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An English School Girl

"Tina, your friends are here, aren't you ready yet, dear?"

"Almost ready, mum, down in a minute," Tina replied, taking one more look at herself in the hall mirror. She wore her shoulder-length blond hair combed to one side and held in place by a turquoise barrette which accented her innocent blue eyes, fine features and tiny pearl-like teeth. The only other jewelry she wore were tiny faux-diamond studs in her dainty shell-like ear lobes. Her mother had strongly objected to having them pierced until Tina convinced her that all the other girls had had it done...

It was Tina's fifteenth birthday. Her mother was throwing a little party for her and a few of her young girl friends in the flat they shared in Kensington Mews, a close-in section in London's west end. Tina loved her mom and appreciated her thoughtfulness.

The party was fun with presents, favors, ice cream and all, but when it came time to blow out the candles on her cake, a sudden wave of sadness washed over her as she realized how much she missed her daddy and wished that he could have been there for her.

Her father had left their abode several years prior after a heated dispute with her mother. Tina remembered them arguing frequently, but never learned why and since her efforts to elicit information from her mother always resulted in tightly compressed lips and a stony silence, Tina finally ceased trying, reckoning that it would all come out someday when time had healed the deep emotional wound which she supposed her mother had sustained.

But meanwhile, at a deep level, she still loved her dear daddy and missed him greatly. Much of the time it had been her father who cared for her as a young child, changing her soiled baby clothes, overseeing her potty training and bathing her before tucking her in at night. Sometimes, she remembered he had sung little tunes to her and lay next to her, stroking her body gently until she dropped off to sleep.

Tina was now a pretty, young school girl -- a day-student attending St. Trinian's Academy for Young Women. Just on the verge of that growth spurt which would bring her into puberty, she stood just an inch or so taller than most of her friends making her look slightly thin with a high waist and long, soon-to-be shapely legs. The school uniform they all had to wear consisted of a white jumper, blue and white check skirt with straps over the shoulders, white ribbed knee-length stockings and black patent leather shoes and sometimes a straw sailor hat, all of which Tina thought horrid.

During the afternoon break, on Wednesday following her birthday, as Tina sat with her friends Janet and Trudy, their friend, Constance, joined them at table.

"Guess what! Bleu Oysters is having a rave this Saturday," she said excitedly.

They all chatted at once. Bleu Oysters, their favorite rock group in all the world, would be performing! Tina knew her mother would never knowingly let her out for that kind of thing Saturday night--especially since it was near Picadilly Circus, but she just had to go with her friends..

After class they made a plan whereby Tina would arrange to stay over with Constance for the evening and they could both sneak out since Constance's family were not ones to monitor their oldest daughter closely. Constance knew her younger sister could be persuaded to answer the phone to make excuses should Tina's mother call.

Tina's mother agreed with the stay-over provided Tina was home Sunday morning in time for church and gave her a key in case she decided to return that night. Tina packed a bag with her outfit and gave it to Constance that Friday.

Saturday evening Tina excitedly dressed for the occasion in clothes she had quietly purchased with her allowance money over the previous months. She donned a black, ostrich-feathery blouse pulled on over a black jersey undershirt and a very short black leather skirt over black nylon panties and thigh-length black lace nylon stockings. Her shoes were black platforms with high thick heels which were all the rage. Constance loaned her a fine-linked silver cocktail necklace. Looking at herself in the mirror, Tina thought that she looked a lot older than fifteen. Constance in her own red outfit, agreed. They left to meet Janet and Trudy at the tube station.


Ivan came from lower working class stock colloquially known as "east-enders". His family had been "on the dole" for as long as he could remember and his father kept them eternally broke with his alcohol, tobacco and gambling. His poor gray-haired mother had long since given up on life and seemed to be going through the motions until death would mercifully take her from this miserable world. He grew up in their cheap council-house flat listening to his father snoring and his mother's incessant dry smoker's cough throughout the nights. He wondered if she ever slept.

