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Anything for Her Children

"But, mom," both kids whined again at their mother. Barb was at the end of her patience. She had been listening to both of them whining about this and that all week. She was tired of hearing them.

"Fine!" she snapped sharp enough to make both of them stop in their complaining. You can have your damn party at our house! I am sick and tired of hearing you two nag me about it. Your friends can come over on Friday night. You get me a list of names and I will call their parents. Is that okay?"

"That's great, mom!" John, her 15-year-old son, said. "They'll be so excited. We will get to use the pool and the hot tub, right, mom?"

"Just don't start whining again and I will let you do anything! Is that okay?"

"Anything, mom? Cool," Patty, her 14-year-old daughter said. "Great! Anything it is, then."

"Yeah, mom!" John said. "Anything! That'll be great!"

The two kids got her a list of only three other kids, two of John's friends and one of Patty's. The parents of these kids were definitely happy to hear that Barb would be the one holding the party this time. She got into a discussion about what to expect with the party from the mother of Janice, Patty's friend.

"So, it will be those boys again, huh?" Janice's mom Susan asked.

"Yes, apparently so. Why? Is there something I should be aware of?" Barb asked carefully.

"Well, you do know that those boys are sexually active, right?" Susan asked.

"They are 16!" Barb said incredulously. "Aren't they too young for that!"

"No, Barb," Susan laughed. "They are not too young for that."

"How do you know that they are sexually active?"

"Because I walked in on them with my daughter," Susan said matter-of-factly. "She was on the coffee table with Tommy and Phillip on either side of her. Tommy was sliding his 8-inch cock in and out of her cunt while she blew Phillip."

"My God!" Barb breathed.

"I then noticed that all the other kids in the room were masturbating to this scene. It was so hot!"

"What?" Barb said in an incredibly shocked voice. "You thought it was what?"

"Yes, Barb, I thought it was hot. My daughter was exploring her sexuality and she was doing it with a vengeance."

"Well, what did you do?"

"I watched them until the two boys came. Each one pulled out and came on her body. Then someone asked 'who wants to eat that cum?' and that is when I walked in and licked my baby's body clean."

Barb moaned from the thought of licking cum off her daughter's tight little body. Her hand slid down to her pussy and she started to rub herself through her own panties.

"I got down and licked and sucked all the spunk off my baby girl. After I was done, she guided my face to her well-fucked cunt and I ate her to a screaming orgasm. The rest of the night was a blur of an orgasm. I became the center of attention. I had boys lined up at my pussy and girls at my head. I had a great time."

Barb started to whimper with her orgasm that started to sweep over her body.

"My God, Barb," Susan said with a laugh. "You are cumming, aren't you?"

"Oh, yes!" Barb blurted out. "Oh, yes!"

"Just like phone sex, you slut," Susan laughed. "You are going to love the party."

"Are you interested in cumming over, Susan?" Barb breathed heavily into the phone as her body started to relax.

"I would love to but I have a little party of my own to go to. Maybe we could have lunch together in the future, though?"

"I would really like that," Barb replied. "Bye."

"Enjoy, Barb, and good luck."

Barb put the whole promise of "anything" out of her mind as she started to prepare for her children's little party. She was at a constant state of arousal during the days leading up to it. She was very interested as to what would transpire. She suspected that her children were going to trade this party toward their own popularity. This would be a way for them to connect with students in high school.

On the day of the party, her two kids got home from school and went into a frenzy of activity to prepare themselves. John was the one to lock himself in the bathroom first. He was in the shower for what seemed like forever. Then when he came out of the shower, he went to his room and secluded himself there for a while. Patty was in the shower when John finally walked out. He was wearing a baggy pair of jeans and a muscle shirt that showed Barb that her son was starting to fill out in muscles. Very nice, she thought, and then continued on with the cleaning.

When Patty walked out of the bathroom, she was wearing only a towel. She found her mom in the front room and she was carrying two outfits. One was a short skirt and a white blouse and the other was a little red spandex party dress.

"Which one, mom?"

"Well, the skirt and blouse are much more flattering to you coloring. I would go with that outfit."

"Thanks, mom," Patty said. "By the way, what are you going to wear?"

"I had not thought about it. I was just going to hide in my room and watch TV."

"No, mom," Patty quickly said. "You promised that you would be up for anything. Well, we are going to hold you to that promise and expect you at the party. I think that you will have fun."

"Uh... are you sure that you want your 38-year-old mother at your party?" Barb seriously asked her daughter. "I could be quite a drag."

"Not if you keep your promise and doing 'anything' with us," Patty responded just as seriously. "So, what do you say, mom?"

"Okay, baby. I'll go to your party. So, then, what do you want me to wear?"

"How about this red dress?"

"Patty, you are not serious? I would never fit it. You are a size 2 and your chest is a B-cup. I am a size 6 and mine is a whole lot larger."

"By the way, what size are you tits, mom?" Patty asked casually.

"Patty!" Barb was a little shocked. "My BREASTS," she stressed, "are a D-cup. And I don't think I can fit in your dress."

"Try it on, mom, for me."

Barb looked into the eyes of her baby child and gave in.

"Okay," Barb picked it up and started to leave the room.

"Right here is okay, mom," Patty said with a blank face

Barb thought about it and realized that she did not need to worry about modesty with her daughter. After all, they were both female.

