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Aunt Ally


It was a several hour drive to the beach, and the station wagon was packed with Hamiltons. Little Wendy Hamilton sat in the front, between her parents, John and Stacy Hamilton. John's parents, Alma and Roger Hamilton shared the back seat with Wendy's twin brother, Donald Hamilton. In the way back, where the seat faced backwards, out the rear window, fifteen-year-old Michael Hamilton sat next to the only non-Hamilton in the vehicle: his thirty-year-old aunt, Ally Davis. The AC was broken, so the car was hot, and as was mentioned before, it was a long, long ride to the beach.

The warmest place in the old Pontiac was certainly the way back, but Michael was still glad to be there, stuffed between the pile of folded towels and his Aunt. At least back there he didn't have to participate in the family conversation, which mostly consisted of bickering. Besides, Ally lived in Arizona, and almost never came to visit. Michael hadn't seen her since he was eleven, and back then he hadn't noticed how pretty she was.. Ever since she arrived, three days prior, Michael found himself sneaking glances at her every chance he got. He noticed for the first time how she put her chestnut hair up with a Japanese comb, and how large her breasts were, and how long her fingers...

For the first hour of the trip, Michael and Ally had chatted about all the things aunts and nephews chat about: Michael's J.V. basketball, driver's ed, and how much he had grown. As they talked, and as the sun beat down through the Pontiac's back window, Ally had unbuttoned a few buttons on her gray print blouse; perhaps one too many. Twenty-five miles ago, Ally had donned her sunglasses, closed her eyes and leaned her head back on the seat. Michael watched her sleep. He was fairly inexperienced with girls, and this was the best view of an attractive woman he had ever known. He watched as a bead of sweat formed on her long neck and rolled down her chest, disappearing into her deep cleavage. Ally's loose neckline revealed much of her breasts, and Michael watched the soft flesh shake gently with the motion of the car. Michael couldn't quite see any bra, and something in him wanted desperately to just know the color. After several minutes of mustering his courage, Michael gently reached over and lifted the edge of the gray material of Ally's blouse. He gained just a few inches of view, but enough to see the violet lace of his aunt's brassiere.

What he didn't know was that Ally was not quite asleep. Beneath her mirrored sunglasses, Ally opened her eyes just slightly when she felt Michael touch her blouse. She was alarmed, of course, but managed to remain still to keep from embarrassing the poor boy. After all, it was nice that somebody wanted to look. Ally had been divorced six months prior, and still hadn't had a date since. What could it hurt to let a kid stare? So as Michael stared at her breasts, Ally stared at Michael. She could see the focus on his face as he gazed at her chest. She knew he must be aroused at the view, and glanced down to be sure. Sure enough, she could clearly make out a hard-on beneath the fabric of his shorts. She could tell that he had a fairly sizeable cock, and wondered how long it had been erect. She saw how it strained against his shorts, and wondered how uncomfortable it must be. Before Ally had realized it, she had been staring at the young man's erection for a long time. Ally felt a warmth in her own loins as she realized just how aroused she was by Michael's attentions.

Ally wondered why, if Michael thought she was asleep, he hadn't given his cock any of the attention it so clearly needed. She didn't expect him to take it out, of course, but still, she hoped he would at least touch it through his shorts. A few more minutes went by, and Ally decided to make it a personal challenge. Still pretending to sleep, Ally breathed deeply, making her ample bosom heave and lift. Michael let out a short gasp at the sight of her boobs, glistening with sweat, rise and fall. Ally felt another twinge of excitement, but was disappointed she hadn't gotten the result she sought. She would have to try something else...

At the sight of his aunt's deep breath, Michael could barely resist touching himself. He knew that no one could see into the far back seat, especially since they were facing the rear of the car, but still, he was wary. Ally had a small quartz on a thin chain around her neck, and Michael was mesmerized by the sight of the pendant slipping between her breasts with the jostling of the car. He had never looked so long at anyone's tits, and he was fascinated by every curve, every movement.

"Bump!" Called out Mr. Hamilton from the front seat.

