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Asking for it

This all started a little over 10 years ago. Well, actually it started earlier than that; but you might say the pivot-point was that afternoon when I first opened my big mouth and put my foot in it.

As I returned from the bathroom that morning, I looked in on the kids. As usual by that time, Mike was fucking his little sister, while Cathy fucked back just as hard. The two kids barely noticed their father watching; as they both strove for a climax. Cathy's brown hair normally made a fetching frame for her face; but right then her usually pretty face was screwed into a mask of concentration, as the brunette strove for her orgasm by squeezing her tight little cunny around her big brother's swollen prick. Mike didn't look any better. He was sweating and straining as he slaved with his mouth open and almost drooling; while he tried to make this session feel as good for his little sister as it obviously did for him. The normally handsome looks of the boy were also twisted by pants and heaves, as he tried to hold back long enough for the little girl to enjoy it too. From the frantic rutting of the two children, I knew it wouldn't be long before my son's sperm would be decorating the inside of his little sister's fertile young womb in long greasy ropes; as the older boy did his best to breed his own sibling. I was so proud of my kids.

I knew their mother would NOT be happy if she knew what her two children did almost every day, but then Marcia had given up all say in what they did or did NOT do, the day she had left the three of us for a life on the road with a music star. (Some star . . . one hit, and two records.) She had claimed she, "Wasn't getting any younger; and would never get a chance to be free like this again." As if I or our children were getting any younger either.

After the divorce I had sold the house and car, and everything in both of them; then split the result down the middle and sent half of the money to the last known address of the troupe on its way across the nation. I never bothered checking to see if my EX-wife ever got her half or not. Then I changed my name, and moved out here in this cabin by the lake. If Marcia ever wanted to come back, it was too late; as the old me didn't exist any more. (Do I sound bitter? Well, I was. By the time this story starts, I didn't care so much any more. It had been 6 years since she left.)

When I first moved into this cabin by the lake, I had taken one bedroom of the two, and put my son and daughter in the other. I mean, they were just KIDS then, at 8 and 6 years old. Kids that young don't even THINK about sex. Of course, I knew their mother wouldn't have approved anyway, of putting two kids of the opposite sex in the same bedroom (in the same bed yet!). But as I said before, Marcia had given up all decision-making control of our children the moment she left.

At first, it was just for convenience, that I let the two kids sleep in the same bed. I really planned on getting bunk- beds; so while they would still be sleeping in the same room, at least they wouldn't be sleeping together.

Only first the money wasn't available, and then the reason slowly slipped away. I mean, if two opposite-sex siblings are getting dressed and undressed in front of each other, and spending considerable time both in the house, and out on the lake completely naked, in each other's company; how much difference does it make if they sleep in the same bed?

Huh? The naked bit? Oh. Well, while I never really had gone in for the commercial "nudist" bit, when I found this cabin on the lake right next door to a nudist "resort" I hadn't minded a bit. It seems that half the people on the lake were of a similar mind; and you would as often find your neighbors sunning nude, as dressed in swimsuits. The relationships of the people like me with the resort were very cordial, as the resort had been there first; just not long enough to afford buying the whole lakefront, like they had wanted to.

So, those people (like me) who bought or built cabins just had to accept the nudity of our neighbors, as they were here first. A couple of rich bachelors had bought sites on the lake, "Just for the view." But most of the people were families like we were, who didn't see anything wrong with being nude or not nude. The mode of dress (or undress) depended mainly on how many relatives were visiting, it seemed. Of course, I don't think many of the OTHER families had our unusual sleeping arrangements. (But you never know . . . some of the cabins out there, were just as small as ours was.)

I'll admit though, that after a while having Mike and Cathy sleep together in the same bed became more on purpose on my part, than accident or lack of funds.

Actually, when I first thought about the two kids even accidentally having sex together, I'll admit I was not only turned-on by the idea, but the thought of how their mother would feel about it just made me want to keep them there.

Uhuh. It was more a feeling of "getting back" at my ex- wife, by ignoring what I knew she would want, than anything else. It took almost three years for the anger at her to burn away, and I could think rationally about what my two kids were doing in that bed together. Of course, by then it was too late.

