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A Pleasant Surprise

There was something overtly sexual about her mother's hairy pussy Linda felt. It was wantonly hairy; hair stretched to her navel in thick black tufts and, presumably, although she had ever seen it, filled the crack between her buttocks too. Unlike her mother's luxuriant growth, Linda's thatch was a mere shrub, a light brown tuft above her vagina. This worried Linda. Even at 35 she did not yet feel like a true woman and still, crazily, half-expected her pubic hair to grow more. She supposed she must have inherited her pubic hair genes from her father, though she had not glimpsed him naked since one embarrassing incident twenty years earlier when she had burst into the bathroom through an unlocked door. She had glimpsed his fat white cock lying snug in the greasy hair of his balls and had fled immediately, unable to even apologise. Her mother's black curls, however, she would be in close proximity to early every Sunday morning when they would go for their family swim before church. Linda and her sister Gemma would be cooped up in a tiny cubicle while their mother changed into her bathing outfit. It was unlikely, but Linda seemed to remember always being face to face with the hairy beast while she changed. There, deep in the growth, was a promise of something fleshy...

Linda would not be thinking about her mother's hairy pussy if it weren't for the fact that once again, some twenty-five years later she was now looking at it again. Her mother had aged, true, but time had hardly touched her pussy, except maybe for a touch of grey here and there...

After her father had died, Linda had gone back home to be the dutiful daughter; Gemma having succeeded in marrying and running off to the other side of the world. Linda had never married. A succession of unsuccessful affairs, first with men, then women, had left her single and unattached. Her mother had said she didn't need her, but the truth was she had let her husband run her life and she was happy to let him. She was now helpless, unsure where the money was, how to pay bills or do anything for that matter. Linda, grudgingly at first, but then with more enthusiasm, moved back in with her mother and took over her affairs. Linda saw herself as her mother's protector. She saw how happy it made her mother to be looked after and that made her happy too. Looking after mother made her forget her own problems.

Eventually though she grew restless. She was mid-thirties and wanted to start dating again. Her mother tried to fix her up with sons of her friends, usually getting over their first or even second divorce. Linda had to turn down her mother's offers politely but firmly. Eventually she decided to have 'The Chat' with her mother and told her that she was gay. Her mother, who had probably suspected something like it after meeting some of her previous 'girlfriends' was quite sweet about the whole thing, but still had a lingering hope that Linda would deliver up some grandchildren from somewhere. Linda had kissed her mother on the cheek and her mother had been pleasantly surprised as they had never been a physically close family. Linda had felt like a weight was off her shoulders after telling her mother. She could bring friends home and not have to make any stupid excuses about them 'sleeping over' in the same room.

Linda still didn't have much success. She picked up a younger woman at a gay bar but the girl, Cath, seemed to only want sex, sex and more sex. It was great for a couple of weeks, although Linda's cunt had never been so vigorously abused in all its poor life. The trouble was that Cath was an airhead and Linda could see that, apart from the great sex, they had nothing in common.

Her mother was sweet around Cath, though Linda could see that she did not really know how to act around them; whether to keep up the pretence that they were 'friends' or treat them as lovers. Cath was pretty crass about the whole thing; she'd come waltzing downstairs in the morning after staying the night wearing just a short vest and panties, fling her arms around Linda and stick her tongue in her ear whether Linda's mother was in the room or not. Linda looked at her mother's awkward face and gave a kind of embarrassed shrug. Cath was also pretty vocal in the bedroom too. Linda would be between Cath's legs as she habitually liked to be, eating out her little 'vixen', as she called her, but as she started to orgasm, Cath would start moaning and groaning and even vocalising, "Eat me lover, make me come!" The walls in the house weren't that thick and Linda prayed her mother was asleep or at least had the good sense to put a pillow over her head...

Cath would then lie next to Linda on the bed, put three fingers inside her and fuck her vigorously while she whispered filthy things into her ear. Linda had never met a girl so sexual before. Normally in her few relationships with women the sex had been secondary, but with Cath it came first by a long way. Cath could not seem to get enough of her. Linda was deeply flattered at first, but then realised it was probably more a need that Cath had than anything to do with her.

Cath was fucking Linda this way when she started to whisper to her about Linda's mother.

"I caught your mother looking at me today," whispered Cath.

Linda was momentarily put off from the enjoyable sensations. She new Cath was bullshitting her as she usually did in these fantasy sessions, but the mention of her mother was disturbing.

"She fancies me," continued Cath.

Linda let herself relax into the sensations of Cath's talented fingers and her hot breath tickling her ear.

"She wants to see me naked," breathed Cath. "She lusts after me. She's in her room, masturbating, right now, thinking about my sweet...

