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"Pia darling, would you go upstairs and wake your father? Lunch is almost ready and I don't want the food to get cold," Samantha told her daughter as she bustled around the kitchen.

"Sure thing, Mom. Just let me finish putting the silverware on the table."

"Hurry, Pia. You know as well as I do how long it takes your father get himself out of his dream state and back into the world of reality."

"Oh, Mom you exaggerate. Dad is not all that bad," Pia said as she flipped her red hair out of her eyes. "Besides, he's been putting in all those long hours at the office. He deserves to catch up on his sleep."

"Your father owns the company, honey. He has people who he can delegate responsibility to. Maybe I'm being a bit selfish when I say this, but when he is home, I want him to spend all his waking moments with us. We rarely see him as it is and I just miss his company."

"Mom, you don't need to explain anything to me. I miss him too. Anyway, table's all set. Should I go get Pete and Aaron out of the pool now?"

Samantha peered out of kitchen window to check on her two boys. Pete, her 19 year-old was floating on his back in the pool while his girlfriend, Sara was lounging on the chair reading a book. Aaron, Samantha's 14 year old, was sitting at the edge of the pool with his legs dangling in the water playing with his hand held computer game. He was so engrossed in the game that he did not even look up and yell at Pete when Pete reached out and flicked water in his direction.

Samantha was proud of her three children. They all hung out with the right people; they never smoked or did drugs. She felt blessed that her kids were getting off to the right start in life. Pete had long ago expressed an interest in being a doctor, while Aaron was fascinated with the idea of becoming an astronaut and hopefully being one of the first astronauts to land on Mars one day.

Pia, Samantha's middle child, at 17 seemed to be the only one of her children interested in being a part of her father's business. For the past year, Pia had been spending much of her time after school and sometimes on weekends at Tri-Tech, her father's aluminum siding business.

Even though Pia was delighted and enthusiastic to learn as much as she could about her father's company, Samantha was pretty sure that Bill would have liked it even more if one of the boys had expressed an interest as well.

"Mom? Should I or should I not get the guys to come in?"

Pia's voice brought Samantha back to earth. "Oh no dear, let them stay a little while yet. Besides you have to wake your father and that's going to take at least fifteen to twenty minutes. I would do it myself, but I need to get everything ready and on the table soon. Now you go and wake your father."

As Samantha watched her daughter leave the kitchen, she couldn't help but feel proud of her 17 year-old. Pia brought home straight A's and she was quad leader of her cheerleading team. She was also one of the most popular girls in school and was voted most likely to succeed. Samantha couldn't be certain, but she was pretty sure that Pia was still a virgin. Samantha hadn't heard Pia mention any boy's name with any seriousness and when she dated, it was sporadically, never anyone and a consistent basis. For a while Samantha started to worry about Pia. She spent so much time at Bill's company that she did not allow herself time for a social life.

'I must remember to speak to Bill about allowing Pia more time off from the company' Samantha mentally stated. She sighed heavily and turned back to the stove to stir the sauce.


Pia's pussy was on fire. Her heart was racing faster than a speeding train. This was an exciting time for her. As she climb the stairs leading to the second level where her parent's bedroom was, Pia couldn't help but reach down between her legs and rub her panty crotch. It was soaking wet and the scent was overpowering. She felt the heavy throbbing in her cunt and she stopped on the second floor landing and squeeze her legs tight to alleviate some of the pressure. The throbbing had made it difficult for her to walk and her pussy juice had started to trickle down her legs.

Once she got her composure back, she hurried down the long hallway that led to her parent's bedroom. Pia saw that the door was wide open and decided to leave it open just in case her mother should decide to come upstairs to see what was taking so long. Pia wanted to be sure to hear when the stairs creaked, alerting her and father that someone was coming upstairs.

Silently Pia approached the bed. Her father, Bill was on his back snoring away. She stood and watched him for a few seconds, admiring his lean muscled physique. She watched the rise and fall of his chest as he breathes and admired the sprinkle of hairs across his chest. Her pussy tingled as she recalled a moment when her father's chest was smashed provocatively against her soft breasts as he fucked the shit out of her.

