded cheerily.

In truth, Doc had tossed and turned all night thinking, then dreaming about his new patient.

He came around his desk to sit in his overstuffed consultation chair near the couch. "Yesterday you mentioned that you had two more brothers with whom you had... ahem... relations. Can we talk about them?"

"Oh yes, lets," she smiled. "Let me tell you about Harold, the weird one first."

Weird Harold, Doc chuckled to himself. Wonder if Bill Cosby knows he has competition.

"Harold is three years older than I am. You may have seen him here at school -- looks pale and haggard, always wears black."

"Yes, I think I know to whom you're referring. I never would have guessed he was your brother, though."

He had noticed the boy in the hallway and had been meaning to speak with him, but the boy had scurried away furtively whenever approached and Doc never made a point of pursuing him due to his heavy workload. There were over twelve hundred students. He normally didn't see kids except by referral (i.e., practically dragged there by a teacher or distraught parent).

"So what about Harold?" He prompted.

"Well, Harold was always quiet, but he wasn't weird like he is now until a couple of years ago when he found that book..."


Harold was the middle sibling. His two older brothers hung out together mostly ignoring him. Neither was he close to his younger brothers and sister who always seemed like little kids. Thus he had nothing in common with them except parents and the house they shared. Even in school he never made any friends or participated in social activities. In short, Harold was a loner by nature.

He wandered aimlessly through school making grades just passable enough to avoid scrutiny and to advance to the next level. Doc would definitely have been more interested had he seen a sample of Harold's handwriting -- small, cramped and leaning sharply leftward.

One day Harold wandered downtown and eventually discovered a small, dusty bookstore off of a narrow alley two blocks behind the town square. The proprietor, an old man with a black skullcap and thick glasses, gave him the once-over as he entered the store, then dismissed him from mind returning to his newspaper, printed in some foreign language, while Harold perused the unkempt shelves of books with no particular purpose.

Then he found it! The book! In the middle of a small shelf in a remote corner, with a dusty, frayed leather cover, he found it. The old book which would guide his life from then on: Forbidden Rites--A Necromancer's Manual. He spent the next few hours reading and looking at pictures and diagrams. He could feel their power in his mind even though the text was a mystery. For the next few weeks he came back nearly every day to study more, eventually beginning to understand the archaic text. He became a regular to the proprietor, who one day asked him: "Vy do not you buy zis book vich seems to hold zo much interest for you?"

"I'm not sure I can afford it, sir," Harold responded. "Er... how much is it?"

"Vell... how much you got?" The old man peered at him over his thick glasses.

Harold examined the contents of his pockets. "Five dollars and seventy six cents... but I have a jar of pennies at home."

"Hokay. Bring it in. Maybe I zell it to you for dat."

Harold ran home and brought the jar back breathlessly. He pushed the jar and all the rest of his money over the counter to the old man.

The old man hefted the jar and counted the money. "Ya, ya, dat vill do. Young man, you've bought yourself ha book -- enjoy!"

As Harold walked quickly home with the book -- now his alone -- a feeling of quiet excitement, of power almost sexual in nature came over him. When he reached home, he went immediately to his bedroom breathing rapidly from the heady feeling of his possession -- of the powers yet to come. But somehow his room didn't seem the proper venue to begin his quest. He crept stealthily downstairs and opened the nearly concealed trapezoidal door beneath the main staircase, which led to the dank cellar.

The damp stone walls lit only by a single bare bulb soon became his domain. Over the next few days he fashioned a makeshift alter lit by black wax candles. Soon more candles provided the only light. He would open the book to the strange runes and recite the ancient cryptic rituals of the necromancers as though they were his own. A while later a crude coffin, which he fashioned secretly himself in the school wood shop, disguised as large chest, joined the altar. Sometimes he would creep down after the others were asleep and spend the night in the coffin. He was no longer afraid of the dark. Darkness was his friend.

Meanwhile, at school he took to wearing dark -- sometimes completely black -- clothing. Gradually he began to enhance his already sallow face with traces of green and charcoal giving his eyes a sunken, haunted look. The other students began to call him weird, but the teachers, accustomed to outlandish student garb, ignored his regalia since he did participate and was responsive in class.