The image Cath painted was certainly clear in Linda's mind. Her mind went back to her mother. She imagined her lying on her bed with her fingers deep in that black bush.

"She wants me," Cath teased. "Right now. More then you. In fact, I'm going to her now..."

Cath stopped fucking Linda and started to get off the bed.

Linda's heart jumped and she grabbed Cath's wrist.

"No! No fucking way!" she hissed.

Cath simply laughed and jumped back on the bed with Linda.

"Christ, you really thought I was going then didn't you?" exclaimed Cath, looking at Linda's flushed face.

Linda was embarrassed and couldn't hide it.

Cath kissed Linda's lips, parting them slightly with her tongue.

"Mmmm, you really thought I was going to see your old mum and give her one of my 'specials' didn't you?"

Linda, recovered now, said, perhaps a little too bitterly, "It wouldn't surprise me. You're capable of anything."

Cath liked teasing Linda like this and went at her with renewed enthusiasm.

The next day Linda had a chance to be alone with her mother as her mother stood folding clothes and putting them in her wardrobe. Linda stood watching her smooth movements for a while and then asked her what she thought of Cath. Her mother hesitated and dodged around the subject by saying, "She seems like a nice girl."

Linda wanted to force the issue and said, "But not for me, right?"

"I didn't say that..." her mother said, and trailed off.

"Not in so many words!" said Linda who was feeling in a mood to tease her mother today.

"It's difficult for me to judge," her mother started, then she said, "I don't like to think of anyone taking you away from me."

Linda was surprised, her mother had never so openly acknowledged how much she needed her before. She looked at her mother and saw her lower lip trembling.

"Christ mum, I'm not going anywhere! Cath's just, Cath's just..." but she couldn't think of a word to describe what Cath was to her.

Her mother tried to smile but she looked so vulnerable that Linda put her arms round her.

"It's just that after your father died I can't stand to lose anyone again. You've really taken his place for me Linda."

Linda felt proud that she had been able to do this for her and held her in arms the way that her father used to do. She was a head taller than her mother and cradled her mother's head on her shoulder and held it with her hand and stroked her hair. She could feel her mother sobbing slightly. Her mother untangled herself and looked at Linda.

"It's not the fact that she's a woman, it's just that I feel, well, jealous."

Linda was amazed. Her mother was treating her like a jealous wife would treat an errant husband. She looked in her mother's eyes and saw love and pain.

"Aw c'mon mum," Linda said. "You know it's only you I love!"

Her mother searched her eyes for longer than was comfortable.

"Do you?" asked her mother, quizzically.

Linda wasn't sure what she was supposed to say to prove she did. Her mother looked at her expectantly, her arms hanging loosely at her sides, eyes puffy with tears. Instinctively she took hold of her mother's arms and drew her nearer, looking her in her eyes. A strange silence descended. She saw her mother's mouth part slightly, her lips glisten. Linda felt her own heart miss a beat. Gently, very gently, looking into her mother's eyes for guidance the whole time, she gently touched her own lips against her mothers.

She pulled back. Her mother stood still, trembling slightly.

"That much?" said Linda.

Her mother said nothing, so Linda moved her head forwards until their lips brushed again. This time she lingered longer, parting her own lips slightly, but still looking into her mother's eyes for guidance. Her mother offered no resistance or encouragement, merely allowed herself to be kissed.

Linda's heart was beating madly. She had never been so aroused by anything or anyone in her life before. Bringing up her arms to her mother's shoulders she opened her lips wider and pushed her tongue deep into her mother's mouth. Only now did her mother respond with her own urgent tongue meeting her daughter's. Linda closed her eyes and let her mouth feast on her mother's. Great gobs of saliva built up inside her mouth and she let them slide into her mother's. She felt close to wetting herself or orgasm, or both.

Linda was now breathing heavily and running her hand up her mother's body. Her mother was clinging tightly to her, so dizzy she was afraid of falling. When their lips parted, just for a second, Linda managed to croak, "Oh mother, I want to be your husband."

"Be it, be him," her mother pleaded.

This was all the encouragement Linda needed and she half-carried, half-dragged her mother backwards onto the bed. There was only one thing she wanted; one thing that she had always wanted. She pulled up her mother's skirt while still kissing her and put her hand inside her mother's panties. She felt the reassuring touch of her mother's bush and felt for the lips of her pussy. To her great satisfaction her mother was soaking wet and she trailed her finger up and down the wet lips. Her mother moaned at her touch. Totally in charge now, though not in control, Linda sat up and pulled down her mother's panties. There was that beautiful, hairy pussy. As invitingly sexual as it had always been, almost despite itself. It couldn't help it. Like a large pair of breasts invited stares, this hairy pussy just asked to be licked. Linda played with the cunt lips that lay buried amongst the hair a little longer, teasing her mother.

