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Anna Rau

Her Brother...

Anna Rau had a brother. His name was Timmie Ray. Mostly she knew him to be human enough, but sometimes she suspected him of being from another world entirely.

Until the time of this story, Anna knew Timmie to be at least partially lovable. Although, she also knew him to be a big pain.

Both were twelve, but Timmie was three months behind her. Both were also becoming interested in their bodies. Or more to the point they were beginning to take an interest in sex.

Now Anna, and Timmie too of course, knew better than to do what they did next, but they did it anyhow. It all began slowly...

Anna was lying in her bed touching herself like Mommy had told her not to. She did it more out of curiosity than to be breaking any rules. And it felt... Nice! Not wonderful, but nice. Maybe it was the fact she was getting away with breaking one of the many rules she had to contend with in a Military family. The only place she would be touching herself like this was in bed because of the punishments that had been meted out for other, as she thought of them, minor offences.

Timmie, about that same time, maybe a little later, him being three months younger than Anna, also discovered he could make himself feel, well, not wonderful, maybe, but Nice! Daddy had told him he would go blind or something awful would happen to him if he touched himself like this. He had just finished his fourth year of Grade school and he had heard about other boys so called conquests.

Timmie had discussed playing with oneself with his closest friends. Most of them did it regularly and seemed to be none the worse for the experience. But, Timmie also knew all about the punishments meted out for other such minor offences. And so would never so much as talk about it to Daddy.

As they came to know each other better, Anna and Timmie began treating each other more as friends than siblings. Well, after all, they were living in a military family weren't they? Daddy was what the military called a Lifer. Or, he was planning on being in the military for thirty years at least. As such they moved from base to base every other year at least. Daddy spent a lot of time on what they called TDY because he was an expert level Warrant Officer in his specialty. Some years they might see Daddy as little as one month in the whole year, broken up into little segments, of course.

Being in a military family, the children had been forced to come together more and more because they couldn't make any really good friends. Every time she tried making such a friend, Anna would just lose him or her due to their family moving to the next base. And the same could be said for Timmie too, so, of course, they turned in to each other. At least they did have that constant in their lives. They weren't only children.

Both children tried going to Mommy to ask their innocent questions about life and the world around them, but when it came to sex and sexuality she got suddenly confused. Mommy could talk about anything but sexual matters. It was only the accident that happened when Daddy had gotten her pregnant, or they thought he had, that they had gotten married. They were very idealistic before marriage. It turned out she wasn't pregnant, but they decided to stay married anyhow just to stay out of their own parents' homes. As the song says, they got married in a fever. The fact it had worked out so long was the result of a great deal of work, mostly on Mommy's part. Daddy could be very unresponsive at times.

Somehow Mommy had convinced Daddy to adopt a child, but he saw both Timmie and Anna, and decided, almost on his own, to adopt both. Daddy liked to think of himself as the decision maker in the family and so Mommy had to force herself into the process. But, Daddy still persisted in trying to keep her out. Only the fact he was gone so much of the time afforded Mommy the comfort to be a decision maker in her children's lives.



Mommy had just gotten a job of sorts that kept her out during the day when the kids were in school. It all began on a midwinter day when the kids had a day off from school. Here's how it began:

Anna was lazily sitting with her back against her headboard when Timmie came in without knocking. She had been touching herself but her hand remained where it was, because Mommy was the only one in the family, except Daddy in this respect, who knocked on the door before entering.

Anna had flipped her panties crotch strap to the side and was rubbing and prodding at herself. Timmie could see that her finger was to the second knuckle inside her already sweet smelling hole. Timmie smiled as he erected automatically. He always erected now. He didn't know why exactly but he liked it a lot.

"Well... Hey there, Handsome!!" Anna said in her favorite cornpone voice. "Wha-Cha-Need!?"

Timmie shut the door and shoved his elastic banded shorts down his legs. He always did this now to relieve his generally painful thing. And Timmie never wore briefs into Anna's room any more. He left his shorts where they had fallen off his legs, and climbed to the bed top. He crawled up to sit beside Anna, back to the headboard.

What happened next was a shocker for both of them. Anna's right hand was free from prodding at her, so called, inner bliss, almost without any choice in the matter it crossed his lap and took hold of him. Or more precisely the tip of his erection. He jumped almost out of his skin with the ecstasy it produced.