One of the ceremonies described in the book involved the ritual deflowering of a sacrificial virgin. One evening he was lying in his coffin racking his brain about which girl at school he might enlist for this event and how to entice her to his lair. The thought of Angeline popped into his mind, and as he concentrated on her, she suddenly appeared at the top of the stairs peering down through the open cellar door.

The upstairs hall light back-lit her thin figure through the diaphanous material of her nightie and shimmered around her blond hair like a halo. The thought that he had somehow mentally summoned her gave him a rush of power. Of course! Angeline. She would be perfect.

"Harold? Harold, are you all right down there? I thought I heard something," ten-year-old Angeline called down. She was already resigned to the strange actions of her brother, but was concerned for his welfare nonetheless.

"I'm fine, Angeline. Er... could you come down? I have something here that will interest you." Harold was already experiencing the twinge of an imminent erection.

Angeline gingerly negotiated the wooden stairs in her bare feet, afraid of splinters.

"Ooo, this is spooky," she said shivering with her arms wrapped around herself glancing at the candles. "What is it you want to show me, Harold?"

"Well, its something you must experience first hand. I want you to climb in this box and lay with your arms crossed," he said guilelessly.

"Well... okay," she said, going along with the seeming joke. "But you're not going to shut the lid on me, are you?"

"Of course not, Sister Dear, just cross your arms and hold this wooden cross to your bosom."

Angeline lay in the candle-lit chamber with her blond hair splayed across the red pillow in the coffin while Harold began chanting some unintelligible nonsense words over her. A moment later he reached in and pulled her nightie up above her waist exposing her bare legs and the small crease of her womanhood. Then he loosed the sash of his black robe to expose his fully engorged penis and began fingering her pussy.

"Hey! You're going to fuck me, aren't you, Harold." One thing about Angeline, already a veteran of her older brothers daily attentions, she caught on quickly.

"Hush! You are a sacrificial virgin and I must deflower you."

"Wait, Harold, see, there's a problem here. I'm not a virgin," she said earnestly.

"Close enough!" Harold exclaimed climbing into the coffin on top of her. A moment later, his libido in full swing, he shoved his cock into her and began fucking her frantically like there was no tomorrow.

"Oh, Angeline, I've waited so long for this," he groaned.

"Harold, be careful. You're hurting me! I'm not wet enough yet," she complained.

Harold was too far gone to pay attention to her wishes. This was his first time and he was already about to come.

Suddenly the flimsy table supporting the coffin collapsed. Angeline screamed as it hit the concrete floor and split apart just as Harold's loins clenched and launched his sperm into her waiting love tunnel.

Angeline regained consciousness to find herself on her knees bound in a fetal position. "Hey, Harold! What's going on? Why am I tied up like this?"

"You said you were no longer a virgin, but that's only half-right -- only in your pussy, right?" He asked gently poking a finger into the tight pucker of her anus.

"Yesss, but... Oh no, you're not going to...? Not up my butt!" Sudden comprehension hit her and she was scared. Luckily she was scared shitless, for a moment later she felt pressure on her anus and screamed.

"Relax, Angeline, or its going to hurt," Harold grunted as he strained to force his cock into her tiny asshole.

In a moment, his stiff cock overcame the contraction of her sphincter and he slid into her with a cry of triumph.

"Oh, ooo, Oh, my God!" Angeline gasped as she lost her virginity for the second time.

After the initial shock, Angeline noticed his cock sliding in and out of her ass was beginning to feel good -- really good. She moaned, "Oh, Harold, I never thought it would feel so good. I only wish my hands weren't tied so I could rub my pussy."

Harold had the same idea. Picking up a thick wax candle, he shoved it into her pussy and fucked her with it while he continued fucking her ass with his cock.

"Yes! Yes!" Angeline moaned with delight. In no time at all, she was screaming and shaking, head spinning, lost in the most wonderful orgasm.

Harold, no longer able to control himself in the tight, satin-like tunnel of her rectum, felt his entire body contracting with excruciating pleasure as he emptied his balls into his sister's guts. His quest, as prescribed by the book, had been fulfilled.

Angeline smile happily as she gingerly fingered her sore rectum. She had discovered yet another portal of love in her body with which she could please her brothers.


"...So that's how it was with Harold and me our first time."

At the completion of Angeline's story, Doc found himself panting and mopping his sweaty face with his handkerchief. He had creamed himself in his shorts.

Angeline smiled at him in her innocent way with a twinkle in her eyes. "Well, did you find out what you wanted to know, Doctor? We still have one more brother to talk about."

