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Another Night, Another Nightmare

This is a work of fiction as are all my works, even the stories that are true. Any similarities to real people are implied but should not necessarily be inferred. This is a big boy and girl story and should only be read by such. Anyone who reads on will either be disgusted or turned on or both. Contact the author at [email protected]

Before I go on, I want to send out a special hello to all my fans at White Shadow's Nasty Stories. The site is one of the hottest on the net and I am proud two have two selections posted. I have been writing most my life but only publishing for the past two months. I have about sixteen stories available at this time and hope to get as many of them onto White Shadow's as possible. Some of my stuff though is of a nature that probably unsuitable for this site so for everyone wanting to see me go to the next step be sure to send me your return e-mail so I can send you some letters. For my friends from Yahoo and MicroSoft Network, both of you sounded very interesting and I would love to honor your requests if I could get back in touch with you. For everyone else, I promise to reply to all e-mail I get and will make every effort to be as open as possible but make sure you include a way for me to get back to you in your message. And now for the good stuff.

The Basic Plot:

Another Night, Another Nightmare is the second installment of my newest series featuring the late night adventures of a mother and her son. The child can be any age the reader feels comfortable with as he is attributed traits consistent from a point of earliest innocence all the way to the most developed of perverse psyches. The mother is an augmentation of everything as pure-as-snow [although maybe the snow has been pissed in.] I strive to achieve a humorous accounting of how otherwise normal and respectable mother/son dynamics can be warped into the most inappropriate of circumstances and towards that end a setting of a child awoken in fright during the night is the facilitator to this tale. Whither the child's nightmares are involuntary or carefully crafted is of no real consequence as the mother has been compromised to accepting the shock in either case. I will have a word at the end to deal more with the psychology of the piece but without further ado, I present Another Night, Another Nightmare.


This is a stand alone story although in the Child Nightmare Series. These are not the characters from A Child's Nightmares, [although it is scary enough to imagine there could be even one such creepy kid in this world.] Our dreamer for A.N.A.N. has been a busy little child indeed. He has slowly broken his mother to where he is ready to put her into her final fate. Now step out of bed with our little hero and sneak along to our poor mother's bed....

"Mommy... mommy... MOMMY, are you awake? Are You Awake Yet Mommy? MOMMY!"


"Mommy, I had another nightmare. Mommy you're awake now...right."

"...yes Michael, I am awake."

"I didn't mean to wake you up mommy. But I had another nightmare. Can I tell it to you like last night?"

"Michael, you have had a nightmare every night this week since your daddy started night shift and you know what happened last night. Michael, mommy thinks you are having too many 'nightmares'."

"No mommy, I just have this really bad one tonight. Please mommy it is way badder then yesterday even. I was so scared mommy."

"Michael, is this another dirty nightmare?"

"Yes mommy, it is really, really, really dirty."

"Michael, you know what happened last night. You got carried away Michael. I never realized what a big boy you are getting now. Michael I don't think you should be having such dirty nightmares about your own mommy."

"I don't want to mommy but I do every night now. You said last week that I could tell you my nightmares when I got scared."

"That was for your dream about the cookie monster Michael, I never knew you were going to be telling me dreams where I get used and abused in every filthy manner imaginable. Michael don't you know how embarrassed I get when you describe so many dirty things happening to me?" "It is okay mommy."

"Michael, it is not okay. And what you did to me last night was very, very bad. I think you better go back to bed now."

"No mommy. I had a nightmare. You said I could tell you my nightmares. You promised mommy. I tricked you and you never had your fingers crossed so now you can't break a promise. You know that a promise, is a promise, is a promise. I read that in a story on the internet mommy."

"What story Michael"

"Just a story where I got some good ideas mommy."

"...yeah, well a promise is very important Michael but it is not nice to trick someone to make them promise. You tricked mommy so many times that you hurt my feelings now. I don't even know if I still believe that these are real nightmares. I only promised you could tell me nightmares Michael; not made up stories."

"These are real mommy. You believe me. I am not a liar, mommy."

"Of course I believe you Michael. Mommy knows you would not lie otherwise mommy would have to wash your mouth out with soap like last time and you would not like that again."

"I am not even lying mommy."