Uhuh. I had just decided that maybe I SHOULD buy separate beds for the kids, and make some kind of divider in the small room, so they could each have some privacy, when I was awakened in the middle of the night by a loud "Ow" from my daughter. Mike had just taken his little sister's virginity; and by the time I arrived the two kids were fucking like minks in their common bed. Neither one was old enough to climax yet, but they both seemed to like what they were doing tremendously. Even Cathy, for all the pain of the little 9-year-old girl losing her virginity to her 11-year-old big brother, was humping back at the older boy just as hard as he was thrusting his swollen little peter into her. I watched the two kids for almost 15 minutes, until they finally got tired and rolled apart, before going to sleep.

As I said, they didn't seem to be old enough to climax yet, but they both sure seemed to have fun at it anyway. I went back to MY bed, and jacked off like I hadn't done since before I first got married. I was too hot and horny and yes bothered, to say anything to either of the kids.

The next day, I watched both of them very closely to see if they were OK. I mean, you hear all these stories about how "traumatic" it is, for kids this young to be forced into sex. Only neither of them had looked like they were being "forced" the previous night. In fact, If I hadn't seen them with my own eyes, I would never have known anything was different the following morning than before Cathy got her cherry popped. They both teased each other just like siblings usually do; and they even had little fights, just like always. Neither one seemed angry at the other, or even acted like lovers, for that matter. It was almost as though having sex with each other was just one of the things that siblings DID together; like share toys, and play together. (And in their case, share a bed, and have sex together.)

For almost a year this went on, with them having sex almost every night, and later even more often, as their bodies matured. By then they were both used to me sometimes watching them before I went to "take care of my problem". So after a while they didn't do it only at night; but sometimes would stop playing or watching TV; and couple like bunny-rabbits right in front of their horny father. I never said anything about it, and neither did they.

Thank goodness they knew enough to keep it a secret from their friends though; as having one of Cathy's little girlfriends see her big brother take her in the living-room like two dogs coupling, would have been embarrassing, to say the least! Only their friends never DID seem to find out. How some of them missed them implications of two opposite-sex siblings sharing the same bedroom, I'll never know. And as for there being only ONE bed in that bedroom. . . .

Ah well nobody ever said anything during the entire time we were there (thank goodness).

When Cathy was 10, I decided I'd better tell both of the kids "the facts of life" about what they were doing, and how babies were made, before they got into some unintended trouble. So, I went out and bought one of the few remaining copies of "Show Me", and took them both through the whole book, picture by picture. I explained exactly how babies were made, and answered all their questions too. Yes, even when they wanted to know if what they had been doing up to then, was the things that made babies in girls like her. When I told them it was, Cathy looked at Mike, and Mike looked back at his little sister; then they both trooped off to their bedroom to "practice making a baby"; leaving me to jack-off in the living-room. Only I followed them down to their bedroom, and watched them practice.

About 6 months later, Mike came in Cathy for the first time; then about a year after that, Cathy got her first period. Neither one has ever shown the slightest interest in birth control, from that day to this; "practicing" making a baby just as hard once they knew it was really possible; as they had been doing for years before.

Since both kids knew what they were doing, I didn't even TRY to stop them. By now, I knew it wouldn't have done any good anyway. The time to have put a damper on things, was back when I first let them sleep together; not now.

Having two horny teenagers (OK, one horny teenager, and his pre-teen sister) having sex almost continuously around the house was kind of hard on MY sex life; but after my bad experience with Marcia, I wasn't inclined to try finding someone new. Besides, how many women would have put up with her stepchildren sleeping in the same bed and mating like two minks both in that bed, and out of it? Yeah, right!

Well, THIS morning started out like so many others, but it didn't end the same. As usual, I watched my son's motion on top of his little sister grow more frantic, until by the short little jabs he was doing I knew the boy was ejaculating his seed in the little girl's womb; doing his best to father a child on his own sister. By now, both kids had made it clear that they were going to keep right on "practicing making a baby" until they got it right.