Ivan was tall and lanky, about twenty with cigarette stained fingers, a clean shaved head and not so clean habits. He wore baggy thread-bare corduroy trousers, flannel shirts and an ankle-length leather coat with big pockets that could conceal many things which he acquired in one way or another.

Early on Ivan realized that if he were to survive, he must do it on his own.. Consequently he had become quite street-wise by his early twenties and made a living any way he could--usually by making himself very handy for a local gangster loan shark, running errands, "acquiring" various items and keeping an ear tuned to the news of the street. Some said he may have even been a "snitch" for the coppers from time to time, but it was never proven. Thus he was able to eat meagerly, obtain his beer and cigarettes and pay the rent his father demanded to keep his room after he turned sixteen.

Somehow young Ivan had also become a great hit with several of the older street hookers who had taught him much about how to get what he wanted, when he wanted it, from the ladies. Thus it had become a diverting game with Ivan to bed as many ladies of all ages as he could. It was his only hobby, if seduction and sometimes forcible rape could be called such.


Ivan scanned the crowd of young people frenetically gyrating to the cacophony produced by the not-so-talented, but highly amplified band.. With the practiced eye of the hunter he zeroed in on the four girls sitting at a table in a terraced area off to one side of the room. Had he been a cyborg in one of the sci-fi movies popular at the time, one would have seen the cross-hairs and words "target identified" behind his baleful stare. He casually made his way over to them through the crowd.

At first the girls were put off by this scruffy creature leaning over them, but his clowning and witty (to them) remarks finally won him grudging acceptance and they allowed him to join them--especially since he was able to supply them with cigarettes and whisky from a concealed flask, which made them feel grown up and sophisticated. Ivan danced with each of them over the course of the evening, teaching them the latest steps even as he casually solicited personal information he would need to devise his strategy. He was determined that at least one of these little birds would fall into his grasp this night.

The rave began breaking up around 1 AM as small groups of boys and girls, laughing and chatting, drifted out into the multi-coloured glare of Picadilly Circus reduced to a water-colour smear by the foggy night. With a kind of unspoken communication the small group of friends gathered up their belongings and headed towards the door.

Ivan, anticipating the imminent departure of his quarry, had left a few minutes earlier to purchase a two-liter bottle of Coke and a large pizza which he now carried as he approached the girls at the entrance to the underground...

"Hoy, uhlo luvs, fancy meetin' you 'ere," he said with jaunty unconcern. They proceeded down the long escalator to the platform for the Central Line and boarded the next train. Ivan was performing his usual antics in an attempt to charm and amuse the young girls. Soon they were looking at each other and at Ivan, laughing uproariously at the clowning of this skin-headed scarecrow of a man.

"I'll bet you lot would loyke to share this pizza," he offered. They giggled and nodded. "Right then, when we get on the Circle train, let's get ourselves the last car. It's usually empty and we can have a party," he promised.

Sure enough, when they transferred to the Circle Line at South Kensington, the last car was empty as he expected and they had the car to themselves. It turned out to be one of the older cars that squeaked loudly and rocked abruptly as the train careened along in the dark tunnel.

"Right, the copper is up forward -- never coomes back here," he said as he opened the pizza box and offered it to the girls. Then he reached into one of the deep pockets in his old leather coat and produced a two-litter bottle of Coke and some plastic cups. The girls thought this hilarious and failed to notice that he slipped some white powder into Tina's cup as he poured her drink. Earlier he had casually ascertained where the girls lived and noted that three of them would probably be getting off together at Highstreet-Kensington leaving Tina alone to get off at the next station.

Ivan and the girls had consumed the pizza and most of the Coke by the time the train reached Highstreet-Kensington station where sure enough Constance, Janet and Trudy bid Tina and Ivan farewell and got off still giggling. Tina watched them wave as they walked towards the way-out and waved back weakly, feeling a little woozy.

