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A Joyful Experience

The house was dark and their parents were long in bed as 16-year-old Jason crept down the hallway to his little sister's room. He knew Joy would be awake, waiting for him, just as she had been every night for the last week or so... ever since he'd caught her one afternoon with her school dress up around her tits and her panties around her ankles, rubbing her hot little 14-year-old pussy to orgasm. Being the loving, caring brother that he was, he'd quickly shown his horny little sister how much more fun she could have with a stiff, constantly-horny teenage cock. She was a VERY willing student!

As Jason entered her room, Joy grabbed him around the neck, and began ripping his shirt open. She'd really turned into a cock-crazy little slut once he'd taken her cherry, and Jason loved it. What horny young teenager his age wouldn't have a permanent hard-on at the thought of such a hot, willing 14-year-old pussy... on tap... right under his own roof!

Joy was sucking on her brother's neck, and lightly pushing her tongue into his ear. As usual, Jason could feel his cock responding to his sister's onslaught. The blood began pumping into his prick, and it began to grow, lengthen, pressing against the fabric of his pajamas.

Jason pulled his sister around, and started kissing her hot little mouth, his tongue probing deeply. Joy began to suck on Jason's tongue, and she couldn't get over how wonderful it felt! If anyone had told her a week ago, that she'd enjoy tongue kissing her own brother, she'd have thought they were crazy!

Joy felt Jason's hand part her robe, and grab one tiny breast. He started to knead it, rolling the nipple between his finger and thumb. Jason squeezed and pulled his little sister's nipple, and twisted it really hard. He knew Joy loved it! He couldn't twist or pinch it hard enough.

Jason reached down, and pulled his sister's tight young ass cheeks apart. He had a handful of her ass in each hand, and he squeezed these really hard. Joy could feel her body juices flowing uncontrollably down her legs as her brother aroused her with his fingers.

With a bit of maneuvering, Jason could get his fingers into the crack of Joy's ass. His fingers ran up and down the crack, playing with his sister's tiny pink ass-hole. Jason would insert just a little bit of his finger there, and he could feel Joy's ass clenching and opening on his digit. He just loved it! The harder he pulled at his sister's ass, the more turned on she got! It really turned him on, too!

Joy kept getting wetter and wetter. It seemed like everything Jason did turned her on! She had never had anyone do these things to her before. She had put her own finger up her ass before as she masturbated, but it never felt half as good as it felt when her brother stuck his finger in her puckering anus. Joy hoped that Jason would stick his finger further up her ass, and fuck it. She knew that her brother loved it, too, because he kept doing it over and over. She gasped when Jason finally slid his middle finger into her ass, all the way to the second knuckle.

"Yeeesssss!" she hissed between her clenched teeth, "stick it in my ass. Oh, Jason, I love it!"

"You bet, Sis! I love it, too. Your asshole feels so nice and tight! Just like your hot little cunt!"

Joy began to unfasten Jason's pajama pants, and finally he helped her get rid of his shirt as well. Joy shrugged, and her filmy robe fell to the carpeted floor. She grasped her brother's rigid rod with both of her hands. She could feel the blood pulse and pump. Jason's cock kept getting harder and bigger!

"Your cock feels sooo big, tonight, Jase!" she whispered. "It may be too big for me to get it into my pussy. I don't think I can take it!"

"You'll take it, Sis!" moaned Jason, sliding two stiff fingers into his sister's slippery little slit. "You always do! Ohhhhh, you're so tight! I can't wait to fuck you, but I want to lick you first. You smell so good, and you feel so wet. I want to taste your pussy before I fuck it!"

Jason backed his little sister to the bed. She lay on her back, and Jason laid on top of her. He kissed her, moving his tongue around and around in her mouth. Jason then began to kiss her behind her ears, and swirled his tongue over her earlobes. He moved to her neck, and felt his sexy little sister tremble! She was almost having an orgasm, and he hadn't really done anything, yet! God, she was the horniest girl he'd ever fucked!