Once Mike's frantic thrustings into Cathy died down to just squirming, and her equally frantic rutting back at her older sibling had eased up to where her legs weren't locked around her big brother's back, I figured the "show" was over, and I headed back to MY bedroom, to take care of MY "problem." Watching your two kids rutting like dogs in heat, can do that to a guy. Just knowing that my little girl has her own brother's seed soaking into her tummy and wriggling up the neck of her uterus into her fertile young womb, is usually enough to make even a not-so-horny man like me feel like a satyr. Even if the two kids had been ugly, it would have been incredibly erotic. With my handsome young son though, and his nubile young sister . . . whew! I had probably wasted several gallons of sperm in the old pair of shorts I used for a "sperm rag" after watching those two go at it.

This time, I had barely started, when Cathy came into the room after cleaning up. (None of the bedrooms, nor even the bathroom, has any interior doors in the cabin. I think it was originally built for a bachelor.)

Cathy sat on the bed next to me; ignoring my rampant penis at first. Both kids knew I usually jacked-off after watching them, so it didn't surprise me that Cathy wasn't shocked at her father playing with himself after watching her fuck the lights out of her big brother. Occasionally in the past, one or the other of the kids had stopped by after having sex, to ask a question, or get advice. (Like when Cathy first had her period, they didn't want to make a big mess of the bed, and also wondered if it was "safe" for them to fuck, when she did.)

So, this wasn't exactly unexpected; but like usual it WAS slightly embarrassing. I didn't really feel completely comfortable jacking off in front of my own daughter, no matter WHAT she had just finished doing with her big brother. My prick started to wilt slightly, while I waited for Cathy to get to the point.

"Daddy?" she asked; taking my prick in her soft little hand, once she noticed it starting to shrink, "How come you've never fucked me, like Michael does?"

Oh shit. My mind was in shock just at the feel of my daughter's warm little hand stroking life back into my prick, as if she did it all the time.

"Uh," I stuttered, "uh." I couldn't think what to say.

"Don't you LIKE me Daddy?" The soft hand kept stroking, and I felt almost certain that Cathy would lean over and take it in her warm little mouth, like I had seen her do so often with her big brother. I stalled for time; while I tried to figure out what to say. (I know; I KNOW. I SHOULD have expected this question years ago.) "Of COURSE I like you Cathy," I said. "Whatever made you think I don't?"

"Because you never seem to want to fuck me, Like Mike does. Instead you always come in here and waste it in THIS stupid thing," she said; holding up my offending "cum-rag" like it was some mistress who had stolen me from her.

I was fast losing it. "I never said I didn't want to fuck you," I responded. (The understatement of the year. I had been dreaming about getting in Cathy's cute little panties, practically since the first time she started wearing them, and got out of diapers. Still, a man doesn't "come on to" his own daughter, does he? Cathy seemed to think he does.)

"Then why DON'T you?" she asked; somewhat mollified, but still angry for some reason.

"Well mainly, because you never asked," I explained. I was NOT going to "molest" my own daughter, or even let her know I even THOUGHT about such things. I knew darned well that if almost ANY child knew her father wanted to have sex with her, the kid would almost automatically do it, whether she wanted sex or not. Just knowing her father wanted it, would be enough to make most kids "do it" to "Make Papa happy." I wasn't about to "force" my daughter into having sex with me; not even by hinting that I might like it. Now if SHE had come to ME . . . .

"DADDY!" complained Cathy, "Mike never 'asks' me; and I never ask HIM. When you love somebody, you don't NEED to ask!"

"Um," I said. How to explain? My mental abilities weren't helped by the fact that Cathy was running her hot little hand up and down my prick; and when she got tired of waiting, she bent over and licked the head!

Oh shit! I almost blew a white sticky wad in her mouth; just from feeling her hot breath on it; let alone when she pursed her lips around my prick and began sucking on it. All ability to reason, or to answer questions fled.

"Gugh!" I barely managed to groan. I think Cathy knew what was happening to me; because she pulled her mouth off my prick just before I filled it with white sticky goo, and smiled at me. "Daddy?" she said.

"Uh?" It was quite an effort for me, to say even that much.

"I'm asking."

What could I say? I rolled my little girl over, and gave her the big load I had been about to waste in the unfeeling rag lying forlornly beside the bed. THIS time, it was my son who stood in the doorway, and watched with a big smile as his little sister got royally screwed by her own father.