By this time the powdered "rufy" had begun to take effect. Tina had become flushed and bright-eyed and little things seemed to look quite queer. "Curioser and curiouser", a line from Alice in Wonderland came to mind. But she didn't feel the least frightened because her friend, Ivan, was there. Ivan sat next to her with his arm around her shoulders and began softly speaking in her ear with a low, mesmerizing voice--soothing her and asking insignificant questions to which she responded yes or no until Ivan felt she was ready.

Then Ivan casually slipped his hand up under her feathery blouse and began softly massaging her adolescent breasts, feeling her little nipples slowly becoming hard as gum drops. "Mind if I do this, Luv?" (No) "Doesn't it feel nice?" (yes) he went on in his low buzzing monotone as she answered as though in a dream.

Her stop, Notting Hill Gate, came and went in her dreamy state as his hand slowly moved to her lap, then under her skirt, massaging up between her stockinged thighs until he felt the soft, warm skin just below the crotch of her panties. "I'll bet this feels good. You like it, don't ya, Luv?"

"Yes, it feels really good," she murmured. She began to experience a pleasant, tingly, taut sensation between her legs as moisture started to wet the crotch of her panties. He moved the her panties aside and she felt his fingers touching and rubbing where no man's had ever been. Somehow, though, it seemed alright. The intrusion only made her feel more tingly.

Ivan fought to control his breathing and continued the monotone buzzing in her ear as he felt the young girl's love juices beginning to flow and his cock becoming hard in his baggy pants. He withdrew his finger and wet it in his mouth, savoring her fresh, sweet taste. He repeated this several times, before beginning a gentle penetration of her tight, little pussy with one long, bony finger. Ivan's heart skipped a beat when he felt the hoped-for tight membrane way up inside her. Yes!, he thought, a stone virgin.

Ivan stood and pulled Tina to her feet. Obediently she allowed him to lead her, unsteadily on her high heels, back to a sort of waist-high bench at the rear of the car. Here he hoisted her little bum onto the bench, reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down and off over her shoes. Tina did not complain nor make any move to stop him. In fact, she watched him through unfocused eyes smiling wanly.

Ivan raised her feet spreading her legs which he rested on his shoulders as he relished the sight of the tender, blue-veined, alabaster skin of her inner thighs and the small golden treasure in their midst. She could feel his hot breath stirring the small patch of golden hair surrounding her little pussy. Ivan breathed in deeply, briefly savoring the young girl smell, then plunged his nose into her crotch as his tongue worked its way between her pussy-lips into the warm, slick flesh. As Ivan gorged himself lustfully on the sweet nectar produced by this delicate flower, Tina was in a trance of pleasure, gently moaning, eyes closed turning her head from side to side.

Ivan produced his skinny, stiff cock from the baggy pants and had her touch it sending electric pulses through him. "Ever seen one of these before, Luv?" he asked, "know what it is?"

"N -- no", she answered. In truth, Tina had seen her father's penis once by accident long ago through his open bedroom door, but had never known what it was, or its purpose.

"Right, well its me cock and I'm about to show you how it can be the answer to a maiden's prayer." He carefully inserted its soft purplish head between the lips of her little pussy and began a gentle penetration until he reached the tight membrane. "This may hurt a little, but not for long," he promised as he thrust up firmly against it, feeling exultant satisfaction as her cherry popped before the onslaught.

The rufy had begun to wear off and the sudden sharp pain in her groin brought Tina back to reality. "Oh my God! What are you doing to me?" she cried in alarm. "Stop! Stop!" she begged in vain.

But Ivan was now unstoppable and her little cherry was history. Ivan hoisted her legs over his shoulders, grabbed her tight little buns with his large hands and penetrated as far into her as he could while she screamed in fear and pain as the splitting sensation between her legs grew more intense. Then he began a steady reciprocating motion of his hips as she juiced up and the pain began to subside.

