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Angel Fuck

We adopted. From the moment I saw her little almond eyes, her golden little hands, it was love. From that day, she was flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood. I never looked back. Through all the problems a normal, too sensitive little girl faces, she was just 'my daughter'. I loved her, as if she were my own. I did my best, and I truly believe she turned out great. Wonderful. A little woman. I'm so proud.

She always could, and did, come to me. I was the one she turned to. I guess you could say she was daddy's little girl. That natural rapport, it was just there from day one. She's my Angel, and I love her.

That's why it's so hard to admit what I've done. I'm a liberal dad. I know how hard it is to be a kid. You gotta give them space. My Angel needs a lot of space. Too much space. I had to...make it right.

I became aware of my attraction for her about a year ago. One Sunday morning I was reading the paper in my chair, when she came into the room.

I had to smile. She was adorable. She was clutching a blanket, with her hair a-tussle, a white tee shirt, and panties on. She made a bee line for me, tired, upset look on her face, and threw her slender brown arms around me, crumpling the sports section.

"What's a matter Angel?" I asked her, wrapping an arm around the small of her back.

"I had a nightmare," she said back to me, in a little girl voice. My angel's 15, and sharp as a whip. She's always been able to regress a bit, to pout, to tell me "Daaaadddy, I lovvvveeee you!" And make me just die inside. Now she was turning it on.

I melted, pulled her closer, kissed her brow, and asked her "Tell me about it baby, we'll make it go away."

She began to speak. I listened, loving her, sympathetic. She leaned in, and my hand slid lower. I didn't even notice. As she talked suddenly, I was aware. My hand was cupping her ass.

And what an ass. So round, small, soft. So warm, so firm, so...womanly. I instantly grew hard. Very hard.

Jezus, I thought, what the hell is going on? My daughter! She was speaking quickly now, and I nodded, not hearing a word, all my attention focused on the palm of that hand. Her heat. The smell of her skin. Oh god. I'm evil. I can't put the thought of her out of my mind. My fingers gently rubbed the velvety cheek of her ass.

She was a little girl. My little girl. My fingers cupped farther, trying vainly to reach her crotch, without moving my wrist.

"Da-dee!" Snapped me out of it. "You're not listening!" That sweet pouty face.

"Angel. It'll be ok. It's just a dream. I'm here. I'm right here."

And I pulled her to me, thankful that the bunched up blanket and paper kept my throbbing cock at a distance.

From that day on, it was a constant struggle. And I'm weak. Doing laundry. Little blue panties. Just laundry. But then I notice, something in the shield, a little stain? As I look, the smell hits me. Pussy. My little girl's pussy.

And I hate myself as I raise them to my face, and breath in the scent of her. Spicy. Her arousal. My baby's been turned on. I tossed them in the bin, angry. I get them out, smell again. She's so, so, I don't know. Hours later, the word hits me. Fuckable.

At the table. She's talking about school, her friends. I'm listening, really. But then, I notice. She's not wearing a bra. She's a small gal, but a developing woman. Those nipples poke out at me. My hand shakes, spoon rattling. I have no idea what she's saying. Those nipples look large. In my mind, I see them. Want them. I fight it off. She's smiling at me, so warm, so wonderful.

"Daddy, I'm worried about you. Don't stress out. I love you." Comforting me. If she only knew.

It's 3AM, and she's asleep on the couch. I turn off the tube, and pull the blanket up under her chin.

"D'daddy?" she whispers, so sleepy. So sexy.

"Yes babe?" I sit on the edge of the couch. Her body spoons my hip. Warm, oh god, I feel it.

"I love you Daddy." And she's drifting off again.

"You too Flower, you too." My hand, under the blanket, sliding from her hip, down to her knee. I feel the sweat on my brow. She turns, and my hand rests on her inner thigh, just above the knee. Slowly it glides upward, as if of its own accord.

Warm skin, so warm, soft. And I know, as it softens, I'm getting close, closer.