"...Okay, but honey can't you just release mommy from her promises. You tricked me Michael. It makes me feel so bad when I have to let you talk so dirty. I am still your mommy Michael. I think since you already had so many nightmares you should be able to go back to sleep now."

"No mommy, this nightmare was the worst one. There were lots of scary gorillas."


"Yeah, at the zoo mommy."

"Yuck Michael, not gorillas."

"They're really big mommy. I saw in a film when they do it that they just jump all over. If that happens to you then you can get hurt really good."

"Michael, why would you even want that? Didn't I explain yet that it is not fun for girls to get raped."

"I know THAT mommy. But that is why the nightmare is scary to me because when I shove you in the gorilla cage at the zoo all of them gang-rape you until you just get totally fucked."

"Michael I wished you would not use language like that."

"I can say any swear word mommy. I made you promise just like the boy in the story I read."

"What story?"

"Just a story mommy. I get to use swear words."

"I KNOW you get to use them, but please don't Michael."

"Nope. I have to mommy, otherwise I will sound like a dork."

"I don't even know where you learned so many swear words Michael. You better tell me what stories you read where little boys trick their mommies."

"I am just going to tell you about the gorillas all fucking you and coming in you and all the people watching."

"Oh my god, Michael...just do it. You could barely get up for school this morning. It is already almost five o'clock. Your daddy will be home in just a couple of hours and I don't want him to find out how easy you tricked me. And know funny stuff tonight. You were very, very bad last night when you tried to get your cock in my mouth and had the accident all over my face. If you do that again then I will break the deal with you and never let you tell me a nightmare again."

"You can't break a deal mommy. You promised."

"I don't care Michael. If you do anything bad tonight then I will break the deal."

"What a rip off mommy. I did not even get any cum in your mouth last night."

"Of course you didn't, Michael. When you jumped on me and got your knees to hold me down I knew what you were trying. I would have pushed you off if you did not have me trapped in the blankets. It was very awful when you pulled my hair and tried to make me suck your cock. I think you got too excited by your dirty nightmare otherwise you would not have been so bad right?"

"Yeah mommy."

"Maybe I better be careful tonight. Before you talk about the gorillas gang raping me, I want you to promise me that you won't try to stick your cock in mouth again."

"What about your cunt then mommy."

"OH MY GOD! Michael! How could you say that? Oh my god, Michael."

"I'm not going to do it mommy."

"You better not. You know what would happen and tonight would be the worst possible night."

"You are still not on the pill, right mommy."

"...Yes. Michael, I don't know why you get me bred in every nightmare but I told you that your daddy had an accident. If I ever really get a baby he will know it is not his so don't even get an idea or I will really take you to a doctor."

"No! No, no, no! You can't ever tell anyone mommy. I made you promise."

"But you never tricked me yet into getting to put your cock into my unprotected cunt. Michael I will tell even your daddy if you try it. I want you to promise me that you will try not to stick your cock in my mouth or my fertile cunt tonight."

"I don't have to mommy."

"Yes you do Michael."


"Michael please."

"Okay mommy, but first you have to make me a new deal."

"What is that Michael?"

"If I promise you then you have to take off your covers tonight so I can see you in your nightie."

"No way Michael."

"Yes mommy. And I want that other nightie; the one that I can see through. And no underwear or I won't promise to try not to stick my cock in your cunt tonight."

"Michael that is too much."

"That is the deal mommy or you might have to get my baby."

"This is so unfair.. .okay. Promise me then."

"You have to promise first."


"I don't want to get tricked mommy."

"You don't even trust me? Okay, I promise to go put on my see-through, short, little nightie and let you see me."

"ALL-NIGHT mommy; anytime I have a nightmare."

"Michael... All night anytime you have a nightmare, but you better not have anymore."

"And no underwear either."

"Okay, okay, no underwear. I promise to wear no underwear and let you look at me in my see-through nightie all night anytime you get a nightmare. There are you satisfied."

"Yep, you can go put it on now."

"First you have to promise to try not putting your cock in either my mouth or my cunt and just to prove I am not going to get tricked this time you have to say forever; and my ass too; and you can not put your fingers behind your back or cross them or anything."