Stations came and went unnoticed as the car clattered and rocked along. As the fucking went on and on, becoming more and more frenetic and intense, Tina began experiencing a feeling of warm, exciting tension beginning at the epicenter of her pussy and mounting steadily, flowing outward until it consumed her entire being. Soon she was moaning and squealing with pleasure as she watched the intense look on his face and experienced the feeling of his large cock churning deep within her small, young body. Finally with a series of rapid strokes, she felt him shudder stiffly and heard him gasp as his hot fluid gushed forth filling her small cavity to overflowing.

Breathing rapidly Ivan wiped his cock with her panties, then rubbed them between the lips of her pussy gathering the sticky mixture of love juice, semen and blood. He shoved the panties into a pocket of his great coat and pulled forth a small Polaroid camera with which he snapped a picture of her raw, ravished crotch capturing the look of surprised disbelief on her face. The panties and photo would take their place lovingly with the fifty or so others in his trophy drawer. At the next stop he pushed the door-open button and exited, walking rapidly to the way-out, not caring where he was. He needed to get as far away as quickly as he could before she raised an alarm.

Tina was left ravished and alone in the car as she gingerly closed her legs and pulled her skirt down over her throbbing pussy. When the next station sign came into view, she realized that the train was only half way around its full circle and she was still many more stops from home. After what seemed an eternity, her station sign appeared and she shakily made her way off the train, up the long, empty stairway and out onto the deserted street. She walked the few blocks to her home on wobbly heels feeling sticky fluid still running down her thighs.

Her mother was already asleep when she quietly unlocked the door and made her way in the darkened hallway to the bathroom. There she switched on the light and examined the carnage which had been wrought upon her little virgin pussy. Fearfully but quietly she used her mother's douching equipment and then a wash cloth to clean herself as best she could. She couldn't risk running a bath until the following morning for fear of waking her mother.

It was a long, sleepless night as she worried that she may have contracted some disease--or worse, be pregnant! Her mother awoke the following morning as Tina drew a hot bath and soaked in it. She had hidden her clothes under her bed until she could clean them later. Her pussy seemed to have recovered almost to normal, but she had a deep ache in her groin which would take several days to subside. Church was hell as the vicar droned on about the sins of the flesh, but somehow she got through it.

For the next several days she worried constantly, sometimes waking in the night wanting to scream and cry. Then, joyously, on the following Thursday she began her period! What a relief! She never dreamed that such a cursed thing could be so welcome. But there it was--no pregnancy and apparently no other ill effects. Home free!

Little by little she confided in her friends about her ordeal on the underground. They were at once appalled for her, but titillated as she was the first of them to actually lose her virginity. Gradually they wheedled the gory details from her with much ooing and ahing --did it hurt much--how did it feel while he did it to her, as each one wondered how and when she might loose her own cherry.

One day Mrs. Mewly, their gym teacher, sent for Tina to come to her office. Tina shifted uncomfortably from one foot to the other as Mrs. Mewly asked her if what she had heard about Tina's experience was true.

"Yes, mum," Tina said softly with down-cast eyes.

"Well, child, its nothing to be ashamed of," Mrs. Mewly comforted her.. "It's a natural thing which happens to us all sooner or later. I'm just sorry it couldn't have been under more happy circumstances."

Over the next few days Mrs. Mewly did her best to establish a bond of trust between them which Tina came to appreciate allowing her to confess all to the understanding older woman. Under Mrs. Mewly's interrogation she had to admit ashamedly that after the initial pain and shock she had experienced rising pleasure which led to her wonderful orgasm. Then she had to admit that lately she had begun to crave for more--another experience.