Pia reached down between her legs again and massaged her swollen clit through her panties. With her other free hand she withdrew the thin sheet that covered the lower part of her father's body. She was still in awe of her father's magnificent body and was wholly impressed by the bulge between his legs. She knew she had to hurry because her mother expected them downstairs for lunch in about fifteen minutes.

Walking to the foot of the bed, Pia climbed on top and leaned forward so that her mouth was in direct contact with her father's cock. She quickly glanced to the open door; her heart beating uncontrollably in her chest at the thought of her mother catching them. She smiled slightly as she thought of her mother and wondered what Samantha would think if she could see them now. Pia knew that her mother thought her to be innocent. Her mother was always urging Pia to date and to hang out with her friends.

Ever since discovering the joy of having sex with her father, Pia was not interested in other activities. Pia knew that she and her father had to be careful about their incestuous relationship. She often wondered what would happen if her mother and her brothers found out. It wasn't a thought that Pia dwelled on often but it was always there in the back of her mind. She knew that her father and she had been careful and as longs as they continued to be careful the risked of their liaison would not be found out.

She glanced back at her father's cock and bent forward putting the flaccid organ into her mouth. Right away she felt a reaction. She wrapped her mouth around her father's cock softly sucking the limp member into an erection. Pia always loved sucking her father off especially from a limp state to erection. Gradually Pia's rhythm increased and her head bobbed up and down on her father's stiffening rod.

Taking the tip of his cock in her mouth, Pia pushed her tongue into her father's urethra. Suddenly she felt her father's strong hands gripping her hair tightly, pushing her further down onto his cock.

"Oh yes, baby. That's it," Bill said to his daughter as he wiggled his lower body in rhythm to Pia's working mouth.

Pia released her father's cock once she realized that he was awake. She crawled up to him, laying the length of her body over him. His eyes were still closed but she knew that he was fully awake. Leaning forward Pia pushed her tongue through her father's closed lips to give him a deep kiss.

Bill opened his mouth instantly to receive his daughter's tongue. They kissed for a full two minutes, breathing harder and harder with each twisting and sucking of tongue and lips.

Finally they withdrew from each other but only enough for Bill to work his hands under Pia's blouse to cup her aching breasts. His fingers covered her nipples and as he looked deeply into his daughter's eyes, Bill tugged and squeezed and the pointed erected peaks.

"Mom sent me upstairs to wake you. It's time for lunch and we don't have any time for this," Pia said closing her eyes and enjoying the feel of her father's hands.

"Come now, Pia, you know how much I enjoy fucking you while your mother and brothers are in the house. Do you honestly think I am going to let a little thing like time interfere with my enjoyment of my own daughter? Look at me."

Pia opened her eyes and looked directly into Bill's eyes.

"You want me to fuck you don't you, Pia?"

"Yes, Daddy," she moaned softly.

"You want to feel my hard cock working in and out of your tight pussy, don't you?"

"Yes, Daddy."

"You want to..." Bill glanced over at the open door. "Why is the door open, Pia? Are you crazy?"

"I thought it best to leave it open, Daddy. That way we could hear Mom if she's coming up the stairs and Pete and Aaron are outside by the pool. Besides, I think this adds to the excitement of getting caught, don't you?"

Bill knew that he couldn't argue with what his daughter said. He liked the idea of being in the position where they could be caught. He leaned forward and gave his daughter a hard kiss on the mouth.

They pulled away abruptly when they heard Samantha's booming voice from the foot of the stairs.

"Pia, is your father awake yet?" Samantha shouted up.

"Yes, Mom," Pia replied as her father buried his head under her blouse to take an aching nipple in his mouth. "He's in the bathroom freshening up. We'll be down shortly."

"Lunch will be on the table ten minutes. Tell your father to hurry it up."

"I will, Mom," Pia said as her father pushed aside her soaking panty and buried two fingers into her dripping cunt.

Satisfied that her mother had returned to the kitchen, Pia and her father French-kissed deeply as she spread her legs wider to accommodate his stroking fingers.

