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Ashley's New Job

Mum really loved my farther and me, her whole life revolved around us. And so when she was diagnosed with cancer of the cervix, she was shattered when told that the only way to save her life was to remove her vagina, cervix, uterus and ovaries.

I was fourteen then and already had a body that all the boys in my year at school wanted. Most of the girls were envious of my C cup breasts and narrow waist and hips.

After the operation, mum knew that dad, with his oversexed libido, would stray and find his release elsewhere. She feared that his mistress would eventually cause him to divorce her. She was willing to satisfy him with anal sex but dad thought that it was dirty. He said that a head-job was plenty for him. Mum knew better.

And so she decided that the only "woman" she trusted not to pressure dad into leaving was me. With that in mind mum entered my room while dad was at work and asked me to fuck my own farther. I was so stunned by her request that I was speechless, Mum proceeded to explain why she wanted me to do this. By the time the explanation was finished, I had decided not only to do what she wanted but also to tell her the truth about why I would do it.

Although I had been out on a few dates and even let my last boyfriend feel my tits through my bra, I was still a virgin. Most of my fantasies involved dad and so I was thrilled that he would be the one to "pop my cherry". Mum warned me that because of the size of dad's cock, I would feel pain and not have an orgasm on the first try. But that was fine by me, so long that my dad's dick was buried in my cunt.

Mum took me to see a doctor that afternoon. He fitted me with a diaphragm so that I would not get pregnant. Secretly I liked the idea of having dad's baby.

That night after dad was asleep mum came into my room and woke me. She said that tonight was to be the night. Dad had been without getting his dick wet for two months and the strain was beginning to show. He had yelled at mum after he came home from work, mum understood that he was just frustrated.

I got up and took off the T-shirt and panties that I wore in bed and crept down the hall to my parent's bedroom. Mum had told me that dad was naked, so there was one less obstacle for me to overcome to achieve my goal. Having dad fuck my brains out.

With mum staying in my bed, I slipped into bed beside dad. Slowly reaching out my hand, I gently grasped my father's cock. The idea was to get him so worked up while he was asleep so that when he woke he would not be able to stop.

Daddy's cock grew in my hand, Mum had seriously under estimated the size of the weapon I now held. It was huge, Ten inches long and fully two inches thick. I slowly started to move my hand up and down dad's dick. He was becoming more and more aroused, his hips thrusting his dick up into my hand.

I slipped my free hand down to my cunt, it was so wet that my juices were making a wet spot on the bed. The moment of truth had arrived, it was time to see if I could take all of daddy's dick inside of me.

Slowly, I straddled daddy's waist. With his dick still in hand I guided it to my vagina, and placed the knob at the entrance to my pussy. I took a deep breath and relaxed the muscles of my legs and hips, gravity took over and pulled me down onto daddy's huge dick.

It felt like I was being split in two, down I plunged and felt a searing pain in my vagina as his cock pierced my hymen, I was not about to stop. I wanted it all. Finally I did stop, my ass was firmly seated on my dad's lap, all ten inches of dad's dick was in me.

I lifted up until just the head of his dick was in me, then down again until my cunt lips were wrapped around the base of daddy's cock. As I continued to hump away on my father's dick, his hands grasped my hips and he started to thrust his dick into me. It was really happening, my dreams were coming true, Daddy was fucking me.

As his thrusts became quicker and more powerful, his eyelids fluttered and suddenly he was awake. He recognized me at once but it was too late, his cum boiled up out of his balls and erupted deep into my hot little cunt. He pushed me off his dick so hard that I landed on the floor in a heap.

Mum must of heard me land because she came running into the room and turned on the light. Dad was furious, his eyes burning with anger as he stared at me sitting naked on the floor with his cum dripping out of me. Mum quickly explained to dad why I had fucked him and that it was her idea.

Dad started to calm down and said that it was not necessary for me to sleep with him, what mum had to offer was enough. But mum disagreed and said that this was the best solution to the problem. I got up off the floor and sat down on the bed beside him. After gently kissing him on the lips, I told him that I wanted him to fuck me. With my breasts pressed up against his arm, his resolve started to weaken. But he did not give in until after I started to massage his neck and shoulders and Mum's hand had found it's way to his dick. Soon it was rock hard and ready for action.

I lay back on the bed and dad moved along beside me. Now that he had the green light from mum to fuck me, he was going to make the best of it. As dad pressed his lips to mine I opened my mouth and tongue kissed him. Our kiss became hotter and more passionate as his hands started to roam over my body. He cupped my breasts in his hands and played with my nipples making them stand up and ask for more.

Slowly he kissed his way down my jaw and throat to my tits. As I felt him close his mouth on my right nipple, A jolt of feeling exploded through my body and centered in my crotch. He continued to suck on my breasts as his fingers found their way to my pussy. Deep waves of pleasure radiated out from my young cunt as his finger danced over my pussy lips and clit. I reached out and hugged him to my breasts, never wanting the feeling I was experiencing to end.

The feelings stopped mounting within me and I told him that I needed his cock in me. He moved around so that he was kneeling between my legs, I reached down to guide daddy's dick to my cunt. With just the head of his dick in me he asked if I was sure. In answer I grabbed his hips and pulled him into me. This time there was no pain as my father's dick rammed up my cunt. Daddy lifted my legs so that my knees were pressed up against my tits, in this position his knob pressed firmly against my cervix. I was full.

Daddy started to pump his dick into my tight little pussy, each stroke rubbed his cock over my clit. In no time at all I was starting to climax, my cunt contracted around dad's dick. I could feel the heat of my father's sperm as he shot his load inside of me.

I wrapped my legs around dad as he collapsed on to of me, totally spent. Mum left us like that, dad on top of me with his big dick holding his cum in my pussy, and went back to my room to sleep content that her family would remain together.

The next morning I awoke to feel a heavy weight on top of me and a big dick in me. Dad had a hard on and I decided to wake him. As I started to move my pussy on his dick he opened his eyes and rolled us over so that I was on top. He said that this was the best way to wake up.

We continued to sleep together every night for the next two years with mum's blessing, But the cancer that started me sleeping with my father was not beaten, Mum died two and a half years after being first diagnosed.

It has been four years since Dad and I moved to another town to escape the still painful memories of mum, I guess it is ironic. Mum wanted her family to stay together and we have, Dad and I live together as husband and wife. Our son turns two this year and I'm pregnant with our daughter.

Maybe when our children are older, dad and I will teach them about the joy of sex just as daddy taught me.

Brawl Incest
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misbehaving scions real rough at Brawl Incest!

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