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Acceptance #4 (the Secret)

"Harder, Daddy. Fuck me harder," Pia cried as Bill slammed his cock forcefully in and out of his daughter's pussy. Leaning forward against the dining room table, Pia felt him reach around to finger her clit as he rode her cunt with a vengeance. In keeping with the rhythmic movement of his body, Pia pushed herself into the pounding meat as though she could not get enough.

"Oh God, Pia, the softness of your cunt is driving me crazy. I cannot get enough of you," Bill said, grinding his hips into the softness of her ass.

Pia felt herself cream instantly as her father massaged the tiny bud while he continued to rock back and forth. She felt her body shudder with pleasure as the cock impaling her tight hole slid rapidly in and out of her saturated cunt. She lifted one leg and placed it on the seat of the dining room chair to allow her father to slide his cock more rapidly in and out of her pussy.

She groaned at the sweet sensation that assaulted the lower part of her body and tensed slightly Bill hit the inner walls of her vagina. Only the popping noises of flesh meeting flesh kept company with their shallow breathing that echoed throughout the room.

"Hurry, Daddy. Mom will be home soon," Pia said breathlessly.

"Just a little bit more, honey," Bill replied as he continued to pound away in Pia's cunt.

Suddenly, he pulled his stiff rod out of her steaming body and leaned her further forward so that her breasts were flattened on the smooth surface of the vinyl-covered table. Bill pushed her butt cheeks aside and inserted a finger into her ass, but not before he lubricated his finger with some of the juice from her pussy.

Pia tensed instantly at the intrusion. 'Does he know?' she thought to herself.

"Relax, sweetheart. I'm not going to hurt you. Just relax."

"What are you doing, Daddy?" She asked in an innocent voice.

"I'm just getting you used to my finger. I want to fuck you in the ass but I know that you have to get used to the feel of having something up there so we will start with a finger or two first. Just relax. Do you trust me, Pia?"

"Yes, Daddy. But I can't control the tensing," she said in a concerned voice even though she knew she was tensing for a different reason. She wondered if he would be able to tell that she had been invaded there before.

"Don't worry, sweetheart. In time you will come to enjoy having my cock up your ass as much as having it in your pussy. I will take it nice and slow. Just relax your body, honey."

"I'll try."

Bill continued to probe Pia's asshole for a couple more minutes before he pulled his finger out. Pia groaned slightly as it slid out of her butt-hole and soon relaxed as her father slid his cock back into her cunt. Without warning, he pulled out again and began to massage her asshole with his cock. Pia tensed once again in anticipation of his cock invading her. He nudged at her bum hole gently with his shaft but did not push forward. After a couple of minutes, Bill slid his cock back into the warm cocoon of his daughter's body.

"I just wanted you to get the feel of it, sweetheart. Didn't that feel good?" He asked as he slid in and out of Pia's not so wet cunt.

"It was okay, Daddy. It felt weird having your finger in there. I can't imagine what your cock would feel like?" She said with sincerity, groaning as her father's cock rubbed abrasively against in swollen clit.

Pia's cunt juices had dried as the result of her father's unexpected intrusion in her ass earlier and as she moved her hips against his thrusts, she got back into the rhythm of having her cunt plowed and she began to cream again.

Max's whimpering caused them to stop screwing, thus tensing at the faint noise coming from the living room. Bill, still fully erected, pulled out of his daughter's well-screwed cunt and gingerly took steps towards the entrance of the living room. He looked around and listened closely for any noises. Once he was satisfied that he and Pia were still alone in the house, he went back to his daughter's cunt and resumed fucking.

"What is it? I heard a noise. Was somebody there?" Pia asked as her body jerked unceremoniously on the dining room table.

"No. It was probably a cat or a branch scraping against the window pane," Bill said absently as he worked his cock faster and faster against Pia's body.

All of a sudden he tensed, shooting his load into his daughter's tight hole but he continued to rock back and forth. He reached forward and grabbed her breasts, squeezing the mounds and pinching the tips until he felt the peaks stiffened between his fingers. He leaned forward and rested his body against her back, breathing hot air into the nape of her neck.

He eased away from her body, grabbing the towel that rested on one of the chairs and wiped himself clean. Pia straightened slowly, wincing slightly. She knew what was to come next and instead of waiting for her father to tell her what he wanted, she sat on the plastic-covered chair and spread her legs wide.

Bill stood back and admired the cunt that he just fucked and leaned forward to touch her pussy lips. Pia looked up at him then and noticed that his eyes were still glazed over with lust. He called for Max and the dog appeared suddenly next to his master and waited patiently for the command.

"Pia, honey slide your hips to the edge of the chair. Yes...just like that. Now lift your legs high in the air. As a matter of fact, put one of your legs on the table. Yes...that's it. If I had a camera right now, I would take a dozen pictures of you in that pose. That sweet cunt of yours...," he said more to himself than to Pia. "Okay, Max go get your treat!" He ordered.

Without hesitation, Max drove his tongue into Pia's freshly fucked pussy. She threw her head back and moan loudly as she felt Max's rough tongue lap and slobbered it's way deep into the crevice of her pussy. She wiggled the lower part of her body up and down to get a better feel of the dog's tongue.

"Play with your breasts, honey. That's it. Squeeze and pinch the tips. Oh, yes, Pia. You look magnificent with your legs spread wide open and Max's nose buried in your hot little cunt. I'm getting hard again honey. Are you up for another round?" He asked stroking his cock.