Anna's hand almost let go when she saw the expression on his face as she got hold. Suddenly a clear drop of, something, appeared in what she knew to be his pee hole. He began breathing harder than normal whenever he entered her room or she his. She stammered an apology and almost took her hand away, but Timmie's ragged voice begged her to keep it there. His right hand came up and covered hers gently to keep her hand there.

Suddenly, an inspiration occurred to Anna. She squeezed... just a little, and rubbed around the crown she held in her soft hand. This caused more clear liquid to ooze out the pee slit, then suddenly... Timmie went very stiff. His thing began trembling, his other thing, under his hard thing began to wriggle about on it's own. And three small spurts shot out his pee slit. Each accompanied by a grunt-cry. She had never heard them before, but Anna interpreted them to be cries of joy.

Timmie's legs had come together and so had caught the liquid before it could go to her bed. Timmie had just discovered, the night before when he touched himself, squeezed and prodded, this juice seemed to shoot out his pee slit. Before it had just felt wonderful. Now it was Wet and Wonderful!!

Anna took her hand away, feeling the oozed liquid that had flowed over the webbing of her hand. She took a sniff of it, smiled, and licked it off her hand. She saw it flowing as it sort of melted between his legs. Immediately she was on her knees and licking it off his legs, then his thing(s).

Something strange happened when she took his thing into her mouth after licking from base to crown. It began trembling and coming erect again. It only made it to quarter hard, of course, but it was still trying to go hard.

He shoved, almost violently, her mouth off his now soft penis. It was still too sensitive from going off. And it wasn't ready for another go yet.

"What'd ya do that for!?"

"For some reason," he panted, "it's still sensitive from going off like that!"

"Why do you suppose it did that?" inquired Anna.

Anna thought about it as she continued prodding at her own body.

Timmie thought about it too. "If it felt that wonderful for me, why not allow me to play with your body! Anna!?"

Anna's hand was already moving from between her legs...

Anna's First Time

Timmie Licks...

He breathed her in for the first time from so close. How he loved her smell when doing this... thing! Or any other time for that matter!

At first Timmie wondered if he could do for her what she had done for him. But, then he stuck his nose into her lips, her thing, Lips and breathed in heavily. He found a little nub-thing inside of where he kissed, first gently then, as she reacted, began sucking.

Anna moaned, locking her legs around his head and neck, not too tightly, she wanted him to be able to move but just enough to tell him what she wanted. She began breathing harder and encouraging his tongue and kisses until finally she began a high pitched noise that was accompanied with a stream of liquid that came from her belly somewhere.

Timmie made to pull back when this happened but on swallowing a mouthful of the liquid found he loved it! Anna held him there where he just kept sucking until she shoved him out of her loins.

By this time Timmie had another, more interesting looking erection. Anna had never done anything like she was about to do, but she did it! Timmie rolled over to his back, his erection sticking up, very hard and painful.

Anna crawled to straddle his crotch, aimed his thing to her opening, and began shoving down. At first she felt uncomfortable with him inside her belly, but she was still not past the little bit she had hollowed out in her playing before.

She shoved a little harder, felt the pain, the overstuffedness then it felt good. She shoved again, came up against her hymen and continued shoving even though the pain was tearing her up. Somehow she couldn't get past the hymen!

Anna just bounced up and down for a few seconds, then stopped bouncing with only the head inside her love hole. She steeled herself for the pain to come, then lifted her legs.

Suddenly there was a massive tearing pain in her belly! And just as suddenly she was sitting on his crotch, pussy mouth spread all around his sword of life.

Timmie lay there with his mouth open in an oval in his concentration not to go off too soon. Finally Anna began bouncing again and gave a small cry of joy, and she began bouncing the length of his fleshly rod up inside her belly. He began shoving up and pulling out too.

Timmie suddenly began thrusting in and out, it was only a total of perhaps five times, and Anna felt something liquid hit the walls of her pussy canal, and she was going off too!!

She began throwing her hair from side to side and squealing her joy as she shoved back one final time. Then, with him still inside her belly, Anna fell forward to kiss his slack lips.


First Orgy...

