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Animal Antics 016

Janie opened her eyes and groaned in pleasure. Her cunt tingled. It oozed fuck juices. Two fingers swirled and pumped inside the tight pussy hole. Wide open, her pussy was red and swollen as it was stroked inside out. A thumb pressed against her clit and chills of lust rushed up and down her spine.

Gyrating her hips, she cried, "Ohhh . . . ohhh, fuck! Ohhh, baby, fuck me . . . fuck me . . . fuck meee! Uuuhhh . . . ohhh, so good . . . aaahhh, damn you . . . pump my cunt! Fuck it good!"

Her friend chuckled and kept finger-fucking the young girl. The fingers fucked faster. They pumped hard and deep, then ground from side to side. Spreading in a wide V, they pulled Janie's pussy hole wide open. The fingers then quickly snapped together and fucked into the young girl's pussy once again. With each pump, Janie gasped in desire and spread her legs as her cunt hole was forced to open. She wanted it, needed it, badly.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Uhhh . . . uhhh, fuck me . . . ohhh, baby . . . fuck my cunt! Frig my clit! Nnnn . . . nnnhhh. . . ohhh, yes . . . oh, yes . . . that's it, honey. . . fuck me! Ohhh, Melanie . . . do it faster . . . harder!" Her hips ground wildly from side to side.

Melanie smiled again and kept fucking her young girl friend's pussy. Sensing how good it was for Janie, Melanie finger-fucked her harder. Swiftly, she jerked the two fingers back and made another one stiffen next to them. Then, without a pause, she fucked deeply into the other girl's cunt.

"Uuuggghhh!" gasped Janie, her legs jerking wider.

A grimace of temporary pain crossed her sweet face. Closing her eyes, Janie threw her head back. The pain was quickly overcome by pleasure as her virgin cunt expanded and it throbbed. More of her slippery juices oozed out to lube the pumping fingers and her large, fleshy clit was engorged and reddened. Each pass of her girl friend's thumb across it squeezed a groan from Janie's throat. Wanting more, Janie grabbed her cunt lips and pulled. Like the petals of a flower, her pussy lips separated as her cunt opened wide. Melanie's fingers sank in a little deeper as they pumped and swirled inside the open red cunt gash.

"Yeahhh, baby! That's it, honey . . . open your cunt . . . keep that pussy hole open for me," whispered Melanie. "You like it, don't ya? You like having my fingers in your pussy, don't ya, Janie?"

"Ohhh, yesss! Ohhh, yesss, I . . . I do! Finger-fuck me!" groaned Janie.

Melanie leaned closer. "What? What did you say, you little bitch? I didn't hear you, Janie. I said, you like getting finger-fucked, don't you?"

"Yes! Yes! Oh, yes!" the other girl moaned, louder than before. "Fuck me, damn you!"

Steadily, Melanie's fingers fucked in and out. Janie could feel her inner cunt flesh dragging back and forth pleasurably, the friction driving her crazy. In and out, in and out, every time the fingers drove in deep, her cunt expanded wide to fit over them and a groan shot out as her pussy narrowed. Every time the other young girl's thumb frigged her aching clit, Janie groaned once more.

She tossed her head back. Her hips gyrated. Her body was flushed. A thin sheen of sweat glistened on her smooth flesh, her ripening tits rising and falling in passion. Her breath came in gasps of lust. Even as she thought it, she could feel the lust building to a climax. Inhaling deeply, Janie felt the tremors beginning in her toes. The explosion made the air rush out of her lungs and fuck juice gush out of her cunt.

"Nnnnnn! Nnnnnhhhhh! Nnnhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh . . . ohhhh . . . shit! I'm cum - fuck . . . fuck . . . fuck! I'm cumming . . . Cumming . . . cumming! Fuck me, whore . . . nnnggghhh . . . nnn . . . nnnggghhh!"

Her muscles trembled and goose bumps flashed over her body. Her legs kicked out as spasms took over her pussy. Her cunt hole convulsed, juices spurting out, hot and sticky.

It was all Melanie could do to keep up. She lay down with her face almost in Janie's cunt hairs. Wrapping one of her arms around the thrashing girl's thighs, she drove into Janie's pussy again and again. Cunt juices were splattered over her whole hand as Janie writhed in orgasm. Melanie thrilled to feel the clenching spasms of Janie's cunt around her fingers.

Janie rode her orgasm hard and fast until, with a great heave, she slumped back onto the bed. Her cunt was on fire, her body sweating, her breathing labored. But she was satisfied and a warm glow pulsed through her body as she relaxed in satisfaction.

Melanie's own body was tingling in arousal, having just witnessed the climax of her close friend. Damn, it turned her on to make the other girl cum! Even though they had been frigging each other for almost a year now, the thrill of it never failed to get to Melanie.

The first time it had been a night like this one, when Melanie was spending the night at Janie's house. They had been innocently lying next to each other and then, somehow, their arms become intertwined. Their slender, almost hairless bodies had become heated, lust building up between their legs. And, even though they had never before experienced the sensations they had then felt, they instinctively knew what to do. Not long thereafter, they were holding each other close, kissing and madly frigging each other.

Yes, even though it had been almost a year since, together, they had discovered the secret, hidden pleasures between each other's legs, they were still going at it strongly. Both girls loved to play with, finger, suck, and lick cunt and since that first wonderful time, they had initiated several of their other young girl friends to the pleasures of cunt. Without exception, every one of the girls had taken to sucking pussy as enthusiastically as a duck takes to water.

Now, Melanie peered at Janie, lust gleaming from her eyes. Excitement coursed through her veins as she looked at Janie's taut, firm body.

Janie was still young, slender and almost hairless except the thin patch between her legs. Her head was small and pretty. Soft brunette hair, parted on the left side, flowed down just below her ears. Her hazel eyes were glowing with life and lust. Her nose was fine, her chin daintily formed, her cheekbones high. But her mouth was a sight to behold.

The soft, ripe lips were full and beautifully formed. They were almost a natural red in color. Her tongue was a soft pink. In short, her mouth was an invitation that any man, woman or child would gladly accept. It gave her the appearance of a young girl who felt comfortable and natural with her face buried between another person's legs.

Her fine body was taut and firm. Her skin was golden, except her tits, pussy and ass, which were soft and creamy white. Her tits were not yet ripe, but damn close. They swelled out from her chest invitingly, smooth and bullet shaped. Her nipples protruded, firm and rubbery. They were large and soft pink, providing a cock-stimulating contrast from the creaminess of her tits.

Her belly sloped down past her belly button until it curved between her legs. The soft, light hair above her pussy was hardly noticeable. Her ass smoothly curved out in a most wonderful manner and her legs long and slender, soft and graceful. Her feet were small and dainty, her toenails polished a pearly pink, like her fingernails. I

As Melanie gazed at her friend's body, she decided that she wanted Janie to service her pussy with her mouth. She stared hungrily at the dazed young girl and, getting up, she spread her legs wide and straddled Janie's upturned face.

Opening her eyes, Janie looked up as the glow in her body subsided. What she saw reignited the fires of her desire. Melanie was standing over her, a foot planted on either side of her head. Janie moaned softly, her eyes roving up and down the other girl's sweet body.

Melanie was almost a year younger than Janie. She had long, honey blonde hair that was parted in the middle and her face was young and fresh. Her eyes were blue and sparkling, her mouth pert and sensuous, the lips looking like they were made to be kissed and licked. Excited, Janie let her eyes travel lower.

The younger girl's tits had yet to grow very much. The roundness was there, but barely evident against the flatness of her chest. Though Melanie was a little embarrassed because of this, her taut body made it up to her. Her nipples were enlarged and super-sensitive when aroused. Right now they stood up and out, swollen and tingling. Squeezing, and pinching the younger girl's nipples was one sure way to make her do anything you wanted her to do, Janie had found. Janie chuckled softly, knowing that her own nipples were just as sensitive. She moaned once more as her eyes continued traveling down Melanie's hairless body.

The other girl's belly sloped gently outwards from under her tits. At her belly button, it reversed its curve and sloped gracefully back down until it tucked neatly between her legs. A thin patch of black hairs nestled between her thighs and a little gap was plainly evident between her thighs. Her cunt lips were soft and swollen and Janie could see the wetness oozing out from between them. The older girl's eyes made a fast sweep down Melanie's slender, smooth legs, then quickly centered between them once more.

Melanie's sparsely haired pussy was hovering very invitingly over her face. Even as she looked, the cunt began to descend and she dreamily heard her friend's voice.

"Suck it, Janie," ordered Melanie. "Eat my pussy, baby!"