"Daddy, we should stop soon," she moaned oblivious of everything except the feel of Max's tongue digging away at her cunt. "It's no telling when Mom and Aaron will be home. Besides, Daddy, I am so dry right now from Max's tongue, I don't think I can get wet again."

"Nonsense, Pia. We've fucked many times in the past after Max licked your pussy clean."

"But normally I have time to lubricate myself again. Mom is going to be home any minute and I just can't cream instantly!" she exclaimed as she felt Max's tongue lick her ass before making his way back to her salty pussy again.

"Okay, sweetheart, come with me. We are going upstairs to your room. We can easily see from upstairs when your mother and brother pull into the garage. I need to feel your cunt around my cock again. It's stiff and I cannot greet your mother in this state.

Bill pulled Max's reluctant head away from Pia's crotch so that she could get up. Before they left the dining area, they looked around first to make sure that everything was in order before proceeding upstairs. With clothes in hand, they dashed up the stairs, taking the steps two at a time until they reached Pia's bedroom. Bill led his daughter to her bed and moved to the window. He pulled the curtains to one side and opened the window slightly to allow enough noise to penetrate the room, thus alerting them of an approaching car.

As Bill was taking care of the window, Pia laid on her back with her two fingers in her pussy, massaging her clit. Her pussy was slightly damp by the time her father joined her on the bed. Bill leaned into his daughter for a deep kiss. His tongue meshed with hers in a long probing deep kiss that felt like hours instead of several minutes.

"Are you ready for me, Pia? Are you ready to feel my stiff cock slam into your tight pussy?"

"Oh yes, Daddy. Give it to me. I want to feel your cock moving in and out of my cunt. Hurt me, Daddy. Hurt me bad. Put that stiff cock of yours inside my pussy, Daddy. I want to feel it now."

Without any further encouragement Bill plunged into his daughter's body without first checking to see if she was ready to receive him. Pia cried out loud at the savage intrusion but did nothing to push him away. Instead, Bill pounded away at her pussy, feeling the inner walls of her cunt tense around the base of his shaft. As he continued to slide his meat in and out of Pia, the bed began to squeak with each jerking movement.

"Now do you see why we can't ever fuck on your bed. It makes too much damn noise," Bills grunted.

"Fuck me harder, Daddy. Yes. That's it."

Grabbing her legs, Bill hooked them on either side of his arms, then leaned forward so that her knees were almost leveled with her face. Pia felt her father's cock more powerfully now as he continued to bang unmercifully into her. In and out, in and out Bill kept up the rhythm until the sound of a car in the garage forced him to quicken his pace.

"I'm coming, honey. I'm going to empty my load into your cunt right now." Bill said as his body tensed. He unhooked Pia's legs from over his arms and reached down, grabbed her by the sides of her face, and pushed his tongue deep into her mouth.

They turned and twisted on the bed until Bill emptied himself completely into his daughter. Reluctantly, Bill pulled himself away from her and began to dress in haste. At the door, he turned and blew her a kiss before closing the door behind him.

Pia languidly turned to her side to look at the time. She jumped up suddenly, put her robe on and rushed down the hall to the bathroom. Her mind was frantically working overtime as she was due to meet Josh at Tina's house in twenty minutes. The hot shower hit her sore body like needles. As she soaped her skin she recalled her father's fingers probing at her butt-hole and smiled secretly at the thought of Josh's hard cock moving in and out of her tight ass. 'I've got both my men completely pussy/ass-whipped,' she thought gleefully. Life couldn't be better, she mused with her father fucking her pussy and her boyfriend fucking her in the ass. This was her senior year in high school and Pia was determined to live it up to the fullest.

Once he was satisfied that the coast was clear, Aaron let himself out of Pia's closet. Still reeling from the scenes that he witnessed downstairs and in the room, Aaron kept shaking his head as though any minute he would wake up out of a dream. The last hour seemed so surreal to him. He made it to his room without anyone seeing him. He sat at the edge of his bed and looked down at his hands. He touched his face, his chest, his arms trying to determine in his mind that he was indeed awake and not dreaming.

Aaron stood up and went to the mirror on the wall. The person staring back at him was the same person who left the house three hours ago for softball practice. 'If only I had went to David's house. If only I had went out to get pizza with the rest of the guys after practice. If only...if only...if only,' he kept repeating over and over again in his head. He wished that he didn't witness what happened earlier. Scene after scene played so vividly in his head that he ran to the bed, threw himself down on it and covered his head with a pillow as though to shut them out.

He couldn't figure out which scene disgusted him more. Watching his father pushing his finger up Pia's ass, watching the dog lick at his sister's cunt, or watching as his father fuck his sister, first downstairs and then up in her room.

Pulling the pillow from his face, Aaron turned on his back and stared up at the cracks in the ceiling. He wondered how long they were screwing around and if his mother suspected anything. He wasn't sure what to do with the information he now had. He wished that he had never found. Because as much as he didn't want it to, he knew that things would be different. His first concern, however, was for his mother. Scenes of his father's cock plunging in and out of his sister's pussy kept playing over in his mind.

One thing obvious to Aaron was that his sister was not being forced by their father to perform sex with him. Aaron listened as his sister begged their father to fuck her and listened as she told him how hard she wanted it. He wondered if he should tell Pete but thought better of it. Pete was too busy enjoying the college life and probably wouldn't believe him anyway.