As the car bounced through the pothole, Ally slid forward in her seat several inches. As she did, Michael noticed her loose skirt ride up on her smooth thighs. For the first time in a half hour, he tore his eyes away from Ally's beautiful chest. She wore no hose and her thighs were pale and curvaceous. Another bump and Ally slid lower on the seat, her skirt riding up so high that Michael knew he could almost see her panties. He couldn't stand it anymore.

Ally could barely believe what she was doing. She felt like a teenager, behaving so ridiculously. But as she slid lower in the seat, revealing more of her upper thighs to her attractive young nephew, she had to admit she felt a thrill she had barely remembered she could feel. This would do it.. This had to push him over the edge. Sure enough, she watched as Michael's hand moved instinctively down to his shorts. Ally was mesmerized as Michael rubbed his hard member through the khaki fabric. He moved his hand so easily and with such a sexy rhythm that Ally couldn't help but escalate.. The car hit another bump, and Ally let her head flop onto Michael's shoulder. Michael immediately pulled his hand away, but relaxed when he was satisfied that his aunt was still asleep. Her new position gave him the best view yet into her open blouse. She could feel his eyes on her flesh as his hand moved back toward his shorts. Ally knew that with her head on his shoulder, she would have a perfect view. Michael moved his hand slowly down to the elastic band of his shorts, and slid his hand quietly inside.

Ally let out a quick breath when she realized that Michael was reaching inside his shorts. Her breast began heaving of their own accord, and she had to be very careful to convince him that she was still asleep. She watched as the young man moved his hand beneath the fabric. She could see that he had wrapped his palm around his hard cock and was beginning his slow strokes. Her view was so good, she could even see into his shorts enough to make out his pubic hair. She still had to imagine his member, but it wasn't difficult because of the outline through the fabric. Ally could barely believe Michael's guts. After all, she could wake up any moment, right? But she could not tear her eyes away as he continued stroking his bulging hard-on. She watched his strokes get faster and more desperate, and she knew his eyes where deep between her sweaty tits. She could feel his body's tension in his shoulders and she knew it would only be another moment...

"We're here!" Called Mr. Hamilton from the front seat.

In a flash, Michael's hand was out of his pants and Ally was pretending to wake up. It was an awkward moment, but a quick one. A few minutes later, the whole family was walking across the hot parking lot, Ally chatting with her sister Stacy, Michael holding the towels in front of his crotch.


Michael had planned to spend the family beach day like any fifteen-year-old would: watching girls in bathing suits. The incident with Aunt Ally in the car, however, had been unexpected. He had come so close to orgasm, and been so shocked by his father's interruption, that now he was feeling too restless to simply lie on the beach and look at girls. Anyway, he was too embarrassed to be around Ally. He knew she had to have been asleep, or she would surely have protested when he touched her blouse. Still, he had been uneasy around her since they arrived, and couldn't look her in the eye.

Uneasy. That was exactly how Michael felt, and his awkward frame of mind had him wandering alone along the boardwalk, while his family set up the blankets on the beach. He had an older cousin who often talked about "picking up girls", and told Michael that the boardwalk was an excellent place for such an activity. But Michael had always been somewhat shy, and meeting people was not his strength. Still, with all that build-up inside, maybe today was the day.

The boardwalk was fairly vacant, with many of the booths completely ignored by the few passers by. Michael saw a few teenagers, but they were all in groups and passed by without a glance. Michael just kept wandering around the various tourist traps and novelty shops. He was no longer hopeful of finding a girl to talk to; he just wanted something to occupy his time. He saw the basketball booth in the distance, and started heading toward it. The other guys on the team joked about what a fix these "shoot a hoop - win a prize" things were, but there just wasn't anything else to do. Maybe thinking about basketball would distract him from thinking about sex.

"Hey." Said the girl behind the counter, by way of hello.

"Hey." Responded Michael. He stared at the hoop for a moment, trying not to stare at the girl. Why hadn't he noticed her before? She was Latino, maybe with something else mixed in, about nineteen and extremely cute. Michael snuck another glance as she lit her cigarette. The girl's hair was long and silky and he noticed the outline of her young breasts against the thin material of her old t-shirt.

"Don't bother," she said when her smoke was lit. "It's a fix."

"I know," said Michael. "I play, so I can see that the hoop's too small."

