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As Told To The Purvv: Heather

Note from The Purvv: I have written over 25 stories exclusively for White Shadow's Nasty Stories, 80% of them containing character involvement in incest. Probably because of that, as my regular readers know I get many emails from many of them purporting to have had an incestuous relationship, and they want their story written. There's an old saying that you should only believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear and that is usually my guide in judging the truthfulness of the claims.

This is one of those rare times that I believed what occurred mainly because my email involvement with the girl who made the claim extended to emails with her father who currently resides in another country. Their versions coincided so strongly that I have no doubt to its authenticity.

Because the girl was very open in her tale I was able to write the story from her perspective right up until the actual night of the incestuous act. From that point on she had a great reluctance to actually describe what happened. I think that she somehow felt that she was protecting her father or maybe it was simply an old promise to him that she would never tell. Nevertheless she had no problem with him telling me what happened; indeed she actually welcomed it.

Thus I had to build the story from two points of view. Of course as usual I myself added the oooo's and aaahhhh's but other than that the story is as told to me. Hopefully, by my joining the daughter's version with the father's the reader will not be confused.

Heather's tale:

Actually, by the time the thing with dad happened I was 14 and I already knew quite a bit about sex, even though I hardly had any experience.

I'm not really sure where the story begins. There were a few things in my very early childhood that should be mentioned for anyone to understand me. They occurred when I was around 5 years old and I'm really not sure of the sequence of events. Unfortunately, the very first thing that I need to mention cannot be verified as fact, and can only remain a very real suspicion. It's the only non-sure fact of my story. However, because of things that happened later and how my body reacted to certain stimuli I'm convinced that in some shape or manner I was sexually molested. In the back of my head I remember a piece of flesh rubbing up and down between my legs. If it did happen it was either my father or my brother but I've never found out for sure.

I do know that up until a certain point I used to crawl into bed with my parents in the middle of the night and snuggle up to my father, who I adored. Somewhere around this time my mother put a stop to that.

I also remember from approximately the same time, when on a hot summer day I saw my daddy and my brother with their shirts off and I decided to take mine off too. When my mom saw me she threw a fit.

"Heather, what the hell do you think you're doing?" she screamed at me. "Put your shirt on young lady! And don't you EVER let me catch you running around again without one on. You are a girl for crissakes! Girls don't do that...ESPECIALLY in front of boys! Are you crazy?"

It seemed like a tremendous overreaction but maybe mom had reason for it.

I think it might have been my mother's calling my attention to this that really started to arouse my curiosity; that, and the fact that I sensed that Daddy was looking at me in a 'funny' way.

It was some weeks after that when I was in the kitchen after breakfast, helping my mom with the dishes, when I felt a tremendous urge to pee. We only had one bathroom and when I rushed there my dad was shaving. He had the door open.

"Daa," I whispered.

He paused in his shaving and turned his head toward me. "What's up squirt?" he asked. That and 'half-pint' were his pet names for me.

"I need to pee-pee real bad."

He smiled and indicated the toilet bowl. "Go ahead half-pint. It's okay. Don't worry about me."

I looked nervously at him but I was afraid to ask him to leave. Still, I was afraid that mom would catch me and yell at me again. As much as my bladder was pressuring me I think it was more the excitement of going to the bathroom in front of my father that made me go through with it. As I was tinkling I sensed that while he was shaving he was trying to sneak looks at my bald pussy.

I know this is hard to believe but I actually started masturbating when I was about 6. (At least that's the earliest that I can remember, who knows, it might have been earlier.) I had a hand-me-down teddy bear that was a little bigger than me and I used to hump the hell out of his leg, although I didn't really know what I was doing at that age. All that I knew was that something down there sure felt good.

I learned quickly not to do it in front of my parents, after that first and only time that I did. I was in the living room, dressed in my baby dolls on the floor with 'teddy', and my dad was on the couch. I started humping the stuffed animal and looked up to see my father watching me intently. Thinking about it later I realized that he was actually getting excited watching me. Anyway, mom walked in and began screaming at me for doing it and at my dad for not stopping me.

After that I realized that what I was doing was something that I didn't want to get caught at, so from then on I would only do things in my bedroom. For the next couple of years I would often lay it down on its back and lay on top of it, face to face. I would push its leg up tight against my pussy, close my legs around it and start humping. I was always facing the stuffed animal and at times I would actually kiss it on the mouth. I loved the roughness of 'teddy' on my clit (although at the time I didn't know what a clit was) rubbing side to side and round and round until I actually came. God that felt so good! Yet it was so rough that there were times that I was actually sore afterwards from rubbing it so hard, but that never seemed to stop me.

I guess that I was 8 or 9 when I outgrew the teddy bear and I moved on to bunching up the blankets between my legs. By doing that I noticed that my orgasms were more intense because the blanket would conform more to the shape of my body so not only was there a lot of contact on my clit but it would also push up and slightly enter my hole. The first time that I felt that, it felt so good I ended up peeing some on my blanket. The blanket became special and once I got a new one I kept the old one hidden away in my closet.