He heard voices downstairs and decided to sneak out of the house through the back way and come back in as though he had just arrived home. He poked his head out of his room to make sure that the coast was clear then ran down the stairs and out the door.

"Well he is not here," Bill told Samantha in a strained voice.

"What do you mean he is not here! I drove by the field to pick him up and David told me that he walked home."

"Maybe he stopped to get pizza or something and hooked up with a couple of his friends and lost track of time."

Samantha had a perplexed look on her face. "No, Aaron is more responsible than that, Bill. He would never go off somewhere and not let us know where he is," she said looking at her watch anxiously. "Do you think we should call the police?"

"Sammy, don't be ridiculous. The boy hasn't been gone that long."

"I can't help but be concerned, Bill," Samantha cried.

"Concerned about what?" Pia asked coming down the stairs.

"Your brother was suppose to be home by now," Samantha said as she turned to face her daughter. "David told me that he didn't want to hang out tonight and decided to come home."

"He probably ran into a few friends," Pia reasoned.

"That's what I told her. You are being a mother hen, Sammy. Let the boy grow up. It's time you cut the apron string," Bill said impatiently.

"That's easy for you to say, Bill. You've never been a mother."

"Oh God, here we go again."

"Will you two just stop it already! Aaron is fine. I am sure of it. The last thing he needs to see is you two fighting over him."

"You are right, Pia. Getting upset like this is doing nothing to help the situation. But," Samantha said turning to face her husband, "if he is not home in one hour, I am calling the police," she said stubbornly.

"I still say you are wasting your time and theirs, but fair enough," Bill compromised. "Let's give it an hour and then we will call."

"You look very pretty tonight, honey. Big date with Josh?" Samantha inquired.

"Not really. A bunch of us are gonna hang out at Tina's house tonight."

"At Tina's house?" Samantha asked. "Are her parents home? Will you guys be chaperoned?

"Oh Mom, that's so-turn-of-the-century."

"I don't care how old-fashioned it seems to you, but no daughter of mine is going to a house that is not supervised by adults," Samantha said firmly.

"Don't worry, Mom, Tina's parents are home," she lied. "Daddy," she said turning to face Bill. "Can I have some money, ya know, just in case we decide to go to a movie or something."

"Of course sweetheart."

The phone rang and Samantha went to answer it, turning her back to Bill and Pia.

"You look good enough to eat, honey," Bill whispered, glancing over Pia's shoulder, at his wife's back. "Spread your legs for me," Bill ordered.


"Just do it!"

Pia drew her legs apart and Bill reached under her skirt all the while keeping a firm eye on his wife's back. He pushed aside Pia's panty crotch and found her pussy with his fingers. He clawed his way into her tight hole, working his fingers back and forth.

"How does that feel, baby? How does it feel to have my fingers up in your cunt as your mother stands only a few feet away from us?"

A tiny whimper escaped from Pia's mouth. She lifted one leg off the ground as her father dug his fingers even deeper into her moistening crotch. He leaned forward so that his lips barely touched her ear.

"Don't you ever forget who this piece of ass belongs to."

"It's not likely that I will forget, Daddy, especially now as my cunt is aching from your poking fingers," she said breathlessly.

"Good," he said before pulling his fingers out of her snatch. He counted out five ten-dollar bills with the fingers that were in his daughter's cunt and passed them to her with a trail of her pussy juice on them.

>From somewhere in the house they heard a door slam shut. They both turned around to see Aaron coming through the kitchen from the back door.

"Hi everyone," he said trying his best to avoid eye contact with his father and sister.

"Where have you been, squirt. You had Mom worried."

"I was at the arcade for a little while," he stated looking at his mother the whole time.

Samantha told whomever she was talking to one the phone that she would call them back and turned to face her son.

"Where were you, young man. You had me worried."

"Sorry, Mom. I didn't mean to worry you. Just stopped by the arcade for a minute and didn't realize how late it had gotten."

"Well the important things is that you are home now. Why don't you get washed up? I should have dinner ready in about twenty minutes."

"What are we having?"

"Leftover lasagna, garlic bread and a salad. I take it you are not staying for dinner, are you, Pia?"

"No. I'm meeting Josh and the others over at Tina's house."

"Drive carefully," Samantha said.

"I will, Mom," she said kissing first her mother and then her father. She let her hand brush lightly against the front of her father's pants and Bill stiffened instantly. Pia looked deep into her father's eyes and read the message that was there. She knew that when she got home that night her father would be waiting in her room to tear her pussy to threads.

Unbeknownst to them, Aaron watched the exchanged between father and daughter and then glanced over to see if his mother saw what he had seen. But he noticed that she didn't. He couldn't believe how blind his mother was to what was going on, but then, he thought, 'if I hadn't witnessed what I did tonight, I would be just as blind as Mom was,' he reasoned with himself.

"I'll walk you to your jeep, Sis," Aaron offered.

As they went through the front door, Pia turned and gave her father a long sultry look before closing the door behind her. She was glad that Aaron decided to walk her to the jeep because something was bothering her and she needed to clear it up with him. "Aaron, where you in my room tonight?"

"No," he said quickly. His heart slammed forcefully against his chest. "Why do you asked?" he inquired.

Pia shrugged her shoulders. "Just curious, that's all."

"Yeah, but why would you ask me if I was in your room."

"You said you weren't so what's the big deal."

