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Acceptance #2 (the beginning)

Written on August 14, 1999 "Bill, please stop that for a minute. I need to talk to you about Pia. I'm worried about her," Samantha said in a concerned voice. "She's not hanging out with her friends like she use to." "For God's sake, Samantha. Can you give it a rest," Bill said as he raised his head from between his wife's legs. "You sure know how to ruin a very romantic mood. Jesus, leave the girl alone. There's nothing wrong with her. So she hasn't been going out much. So what!" Bill said frustrated that his wife had spoiled his enjoyment of eating her pussy.

Samantha swung her legs over to the side of the bed and sat up. At 39 Samantha was still as beautiful as on the day that Bill had married her twenty years before. Her thick long blond hair was braided down her back and Bill, sorry that he had spoken too harshly, reached over to give it a little tug, trying to entice her to lie down again. Instead, Samantha stood up, put her robe on and turned to face her husband who was now sprawled in all his glory across the bed.

"Sorry for being just a little bit," she said, holding out her thumb and forefinger to prove her point, "Concerned about our daughter. Bill you are not around often enough to see the changes in her. She has gone from an outgoing sweet girl to this introverted creature that I don't even recognize as my daughter. Something is going on with her and we need to get to the bottom of it."

Bill sighed heavily, running his fingers through his thick red hair. He was not in the mood to talk about Pia or any of their other children. The only thing on his mind right now was eating his wife's pussy and fucking her until she screamed for him to stop. Instead she wanted to talk about Pia. It seemed to him that lately all Samantha could ever think about were the kids, the house, and the household expenses. Bill had worked long and hard to afford the level of comfort that he and his family have now grown accustom to. When he had married Samantha, he made sure that she knew how important it was for him to make a comfortable and secure future for them. The last thing he needed to hear was shit about not being around enough to witness the transformation of their three children's grown into adulthood.

"Ok, Sammy, why don't you tell me what's going on," he said knowing that he would not get any snatch until she poured her heart out.

Samantha climbed up and sat crossed leg on the bed facing her husband.

"I don't know, it must have started about three months ago. She was seeing some boy she had a crush on in school. I don't think it was anything serious, but he seemed like a nice enough young man."

"What was his name." "Jeremy, I think. Anyway, he came over to pick her up to take her to a Halloween party. When she left the house she was so excited, you know, her usual self. The next day however, I noticed that she was a bit withdrawn but I didn't think anything of it. Kids get moody all the time and I just let it go, knowing that eventually she would shake herself out of it. But as the weeks went by, I noticed that she was still not herself."

"Did you ask her what was wrong? Quite frankly, Sammy, I hadn't noticed a difference. Whenever I was around her, she was fine. She talked about school and stuff that was going on in her life. She even told me that she wanted a computer for her birthday, which by the way, is everything in order for Saturday?"

"Yes. I still don't get it, though. I have asked her what's bothering her and she tells me, 'Nothing, Mom, you're just imaging things.' "

"Then sweetheart, maybe you are." Bill sat up, leaned forward and gave his wife a kiss. His hands slipped under her robe, pushing it off her shoulders exposing her breasts to his view. He bent down to take a taut peak in his mouth, pulling tightly on the erected peak.

"Ouch, Bill. That hurts."

"I'm sorry, baby it's just that I want you so badly," he said as he pushed her gently down on the bed. Bill climbed on top of Samantha, kissed her for a while, and was about to push himself into her when an idea hit him. He and Samantha had always made love one way. The missionary position. He had often heard other guys talk about their wives and how wild and imaginative they were in bed. Bill was the one who always initiated sex with Samantha. She was a virgin when they had married and as far as he knew, she had never been unfaithful to him.

"Baby," he whispered huskily in her ear as his fingers found their way into her pussy. "Could we do something different tonight? Could we try the doggy-style position?"

"Bill, what in the world has gotten into you. Don't I make you happy anymore? You never complained before about our sex life!"

"I'm not complaining Samantha. I just want to try something different. What's wrong with that?"

"You know I am not comfortable with any of that sexual experimenting stuff. Let's just do it the way we always have. It never bothered you before."

"You are right, Sammy," Bill gave in. "I don't know what I was thinking about," he said slipping his hand under her ass as he penetrated her.

As his hips moved in and out between Samantha's legs, Bill couldn't help but wish that she had more sexual experience. He almost wished that she had gone out and had an affair. Bill hadn't wanted to admit it before, but for a long time now, he had been very unhappy with his sex life. He wished his wife were more spontaneous and that she were more like one of those wives that he heard other guys talking so much about. As he rode his wife's pussy, Bill had come to accept the fact that missionary style fucking was all he would ever get from her. After spewing his cum into her cunt, Bill rolled over onto his side; his eyes darting to the door of their bedroom. He could have sworn that it was completely shut when he had come into the room earlier. Now it stood slightly opened. Getting out of bed, he strode over and gave it a firm click. Climbing back between the sheets, he spooned his wife to him and fell into deep thought.