"Pia, honey. While you're waiting for your father could you stick your head out the window and tell your brothers and Sara that lunch is almost ready?"

Pia pulled her lips away from her father's greedy lips and answered her mother. "Sure, Mom. I'll do it right now."

"Fuck," Bill said in a frustrated voice.

"Sorry, Daddy," Pia said as she pulled away from him and got up off the bed.

She walked over to the window, opened it slightly and yelled down to her brothers that lunch is ready. As she turned away from the window, Pia began to readjust her clothes. Her father was standing in the middle of the room looking at her with sex starved eyes.

"I have to fuck you, Pia," he stated bluntly. "There is no way I am going to get this," he said pointing to his engorged cock, "Into a pair of pants."

"But Daddy, you heard what Mom said. Lunch is ready and Pete and Aaron will be inside and up here any minute."

"Come lean over here on the bed. Yeah, that's it. Now spread your legs as wide as you can, but be sure that you are comfortable with the width. I don't want you falling forward or cramping up on me. God your pussy smells wonderful."

Bill moved forward to Pia's glistening cunt and pushed aside her panty to sink his tongue deep into her pussy. He wiggled his tongue back and forth, sucking at her clit until he felt her body shudder with joy.

"Oh, Daddy that feels so good but what if someone catches us?"

"Don't worry," Bill said in a husky voice as he straightened back up and positioned his cock to her pussy. I have my eyes on the door and besides, like you said earlier, just the thrill of knowing we could get caught makes it more exciting."

"I don't want to get caught, Daddy."

"We won't. Don't worry. Daddy will take care of his little girl."

With that, Bill pulled Pia's panty crotch to one side and slammed hard into her quivering cunt. He closed his eyes briefly to savor the tight warm softness of her hole. Slowly he began to work his cock in and out, in and out. With each withdrawal he noticed the white creamy wetness from her pussy coating his cock. He pounded feverishly into Pia's body, feeling her walls tighten around his cock with each stroke. As he plowed his daughter's pussy, Bill couldn't help be realize how lucky he was. He kept his eyes on the open door as he gripped is daughter's hips while maintaining his hold on her panty crotch and pushed himself deeper and deeper into her.

Pia was in heaven. She wished now that she had thought to put something in her mouth to stifle her moans because the bed did not provide her with enough support to mask her moans. Her father was fucking her uncontrollably and she loved it. His thighs were smacking noisly against her ass and she knew he was about to cum. Pia knew that she was small and tight but that did not prevent her father's eight and a half-inch fat rounded cock from slamming into her unmercifully.

She remembered one time how badly her father had ravaged cunt that she could not have sex with him for three weeks. Pia remembered the night as though it was yesterday...

Josh was one of the nicest boys in her high school. When he had invited her out on a date she was thrilled to go with him. She knew that he would not try anything 'funny' with her because he was always the perfect gentleman when she was around.

Pia remembered trying to reassure her father of this fact while she was working at his office that Saturday morning.

"Dad, you don't have to worry about me or Josh. I am not going to let him touch me or get close enough to try anything funny. I promise."

"I do worry about you, Pia. You are my own special angel and I don't want anyone to ever come between us," Bill had said with a worried look on his face.

Pia had walked over to her father and gave him a big hug. "I love you Daddy, you and no one else."

"I know you do Pia. It's just that I could not bear it if someone else was enjoying your pussy. My pussy. I love fucking you, honey. That's why I insist on you coming here every day after school so that we could fuck for hours. I never know if I would ever get the chance to do it at home and I wanted to make sure to get my fill of you here at the office."

Pia did her best to reassure her father that she had no intentions of doing anything that would cause him to be upset with her. When Josh brought her home from their date that Saturday night, Pia had no idea that her father was looking through the window when they pulled up in front of the house.

Josh had reached over and gave Pia a gentle kiss on her lips before escorting her to the front door. After a quick goodnight, Pia had picked her way through the darken hallways to her room and made herself ready for bed.

