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Addicted to Rape

I was raped at 12 by my father. It was the night of my birthday. He told me it was his present to me, and laughed as he drove himself cruelly into my virgin pussy. Again and again his huge cock ripped into me as my mother held my arms over my head. Pinning my arms wasn't needed really since I couldn't have resisted him anyway. She did it for her own pleasure. My screams of agony and fear, were music to her. At one point, she buried my face against her sopping evil smelling hole, commanding me to eat her, as my father violated me from behind. Soon, I felt his sperm gush into my damaged pussy. He bellowed like a bull as he shot his seed into me. My mother bucked her pelvis against my face in her own orgasm. They left me bleeding and sobbing on my bed.

For the next month. The rapes continued on almost a nightly basis, only sometimes with variations. It might happen suddenly as I was putting the dinner dishes away. My mother pinning me against the kitchen counter. Her tongue buried in my mouth as she shoved a finger or two inside my pussy. My father coming in soon after to take part. Or on the couch watching T.V. my father grabbing me by my hair, forcing my mouth to his cock. Using my mouth as if it were a pussy. Sometimes, I would be forced to service one, only to later be attacked by the other. Or they would enjoy me together. My mother seemed to enjoy using her big strapon dildo's on my tiny pussy the most. Urging me to beg for more, telling her how much I enjoyed it. Most of these rapes were video taped so they could watch, and enjoy them later.

My father died near the end of that month in an automobile accident. I remember I cried, but even then, I wondered why? It didn't feel true. Three day's later. My mother introduced me to my new daddy.

His big fat body heaving over me. His sweat dripping on my body as he shoved his cock inside me. My hands went to the small of his back. My hips pushing up to meet the thrust's. I felt the stinging blow of my mother's hand against my face. The slap ringing in my ear's.

"Whore," she hissed at me. "You're not to enjoy it, slut! Lay there and take it!"

I lay passive as my new daddy fucked me. After he had emptied his juice in me, and my mother had had her use of me. I lay alone in my bed. My fingers grinding furiously over my clit. My mouth stuffed with the end of my pillow to stifle my moans.

A few nights later as I had my mouth enveloped over my new daddy's cock. Sucking slowly, working my tongue around on the underside of his shaft. My hand stole down between my legs, feeling the wetness there. Using the lubrication from my pussy to moisten my finger. I began slowly working in over my clit in small circles. Little moans escaped my mouth from around his cock head as the pressure built inside my canal, working up to a glow in my stomach, and back down again.

The moans reached my mother's ears as she was adjusting the large ebony strapon around her waist. Grabbing me violently by my hair. She jerked my mouth of daddy's cock. Spitting into my still open mouth she began slapping me viciously across my face. The sharp blows of her hand sent my orgasm to the peak. A sobbing moan left my mouth as my knees sagged. Thinking it was due to her slaps, she let me sink to the floor. Docile, I let her position me on my knees and hands. My daddy's cock once again firmly between my lips, as she violently shoved the plastic black cock into my ass.

A year passed with hardly any break in the routine. The only difference was different daddies. My newest daddy was by far the most attentive to me, and I loved him as any good daughter would.

Alone at night in my room. The warm feeling of my daddy's seed leaking from one or both of my stretched out hole's. Or the sticky taste of it in my mouth. I would masturbate furiously remembering the feel of his large black cock as it hit areas inside me that had never before been touched. The feel of his large hand as it struck me again and again. My head reeling back and forth from the blows. Pulling my hair hard from behind, as he rode me anally. His other hand reaching around and cruelly twisting my hard nipple, or pulling down on my small budding breasts. Almost always with him. It was impossible for me to keep from crying out from the explosion of my orgasms. Rarely did this go unnoticed by my mother were as she would beat me violently only increasing my exctasy. Eventually, that daddy was gone as well.

For almost three months before my 15th birthday. There wasn't a daddy around to care for me. For the first month it was only my mother. She was obviously frustrated with the lack of a daddy for me, so her attentions became more sever towards me. Finding me things to do with me. Clamps and weight's for my nipples and labia. Straps to bind and suspend me as she whipped me with assorted items. All sorts of different things of larger and larger sizes to insert in my pussy and ass. Introducing me to intense enemas. Me doubled over in pain, cramping, my belly hugely extended from the water. Plugs inserted to keep the water in as she used my mouth for her toilet. This was new to me, and I learned to protest, crying, begging not to be made to do those horrible disgusting acts. So they would continue. I hoped my next daddy would enjoy having me as his toilet too.

Into the second month. My mother brought home a huge vicious looking dog.

"Say hello to your new daddy Beth," she instructed me.

My mother let go of the leash holding the huge brute. It bounded to me quickly, knocking me to the floor. I rolled over to my hands and knees in an effort to get up to run. In a flash, it was on my back, it's forelegs wrapped tightly around my middle. I attempted to gain my feet. A warning growl issued from its jaws. I froze. Always being made to remain nude around the house. My pussy was exposed to it. It began humping against me. Soon I could feel its cock becoming erect and attempting to invade me. Several times, to my horror, it almost entered my ass. After numerous failures, it found the entrance to my cunt.

With a massive lunge, it's penis rammed roughly into me. I was pinned up against the couch; my head on the cushions as it fucked me without mercy, violently. No thought for me or the pain it caused. Instinct driving it to breed me. Its cock seemed to continue to grow. I was already shocked at the size of it. I was certain; I had not received all of its length yet. There seemed to be a bulge further down on its shaft, which hadn't been able to penetrate me. I was right! Another lunge and I felt like my poor abused cunt was being ripped totally apart! My scream filled the room as the huge beast and myself joined together. Locked by its passion to impregnate me. We remained joined like that for what seemed an eternity. Hot jets of its sperm filled my pussy continuously. I could feel some running down along the inside of my thighs. My orgasm from this unique rape was overwhelming! I fell in love with my new daddy and pleased him whenever I could. My pussy, mouth, and even later my ass became available to him as a good loving daughter should.

Over the years, I had an endless string of daddy's. By 16 my mother had started to show less and less interest in me. I was forced to more often search out new daddies. Often in-groups. One new pleasure is walking alone late at night down in the dark dirty alleys downtown. A favorite place is next to the homeless shelter. The small, dead end alley next to it being perfect for the rape of my body. No escape for me as the huge group, dirty stinking and in need of a loving daughter like me, violate me endlessly. Forcing their unwashed cocks into my wet, open, and despite my struggles, willing holes. Often there are mangy canine brutes there too wanting to take part in the rape. It is heaven.

The end.

Brawl Incest
Family quarrels can be hot! See strict moms and dads punishing their
misbehaving scions real rough at Brawl Incest!

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