Whimpering, Janie opened her mouth. The sharp odor of cunt burned into her nostrils and lust filled her brain once again. She wanted to smell it some more, she wanted to see it close up, she wanted to taste it. She wanted it planted on her mouth while she licked Melanie's cunt inside out.

Melanie lowered herself further. Caught up in the lust of her act, the younger girl pulled her cunt lips wide apart and Janie got a wonderful view inside her tender, virgin pussy.

Janie could see between the other girl's pussy lips as they opened wide. The soft pink inner flesh was swollen and slick and cream glistened thick and white inside the pussy hole. Janie licked her lips and held out her tongue in invitation. As she whimpered for it, Melanie accepted, her hot wet cunt flesh settling down firmly on Janie's mouth.

"Mmmmmmm . . . mmmmm . . . ohhh, M-melanie . . . mmmppphhh . . . g-good . . . p-pussy, baby . . . mmmppphhh! "' Janie slurped.

While Melanie obligingly held her cunt spread open, Janie hungrily kissed her pussy square between the lips. The wet flesh was soft and smooth and her lips slid over the slick pussy meat easily. Janie inhaled deeply, the smell of pussy filling her head. Her tongue snaked out and she began lashing it back and forth. The hot, wet cunt seared her tongue with its goodness and, as the taste washed into her mouth, Janie licked eagerly between her girl friend's cunt lips.

Melanie reared her head back in pleasure, groaning, "Yeah, Janie. That's it, baby! Lick my cunt . . . eat it . . . mouth it, honey. . . suck my pussy! Uuuuhhh. . . ohhh, yesss . . . mouth it! Oh, use your mouth, you whore! " Her hips gyrated reflexively and she pulled the cunt hole open wider.

Janie's mouth nestled comfortably into the gaping pussy slot. She reached behind her girl friend and felt her ass. Kneading Melanie's firm ass cheeks, Janie went to work on her pussy with gusto. She fastened her mouth on the younger girl's creamy cunt and began cleaning up the sloppy hole with her mouth.

Sucking while she licked up and down she was rewarded with a constant flow of fuck juices. The delicious cum flowed over her tongue, dribbled down to the back of her mouth and then slid down her throat. The more Janie sucked Melanie's cunt, the more she wanted to do it.

Inhaling as she sucked and licked, Janie swirled her tongue inside Melanie's cunt hole. Withdrawing it, she gently slid it up and down the girl's pussy slit. When she touched Melanie¹s clit, she teasingly licked all around it and Melanie cried out in lust and torment.

"Oh, you fucking whore! Ohhh. . . lick my clit, damn you! Lick it, Janie. . . ohh, please . . . lick my clit! Suck it . . . ohhh, please, suck it, Janie! Uuuhhh, I want it, baby! I can't take it . . . ohhh, please suck my clit . . . nowww!"

The sex-crazed girl ground her pussy into Janie's face, riding hard. She clutched the back of Janie's head, pulling tight. Janie's muffled grunts went unheeded because Melanie wanted her clit sucked and her pussy eaten and she wasn't going to take no for an answer. But Janie had no intention of saying no. The rough treatment she was receiving only served to heighten her lust.

Her tongue spiraled in, poking at the center of Melanie's cunt, Janie fastened her lips tightly around Melanie's clit and sucked. Her tongue got closer and closer, then made contact. Melanie lurched but Janie didn't give the other girl time to settle in. Her mouth went to work, licking and sucking madly.

She swirled her tongue around the swollen clit, treating the entire surface of the other girl's clit to a wonderful tongue-massage. Then Janie started licking back and forth teasingly, dragging the length of her tongue across Melanie¹s clit. Then she pulled her tongue back. Melanie's screams of lust made Janie glow in satisfaction.

"Ohhh . . . ooohhh . . . fuck fuck, Janie ooohhh, it feels good, baby oh, yes oh, yesss! Do it . . . do it! Mouth fuck my cunt! Lick it out, suck my clit! Ohhh . . . yeahhh, baby, eat me out! Oh, goddamn, you eat pussy good, baby! Ohhh, oh . . . ohhh . . . oh!"

Janie stopped petting the other girl's ass. She worked her fingers between Melanie's ass cheeks while she hungrily sucked and licked. Spreading them apart, she pressed one finger against the younger girl's asshole. She felt the asshole twitch once and then loosen as Melanie sensed what she was going to do. Janie flicked her finger back and forth over the brown hole and then centered it and pushed. The soft asshole flesh gave way and with a long, slow motion, Janie firmly pushed her finger up Melanie's ass. "Uuuhhh!" choked Melanie.

She jerked and tightened her asshole. Then she loosened it, savoring the pleasure. Her hips moved from side to side. Her head was thrown back in joy as her girl friend kept sucking her clit, pumping the finger in and out of her asshole. Chill bumps flashed over her skin.

Janie well knew the pleasures of getting something in the butt. Though both girls were still virgins, they had already found out that it felt just as good - maybe even better - to have something up the ass. She worked her finger in and out and from side to side inside the other girl's open shit hole. All the while her mouth greedily gobbled Melanie's clit.

Janie could feel the heat of the girl's clit pulsing inside her mouth. She closed her eyes as she ate pussy, swirling her tongue all around in hunger. Just as she felt her young girl friend stiffening, she dug her finger deeper into Melanie's asshole and hammered it hard from side to side. Melanie screamed as she came.

"Uuuhhh . . . uuuhhh! Ohhh . . . You damn . . . whore! Uuuhhh . . . Uh . . . uh! Nnnggghhh . . . ooohhh, shit . . . I¹m c-cumming! Aaahhhhh . . . Aaahhhh . . . uuunanggghhh!"

Lust flashed over her heated flesh as her orgasm bit her. Her muscles tensed and then released. Her lips were drawn back in a grimace of lust. Convulsive tremors wracked her body from head to foot as her clit expanded and exploded in her brain. She gripped Janie's head, roughly pulling it between her wide open legs. Out of her head, she mashed her slobbering cunt into the other girl's lips. Her lips mashed and numbed, Janie did her best to keep licking and sucking for all she was worth.

She struggled to keep her nose free to breathe as her girl friend went crazy. After digging her finger deep up Melanie's ass, Janie fingerfucked the asshole hard. She jerked the finger back, then rammed it in deep. Repeatedly, she finger-fucked her friend's shit hole hard and fast. The puckered asshole twitched powerfully, again and again and from the way Melanie was moaning and spasming, it was evident that she was loving every bit of it.

Wet, sticky pussy cream gushed out of the girl's pussy hole and into Janie's mouth. Its smell was in Janie's nostrils. Its taste filled her mouth. It cascaded all over her face, its warmth good to her lips and tongue. Excited by the taste, and smell, Janie worked her tongue furiously on her friend's clit. She sucked and licked for all she was worth until, with a giant heave, Melanie's body went slack.

The girl was breathing hard, her face relaxed, her mind thoroughly blown. For a moment, she stayed in position over Janie's face, her pussy licked clean inside out. Then she collapsed onto the bed beside her friend. She lay there, silently recovering with her eyes closed.

Janie didn't speak, content to be there next to Melanie. Her cheeks and chin and lips were gleaming with spent fuck juice. She licked up what she could reach with her tongue. Melanie noticed and moved over to help.

Sensuously, Melanie kissed her girl friend, tasting her own pussy on Janie's lips. Her tongue slithered into Janie's mouth, then began swirling around her lips. in ever-widening circles, Melanie licked over Janie's chin, then cleaned up her cheeks. When she was finished, Janie's face was sparkling clean. Glowing with satisfaction, Melanie lay back down.

After a few minutes of rest, she opened her eyes once again.

"Whew! Damn . . . that was good, baby. Fuck, you eat good pussy, Janie," she purred.

Janie, too, was glowing with pleasure and her cunt was again glowing with lust, her asshole tingling with desire because it had been several days since she had fingered herself there. Even as she thought about it, an intense horniness filled her smooth young body. She wanted something stuffed up her asshole!

Chapter Two

She looked around the room. Her asshole wanted something inside it and a finger was just not enough. She wanted something more, something bigger, something harder, longer. Then she saw it. It was not quite as big as what she had in mind, but it would do.

With Melanie looking on, Janie got up and went to her dresser. Picking up the hairbrush, she fondled the smooth, hard rubber handle. It was about six inches long and at the end it was about an inch wide. About a third of the way down, it enlarged to about an inch and a half.

"What do you want me to do with this, Janie?" Melanie asked, a knowing gleam in her eyes as she fondled the handle lewdly. "Tell me, baby . . . what do you want me to do with it? "

Janie purred, "You know . . . put it in me." She ran her hands over her ass cheeks and up her sides. "I want you to fuck me with it!"