"Okay mommy, I promise to forever TRY to not fuck you in your mouth or cunt or ass."

"Wait... Michael that didn't sound right. Was that a real promise?"

"You heard me mommy. It was your idea for the words so we have a deal. Go put on your nightie."

"This is not even proper Michael. I should not have even needed to make a deal just so you would try not to stick your..."

"What mommy? You can't hear me with the door shut can you? Get dressed up for me slut because tonight we are making a baby. I promised to try not to stick my cock in you but if it accidentally gets in you when I am humping you then that will just be too bad. Now hurry up and let me see my first look at your cunt at last."

"I'm coming out Michael."

"Okay mommy, I am rea...WOW!"

"I never even wore this for your dad Michael. It was a joke gift."

"You should wear it to the store shopping mommy. I am getting a hard cock."

"Michael! I am still your mother. I know you have funny ideas but I am practically freezing in this thing..."

"Is that why your nipples are hard?"

"MICHAEL! You just have your fun looking if that is what it takes because at least now I know for sure you will never try to touch me again."

"That is not what I promised mommy."


"I only promised to try to not get my cock in your holes."

"Yeah... well... Wait a minuet Michael. That isn't a promise to even do anything. You can just say it is like an accident or something."

"I guess I could."

"But I wanted you to promise me that you would not get me pregnant or do anything dirty."

"Then you should have been more careful mommy."

"MICHAEL! NO! Michael you can't. Please baby. Please promise me again."

"I don't have to mommy."

"Michael I can't get your cock into my cunt tonight. It is the worst time."


"Michael isn't there any deal I can make so you don't stick your cock in me tonight?"

"How come tonight is the worst night. I bet it is the perfect time for you to get pregnant right?"

"Michael is that what this has all been about? Did you somehow figure out when mommy had her times of the month?"

"Maybe mommy. It would not be very good if I put my cock in your cunt tonight if it is the best night to get you knocked up. I can be fair too so since you made a bad deal last time I will make you a new one."

"And you won't get me pregnant tonight?"

"The deal will be that I will say that I will wait one week before any accidents will happen to you and you can make sure that any accidents will only happen when you are not perfect for baby making time until you get onto the pill. But you have to let me take back my last promise so I can get my cock in you even when it is not accidents and when I do get my cock in you I can do it anyway I want and you can never try anything to get away and no one can ever find out even."

"This better not be another trick Michael... I can't have a baby... oh god! Okay you little brat. I release you from your promise to try not to fuck me and you can do anything you want, and I have to let you and can never tell anyone or ever try to stop you."

"Okay that was a good promise mommy now I will make mine..."


"Just crossing my fingers."

"But a promise does not even count if your fingers are crossed.."

"I know."

"But... but... Michael, this isn't even fair."

"Do you want to make one more deal mom?"


"I will promise you that you are going to get fucked right now and by the time dad gets home you will be knocked-up; and when I come home after school I will bring home some bad black boys because that is how I want to fuck you then and you will take me to the zoo this weekend too now lay down bitch before I fucking smack your face."

The End?

Boo! Booooo! Sorry folks but these stories kind of write themselves once I get going. I was pretty bad about teasing the gorillas and copping out. I promise mom will get in that cage soon and the wait should give me time to make sure she gets really, really done. Does anyone out there know if it is scientifically possible for her to get knocked-up by the beasts? If you can't wait for some gorilla action then check out 'Julia Roberts Gorilla Gang Bang Rape' in the zoo room.

If you want to see mom actually get raped by her son get or just blackmailed into being a slave then e-mail me at [email protected] to find out how to get my more explicit fantasies. There is some delay before my stories are either accepted or rejected but keep your eyes open really soon for Another Child, Another Nightmare where a new hero uses the formula and I finally deliver on a real gorilla story. My previous mentioned pay-toilet idea is going to be very racially expressed and will probably not be available except from the author although I will submit it as soon as it is complete. Maybe it will be suitable for White Shadow's fabulous sister site Black Specter [link available from this site] that already houses my very nasty piece entitled 'Lean the Freak'. If you can handle the celebration of ideas only hinted at in 'A Child's Nightmares', then let yourself check out Black Specter after finishing your visit here at White Shadow's.

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