As she settled into the warm cocoon of her blanket, her door had opened and her father walked in shutting the door behind him. He had walked over to the bed and had stood looking down at her. Pia had noticed that he had not been wearing any clothes and he must have hurried down the hallway to her room in haste.

"I saw you kiss that boy tonight, Pia," his voice had croaked.

"It's not what you think, Daddy. It was just an innocent kiss."

"And next you are going to tell me once he gets into your pants that was an innocent fuck."

"Daddy, please. I don't like seeing you like this. There is no reason to feel..."

Bill had then pulled back the blanket, lifted Pia's nightgown and pulled her panties off. He viciously shoved one finger up her for a brief moment then pulling it out, sniffing it to see if there had been any evidence of cum. Pia had cried out at the unexpected violation but said nothing and watched as her father sniffed his finger. Not satisfied, Bill climb into his daughter's bed and dove between her legs. He licked at her cunt for any sign of foreign juices and once he had been satisfied that none was to be found he covered her body with his and gave her a deep throbbing kiss.

Pia had lain perfectly still as her father attacked her body. He rammed his cock into her cunt without giving her time to lubricate. He had held both her legs high in the air spreading them as far as they could go as he moved in and out of her body.

Her cunt had been on fire and there had been nothing she could do to stop her father from his fast furious fucking movements.

"This is my pussy. Your body belongs to me. No one, I repeat Pia, no one will ever fuck this cunt but me. Is that clear?" He had asked his cock had become a batting ram against her aching cunt.

"I understand."

With that, Pia had felt her father's release more powerful than she had ever felt. When he had pulled himself out of her body, her pussy had felt as though someone had taken a stick and fucked her with it.

After that incredibly painful fuck her father gave her that night, Pia was careful not to let any of her dates kiss her in front of the house again.

Now as her father banged her into the bed they both heard a noise on the stairs and they stopped their fucking to listen more closely. Another creak on the stairs occurred and they both knew that who ever it was would be upon them in a moment.

Bill resumed fucking his daughter with more energy than before. He ravaged her pussy, slamming into her harder and harder with each thrust until he finally reached his climax. His whole body tensed as he emptied his sac into Pia's pussy.

As they both heard the person walking down the hallway towards the bedroom, they pulled apart quickly. Bill made a beeline for the bathroom and Pia quickly re-arranged her clothes, looking around briefly to make sure that everything was in order. She looked around for somewhere to sit but thought better of it since she could feel her father's cum seeping out of her pussy and soaking her panties. Instead, she quickly walked over to the window and was looking out when her mother walked into the room.

"What's keeping your father, Pia? I called out to both of you over ten minutes ago."

"I don't know, Mom. I told him to hurry up 'lse the food would get cold."

Samantha walked over to the bathroom and talked to her husband through the door. "Bill, honey. Lunch is on the table and we are all waiting for you. Are you coming out soon?"

"I'll be right down. You, Pia and the boys go ahead and start without me."

"Okay, sweetheart. But don't be too long, okay?"

"I'll be there as soon as I can. And, Samantha?"


"I love you, sweetheart."

Samantha blushed slightly and glanced over at Pia before she answered. "I love you too, Bill. Come on Pia, let's go eat lunch."


Pia maneuvered her way on the dining room chair so that she was not sitting on her skirt. Her panties were soaking wet and she thank God that the cloth chairs were covered in plastic. The scent coming from her newly fucked pussy was overpowering and she was glad that no one at the table was sitting next to her.

Max, the family dog trotted into the dining room when he saw Bill stroll in.

"Hello everyone," Bill said as he sat down.

"Hello, Mr. Logan," Sara returned.

"Hi, Dad."

"Hey, Dad."

"I hope everyone is hungry," Samantha said.

"Everything looks good, Mrs. Logan."

"Thank you, Sara. I love experimenting with recipes and cooking for my family."

Everyone dug in and started eating. Bowls of this and bowls that were passed around the table until everyone's plate were full. It pleased Samantha greatly having the entire family at the dinner table. This she knew was only achieved on Sundays and she tried to make the best of it by gathering everyone around for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

"Pia, why are you sitting so far away from everyone else. Come, honey. Come over here and sit next to your father."