Her heart beating wildly, Janie knelt. Lowering her head almost to the floor, she reached back for her ass cheeks. With a handful of butt in each hand, she pulled and her ass cheeks separated and spread. Her asshole bulged, brown and hairless, quivering in desire. The thought of having something long and hard deep inside her ass made her shiver. Oh, it was going to be good!

Melanie looked at her horny girl friend. As Janie opened her butt, Melanie's previously cleaned cunt oozed more cream. Her eyes widened as she stared at the other young girl's asshole. She had thought Janie wanted it in the pussy, but now she was happy to learn otherwise. Both girls loved getting their assholes fingered. Melanie peered closer, growing hungry for Janie's twitching asshole.

"Come on, Melanie! What're you waiting for, damn you?"

Melanie chuckled, "He-heh, you hot little whore! You want me to fuck you with this hair-brush? Where do you want me to put it, bitch?"

"Oh, c'mon slut I want it . . . I want it in the . . . in the ass! " she blurted. "Please do it, Melanie! Fuck me in the ass! Now, damn you . . . do it now!, Please!"

Melanie got up. Magnetically, she was drawn to her girl friend's upturned ass. Falling to her knees, she reached for the sweet, creamy ass cheeks. She grabbed them as the hairbrush dropped from her hand. She could not help herself. Her face was drawn down between Janie's ass cheeks.

She sniffed at the brown asshole, the odor drifting into her nostrils. Inhaling more deeply, Melanie closed her eyes and enjoyed the smell.

She squeezed her friend's ass cheeks hard before her hands began smoothly gliding around and over her spread little butt. After repeatedly filling her lungs with the smell of Janie's asshole, Melanie began feverishly kissing and nibbling the girl's ass cheeks.

Janie groaned, "Oooohhh . . . yesss, Melanie. Ohhh, it feels . . . good, baby!"

Her pussy was on fire. Her asshole was tingling unbearably. The little nibbles and kisses were sending chills up and down her spine. She could feel Melanie's hot breath burning between her legs. She was on fire with lust and her asshole was filled with need. It throbbed powerfully and excitedly, sending pulses of want to her brain. When she felt Melanie's tongue sliding down her ass crack and she moaned louder. Arching her back, she spread her ass wider, loving it.

"Ohhh, yes! Ohhh, yes! Lick my ass, Melanie . . . eat it!"

Melanie chuckled knowingly, then bent down to her task with relish.

Janie's body was tingling all over with anticipation. At last, she felt her friend's tongue nearing her asshole. The hot tongue glided down her crack, then slid around the bulging hole. Sensuously, it circled her asshole. Janie purred, feeling the tongue swirling inwardly. Just as she felt that she couldn't take it any more, Melanie's tongue slid right to the inviting brown target.

A volcano of pleasure erupted in Janie's brain. The hot, wet softness teased her sensitive asshole. Squeaking her enjoyment, she tried to open her butt even more. Gyrating in little circles, she pressed against her friend's mouth. Obligingly, Melanie stiffened her tongue and poked it into the little asshole.

Janie moaned as the tongue quickly went to work. It snaked from side to side, opening the lips of her asshole. It began poking in and out firmly. Janie relaxed her asshole and made it open. Melanie put her thumbs on either side of the hole and helped. Gratefully, Janie felt her young girl friend's tongue slithering into her open shit hole. "Nnnhhh . . . nnnhhh . . . ohhh, baby . . . Baby . . . baby!" she cried, in ecstasy. "Ohhh, goddamn . . . fuck . . . it's good . . . so good! That's it, baby . . . tongue-fuck my . . . my ass!"

Melanie eagerly did as she was told. Nodding her head up and down and from side to side, she hungrily ate Janie's asshole. She spread her thumbs apart, making the hole gape open. Backing off, she stared into the brown shit hole. Then, whimpering, she quickly buried her face between Janie's ass cheeks. She worked her tongue into the hole and pushed it as deeply as she could. Her mouth was full of the taste of young asshole. Her brain was full of butt lust. As the taste of butt hole washed over her taste buds, she began lustily fucking the other girl in the ass with her tongue.

Janie tossed her head and pushed back against Melanie's face. Her pussy was burning. Cream oozed from between her swollen cunt lips. Her clit was throbbing in excitement. Her asshole was bulging outwards. Wide open, it happily received Melanie's eager tongue inside it, repeatedly.

The pleasure kept building as her girl friend's tongue swirled inside her asshole. Her whole body was glowing as Melanie cleaned the inside of her sensitive shit hole with her tongue. The tongue cleaning felt damn good but she needed more. She wanted the hairbrush handle up her ass!

"Oh, oh . . . Melanie! Fuck me . . . oh, fuck me!" she exclaimed, shaking her butt. "Stick it in me, honey . . . fuck me in the ass! "

"He-heh," chuckled Melanie. "Okay, ya little whore. Your asshole's gonna get what it wants. I'm gonna butt-fuck ya!"

Melanie picked up the hairbrush and examined it in the light. The flexible rubber gleamed smoothly and menacingly. Smiling to herself, she aimed it between the other girl's legs.

Janie's body was on fire as the handle pressed between her cunt and her asshole. She opened her legs and waited.

The handle slid down and tickled her cunt. After going up one cunt lip and back down the other, the handle centered on her pink hole. A slight push and her pussy lips separated, slimy pussy juices seeping out. The handle quickly moved up and down a little bit in either direction. Then, swiftly centering on the hole, it jammed deep into her cunt.

Janie's pussy instantly split open. A long, low groan shot from Janie's throat as she took the handle as deep as it could go.


She braced herself on her hands and knees. The brush dug hard and deep for a split second and her cunt pulsed along its entire length. Then before she had time to think, the brush snapped back and again rammed all the way into her cunt. Janie closed her eyes and Melanie began fucking her hard and fast with the brush handle.

"Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhhh! Ohhhh! Oooohhh . . . Melanie . . . ooohhh, yes! Oh, yes! Oh, yeah, baby. . . fuck me!"

Her thick, slippery cunt-juices were flooding out, coating the handle. As a result, it pumped effortlessly. Still, her inner cunt flesh was pulled roughly in and out. That was what made it feel so goddamn good. The good feeling was driving her crazy with desire. But it wasn't what she wanted-she wanted to get fucked in the ass!

"Please, Melanie . . . butt-fuck me! Stick it in my ass . . . oh, do it!"

Melanie eyed the other girl's slicked asshole. It glistened invitingly. As she watched, it puckered up and then relaxed. Twice more, she watched it twitch. She decided it was time.

"Keep your ass cheeks pulled wide open!" she commanded.

Whimpering, Janie kept her ass cheeks spread wide. The hairbrush handle was swiftly pulled out of her cunt. Her pussy burned and her asshole quivered in lust as the handle centered on it and pressed firmly. The handle was smeared thickly with glistening cunt juice.

"Open your asshole, whore!" Melanie ordered.

Janie, breathing hard, concentrated and her asshole relaxed. The brush pressed in and her tight asshole stretched. All at once, the asshole opened completely, the handle slowly but firmly driving up her butt to the hilt. Janie, groaned loudly as she took it up the ass.

"Aaahhh!" she cried, not knowing which she felt more pain or pleasure.

She arched her back and thrust her ass out. She opened her ass cheeks wider to take all of the handle and her girl friend started slowly butt-fucking her.

Melanie smiled, resting her unoccupied hand on Janie's ass. Looking at the other girl's asshole, she firmly butt-fucked her. She watched closely as Janie's asshole yawned open and the handle drove deeply into her. Her own cunt was dripping fuck juice as she watched the light-brown asshole ring being jammed in. Then she was excited to see the soft asshole flesh closing and bulging as she pulled the handle out. She had to start fingering herself at the sight.

Janie's mind, too, was floating in pleasure. The constant, rhythmic fucking into her asshole sent rushes of goodness up and down her spine. She could feel the asshole expanding and contracting. Sometimes she clenched it tightly shut around the handle, then opened it all the way to take it in deep. At other times, she stayed relaxed and let her asshole remain open while the handle stroked its inner walls in a mind blowing massage. Repeatedly, she tossed her head in pleasure, groaning.

Intense pleasure radiated steadily from Janie's opened shit hole. Chills rushed through her spine and took over her brain. She became an animal, a mindless, lustful animal. She became an animal controlled only by instinct, the instinct, the need, to get fucked and to feel good, to have an orgasm. And right now the handle fucking deeply into her asshole was making her feel damn good indeed

Her asshole pulsed again and again and she was filled with pleasure beyond the ordinary. It was a pleasure one could only experience by getting fucked in the ass. When she started fingering her dripping pussy, the pleasure multiplied. She was vibrating all over with the good feelings spreading out from between her legs.