Back in the sanctuary of her room, Pia walked over to her bed and flopped down. She reached over to the nightstand and flicked several tissues from the box. She pulled her panties off, placed one bent leg on the bed and wiped the slick gooey wetness from between her legs. As she completed her task she couldn't help but think of what she had just witnessed going on inside her parents' bedroom. Pia couldn't believe her mother was so uptight about sex. Not that Pia had that much experience herself either, but she would have fucked her father anyway he wanted. Her mother had been on her case lately wanting to know what was wrong.

Pia could just imagine going to her mother one day and saying, 'Mom, I am ready now to tell you what's been bothering me for the past three months. First, Mom, I want to say that it has nothing to do with you. And second, less to do with Pete or Aaron. You see, Mom, ever since I accidentally walked in on you and Daddy fucking, I've been having dreams of Daddy fucking me too. Well I didn't actually walk in on you and Daddy, but the door was slightly ajar and I couldn't help myself. I watched as Daddy's gorgeous cock moved in and out of your pussy. When did this happen you ask? Well Mom, it happened two nights before Jeremy took me to the Halloween party. I tried like hell to not think about what I saw, but the image was with me and I couldn't seem to get it out of my mind. Well anyway, Mom that night when Jeremy took me to the Halloween party, he also took my cherry. It wasn't a pleasant experience. I guess I expected his cock to be as big as Daddy's and I forgot that Jeremy was nothing more than a boy. After he fucked me, Mom I couldn't go out with Jeremy anymore. As a matter of fact, Mom I couldn't bear to go out with any other boy. My birthday is coming up and what I really want for my sixteenth birthday is for you to let Daddy fuck me. I want to feel his big thick cock moving in and out of my small tight pussy. Would you let him do that to me, Mom? You are welcome to watch. Though I can't see you doing that, being that you're all uptight and shit. Anyway, after that first time I saw you and Daddy, I couldn't help but keep sneaking back to your room and watching as he ate and fucked your pussy. There you have it in a nutshell. You wanted to know what was bothering me and now I've told you. Are you happy now? Will you stopping pestering me now? Will you let Daddy fuck me now?'

Pia wondered how her mother would react to that revelation. After throwing the tissue in the wastebasket by her bed, Pia got up, got undressed and slipped under the bedcovers naked. She giggled at the thought of ever saying all that to her mother. Pia knew that it was bad to have thoughts like she did about her father but after what she witness tonight between her parents, Pia was more determined now than ever to be more than just her father's little girl. She reached over to turn the lights out when she heard a soft tapping on the door. She tucked the sheets closer to her body and yelled for whomever it was to come in. Pia was surprised when her father entered her room.

"Hello, honey. I'm sorry, did I wake you?"

"No, Daddy. What's up?"

Bill walked into his daughter's room, closing the door behind him. He rarely ever came into Pia's room and as he stood looking around at all the pretty things, he began to think that maybe Samantha was right about what she had said earlier about him not being around much. He glanced at Pia, realizing for the first time how much she had grown from the little girl in pigtails who used to bounce up and down on his leg to the stunning teenager before him now. "Daddy, what's wrong? You look worried."

"Oh, nothing sweetheart. I was just thinking how grown up you are," he said walking over to the foot the bed looking down at her. "Your mother is worried about you. Said you haven't been yourself lately. Is there anything you want to tell me, sweetheart?"

Pia shifted her position so that she was sitting up in bed with the wall supporting her back. She was careful to pull the sheets up to her neck, not wanting her father to know that she was naked underneath.

"No Daddy, I'm fine. Mom worries too much. She wants to be my best friend and have me confide things to her, but I can't do that. There are just some things that teenage girls or boys don't share with their parents. I don't know what all the fuss is about anyway. It's not like I'm sick or doing poorly in school or anything like that."

"If you were sick or something, you'd tell us, won't you?" Bill asked in a gentle voice.

"Of course, Daddy. But it's nothing like that. Far from it," she said more to herself than to Bill.

"Well then," Bill said turning to the door, "I might as well let you get some sleep. It's pretty late and you have school and I have work in the morning."

Bill was almost to the door when Pia called out to him.

"Daddy," she said in a small childlike voice.

Bill turned and walked back over to Pia. "What, honey?" h asked.

"I just wanted to say thanks for being so concerned about me and not prying. Mom was being such a pain about wanting to know what was bugging me and she won't leave it alone when I told her that I was fine. But I am Daddy. Fine, I mean."

"I know, sweetheart," Bill said walking over to sit next to his daughter on the bed. "I know. It's been a long time since we really spent any time together, huh? Are you ready for your big day on Saturday?"

"Yes, Daddy. I can't believe I'll be sixteen."

"Me neither. My little girl is growing up and I am so proud of her," Bill reaching over to give Pia a hug.

Pia immediately wrapped her arms around her father's neck. She pressed her tiny frame against his muscular body. She knew her father was naked under his robe and she wished that she could run her hands underneath to his naked chest. She would love nothing more than to feel her naked breasts rubbing seductively against his hairy chest.

