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An Anniversary Dream Come True

When my wife Amy had told me that she was bisexual, I must admit I was extremely turned on by the thought of a threesome. I was extremely attracted to my wife, and we had only been married for two, going on three years. We were both young at the time of marriage, she at 17 and a half, and I was about to turn 19. So at 21 and 20, this was something I really wanted to try.

Even though we fantasized about it, it just never seemed like it could come true. Both of us seemed apprehensive about the risks in involving someone else, but unlike Amy, I had never done this before. I was a virgin when on our wedding night I finally gave myself to Amy. She, on the other hand, was once considered a slut by all definitions, sleeping with many guys and having threesomes to fill the void of normalcy at home.

With me being a virgin, she expected me to be terrible in bed, but unexpectedly I was her best. She couldn't believe how good I was, and I lasted close to two hours my first time. Since we have had wild and passionate sex, and she orgasms more now than ever before in her life, and always tells me of how satisfied she is by it.

One night she hit me with a question, and I answered as I always do, overly honestly. She asked who I might be interested in, and I said her sister.

"Rod", she says, "you know that I couldn't fuck my sister. My god I wouldn't even know how to approach her about it."

Amy's sister Sherri was pretty good looking, and we flirted a bit when Amy and I went out a few years before. Not to say Amy was bad. Not by any means. Amy was about 5'4" with blond hair and green eyes. She had 38DD breasts that curved just perfect when she was on top of me and an ass to die for... Sherri was a bit taller at 5'9" and had 34C breasts, great long legs and a nice firm ass. The thought of having both sisters got me really hot that night, and Amy could feel my enthusiasm grow inside her. She worked it to her favor, licking my ear and whispering what she would do to Sherri, and when I came, it was extremely hard, as I was screaming Sherri's name. Amy loved it, but I don't think she was really serious about the threesome idea, but rather, she was using it to get me off.

It was around 6pm and I was all ready for the next day. It would be our third anniversary and I had special plans. I bought flowers, and was going to cook pasta for two. I even got her chocolates and a balloon, which the kid in her always loved. I picked out a great greeting card and things were in place for the next day.

When I got home from work that day, I was expecting Amy to be in the frontroom watching TV, but she wasn't. Instead there was a note telling me to meet her upstairs. I was hoping to build up to this later, but if she really wanted me that bad, I figured why wait? So I run up the stairs to our room, and when I look in the doorway, she's sitting there completely nude, with her sister nude beside her. I almost came right there.

"Rod, baby, happy anniversary." Amy said. Sherri, then put me at ease. "Rod, I have wanted to fuck you for years, but I never wanted to hurt Amy. When she brought this up to me, I jumped at it. And Amy and I have done other stuff together when we were young and experimenting. So it's not like we feel too uncomfortable with each other."

I thought to myself, "Amy acted shocked to throw me off guard apparently."

Sherri and Amy came over and quickly undressed me. My cock was erect at it's full 6 inches, which isn't tiny, but it's a nice modest size. Sherri started grabbing and fondling my cock and balls as Amy went up kissing my mouth and whispering that this is what I wanted. Then Sherri came up and kissed me. It was hot. I wanted to kiss her for a very long time, and the feeling of our tongues swishing between each other's mouths was unbelievable. There was chemistry between all three of us, and suddenly Amy and Sherri started kissing and fondling each other. They pushed me back onto the bed where I lay flat on my back.

Sherri took my cock in her hand and started licking the top of my head. At the same time Amy started sucking on my balls. Then Sherri took me all the way in, deep throating me a bit. She started furiously moving up and down on my cock and I had her straddle me for 69. I started twirling my tongue on the outside of her lips and then dove in. The feeling was unbelievable as her wet pussy continued to drip all over my tongue as I licked the inside of her clit. She sucked faster and I moaned loudly. Then she started to moan loud that she was going to cum. I could taste it as she came on my tongue. Amy lay down with Sherri on her knees in front of her, eating Amy out. Meantime, I got behind Sherri doggy-style and started fingering her a bit. Then I started pushing my cock inside of her. She pushed back onto me so she could take all of me right away, and the feeling of my cock again made her moan.

I started fucking her like I never fucked before. I fucked her fast and hard and with each thrust she moaned louder. God this was great. Amy started cumming from her sister eating her out and moaning into her pussy. I kept fucking Sherri and then put her on her back. This was even better. I put her knees back and sucked a bit on her toes as I sank deep into her. While fucking her I sucked her nipples a bit and she started screaming.. "Ohh godd YESSSS! Rod, I LOVE YOU, FUCK ME HARDER! OH MY GOD I'M CUMMING AGAIN! " At the sound of that Amy went from masturbating herself to Sherri's and my crotch's. Where I was banging Sherri, she started putting her tongue in and Sherri came even harder. Then I got off... "OHHH YESS BABY! OHHH FUCK!" I felt gallons of semen pour from me into her.

I collapsed on top of Sherri and she, while panting, told me how good I was and how much she now loved me.. Amy was so happy that everything went so well, that she just kept fingering herself at our embrace. That got us going again, and I went over to my sexy wife and started to kiss her. She threw me onto my back and took top. I was hard again and she rode me to orgasm.. The swaying of her large beautiful tits made me cum again, just as she came...

Afterwards we all lay in bed together for the rest of the night, as the two women cuddled to each side of me in bed. The feelings of their nude, loving bodies almost made me get off again. We all made an agreement that this was unbelievable and had to happen regularly. Sherri moved in, and we have an open fuck policy that any of us can fuck when we feel like it, and all walk around the house nude with each other, because of the high comfort level.

This was the best anniversary of a lifetime....

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