God did that feel good! I had forgotten just how nice a tight little snatch feels wrapped around your throbbing prick. It had been HOW many years since Marcia left? Too many I'm sure. The feeling of my little girl's tight little cunny sucking the sperm from my balls right up into her fertile young womb was . . . Oh SHIT! Cathy wasn't on the pill!

"Uh," I gasped; trying desperately to keep from blowing every drop of baby-making seed I had stored up in my balls inside my little girl. "I've GOT to pull out," I croaked.

"Don't you DARE," said Cathy, in a no-nonsense voice; locking her legs around me, just like she usually did with her big brother.

"But I'm going to cum," I groaned. "I might get you pregnant." Somehow I managed to hold on, while I gave Cathy the opportunity to realize what a chance she was taking. She might like to fuck; but get pregnant by her own father? I couldn't believe that.

"Daddy," said Cathy, as if talking to an errant child, "I told you . . . you don't have to ask if you can fuck me. From now on, I expect you to do it any time you feel like it, just like Mike does. You don't have to ask if you can cum in me either! You can cum in me whenever, or wherever you want to! And you don't have to ask if you can get me pregnant either! From mow on, you can get me pregnant, as often as you want to . . . OK?"

"But what about Mike?" I asked; remembering how the two of them had been "practicing making a baby" for over three years.

"Mike can afford to wait. We've got plenty of time left together. If you want, I'll have him stop fucking me while I'm ovulating, so we can be sure the baby is yours, OK?" All the time, Cathy kept rocking back and forth; sliding my prick out about an inch each time, before sliding it home inside her where the sucking heat was getting to be too much for me. I gave up. If my little girl wanted it, she was going to get it! Yeah, I blew my wad in my own daughter; squirting thick white jets of baby-making cum against the little girl's womb, while I did my best to father a child on my own daughter. Well, why not? She seemed to want it; and from the grinning face on my son standing in the doorway, he was just as pleased at seeing his horny little sister fucking their old man, as she was at feeling me ejaculate what seemed like gallons of incestuous sperm in the little girl's sucking young womb.

Gob after gob; jet after jet; squirt after squirt. It seemed like I lay on top of Cathy for hours, feeling her sexy young body squirming underneath mine, while I ejaculated what felt like gallons of hot sticky cum inside her. I hadn't realized how much better it felt to cum in a real-live-girl, than in your own hand. It had been too long since Marcia left, and she had NEVER given me an orgasm like that one; not even when I first managed to knock her up with Mike.

Well, after that, things changed around the house. The first thing that changed, was that I never slept alone again. From then on, BOTH Mike and Cathy shared my bed with me. It was a bit crowded in the bed, with three people in a bed really intended for two, but they both assured me it wasn't any more cramped than THEY had been; sleeping together in a single bed. It WAS incredibly cozy. Also, we saved on heating bills. ("That's a yolk son.")

Sometimes I ended up in the middle, sometimes Cathy did, and sometimes Mike did. There's something incredibly loving and downright comforting to go to sleep cuddled up between the two people you love most in the world. Almost every morning, Cathy would fuck both of us; seeing that "her two men got off" in the morning to a good start. Usually she would fuck at least one of us in the evening before bedtime too. And if we both were horny, she never objected to the other either fucking her afterwards, or using one of her other available holes to "jack-off into." Cathy loved both of us, and we loved each other almost as much as we loved her. The question of Mike or me "holding back", while the other one got Cathy pregnant, simply never came up again.

The second thing that changed happened two days later; when I was jacking off after hearing the two kids going at it like jackrabbits in their old bedroom; when I came inside one hot sticky afternoon. When Cathy saw what I was doing, she got almost as angry as she had the first time.

"DADDY," she almost yelled, "I TOLD you, you don't need to ask! Any time you get horny, I expect you to fuck me, just like Mike does. Now Goddammit get OVER here and fuck me, like you're supposed to!" Cathy looked actually angry at catching me "wasting" my sperm in an unfeeling rag. Her next words confirmed my assessment. "If I EVER catch you wasting it again," she said fiercely; while struggling to fit my enormously swollen prick in her tight little slit, "then I WILL cut you off, you hear me?" She almost sounded believable. Only I knew my horny little girl could no longer stay away from her father's thick prick than she could stay away from her brother, or either of us could stay away from her. We were all addicted to each other. Still, I never tested it; not daring to find out if I was wrong.