"Oh Daddy, I love you so much," she said feeling her pussy dampening instantly.

"I love you too, sweetheart," he said into her hair. "Now my angel, it's time that you get some sleep."

Bill pulled away slightly from his Pia and leaned forward to give her a kiss on her cheek, but instead of offering her cheek to her father, Pia moved her head so that their lips met. Pia pushed her tongue between her father's lips and kissed him deeply. At first Bill was too shocked to do anything. He tried to pull away from his daughter, but Pia was prepared. She hooked her arms more tightly around her father's neck and shifted her body so that she was sitting facing him on his lap. The sheet had slipped from her body and she was sitting in all her glorious nakedness on her father's lap. Bill tried to twist his mouth away from his daughter's hungry one but to no avail. Her grip was stronger than he imagined.

As she continued to kiss her father, Pia's lips twisted madly against his. She ground the lower part of her body into his lap. A moan escaped through her lips as she felt his cock through his robe rubbing against her naked flesh. She released her father's mouth briefly. "Oh Daddy, please stop fighting me. I want you. I've always wanted you. Just enjoy it. Please Daddy. I know you want me. I can feel you getting hard. All you have to do is pull it out and stick it in my pussy, Daddy. I'm so wet all you need to do is slid it in. Oh, Daddy your cock feels so good rubbing up against my cunt."

"Stop this, Pia. We can't do this. What in the world has gotten into you? He said trying to push her off him, but to no avail.

"Nothing yet, Daddy. But I want your cock in me. Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me."

Bill put his hands on Pia's chest to push her away from him, but they came in contact with her bare breasts. Instead of pushing her away as he intended, Bill found himself instantly squeezing his daughter's generous mounds. Pia pushed herself into her father's hands. With her eyes closed, she moaned softly as he twisted, pinched and pulled at her aching breasts.

"That's it Daddy. I am yours to do with as you please. I have a beautiful body, don't I Daddy? It's yours Daddy. It's all yours."

Bill thought he was dreaming. Either that or he was losing his mind. His daughter was sitting across his lap, naked begging him to fuck her. His hands were squeezing and pinching at her breasts. Without thinking about what he was doing, Bill bent forward and took one of Pia's pointed stiff peaks in his mouth. He sucked and pulled at one nipple while twisting the other between his fingers. In the back of his mind he knew that what he was doing was wrong but he couldn't help himself. He wasn't thinking of Pia his daughter as he sucked her nipples. On and on Bill fed on his daughter's breasts. At their own accord, his fingers found their way down to her snatch. He poked and dug into his daughter's pussy while he greedily chewed on her nipples.

They continued their hot and heavy petting for what seemed like hours instead of minutes. Pia's breasts were painfully hard and burning from her father's attack on them, but yet she did nothing to stop him or voiced how rough he was. She remembered how her mother had complained when her father tugged non-too gently on one of her nipples. As far as Pia was concerned her father could do whatever he wanted to her. On Saturday she would be sixteen, a woman. And she wanted to be her father's whore, his slut, his mistress, or whatever he wanted her to be. All those months of pent-up frustrations were finally coming to an end. Tonight her father would be hers forever and she couldn't wait to feel in big cock fucking her tight wet pussy.

"Oh yes, Daddy. Yes. You fingers feel so good in my pussy. Please fuck me, Daddy, fuck me now. I've waited so long for this. You don't have to worry; I'm not a virgin anymore. I took care of that so that there wouldn't be any barriers between us."

Suddenly, Bill threw Pia's body off him. She landed with a thump on the bed and Bill stood up, readjusted his robe and walked to her dressing table. Then he turned and looked at his daughter, who did nothing to cover herself. She lay on the bed with one hand squeezing a nipple while the other was playing with her pussy.

"For God's sake, Pia cover yourself."

"Okay, Daddy, whatever you want," she said crawling back under the covers. She lay her head down on the pillow and smiled up at him.

"This was a mistake. I should never have come to your room." Bill began pacing the distance between the bed and the dresser. "This can't happen again, Pia. Oh God, what am I saying! How in the world did this happen? Pia, when did you start having this... these feeling for me. Sweetheart, I'm your father. God, I can't believe I just sucked your breasts and played with your pussy. Why didn't you stop me? God if your mother finds out about this... Pia, she can't find out. I'm sorry that I did this to you. Please tell me what I have to do to make it up to you, baby," Bill said in a desperate voice. He had stopped pacing and was now kneeling in front of Pia on the floor so that he was face level with her on the bed.

"There is nothing to be sorry about, Daddy. And you shouldn't feel ashamed for what just happened. I wanted it. I've wanted it for a long time. I started have sexual fantasies about you for a while now and even though I know that I'm not supposed to, I couldn't help myself. Daddy, what you did just now to my body was a dream come true. Mommy wanted to know what was bothering me. Well, now you know why I couldn't tell her. It was you all along, Daddy. I will be back to my old self starting tomorrow. I love you Daddy, and you want to know how you could make it up to me. Well," she said sitting up on the bed careful to keep the sheets around her. "I want to be your lover. I want to do the things for you that Mom would never do. I want to belong to you, Daddy. Mind, body, and soul. I am yours whether you believe or not. I've already committed myself to you. I want..."