"It's okay, Mom. I'm fine."

"Nonsense, sweetheart. Move closer."

Pia did not want to draw attention to herself so instead of arguing with her mother, Pia took the seat on her father's left. As she arranged herself once again a whiff of her fuck session with her father permeated the air directly around her. Her father glanced sharply at her and she could read the question in his eyes. He wanted to know why she didn't clean herself up before coming down to eat. She knew she couldn't respond and turned her eyes away from him.

Suddenly she felt his hand between her legs, pushing the thin fabric of her panties aside Bill dug his fingers inside her saturated cunt. Pia kept her eyes focused on her plate afraid that if she looked up her mother and brothers would be staring at her. She spread her legs apart to accommodate her father's hand. As her father plowed at her pussy with his fingers, he was questioning Pete and Aaron about their plans for later.

Pia had accepted the fact a long time ago that she was not ever going to have a normal social life. She knew that her pussy belonged to her father and that he could and would fuck her anytime he felt like it. He dug into her pussy mindlessly now as he had often done in the past and she would spread her legs accordingly to accommodate him.

When he finally pulled his fingers out of her cunt, Pia watched as he raised them to his lips and licked them clean. Her mother was talking aimlessly about something and never noticed Bill's actions.

Even though the homemade pizza her mother made masked the smell of Pia's overheated oversexed cunt, the smell did not escape her father and it did not escape Max. Pia knew better than anyone did how possessive her father was about her. The only other male that had access to her cunt was Max.

It took Bill several weeks to train Max on what to do when it came to his daughter's cunt. He did not want anyone else to ever have access to his daughter's body without his permission. Pia's pussy scent was driving him crazy. He felt his cock stiffened as he recalled their fuck session less than a half an hour ago. He reached down and urged Max under the linen covered table. He saw Pia's eyes widen as she realized what he as about to order Max to do. A slight grin appeared around Bills lips as he enjoyed the power that he had over his daughter. He reached down under the table once again to remove her panties. Pia raised her ass off the seat of the chair to allow her father to ease her panties down and off her body. He did all this without alerting or drawing attention to himself by his wife and sons.

After stuffing Pia's panties into the pocket of his pants, Bill once again found his fingers once again probing her tight meaty cunt. He looped one of Pia's legs over his to make sure that her legs were spread wide.

Grabbing Max by his collar Bill maneuvered the dog to Pia's sopping wet cunt. The dog sniffed Pia's pussy for several seconds with his wet cold nose before driving his tongue deep into the aromatic salty treat. Bill watched his daughter's face as Max licked out her steaming twat. A moan escaped her lips and she quickly covered by downing some of her cola.

While Max was making sloppy noises with his tongue as he lapped up Pia's juicy pussy, Bill was caressing her leg lovingly. The dog ate away at her cunt until lunch was over. It was hard for Pia to carry a conversation with her brothers and mother, as the sensation in her lower body was becoming too much to bear. When she thought she could not take anymore, lunch was over and her father withdrew Max from her inflamed cunt.

Pia found that as she rose to help her mother clear away the dishes her knees couldn't hold her up. Her pussy was on fire. Max licked her cunt for a good half-hour and he left it dry and aching. As she walked back and forth from the dining room table to the kitchen sink she winced slightly. Her pussy lips felt like to pieces of sandpaper rubbing together. It was raw and aching.

Samantha announced that she was going to join the boys by the pool and told Pia to come out once the dishwasher was loaded and in wash mode.

"Where's Dad?" Pia asked.

"He is in the den. Said he is going to watch the soccer game for a while and then come out to join us."

"Okay, Mom, I'll be out in a second."

Once the dishwasher was loaded and set, Pia went in search of her father. She found him sitting in his favorite chair.

"Dad?" she started.

"Yes, Pia," Bill said glancing briefly at her and then back to the game again.

"It's okay. I'll talk to you later," Pia said and turned to leave the room.

"No wait, Pia. What's on your mind, honey?"

"I just wanted to say that I enjoyed what you made Max do at the dining room table just now but my pussy is very sore from the rough licking."