"Open your legs," she commanded, just managing to control her voice.

Her mother obeyed and she was rewarded with the sight of the hairiest cunt and arse she had ever seen. It was beautiful.

"Wider," demanded Linda of her mother and she obeyed, bringing up her knees either side of her body, exposing the fleshy lips of her vagina that lay buried and the prefect crinkly brown hole of her arse.

It was like a banquet. Linda simply didn't know where to begin, so she knelt between her mother's legs and took little licks and nibbles here and there; nuzzling her face in the luxuriant hairy growth. The smell and the tastes were gorgeous. She traced her tongue lightly up and down the outer lips of her mother's cunt whilst her mother shivered and moaned at every touch. It was like playing the most delicate, responsive instrument she had ever played. The cunt lips were inviting but Linda could not resist flicking her tongue over her mother's arsehole to show she meant business. Her mother responded by holding her buttocks apart with her hands, allowing Linda's tongue to probe deeper. But it was her mother's cunt that she really wanted to lap at, and, moving up, she now buried her face deep between the thick, sticky lips and deep into her mother's cunt. She thrust her tongue in as deep as she could and her nose filled with sticky mucus too. As she fucked her mother with her tongue she felt, with great satisfaction, her mother orgasm, again and again...

Later that night, when Cath teasingly suggested that she might go and visit Linda's mother again, Linda surprised her by saying, "Go on then, you never know, you might be pleasantly surprised..."

= = = = = = = = = = = = =

This story is dedicated to Ben from Hamburg who read 'Hairy' but wanted 'Smooth'.

by Sally

"What's up Jean?" asked Jean's mother, looking across the table at her daughter's glum face.

"Oh mum, I'm on the gynae ward tomorrow for the first time and I know I'll be asked to do some 'shaves' and I'm terrified," Jean replied.

"'Shaves'? You mean you have to shave off pubes?" laughed her mum.

"MUM, it's no laughing matter!" said Jean, annoyed with her mother's levity.

"Sorry love. It's just that I have a picture of you like some Australian sheep farmer setting to."

"Oh mum!" said Jean. "Supposing I cut someone?"

"Jean, relax, there's really nothing to it," said her mum, but she could see that words were not helping. She thought for a minute.

"I know. Why don't you practice?"

"Mum, doing it on yourself is just not the same."

"No, I don't mean on yourself, I meant on someone else."

"Who?" said Jean, "Who's going to let ME near their pubes with a razor?"

"I don't know, what about one of the other nurses? Angela for example?"

"Angela! No way!"

There was another pause then mother said, "This means a lot to you, doesn't it?"

Jean nodded glumly.

"Oh well, nothing for it then, I guess I'll have to let you shave me," she said. "But if you cut me there'll be merry hell to pay!"

"You!" said Jean, surprised.

"Yes, why not me?" said her mum.

"Well, it's just that...
It's just that..." but Jean could not thinking of a tangible reason to object to this offer.

"Oh mum. Thanks. Really!" and she came round the table and hugged her mother.

"Alright, alright. Let's get this over with and then you can relax."

Jean went to the bathroom and fetched the things she would need; Jean's mother climbed out of the dress she was wearing, peeled off her panties and arranged herself on Jean's bed, on top of a towel.

Jean came back into the room to the sight of her mother's hairy pussy. She hadn't actually seen it for a good few years, not really since she'd been a young girl herself. Now she was eighteen she had her own mass of dark curls, like her mother's.

The theory was fine, but being faced by her mother's upthrust pudenda was a bit nerve-wracking. Jean's mother saw this and told her to relax.

"I haven't been shaved since I was your age!" she said.

"Really?" said Jean, who began to clip at the longer strands with scissors.

"Yep. I tried it just as an experiment. I was trimming my bikini line and just kept going."

"What was it like?" said Jean, engrossed in her work.

"Can't really remember," lied her mother, remembering an occasion almost thirty years earlier when it had been another girl had shaving her....

Jean clipped away until she was left with a suitable-sized stubble then sprayed on some shaving foam and set to with a safety razor. Very carefully she removed the stubble, following the contours of her mother's mound.

"How much do you think I need to shave off?" she asked, fascinated by the emerging bald pussy.

"Oh, all of it, I'd say," said her mother, enjoying the relaxing feeling of being shaved. It was like being at the beautician.

When she'd finished Jean wiped off the remaining foam with a wet cloth and then rubbed in some moisturiser. The end result was a perfectly bald pussy. It looked completely different to the way it had before. It looked more like the pussy of a little girl.

Jean's mum got up on her elbows and looked down at her daughter's handiwork and grinned.