She tickled her cunt lips, then slid two fingers up and down her slit. Her pussy lips separated and her fingers sank in between them. They slid up and down some more, then probed her cunt hole. After swirling in just a little bit, she pulled them back and slid them to her clit. Her clit was pulsing in want, swollen and reddened. Janie massaged around it, getting closer to the center each time.

Finally, she reached it. Her fingers danced across it several times, then began circling it once again. Wanting still more, she pushed two fingers from her other hand into her pussy. Without waiting, she started finger-fucking herself while she frantically frigged her clit.

"Ooohhh . . . oh, shit! Uuuhhh, it's . . . it's so good . . . so good, baby, oh, yesss! " she purred.

Melanie chortled, between grunts of her own pleasure, "Yeah, baby . . . ya like it, don't ya . . . you like getting butt-fucked, you. . . hot . . . little . . . whore!" Aaahhh!" Her fingers pumped her cunt.

Janie leaned down and rested her head and shoulders on the floor. Getting with it, she pumped her fingers in and out of her cunt. Frantically, she frigged her clit. In great pleasure, she clenched and relaxed her asshole. In just moments, the pleasure became too good. The tingling between her legs grew in intensity. A powerful trembling began at her toes and spread through the length of her young body. Goodness filled her from head to toe. Her smooth body tensed as pleasure took over her brain and made her forget everything she had ever known. With a loud groan, she came.

"Aaannnggghhh . . . nnnhhh . . . Nnnhhh . . . uuummmppphhh! Fuck me . . . fuck me . . . fuck me, baby . . . fuck me, baby! Ohhhh . . . Nnnggghhh . . . Fuck me haaarrrdddd!"

Her muscles convulsed powerfully. Her asshole clamped tight and released. Her cunt muscles contracted, forcing hot fuck juice out of the hole and all over her hand. Her clit throbbed mightily, making her jerk uncontrollably. Her eyes were squeezed shut as blackness filled her mind. Pleasure washed through her young body in great, powerful pulses of climax.

Melanie butt-fucked her friend furiously. She rammed the handle deeply up the other girl's ass. Working it firmly from side to side, she snapped it back. Quickly, she fucked the girl's asshole hard and fast, again and again. Even as she watched Janie spasming in uncontrollable orgasm, she felt her own climax building up.

Her fingers danced across her clit, then dipped into her cunt hole. Swirling around, they slid back to her clit. Rubbing the engorged little thing in firm circles, she trembled in lust. The tingling began at her toes and spread up her legs. The quivering rushed through her body and filled her brain. Even as she knew she was going to cum, she exploded, her own juices joining with Janie's.

"Uhhhhh! Uhhhhh! Uhhhh! Uhhhh! Oh! Ooohhh . . . aahh . . . aahh . . . aaahhhnnnggghhh!"

Janie was barely conscious of her girl friend's cries as she rode her own climax to the end. After many powerful convulsions had swept the length of her body, she relaxed, a pleasant glow radiating from between her legs. The hairbrush handle slid in and out of her ass as Melanie mindlessly rode her own orgasm to the end. Then Janie turned her head and gazed through fogged eyes at her friend.

Melanie had her eyes closed, a look of sheer pleasure stamped on her pretty young face. Her slender body was wracked through and through with spasms. The younger girl was squatting, frantically frigging her clit as she came. Little squeaks were forced from her throat with each convulsion. Janie could see thick, foaming cream smeared between the other girl's legs and what cunt hairs Melanie had were matted down with fuck juice.

Her tender cunt lips were swollen to twice their normal size and they gaped open, their redness proof of her arousal. Suddenly, with a great sigh, Melanie relaxed. She slid the handle out of Janie's butt hole and it fell from her hand as she melted to the floor in exhaustion. The girls lay there together, content.

After resting a while on the floor, they gazed into each others' eyes. Pleasure and friendship shone between them and they smiled, satiated for the time being.

"Oh, Melanie," sighed Janie, "I feel a helluva lot better, don't you?"

"Yeah," said Melanie. "Aww, fuck, I feel good."

Janie yawned, for it was getting a little late. "Let's get in bed," she suggested. "I'm tired, aren't you?"

"Yeah," giggled Melanie. "You should be tired after that workout. Satisfied?"

"Hell, yeah. You oughta know, you bitch!" Giggling happily, they got into Janie's double bed and pulled up the sheets. Falling into each other's arms, they pulled each other close and snuggled up. Their breath intermingled as they drifted off to sleep.

Chapter Three

John Kelley hummed a tune as he went into the kitchen.

"Hi, honey," he said, kissing his wife on the lips.

"G'morning, John," smiled Alicia. "Ready for breakfast?"

"Hell, yeah," he said, sitting down. Then, eyeing his wife's great body he leered, "How 'bout a little ass, too? He-heh?"

His wife turned away, hurriedly snapping, "Now, John, I've told you that's supposed to be only for having a baby. Now, please. Stop bothering me about that. I let you have your way once a month as it is, you know."

"Yeah, okay," he answered, his voice catching in his throat. "Where's Janie this morning?"

Glad to change the subject, Alicia told him, "Oh, I think she's still in bed. Melanie left a little while ago and said Janie wanted to sleep late. Those girls are so nice, so innocent and young. They're pretty little things, too." She sighed.

John, his adrenaline rising, answered, "Heh, yeah, they are. Janie's a big girl now, though."

His mind whirling, he began thinking about Janie. She was growing a fine body, too. And her friend Melanie . . . yeah, she was looking real good, too, damn good! Too bad Janie was his daughter and Melanie her best friend. If things were otherwise . . . Oh, it hurt him to even think about it. He struggled to put the thoughts out of his mind as he finished eating.

Hastily getting up, wanting to get away from his wife, he muttered, "I'm gonna look in on Janie."

His wife hardly looked up as John hurried out, glad to get away from the frigid bitch. She looked good, but she was a block of ice when touched.

Approaching his daughter's bedroom door, he slowly opened it. His daughter was lying on her side with her back to him. She didn't move. Slowly, he crept into the room, whispering her name. Still, she made no move. Careful not to wake her, John stood still, looking around the room.

He breathed in the fragrance of his young daughter's body. The smell was good . . . soft and sweet. Yet there was also the odor of something else. Something bestial, animalistic. He couldn't put his finger on it. Then he spied the hairbrush on the floor.

He picked it up. It appeared normal with a few hairs clinging to it. Nothing unusual. Then he looked closer. The hairs were short and curly and looked like the kind of hairs that come from between a person's legs. John glanced at his daughter's sleeping form, wondering if he was right. If he was, then Janie had been fucking herself with the hairbrush handle. He began thinking. Melanie had spent the night so probably she had been in on it, too . . .

His cock started tingling. So, his young, innocent daughter and her equally young and innocent girl friend had been playing with each other! He wondered exactly what they'd done.

The air in the room stirred and Janie sleepily opened her eyes. Sensing the shift, she looked around. Seeing no one, she yawned and stretched. Her body glowed, fresh and alive. Her cunt sent a wonderful glow radiating through her body, letting her know it was still there. She looked down and noticed that her nipples were standing straight up. She had awakened horny, as she usually did nowadays.

As she rolled over, her glance fell on the hair-brush. It was still where it had fallen, apparently. Something stirred between her legs and she knew that she had to have it inside her.

Her breath quickening, she scurried out of the bed. Scooping up the brush, she lay back down and threw her legs over her head. With one hand she pulled her cunt open and in no time she had the handle rubbing up and down her pussy slit.

She gasped at the touch of cool rubber against her hot cunt. Chills rushed through her body. She pushed it gently between her pussy lips and it sank into the gap. Slowly, she rubbed it up and down her pussy slit. Touching the rim of her swelling pussy hole, she circled it with the handle. Her fuck juices smeared all around her cunt. Then she slid the handle back up her slit and found her clit with it.

She lurched at the touch. Her clit was engorged and it throbbed in want. She then massaged around the sensitive flesh, circling it sensuously. Her clit screamed for a touch, but she controlled her desire. It was all she could do to resist, but she slowly kept teasing herself between the legs with the hairbrush handle.

Janie gradually worked the handle back down her cunt slit in little up-and-down movements, each downward stroke bringing the handle closer to her juicing pink hole. By the time she reached the rim, she was quivering. She wanted it in her pussy! And she was going to have it there, too!

She pulled her cunt lips wider, moaning. Gently, she pushed the handle against the cunt hole and her pussy began spreading. She pushed more firmly and the hole opened ever so slowly. She worked the handle in and out a little at a time. She inhaled, relaxed and pushed in with one long, smooth motion. The brush handle sank deeply into her cunt as chills filled her mind with goodness.

"Oooohhh . . . Mmmmm!" she cooed.