"The big deal is, you've never asked me if I've been in your room before. Why now?"

"Earlier when Dad and I were here in the house alone, did you by chance come home early?"

"No. Why?"

They had reached the jeep and Pia turned to look her brother in the eyes. She stood there staring at him and when Aaron couldn't take it any more, he looked away. He knew that his expression must have given something away because the next words Pia spoke made his heart leap into his throat.

"You saw us didn't you, Aaron?" Pia asked with a short laugh. "You saw us in the dining room and when that wasn't enough for you, you made a beeline for my bedroom to watch some more. You were the noise that Daddy and I heard earlier, weren't you? So tell me, Bro," Pia said leaning casually against the door of the jeep, "did you like what you saw? Did you get hard watching?"

"I don't' know what you mean," Aaron managed.

"Look," Pia said glancing at her watch, "I don't have time to play games with you. Did you or did you not see Dad and me earlier?"

"Pia, I told you I don't know what you are talking about. See you and Dad do what? I just came in from meeting my friends at the arcade," he said in a not too convincing voice.

"Sure you did Aaron," Pia said as she opened the car door and climbed in. Suddenly she reached out and grabbed him by the arm.

"Ouch," he cried out.

"You listen to me, you little shit," Pia said in a deliberate voice. "Don't fuck with me, you got it! You keep your mouth shut and you better not let on to anyone and I mean anyone, about what you saw tonight."

"But I didn't see anything. Let go...you're hurting me!" He said and twisted his arm out of Pia's grasp and rubbed his arm. "What the hell has gotten into you?"

"Daddy got into me Aaron and you know it. Don't play innocent with me because I know you saw us. And if you are planning on running to Mommy dearest with this little piece of news, I'll see to it that you live to regret it."

With that parting shot, Pia started to back her jeep out of the garage. She glanced over at her younger brother who was still standing at the curb rubbing his sore arm.

"You're a bitch, Pia and God is going to punish you and Dad for what you are doing?"

"So you do admit it," she said triumphantly.

"Yes I admit it. I saw you both. How could you, Pia? Doesn't Josh satisfy you? And why Dad?"

"You really want to know, little brother?"


"Because I saw Daddy fucking Mom once when I was fifteen and I liked what I saw and I wanted him to do the same thing to me. So I seduced him. I like the way his cock feels inside my cunt, little brother. Hey, who knows, maybe one day we should have a go at it. You might find that you like big sister's cunt as much as Daddy does."

"You are nothing but a bitch in heat. How could you do this to Mom! She is our mother, Pia. Doesn't that mean anything to you?"

"First of all, I am not doing anything to Mom and second, of course it means something to me. It means that I get to fuck Daddy when she is not around. And by the way," she said as she continued to back the jeep out of the garage, "Your bat and gloves are sitting on my closet floor where you left them."


The party was in full swing by the time Pia pulled up in front of Tina's house. Josh saw her jeep and ran down the steps to meet her. She was barely out of the jeep when he swung her up in his arms and gave her an open mouth kiss. As he kissed her deeply he began to fondly her in front of his friends. He reached up between them and stroked her breasts giving each globe a generous squeeze. His hands then traveled down the length of her body before encircling her waist. Josh grabbed her ass and squeezed the mounds before massaging each one in a circular motion.

"Well I can tell you are glad to see me," Pia said breathlessly as Josh released her lips.

"What took so long. I was getting worried."

"No need to worry. I told you that I would be here and I always keep my word."

"I thought maybe that your father was hassling you. I know he doesn't approve of me and I thought he was giving you a hard time about seeing me tonight."

"I can handle my father, Josh. Daddy just doesn't want to share me with anyone else right now. He is very possessive and it will take me a bit of time to wean him away from such emotions."

"Good. Are you ready to give me a piece of ass, woman?"

"Of course, Josh."

"I mean, Pia, are you ready to let me fuck your pussy. I know that you are not a virgin, so why wouldn't you let me screw you properly?"

"Because I like it when you fuck my ass."

As they made their way up the stairs and into the house, Tina greeted Pia with a smile.

"I thought I was going to have to sent the Calvary to get you. The big guy here," Tina said pointing to Josh, "was getting worried that your Dad would give you a hard time about seeing him tonight."

"Like I told Josh, Tina I can handle my father quite nicely. Right now he is the least of my problems."

"What's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing I can't handle. My baby brother is giving me a hard time and I have to nip it in the bud before it escalates."

"Giving you a hard time about what?" Tina asked.

"It's a family thing. Anyway, I am here to have some fun, not talk about Aaron. Where is Dante, by the way?"

"He's around here somewhere. But don't worry, I'm sure he will make a point to hook up with you tonight," Tina said as she gave Josh a knowing look.

"Good. I look forward to seeing him. Now where's the booze!"

It was around ten-thirty when Josh and Pia finally found their way upstairs to one of the spare bedrooms. They groped and kissed each other until they landed on a bed where they continued with their frantic pawing.

When at last they were both naked, Josh spread Pia's legs wide on the bed and drove his tongue into the moist core of her body. She shuddered and ran her hands into his hair, pushing his head even closer to her canal. Pia dug her heels into the mattress as she raised her ass slightly off the bed to offer her pussy more fully to Josh's eager mouth.

"You have such a fucking beautiful pussy, Pia. Why don't you let me fuck it?"

"How bad do you want to push your cock in my cunt, Josh?"