Anna Rau woke one morning in Timmie's bed pleasantly. Timmie had woke up first and found Anna's legs spread and decided to take advantage of the situation. He was fucking her little hole.(Anna and Timmie had meantime had chance to learn to talk dirty.)(They hadn't even wanted to before!)

Breathing hard Anna gasped, "Whutta way to wake in the morning!!"

"So, ya like fuckin' huh, Sis!? Regular Cunt, HUH!!??"

"OOOOOOO, yea, YYYEEEAAA, LLLOOOVVVEEE, Fuuucckking! Oh Fuck me, Timmie!!??"

Suddenly Anna clinched her pussy muscles around Timmie's cock and cried out her climax. Almost immediately Timmie grunted loudly, a little too loudly, and he was shooting off into her belly. As they came down from their mutual climax they lay there with him still inside her belly.

"Ya wanna put on a orgy, Sis??"

"Orgy? You mean like letting others fuck me and you fucking others??"

Nodding his head in agreement Timmie said, "Yeah, ya wanna do that, Anna?"

"I wanna make it with Mommy and Daddy, maybe it would bring us closer together... as a family. I miss that we never have been that close."

"Daddy wouldn't go for it... would he!?"

"We might have to force it but I think he would! And Mommy'll do it too."

"Force him!? How we gonna force him...?? He might really kill us!"

About that time Mommy opened the bedroom door after having watched the action in the room through the key hole...



Mary Anne hadn't heard the last conversation being too excited and kneeling right outside the door looking through the old fashioned key hole. But, she had heard the sex being done. Neither child had known when she had walked into the house unexpectedly. She had just lost her job to an accident that caused the place to burn down. Until hearing the activities in the bedroom, Mary had been debating applying to work in the PX on base. They did hire military dependants sometimes...

Anna opened her eyes with her head turned to see Mommy easily and they widened perceptibly. There was Mommy with her hand up under her uniform skirt and inside her panties. She just stood there, eyes closed, riding her journey through the stars out. Anna whispered one word, 'Look, Timmie!' and he turned his head.

Timmie's penis inside his slightly older sister went suddenly hard again and, looking at Mommy, started fucking again.

When they looked up again, Mommy had gone having shut the door quietly behind her. They looked at each other in surprise. Both had expected Mom would stay and in the very least explain to them what they already knew anyhow about the laws of the land and the morality, or lack thereof, in what they were doing.

Timmie rose off Anna's pretty little body, sliding out of her belly with a wet sounding pop. He jumped off the bed and Anna behind him, out the door and into the door to the main bedroom. Mary Anne was sitting on the bed with the bottle of sedatives the doctor had prescribed for her insomnia problem and thinking of taking the whole bottle. Except there was only two pills left.

"Mommy! NO, don't do it, Mommy!" both children cried in alarm.

"OH, don't worry my lovely little angels! Only one more dose in it, or two in half." She smiled in shame. She had been thinking of doing it quite seriously this time. If not for the lack of pills, she might have done it. But, Mary Anne knew, looking at her children, she could never do it with her children still absolutely needing her as they did.

Anna approached the bed and Mommy rose to her feet, gathered her skirt above her waist, indicating that she should suck her meat between her legs. Mary was also a bit of a Nymphomaniac. The children knew she spent a lot of time in her room...

Anna pulled the panty hose down along with her Mommy's panties and helped her step out of them, then she got close enough to sniff at her Mommy's hole.

"Oh, Mommmyy! You smell so good down here!" And she began kissing and sucking just like she had felt Timmie do to her. Suddenly Mommy fell to her back on the big king sized bed, pulling Anna with her. And Anna never disengaged at all.

"OOOOOO, MMMYYY, Anna! Keep Sucking Like That...!!"

Timmie watched with growing excitement then climbed to the top of the bed and offered his penis, his cock, to his mother to suck. Mary seeing this perfectly huge, for a twelve year old boy, cock in front of her face, took him into her desire aching mouth and began sucking. Driving Timmie to distraction. Timmie began feeling Mommy's tits, he twisted the nipples gently as he had learned to do with his only slightly older sister. Mommy's arms snaked around his hips pulling him closer and closer as she sucked him into her voraciously tightly sucking mouth.