Her pussy lips were stretched taut around the handle. She lay there for a moment, enjoying the feel as her pussy got used to it. Then she put her feet flat down on the bed and pulled them to her ass cheeks. Her pussy was wide open and ready for fucking.

Slowly, she pulled the brush back out. But before the tip emerged from the depths of her cunt, she pushed it back in. Rippling through her spine, pleasure filled her brain. She pulled the brush back, then drove it deep in once again. It got better and her hand began to pump steadily. She spread her legs as far apart as they could go and settled down to do business. As she got into it, she gradually began fucking herself faster. Her cunt began taking control of her brain. It directed her hand to fuck and fuck it did, faster and harder.

She pushed the handle deep, groaning. Digging hard, she churned the slick insides of her pussy. Swiftly, she snapped it out before her pussy had time to close, she jammed the handle deep between her cunt lips. Each time she made her narrow cunt split open, a grunt shot from her throat. Repeatedly, she pulled the brush out and then fucked herself deeply with it. When her cunt was a sloppy, wet mess of fuck juices, she turned her attention to her swollen clit.

By now, her clit was blood-engorged and throbbing mightily. It hung between her swollen cunt lips, huge and fleshy. It commanded her left hand to frig it and the innocent young girl could I not disobey. Nor did she ever entertain such a thought, either. Automatically, her magic fingers began their nimble dancing. Her grunts turned to whimperings as she melted in ecstasy. Three fingers swirled around her clit in a delicious massage. The tender flesh surrounding it was manipulated this way and that. Without realizing she was doing it, her hips began gyrating. Her fingers massaged more quickly. Then she flicked her fingers lightly over her clit. She bucked. Yes! Yes! Ohhhh, fuck, yes! Her breathing became faster and faster. Her feet lifted off the bed and the handle dug deep. Ohhh, it was good!

Just then a movement caught her eye. Startled, she turned. Her jaw fell open. She stared, shocked. It was her father!

John Kelley stood there for a moment, absorbing the shocking scene. There was his daughter on the bed, totally naked, her nipples puckered up. Her legs were thrown high and spread wide and her cunt was dripping wet, swollen and red. She was . . . she was fucking herself with her hairbrush! John was almost speechless, but as he hungrily stared at every minute detail of his fine young daughter's hairless body, he recovered. So, he had been right! His cock immediately stiffened against the front of his pants. Her body was smooth and flawless. There wasn't a mark on it. Her flesh was pink, glowing with health Her body was firm and slim, her legs long and slender. Her feet were dainty and pretty and her pussy was small, downy and soft. Now it was wet, reddened and swollen wide open. He knew what he had to do.

Janie, what are you doing?" he asked, moving toward the bed.

"Oh, Dad! Ohhhh . . . ohhhh, noooo!" she cried out, unable to control herself.

She couldn't face the man, this man who was her father. She was his little girl and now . . . now she had shown him what she really was - a slut who played with her pussy, a whore who finger-fucked herself, a tramp who fucked herself with anything she could find that would fit between her legs. She lowered her head, deeply ashamed of herself.

"I-I'm sorry, Dad. I-I d-don't know wh-what to say," she stammered, lowering her legs.

John held out his arms, whispering, "It's all right, honey. It's all right. Really, it's okay."

He walked towards the bed and sat down next to her.

"It's okay. little girl. There's nothing to hide, baby . . . believe me, you have nothing to be ashamed of, Janie," he soothed.

Janie felt his arms go around her and pull her close. His touch was comforting. The warmth of his body radiated through his shirt and burned into her tits. His hands burned her soft, tender flesh everywhere they touched. His warm breath was on her neck, sending chills to her brain. When his lips touched her cheek, she knew that she truly had nothing in the world to worry about.

"Janie . . . Janie," her father whispered, his cock pulsating. "Relax, honey. I'm gonna take care of you. Now, tell me what you were doing. Remember, I saw you. I just wanna hear you say it."

Trembling, Janie could not keep her voice from quavering, too.

"Oh, Dad . . . I was . . . I was playing with myself. Oh, I'm so ashamed!" she cried, covering her face with her hands.

"No, no, no, baby," soothed her father. "Don't be, honey. I told you . . . there's nothing in the world to be ashamed of. Now, don't forget that, either, okay?"

Janie nodded her head, wanting to believe him. After all, he was her father. And his touch was so comforting, so warm and inviting. They had always been close but she had never before felt so close to him, as she did now. Her cunt was pulsing around the hairbrush handle. Her clit was hanging between her puffy cunt lips, blood-engorged and excited, oh, how much she wanted to get back to fucking herself, she realized. She squeezed her legs together, looking at her father's features. He wasn't an unattractive man, she found.

John Kelley had sandy brown hair and he looked young to be a father. His skin was lightly tanned. He had a high forehead. His nose was about average in size and shape and his eyes were bright and intelligent. His cheekbones weren't too pronounced, his chin was firm. His lips were full and his teeth were almost white, but not quite. He wasn't muscular, but his body was trim as Janie looked him over, she sensed something was different about him but she couldn't make out what it was. Even as she looked at her father, she thrilled to feel his touch. His hand lightly glided over her thigh and down to her knee. Then it slid back up, a trail of goose bumps following it all the way to her inner thigh where it paused.

Janie looked at him expectantly, her cunt on fire with lust. After all, she had been close to orgasm when he had interrupted her. She was eager to get back down to business, if only he would let her.

Almost unconsciously, Janie again squeezed her legs together. Her pussy burned and her clit throbbed. Pleasure radiated out from her cunt, which was still stuffed with the handle. Wanting-more, it was all she could do to control herself in front of her father. Still shocked, she could hardly believe that she was lying there now, naked, with a hairbrush buried in her pussy, while her dad was calmly sitting on the bed next to her. It was almost like a dream.

Noticing the movement of her thighs, John asked, "Would you like to finish what you were doing, Janie? It's all right, you know. It's normal for a girl your age to want to fuck herself."

"Uhhhh, yeah, Dad. I . . . I kind of would like to finish f-fucking myself, as you said. If you don't mind," she hesitantly replied, shocked at his language.

"Of course, I don't mind, honey. Go Ahead," he smiled. Then, noticing her hesitation, he added, "I'm gonna watch. I want to make sure you aren't doing anything harmful to yourself."

"W-well . . . okay, Daddy. if you want," she answered, feeling his hand tenderly caressing her thigh.

She opened her legs, noticing her father's penetrating gaze. His eyes were aimed at her swollen cunt, where the hairbrush head poked out of it. She grabbed the brush and slowly pulled it out. Her father's eyes widened at the sight of the slick handle easing out of her pussy. She pushed it back in and her groan of desire rang loud and clear. Oh, it felt good.

"Oh, yes! Uhhhh!"

She tossed her head, digging the handle in deep. She jerked it back fast. Then, spreading her legs wider, she really pushed it all the way inside her. She dug it into her cunt, hard and deep. Her grunts of pleasure could not be suppressed. It started feeling damn good, and then she threw an caution to the winds. It didn't matter that her father was watching. It didn't matter who was near. She wanted to fuck herself. Her cunt wanted - no, demanded - satisfaction, and it was going to get it.

She threw her head back and closed her eyes. Lifting her legs almost to her tits, she kept them spread wide apart. She grasped the hair brush in a strong grip and began fucking herself with gusto. Each time she fucked herself deep, a moan of pleasure escaped her lips.

"Oh, yes . . . oh, yes . . . ohhhh, it's so . . . so good!"

Her hips gyrated, her cunt dripping fuck juice. The slimy cream was oozing out and smearing all between heir legs. It coated the hair-brush handle, making it slip and slide fast and easy. Her hand pumped in a steady fucking rhythm. Getting into it, she threw her open cunt up to meet the fucking brush every time it pumped deeply into her hole.

John's cock was straining at his zipper. His fine young daughter was putting on a bell of a show, a show he had never expected to see, though one he had often fantasized about. The smell of her pussy was in his nostrils and it excited him.

Cum was splattered all over. It was dripping out of her cunt, down the crack between her legs and onto the bed. Rapidly, the handle slipped and slid in and out of her open, juicing cunt.

John stared hungrily between her legs the whole time, watching the handle fucking in and out. It pulled out, shining wet, and he could see inside her pussy. Her pink inner cunt flesh opened up and glistened wetly, thick, white cream oozing out. Then he gasped as his daughter pumped the handle into her cunt, hard, while her legs kicked out to take it. His cock throbbed as he watched her cunt expanding over the handle. His hand crept between his legs and he squeezed his cock. As he watched his eyes growing bigger, he began jacking off.