"So bad that I can taste it. Literally."

"Go ahead, then. Put it in."

Josh stood still staring at her. He couldn't believe that he heard her correctly and asked her to repeat what she said.

"I said fuck me, Josh. Put your stiff, hard cock into my warm, tight pussy. What are you waiting for? That's what you want isn't it?

Josh did not wait for another urging. He flipped Pia over on her stomach and pushed her to her knees. With her ass and pussy vulgarly displayed, Josh admired the long slit between her plump pussy lips. He pushed one of his fingers inside her tight cunt, moving it back and forth, back and forth to make sure that she was wet enough to receive him. Josh pulled his finger from her pussy and held it up to his nose to inhale her scent before licking it clean.

At the same time, Pia couldn't help but compare her father to Josh and how different it was when her father took her from behind. For one thing, her father after checking briefly to make sure that she was wet would plunge his cock in like a man diving into a swimming pool. She enjoyed those fuck sessions with her father best because she loved it when her pussy got viciously plowed.

After Josh was satisfied that Pia's cunt was wet enough to received him, he nudged his organ at the entrance of her. Using the tip of his cock, Josh poked at her cunt lips before easing his shaft inside. As Pia felt him enter her body, she readjusted her knees to spread her legs wider to accommodate his cock. Once he was buried deep in her, Josh stood perfectly still to savor the tight, warm feel of Pia's pussy around him.

The bedroom door opened, inviting in the noise from the party. Josh looked around to see who had opened the door and found that his best friend, Dante had come into the room. After shutting the door behind him, Dante stood to one side and watched the scene before him.

Dante was Tina's boyfriend and after a year of going steady with Tina, Dante had decided that it was time for Tina to share her pussy with Josh. Josh and Tina had been fucking on and off for the past six months, always with Dante in the room either watching as his girlfriend's pussy got drilled viciously by Josh's shaft or participating by having his cock sucked as his best friend ravaged her. Dante knew that once Josh got Pia broken in that she too would have to share her cunt with Dante and hopefully all four would have their own private little party.

"Well who was that?" Pia asked.

"No one. I think it was just someone trying to find the bathroom and opened the wrong door. He quickly shut the door once he realized it was the wrong room," Josh explained all the while looking at Dante and motioning him to take his pants off while remaining quiet.

Naked from the waist down, Dante began to massage his rapidly hardening cock as he watched Josh move slowly in and out of Pia's glistening pussy. From where he stood, he got a good view of Josh's cock working it's way in and out of Pia's cunt. Dante massaged his cock in rhythm to Josh's hip movements and watched as the outer lips of Pia's pussy glided back and forth with ease. To get an even better view of cock and pussy, Dante tentatively eased his way forward, dropping to his knees and crawled to the edge of the bed. He looked up from the angle on the floor and watched the rocking motion of Josh's cock sliding with naturalness back and forth in Pia's cunt.

"Pia, could you lean forward further on the bed so that your ass sticks further up in the air? Yes...just like that. How does that feel? Can you hear your pussy singing to me as I move my cock back and forth? That's how wet you are, Pia. Now listen to me, I don't want you to move from your position, okay? I am going to pull my cock out for a minute. Your pussy is so wet and I want to wipe off some of your juices before I put it back in," he said motioning to Dante to get up, step forward and take position at the entrance of Pia's gaping box.

"Okay, but hurry. I need to feel your cock in side me again. If I knew how good it would feel, I would have let you fuck my pussy instead of my ass a long time ago. Hurry," she said as she buried her face in the mountain of pillows on the bed.

She felt Josh pull out of her and a brief gush of air fill her steaming cunt. Her knees began to tremble with anticipation. She felt Josh sliding her towards him until part of her legs was dangling over the edge of the bed. Since she could not see what was going on behind her, she waited patiently as Josh took care of his dick and then without warning she felt a warm, solid cock sliding back into her cooling cunt. Pia smiled realizing the difference in size and moaned seductively into the pillows as the pounding meat drove her body deeper and deeper into the mattress.

"Ahhh, yes. That's it. Fuck my pussy. Give it to me harder and deeper. Your cock is magnificent; it seemed to have gotten bigger inside my pussy. Yes, yes, ummm, oh God, your cock is doing some serious damage to my cunt. Fuck, fuck, fuck," she said over and over again.

Pia rotated her hips in cadence to the pounding flesh between her legs. She felt warm, firm hands grip her butt cheeks, squeezing them together and pulling them apart with each thrust. She heard the same silky sound her pussy made when her father banged her from behind and she closed her eyes, relishing in the heated sensation created by the cock piercing her pussy.

Meanwhile, Dante closed his eyes at the exquisite pleasure of banging his best friend's girlfriend. He felt the warm tightness of Pia's cunt surrounding his cock and he drove his tool harder and faster into her. He glanced over at Josh who was holding his cock in his hand as he watched Dante's meat move in and out of Pia's delicate flesh.

"I'm going to come soon, Pia," Josh said as his hand moved up and down the length of his cock while he watched his best friend move in and out of Pia's cunt. "I'm going to shoot my load right into that beautiful plump pussy of yours," he continued as though he was the one riding Pia's hole.

Dante looked back at Josh who was standing in the corner of the room watching them fuck. Dante nodded his head twice to indicate to Josh that he was ready to come in Pia's tight twat. He turned his head back around to put all his energy back into banging Josh's girlfriend and he ran his hands admirable over the round smoothness of her ass. Dante couldn't believe he was about to shoot his load into Pia's hot cunt.

