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Amy's Secret Escapades

Amy woke up to the sound of a souped-up hot rod speeding down the normally quiet surburban street. "Probably just one of the neighborhood boys showing off for his girlfriend" she thought to herself. She checked the clock next to her bed. It read 1:45 AM. She reached over and opened her window. The cool summer night air felt good. She pulled her pajama top off and let the breeze wash over her bare breasts. Her nipples hardened in the chill. It started to make her a little horny. At fourteen years old, her body was turning into that of a young woman. Day by day, she could feel more sexual urges awakening in her. She had ways to deal with these feelings.

Amy had always been somewhat of an exhibitionist from an early age. This ranged from "playing doctor" with the boys in the neighborhood years before to the more recent "accidentally" leaving the bathroom door unlocked when she was on the toilet or in the shower. However, her favorite activity of late was wandering through the house at night. This might not seem odd, but she preferred to do it totally nude. She enjoyed the thrill of possibly being caught by someone in her family. She hadn't always been so daring. With one older brother, Greg (17), and one younger brother, Danny (11), the chances of being seen by a male member of her family were pretty good. Her father worked the night shift as a security guard so he was not a problem. Her mother was the only other female in the house.

The first time she "showed off", as she liked to call it, (although showing off is not a good term to use since she actually didn't want to get caught), was about 4 months prior to this night. Amy only had enough nerve to sneak into the hallway topless, stand there for a few seconds, and then dart back into her room where she masturbated furiously over her newfound thrill. Over the weeks Amy built up more courage and dared to push her luck even more. "Tonight", she thought, "I'm going to walk into every room in the house."

She got out of bed and undid the tie string on her pajama bottoms. They fell to the floor around her ankles. She stepped out of them and tossed them onto her bed with her top. Sometimes she would take her clothes with her as a precaution. "Not tonight", she whispered to herself. Standing in the light from the street she looked like a goddess. Her breasts were neither too big nor too small for her age. They hung perfectly with her nipples pointed almost upward. She had a light coat of pubic hair that did not conceal her pubescent pussy but rather accented it.

She went to her bedroom door and slowly opened it. Not hearing any sounds in the hall she stepped out of her room. Her heart was beating hard! "Now the excitement begins" she thought. Her brothers' rooms were on the second floor like hers, but her mom and dad slept in the master bedroom, which was on the first floor of the house. She made her way to her younger brother's room first. She could hear Danny softly snoring through the door. "Now or never" she thought. She slowly turned the doorknob. The door opened just enough that she could see he was sound asleep. With a deep breath she stepped inside his room.

With extreme care, she slowly made her way to her brother's bedside. She was now only a few feet from him. "He only needs to open his eyes and he can see his sister naked" she thought. This turned her on. Her pubes were now getting damp. Danny stirred for a second and Amy's heart nearly jumped out of her throat! He settled back into rhythmic snoring again. "That was close" she thought. She figured it was time to move on to her older brother's room. She made her way back into the hall safely. By this time she noticed that her pussy was really wet now. She stuck her index finger between her legs and massaged her clit slowly. "God, that feels so good!" she thought. But the time was not right yet. She had other places to go still.

She reached Greg's door and found it was open just a crack already. She pushed it open and it made a soft squeak. Greg didn't hear it apparently. She walked over to his bed and thought to herself, "Just wake up Greg and you can see your sister naked right before your eyes". This was really getting her hot. Just then, she heard a door open and footsteps in the hall. "It must be Danny going to the bathroom" she thought. He would have to walk past Greg's room and Amy had forgotten to close the door! Quickly she crawled underneath Greg's bed. Luckily it sat off the floor about a foot so she could slide under there.

Danny walked past the room still half asleep. He didn't see her. When he returned to his own room he shut the door rather loudly. This woke Greg up. He looked around the room and noticed his door was open. "How did that happen?" he wondered. He got out of bed and closed it leaving him and his naked sister in the same room. "Oh shit, this is just great!", she thought. He got back into bed and turned on a lamp on his nightstand. She could hear him thumbing through a book or a magazine. "What's he doing reading this time of night?" she thought. Then she heard what sounded like scratching. The bed started to move up and down a bit. "OH MY GOD! He's jacking off!" she thought. She could hear his breathing getting a little heavier. To her amazement, this excited her. The thought of her own brother masturbating right above her was a real turnon. She reached down to her pussy and rubbed her clit. She had to intentionally stifle any moans she might make or her brother might hear her. She now had two full fingers in herself. The pleasure was unbearable. Meanwhile, Greg was close to coming himself.

Just as Greg came, a small yelp escaped Amy's lips. She couldn't help it. Greg heard this and immediately sat up. Amy was past the point of caring now. This was the best orgasm of her life that was building. Greg could hear wet slapping sounds coming from underneath his bed. Slowly he looked and was in total shock. Here was his teen sister, totally naked, getting off in his room while he was doing the same! "Amy, what are you doing in here?" he blurted out. She knew she was caught, but her coming was more important at the moment. She continued to fingerfuck herself while her brother watched. Greg was embarrassed, but found in impossible to look away. He was seeing Amy in a whole new light. She was no longer his kid sister. She was a hot little number with a body to kill for. Amy climaxed as she locked eyes with her brother. Slowly she came down.

"Wow! That was something else!" Greg said. He was at a bit of a loss for words. Amy knew she should have been embarrassed, but she felt too good at the moment. "Thanks" she said. After a few minutes had passed, Amy explained to Greg why she had been in his room and how she got where she was. They both agreed that no one else should know about this.

They both still masturbate for each other and hope to carry their relationship further someday.

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