By this time, Janie was oblivious to everything except the brush-handle fucking in her cunt. Her pussy lips opened and closed, opened and closed, again and again. Her clit was engorged and throbbing. Almost magnetically, her hand was drawn to it, her fingers doing their nimble dance of lust. Now her legs were raised high and thrown as wide apart as they could go. She frigged her clit madly, screwing her pussy hard and fast. Before she knew it, tremors began building inside her lithe young body and she knew she was about to blow up.

"Oh, god . . . oh, god . . . oh, god! Fuck . . . Fuck! I'm g-gonna . . . cum! Oh, . . . shit . . . fuck . . you whore . . . fuck me! Unnnggg . . . uuunnhhhh unnn-hhhmmmpphhh!" she howled, thrashing about violently.

Convulsions swept the length of her body, beginning at her toes and rushing through her cunt and to her head. Her cunt clamped and unclamped, sucking and grasping at the brush handle. Her breathing came in uncontrollable gasps as she sucked in great drafts of air. In the next instant, the air was squeezed out of her lungs by the next powerful spasm. Uncontrollably, her legs kicked and her hips ground powerfully, working the hairbrush handle as hard as she could inside her pussy.

John watched his daughter's orgasm with an expression of sheer lust stamped on his face. He pumped his cock. It was stiffer than it had been in years and his balls ached for release. Even as his daughter's orgasms came to a close, he was unbuckling his pants. He had to have some of her pussy.

Chapter Four

Yanking his pants down, John fell to his knees, his cock bobbing wildly. Roughly, he grabbed his daughter's legs and swiveled her cunt to face him. Throwing her legs wide apart, he slid the hairbrush out of her swollen cunthole and her slippery fluids trickled down the crack of her ass. He hungrily dove in with his mouth, fondling his prick and cupping his nuts as he mopped up his young daughter's thick, frothy cum with his tongue.

"Oooohhhh . . . wh-what . . . huh'?" squeaked Janie. "Ooooohhhhhh!"

When Janie felt herself jerked around, her impulse had been to cry out in surprise. But before she knew it, her father's mouth was glued to her sloppy cunt. Goodness rushed through her body once again and she held her legs wide apart so her father could lick her sweet pussy clean.

John inhaled rapidly and deeply, the smell of his daughter's cunt in his nostrils. His brain was full of lust as the taste of her fuck juices filled his mouth. He thirstily licked and slurped at her cunt, loving the taste of her horny young pussy. While, he ate cunt, he slowly, lovingly, jacked off, fondling his balls at the same time. The pleasure made him whimper.

Janie felt his tongue snaking up and down her slit and sliding between her cunt lips. The soft, warm wetness of his tongue felt great. She wanted his tongue inside her pussy. she stretched her cunt lips apart, making her pussy gape wide open for his mouth.

Immediately, she felt his tongue circle the inner rim of her cunt hole. The excited, reddened cunt flesh begged for attention and got it. The hot tongue swirled around, then licked up and down. Finally, when Janie thought she couldn't take it any more, her father slid his tongue down her slit to her open hole. Janie felt the slithering tongue slowly push in. The feeling was indescribable as her father proceeded to hungrily lick her cunt inside out, sucking up the cum that dribbled out of it. Janie couldn't hold back her moans of lust.

"Oh, Dad . . . oh, Dad! Oh, Dad, it feels . . . feels good? Oh, fuck . . . fuck you eat pussy good, Dad' Oh, yes . . . oh, yes . . . oh, yes! You're as good . . . as good as Melanie . . . oh, goddamn, it feels so good! Don't stop . . . no, don't ever stop . . . Oooohhhh!"

John didn't hear her. His brain registered sound and he knew it was encouragement. It had to be from the way Janie was rubbing her cunt against his mouth. Oh, the sweet, soft cunt flesh between her legs tasted good. He thought he could spend the rest of his life between her soft, warm thighs. He let go of his cock and grabbed her ass checks. Squeezing them firmly, he lifted her cunt at a better angle for his month to get in it. He pulled his face hard into the hole and kept licking and slurping up her cum.

He swirled his tongue deeply inside her cunt hole. He fucked in and out of it. Keeping his tongue deep, he licked from side to side. When most of her cream was cleaned up, he pulled his tongue out and slowly mouthed his way up her cunt slit to her clit.

Licking around the swollen clit he was gratified to feel his daughter's body twitching in response. Raising his head, he looked at her clit, watching its pulsations of excitement. The girl's clit was big, he noticed, bigger than her mother's. His cock surged with lust and his mouth fastened over her clit. Janie thrust her pussy at him as he went at it.

Gently sucking, he licked in little circles. Noting how well the young girl responded, he went at it with gusto. His tongue flicked furiously back and forth over her clit. Then it circled several times before resuming its frenzied lashing. He gradually increased the suction, tentatively tickling the girl's asshole with one finger. In seconds, he felt the quivering of her thighs.

Janie was simply amazed at how good her daddy sucked cunt. Why, he was going at it like a wild man! He knew just what to do, too. When his finger brushed her asshole and he began fingering her there, the pleasure overcame her brain. Shivering from her feet to her head, she knew she was going to cum. The finger sank into her asshole and her toes curled up. Screaming her desire, her orgasm hit her.

"Aaahhh . . . aaahhh! Ohhh, goddamn fuck, I'm . . . I'm cumming! I'm cumming! . . . oh God! Uuuuhhh . . . uhhhh . . . uuuhhhh! Aaaarrrgggghhhh!"

John Kelley licked and sucked furiously. His daughter's hips swiveled in wide circles as she came. She pumped her cunt into his face, grinding hard as explosions wracked her smooth, slender body from head to foot. It was all the man could do to keep his mouth fastened to her clit.

As he felt the girl's asshole fluttering with convulsions, he drove his finger all the way into it. Wiggling it, he worked it from side to side. Not knowing how the girl would react to the penetration of her asshole, he let the matter rest for the time being instead of finger-fucking her hard and fast. Later, he promised himself, he would return to the subject of asses, certainly his very favorite subject. In the meantime, he sucked her cunt until she fell back on the bed and lay still.

"Ohhhh, Dad . . . that felt good . . . "

John smiled, glad to hear she liked it. He lifted his head for a closer look at her cunt. What he saw made his prick pulse in hunger.

The swollen cunt lips were pressed tightly together, a white froth of pussy cream dripping out from between them. Her cunt hairs were so sparse that he had an almost unobstructed view of her pussy flesh. The whole area was reddened and engorged with blood, wanting to see inside her, he spread her cunt hole with his thumbs.

His cock leaped. His daughter's cunt was right in front of his face, spread wide open. The inner flesh was bright pink and shone with thick, white, frothy cum. The slimy fuck juice oozed down the walls of her cunt and ran out of the hole.

Janie purred softly. Her father's lips and tongue felt good inside her cunt hole and she knew he was liking it from the way he moaned in pleasure as his tongue swirled inside her. She couldn't help smiling in satisfaction. She was in heaven as her father cleaned the inside of her cunt with his mouth. Too soon, it seemed, he lifted his head and leaned back, smacking his lips. Cunt juices shone on his cheeks, lips and chin.

"Baby," he panted, "did you like that?"

"Yeah, Dad. That felt damn good," she answered, out of breath. "you eat pussy good . . . as good as Melanie does."

The man's heart lurched in his chest as heard that she had already told him that once. It hadn't registered then. He had been occupied then. He envisioned the two young, teenaged girls sucking each other. Oh, fuck, what he wouldn't give to get between them! Huskily, he croaked, "Honey . . . would you like to make me feel good, too?"

Janie's body was aglow with freshness and pleasure as she answered without even having to consider. "Sure, Dad. I want to make you feel good, too. What do you want me to do?"

She knew what it was and the thought turned her on.

"I want to fuck you, honey," he said, looking deeply into her eyes. "Have you ever had a cock in your pussy'?"

His nuts ached, needing to be unloaded.

Janie inhaled deeply, stammering, "N-no, I . . . I haven't!" She forced the words out, trembling.

"Well, I'll bet you want to, don't ya? If you like fucking yourself with the hairbrush, you're gonna love this," he assured her, standing up.

Janie gasped, seeing her father's stiff cock for the first time. It hung between his legs, swollen and menacing, slightly angled to the left. The head was a big, swollen knob. It was much bigger than the brush handle she thought, probably two inches wide and a lot longer, too. Janie quivered, wondering if her virgin cunt could take such a big cock inside it. True, she fucked her cunt with three fingers sometimes, but this was something totally different.

"Oh, Dad . . . it's big!" she moaned in protest, her hand again flying to cover her mouth.

"What is, Janie?" He paused. "What's so big?"

"Your . . . your th-thing!" She blushed.