"I understand completely, child," Mrs. Mewly sympathized. "I may have a solution for you that will satisfy your needs and provide certain remuneration for us both." She went on to explain how several of the older girls whom Tina knew participated in an after-school program run by Mrs. Mewly whereby they provided merciful aid and comfort to several lonely older gentlemen who were most appreciative. There was nothing immoral about it, she explained as it was a purely professional service like that of a nurse or physical therapist. After some encouragement by Mrs. Mewly and the other girls, Tina hesitantly agreed to accompany one of them, Millicent, on her next liaison.

The following afternoon the two young girls rang the doorbell of a posh flat in Chelsey and were greeted at the door by a smiling middle-aged gentleman.

"Yes?" he asked. "Why there are two of you this time. Come in, my dears," he said invitingly. "How is Mrs. Mewly?" he asked.

"She is quite well, sir, thank you," said Millicent. "This is my friend, Tina," she said by way of introduction. "Its her first time."

"I'm very pleased to meet you, Tina," he said smiling benignly.

"Likewise, I'm sure, sir," Tina responded respectfully.

He then offered them some tea and cookies, which they consumed like young ladies while the small talk continued. Then they finally got around to the purpose of their visit.

"You say it's your first time out, Tina?" he asked.

"Yes, sir," Tina responded shyly.

Then to Millicent: "Why dear me, and has she been a naughty girl this week also?"

"Yes, sir," Millicent said ashamedly with her head lowered, "we've both been quite naughty."

"Then I must punish you both, I suppose," he sighed. "Come here, child," he beckoned to Millicent. Millicent dutifully lay across his lap as he proceeded to pull her panties down and gently spank her bare, pink bottom until it turned crimson. Tina hesitantly followed Millicent's example. The spanking did not hurt, but strangely her little bum tingled erotically and she found herself uttering little cries of pleasurable pain enjoying it.

The man seemed to become remorseful over his actions. "Oh, I'm so sorry I had to do that," he said sorrowfully, "let me kiss it and make it feel better."

With that he began kissing and licking the two girls little asses as they lay on their stomachs across the bed. Tina and Millicent began to giggle as his experienced tongue poked into their little ass holes and slavered over the lips of their pussies. They turned over so he could continue licking and teasing them as their pleasure increased. Suddenly Tina experience an orgasm with Millicent following shortly thereafter.

Then Millicent lifted the man's robe and took his cock in her mouth as she stared up at him. She motioned for Tina to join her and for the first time Tina experienced the pleasures of licking and sucking a cock until it exploded in a cascade of white, sticky fluid all over their faces as the man groaned with pleasure.

"Thank you both for brightening my day," he said as he gave them an envelope for Mrs. Mewly and a couple of bills for themselves. "Come again soon, won't you, my dears?"

"Yes, sir," they responded with tinkling young voices. "We enjoyed the tea immensely. Good bye, sir." With that they ran and skipped to the tube station and rode home like innocent schoolgirls.

"That was fun," said Tina!

"Yes, and you won't believe how much Mrs. Mewly will give us for what we did," confided Millicent.

Sure enough, Mrs. Mewly called Tina to her office and handed her a twenty pound note -- more money than Tina had ever possessed at one time in her life.

"Oh, Mrs. Mewly, I can't take this, really, it was so much fun," Tina protested.

"Nonsense, child, you performed quite well, from what Millicent told me--and Mr. X was quite pleased also, judging from amount in that envelope. There should be even more next time," she said with a wink.

The following week Mrs. Mewly sent for Tina once more. "Tina, this time you will be going by yourself. I can't tell you much about this gentleman except that he will be overjoyed to see you, and I believe you will be pleasantly surprised also," she told her.

"But-but, I've not gone by myself before. What if?... I mean, I don't know..." Tina protested anxiously.

"Now, now, Tina, you must trust me. You don't think I would put you in harm's way, do you?" Mrs. Mewly reassured her.

"Well, I guess not. It's just that... "

"I know, but you'll be fine and I know you're going to love this visit," Mrs. Mewly convinced her.