As much as he loved Tina and enjoyed fucking her, Dante could not help but be envious of Josh's good fortune in finding Pia months ago. Josh had told him it was by pure luck running into her at her father's office and that after that first meeting, things steadily went uphill for them. There were a few problems with her father, but Josh told him that Pia was handling the situation. What Dante admired most about Pia was her free spirit and her willingness to try things. He couldn't understand why her father would want to suppress her wild streak. Dante watched the way Pia interacted with other people. She was warm, open and friendly and he noticed that people were naturally drawn to her. She excited him and stirred heated passion in him that Tina had yet to accomplish. As the pressure in his balls built up, Dante tried to slow his pace down so that his cock could remain hard a bit longer in Pia's delicious cunt. In the background he heard Josh telling Pia that he as about to come soon.

Dante knew that he had to keep pace with Josh's words and as he tensed his butt cheeks, he shot his load into Pia's cunt. He held on tightly to her hips, digging his fingers into the meaty flesh of her ass.

"Oh yes, give me all of your come," Pia said as she wiggled her cunt into the rapidly deflating member. She buried her head deeper into the pillows and groaned with satisfaction as the semi-hard cock slipped out of her pussy. Without warning she felt a couple of fingers sliding back and forth in her warm hole and sighed with content.

As Josh's fingers were working their magic between Pia's pussy lips, it gave Dante enough time to wipe the fuck juice from his cock before putting his pants back on. When he was ready to leave, Dante mouthed to Josh that Pia's pussy was very good and left closing the door behind him.

"Are you going to tell me again that someone else peeked into the wrong room?" Pia asked slyly.

"I didn't get to see who it was," Josh said as he pulled his fingers out of Pia's cunt. He rolled Pia over on the bed, spread her legs and buried his tongue in her. Pia dug her heels in the bed as she reached down and drew Josh's head deeper into her aching cunt.

"Ummm, that's it, Josh. Lick my pussy clean," she moaned, her eyes rolling back into her head.

Josh licked from the crack of her ass, occasionally sticking his tongue in her bum hole and worked his way up to her pussy lips, sucking and nibbling on her pussy hairs. He spread her legs wide to dip his tongue deep into the nicely stretch gap caused by Dante's cock and sucked his best friend's seed from Pia's pussy. He lapped at her pussy until there was no more come left and pulled his face away from her inflamed crotch.

He looked down at Pia's pussy to admire the pink, puffy flesh. He buried his nose in her and inhaled the raw sexual smell of come, pussy and saliva. He did not relieve himself when Dante was banging away at Pia and he was hard and throbbing. He climbed up and over Pia's body and guided his cock to the entrance of her pussy.

Pia tensed as Josh probed her with his shaft. She was not wet but the idea of Josh entering her bone-dry pussy was exciting. She lifted her legs in the air, bending them at the knees to allow better access. She felt Josh push his rod half way in, then out, then in again until the sandpaper-type feeling in her pussy had disappeared.

Lying fully on her body now, Josh heaved his ass up and down on top of Pia. He held her hands above her head and crushed her mouth with his in a deep, intense kiss. He continued to drive his cock up and down, in and out of her well-used cunt oblivious of the fact that her pussy was aching.

In the back of her mind, Pia thought about what was waiting for her at home. She knew that she could not let her father know that she had been fucking someone else and she was not sure how she was going to pull it off when he came to her room that night. On top of that she worried about Aaron and what he might say to their mother. Amid all these confusing thoughts, Pia was fully aware of Josh's cock putting a serious hurt on her tender flesh.

She groaned loudly in his ear each time he pulled out of her body and slammed back in again. As his cock moved up and down, the friction that it caused her clitoris was painful and she was relieved when he finally released his load in her. He stayed on top of her for a few moments before rolling to one side.

Pia glanced at the clock when she sat up and indicated to Josh that it was time for her to go home. They both cleaned up, got dressed and made their way back downstairs where the party was still in full swing. Pia spotted Tina and Dante on the dance floor and waved to them that she was leaving. She watched as they made their way through dancing couples and stood in front of her and Josh.

"You're leaving so soon?" Tina inquired.

"I'm afraid I have to. You know how my father is and I don't want to get grounded over this."

"But the party is just getting started. Isn't it, Dante?" Tina offered, turning to her boyfriend.

"Tina is right. Can't you guys stay a bit longer? I didn't even get the chance to dance with you tonight, Pia," he noticed.

"Maybe some other time, Dante. Beside, I'm sure we will be dancing a lot more in the future. Don't you agree, Josh?" Pia said turning to face him.

"Yeah, sure," he said absently.

"Well anyway, thank you for inviting me over and being such a gracious hostess, Tina."

"No problem, Pia. I hope we can get together soon."

"I see us getting together a lot in the future from now on," Dante injected.

"Do you now?" Pia flirted and turned to walk in the direction of the front door.

"Yes I do," Dante shot back. "Hey buddy," he said looking at Josh, "you're not leaving yet are you?"

"No. I'm going to walk my girl to her car and be right back. I know that we still have some unfinished business to take care of," Josh said looking directly at Tina who stood by blushing at the comment.

"Can it tell you, man," Dante whispered as he watched Tina walk ahead to catch up with Pia, "That's one nice piece of ass you've got there, Bud. I am sure you know this already, but her pussy fitted like a warm glove around my cock. I can't wait to fuck her again."