"What's it called, Janie? Tell me!" he urged her. "I want to hear you say it!"

"Y-your prick! Your cock . . . it's big! Oh, Dad . . . I don't know if I can take it!" she wailed, wanting to try anyway.

"Shhhh, baby . . . shhhh. Of course you can take it. Your cunt can expand to take any size cock inside it, honey. Look, your mother's taken it hundreds of times. Baby, if she can do it, you can, too." He wrapped his arms around her. "Here . . . feel it!"

Janie reached for the massive cock head. Hesitantly, she ran her fingers over the smooth flesh.

"But, mom's a lot older than I am, Dad," Janie said, squeezing his cock.

"I know, Janie, but it doesn't matter, Your cunt can open big enough to take any size cock inside it. You like fucking yourself with the hair-brush, don't you?"


"This is twice as good. You're gonna love it." He pinched her nipple.

Desire flooded Janie's brain. She fondled her dad's cock wonderingly, as if in a dream. As she felt its heat burning into her hand and something inside her stirred. Her cunt began buzzing, a thick ooze dripping from her pussy lips. She could feel it trickling between her legs. She had seen pictures of men and women fucking and she had long wondered how good a cock would fell plunging between her legs. Though she wanted to, she had never before dared try it but now it sounded like a good idea, a damn good idea!

"Do it to me," she moaned, trembling with anticipation.

"Okay, baby," said her father, squeezing her ripening tits more firmly than before.

He pinched both nipples at the same time and pulled them outwards, noting his daughter's response. She seemed to melt in his hands and John chuckled. He was glad to find that she liked having her nipples pinched. For a while, he pinched and pulled them. Then his hands glided down her belly to her pussy where he began fingering her clit.

"Lie back and spread your legs, Janie," he commanded as his daughter tingled with pleasure. "Spread 'em wide!"

Janie immediately did as she was told. She opened her pretty legs invitingly and her father stared hungrily at her pink cunt. it shone with wetness. The tight, swollen lips were almost clamped shut. John imagined how good they would feel wrapped tightly around his ram-rodding cock. He crawled between her legs and aimed his cock at her pussy.

Janie was trembling with anticipation as her father's bulk settled over her body. His warmth transmitted itself to her own body. She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close. The massive head of his cock nudged between her cunt lips. She spread her legs as far apart as they would go. Her cunt lips parted and the burning heat of her dad's prick knob seared the soft inner flesh of her cunt.

"Yeah, honey, that's it! Spread your legs for me, Janie . . . make your cunt open up," sighed John.

He felt his cock touching her cunt. He began pushing gently, but firmly against it. The soft, warm wetness of his daughter's pussy yielded as his cock pushed into it.

Janie lay back, hoping the big prick wouldn't hurt her. She felt the cock head pushing between her cunt lips and felt them splitting apart. Her tight cunt hole expanded, opening wide over his cock knob. The giant prick pushed more firmly and her pussy kept stretching open. She moaned, feeling a temporary pang of pain. Her breathing came quicker and deeper, her cunt expanding until, finally, her father's prick knob penetrated her gaping pussy. Janie gasped as the slight discomfort eased up and pleasure began to swiftly take its place.

"Ooooohhh . . . ohhh . . . ohhhh, Dad . . . ohhhh, it . . . it hurts a little, Dad . . . ohhh, but it's getting . . . b-better!"

"Shhhh, Janie, relax. It'll only hurt for a minute. Shhhh . . . raise your legs and pull your knees back to your tits," whispered her father.

The girl closed her eyes tightly and did as he told her. She raised her knees and pulled them back. She could feel her cunt opening very wide. She tried to relax, to open it even more. She felt her father's cock head pulsating against the smooth, slick lining of her cunt. Then, as it began to get better, she felt the big head gently sliding backward.

Before it got all the way out, however, it reversed and slid back in deeper than before, thrilling her. Her pussy expanded even more widely than before to take the extra bit of prick sliding into her. She inhaled, growing more excited with each passing second.

"Oh, yes . . . ohhh, yes . . . so. . . this is what it's like! Ohhhh, yesss, Daddy. . . yes!" she moaned, shaking her ass.

Her father made no reply. He was concentrating solely on getting his big cock wedged into his young daughter's tiny, virgin pussy. He was careful to take his time because he didn't want to hurt his little girl. He just wanted to fuck her and make her feel as good as her cunt was making him feel. He pumped slowly, forcing his cock deeper into her slippery pussy with each stroke. His eyes rolled back in his head as the wonderful tightness of her cunt got to him.

By now Janie was groaning almost nonstop as her father's cock sank deeper into her pussy. Her legs were spread wide and thrown into the air, her cunt stretched almost to the ripping point. The man's stiff prick was about halfway inside her cunt now and she wondered how it would feel when it was all in. Goodness was radiating from the stretched hole and filling her body. Her cunt was stretched so tightly that her large clit was rubbed, too. She couldn't help groaning with pleasure each time her father's cock scraped it. Ohhhhh, she was full of cock and she loved it!

"Ohhhh, Dad," she moaned, "wait a minute . . . lemme feel it . . . please . . . stop for a second, will ya?"

Her father didn't want to stop, but he did as she asked. Later, he promised himself, she would be doing exactly as she was told. She wouldn't have any say in what use he made of her body. But for now, he wanted to break her in right. He wanted to make her love it. He wanted to make her need it, to want it as much as he did. And he had no doubt that he could do exactly that. He paused, half his prick throbbing inside the girl's soft, tight cunt.

"Okay, baby, I'll stop. But not for very long. How's it feel?"

"Ohhhh, good, Dad . . . damn good. Oh, I can't wait to get all of your cock inside me. I think you're right . . . ooohhh . . . my cunt can take it all," she sighed, ecstatic.

John balanced himself on his arms, but he didn't like having to hold back. He wanted to fuck. He wanted to fuck his daughter's cunt hard and deep. After waiting just a minute, he decided it was time to bury his prick in his daughter's pussy all the way to the root.

"Okay, baby," he panted, "get ready! Here it comes!"

Janie braced herself, inhaling sharply. She felt her dad's body tense. His muscles bulged and he pushed firmly against her soft, yielding body. Her cunt expanded, chills flashing through her nervous system as she was filled with cock for the first time.

"Aaahhh . . . ohhh . . . ohhh, fuck, oh, Dad . . . ohhhh! Ohhh! Ohhhh!" she moaned, out of her head with pleasure.

"Uuuhhh! Uuuhhh . . . mmmmml" howled John, just as pleased.

The soft, warm wetness of his young, tender daughter's pussy completely enveloped his swollen cock. He rooted into her, hard, making sure that every last bit of prick was buried in the slippery hole between her legs.

"Oooggghhh!" grunted Janie. "Ohhhh, yessss!"

Her cunt was enlarged and swollen and she could feel her father's prick stretching her insides. She could feel its slick heat pulsating through her pussy. Her heretofore virgin cunt was stretched wider than ever before. The good feelings radiating from the split cunt hole almost overwhelmed her brain right then.

"Oh, Dad! Oh . . . oh . . . oh, so . . . so good, Dad! Oh, your cock's so big! So fat and hard! Uuuhhh . . . ohhh, it's good . . . oh, yessss!" she whimpered, her head turning from side to side.

Her clit was swollen huge and throbbing. Great pulses of ecstasy were flooding through her body. There was a fire burning in her taut loins and rather than putting it out, the thick cock inside her pussy was stoking the flames. She half opened her eyes and looked at her father through a haze of desire. She wanted his cock, wanted it like she had never wanted anything.

Chapter Five

John peered back at his daughter through his own hazy lust. A few beads of sweat had formed on his forehead and his muscles were tensed as he held himself poised over Janie's body. His balls rested against her puffed out cunt lips and his cock was lodged up her hungry cunt all the way to the thick root. Her pussy lips were split widely, taking all of his big cock. They were stretched about as tightly as they could stretch without tearing the soft, tender cunt flesh. They squeezed his prick in a hot, tight, slippery vise grip that was nothing short of fantastic.

Able to remain motionless no longer, John carefully slid his prick back a few inches. The girl's cunt pulled his prick, milking it with its soft wetness. Then, firmly, he pumped his cock deep. He groaned as the slippery sleeve of his daughter's pussy opened and slid tightly down the length of his cock.

"Ohhhh . . . nnnggghhh," sighed Janie, swiveling her cunt and massaging his cock with her inner pussy muscles. The sensations vibrating from her pussy made her body glow through and through. The pleasure doubled as her father slowly began fucking her. Softly moaning, she hugged her dad to her, closing her eyes.