Anna knelt, still on her feet, in front of Mommy sucking for all she was worth, and she reached between her own thin legs and began frigging her own little hole as deeply as her child's hand could go. All at once Mommy's lovely body began going stiff and Anna felt the contractions going on inside her grownup pussy.

Timmie suddenly went stiff too, he cried his climax and grabbed Mommy's head to prevent her from pulling off, then she began drinking his semen joyfully.

Suddenly Anna felt her climax hit her like running into a brick wall at full speed. And Full Speed was something she knew all about, being one of the fastest runners in the school track and field team(in her own age group anyhow).

All three relaxed with a groan, Anna climbed to the bed top and lay on the right side of her mother as Timmie had the left. The kids, both with a groan of delight, began rubbing their mother's nipples and fondled her breast flesh. They pulled each other over Mommy and kissed while holding a breast through several layers of cloth.

"Uh, I don't suppose I could undress now, could I... Ki... Uh, Lovers!?"

Anna came to a sitting position on her side and Timmie did the same. Mommy rose shakily to her feet, grabbed the bottom hem of her skirt and pulled the dress off over her head.

"Lovers!? Mommy?" Anna giggled.

"Yeeeaaa, Mommy, Lovers!? Ya wanna fuck with us, then?"

"I want to tell the world I am fucking you!!"

"OOOHHH, Mommy!"

"My, My, Mommy, aren't we Wicked!?" Timmie giggled.

"Mommy, you really gonna tell the world what we're doin'!?"

"Noooo, Darling, much as I want to I know better. And I'm glad you know better too! We can be lovers until Daddy comes back from his stretch in Viet Nam."

"AAAAWWWWRRRIIITTTEEEE!!!" Both children cried together.

"But, Anna, my darling, you're goin' on the pill! Now, before you turn up pregnant. How long you two been fuckin' then??"

"Less than a month, Mommy!" Both children replied together quite honestly.

When they were alone in her room, Anna looked at Timmie and commented with a grin, "Looks like things might be changing for us, Lover, Bro!!"

Mommy had asked that the children not fuck each other until Anna was on the pill, though.

Timmie climbed up between Anna's pretty little legs and began licking and sucking her to another orgasm...

Daddy Dies in the War

Letter Home...

The letter finished wistfully, 'Tell the kids I love them, huh, Hon!?' but there was a Telegram too from the DOD. Mary Anne was afraid to open it for fear of what it would tell her. Telegrams from the DOD usually didn't give good news...

When the children arrived home from the game Mommy had to miss(she had begun taking an interest in her children's lives now) they found her lying across the big king sized bed with a red face that was tensed even in sleep from having cried herself to sleep. Anna quietly motioned Timmie after her. They went to the kitchen for a Pepsi Cola and began discussing what might have happened. Oh well for now, they thought, and went to the front room to watch a movie on the VCR. Mommy had set up the rules concerning sex and it wasn't for the front room. No panties nor boys briefs must ever be found there.

In the front room after the movie was over, Mommy stumbled in and fell into the big over stuffed chair looking dull and washed out about her whole body, not just her face. And she began to weep again. Suddenly Anna and Timmie were beside her inside her thighs, but scared of touching her intimately. They didn't know what was wrong but knew something was...

Anna took Mommy's right hand and Timmie her left and murmured that everything would be all right. Although they didn't know any such thing at all! Mommy suddenly pulled her hands back and threw them around both her lover children. She slid her hands down their backs and cupped their asses. She kissed first Anna then Timmie and told them to go to bed for the night and she would try and explain it in the morning.

Anna almost went to Timmie's bedroom to sleep with him but thought better of it. All three slept in their own rooms and had a very bad night of it.

The next morning, Mommy called the PX to explain and stayed home that day despite the fact she liked making money for her children. And she began trying to explain what had happened, and here's what she said:

"Daddy's gone to heaven or where ever men like him go when they leave this life." She looked at them intensely, "He's been killed... what he called a fire fight broke out and he was a little too slow in reacting... He's dead!!"

Daddy... Dead!? The concept was too much for the two teenagers. Anna said simply and quietly, "How do you know this, Mommy?"

"Telegram from the DOD. I got a letter from him too...!" And she burst out crying again.