So it was that after school that day, still in her school uniform, Tina took the Circle Line to Baker Street where she transferred onto the Jubilee line all the way to St. John's Wood. Then she walked several blocks along Acacia Road until she came to a nice old Victorian-style apartment building... Checking the address once more, she hesitantly rang up the apartment...

"Yes," said a tinny voice on the intercom.

"I have a message for you from Mrs. Mewly," she responded per her instructions.

The door buzzed open and she proceeded to a door on the second floor, rear, where she knocked softly. The door was opened by a familiar gentleman in a lounging robe--older and more gray--but she recognized her own father!

"Tina, oh my God, Tina! Wh-what are you doing here?" he asked.

He could not have been more astonished than she. "Daddy, oh Daddy, its-its not what you think, I mean..." she stuttered. Tina was at a loss for words as was her father. How could she send me here, Tina thought.. She must have known!

"Come in -- quickly, Child," her father pulled her inside, looking both ways up and down the hallway. He motioned her to a chair and sat down on the couch opposite with his head in his hands.

"Oh, Tina, forgive me, I never thought it would actually be you. Every since I left, I've wanted to see you again. Remember how I used to take care of you, bath you, hug you? ...and then your Mother accused me of...fondling you. I only wanted you to feel good--love me as I loved--still love you."

Tina was touched by his emotional explanation. She had always wondered why he had left. She remembered the muffled arguments heard through the wall of her room between her mother and father. She remembered his sorrowful, pleading look as he turned and left their house for the last time. Then she and her mom had moved to the small flat and struggled to make ends meet on the money he sent them. Now her heart went out to him..

"You see," he explained, "I missed you all this time, and I knew Mrs. Mewly before--before she took her position at your school. She has been sending other young girls to visit--girls whom she thought would remind me of you. And now...is it really you?"

"Of course its me, silly daddy, and I've missed you also. Oh, daddy, I'm so happy to see you." Suddenly she surprised him by quickly kneeling in front of him, reaching under his robe and grasping his cock.

"Oh, Tina, we mustn't. It's not right. You're my daughter!"

"It's alright, daddy. I've done it before and after all, Mrs. Mewly wouldn't have sent me if it wasn't OK."

Her father's resolve shattered as Tina began softly licking and sucking his cock -- feeling it becoming stiff under her tongue. "Oh, oh," he groaned. "Oh, Tina, you're an angel," he murmured as he grasped her head while gently throat-fucking her.

Tina lay back on the bed with her legs together as he gently pulled her white cotton panties off over her shoes. Then with her skirt above her waist, she spread her legs wide for him. She saw a wistful look come over her father's face as he slowly bent over her. He allowed himself to savor the sight of tender, alabaster textured skin of her inner thighs and the small golden pubic hairs surrounding the tiny lips of her pussy. He relished the scent of young girl which wafted up to his twitching nostrils.

Suddenly, overcome with lust he, plunged his face into this target of his intense desires. His tongue and nose were immersed in the tender patch of her maidenhood, licking, sucking and gently nibbling, wallowing wantonly as though to devour her completely. Tina's love juices began flowing copiously and she was soon moaning with pleasure, squirming and grinding her hips against his face, giggling as his mustache tickled her sensitive parts. His face became a blur as she climaxed time and time again under the intense stimulation.

Finally, breathing heavily, he stood up and placing her legs over his shoulders, presented the head of his large. Stiff blue-veined cock at the lips of her wet pussy. Then he looked into her eyes hesitantly.

Tina watched expectantly, "It's alright, Daddy, I'm not a virgin anymore," she said softly.

Thanking providence for his vasectomy, he slowly pressed his cock head between the lips of his daughter's soft pussy and gently threaded it up her vagina as deep as it would go. Tina's eyes were wide in disbelief at its size and felt as though she was being split apart. He sighed deeply with pleasure and began fucking her--slowly at first, but soon the tempo increased to a frenzy as intense passion seized them both. Tina wrapped her arms and legs around him and held on for dear life, occasionally reaching down to reinsert his cock when it flew out, all the while squealing and shrieking as she was elevated from pleasure to pure ecstasy.