In her mind, she could imagine her father's massive prick pumping back and forth as it fucked her. She could feel the hard knob gently pistoning between the slick walls of her pussy. The swollen thing slid back, almost until it slipped out. Before it did, though, she gratefully felt it digging deep once again. She sighed. Waves of lust shot to her brain as her pussy stretched all over again to take his cock deep. The loudest sighs came each time she felt his nuts press against her cunt lips as her dad showed his pleasure by rooting hard into her pussy hole.

Her swollen pussy lips expanded their widest to take the engorged base of his prick. She could feel the whole slippery cylinder of her cunt forced open as the full nine inches of cock dug into the hole between her fine legs.

Too, with her cunt lips widely separated, her clit was fully exposed, pushed out against her father's pistoning cock. She found that she felt sensations that could never be equaled with the hairbrush alone. As her father's prick slid in and out, it massaged her clit and before she knew what was happening, she was in ecstasy.

"Oh, Dad! Oh, it's . . . it's good! Oh, fuck me! Fuck me, Daddy! Oh, fuck me!" she cried, convulsively throwing her cunt at him.

She tossed her head, her breathing harder. Her body was flushed as her father picked up speed.

Her cunt was massaged thoroughly from the inside out as he fucked faster. Her clit was swelling and throbbing as it stroked. Her cunt lips expanded as he fucked deep, then narrowed as he pulled back. Her cunt opened, then closed, then opened again, in a steady, very satisfying rhythm. She pulled her knees closer to her tits and reached between her legs. Feeling how tightly stretched the lips of her cunt were, she pulled them open wider. She wanted her father's cock all the way inside her and she didn't want even a millimeter left out.

She wanted him to fuck her deep every time he drove into her pussy. She wanted it all. Blissfully, she lay back with her legs and her cunt wide open, getting exactly that. Peering through slitted eyes, she saw that her dad was enjoying himself as much as she was.

John was now sweating a little more than before. His breathing was coming faster. His face was flushed, his mouth set in an expression of lustful determination. As he fucked his young daughter, he gazed at her pretty face. He was filled with love and lust for her body. It excited him even more to know that she was liking it just as much, if not more, than he was. Her cunt was good, better than he had ever imagined a cunt could be. Idly, he wondered how her asshole would feel wrapped around his cock.

The hole between her hairless legs was tight and juicy, wet and slippery and very hot. The warmth of her slippery cunt heated up his swollen prick and made it feel great. The tightness of the cunthole grabbed his cock and acted as if it never wanted to let it go. The girl's fuck juices kept flowing out, smearing all over his cock and between their legs. The smell of cunt and fuck juices was in the air and his nostrils were full of it. The intoxicating smell turned him on as he fucked his daughter faster - and harder.

For a moment, Janie looked her daddy in the eyes, then closed her eyes once more. The pleasure was getting to her. Her whole body was on fire and lust rushed through her veins from head to foot. Her brain was awash in desire. The steady thrusting into her cunt and pulling out again seemed like it would never stop - nor did she want it to. Her clit was swollen and throbbing, the friction her father was giving her constant and thrilling.

Her little clit seemed to expand as the hard fucking continued. It grew bigger and throbbed harder and Janie began shivering. A pleasure she had never known was budding up inside her and she knew she was going to cum. Howling her lust, she convulsed as a wall of pure pleasure wracked her fine body from head to toe.

"Ooohhh . . . ahhh . . . aahh, Dad! Ohhh, oooohhhh, I'm cumming . . . ohhh, your big cock's making me c-cum, Dad . . . Ooohhh, fuck! Fuck! Fuck me, Dad! Fuck me . . . harder . . . deeper . . . ohhh, gimme it alll! Aaannngghhh . . . aaannghhh. mmmppphhh!" she squealed, bucking violently.

Her body stiffened and then released, beads of sweat dripping from her brow. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut, her lips mashed together. She spasmed mightily over and over again, her legs kicking at the air. Cum splattered from her pussy in a flood of thick, frothy tide as her cunt alternately grabbed her father's cock and let it go, grabbed and let go. With each powerful convulsion, her cunt clamped shut so strongly that John had to force his cock into her hard to keep fucking her.

John groaned as the young girl's cunt grabbed his cock, her body taken over by spasms. the powerful squeezing threatened to pinch his cock off but the friction was blowing his mind. Over and over again, he groaned his pleasure and rammed balls-deep into his young daughter's cunt, wanting the good feelings to never end.

The squeezing, clutching of her cunt made his cock throb in a way it hadn't done since he was a teenager himself. Then, just as he felt her body relaxing under him, his own muscles began tightening. His nuts drew up as he fucked and he knew that he was going to empty them into Janie's pussy.

He closed his eyes, his breathing quickening. Mindlessly, he fucked his daughter hard, fast and deep. Each time he buried his cock to the root, he dug powerfully into her softly yielding pussyhole. After quickly swirling his prick all around and from side to side, he jerked it back. Instantly, he fucked deeply into her, groaning as his cock slammed home.

His cock swelled to rock hardness. His prick head engorged like a water balloon about to burst. His balls tightened, his legs began shaking and his breath caught in his throat. And then . . . and then, with a roar, the wind shot out of him. "Aaaagggghhh! Oogghh . . . mmmpphhhh . . . mmppphhh! " he croaked, hammering into his daughter's cunt again and again.

His muscles convulsed. His cock leaped. He lunged and his prick erupted in a foaming spray of cum.

Spasms swept the length of his cock. They began at the root and progressed to the knob, running over and over again. Spurt after spurt of thick, white, creamy cum shot out of his cock and into Janie's cunt.

Janie grunted each time her father slammed home. She pulled him into her yielding, milking cunt hole, the slick, sensitive insides of her pussy registering the huge swelling of his cock. She felt every powerful spasm as it swept the length of his cock and she felt the hot slipperiness of his slimy cum as it splashed into her pussy. The thick cream joined with her own froth and her father's cock slipped and slid with ease.

She threw her pussy at him, wringing his cock with her powerful, tight muscles. The slipping, sliding, gripping of her pussy grabbed his cock strongly, milking it. He howled his lust as his cock blew load after wet load into his daughter's cunt. Moaning convulsively, he dumped all of his cream into the willing receptacle between his lovely young daughter's opened legs.

With the sight of her smiling face locked in his brain, John fucked her until he could fuck no more. As his cock began deflating, he slowed down. With a great sigh of relief, he dropped against her naked body and lay still. His mind barely registered the feel of her hands pulling him closer, but his own hands needed no conscious direction as they hugged his daughter tightly.

Janie relaxed, filled with a feeling of great satisfaction. She felt warm and alive. She felt needed, appreciated. But above all she was filled with a feeling of accomplishment. She had taken all of her father's cock. She had welcomed it into her pussy and then drained it dry of his cum. She was sad that they couldn't continue fucking, but she knew somehow that soon she would again receive his big prick in her cunt. It couldn't happen again too soon, she thought.

Her father raised. his head, panting.

"G-goddamn, Janie. That was good, baby . . . damn good. Did you like it, too?" he asked. Janie blushed in pleasure and squeezed her cunt muscles around his cock. His praise made her feel good.

"Oh, yeah, Dad . . . I've never felt anything that good. I . . . I want . . . " she stammered.

"Yes, baby?" John whispered, pulling her closer. "What is it? Anything?"

"I want us to do it often!" she blurted, blinking her innocent eyes.

"We will, honey . . . we will," her father assured her, planting a kiss on her lips.

Janie felt a pang of disappointment as she felt his cock slipping out of her cunt. She knew that it was over for now. However, an afterglow of pleasure radiated from her pussy. The whole area between her legs throbbed with satisfaction. As her father pulled up his pants, Janie watched his cock disappear inside them. She already wanted it again.

"We'll do it again tonight or tomorrow, okay, Janie?"

She nodded her head, her lips silently forming the word "yes."

Her father hesitatingly asked, "Janie, honey. Will you do something for me?"

"Of course, Dad!" she vowed. "What is it? I'll do anything for you."

"Let's keep this our little secret, okay? There's absolutely nothing wrong with what we've done today, but it should be kept private, just between us. Whatever two people do together is okay, it's their own business, and nobody else's. Do you understand?"

Janie nodded. "Sure, I do. It's just like Melanie and me. We do a lot of things together and with our other girl friends that we don't talk about to anybody else. We believe just like you said."

"Okay, honey," John smiled," giving her a kiss. I want you to tell me all about what you girls do, later. Will you do that?" He could hardly wait!

"Dad, I said I'd do anything for you. You're special to me, and I mean that," she replied happily. "You've made me feel good, and I love you for it. I'll do anything you say."

Her father lovingly stroked her hair and then left her there with her cunt stretched and satisfied, his cum leaking out of the now-gaping pussy hole. Janie had never felt better in her life.

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