"That makes two of us. Pia has a cunt built for fucking and it's all mine."

"I agree. What did you two do after I left the room?" he wanted to know.

"I ate her pussy, licked all your come out of her then I fucked her again. By the way she was groaning, I knew that she was sore and as I worked my cock in and out of her cunt, she didn't complain once. She just lay there and let me enjoy her. I tell you, Dante, I am so glad I bumped into her that day in her father's office.

As Josh walked a little ahead of him, Dante couldn't help but wish that he had met Pia first. He could literally still feel her warm pussy around his cock and the thought made him harden instantly. He walked up just in time to hear Tina and Pia say their good-byes.

"We'll do this again soon, don't worry," Pia assured Tina. "As for you," she said turning to face Dante, "I'll see you soon as well," she said reaching up to give him a hug. She turned her face slightly inward so that her mouth rested against his ear. "By the way, your cock was magnificent tonight," she said wickedly before blowing gently into his ear.

When she pulled away, Pia saw the confused, stunned looks on Dante's face but she only smiled and waved goodnight. At the car, she kissed Josh good night, giving his dick a healthy squeeze and promised to call him the next day. As she drove away, she waved good bye but soon her mind was turned to the situation she had at home with Aaron and to her father, whom she knew was probably waiting patiently for her to come home.


She was relieved to find her room empty when she got home. After turning the lights on, she immediately went to the mirror to check her appearance. Her face was flush and her skin was red and blotchy. She knew her father would be suspicious of her appearance so she made a beeline to the bathroom and took a quick shower. When she returned to her room, she found her brother sitting on the bed waiting for her.

"I'm glad you are here," she stated carefully.

"Oh," Aaron said inquiringly.

"We need to talk about what you saw earlier and since you are here, I assume you feel the same way," she said sitting down on the bed next to him. "You are not a little kid anymore, Aaron so I am not going to patronize you by talking to you like one. I first want to say to you that I love Mom and Daddy and secondly, I would never do anything to hurt them."

"Then why are fucking Dad, Pia. Sorry if I am being blunt but as you pointed out, I am not a child anymore. I've had sex you know."


"But we are not here to discuss me. How could you let something like this happen? Did Dad force himself on you? Is that it?"

"No, Aaron. It's like I told you before...one day I saw Daddy fucking Mom and I wanted him to fuck me too."

"But why? How?"

"I don't know how to explain it Aaron. It's just a feeling that I had. I didn't see him as my father...I mean...I did but I didn't. I don't know. All I know for certain is that I wanted him to do to me what he was doing to Mom.But one thing you need to understand and that is I was the one who pursued Daddy, not the other way around. He fought me right from the start but eventually he gave in after I presented myself to him in a very provocative way."

"But you are a very pretty girl, Pia. Even if you are my sister."

"Hey, thanks a lot, Squirt," she said playfully.

"I mean, you could get any guy you want. Doesn't Josh satisfy you? I know his Mom doesn't like you very much, but that shouldn't stop you from having a relationship with him if you wanted to," he reasoned.

"You are right, his mother doesn't like me, but I've dealt with her so she wouldn't be giving me any problems. Can I ask you something, Aaron?" Pia said in a calculated voice.


"Would it be possible for you to forget what you saw earlier. I know I said some pretty mean things to you before I left for the party tonight, but I didn't mean them."

"If you are asking me not to tell Mom then I wouldn't, but," he said quickly as Pia reached over to give him a grateful hug, "I'm not saying this is going to be easy, but you are going to have to break things off with Dad at some point. This can't continue."

"I know," she said in feigned remorse. My relationship with Josh is going so well right now and I don't want anything to mess it up. Whenever Josh comes around, Daddy is always in a foul mood."

"I never understood why before, but now I do. He is very possessive of you, Pia. You can't keep carrying like this with Dad and stay in a relationship with Josh too."

"I know and I am working on a way to get myself out of this situation. All I ask, Aaron is that you keep my secret and never tell anyone. You don't know how sorry I am that all this got started," she said sweetly.

"Don't worry, Sis. I love you and of course I will keep the secret. But you have to promise me that you will break things off with Dad. I mean after all, Dad is Dad. I'm glad we had this talk. Goodnight, Sis and sleep tight," he said getting to his feet and walking to the door.

"Good night, Aaron. You are the best brother a girl could have," she said smartly.

At the door Aaron turned to face her. "Do you promise that you will break things off with Dad?" he asked expectantly.

"Of course I promise," she said knowing full well that she had no intentions of keeping the promise.

It was around three-thirty in the morning when Pia felt her father's mouth between her legs. She tensed as she felt his tongue grazing her swollen clit before working it's way deep into the center of her hole. She turned fully on her back and spread her legs so that he could gain better access to her cunt. As she felt him licking and probing her with his tongue, she wondered if he could tell that she had been fucking tonight. Maybe, she thought, he would think that it was from their earlier sessions why she was sore.

As her father continued to eat her pussy, she thought about the conversation she had with Aaron. She congratulated herself on how well she handled the situation and felt pretty confident that her little brother would keep his mouth shut.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt her father's hands squeezing and pinching at her breasts. He had kissed his way up her body and took each pointed peak in his mouth and sucked them until they were both hard and stiff. They throbbed slightly but it was a good ache. Pia loved having rough sex with her father. She of all people knew that he only fucked her viciously because he had to be gentle with Samantha. As he released the nipple he was sucking on, he fitted himself between her legs, nudging her legs apart as far as they could go.