"Ooh! Doesn't it look different?" she exclaimed. "Derek will go wild when he sees this!"

Jean was a little embarrassed by her mother's oblique reference to her mother and father's sexuality. Jean's mother got up and then walked around.

"Ooh, it FEELS different too. Cool. Fresh. I can feel the draught coming under you door!"

Jean's mother stroked her bald pussy, feeling the smoothness under her fingers.

"Ooh that's really different. You should try it!" she said.

"Nah! Don't think so mum!" said Jean.

"Hold on a minute. You shaved me. I have to walk around like a bald coot for the next week so now it's your turn young lady!"

"Oh mum!" said Jean, but at the same time she was strangely excited by the idea of being bald like a young girl again, and even more by the idea that her mother would do it.

"C'mon, jump on the bed and I'll do you."

Jean pulled off her tight fitting jeans and then, with some mild embarrassment, peeled of her panties, exposing her cunt to her mother.

She climbed on to the bed, opening her long legs slightly to allow her mother access.

Her mother was just as accomplished as she had been and within minutes, Jean's pussy too lay bald and revealed to her mother's gaze. Like her mother, Jean delighted in the new feel of her bald pussy. She did not let slip that she was going to enjoy showing it off to her new boyfriend, Peter, though. That will surprise him! she thought.

Jean's mother ran her hand over her daughter's bald pussy.

"Mmm, super smooth like mine now!"

They both laughed. Jean's mother opened her legs to her daughter, revealing her bald pussy too.

"Look at us! Twins!" she said.

Jean laughed again at the site of their bald pussies on display.

"C'mon, we have to get a photo of this!" said Jean's mum.

"What?" said Jean.

"They'll have grown back in a week! C'mon."

Jean's mother pulled Jean after her and they trooped downstairs.

She fetched the camera, put it on the back of the sofa, squinted through until she found the right spot then put it on 'auto'. Jean's mother hurried into position, put her arm around her daughter and pulled her close. Hip against hip they faced the camera, the shutter clicked and they laughed with delight.

"What about another?" suggested Jean's mother

"Oh, alright then," said Jean.

"Let's put them both together," she said.

Jean set up the camera again then returned to face her daughter. Their bald pussies touched for the first time and the feeling of smooth flesh on smooth flesh was electric. Jean gasped slightly. She could feel her mother's taut nipples pressing into her breasts through layers of fabric. Her own breasts were tingling too she realised.

The shutter clicked again.

"Now, finally, one from behind," Jean's mother said.

Jean was mystified, but obeyed. "You can't see it from behind!" she complained over her shoulder.

"You bloody well can if you bend over! Now darling, touch your toes!"

Jean giggled and bent right down. To Jean's mother's delight the beautiful twin sights of her daughter's arsehole and bare cunt appeared in her view. She relished the sight a little before snapping with the camera.

Jean's mother never wanted that moment to end and told her to hold that position. Jean obeyed, being in a kind of exhibitive trance all her own.

Jean's mother came up behind and touched her daughter's bare bottom.

"Beautiful," she said slowly.

Jean closed her eyes at her mother's touch.

Jean's mother slid her hand down her daughter's bottom and on to her newly shaved pussy; she was soaking wet.

"Oh my!" she said. "Looks like someone's a little worked up!"

Jean couldn't say anything. She was in a trance, a daze. If she kept her eyes closed then none of this was happening to her. Jean's mother slid her fingers up and down the slippery entrance to her daughter's vagina, enjoying the feeling of arousing her daughter even more.

Jean groaned as her mother slipped first one, then two fingers inside her. It was so easy. Jean's cunt was literally peeling open to allow her mother's fingers inside her. With complete access to her daughter's exposed cunt and arse, Jean's mother spread some of her daughter's slippery mucus around the lips of her daughter's bald cunt and up the valley of her arse and around her sweet arsehole. Inhaling the sweet, fragrant, heady aroma, she could no longer resist and put her mouth to the feast that lay before her eyes....

Jean, bent double, grasped her own ankles for support for fear she would crumple with the pleasure her mother's mouth was giving her. This was no shy exploration like Peter had attempted, this was a full-blown feast upon both her exposed holes. Jean groaned out loud as her mother grasped the cheeks of her arse and slurped with loud noises at the trough of pleasure that was her cunt and arse. Jean had never felt so wet, her juices gushed and gushed and ran down her legs mixed with her mother's saliva. She came, once, twice, more times, but lost count. Sweat beaded her forehead and she gritted her teeth as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her.

Finally, when her mother had finished with her, she collapsed on the floor, sobbing slightly. Her mother looked over her crumpled body with a slightly triumphant grin and her daughter's juices round her mouth.

"Now I remember why I shaved it off before..." she said.

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