"There you are, honey. I woke up and when you weren't beside me I got up to look for you," Samantha said at the door.

"I-I-I was just," Bill cleared his throat. "I was just having a little h-heart to heart with Pia. I wanted to see if I c-could find out what was b-bothering her lately."

"Mom, Dad, I am tired," Pia said quickly. "Could we discuss this in the morning? I need to get some sleep."

"Sure," her mother said. Goodnight sweetheart. I'll see you in the morning. Coming, Bill?"

Bill got up from the floor and walked to the door. Samantha was already walking towards their bedroom. At the door, Bill turned to say goodnight to Pia but the words were caught in his throat when he saw that his daughter had let the sheet drop from her body, exposing the deep blue/black bruises around her nipples.

Pia smiled up at her father saying, "Remember, Daddy you can have me whenever you want and you can do whatever you want to my body. It's yours and no one else's. Goodnight, Daddy and sweet dreams."

Closing the door behind him, Bill followed Samantha back down to their room. In bed, Bill turned to his wife and began kissing her passionately.

"What has gotten into you?" Samantha asked her husband after she pulled her mouth away from him.

"I want you, Sammy. Please don't deny me. I need you right now."

"But we just had sex, Bill. This is really not like you."

Bill rolled Samantha on her back and climbed on top of her. He pushed her nightgown up to her waist and put his cock to the entrance of her pussy.

"Bill stop this right now," Samantha said trying to twist her body from under him.

"Please don't fight me, Sammy. I need you," he said finding her pussy to be semi-moist. Without waiting for her to say anything else, Bill shoved his cock forcefully into his wife's body. Laying heavily on her, he rode her up and down, in and out, his face buried in the side of her neck. All Bill could think about as he fucked his wife was the image of his daughter playing with her pussy and breasts. As he pushed in and out of his wife he was remembering the softness of his daughter's cunt and the stiff peaks of her breasts. So young, so soft, and so fuckable he thought and he drilled his wife with his cock.

He didn't notice Samantha pounding heavily on his back. He didn't notice her nails digging into his flesh trying to get him to get off her and he didn't hear her pleading with him to stop hurting her. Bill did not feel or hear anything. He was consumed with his own pleasure. He was not fucking his wife; he was fucking his daughter. So soft, so fuckable, so soft, so fuckable. The same tune playing over and over again in his head, keeping rhythm to his movements. On and on he went, the masculine force of his body driving his wife deeper and deeper into the bed.

Finally he tensed and his mind and body exploded with images of his daughter's naked blue/black bruised nipples and her sweet innocent smiling face telling him he could use her body any way he wanted.

Bill lay on his wife for a few minutes before rolling off. Samantha had stopped fighting Bill a while ago and gave up to the assault on her body. She lay stiff as a board as he shifted his weight away from her body. When he reached out for her, she pushed him away and turned her back to him.

"I'm sorry, Samantha. I don't know what came over me. I'm sorry... please forgive me."


Two days later Samantha forgave Bill for what he had done. It was the day of Pia's birthday and all was forgiven. Samantha was glad that Pia was finally back to her old self and as far as Samantha was concerned, all was well with the world. Bill, on the other hand, was a different story. Samantha didn't know what was wrong with him. First it had been Pia and her sulky moods and now it was Bill and his. She wondered if something was in the water and that eventually it would affect Pete and Aaron. Speaking of which, she wondered what was keeping them. Bill had sent them to the store a while ago to get some charcoal for the grill. Pia had decided that she only wanted to invite a few of her closest friends to her birthday celebration.

As Samantha pulled the two 8 inch round cakes from the oven she remembered that she had forgotten to pick up some candles. She placed the two cakes on the kitchen window ledge to cool and grabbed her keys. She walked down the hall to the den where Bill was putting the finishing touches on Pia's gifts and told him that she had to run to the store to get some candles. Bill offered to go but Samantha told him that by the time he ran up stairs to put his shirt and shoes on, she'd be back. The door slammed shut as she left the house and all was quite.

Except for Pia who was upstairs in her room getting ready for her birthday celebration, Bill was all alone. Even Max wasn't around. The dog had accompanied Pete and Aaron to get the charcoal and as Bill glanced at his watch, he wondered what was keeping them. Bill was nervous about being in the house alone with Pia. Ever since the incident two days before in her room, Bill couldn't look at Pia the same way. He didn't see his daughter anymore. All he saw was this woman-child who had tried to seduce him. He couldn't get the image of her sweet naked body out of his mind. Even his lovemaking with Samantha had suffered; not that it bothered Samantha at all. But Bill realized that he needed what Pia was offering. He knew in heart that his sex life with Samantha was boring and that eventually he would have looked for satisfaction somewhere else.