"Yes, yes. Tomorrow. I believe that's it for today," Doc said hoarsely.

"Very well, see you tomorrow, Doctor." Angeline stood up gracefully and was gone.

Doc adjourned to his bathroom to clean himself up. The phrase: "Addams family values" ran through his mind.


When Angeline returned Friday for their last session before the weekend, she seemed very happy and excited. "Guess what, Doctor. Tomorrow is my birthday and Jack will be home from boot camp, and... Wow! What a party we're going to have! Like my party dress?" She twirled around in a white blouse and flowing white gossamer skirt, then plopped herself down in his interview chair, her pretty face glowing in anticipation.

I'll bet, he thought, they're probably going to fuck you silly. I know I sure would.... Doc shook his head to clear this lecherous thought. After all, he was supposed to be a professional.

"Yes, Angeline, you look especially radiant today. Happy birthday! I love your dress." He smiled back at her infectious excitement. Then after a brief pause, "Oh yes, we were going to talk about Timmy, your younger brother, weren't we," he prompted.

As Angeline arranged her skirt around her, he noticed it was split alongside one thigh, almost -- but not quite -- to her waist. He longed to see more. What was she like underneath?

"Oh, right," she began, "about my first time with Timmy..."


A cloud passing over the full moon was the first warning of the storm. Soon there was a soft splat, and then another followed by a general patter of raindrops and the fresh smell of the earth, which accompanied it. Angeline lay tossing and turning in her bed wearing nothing but her panties in the hot, sticky darkness.

Suddenly there came a brilliant flash of light followed immediately by a the loudest clap of thunder she had ever heard. It shook the house and left the yellow-green smell of electricity in the air.

Timmy ran into her room terrified, crying, "Angeline! Angeline! I'm scared! Can I stay with you tonight?" He leaped onto the bed and hugged her. She felt him trembling.

She took him in her arms to comfort him. "There, there, Timmy, it scared me too, but its just ol' man thunder and lightning. Pretty soon it will pass and it will be a lot cooler." Soon he calmed down and she recognized the regular breathing of sleep just before she dozed off.

Angeline awoke just before dawn. She'd been having the most beautiful dream that she was running and romping with birds and small animals through a meadow of spring flowers. She felt full of life. Then as the dream faded, she became aware of a wonderful sensation as Timmy was kneading and suckling one of her nipples in his sleep. Although her breasts had only just begun to form, they felt full and throbbing. That sensation transferred in turn to that special spot between her legs. She suddenly realized that she needed fucking. Pushing Timmy gently away, she arose and crept down the hall to the bathroom to pee. On her way back she passed Timmy rubbing his eyes sleepily on the same errand of nature.

"Timmy, come back when you're done, I've something to show you." She whispered.

Timmy rejoined her in her bed. "Wha'zit you want to show me?" He asked, still groggy with sleep.

"Timmy, do you know the difference between boys and girls yet?" she began.

"No, not really," he responded, beginning to get interested. Lately he'd become curious as to why his older brothers were acting differently around Angeline.

"Okay, I'll show you. First you must take off your jammies," she said as she pushed her own panties down and off.

They sat naked on the bed. Angeline spread her legs and fingered her pussy. "See, where you have a penis, I have this -- called a vagina." She instructed him.

Timmy looked back and forth between his little "peepee" and her "'jina".

"Can I touch it, your 'jina?" he asked.

"Of course, sweetheart."

He began a tentative probing and stroking of her outer pussy lips, and then his curiosity led him to spread them to see inside. Two more smaller, pinker lips and a wormy looking thing with a tiny hole underneath. Angeline gasped and smiled as he poked a small finger into the hole. Then she moaned softly as his finger found the sensitive spot on the underside of her clitoris.

"Oh, yes, Timmy, rub right... there! Girls love that. Mind if I rub your peepee while you rub me -- so you can see what it feels like?" She began stroking his little nubbin and running a moistened finger around its pink head now poking out of its foreskin.

"Oh, Angeline, that feels good -- real good. Do it more."

Soon, as she stroked, he attained a full three-inch erection and she was about to explode with her own desire.

"See, now when its very stiff like that it's called a 'cock' and when my vagina is swollen open like this, it's called a 'pussy'. Now I want you to stick your cock in right here in this small hole in my pussy." She was frantic to be fucked, but didn't want to scare him soft again by being too abrupt.