"Your pussy is very tender tonight, Pia. Have you been a naughty girl?"

Her heart slammed hard against her chest. "No, Daddy. I must've rubbed it too hard when I took a shower tonight," she said praying that he believed her.

"That's too bad, sweetheart, because I plan to viciously fuck your cunt tonight. All night long I waited for you to come home. My mind was going crazy wondering who was touching your body, wondering if Josh was grinding his cock against you as you danced, stroking your breasts as he leaned in to give you a kiss and sticking his tongue down your throat. Those thoughts were driving me crazy, Pia," he said grabbing her by the hair hard and forcing her head back.

"Daddy, none of those things happened tonight. How could I possible let Josh or anyone touch me when you've spoiled me for anyone else," she lied. "All I though about is your cock working in and out of me, your hands rubbing and squeezing my breasts until they hurt and your mouth eating my pussy. No one could ever fuck or eat me the way you do, Daddy. I belong to you," she said trying to appease him.

"Oh God, Pia," he said, his voice hoarse and trembling as though he was about to cry, "I don't know what I would ever do without you. All I want to do is fuck you all the time. Your mother doesn't even satisfy me anymore, at least, not since I got a taste of your sweet flesh. Day and night all I think about is fucking you until you bleed. I love you Pia and I'll never let you go," he said with a certain amount of conviction.

As Pia listened to her father, she looked up at the dark ceiling, a big smile on her face. Dragging her to the floor, Bill once again positioned himself between her legs and slid his cock inch by inch into her pussy. Pia winced a little but did not pull away. With his cock buried in her, Bill began to move forcefully between his daughter's legs. He grabbed her legs and threw them over his shoulders causing his cock to go deeper into Pia's cunt.

"How does that feel, honey? Can Daddy satisfy is little girl or what?" he asked as his pace increased.

Pia's pussy was on fire. She had been fucking all night and even though she was well lubricated, her father's cock moving back and forth against the thin walls of her pussy was causing some serious damage to her inflamed cunt. She moved her head from side to side, moaning and groaning. She knew she couldn't tell him to stop, lest he would get suspicious and she hoped that he was not going to have Max lick her with his sandpaper tongue.

Bill continued to pump away at Pia's cunt mindless of the discomfort it was causing her. All he knew was that it felt good to be in his daughter's body and continued fucking her with all his might. He slammed so hard into her that his balls smacked loudly against her ass. He heard the familiar sounds of her pussy popping each time he withdrew and pushed back in. He felt Pia wrap her arms tightly around his neck as he continued to drill her cunt with his cock. He knew he was going to come soon and pumped harder and faster against his daughter's snatch.

Finally, unable to contain his come, Bill stilled his body and released all the pent-up frustration he had put himself through earlier while thinking about Pia and Josh. As his body drained, Bill lifted his head and gave his daughter a long deep tongue kiss before removing himself from her body.

"Is Max going to eat me tonight, Daddy? She asked holding her breath.

"No, honey. It's late. Max will get at your pussy another night? Besides as I was fucking you, I could tell that you were sore. Every time I moved my cock in and out of you, I felt the walls of your pussy tightened around me. You haven't let Josh fuck you have you, Pia?"

"No, Daddy. Josh still thinks I am a virgin," she said glad that her father could not see her face in the darken room.

"Good. Make sure he continues to think that way. The minute he starts to get serious with you, I want you to break it off. Understood?

"Of course, Daddy. Whatever makes you happy," she said knowing that she was digging herself deeper and deeper into an impossible situation.

"Would you like me to help you clean up, sweetheart?"

"No, Daddy. I'll be fine," she replied coming to her feet.

She walked her father to the door and lifted her mouth for a kiss. Bill fingered her cunt one last time before he closed the door behind him. Pia leaned her back against the door and sighed, closing her eyes. She knew that she was walking a tightrope with her father and Josh.

She loved her father and she loved Josh too. And still in the back of her mind was the threat that her secret would be revealed. Pia was pretty sure that she handled the situation with Aaron and she knew that Erma would keep her mouth shut. But the danger she now faced was her father ever finding out that her relationship with Josh was more serious than she had let on.

After cleaning herself up, Pia went back to her bed. She glanced over at the clock, which read four forty-five in the morning. She had given up on getting any sleep but was glad that the next day was Saturday. Pia knew that in time she would have to come to a resolution between her father and Josh. She wasn't sure exactly what she was going to do especially since she enjoyed fucking them both. And on top of it all, Josh threw Dante in the picture. She wasn't sure where that little complication would lead but knew that Dante was a good fuck and wondered if Josh had dipped his cock in Tina's hole.

Pia smiled at the past events of last evening. She had three different cocks doing some serious damage to her tender pussy and of course there was Max whose tongue could not be compared to a human's. As she buried her head in the pillow, she thought about how much she loved to fuck. Pia knew it would be a long while before she gave her father up for good.

In her heart, she also knew that her mother would eventually find out about the incestuous relationship, but Pia did not want her to find out from Aaron or Erma. Pia began to plan for the day that her mother would find out about her and her father. She knew she would have to plan it so that her father was either pumping her pussy with cock or on his knees eating her cunt. Either way, Pia was excited about the havoc it would create.

First Time With Daddy
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