So, from then on, whenever I felt the least bit horny I would fuck my daughter right then; even if we were at the dinner- table; sliding her chair out and giving my little girl a fresh helping of baby-juice up her squeezing little hole, and then going back to eat dinner; as if it was the most normal thing in the world for a father to fuck his daughter whenever he felt like it; and squirt his incestuous sperm in her womb, as if it was his right and duty to plant a baby in his own daughter's squeezing young belly.

Cathy never once objected; no matter when it was or if it was me or her big brother; as if being fucked was just one of those things a girl does with her relatives. And no, we never took any precautions against pregnancy either. Cathy wouldn't hear of it.

However, THAT had the result of us finally having to move out from our love-nest by the lake. When Cathy had Michelle the first time, about two years later, we just moved her into the old bedroom that she used to share with her big brother. However, when she had twins two years after that, the house got too small, and we had to move. Sadly it was NOT by the lake, and NOT by a nudist resort, and did NOT have the privacy of our little cabin. The best we were able to do, was get a house with a fence around it, and then we had the fence replaced with a TALL one . . . over 7 feet tall all the way down to the creek in the back. At least our neighbors don't seem to be nosy. There's a bachelor on one side, who occasionally ogles Cathy, but not in an annoying manner. The other side was occupied by an older couple who didn't seem to pay much attention to anybody. Not even the pile of screaming giggling kids that ours and the neighbors made together.

Oh yes, the neighbors in the rear. The house across the creek housed a newlywed couple, with six of the cutest little kids you ever saw; ranging in age from 12 down to 6. Five girls and a boy. Yeah newlyweds. It seems the children's father died, and she somehow managed to trap her neighbor into marrying her. I didn't ask them about how two of her little girls got as pregnant as she was, and they never asked us about how Cathy got that way.

Their kids seemed to enjoy going naked in the summer, just as much as ours did. So we never bothered to fence in the rear. Besides, with the ground sloping down to the creek on both sides, it wouldn't have done much good anyway.

Be they ever so polite, "Nosy Neighbors are Noxious," and they seem to know that as well as we do. Though their kids are almost as cute as ours. After a while we all got used to seeing a whole gaggle of cute kids running around naked together and playing in the creek, just as if they were all one big family, and their yard was part of ours.

It was only after we had lived there for almost seven years, that we learned that we were now living in the old house where SHE used to live, before she married her next-door neighbor. (Well, OK . . . back-door neighbor.)

Which brings me ALMOST up to date. It would be no surprise to you, to find out that our little girl has been fucking her little brothers almost from the time she knew there was a difference between them to now. What happened last night, while somewhat expected, I had never really expected it to happen this soon. (I found out later that it was precipitated by a conversation between Michelle and Melanie [That's the daughter of Cynthia, the second-oldest of the girls next door . . . OK, behind us].)

"But Momma!" complained the little girl, "Why not?!"

I was about to shrug this off; as our daughter's trying to cozen her mother out of some sweet or privilege like she usually succeeds in getting; when I heard Cathy's response to our little girl. "Because he insists that you ASK him, the first time."

Oh shit. I watched our 9-year-old little girl come into the bedroom I still shared with her mother and my son. (No, I'm not SURE she's mine; and neither is Mike. Even if we COULD find out, neither of us wants to.)

Mike just grinned at me, as he watched our little girl approach the bed, naked as the day she was born; just like her mother had been almost 10 years earlier. Somehow I just KNEW the little girl hadn't even bothered to ask her other father. (No, none of "our" kids has ever even seemed to find anything unusual in having two fathers.) By this time I was aware of the entire family, from Mike and Cathy, to the twins on down, all watching to see my reaction to their little sister.

Damn. Nine years old. How could I say, "Yes," to a little girl that young? On the other hand, how could I say, "No," if she asked me?

"Daddy?" said the little girl; unconsciously quoting her mother so many years before, "I'm asking."

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