She lay back with Timmy on her belly and guided him into her. "Yes, that's it. Doesn't it feel good? Now start pushing it in and out -- not all the way out."

Soon Timmy caught on and picked up a rhythm as Angeline began squirming and moaning. "See how nice that feels, Timmy? Its called 'fucking'. You're fucking me. We're fucking."

Timmy was breathing heavily as he tried his best to please her. "Angeline, something's happening! I think I'm about to 'splode!"

"Its okay, Timmy, let it happen," she reassured him, "just stay inside me when you do."

Then, at the age of seven, Timmy experienced his first climax inside of his nine-year-old sister -- not much, just clear pre-cum -- but it felt ever so good.

Timmy finally finished his last convulsive stroke and pulled slowly out of his sister, not wanting it to end. "Oh, Angeline. That was so wunnerful. I love fucking. Can we do it again?"

"Of course we can, sweetheart, again and again. Whenever you want to. That's what sisters are for."


Doc was almost crying at the love and sensitivity Angeline had shown towards her little brother. What a wonderful way to introduce him to sex -- no guilt, nothing dirty, just one of the simple pleasures of life. If only he had learned that way. If only everybody could learn that way. What a glorious place this earth would be.

"Angeline, that was the most beautiful thing I've ever heard. You go now and have a good birthday weekend. I love you," he said with a lump in his throat. He said it and he meant it. He definitely was in love with this beautiful, elfin creature.


Angeline showed up late Monday afternoon wearing a cheerleader outfit -- white blouse, blue sweater and short, pleated gold skirt, blond hair tied in twin ponytails with blue and gold ribbons -- the school colors.

Doc looked up in surprise as she quietly knocked and entered. "Angeline, I didn't know you were a cheer leader."

"Actually I'm only a junior high school apprentice cheer leader," she told him, "Its an idea of the high school athletic director to have some of us work out with the senior cheer leaders. But if I do well, maybe I'll get to be a real one next year in high school. I hope you don't mind me wearing this. I have to practice later this afternoon and won't have time to change."

"You look lovely, Angeline, I'm so glad to see you. How was your birthday weekend?"

Angeline sat in the chair across from him with her legs crossed at the ankles. Beneath her short skirt Doc could see between her thighs all the way up to the crotch of her blue panties. But this was all right because cheerleaders are supposed to show their little pantied butts -- one of the contradictions of society.

"It was wonderful, doctor. As I told you, Jack came home from the Marines and we had a double celebration. Our mother had a caterer bring my party cake and ice cream and balloons and party favors and, just... everything. She even was there herself when they all sang 'Happy Birthday' to me and watched me open presents, but then she had to hurry off to a PTA meeting. She's the president this year, you know."

"No, I didn't know that, but I remember you saying she was quite active socially." How ironic, he thought, her mother is head of the PTA and all the while her daughter is having sex with all her brothers. Now that's what I'd call brotherly love, he smiled to himself.

"So what happened next -- after your mother left?" He could guess, but needed to hear the details.

"Well, it went pretty much like I thought it would...," she began.


Jack was happy to be home at last. He'd traveled all day on a bus from San Diego. As he walked up the driveway, he heard someone -- probably Timmy -- shout, "Jack is here! He's here everybody!" Then they all burst out to greet him. James, Tommy and little Timmy gathered around him whacking him on the back and taking his bag -- even Harold had come up from the basement, blinking and smiling owlishly in the afternoon sunlight. And there she was! Angeline -- standing in the doorway in her white party dress looking like an angel. His cock jerked at the sight of her, the same thought had sustained him throughout the rigors of boot camp.

"Hi, sis." He hugged her and kissed the top of her head. What's this? She has some tits now -- great! "Hello, Mother," he greeted his mother, who was waiting for him almost regally in the living room.

"Hello, dear. We're so glad you're home," she said, accepting his hug with a tentative hug in return. She had never been sentimental.

After he had washed up, they all went into the dining room, which was decked out with balloons, confetti and bright streamers. Two strings of gilded letters hung at either end: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGELINE" and "WELCOME HOME JACK". A tray with several flavors of ice cream was in the middle of the table next to Angeline's cake with fifteen candles. They sang "Happy Birthday" to Angeline, who then blew out all the candles after which she sliced it and their mother served it as they helped themselves to the ice cream.