My journey towards womanhood was beginning, without my even realizing it was happening. There were even a few times, when I was 9 years old I think, that I remember sneaking into the barn with a boy of 12. It was full of hay. We would find a small opening between bales where we could hide and kiss like crazy.

I guess that the next part of my education came when I was between the ages of 10 and 11 when I experimented for the first time with a girl my age. Betty was very developed for her age. Although she was only 11 she already had a lot of pussy hair and very large breasts. She was a little overweight, which added to her development, but even besides that she was big. I don't mean like 34B. I mean more like 34C. Remember, this was an 11-year-old girl that I'm talking about. She didn't have a lot of friends because of this.

More than on one occasion Betty would spend the night at my house and we would go to my room and play out little scenarios. One we used a lot was of an older man making a pass at a much younger girl (it would usually be his maid). We took turns as to which of us was the man and which one was the maid. We put on shirts that fell just below our ass and removed our panties. Depending on which of us was playing the man 'he' would put his hand up the 'skirt' and play with the girl.

As we got ourselves all worked up we would end up on the bed touching each other. Until Betty, I had never seen a mature pussy before, nor had I even learned to masturbate, so I'm afraid that I wasn't very good at what she wanted, although she seemed to know. I was so hesitant, almost afraid to touch her. You have to remember that I hadn't touched my puss yet, let alone someone else's. I was both fascinated and repulsed by the creamy wetness that came from her hole. Afraid to actually touch it, I would instead only rub the top, the clit. However, I didn't want the wetness to make contact with me. I didn't know what it was and I didn't ask either. You can imagine how unsatisfying I was to her, but that didn't stop us from playing out our little made-up scenes.

I don't remember her touching me between the legs much, except during the warm up play-acting. I didn't have orgasms but the feel of her hand on me gave me ideas. It wasn't long after that, that I learned to get myself off with my hand. I was so used to the blanket that it took awhile for me to get used to my fingers but I did. As a matter of fact in the beginning I still preferred the roughness of the special blanket but sometimes that was dangerous to use because it was difficult to hide it if someone came into my room. Once I started to use only my hand for masturbation I still had an aversion to the wetness and in fact I never would finger fuck myself.

Just before I turned 12, about a year after we first started, Betty and I had our last episode together. By then she had lost much of the baby fat but she still had full breasts. We had gone with her family to see Romeo and Juliet. It was an R-rated movie because it showed Romeo's naked buttocks and Juliet's naked breasts, which was enough to get Betty and I excited.

I stayed at her house afterward and after everyone had gone to bed she and I started acting out the movie, with me playing Romeo. We started kissing and running our hands all over each other's body. God she felt so soft and smooth. Our excitement was more than at anytime in the past. Both of us were breathing quite heavily. Soon we were squeezing each other's breasts and I think by then I was almost gasping for air. Then our hands moved and we began rubbing each other between the legs and then almost instinctively I got on top of her. She spread her legs and I started to rub my pussy against hers, my clit against hers. It felt SO goooood. With our mouths almost touching we were whispering things from the movie and began to allow her mouths to come together. Then we were kissing and by now both of us were moaning in each other's mouth. Then we would talk hotly on each other's lips, simple silly romantic things.

We were moving against each other more and more eagerly and we were close to cumming. Unfortunately we must have been making too much noise because from the adjoining bedroom her mother called for us to quiet down. I don't know if her parents guessed what we were doing, hearing our whispering amidst the movement of the bed, but that was the last time that we were to stay at each other's house. Betty moved away shortly thereafter.

Although I continued with my masturbation, nothing further happened to advance my education until I was about 12-years-old. Living in a rural area I had always wanted my own horse and finally my family bought me one for my 12th birthday. Within three months I was a regular tomboy on the horse and one day racing a boy from the farm down the road, I overextended and felt a shooting burning pain in my crotch. I also felt the sudden wetness of blood and panicked, not realizing that I had only ruptured my hymen. I hollered at Tony that I was going home and within minutes I was at the door of my house.

I was in a complete state of panic. Tears were streaming down my cheeks as I rushed into my house. I was screaming at my dad almost as if it was his fault.

He tried to calm me. Using his pet name for me he said, "Okay, squirt, it's okay...stay cool."

I was sure that I was going to have to go to the hospital and that I had a major injury. I wasn't even thinking anything about male/female as I pushed down my breeches along with my panties both at the same time. As I did I could see the mass of blood in the crotch. My father watched silently as I did so.

Then, totally naked from the waist down I threw myself down on the couch and cried to my father, "Look...look at me dad...am I going to be all right? Am I?..."

"Easy squirt, easy. It's all right, half-pint, it's all right," he said as he sat down on the couch at about knee level. I watched him through my tears. His words were reassuring but I was still panicky.

Thinking back it had to be totally erotic for him as I lay back, naked from the waist down with my legs parted so that he could look at my injury. His eyes were riveted on my pussy, which was as bald as the day that I was born. He looked so nervous to me that I thought I was in bad shape.

"Daddy...is it...am I bad? Am I gonna go to the hospital?"