Of course, they had to move off the base and Mommy had to get a second job, because although she still worked for the PX on the base they had to live off it now. Mommy received the ten thousand dollar death settlement from the insurance and it covered the outstanding bills. Since they didn't have to pay for a real funeral there being no body, it was cremated by the government most of the money fit just right over all the bills.

For six months it seemed that Mommy spent most of her time at work or in bed. Once she got into bed, Mary cried herself to sleep. And started having nightmares and became guilty of neglect again. Until...!

Rescue Mommy!

Anna... Plan!

Anna and Timmie had to remind Mommy about the need for more of the pill for Anna time and again. Anna decided enough was enough, the death of their father and bread winner didn't hit them as hard as it had their mother. Anna came up with a plan for something to help Mommy keep active and alive.

"Mommy, I'm goin' to get Pregnant! And I am going to do it for you. Whata ya think of that?"

"Pregnant!? How you goin' ta do that one then, Anna!?"

"I fuck Mommy! And I don't use the pill. I'm goin' to carry Timmie's baby... for you, Mama!"

"Y... Ya... Fuckin'? How long...?"

"Yeah, Mommy! We brought you into the fuckin' didn't we!?"

Mary sighed, "I thought... you'd stopped when I did! Or maybe... hoped!?"

"We fuck every night, or at least suck each other off, well mostly anyhow, sometimes one of us has an off evening."

Mary stumbled, "W...?"

"We've been trying for a month to get me pregnant and I think we might have succeeded. My monthlies failed this month and if they fail next we can be pretty sure! OH, I Love You, Mommy!!" Anna hugged her mother fiercely, "Won't you fuck Timmie again, Mommy, Pleeezze!? He really misses your tight little but grown up cunt!"

"Pr... Pregnant, Anna?" Mary said dully. "Missed your period this month, Anna!? Well then, I'll just have to make up for lost time!"

"Whudda you mean, Mo...!"

Mommy had reached out and grabbed Anna, pulling her into a great bear hug. "I wanna get preggars too, then! Will Timmie get me pregnant too!? Do ya th...!?"

"Mommy, who's goin' to fuck Timmie if we're both pregnant at the same time?"

"We'll call your Aunt Rose. She has a daughter, Mary Jo, and they're both very horny!"

"How'd ya know that, Mommy??"

"Before your Daddy died..." a catch obstructed her throat for a second, "bef... I visited your grandma in the hospital and your Aunt and Mary Jo both invited me into their beds but I ended up with them in mine instead. We soothed each other's feelings of fear for grandma in a special way... in bed." She finished with shame in her voice.

"You did the lezbo thing... with your sister and niece!? Would either one of those two fuck Timmie like he needs!?"

"We all three fucked Jerry too, dear!" She looked at Anna like she was asking permission when she was the one who could deny permission for her kids to ever fuck again. And she wouldn't do that or ever think of it.

A deep breath expelled from Anna's young mouth, "Yo... You fucked your brother and sister too!? OH Mommy!! I'd wondered at the ease of your conversion to incestuous relations!" Anna had never known of this side of her family before and while it did shock her, it made her very happy too!!

Mommy suddenly began looking her old self underneath the pallor of the preceding months of misery the family went through. "YOU, you are getting checked tomorrow. We'd better know now if we should move into the main house." {Grandma's House.}

Sure enough, Anna was pregnant and the family went to Grandma's small mansion where Mary worked to become pregnant with Timmie's baby. It wasn't long before Rose and Mary Jo moved in too. In this side of the family everyone came together. Then Mary (Anna's mother), became pregnant and several other women in the family entered in and became alternate lovers for the four men in the family. There were a dozen women servicing the four men for a while. But that tapered off to merely six. Then Anna finally had her baby and six months afterwards her mother had hers. Both named the children for Timmie first then someone else in the family. Both had girls and the cycle started six months later to impregnate them both again...

The six who had left off had become pregnant themselves by any one of the four men they had been servicing. But, finally a full dozen of the women, the family went very long on girls when birthing, got themselves pregnant by other men, introducing new genes to the pool so as not to dilute the gene pool too much and start producing freaks for progeny.

And the whole cycle started all over again...!

What D'ya think of this one, then??

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