He let his tongue and lips move from her throat to between her tiny breasts. Jason loved the shape of his sister's tits! He thought they were just right for sucking on, and moved to the left breast to do just that! He sucked on her nipple for a while, then opened his mouth to swirl his tongue around it, finally clamping the stiff little bud between his teeth and sucked on it hard.

As he nibbled her nipples, Jason felt his sister shudder and moan with pleasure, a sure sigh she was ready for his cock, but he was exceptionally horny tonight and he wanted the horny little slut to beg for it.

Jason's hungry mouth then went to his sister's other tit. He sucked and bit on this one, also, slipping his fingers into her pussy and rubbing her clit until she came, whimpering helplessly in orgasm. Her stomach muscles rippled, and she arched her back, so that her brother could get at her tits and pussy that much easier!

Jason let go of her tits, and trailed down his sister's flat, heaving belly. He found the sweaty little cavern of her navel, and began licking and sucking on it. His hands found their way to her ass, and he began pulling her tiny young cheeks apart, squeezing and fondling them lovingly. He could feel his sister's virtually hairless young pussy rubbing on his chest. The smell of hot, adolescent pussy penetrating his nostrils, and his cock lurched against the bed. As always Jason was getting extremely turned on by the aroma of his little sister's arousal.

He lowered his head, and licked up the groove of her slick young cunt. It was sweet-tasting, and he gave her entire slit two more long, slow licks, probing her squirming little pussy-hole with his stiffened tongue. His sister's clit was very hard, and prominent between her tight little cunt-lips. Jason licked it several times, flipping it back and forth, up and down, with his tongue. Joy groaned and hunched her skinny hips up off the bed, trying to get her brother to suck her clit.

Jason knew what she wanted and immediately placed his mouth over the stiff little nubbin and began to suck hard. Joy almost hit the roof, and he had to hold her down with his free hand across her tits while he vacuumed her little love-bud into his mouth. From time to time, he let his tongue flick across her clit, occasionally nipping the tiny erection with his teeth, just the way he knew she liked it.

Sure enough, within seconds, Jason felt his little sister having another orgasm, and quickly forced his tongue deep into her tight young cunt to taste her salty sweetness. As she squealed and humped her pussy up against his sucking mouth, Jason wriggled his stiff tongue around and around inside her pussy, feeling her spasming cunt muscles tense and pulse.

Joy pulled her big brother up, and kissed him, tasting her own juices on his lips and tongue. She licked his face, savoring her own taste mingled with his. Before they had started getting it on, the only way that Joy had ever tasted herself was when she sucked on her finger, after ramming it into her pussy. She liked her taste much better this way... but, best of all, she loved the taste of her pussy-juice fresh from her brother's big stiff cock.

She rolled him onto his back and began to kiss his chest. Her mouth, alternating between kissing and sucking, worked its way down Jason's heaving chest. She sucked hard on his nipples and then began to swirl her tongue around the inside of his navel, exactly as he'd just done to her.

Joy could feel her brother's rock-hard cock digging into her belly while she used her mouth on him. It throbbed for attention, and felt hot and ready. Her horny little pussy was getting that tingly, cummy feeling again, and she thought she might even have another orgasm just from sucking on Jason's navel.

Joy moved her wet, sucking mouth lower, and took just the head of her brother's huge cock between her hungry lips. She tried to force her tongue into the little hole in the tip. Then she sucked really hard on the head. Her tongue found the sensitive underside of the circumcision where the skin joined, and massaged it wildly. This drove her big brother wild!

"Oh, Jesus, Sis", he moaned, "are you sure you've never sucked any other cocks but mine? I mean, you do everything just right!"

Joy lifted her mouth from her brother's stiffly-glistening prick and looked up into his lust-filled eyes.

"I've never had a cock in my mouth before, you Jase. I've only ever felt one twice. One time last year I jacked a boy off, but it was never anything like this."

As if to show her sincerity, Joy lowered her head back to Jason's prick, and took it into her mouth again, sucking on the long, hard stalk lovingly. Then she licked it up and down like a popsicle, wetting it with her hot, slippery saliva. As her brother moaned in ecstasy, she moved down farther still, and began to lick and suck on his balls.