"Okay," Barb said. She stripped off her blouse and jeans but left on her bra and panties. Then she stepped into the stretchy spandex dress and pulled it up over her body. It took a little while for her to get it into place. When she had finished, the dress was stretched across her body barely covering her tits and her ass. The material was so tight now that the outlines of her bra and panties were perfectly clear.

"You are going to have to take off your underwear in that dress, mom," Patty said wryly.

"Um... fine," Barb said. She peeled down the top of the dress, removed her bra and then stuffed her breasts back into the dress. The dress was so tight still that it held her breasts tightly into place. It also meant that her breasts were partly visible through the material. The dress gave her great cleavage though. With them mashed tight, the dress pushed her cleavage together and up so that she nearly spilled out of the top of it. Then she reached under the dress and pulled her panties down. Without panties, she could feel the air on her quickly moistening cunt. She looked at herself in a nearby mirror and saw that she looked very trampy. She could not even think of a way of sitting down without this dress riding up and exposing herself to anyone.

"You look great, mom!" Patty said enthusiastically.

"It is very trampy-looking, Patty," Barb told her daughter.

"What is trampy-looking, mom," John said from the next room. "Oh, my God! Mom!" he exclaimed as he walked into the room. "Mom! You look awesome! You gotta come to the party like that. All of our friends will be so jealous. Please!"

"Please!" Patty toned in.

"Alright, you two! I will wear this. Fine!" Barb left the room and got the rest of the food ready for the party.

A short while later, Janice, Patty's friend, was the first person to get to the party. She was wearing a tight pair of shorts and a tube top that left little to the imagination. Her c-cup breasts were nearly spilling out of that top.

This is going to be an interesting party, Barb thought. I might have a lot of fun tonight.

Tommy and Phillip arrived a short while after Janice. The kids all went downstairs to the family room while Barb put the snack food on trays to take it downstairs. When she walked downstairs, she saw that the kids had gathered around the card table and were looking at their dealt hands.

"Mom," John called out. "Come and join us. We are playing cards."

The other kids also invited her to the table. Barb acquiesced and moved to the card table and took the seat next to John and Phillip. Phillip was a good-looking, nearly 6-foot tall boy. He was in shorts and a tight t-shirt that showed off his chest nicely.

"What are we playing?" Barb asked as she carefully sat down. Just as she thought, the dress began to ride up and expose herself. She worked the dress until it was in a decent position.

"We were thinking about strip poker but Janice and Patty don't know how to play," Tommy said. "And by the way, you look so hot in that dress."

"Thank you, Tommy," Barb said. "Then if the girls don't know how to play, how about we don't play? And please remember there is an adult present."

"Oh, mom," Patty said. "Can't we play strip poker? I think it would be fun, don't you? You did promise. Please, mom."

Barb again looked into the eyes of her child and caved in. Besides, she thought, this was getting kinky and really arousing.

"All right, Patty," Barb said. "We can play. Just one problem, I am only wearing one piece of clothing. What happens to me if I lose?"

"How about if a person is naked, they have to do as the winner commands? Does that sound fine?"

Everyone agreed. And with that, the first hand was dealt.

Barb quickly got the idea that the game might be fixed when she realized that her hand wasn't worth shit. She quickly lost that hand.

The kids started to cat call her and demand that she strip. She stood up and looked around the table. She was so horny right now that she was thinking of fucking them all. Oh, how horrible of me, she thought. And then she let the sexiness of the moment take over. She started to pull the dress down over her body. As she revealed her breasts, the kids became very quiet. She continued to slide the dress down past her stomach and then down past her pussy. The sexual tension in the room rose to a very high level the lower the dress went. As she stood there in front of these five kids, she felt completely nasty and she loved it.

"Let's play," Barb said to the kids who starred at her nude body. "Who wants to fuck?" she asked the group. With a gleeful yell, the whole table stood and nearly carried her to the couch.

Tommy was the largest of the boys and he stripped down, sat down, and directed her mouth to his cock. As she kneeled in front of this boy, one of the others pressed his cock against her very wet pussy.

"Oh, yes," she moaned around the cock in her mouth. She took a moment to see who was inside of her with a single thrust and she nearly came when she saw it was her own son.

The two girls sat down on the couch on either side of Tommy and began to finger themselves.

"Stick it up John's ass, Phillip," Barb heard her daughter say. Then she felt a greater weight to John's cock that was up her cunt.

"Fuck my ass, Phillip," John groaned. "Fuck me."

Barb was about to see the ass fucking when Tommy started to cum in her mouth. The sheer nastiness of the moment made her own cunt clamp down on her son's cock as she came. And then quickly afterward she felt her own son cumming deep in her pussy.

Sliding from between Tommy and John, Barb sat down on the quickly crowding couch. She put her fingers into her pussy and began to masturbate as she watched Phillip fuck John.

"Janice, why don't you and Patty give us all a little show," Barb suggested.

With that, Janice laid down in the middle of the floor in front of the couch and spread her legs to Patty could press her face to the other girl's pussy. They quickly pressed their faces into each other's pussy and ate each other to a screaming orgasm.

This was going to be a great party, Barb thought as she proceeded to bring herself to answer orgasm as she watched Phillip pull out of John's ass and cum all over his back. It was a very good party indeed.

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