Bill's eyes darkened with desire.

"Where is your mother?"

"She out at the pool with Pete and Aaron."

Bill leaned over and flicked the TV off and stood up. He took hold of his daughter's hand and led her back to the kitchen and over to the sink overlooking the pool. Pia saw that her mother was in the pool with Pete, Aaron and Sara.

"Sweetheart, I want you to lift your skirt up to your waist. Don't worry, we can see out but they can't see in," Bill assured his daughter.

Pia did what her father asked making sure to keep her eyes focused in the backyard.

"Put one of your legs on top the counter," her father instructed. "And lean forward a bit."

"Daddy, what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to fuck you again, Pia. My cock is rock hard."

"Daddy, I don't think I can. I am very sore."

"Do you love me, Pia?"

"You know I do, Daddy."

"Then trust me, okay. It will burn for a few minutes but after I get a rhythm going, you'll be fine. You trust me don't you?"

"Yes, Daddy and I belong to you body and soul."

Bill unzipped his pants and pulled out his enlarged cock. He went up behind Pia and rubbed is cock up and down her pussy lips. He felt Pia inhale sharply and told her to relax. Bill worked one of his hands under Pia's blouse and began tugging at her nipple. Bill poked her cunt with his cock until he felt her juices coat him. He ease slowly in to her all the while keeping his eyes focused on Samantha and the boys.

Once he was buried in his daughter's cunt, he stood there insider her for several seconds without moving. His other hand worked its way under Pia's blouse, attacking the second breast. A moan escaped Pia's mouth as he played with her tips. With one of her legs on the kitchen counter it had been easy for her him to steer his cock into her well-used cunt.

Bill marveled at the beautiful woman that he called his daughter. At forty-two, Bill knew that he had many, many years ahead to enjoy his daughter's seventeen year old body. As he stood at the kitchen window watching his wife and sons outside in the pool, he couldn't help but feel blessed at the wonderful family he had.

A year ago when he and Pia started their incestuous relationship he knew back then that he could never or would he ever allow any other man's cock to dip into his daughter's precious hole. He hated when she went out on dates with any boys. He knew it was necessary for Pia to date, least casting any suspicion from Samantha. On those occasions when Pia dated, Bill was always sure to make sure that she understood whom her pussy belonged to.

Sometimes he would corner her in the bathroom when Samantha was otherwise occupied in another part of the house and bend her over the bathroom sink and fuck her pussy. With each stroke he would whisper in her ear that she belonged to him and after he came, he'd make sure that she wore his cum in her panties.

On other occasions while Samantha was downstairs on the phone he would sneak into Pia's room as she was getting ready for a date and drag her into the closet and fuck her on the closet floor. One time he recalled almost getting caught by Samantha.

Bill and Pia were French-kissing deeply in the closet as he rammed his cock deep into her cunt. Pia's legs were stretched wide over Bill's shoulders and he penetrated her with his pole. They were so engrossed in what they were doing that they did not hear when Samantha came into the room.

"Pia, where are you. I hear you moaning. Are you sick honey?"

Bill and Pia quieted their thrashing about.

"No, Mom. I'm fine," Pia responded in a breathless voice.

"What are you doing in the closet, honey? Shouldn't you be hurrying? Your date will be here soon."

Samantha was about to open the closet door when Aaron's panicked filled voice filled the room.

"Mom, where's Dad. Pete's on the phone and it sounds serious."

"Oh dear. I'll take the call; you go and find your father. I know he is somewhere in this house," she said as Bill heard her heading out the door and shutting it behind her.

Pia turned to her father, hoping that he would get up and see what the emergency with Pete was.

"Dad, you have to go see what's going on."

"In a minute, Angel. You have to first understand that your pussy belongs to me and no other cock is ever going to take possession of what is mine."

"Dad, we go through this every time I go out on a date. I know that I belong to you and I have no intentions of ever letting anyone touch me but you. Now please go see what's going on with Pete."

"After I am done fucking you," he said with determination. And with that he rammed his cock deep into Pia's cunt and fucked her good.