"Careful, Sis! They are kind of tender. Go ahead and suck them if you like. Just go slow, that's all."

Joy rubbed her tiny fist up and down her brother's cock while she sucked on his balls. This seemed to really get him hard, and Joy decided to become more daring. Her tongue dipped lower and licked the area between his asshole, and his balls. Jason couldn't believe he could feel this good. He moved his feet, and lifted a bit off the bed, giving her better access. Just as he'd hoped, his sister's tongue instantly found his asshole.

Joy darted her tongue in for a moment, hoping it did not taste foul. It didn't. In fact, it turned her on even more! She shifted her position a bit, and spread Jason's ass cheeks with both her hands, and stuck her tongue as far up her brother's tight anal orifice as she could get. She could feel his ass contracting and opening on her tongue. She left it in his tight hole, and moved it around. Then she fucked his ass with her tongue. She was so hot, she was almost cumming. Joy tried to get her tongue up farther into Jason's asshole. Soon, her lips were nestled in the crack, and her tongue could get no farther. She licked and sucked very hard. She couldn't get enough.

Jason couldn't take it anymore. He reached down, and pulled his little sister up, getting on top of her. Then he guided his cock into her wet, hot pussy. Joy felt it sink into her. He felt so big! It seemed as if she'd never had her brother's prick this far into her tight little pussy before. She felt that she was in heaven.

Jason began to move in and out of his little sister's pussy, speeding up, then going slow, moving almost all the way out, then sinking in to the hilt. His mouth found her tits, and he began to suck on them. His hand reached under her ass, and he shoved his middle finger up her hot little shitter till his palm rested on her tight little buns. Then he began to knead her tiny young butt as he finger-fucked her asshole and reamed out her upthrust little cunt with his cock.

Within seconds, his sister had another climax. She trembled and shook and moaned as she pummeled both her tight little holes. He was also getting very close himself.

"Jason, I want you to fuck my face, and cum in my mouth. I just love the way you taste. I can't get enough. Please, Jason. I want you to cum in my mouth.", begged his sister.

Just talking about sucking his cock was enough to finish her off and he felt his sister's tiny cunt ripple around his cock and her tight little ass grip his deeply-probing finger. Needing no more encouragement, Jason pulled his rock-hard prick from her pulsing cunt, and directed it toward his sister's open, hot, panting mouth. He felt the head pass through her lips. He felt her tongue slashing his dick from all sides.

Joy loved the taste of her pussy on her brother's cock. It was the greatest. She couldn't get enough. She sucked and licked and swallowed as Jason pounded his prick into her mouth. His whole length was in her and she felt him tighten. Seconds later, he moved his cock so only the head was in her mouth, and torrents of sperm began filling her cheeks. She swallowed mouthful after mouthful, and still his jism was coming. She couldn't swallow it all, but she tried anyway. Joy took her hand and began milking Jason's cock, trying to get every last drop. As he pulled his prick from her lips, a large white, gooey strand of jizz looped from his prick to her lips.

"Oh, Jason that was fantastic! I really love sucking you off!"

"Me too, Sis!" sighed her brother. "But I wish you'd let me cum in your cunt just once!"

"You know what we promised, big brother!" said Joy, kissing him on the lips. "Mom and Dad would freak if I got pregnant. You can cum in my cunt when they put me on the pill, and not before, okay?"

"Okay, I guess," said Jason sadly.

Suddenly there was a knock at Joy's bedroom door.

"Joy?! Are you okay, honey?" came their mother's voice.

"Umm, yes Mom! Why?"

"I just heard you moaning, that's all. Is everything alright?"

"Yes, Mom, everything's fine," said Joy, grinning as she lovingly stroked her brother's semi-hard cock.

"Good," called their Mom. "But don't fuck all night this time, you two, okay? You're keeping your father and me awake!"

Joy and Jason gaped at each other in total shock as they listened to their mother's footsteps fade down the hallway...

The End

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