"No, no squirt it's okay. Believe me, it's okay. You just...er...you'll be all right." He was swallowing and I swear his eyes were looking like a caged animal. "H-here, er...let me see."

He reached out his hand and gently touched me. His eyes looked up into mine. In hindsight I guess that he was gauging how far he could go. By that time I think that he was feeling excited. Then his eyes moved down again and his hand moved slowly and easily upon my pussy, his finger moving at the lips. My tears had begun to subside and I began to feel a tingling sensation beneath his fingers.

"Is it all right dad?" I asked.

It was then that he said what I thought was the strangest thing to me. "It's beautiful squirt, it's beautiful." As he spoke those words his finger started to slide up and down within the lips of my pussy. My own excitement was then beginning. I looked at dad and saw that his breathing was labored and he kept licking his lips and swallowing. The look in his eyes indicated that he wanted to do something.

I'm sure that our affair would have started that day had my mother not walked into the house. She had been at my friend Tony's house when he came rushing home to tell his parents that something had happened to me. Mom jumped into the car and was home within ten minutes after I walked in.

"What happened?" she shouted and dad pulled his hand away as if it was a hot stove.

When mom found out what had happened she took me to Dr. Schwartz who gave us the news. I would be fine. I had ruptured my hymen but every other test showed that I would be able to lead a perfectly normal and healthy life. I would be able to bear children and have sex, which I was just starting to find out about.

One of the good things that happened from the event was that masturbation became more exciting. There were two reasons for this. One simply being that I was able to probe my pussy freely now without hurting myself. The other was that I now found myself able to close my eyes while masturbating and I pictured daddy's eyes, hands and fingers on my puss. Something about that picture would cause me to rub myself to a wild completion.

By the time that I was 13 I was maturing nicely and my sister and brother-in-law felt comfortable enough to let me baby-sit their kids. It was at their house while they were out that I found and read some of the many porn books that they had 'hidden'. That was my sex education.

By the time I was 14 and dating a 16-year-old, I was very curious about things. From those books I think that I actually knew more than Phil about sex and I certainly was more mature than he was. It was after about three months of dating that I made a conscious effort to touch him while we were kissing. My hand purposely left his shoulder and dropped to his crotch. I felt his body stiffen when he felt my hand and I was afraid that he was going to pull away. Summoning up my courage I squeezed the lump that I felt in his pants. Almost immediately it rose in my hand and his mouth opened and gasped under mine.

"Mmmmmmmm." A humming sound automatically echoed in our mouths from one or both of us, I couldn't tell at that moment.

That was the first time that the passions of a real kiss inflamed us both. Suddenly our open mouths were probing one another and I continued squeezing his hardened lump. I knew that Phil would chicken out if left on his own and my body was suddenly in heat and in need.

As our mouths worked against each other I suddenly felt his hand move over my blouse and capture my breast, holding it tightly. I sensed my nipple harden to the point where it was so tight that it was almost hurting. I then moved my hand and found the zipper in his pants and I pulled it down.

I sensed Phil struggling with himself, wanting badly to pull away and stop while at the same time his body was refusing to obey his brain. I pushed my tongue into his mouth at the same time that I pushed my hand through the slit of his pants and grabbed at the actual flesh of his cock.

"Nnnnnnnnnggggghhhhhhh." A straining sound of built up pleasure was released from his throat into my attacking mouth.

I wanted the act to be completed then. My body was hot and tingling and the urges were driving me on. I pulled his twitching thing from his pants and clasped it in my hand. He pushed his hips up, his manhood forcing it's way up through my fingers.

I might have been a novice but I knew that if I didn't do something that Phil would have had me use only my hand and then it would have been an opportunity lost. Not giving him a chance to protest I pulled my mouth away from his and slid back just enough that I could bend down toward his crotch. My eyes looked in surprise at actually seeing a cock for the first time. I realized what I was going to do and didn't know how either of us would handle it.

My mouth opened and my hand fed his cock past my lips.

"OOOOOHHHHHH!!!" I'll never forget that wild sound of pleasure that he let out.

I plunged my mouth down on him and closed my lips upon the flesh. Phil was suddenly breathing hard and gasping. I pulled up tantalizingly on his prick allowing my teeth to just barely touch his skin, as I had read about. Suddenly I felt both of his hands push down on the back of my head. Apparently he was already almost about to cum. I didn't want that. I wanted him inside me. My body was crying out in its need to be filled.

With my mouth still enclosed around his flesh I took my hands away from him and rushed them under my skirt. Urgently I pushed my wet panties down my legs and managed to take them off without losing his cock. He was bucking into me at that point. I don't think that he was far from cumming.

I slid my mouth off of him to the sound of his groan, "C'mon Phil, down here... on the floor," I urged. "Get on me. Hurry Philly hurry."

