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The twins Amy and Beth

The twins Amy and Beth are 18. I am 20 and my stay at home mom is 40. Dad is 45 and a psychiatrist.

We all live at home. The twins are starting college and I am in my third year at NYU studying to be just like dad. One strict rule we all have to be home for supper every evening unless we have a very good excuse to not be there.

One night I was coming home late and supper had already started. The twins were arguing with dad about getting their own cars. Mom was chiming in and arguing for the twins to get it. Dad was getting exasperated and really getting hot under the collar as I walked into the front door. I closed it quietly as I heard him yell to all of them CIDER APPLE! All of a sudden it was quiet and when I peeked in, they all seemed to be in a trance. Dad said to them to relax, take a deep breath and forget the talk about a new car. He then said APPLE CIDER! They all woke up and chatted among themselves. I reopened and slammed the door and walked into the dining room.

Dad said "what's your excuse for coming home late". I said "the trains were very slow tonight and I couldn't get home any sooner". He said OK and I joined them for dinner.

I wanted to ask him about Cider Apple but thought better of it. The next morning, while mom was making breakfast, I came into the kitchen. We were alone. She was pouring juice into all the glasses when I said CIDER APPLE. She dropped the container on the floor and just stood there. I walked over to her and pinched her. Nothing!!! Dad had hypnotized mom and Amy and Beth. I woke her up by saying APPLE CIDER. She looked down and saw the juice bottle on the floor. She looked up at me and said "how clumsy of me". I said "Mom, it happens to all of us. Don’t worry about it".

Now I never thought of incest with the twins or my mom but seeing this reaction, it stirred my loins. My sisters and I are and have been very close. When we see each other we give each other kisses and that's it. When we were younger we used to wrestle until we developed and then dad put a stop to it and explained the birds and bees to all of us.

But it was fun while it lasted.

I saw Amy one afternoon and we were alone. I said Cider Apple. And instantly she had this dazed look about her. I told her that whenever I asked her a question she must tell the truth.

I asked her if she ever thought of me in a sexual way. She blurted out "Beth and I often fantasize about you. its how we go to sleep sometimes."
I instantly had a boner. I told her to act on her feelings any time she felt like it and not to think about the fact that I was her brother. I told her she would feel wonderful and refreshed when she woke up. I then said "Apple cider".

She acted on her feelings toward me and gave me the greatest BJ I ever had.

I was still paralyzed in my bed trying to recover from Amy when in Beth comes into my room. Beyond pissed. "How could you", she screams at me and then starts beating me with her fists. My mind is trying to wake up and stop this pummeling at the same time. "What are you talking about" I yell. "You had sex with Amy" she says. I look up beginning to feel black and blue and I say "Beth?". "Yes" she says and doesn't stop hitting me. "Cider Apple" I say and instantly she stops hitting me. "Beth why are you hitting me, why are you so mad at me".

"Amy told me she gave you a BJ. That's incest. It's wrong. And I wanted to be first!. Amy and I always talked about this. And she goes ahead and does it to you without me. That pisses me off. You should have stopped her". I was laughing to myself. What did I get myself into. A dream come true. If dad knew, he would cut off my balls and then throw me out of the house.

Beth was still standing there. "Beth, lie down on my bed and take off your clothes. I will take care of everything and you won't be envious of Amy after tonight." I want you to remember everything that has happened and that you will love every minute of it. Apple cider."
Beth looked at herself and saw me standing there naked. "come here and do me." she said.

I put on my bathrobe.

I bent down over her and started playing with her tits and then moving down her chest. she started to quiver as I got closer to her thin patch. I start stroking her thighs and moved up. I smell her scent as I put one finger into her and then another. She starts to move up and down and within a minute she cums.
"Oh that was good," she sighs after she had cum, "now come here brother, please touch me again"

Oh my god, Beth was begging me to touch her again.

Her tits are beautiful, firm and feels like silk. My hand travels over her body at will. One hand moves between her legs, a moan escapes from her lips.
"Oh yes please make me cum again, please! Oh yes please don't stop, please I'll do anything for you, please"

That's what I like to hear she'll do anything I want, a dream come true.

I push two fingers into her sloppy wet cunt and finger fuck her.

"Oh yes, yes, oh please, harder! Oh, oh."

She stiffens and cums hard all over my hand.

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