"Tickles," she says, rolling away. I flee.

I needed help. Didn't get it. Couldn't admit it. Wanted it. Wanted this. Wanted her. A thousand times the fantasy. How, where, when. Never let your fantasies get away from you. They'll rule you.

And you know the sad part is, I love her so.

So how it happened, the first time, the pay off.

She's on the computer, and late for school. I nag a bit, and then get forceful.

"Late, Late, Late! Go, go, go!" I kiss her, drag her from the room, and push her out the door. She gripes about prison, but I know she's a good girl, and I watch her walk to the corner.

Did I get mail? I'm wondering, as I head back to the office. On the computer, something shrunk. Nightmail? I click the icon. And my whole world flies apart.

In the story, she's on a train. It's crowded. She's standing. A hand on her thigh. It climbs. Under her skirt. She can't get away. She's excited. It reaches her panties. warm. Strong. She's wet. Her pussy is throbbing. Her own words. She's needy, wanting, feeling dirty, slutty.

God I want her. I'm sick, I'm so bad. My hand slides to my crotch, kneading my aching cock.

That hand invades her panties. She tries to push it off, away, down. Then she can't help it. Her thighs spread. She's waiting, wanting, silently offering herself to him...

"Dad, I missed the...bus." This last word trailing off. And I'm angry. So angry.

"Shit," I'd never heard her swear before.

I grab her, yank her to the living room.

"Daddy, I'm sorry! Daddy, please!" damn it, I'm furious. The little slut. My little angel. I bite my lip, spin her around. Fear in those amber eyes. I shake her. A tear hits my cheek.

I don't care. How could she? I fling her over my knee, twisting her arm behind her back.

"OWW! Stop, please!" I've never done this before, never. I yank up her skirt. Little blue panties. A body memory, of her scent. God, I admit it, I snapped.

With one hand I grabbed the ass of them, tearing them off with a rending sound. Before they hit the ground my hand was on her, flat and hard. Whap!

"Ahwoo! Please daddy, don't PLEASE!" Whap! Again, her soft golden ass screaming blush red.

God, it's so good. I'm beating her, beating the lust out of my own soul. Trying to kill it, drive it away.

Slap! Slap! Whap!

"Oh godoh I'm sorrysorry oh daddystop!"

My grip on her wrist too hard, twisting, pulling her arm up, forcing her tits into my thigh. I watch her legs kick, and I wailed on her sweet little tan butt cheeks. Whap! Slap! Whap! whap!

She's crying now, babbling "PleasenoI'msorryI'mbadsobad I'm bad, I'm a bad girl please stop no nono!" But I'm on fire, so turned on, so angry, so sick.

The skin on her ass is scarlet now, and I aim lower across the thighs. She's struggling, kicking, trying to avoid the next hit and in doing so she spreads apart, free and wide. My hand lands with a BAP! dead on the lips of her pussy.

And she's wet. I freeze, feeling her, savoring her, sticky, clingy pussy juice all over her inner thighs, all over my fingers.

I stand, dropping her to the floor. She lays there whimpering, sobbing, belly down, burning ass puffing up, skirt bunched around her waist, little black tuft of muff peeking out at me, through cherry red thighs.

The sound, the terrible sound of it haunts me to this day. The moment when I crossed the line, too far, no return.


And I dropped on her, cock against her butt, hands pinning hers to the carpet, thrusting hard and deep, a meat-puppet, heat-seeking missile, straight into her tight little womb.

My hairy balls slap the back of her thighs and I'm buried in her soft little cunt, the fluid warmth of her lost virginity welling up around me.

"OH-OHOHOHOHOH!" she calls out, in fear, anguish.

It drives me on. I slam into her, pushing her forward, rug burning her cheek, neck, balls slapping again, cock spreading her, tearing her, filling her.

I push in again, wallowing in how sweet, how tight my little anglefuck is. She's so warm, so wet, all around me, surrounding me, taking me, losing me.