He moved off the couch in a hurry and knelt quickly between my parted thighs. By now I had completely lost it...all I could think of was having his cock inside me. It was moving in close when he realized what was happening. I saw a look of fear and panic in his eyes and I sensed that he was going to pull away. Desperately I reached out my hands and grabbed at him, trying to hold him in place so that he would complete the act. I felt the tip of his cock at my labia, just touching. I strained my body upward and I actually felt the tip enter into the thoroughly moistened folds. He struggled and I held him with all of my might. My body was burning in its urges. Suddenly Phil was able to pull away from my grip and he jumped off of me. He was totally freaked out and I was totally disappointed... left lying there on the floor, with my legs spread and a confused look on my face...That was the last time that we dated.

Although when I masturbated I still sometimes thought of my dad's eyes and hand on my pussy that day when I was 12, I had never really thought of him in a sexual way until that Saturday.

He worked at a lumber mill 6 days a week and on that day he came in, looking real tired.

"Hi squirt," he grinned weakly. "Where's your mom...Oh that's right she was going to take your brother to that movie tonight, hah?"

I smiled sadly, because he just barely remembered, and it had been important to me. I had really wanted to go with my mom and brother but mom asked if I'd do her a favor and feed dad when he got home from work. She promised that she'd make it up to me.

"Yeah. They left about a half hour ago," I informed him. "I'll have your dinner ready in a little while."

He looked at me and shook his head. "Listen squirt. Do me a favor? Put it aside for an hour or two. I'm bushed half-pint. I need to get a little sleep to be refreshed, okay?"

What could I say? That if we had known that I could have gone to the movie? No, even though I was somewhat disappointed the look of exhaustion on my poor dad's face wiped away any frustration that I was feeling.

I nodded my approval. He smiled weakly at me, gave me a wink and walked away. First he went and took a quick shower, and he then went into his bedroom for his nap.

About 20 minutes later somewhat bored I suddenly remembered that mom had asked me to do certain parts of the laundry that she had not gotten to do yet that day. I finished folding the clothes and started to put them away. I had to take some to dad's bedroom. We were always told to knock on his door before we went in, which I did.

"Yeah? C'mon in squirt."

I entered, went to the bureau and put his clothes away and then started to leave, glancing over to him. His eyes were shut as if he was still trying to sleep. I walked out, closing the door quietly behind me.

When I got back to the rest of the folded things I realized that I had not taken some of dad's t-shirts the first time so I headed back to his room, but since I had just been there a minute earlier I didn't bother to knock again, I just walked in.

Not really paying much attention to him at first I didn't realize what was happening with him. I was heading once more toward the bureau and I just glanced up at him. He was lying there with his knees slightly raised and from the bottom end of his bed where I stood it looked as if the sheet was covering him. In addition, his eyes were shut and he seemed to be asleep. Very quietly, so as not to wake him, I walked to the dresser that was next to his bed. I pulled out the drawer and put his t-shirts in their proper place, then closed the drawer and turned to leave. It was then that I realized that the sheet only came up over the top of his knees and that he was completely exposed all the way down. My eyes were attracted like a magnet to my father's manhood.

I don't know how to say this without sounding silly but dad's cock was beautiful to me. I'm sure that not too many people would describe a man this way but I have no other word for it other than it was beautiful...and hard! Maybe this is an exaggeration but I honestly think that it was about 8" long. His hand was wrapped around the base and to give you an idea of how big around it was, I can only say that his fingers and thumb barely touched. He was huge, at least to me. I had only seen my boyfriend Phil's and my dad's was MUCH larger than that. Also my dad's was circumcised while my boyfriend's wasn't. My father was Italian with very dark skin as was this beautiful hunk of flesh, and even the tip was a darker shade of pink than Phil's. I couldn't take my eyes off it. I'm not sure of everything that went through my mind in those few seconds but I do remember thinking that as wrong as it was I honestly and truly wanted to touch...and to taste that cock. It was like an uncontrollable desire. I wanted to walk over and lick it. My eyes continued to soak in the sight. I saw dad's eyes fluttering in his supposed sleep. I knew then that he wasn't. I realized that I had caught him masturbating.

Part 2

Her father's story:

Her father confirmed that he wasn't asleep. He hadn't expected his daughter to come right back in. When she first knocked he had already been masturbating and at that time he was able to stop and put it away. However, as Heather put the clothes in the drawer he allowed his eyes to run over the 14-year-old's body.

She was only about 5 feet and slim but her breasts were an ample handful, almost a B-cup Nick thought. He hated himself for looking but he couldn't help it. He had a thing for the youngster as far back as when she was a child. Indeed he almost raped her when she was only about 5 years old. At that time he had his cock between the sleeping child's legs and it was only the fact that his wife came home that saved Heather. His wife Annette caught him coming out of the little girl's bedroom but couldn't prove anything. Nevertheless her suspicions were obvious and when the girl was growing up Nick's wife watched him like a hawk.

As the years progressed Annette eased up with her fears, which in turn allowed him to ogle the child on those occasions when his wife wasn't paying attention. She almost caught him that time when Heather spread her legs for him and allowed him to touch her cunt. Two more minutes and he would have been inside of his daughter's flesh.

But it seemed to Nick that more and more as he looked at his daughter, she also was looking at him. Maybe it was just his imagination but he could swear that he saw something in the child's eyes or manner that told him she too wanted something to happen between them.