Angeline looked beautiful dressed in white gossamer, all scrubbed and smelling of lavender -- virginal. She had spent the morning in curlers so that her blond hair now hung in golden ringlets around her face. The air was charged with sexuality as they all watched her. "Wheewww," a low whistle escaped Jack's lips.

As they were finishing, their mother looked at her watch. "Oh, look at the time! I must be off to my PTA meeting. Some important issues tonight, and I must be there to make sure everything goes correctly," then added, "So glad you're back home, Jack. Come see me in the morning." Then she was off. As the sound of her car crunching the gravel driveway faded, they all turned their attention to the birthday girl.

Jack moved around and hugged her from behind fondling her new tits. He sang to her:

Happy birthday to you/ I missed you, its true. Now I'm gonna fuck you/ and you want it, too.

Angeline shrieked as she felt herself being pushed down over the table. "Jack! What are you doing?"

"Sorry, sis, I just can't wait any longer," he said throwing her skirt over head and pulling her lace-trimmed panties down below her knees.

Her bodice was pressing flat against the tabletop, her curls dipping into melted ice cream and cake icing. He wet his finger and began rubbing it in the crack of her pussy, which rapidly became quite wet. He noted with pleasure that his sister had matured a lot since he'd been away. Her ass now had the curves of a woman and her thighs had filled out nicely. Her pussy now had plump lips -- no longer those of a child.

The brothers heard the sound of a zipper and Jack's hard cock sprang forth. He didn't bother pulling off his trousers, but pressed into her waiting pussy with a sigh of contentment as Angeline yelped her displeasure.

"Jack, my dress, its ruined! I missed you too, but couldn't you have at least let me take it off?"

He fucked her frantically, driven by pent up lust. "Hush when you're getting fucked, woman! Fuck the dress, I'll buy you a new one."

Angeline began to giggle. As the others watched, a moan of pleasure escaped her lips. She was now enjoying it as much as he. "Oh my, Jack, it feels like you've grown at least another inch," she murmured.

Moments later Jack's face contorted and he groaned in ecstasy as his cum spurted out on her ass, oozing down along her pussy to drip from her Mound of Venus and mingle with melted ice cream.

Then all the brothers joined in, taking her into the living room, stripping off hers and their clothing and engaging in a good, old fashion gangbang, which went on for hours. They took her in every way they could. In the pussy, up the ass, double penetration. Even twelve-year-old Timmy got to fuck her up the butt -- his first time. Angeline had a glorious time. She would always remember her fifteenth birthday.


"So are you okay with that?" Doc asked, knowing from her glowing face and animated body language that his question was superfluous, but he had to ask. He was a professional, after all.

Nevertheless, Angeline could see from the way he took off his glasses to polish them, and the way he mopped his florid face, that he was agitated. Something was really bugging him. Then she saw the huge bulge in his trousers. He couldn't hide it, nor did he want to.

A slow smile of comprehension came over her face. "Hey, Doc, I see. You'd like to fuck me too, wouldn't you?" He noted that it was the first time she had used his nickname.

"Angeline, I truly would love to fuck you -- more than anything in the world at this moment. But... I know that you only do it with your brothers... and I'm so much older."

"No problem. I feel like you're family too now. I'm going to make you an honorary older brother." She arose and came over to him. "I'd like to show you something new that Jack showed me after he got home. Would that be okay?" She asked as she knelt in front of him looking upward in askance.

"Y-yeah, sure", he stuttered. Professionalism be damned, he wasn't going to pass up the chance to screw this nubile young child. Angeline pulled his zipper down releasing Doc's stiff cock. Her eyes opened wide in approval as she stared at it, then looked up at his face.

"Oh, Doc, you have a nice cock. Its a lot bigger around than my other brothers'."

She kissed his cock head, and then gave it a tentative lick with the pink tip of her tongue. "Mm, good." She opened her mouth and took him inside.

Doc's eyes closed and he sighed, his head lolling back. My God, that feels good, he thought. His wife had never sucked his cock. She thought it was dirty and perverted.

She moved her mouth back and forth over the shaft using her tongue like she had done it all her life. Her lips went all the way down to the base, and then she sucked her cheeks in, slowly pulling back, milking it. Doc was in heaven. But he knew that he had to stop her before he came, since he wasn't sure he had enough to come more than once.