And I'm not kind, not loving, not caring, brutal. Fucking her hard, zipper scrapping at her already wounded ass, hands pushing her roughly into the floor, cock fucking her so hard, so hard, driving her slowly down the carpet, towards the kitchen.

"Oh godaddie oh god. I, I, oh..." I bite her neck, latch down, tasting blood, and feel myself building, pounding, so quick, so hard, so deep. I know that I'm gone, so far gone.

She's just making mewing noises now, no longer trying to pull away, just taking my cock, accepting my meat, beaten, broken, resigned to be used by me.

The first spurt tears its way out the tip of my cock, dragging my soul with it, deep into her, then another, and another, and another, Spasming, still bucking, trying to fuck it all away for her.

She's under me, crying, and I'm crying too. My cock slowly pulsing deep in her twat, skin on skin, flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood.


Afterwards, I fled. Left her, laying there, on the floor, naked from the waist down, my cum leaking from her lost virginity. I went out, drove, thought about the call, the police, god, what I'd done wrong.

I knew, knew that they'd be waiting for me, in the driveway, black and whites, social workers, taking her away. Her mother's angry eyes.

When there was nowhere else left to drive, I went home.

It was all dark, no lights in the house, no cars in the driveway, nothing.

I went in, in a daze, afraid to face her.

She was in her room, in pajamas, on her bed, holding teddy.

"B'baby?" I said quietly from the door.

She looked up at me, so innocent, so sad, eyes awash with emotion.

"Daddy... I'm sorry, so sorry."

Shock. The pain, the contriteness. She felt she had done wrong. I was drawn to her. I cradled her in my arms. I held her as she sobbed, softly. I'm her Father, I love her.

"Angle, no, Angel you're ok," I whispered, as her tears soaked into my shirt, warm against my skin.

"Daddy, oh Daddy. I'm sorry. I just want to be a good girl. I just want to be your good little girl again."

I held her tight, shushing her softly.

What to say? Her hair tickling my chin, I squeezed.

"Little One, you are my good little girl, you are!"

"Daddy, I didn't mean to be bad. I won't go there again, I won't go to the bad site, I promise."

I kissed her forehead, wiping away the tears. All my paternal love welled to the surface. I was wrong, a sick bastard. But she needed to learn, had learned. And she needed me.

"Bad site? You didn't write that then?" Silence.

"I, I did. I'M SORRY!" I took her chin, looked into her deep dark eyes.

"Little One, why did you write that?" Her eyes dropped.

"I, I..." Her voice, so small, so far away. "It made me tingly. I went to a site and read some stories and they made me hot all over my body Daddy."

"Darlin', that's natural. So natural. You're a little woman, you're growing. This is supposed to happen." I cupped her tender cheek in my rough, raw hand.

"I feel... dirty," she whispered.

"Baby, No!" I forced her eyes to mine. "That's not dirty. It's totally alright. You're SUPPOSED to have those feelings. You just need to talk to me about them, to learn about it," I swear to god I had only fatherly thoughts in my head when I spoke those words.

"You'll teach me?" she asked me, knowing the answer.

She could still play me. How could any man say no to such an angelic voice, such soft eyes?

"I'll teach you babydoll," I told her as she buried her face in my chest, and hugged me with all her might.

We talked. She told me things. It was good, so good. I felt that connection, the old spark, so close, bringing us together. She still trusted me. She still needed me.

We talked about feelings. It was normal. She'd discovered her body, in the shower. New feelings, new thoughts.

She'd started touching herself, and then cumming. At night, in her room. She'd gotten more curious.

The internet, so lurid, so full of smut and porn, was a natural place for a smart child to look. She'd found that site, sex stories, all kinds. And they affected her. She began to fantasize about people, men, not just vague good touching.

I guided her, as best I could. It was almost like what had happened had never happened. For a time I lost myself in the teaching.