As he watched the tight little body flitting around he had all he could do not to call her over to the bed. His cock was still throbbing from his pumping action. He was so tempted yet he knew that he couldn't dare.

By the time that she was finished putting all of the stuff in the drawers the pressure within his cock had somewhat subsided. As soon as she walked out the door he raised his knees and put the sheet up at the top of them. He brought his hand down upon his cock and just squeezed it in fully and held the squeeze in place. He shut his eyes and thought of his daughter. Maybe he should have just pulled her down to the bed with him, he told himself. He thought back to that day when he touched her pussy. God how exciting that was.

He released the pressure and stroked the flesh up and held it in place, his eyes still shut tight and his mind still on his young daughter. He pushed his hand down and soon began stroking at his heated mass. Up and down, slowly, savoring the thrills as his mind saw her tits, her cunt and her ass. Up and down he stroked. Once more his breathing was increasing and his insides were building up a heated pressure. His strokes started to come faster.

Suddenly the door opened and Heather walked back in. Nick froze in place, knowing that if he moved that what he was doing would become obvious if he let his legs go down and allowed the sheet to drop over him. Instead, he decided to feign sleep. He shut his eyes all the way but then peeked through a tiny slit that he allowed himself to squint through.

He watched his daughter as she moved about. She moved over to the side and put a few things into the bureau. She was in the same direction that he was facing. After she put the things away she closed the drawer and turned. Through his squinting he could see that she was looking right at him. She was looking at his throbbing cock that his hand was wrapped around. He remained unmoving.

Then he watched as she quietly walked toward him, slowly, until she was standing alongside of the bed. His excitement grew as he realized that the child was looking down at him. He fought all of the urges in his body to reach up and pull her down by him. Then she nervously leaned down over the bed, over her father. Her hand reached out and suddenly he felt it just touching his and softly she joined hers alongside of her father's hand upon the cock flesh. It twitched in the young girl's hand. She bent further. She knew what she wanted now. She also knew that her father was awake, although he was acting like he was asleep. If he hadn't stopped her yet, she told herself, he wasn't going to stop her.

Holding the flesh in her little hand she brought her hot breathing mouth down on her father's cock. Then she was touching the tip with her tongue. Nick moaned and his cock twitched again. The youngster's lips moved and kissed the tip of her father's cock and at the same time she looked up at him. It was then that she discovered that his eyes had popped opened and he was staring incredulously at his 14-year-old daughter. She slowly raised her mouth a half-inch from his throbbing prick.

She knew where this was now heading when he didn't ask what she thought she was doing and made no effort to stop her. Indeed his free hand had moved down onto the back of her head. Nick continued to stare at the child with a look of disbelief on his face. Heather smiled up at him and moved back onto his cock with her lips. Her hand brushed his off of his cock and away, replacing it with her own.

Nick moaned again and then whispered, "Oh nice, squirt. Nice...oooo yeahhhh mmmm..."

Heather ran her tongue along the sides of his exciting hugeness and then around and back to the tip of his delicious cock. She licked, tasted and enjoyed her father's drippings of precum. He was bubbling with excitement. His heart was pounding and he was sucking in air as her mouth created torturous pleasures within his whole being. She moved her mouth over the mass of flesh and opened her mouth upon it. As Nick watched in amazement the child engulfed his prick and while her mouth was sinking down on him her lips were sucking and her tongue was licking up his goodness.

"Nnnnnggggghhhhhhh," he grunted through clenched teeth. His hands were clasped around the back of her head, holding her down upon him.

Watching his daughter's mouth working upon him and feeling those wild sensations that her lips and tongue were causing, was too much for him. The pressure built rapidly within his crotch, seemingly building from within his tight balls that her little hand was gently milking and moving up through the tube with such force that he couldn't control it.

Heather felt her father's hands tighten around her ears and head and felt him stiffen. At the same time a mournful groan starting from what seemed like the back of his head erupted through his gaping mouth as he was sucking in air while he began shooting his cum into her mouth. She was expecting the juices to spurt and she eagerly accepted his release as it began to fill her working mouth. She stayed attached to his throbbing prick as blast after blast shot into her as she rapidly swallowed and savored the bittersweet liquid. Nick's hips continued to thrust forward and pull back as his eruptions continued. Heather swallowed, and then swallowed some more. She continued swallowing until her father's body thrust up with a final tremor. He had no more to give.

As he fell back on the bed his daughter slid her mouth up and off of his rapidly dwindling manhood. Then she sat up on the side of the bed watching him watch her. His breathing finally began to normalize as he watched her. Heather just kept her eyes on her daddy as she moved her tongue within her mouth and she was moving her lips and mouth about as if she was savoring a great morsel of food. There was playfulness in her eyes and a look of lust in her face.

Nick was in a state of sexual euphoria. His wildest dreams were coming true. All of these years of looking at her, touching her, and fantasizing about doing so much with her was now happening.

Heather reached down and gently took his shrunken prick in her fingers and softly touched him. Then she bent and licked some of the traces of juices that remained on his cock and sat back up. She looked up at him and smiled. Then she repeated the action.