The memory of Pia's soft young breasts and dripping pussy was forever etched in his mind. His cock stiffened just thinking about it. He pulled at crotch of his shorts to alleviate the tightness in his groin. He was bending over one of Pia's presents and didn't hear when she came into the room.

"Hello, Daddy."

Bill spun around at the sound of his daughter's voice. His heart jumped into his throat at the sight of her. He tried to swallow past the lump that had formed there, too speechless to speak as he stared at his daughter's luscious body.

"Do you like, Daddy," Pia said as she walked into the room twirling this way and that so her father could get a good look at what she was wearing. "I'm wearing this just for you, Daddy. I picked it out with you in mind."

Bill couldn't believe that the stunning creature before him was his daughter. She was wearing a lime-green skin-tight latex tube dress with spaghetti straps. The four-inch stiletto lime-green shoes added some degree of high to her five feet one inch frame. "Pia, you shouldn't say things like that," he said staring at her as he sat down in his favorite chair.

"Why not, Daddy. It's the truth," she said walking over to where all her gifts were stacked in pile on the floor. "I wonder what's in this box," she said bending over at the waist directly in front of Bill showing him that she was not wearing any panties.

The hem of her dress had risen slightly exposing just a bit of the round fullness of her ass to her father's view. As she bend even lower pretending to be interested in one of the gifts, her entire ass was now exposed to her father's gaze. Pia had spread-eagled her legs and Bill got a glimpse of the fiery red hairs covering her pussy lips. Not satisfied with what she was doing, Pia brought her hands behind her and placed them on her ass, spreading her cheeks wide so that her father could get a better look at her wet cunt.

"Do you like what you see, Daddy. It's all yours," she said as she placed one of her fingers inside of her pussy and began to work it back and forth. "This could be your cock, Daddy. Plundering my young fresh cunt. Would you like to taste me, Daddy? Would you like to tongue-fuck my pussy?"

"Pia," he whispered swallowing loudly.

"I know, Daddy," she said and straightened up, walked over to where he sat and straddled him. Pia put her arms around her father's neck and kissed him. Bill was like a man starving. His cock had grown hard and stiff, screaming for release. He pulled the spaghetti straps down to his daughter's waist, grabbed her breasts pinching and squeezing. Pia closed her eyes to her father's roughness.

Suddenly he pushed her off his lap and onto her back on the couch. He knelt between her legs pushing them as far apart as he possibly can. "You've teased and taunted me for days, Pia. Walking around the house fingering your cunt in front of me when your mother wasn't looking or walking by me, brushing your hand across the front of my crotch knowing full well that I wouldn't call any attention to myself. Or leaning over brushing the tips of your breasts against my arm to reach something. You are my daughter, but God help me, I want you. I want to eat your cunt until you scream for me to stop. I want to fuck your pussy until you cry out in mercy. I hope you know what you are letting yourself in for, Pia, daughter mine. You are not your mother. I will not be gentle with you. I like it rough and all those years I've held back because your mother is such a delicate creature. I wouldn't hold back with you."

"I'm not Mom, Daddy. I am offering my body to you. Treat it the way you want. I am all yours. No one will ever find out, Daddy and no one else will ever have access to my body but you. I accept the fact that I belong to you."

Bill could not wait any longer. With both hands on either side of her legs, Bill pressed her legs further apart as he plunged his tongue into her pussy. He licked the outer lips of her, sucking on the cum soaked pussy hairs. He tongue found the center of her cunt, sticking it as far in as it would go flicking his tongue up and down, left and right tasting the sweet depths of her inner walls.

With her head flung back and her eyes closed, Pia moaned loudly, the sound echoing throughout the quite house. It was everything she imagined and more. Pia rolled her head from side to side as her father's tongue dove deeper and deeper into her cunt. In her haze, she heard the slamming of a car door. She glanced through darkened screen windows into the driveway to see her mother digging in her bag for the house keys.

Pia slid further forward on the couch to give her father more access to her cunt. She turned her head back to the window and watched as her mother walked forward to the front door. Pia grabbed at her father's head pushing him deeper and deeper into her heated cunt, feeling his mouth openly sucking on her clit. Bill reached up and grabbed his daughter's breasts squeezing and pinching as he continued to eat her pussy, sliding his tongue between the folds of her cunt lips sucking and nibbling at the hanging, fleshy meat. A loud moan escaped Pia's mouth. "Yes, Daddy that's it," she said as her hands dug into his scalp burying his face even closer in her hot cunt. "I need to feel your cock, Daddy. Please put it in now," she said urgently glancing out the window again to see that her mother had stopped to wait for Pete and Aaron who had just pulled up behind her car.