Now standing at the kitchen window with his cock buried deep in her hole, Bill could not help but feel lucky and blessed. Working his cock in and out of Pia's well-used cunt was a pleasurable task. He heard her moan softly.

"Baby, you can scream if you want, you know they will not be able to hear you. God you feel so fucking good, Pia. I sometimes have to pinch myself because I cannot believe you are my daughter and I am fucking you. Who do you belong to?"

"You, Daddy. I belong to you."

Bill increased the tempo of his movement. He fucked Pia harder. He knew her pussy was sore. He could feel how swollen her pussy lips were, but he could not get enough of his daughter.

"Have you ever let another boy fuck you?"

"No, Daddy."

"Do you accept me as your only lover?" He asked as he slammed his cock harder into his daughter's inflamed cunt.

"Yes, Daddy. I don't want anyone else but you."

"I love to fuck you, Pia. I will never get tired of you. I love your mother very much, but I think if I ever had to choose between the both of you, well...I don't think I would be able to survive without you."

Bill buried his lips in the back of Pia's neck as he continued to pound away at her aching cunt. He watched as his wife came out of the pool and walked towards the kitchen window. Bill continued to ravage his daughter's pussy and his pace increased more as Samantha moved closer to the window. He knew that his wife could not see what was going on inside and as he watched her pick up a towel to wrap around her waist, he exploded in Pia's body. Everything he had in him spilled into his daughter's eager cunt. Satisfied that he was completely drained, Bill pulled out of his daughter's well-fucked pussy and whistled for Max who came running at his master's call.

"Daddy, I don't think I can take it if you let Max lick me out again. His tongue is so rough."

"Let him do it for just a minute, sweetheart. You know I like to watch Max eat your cunt. He is such a good dog and he deserves a treat once in a while. After all we have to join your mother and brothers out by the pool and we can't have you dripping with my cum all over the place."

"I'll jump in the pool right away. Please, Daddy. Don't let Max lick me out."

"Come, Pia. I need to see Max lick your pussy clean. Now be a good little girl and kneel down on all fours. I promise I will only let him lick you for a few minutes. Okay? There you go. Max...Lick, boy."

Bill stood back and watched as Max tongue fucked his daughter's cunt. He heard Pia whimpering softly but still he continued to let Max lap hungrily at her raw sensitive pussy.

"Lift one leg high in the air, baby. Oh yes, just like that, Pia. Max needs to get all the cum out of your pussy. I wish you could see how beautiful you look, Pia with Max's nose buried deep in your ass as he licks you clean of my cum."

"Daddy, please. It's really painful now. Every time Max sticks his tongue inside my pussy it feels like he is shooting fire into my body."

"Okay, that's enough Max," Bill said to the dog, but Max did not hear him. The dog's tongue was greedily buried deep into Pia's cunt. Bill had to grab him by the collar to pull him away from Pia's steaming love pot.

Bill stooped down and inspected his daughter's pussy. It was red and inflamed. Pia's pussy lips were twice the normal size. Bill reached out and stroked one of the lips and Pia recoiled in pain.

"I'm sorry if I hurt you baby. Come on, let me help you up."

Pia got up but not without some difficulty.

"Dad, I don't think, I'll be able to go out to the pool. I'm gonna go up to my room and lay down."

"Okay, baby. I'll make some excuses."

As Bill watched his daughter walked open legs upstairs his cock began to twitch again in his pants. He knew that he would not be able to touch her for a few days and waiting for her to heal would be sheer torture for him. Bill ran his hand through is thick red hair and sighed heavily. In a few days he would be in his daughter's pussy again. He made a mental note to take her to the doctor to refill her birth control pills.

Upstairs in her room, Pia lay down on her bed and thought about the events of the last several hours. She could hear the laughter and shouts from the pool below and she wished that she could join the fun below. She thought about her father and what a wonderful lover he was. She knew that her father loved her and she looked forward to her pussy healing soon so that they could continue with their sexual adventures.

First Time With Daddy
Want to find out what hides behind closed doors?
Forbidden love acts between men and their daughters!

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