It was only natural when she rolled over and made the face, for me to ask her...

"Angel, what's wrong?" She pointed vaguely at her waist.

"My... I hurt daddy," I bit my lip as it all came back. My fingers trailed her face.

"I'm sorry Little One, sorry for hurting you."

"Daddy, don't cry." And then she held me, was cradling me, comforting me.

We sat there for a time like that, in silence.

"Will it always hurt so much?" she asked finally.

"No baby, not that much. eventually it'll feel good, and better, until it's all good," I felt so evil, despicable. She looked away from me.

"It wasn't all bad. It felt good. Very good," I felt my own lip quivering.

"It did?" I asked, in disbelief. She buried her face in her pillow. I pulled her up, gently, but firmly. Looked into her eyes.

"Tell me darlin," I asked.

"It, it hurt, it burned. Then it began to feel warm, and then better, and then it felt like something good was going to happen, in my, in my..." Her eyes, so innocent, as if she were telling me about a TV show, or class.

"And then you stopped." And I felt like total shit. She rolled away.

"Oh-ohhuh, it hurts Daddy," I went to the bathroom, got the lotion.

"Roll over Little One, I'll make it better," I told her.

I wanted to help. I wanted to see the damage I'd done. I wanted to comfort her. I wanted to touch her ass.

She slid her pajama pants down, kneeling on her bed. Then the white panties, so stark against the dark of her skin. She dropped face first onto the linen, pushing her little round ass up in the air at me.

She was a mess. Red, puffy skin screamed out "OW!" at me. She was beginning to bruise around the edges, and on the backs of her thighs. And there, in the window between her legs, below her ass, a little tuft of black hair peeked out at me. I felt myself throb.

Kneading the lotion in my hands to warm it, I resolved not to do anything. Never again. My hand touched the lobe of her butt, so very soft.

"Soft Daddy," she whispered through the pillow. "It's so tender."

"I know baby, I know." And I rubbed the lotion gently in. She was so warm to my touch.

I rubbed her outer hips, the fleshy part of her ass. The top, by her spine. And then down, sliding lower, fingers brushing the crack of her ass.

"Mmmhhmmm," she mumbled, rising up a bit.

My fingers delved between those cheeks, feeling downy soft hairs. I looked down at her, watched her slide her legs slowly open for me. My finger brushed across the little pucker of her asshole.

"Mmmmmm." Again, and a sigh. I rubbed it softly, caressing it. She pushed back, spread a little more.

My hand drifted lower, and she spread her thighs for me.

"Good girl," I whispered. God! God no!

My fingers found her little fuckhole, coating it with lotion. She was so hot, so very hot. And beginning to get wet.

"Daddy..." she whispered uncertainly.

"Hush baby," I said back quietly.

My fingers split her lips, sliding slowly down. Just grazing her clit.

"Oh!" My other hand found the small of her back, putting pressure there. Just a little.

And I circled her little button with my fingertips. Slowly making laps. Felling it begin to throb. Feeling it swell.

"Oh Daddy!" She was rubbing slowly back against me.

The lotion was gone, but she was so wet, it didn't matter. I dragged pussy juice down her slit, and pressed slowly on her clit, rolled it, began to brush a rhythm on it.

"Oh! Ohoh! Ooooohhhhhhhhh......"

I wasn't doing this. I wasn't. She rose up a bit, onto all fours. I shoved her back down, a little hard.

"I'm sorry Dadd...."

"Hush Angel. Does it feel good?"

"Oh yes Daddy. So good."

And I rubbed. She began to buck, slowly at first, than faster. Against my hand. Thighs squeezing. Pussy rocking against me. Pussy. My daughter's little pussy.

I was rock hard now, straining against my jeans, wanting so badly to fuck her. And she was bucking, really bucking, rubbing off on my hand.

"OH DADDY OHOH DADDY!" Her hips rocking, shaking. My pulse pounding like a drum. My cock, so hot, so hard, wanting, needing so badly.