Bill raised his head from between his daughter's legs. His lips, cheeks and chin shiny and slick with his daughter's juices. He leaned back on his knees to release his cock from his pants all the while looking at his daughter's well eaten pussy as it continued to flow with her juices. Moving forward so that his cock was positioned at the entrance of her cunt, Bill put one of Pia's legs on top of his shoulder and hooked the other one over his arm. As he pushed his cock forward into his daughter's cunt, all he could think about was how warm and tight she felt as her pussy surrounded him. His cock fitted into her velvety smoothness like a glove. He could not help but compare her pussy with Samantha's. After giving birth to three children, Samantha was not as tight as she use to be. Even though he enjoyed fucking her, it was nothing compared to small, tight wet eager cunt of his daughter. As he began to move in and out of his daughter, he moan out loud listening to the soft wet noises her pussy made as he fucked her.

Since this was the first time Pia had her father in her, it took her a few seconds for her pussy to accommodate his big, fat cock. To compare Jeremy's cock to her father's was like comparing a carrot to a cucumber. It felt like her father was going to tear her apart as he began to move his body into hers.

Pia glanced out the window again to see her mother and brothers heading to the front door. She was about to tell her father that they had to stop when she felt his movements increased. He began slamming into her harder, breathing heavier and heavier with each thrust. Suddenly he shuddered against her and Pia felt his warm sperm shooting into her pussy.

Glancing out the window again, Pia did not see her mother and assumed that they were at the front door. As her father's tensed body relaxed, they both heard the key in the door and Bill pulled from his daughter's freshly fucked body. He heard the door opening and he panicked. Looking around he tried to find somewhere to hide. His pants and underwear were around his ankles and he pulled them up stuffing his cum slick cock back into his pants. He looked around to make sure that everything was in order, glancing at Pia for the first time since he pulled away from her, he noticed that she had not moved from her position. She laid on the couch just as he left her with her latex dress bunched around her waist and her pussy wide open, showing the slight gap where his cock had been.

"Hello, is anybody in there?" They heard Samantha yelled out. "For some reason the chain is on the door and we can't get in. Bill... Pia. Where are you guys?"

"Coming, sweetheart," Bill yelled back. Then turning to Pia he said. "For God's sake, Pia get up and make yourself decent."

"Relax, Daddy. I heard when Mom left earlier and came down to put the chain on the door. You should see your face," she said giggling as she got up and made herself presentable.

"This is not funny, Pia. We have to be careful from now on."

"No one is going to find out, Daddy least of all Mom. We'll just have to find some other place to fuck."

"Bill... Pia? Open the door," Samantha yelled.

"We'll talk about this later. Right now we have a celebration to get underway," he said walking into the hall. Suddenly he turned around, walked back to Pia, grabbed her around the waist and gave her a deep kiss. He ran his hand under her dress and plunged two fingers into her pussy. "Your pussy is dripping wet. I suggest you go upstairs and do something about it before my cum starts running down your legs." He released her and went to let his wife and boys in.

"Daddy," Pia called out to him. Bill stopped and turned around. "You taste and smell like pussy. I wouldn't get too close to Mom if I were you," she said smiling at him as she headed up the stairs.


The party was a success. Samantha was glad that everything went smoothly and she noticed that her husband was back to his old self again. After the presents were opened and the cake was cut and eaten, most of the guests started to leave. Bill had one more gift to present to Pia and Samantha and the boys gathered around as she opened the small box.

Nestled in the center was a pair of keys. Puzzled, Pia held them up looking at her father, who urged them all to the front door. Sitting in the driveway was a brand new 1999 Jeep. Pia screamed, jumping up and down. She ran over to the jeep, running her fingers along the black shiny chrome.

"Oh, Daddy thank you," she said and ran up flinging her arms around his neck giving him a big hug and kiss on his cheek. Bill hugged his daughter close to his body remembering earlier how hot and tight she felt when his cock was buried deep in her sweet sixteen cunt. He felt his cock twitch slightly and drew Pia away from his body, clearing his throat at the same time. "Can I take it for a spin?" She asked her eyes shinning.

"No you can't. You don't have a license let alone a learner's permit," her mother said.

"But, Mom I know how to drive. Pete's been teaching me."

"That's right, Mom. I've taken her out quite a few times and she is pretty good," Pete volunteered.

"Nonetheless, I don't want her driving this jeep until she at least gets her permit." Bill watched as Pia's face fell, disappointed that she would not be able to take the jeep out for a spin. "I tell you what, why don't we all take it out for a spin. Pete why don't you drive," Bill said throwing the keys at his eldest son.

"I don't think all five of us plus Max can fit in the jeep, Bill," Samantha said concerned. "Sure we can, Mom," Aaron said joining the conversation. "Dad can sit in the front with Pete, and me, you and Pia can sit in the back."

"But I want to sit in the front," Pia said.

"You can't, knuckle brain. Dad's too big and needs room to stretch his legs," Aaron shot back.

"Then I'll sit in Dad's lap. I'm still not too big to do that. Right, Dad."

"I don't know, Pia..."

"What's the harm, Bill. She still wants to feel like she is your little girl," Samantha chimed in. "Come on, let's go."

"Mom," Pia interrupted. "I need to run upstairs and change out of this dress. It'll only take a minute."