From her teasing tongue and lips coupled with her soft squeezing on his flesh, Nick again felt a stirring in his crotch as his daughter had her fingers wrapped around him, and then she straightened up one more time. His cock was hardening again. He couldn't believe that this was his daughter who was eagerly working him into a pitch again. He was staring at her almost in disbelief. There was also a look of worry mixed in.

Suddenly Heather smiled that childish infectious smile and whispered, "I love you daddy."

He swallowed and finally a look of relief seemed to appear while at the same time his prick had hardened. Her smile then shortened to one of an evil temptress and she stood and looked down at him. Looking at her he couldn't believe that any girl so young could look so hot and desirous.

As she stood there looking down at her father she reached her hands up to the top unopened button on her blouse. Their eyes held as the meaning of what was about to happen registered in them both. Heather plucked open a button and watched him. Her own juices were flowing and her panties were totally wet. She opened another button and he was held captive to every movement that the youngster was about to do. Slowly she unbuttoned her blouse in front of her father and finally she opened it up. He gasped as he saw her proud tits pushing out into the simple white bra. She still had that half smile on her face as she discarded the blouse.

As she maneuvered to remove her bra, his now rehardened cock was twitching of its own volition. When Heather slid it down her arms she heard an involuntary groan come from her father, who by now was staring like a crazed person. She felt her nipples harden as she watched her father's eyes burn into her breasts as she dropped the bra on the floor. Now she too was panting from the excitement that had overtaken her. Her skirt quickly followed and she only had the one garment left and Nick's eyes wandered up and down eagerly on her body, waiting.

Heather put her hands down to her hips and pushed her fingers under the elastic of her panties.

Nick began mumbling incoherently now, "Hurry squirt please baby, don't do this to me. I can't wait hon...hurry."

As she pushed the material down her legs he groaned as his eyes burned into the soft tiny hairs upon her pussy. She heard his sharp intake of breath as he licked his lips and swallowed almost desperately. She had just a touch of downy hair and that had his mind on only one thing.

Finally stripped totally naked, she now moved onto the bed. Nick's hands were outstretched, ready and eager to accept her. She slowly climbed over her father, allowing her untouched pussy to lightly touch a cock for the first time, as she did so. To her delight it was her father's cock that kissed her pussy as she moved to the other side of him.

Then father and daughter lay side-by-side and Heather had one leg draped over his, rubbing her damp pussy on his hip. Nick finally got his voice back and whispered hotly and nervously, "Do...are you sure, squirt? Do you know what we're...what's gonna happen half-pint?"

Heather giggled, and then she whispered hotly, "Mmmm hmmm. I wasn't sure dad. I think I was, but not totally." She reached her hand down and clasped his cock and continued, "Until I saw this a little while ago." She squeezed him to show what she was talking about.

Nick turned on his side to face the child. Their faces were almost touching and they both started pecking at each other's lips and his fierce hard-on slid between the child's thighs. Then he pushed his mouth harder into hers and she opened hers to swallow his tongue and saliva. Their mouths began a hungry attack upon one another as she reached up and put her arms around her father's neck, pulling him into her with force. Their lips, which started so gently at first upon each other, were now almost in a desperate urgency. His tongue was swirling about within his daughter's mouth and she sucked upon it with a frenzy.

Nick's hand started to move over the child's body, over her luscious breasts where he squeezed the flesh and teasingly pinched at her swollen nipples. Then they moved behind her and squeezed and fondled her ass. He moved his hand around to the child's pussy and she eagerly spread her legs to give her father easier access. There was no stopping him now. He slid a finger between the lips of her pussy into the moistened slickness and she moaned from deep within. Her hips were now moving on their own, pushing against his fingers as sensations started to build within her loins.

Suddenly his pulsating manhood was pushing into her where his hand was and he slid his finger out and guided his cock. As she felt her father's flesh move within her thighs she gasped into his mouth. The moment was almost here and she was hungry for him now.

She allowed her father to push her backward and in an almost seamless motion he followed with his body as he mounted himself on top of the child, who then lay beneath him with her naked legs spread hungrily.

Their mouths parted and she looked up hotly into his face. A look of sheer desperation was across her mouth and in her wild eyes.

"Please dad...please..." she pleaded and suddenly Nick slipped his mass of flesh into his daughter's waiting slickness. Almost as if what they were both waiting for all of their lives, now culminated in a world of lust.

As his cock began to fill every nook and cranny of her tight luscious pussy they both were moaning and muttering almost incoherently. Incest was not a word in either of their vocabularies at that moment. This was the ultimate of sex between two people who desperately wanted each other.

He plummeted her depths and her hands wrapped around his back and dug into his flesh. Then she moaned as she felt the huge prick sliding out and causing shooting pleasures within her pussy. Just as he almost pulled all the way out of her he suddenly plunged back into the softness of the child again while at the same time she thrust her young hips up eagerly to meet his.

"Oh babbbbby nnnnn ooo yeah yeah uhnnn," he was groaning.

"Oh daddy dodododo OHH doitdoit yeahhhhhh." The child was holding on to him and writhing beneath him, her hips wandering from side to side as her father continued to push and pull slowly for a few times and then increase in intensity, before slowing again.