After a few minutes he stopped to regain his breath and turned her over, pulling her little ass up for the next round. Tina expelled her breath in a long sigh as he plunged his cock into her from the rear and the fucking resumed. She was surprised to feel a long finger inserted into her tight, little ass hole causing her to come immediately.

"Daddy, what are you doing to me?" she asked softly.

"Ever been fucked up the ass, Sweetheart?" he asked, his voice taut with passion.

"No Daddy, that really sounds quite nasty," she exclaimed.

"Well, you're about to find out how it feels," he grunted.

With that he placed the head of his cock against her tiny asshole and began pressing down hard. A moment later her sphincter relaxed enough for him to enter and he stuffed the rest of his cock up her ass.

Tina nearly fainted, all she could do was to scream "Omigod! omigod!" over and over at the pain and discomfort she felt. "Oh, daddy, it hurts so bad. Oh, stop! Please stop!"

Mercifully, she lapsed into a state of semi-consciousness, her eyes crossed and her jaw slack As the warmth and tightness raised him to the very edge of coming, he withdrew as she gasped, flipping her over and blasting his entire load of spunk into her open mouth, face, her hair and nostrils. Then he fell upon her exhausted, breathing raggedly. He rolled off her onto his back as they both lay breathing heavily. Tina was the first to recover.

"Daddy, that hurt me so, I thought you loved me!" she exclaimed.

"I do love you, baby, and I've missed you so much. I'm sorry I hurt you. Wait, let me make it up to you."

He arose and went into the next room where she heard water running in the bath tub. When he returned he asked, "remember when I used to bath you with your little yellow ducky?"

Tina had fond memories of her father bathing her. Her mother rarely did. "Oh, yes, daddy," she replied.

"Well, come in here, I have a surprise for you." Tina followed him into the bathroom where he had drawn a hot bubble bath scented with her favorite gardenia oil.

"Oh, Daddy, its just like before--and you even have my Ducky!" She exclaimed delightedly. She let him take off all her clothes, then climbed into the large tub. He removed his robe and followed her in. Tina lay back in her father's arms while he gently soaped and washed her, paying particular attention to her pussy and small breasts, which he rubbed until they felt full and her nipples very stiff.

Tina became pleasantly relaxed in the warmth of the water and her father's arms. "Daddy," she whispered softly, "what you did to me earlier, I think I can do it again with you now, if you want to."

She turned on her side and lay with her arm on the edge of the tub cradling her head. His cock had immediately become stiff again at her words and he now pressed it into her soapy little ass hole.

Lubricated as it was by soap and warm water, his big cock easily slid all the way in as she closed her eyes and smiled. "Oh, daddy, it feels so good now," she whispered.

In the warm amniotic-like water he gently sodomized his young daughter for several minutes while she sighed contentedly. Slowly his pleasure rose until he could no longer control himself. Groaning and jerking, he ecstatically ejaculated all his remaining fluid deep in her bowel. With a long sigh, Tina lay back in his arms once more.

When the water had slowly become tepid, they reluctantly stood up and rinsed the soap off under the shower. Tina let him comb her blond hair and tie it with a blue ribbon then re-donned her school clothes. Finally, as she prepared to leave, he gave her an envelope for Mrs. Mewly and a twenty pound note for herself.

"I can't even begin tell you what you've done for me, angel", he said, hugging and kissing her lightly on the forehead. "Will I see you again?"

"Of course, Daddy, now that I've found you again, we will see each other often and be jolly friends," she promised.

He watched her from the doorway all the way to the tube entrance--just a young schoolgirl, but she was his angel. The gray day seemed brighter and somewhere a bird sang a merry tune. He was happy again for the first time in a long, long while.

The end

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