As Pia dashed back into the house, the others got themselves settled and waited for her. When she came out, Pia was wearing a flared skirt and loose shirt. Bill watched as her breasts bounced up and down seductively against the loose material as she skipped down the steps to the jeep. After climbing in and settling comfortable on Bill's lap, Pete pulled out of the driveway.

Bill felt the familiar stirring in his loins as Pia's ass press into his crotch. His cock was getting harder and Pia reacted by wiggling her ass into his lap. Bill glanced over to see if Pete was aware of his sister's actions but his eyes were focused on the road. Twenty minutes into the ride, Pete turned into a side street off the main road.

"Dad, I'm going to pull into the gas station and put some fuel in the jeep."

"That's a good idea, son," Samantha said before Bill had gotten the chance to respond. "Come in with me, Pete. I'll pay for the gas and pick up a few things for breakfast."

"Mom, can I come in with you? I want to see if they have the latest X-men comic," 13 year old Aaron asked?"

"Sure. I don't mind the company. Bill... Pia, do you guys want anything from the mini-mart?"

"No, I'm fine."

"I'm fine too, Mom."

"Okay, well be right back," Samantha said as Pete pulled into the gas station. Once the jeep was empty of Samantha and the boys, Pia became aggressive with her play. She watched as Pete followed their mother into the mini mart and took hold of her father's hand, pushing it under her skirt to feel her wet pussy.

"Hurry, Daddy before they come back. Put your cock inside me," she said looking out the window and keeping watch.

"Pia, we can't do this now," Bill said in a thick voice.

"Yes we can. They wouldn't know. Least of all Pete. That's why I wore this skirt. Once your cock is inside my pussy, it will look like I am just sitting on your lap. Come on, Daddy hurry, Pete's coming through the door," she said reaching underneath between them, freeing her father's rod from his pants.

Pia sat up slightly, pushed her panty crotch to one side and positioned her father's cock to the entranceway of her pussy. As Pete walked closer and closer to the jeep, Pia sunk deeper and deeper onto her father's cock. Once she was finally settled properly, she sat perfectly still as Pete came up to the passenger side and told them that Samantha had paid for forty dollars worth of gas. He then walked to the side of the jeep, released the cap and began filling it up.

Back inside the jeep, Bill closed his eyes and gave himself up to the exquisite feel of Pia's pussy on his hard rigid cock. So tight and hot her cunt was that it took everything that Bill had not to bounce her up and down on him.

Pia loved taking dangerous steps like this one. It excited her knowing that they could get caught and it also excited her having her father's cock in her cunt while her mother and brothers were close by. She moved back and forth on her father, feeling his cock hitting the insides of her pussy walls. She leaned forward to look out at Pete, giving her father the chance slid his cock in and out several times. Pete glanced up at her and smiled briefly before going back to his task of filling the jeep, never suspecting the fuck session that was going on right before him.

Finally Aaron and Samantha exited the mart and climbed back into the jeep as Pete replaced the cap on the gas tank.

"So where does everyone want to go now?" Pete said slamming the door on the Jeep.

Pia turned slightly sideways to Pete, causing her father's cock to sink deeper into her. "I don't care. Maybe we could just take a ride into town and then head back home. Besides, I'm a bit tired after all the activities today."

"We could head back home now then. I think we are all tired from today but we know how important it was for you to take your new car out for a spin tonight."

"It's not a car, Mom. Oh look Pete, let's take the dirt road back to the house."

"It's hard to see driving through there, Pia," Pete said. There are no streetlights. 'Cept for the headlights on the jeep, it's gonna be pitch black. And besides that, the road's so bumpy."

"But that road will get us home quicker and this jeep should be able to handle the any bumps we encounter. Come on, Pete. Please. It's my birthday after all."

"Mom, Dad what do you think?" Pete asked.

"Samantha?" Bill said leaving it up to her to decide what to do even though Bill secretly hoped that she would say...

"Let's take the shortcut," she said interrupting Bill's thoughts.

Bill was relieved and pleased all at the same time. When Pete turned into the dirt road the jeep tumbled along unevenly causing everyone to jostle. Pia, who was one not to pass up on a good opportunity, began to bounce up and down on her father's cock to the motion of the jeep. Because there were no streetlights and Pete was concentrating on driving on the dirt road, she also took the opportunity to grab her father's right hand and place it under her shirt. Bill grabbed the fullness of her breast and kneaded the fleshy mound as though it was play dough. The intersection leading the their house was coming up and Pia bounced and twisted more ferociously on her father's cock but was careful not to overdo her actions. She felt his cock swell bigger in her tight hole and knew that he was on the verge of cumming. Releasing her breast, Bill grabbed Pia's right hip to still her movements and released his load deep into her cunt. Pia tried to squeeze her walls together to hold as much of her father's cum inside her. As Pete finally brought the jeep back on to solid ground, Bill let out a soft groan of pleasure as his daughter's cunt walls wrapped more tightly around his softening cock. "Bill, are you alright?" he heard Samantha ask. Her voice sounded so far away, as he was so engrossed in his pleasure.

"Bill?" she repeated.