Heather's legs now wound around her father as she felt her body nearing an end.

Nick too was feeling himself about to reach his peak and suddenly he began to move in and out with a certain rhythm that was starting to move faster and faster.

"Oh hon hon," he muttered. He knew that he was nearing completion. He knew he should pull out but she felt so hot and excited that he knew in his heart that she didn't want him to pull out.


"Oh yeah sq..." suddenly a wild thought overtook him. "Oh baby who arrrre you tell me...tell me...you're daddy's what hon? What's your name? Whaat daddyss name for you baby? Tell me..." He was moving in and out with force and speed and sweat was pouring off of him.

"I'm your oooo your squirt daddy."

"My what? OHHH tell me honey tell me..."

As she thrust up to meet every plunge she was about to answer when suddenly she realized. Tightening her whole body fiercely around his she gave her strength to every muscle in her body fucking up to her daddy and she whispered to him hotly, "Squirt daddy...squirt...it's okay...please daddy squirtsquirtSQUIRT URRTTTTT!!!"

Her words were all the encouragement that he needed to allow himself to shoot all of his incestuous juices within the 14-year-old girl's womb as she felt tremendous spasms overtake her.

Father and daughter pounded themselves into submission.

He rolled easily off his daughter and onto his side, facing the child. He placed his elbow on the bed and rested his head upon his raised hand, looking with wonder at the exciting nakedness of her white, soft body. His eyes took in the rising and falling of her sweet looking breasts. Then he permitted himself the luxury of scanning the length of her body, looking with wonder at her flat abdomen, her slim waist, the almost bald look at the upper part of her pussy and then slowly over the length of her shapely legs.

As he was admiring the child's flesh she turned her head to watch her father's eyes wandering over her body. She had never been so excited, happy and contented in her life. Yet she was embarrassed by his admiration.

"Are you okay, squirt?"

She nodded, as a weak smile came upon her lips.

"Are you sure, hon?" he asked. "No regrets?"

"Uh uh, no dad. It's some...I've...I've been wanting..." She paused not knowing how to finish. She looked at him almost hoping that he'd interrupt but he didn't. She continued, "For some time I wanted this to happen."

He smiled at this. He had told himself that this was the case but deep down he never really believed it. Now he was happy to find this out for sure. His eyes again ran up and down her body as he responded, "Me too."

She giggled, "Yeah I know."

As she felt her father's eyes roaming the length of her body she was suddenly feeling somewhat modest. Thrilled that his eyes were captivated with her young breasts and her pussy, nevertheless she felt somewhat awkward at his attention. Almost shyly, she turned her body around to lie on her stomach, crossing her arms beneath her head, which remained facing her father.

"God, you're so lovely, half-pint," he whispered as he was blessed with a new angle of the child's exciting body.

He looked over her shoulder-length dark brown hair, the small neck abutting the small shoulders, the exciting smoothness of her back as it dipped momentarily and then curved up to the luscious roundness of his daughter's buttocks. His eyes moved eagerly around that perfect bubble and sought the exciting look of the deep crack within. His free hand reached out and moved over to her back. Then he moved it smoothly around the smooth contours.

"Was it what you expected? Did you...was it good for you squirt?"

"Yeah dad...It was...really," she answered and then added, "Was I...er...good?"

"Oh yeah baby. This has been the greatest day of my life, sweetheart." His fingers were running along the soft flesh of her buttocks, mostly rubbing and occasionally squeezing. "Was it everything you hoped baby?"

She smiled dreamily at him, "Uh huh, yeah dad, it was...er, almost...I, er guess."

Nick's massaging hand paused and held the cheek within his soft clutch. His eyes moved to her face and looked intently at her. "Did...Is something wrong, squirt? Are you, er, sorry?"

Again that cute giggle and she answered, "No silly...I told you I wasn't."


"I, er, I guess that I'm just your little pervert, that's all," she said and then when she saw the questioning look on his face she continued, "No...nothing wrong. I swear. I just...I used to imagine you, er, doing to me what, er, I did to you."

He continued to pause and then suddenly the concern left his face as her words registered. He smiled and looked down into his daughter's eyes, which were already watching him. They looked intently at each other.

Suddenly he lifted his head up off of his hand and shifted. "Hold still there squirt. You can't imagine how much I've thought of this over the years baby." He was moving as he was talking. Heather remained with her cheek resting on her crossed arms and she felt her father's hand urging her leg to part.

Nick shifted his position and moved within his daughter's spread legs. Kneeling with his upper body erect he looked down in wonder at her awesome looking ass. His cock was beginning to stir once again as he felt the heat and flesh of her inner thighs pressing against his outer thighs. He slowly and gently lowered his body.

At first Heather tensed as she felt the flesh of her father's prick abut the area between her ass and her pussy. She was afraid that he might be going to try to mount her from behind, but then she felt his lips and tongue begin to glide over her neck and shoulders while his hot hands began to rub along her arms, down her sides to her waist, up and over to the outer sides of her budding breasts and back up again to her shoulders. She realized that she was safe.