"Daddy, MY PUSSY!" Those words from her lips, so irreverent, so fucking sexy.

"DAAAADDDDYYYYOOOOHHHHH!" And she squeezed down on my wrist HARD, bucking twice, and then freezing as she came. I watched her whole body ripple. It rolled up her, so lithe, so hot.

I stood, hand still cupping her pussy, and freed my cock from my pants. The wonderful relief of no longer being restrained.

"D' Daddy?" she called. I held her down by the cunt.

"You want to be my good little girl don't you Angel?"

"Yes Daddy."

"Be still."

"Yes daddy."

I dropped my pants, climbed back onto the bed. My cock left a wet trail as it brushed her golden thigh.

"I'm scared Daddy." My thighs hard against the outsides of hers, the head of my cock nestling between the cheeks of her ass.

"Don't be Angel. Be good. Ask Daddy to fuck you." My voice, my words?

"Please fuck me Daddy." My thumbs spread her cheeks, my finger massaging her little anus, spreading her cum onto it, into it.

"Say it," I said, calmly.

"Please f'fuck me Daddy. P'please?" She was scared.

I rubbed the fleshy head of my dick against that little purple hole. Pressing in. Pushing. Her virgin ass.

"SAY IT!" I said forcefully.

"PLEASE FUCK ME DADDY! PLEASE FUCK YOUR GOOD LITTLE GIRL!" And I did. Plunging into her, feeling her heat, her softness, dropping all the way into that so tight, too small little poop shoot.

"OH! OH DADDY, IT hurts!" I could feel the ring of her anus throbbing, trying vainly to expel me.

"You're Daddy's good girl baby. Say it." My fingers crawled up her hips, her back, gripping the backs of her upper arms.

"I'm your good girl daddy, I'm your good girl." SLAM! I drove into her, pushing her down into the mattress, half stifling the ...."DADDY IT BURNS!." Slam! Deep, plunging, delving, fucking her.

"Say it!" I hissed.

"Fuck me daddy, fuck me!"

In. Again. Again. Faster.



So warm, so wet, so wonderful, oh god oh god.


So impossibly tight, so wonderful, I needed, wanted, lusted. Slamming, pushing, fucking. Burying myself deep in her bowels.

"SAY IT YOU LITTLE SLUT!" I was yelling now, my sweat dripping down onto her back, my hips pushing into her, into her, pushing her face against the wall.


Punching into her butthole. Deep. Brutal. Again. Again. Faster. Faster. Faster!

MY blond hairs against her nutbrown skin. MY belly spreading the cheeks of her ass. MY balls brushing quickly against the backs of her thighs.

And then she began to push against me, to push back. To fuck back. My little girl, my hot little slut.


I lost it. Fuckingfuckingfucking my baby in her ass, so sweet, so warm, so soft, slamming, slamming, balls slapping, skin on fire.

"DADDY OHGOD OHOHOHOHOH!!" I could feel the bones of her arms under my hands.

Her neck was twisted, and she was half up the wall. My hips were plowing into her, each fuckthrust rocking her little frame. I could feel it, feel it, so good, so close, so...

"DADDY OH GOD FUCK YOUR GOOD LITTLE SLUT IN THE ASS! FUCK MY ASS FUCK MY ASS!" And I exploded deep into her, dropping onto her, weight driving her into the bed, cock spurting jizz deep up her greasy little asshole.

Spasming, shaking, feeling her underneath me, kissing her neck, peppering it with my mouth, oh god so wonderful to be pumping sperm so deep into her little body.

And she lay beneath me whimpering. I felt the muscles of her body pushing my deflating dick out of her abused butt. I rolled off, chest heaving, and lay beside her, hand finding her face.

"Was I a good girl?" she asked, barely audible, such a child again.

"Yes Baby, oh yes. You're Daddie's good little girl." And I looked into the pools of her soul, and saw a grin grow onto those full little lips.

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