"I'm," he swallowed deeply trying to catch his breath. "I'm fine. Just need to use the bathroom."

Pete brought the car around the corner leading to their house and after pulling into the driveway, Bill opened the door quickly turning sideways with Pia on his lap to let her out before Pete could see that his father's pants were undone. Pia put her hand on the back door of the jeep, preventing Aaron from getting out until Bill had gotten several yards in front of them.

Once inside the house, Bill ran directly for the bathroom, shut and locked the door. He looked at himself in the mirror. His eyes were still a bit glazed over from the sexual tryst in the jeep with Pia. After composing himself, he took his time to clean himself up before facing his wife.

Samantha was at the foot of the stairs waiting for him with concerned eyes. "Are you alright? What happened? Do you have an upset stomach?"

"I'm fine now, Sammy. Must've been something I ate at the party. Really, I am fine," he said again when he saw that she was not convinced.

"The kids have gone to their rooms, so I guess we should turn in too."

"Good idea. We'll clean up tomorrow. Where's Max, he's usually here waiting to come upstairs with us," Bill said looking around for the dog.

"I haven't seen him."

"You go on up, Sammy. I'll make the rounds and say goodnight to the kids for both of us." Bill watched as Samantha climbed the stairs and headed for their bedroom and then he went in search for Max. He looked everywhere downstairs and when he saw no sign of the dog, he headed upstairs to the kid's rooms. Max was not in Pete or Aaron's room and after saying goodnight to both his boys, Bill headed further down the hall to Pia's room. He knocked softly and waited for her to say come in.

"Who is it?" she yelled from behind the closed door.

Bill identified himself and Pia told him to come in quickly and shut the door. Bill did what his daughter said and when he turned to face her he received the shock of his life. Pia was standing by her bed with one foot on the ground and the other propped high on the bed. With one hand she held her skirt up bunched around her waist and with her other hand she was holding Max's collar. What Bill saw gave him an instant hard on. Max had his nose buried deep into Pia's crotch, his tongue lapping loudly at her pussy.

"Pia, the dog?" Bill asked astonished at what he was seeing. "That's not sanitary, Pia and what if your mother was with me when I knocked on the door?"

"But she wasn't. And as for whether or not this is sanitary, it feels good and I can see that you are getting turned on watching Max lick out my pussy. He's licking your cum from my cunt, Daddy and it feels so good, but he needs to be trained properly. I had a hard time getting him to eat me. The minute I walked into the house he started following me around sniffing at my crotch. You know dogs have those extra senses Daddy. He must have smelt how freshly fucked my pussy was and wanted to investigate. So I brought him upstairs and he started sniffing away at me. That's when I got the idea to let him lick me out but that was the hard part. He kept sniffing but wouldn't put his tongue inside and I was about to give up when I felt a flicker. I kept my body real still. I figured if I moved then he would get distracted but once he got a taste, he just kept licking. You're mesmerized, are you, Daddy?"

"I'm speechless."

"You'll have to train him properly, Daddy, to eat my cunt and ass at your command and to do however you want him to," she said as she moved her hips to the rhythm of the dog's licks. Tired of standing, Pia sat at the edge of the bed directly in front of Bill. She spread her legs wide and guided Max back to her crotch. She looked down and watched his pink tongue lick back and forth as she often watched it do when Max was drinking from his bowl. Her pussy was dry now and she eased back on the bed to draw Max away from her pussy, but as she moved back, Max moved forward burying his tongue deeper into her. Pia pushed further back on the bed; her legs still spread wide as Max jumped up putting his front legs on the bed burying his nose and tongue further into her.

"Okay, Max that's enough," she said trying to pull him away from her.

Max continued to lick at her and Pia looked up at Bill for some assistance. Clearing his throat, Bill walked across the room and pulled Max down, firmly withdrawing the dog from Pia's crotch. Pia sat up leaning on her elbows as Bill and the dog walked to the door. "Thanks, Daddy," she said.

At the door Bill looked back at Pia who was still sitting up on her elbows with her legs open wide to his view. His eyes wondered down to her pussy. At his scrutiny, Pia lifted one leg, put a finger inside her and began working her it in and out. Bill looked up at his daughter, gave her a long hard look and walked out closing the door behind him.

Pia threw herself back down on the bed with her hands stretched above her contemplating the events of the day. She was quite pleased with the way things turned out and she knew that once her father got over his uneasiness about their new relationship he would kick back and take charge. She didn't feel ashamed for what she had done or had any regrets. If anything, she couldn't wait to start enjoying her sexual adventures with her father.

For right now she knew that she had to be patient or at least for the moment think of someway to be around her father more often. Just then, Pia thought of something wonderful and thought it to be the perfect solution to her and her father's situation. The next morning at breakfast, Pia put her plan into action.

"Daddy, do you think you could find something for me to do at your company for a few days during the week and on weekends? Maybe I can work side by side with you and learn about the business. I am sure you could find some way to USE me while I'm there," she said sweetly, never missing a beat on her carefully chosen words.

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