She relaxed her body and gave in to the tingles and pleasures that her experienced father was causing her young body to experience. Her inner heat was beginning to reemerge as he worked his magic.

Nick savored the taste of the child's skin, which smelled so young and clean. His lips pecked and kissed and he flicked out his tongue to caress the smooth tight back. His hands momentarily slipped beneath his daughter and he gently cupped her breasts, which felt so wonderful. He allowed his thumbs and forefingers to gently squeeze and tease the hardened nipples as he moved his mouth lower on her back as he wriggled his body downward on the bed.

A gentle purr came from somewhere inside of his daughter as his tongue began to lick at the small of her back, up to the top of one of her ass-cheeks, over to just inside the upper crack of her ass, over to the top of her other ass-check and then back to the upper crack of the child's ass. At the same time his hands and fingers had moved from her tits and were rubbing her sides, her waist and her hips.

Excitement was building rapidly with both of them. Heather was pleasantly shocked and inwardly tremendously pleased as her father moved his hands from her hips to over her ass and she felt his hot palms on her cheeks and his thumbs within her crack. Then she felt his thumbs spreading her cheeks and he pushed his tongue within. She was breathing heavier as her body began reacting in anticipation.

"Nnnnnnggggg," she groaned softly.

Nick's passion was rising. His brain was inflamed from his excitement. He pushed his tongue again into the child's crack as he held it spread so that he could lap within. Her groaning only served to make him hungrier for her body. Licking and eating the child's ass and pussy had been a dream and fantasy of his for years. Nothing could have worked up his passions as much as this. Almost animalistically he pushed his nose as close to the child's asshole as possible and he breathed in with a lust for its child aroma. Heather was so clean and delicious.

She couldn't believe the sensations that her father was causing her body to experience with this pleasurable act of licking and touching about her buttocks. Her hips were now pushing down into the mattress and pulling back up, as his tongue and nose were moving within. Then she felt him moving and heard his hoarse voice, "Turn over squirt, daddy's been wanting this for so long."

His words brought on an even greater excitement for her and she felt that he had moved out from within her legs. Eagerly she turned her body onto her back and looked down its length at him. His eyes were burning into her pussy and his lips were partially opened. There was a hungry look of desire on his face as he was maneuvering around. He had grabbed a pillow and was moving toward her again.

"Lift up hon...Yeah...that's it, squirt," he said as he guided the pillow beneath her raised buttocks.

Nick touched his daughter's inner leg and she instinctively knew that he wanted her to spread her legs again. At the same time she brought her knees up as he moved his upper body down between the child's spread thighs.

Watching her father lower his face down, her heavy breathing began to become choppy. Her excitement had never been this great. She felt the heat of his breath as it approached her aching pussy.

The aroma coming into his nostrils was totally awesome. Somewhere in his life he had heard that the aroma from one's daughter is the equal of ten of the most delicious cunts. He now believed that to be true. His face was only inches from the mouth of his desire and his eyes absorbed the beauty of the slickened inner lips. He saw that there were juices that were somewhat drained from within her and he knew that they were his. He realized there was a lot more within the child but instead of repulsing him, it served to inflame him further. This was the dream of his life.

He pushed his mouth into the youngster and she groaned, "Nnnnnnnnnggggghhhhhh." At the same time she thrust her hips up and down trying desperately to get more of him. Her body exploded with sensations and her hands shot outward on the bed. Her fingers desperately clutched at the sheet at either side of her.

Nick had pushed his hands through her raised knees and around her outer thighs and put them over her abdomen. As his mouth began to greedily lick and taste from the fountain of incestuous youth he slid his hands up and began squeezing the child's breasts.

Both father and daughter were in the wonderful world of lust and he pushed his nose into the wondrous hole and breathed in mightily. She thrust her hips up wildly and held them suspended until that wave of pleasure eased somewhat.

They were both moaning and groaning as their lack of awareness to the real world had turned them to babbling animals. Her body was wracked by thrills and pleasures the likes of which she could never have imagined existed. The spasms that had begun had caused her hips to involuntarily move up and down and side to side. She was fucking her father's face as her final climax was upon her.

Nick's tongue licked rapidly, then he pushed his nose into the child and she pushed back. He breathed in and she groaned. Then he pulled his nose out and pursed his lips and pushed them within her totally wet hole. He blew within and again she bucked and groaned. Then she was moving up and down with a terrible urgency. Her body was overtaken and there was nothing to satisfy her anymore except completion. Her inner body was exploding and she was groaning incoherently as the final spasms shook her whole being. Her legs wrapped tightly around him as she released the last of her inner pressures.

Nick kept his lips pushed within her cunt as sudden tremors wrenched her about. He stayed glued to her until her body gave out and she finally dropped back down, completely sated. He gave her puss a few more gentle kisses and then withdrew his face.

Heather was simply lying back, her eyes watching her father dreamily as he moved up alongside of her once more. Lying alongside of the child he put his arms across her body and just stared at her as she lay catching her breath.

Their first night of lust was over and the rest of their life was just about to begin.

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