"Angeline. That's enough. I don't want it to end too soon. I want to... need to fuck you. I've thought about nothing else for a week."

She pulled back and smiled up at him. "Okay, where do you want me?"

"First, I have something to show you," he panted, "Sit on the edge of my desk."

"Something new? Goody! Show me," she said, excitedly.

Doc reached under her skirt and grasping the elastic waistband, slowly peeled her blue panties down and off over her tennies. Her pussy was exquisite, soft full lips surmounted by a light haze of golden hairs. He pressed his nose into the fragrant scent of lavender and young girl. He had nearly forgotten the last time he'd licked a pussy, but it came back in a rush of pleasure.

An involuntary shiver passed through her as she felt his breath stir her pubic hair and tickle her pussy lips causing them to begin spreading of their own accord.

"Oh, Doc, yes. Lick it. Lick my pussy," she whispered overcome by lust.

He could feel her milky thighs begin to tremble as he swilled in her slick, pink flesh. Soon her juices flowed freely, mixing with his saliva as she threw her head back keening in a silent scream of ecstasy. He continued on gorging himself, expertly sucking on her clit, flicking below it with his tongue, poking it stiffly into her vagina and rimming the tiny pucker of her anus.

"Angeline, I really want to fuck you now. Would that be okay?"

"Yes! Yes! Fuck me, fuck meee! I thought you'd never ask!"

As he arose from his knees, Angeline pushed him over backwards onto his leather couch and straddled him as she pulled her cheerleader sweater off over her head. Smiling down at him like her angel namesake, he felt her wet pussy lips slip around the head of his cock and grip it like a velvet vice as she slowly lowered herself down along the fleshy shaft until their bodies touched. Sighing gratefully, she began a slow undulation, which ground her pubis against his while stirring her wet cunt with his stiff cock.

Doc groaned. "Oh my God, child, where on earth did you learn that?" He was entranced by the sight of her half-grown breasts and the potential of unbounded youth.

Very soon he realized that he couldn't take much more without spending himself inside her warm, silky tunnel. He desperately wanted to prolong this experience -- forever if possible. "Ohhh, Unngh, Angeline, you must let me up before... before...."

She got off of him immediately only to reverse her position and slowly sink down on him once again. He tried to take his mind off her, but seriously doubted that he could last much longer.

I may not as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was! The old doggerel passed through his thoughts. He pulled her backwards over his belly smelling the sweetness of her hair and fondling the stiff nubbins of her young breasts. Now he could slowly fuck her at his own pace. Heaven, he thought, but how long can I last?

She reluctantly stood, removing her skirt and allowed him to guide her into position for rear entry. She watched between her thighs as he slid into her, and then threw her head back. "Oh, yeah, fuck me like the bitch I am. Pull my hair and fuck me hard!"

Doc grabbed her twin pony tails and rammed into her as hard as he could, hearing her gasp as he nearly bottomed out. Jesus, that's deep, he thought.

"Oh, Doctor, Doc..., I'm going to come. Oh my God!" Doc felt the walls of her vagina cramp down hard on his cock as she strained in the throws of orgasm, flooding them both with her juices. Amazingly he had outlasted her.

Now he had her lay on his leather couch with her legs spread. She smiled sweetly up at him as he once more inserted his throbbing member into her waiting pussy. "Do me good, Big Brother, make me come again."

This time he did not hold back. He fucked her furiously, driving her to a long, rolling climax. "Oh, yes, yes! Don't stop! Don't ever stop!" she moaned, suppressing a scream of ecstasy.

Groaning mightily, Doc came into the height of her orgasm, pumping and pumping until his balls ached, completely emptied of their pent up load.

For a few long moments he lay panting on top of her, completely spent. Then she rolled out from under, her body aglow from activity. "Doctor, I really must go now. I'm already late for practice. Coach will probably chew me out, but it was really worth it. You're good... really good." She ducked into his bathroom to freshen up and get dressed.

"See ya, Big Brother," she called to him as she picked up her pompoms and dashed to the office door.

With her hand on his doorknob he called to her. "Angeline, may I see you... fuck you again?" he asked forlornly, afraid of what her answer might be.

She shook her ponytails and wiggled her pleated butt at him provocatively. "Of course you may, Silly Doctor. Just send for me anytime you want me. After all, that's what sisters are for!"

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