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I am an American Man-slut

I had always liked Aunt Carol. When I was a little boy she used to sleep over and she would give me back rubs and we would camp out in the living room curled up together. I was happy to be visiting her again but my motives were different now. Aunt carol was 35 now and I had just turned 18. My reason for asking her to sleep over again one day when my parents had decided to go away for the weekend was simple, I was horny.

My aunt arrived at the house early Saturday morning. The sun shone down as aunt carol came onto the porch to greet me with a hug. Her hair smelled of rose petals and her breasts felt incredible pressed up against my chest. I took a step back to appraise my young aunt's body. She was wearing short black jean shorts that showed off her long sleek calves and most of her shapely thighs. Her hips curved deliciously and I licked my lips as I ran my eyes over my favorite part of her body, her breasts. My aunt had huge breasts. They stuck out from her body without a hint of sag.

We made small talk for awhile, we hadn't seen each other in five years. She commented on how handsome I had become and I told her she hadn't aged a year since the old days. I cooked her breakfast, soggy eggs and some toast and OJ. We talked about everything and I got up the nerve to ask her if she had a boyfriend. She blushed when I asked this. She told me that no men her age were worth her time. They were all pigs and snobs and she wished she were my age again when the men weren't so stuck up on themselves.

The afternoon came and we decided to watch a movie. Some dumb Stallone movie. About halfway through I got up to get a drink, asking aunt carol if she would like one. Smiling she agreed and I got two soda's out of the kitchen. Looking over my shoulder I dropped a couple of pills into my aunt's soda. A friend of mine had stolen them from his dad, the local pharmacist. He said they made you pass out for an hour and nothing could wake you up. We would see.

Going back into the living room I handed my Aunt Carol her soda and she drank half of it right down. Just then the bathroom door opened and out of it came a gorgeous redhead.

"Peter, this is my friend Julie." My aunt explained that Julie had had some trouble with her boyfriend and decided to come find my aunt to talk to. I gazed at her beautiful body. She had long curvy legs that made me want to drool. Her breasts were probably a c cup and her neck was creamy white. As I stared in disbelief she reached down and took the rest of my aunt's soda. Drinking the whole thing down I couldn't believe my luck. As the three of us sat down to watch the rest of the movie I noticed Julie and my aunt getting tired. By the time the movie was over the two of them were fast asleep. I picked aunt carol up and carried her into my room, putting her on the bed I went back and carried Julie into the room as well. My cock was rock hard in anticipation of the festivities to come. I had two gorgeous women, one of them my aunt, completely unconscious in my room. Reaching towards my aunt I ran my hands over her smooth legs. My eyes are drawn to her large breasts which rose and fell with her steady breathing.

Propping her up on the bed's backboard I run my hands over her large breasts. My mouth was watering and my cock ached for release. Closing my eyes I began to remove my aunt's clothing. I wanted to be totally surprised by her naked body. After taking off all of her cloths I did the same to Julie. Opening my eyes I almost came instantly. Here were the two most beautiful women I had ever seen, naked on my bed. My aunt's large breasts were creamy white with small rose colored nipples that ached to be kissed. Julie in contrast had a tan smooth body with tanned tits and mocha colored nipples. My aunt proved herself a natural blonde while Julie's pussy was shaved clean. I ran my hands over Julie's tits. When my fingers touched her nipples they hardened into little nubbins. Bending my head I took a breast into my mouth.

Suckling her smooth flesh I began to nurse. I quickly took my cloths off and my cock sprang free. I ran my cock all over Julie's tits and then up to her face. I ran my cockhead over her lips, spreading my pre-cum over them like chapstick. I thrust my dick into her mouth, enjoying the warm wet heat around my cock. By then I was ready to blow. I gently positioned my cockhead at the entrance of her pussy. Slowly I eased my fuck rod into her warm cunt. Inch by inch I stuffed my cock into her, keeping my eyes on her face to see if she would wake up. Slowly I pumped in and out of her pussy gradually building up the tempo. Suddenly Julie's eyes popped open, by then it was too late to stop. I just kept pumping into her warm pussy. My cock ached at the look of terror on her face.

"You're raping me... Oh my god!"

I kept pumping into her as her cries of surprise turned into cries of passion.

"Oh yes , yes keep fucking me!"

Suddenly I pulled out of her and stuck my cock into Julie's beautiful face. She took my dick into her mouth without hesitation. Jet after jet of hot cum hit the back of her throat as she struggled to swallow it all. To his surprise she kept sucking on his cock until he was fully hard again. Looking over at my aunt, lying unconscious naked on the bed I decided I had to fuck her too. To my surprise Julie crawled over to my aunt carol and began playing with her big tits. My cock jumped as Julie's beautiful lips surrounded the rose colored nipple. I positioned myself between my aunt's thighs. Without hesitation I thrust into her and began pumping away furiously. Julie sucked on my aunt's big nipples and played with herself. Then she straddled my aunt's face and brought her dripping pussy down on my aunt's face. To my surprise and delight my aunt instinctively started licking away at Julie's pussy. The sight urged me on until I blew my load all at once. Julie screamed at her own orgasm. And this was how I began as an American male slut. Stay tuned for more adventures. And they're all true.


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