"Then why'd you come over?" The girl released a thin stream of smoke from between her lips. Michael saw his opening.

"To talk to you." It was probably the gutsiest thing he had ever said to a girl. Luckily, she smiled.

An hour later, Michael had found out her name (Rita), bought them both pretzels, shot 7 for 12 from behind the counter, and made her laugh six times. Finally, he got the guts to say what was on his mind.

"So, you, uh... wanna go make out?" He said it in a half joking manner, with his eyebrows going up and down like an idiot. Rita laughed again at his goofy style. Then she looked him straight in the eye.

"You bet."

Ally was not having the day she had expected either. She had figured she would spend the day chatting with her sister, but Stacy was far too busy chasing Wendy and Donald around. So Ally found herself wondering where Michael had gone off to. She through a shirt on over her bikini, wandered up toward the boardwalk and caught sight of her nephew talking to a pretty girl at a game booth. She was embarrassed at the pang of jealously that she felt when she first saw the scene, but quickly shook it off. How ridiculous for her to feel jealous! Actually, it was interesting watching Michael clumsily try to talk to this girl, and Ally figured it would be good for her to see him for what he was: a kid.

After about fifteen minutes of spying on her nephew, Ally decided to head back to the family. Just then, she saw the girl hop over the counter and drag Michael behind the booths. On another day, Ally probably would have smiled and walked away, but after the incident in the car, her libido was active. She felt she just had to take a peek at whatever they were getting into. Ally walked between the booths and saw the two teenagers dart around an old fence. The fence had a gap between the boards and through it, she could see the secluded picnic table that the kids had chosen for their illicit encounter.

The picnic table was surrounded by old trailers, but Michael still felt a little out-in-the-open. Rita hopped up on the table and pulled him over, reaching her arms around his neck. She was so close, and Michael kissed her deeply, reaching his hands up the back of her t-shirt. Rita wrapped her legs around him and pulled him closer, slipping her tongue into his mouth.. Michael felt his cock hardening for the second time that day as he and Rita rubbed their hips together.

"Here." Rita took Michael's hand and slid it around from her back.. "Touch me, Michael." She left his hand on her soft belly, but he knew that's not what she meant.

Michael moved his hand up to Rita's bra, gently caressing her supple breast with his strong hand. He could feel her nipple stiffen beneath the fabric, and he massaged her tit deeply. Michael and Rita parted lips and he kissed her soft neck as she breathed in his ear. He slipped his hand into the cup of her bra and across her hardened nipple. Rita gasped, and in a moment her hands were inside his shorts, caressing his aching erection.

"Let's do it," she said. "Quickly."

Ally couldn't believe what she was seeing. She had expected to see some kissing, but not this. The girl's jeans were in a ball on the ground, and Michael was kneading her tits firmly and deeply. She felt she had to turn away, but when Michael lifted his throbbing cock out of the confines of his shorts, she had to stare. It was long and thick and young and she watched as he positioned it at the opening of the girl's pussy. Ally felt wetness in her own panties and knew that she was more aroused than she had been in weeks. Before she knew it, her hand was inside her bikini bottoms, massaging her dripping pussy.

Michael moaned as he felt his rigid shaft slide into the hot wetness of the Rita's vagina. He had so much pressure built up, he knew he would soon explode. Each stroke of his cock filled him with pleasure and brought him closer to orgasm. Suddenly, Rita's body went tense, and not in a good way. He ears were pricked up, and she held off Michael's thrusting. Ally was sure she had been heard, and remained frozen, just like the young lovers.

"My dad," said Rita.

They were the two scariest words Michael could have heard. In a moment, his cock was back in his shorts and he was looking frantically for escape routes. Ally quickly backed away from the fence. Of course, she didn't want to be caught spying, but on the other hand, she wanted to be there to step in if Michael were attacked by an angry father. Rita pulled her jeans up like lightening, and called out to one of the nearby trailers.

"Dad?" She called. "Are you in there? I was just taking a break."

Michael gave Rita a quick kiss and she smiled at him as he dashed out toward the boardwalk. He emerged from between to game booths just as Aunt Ally was walking by.

"Uh, hi Ally," he managed.

"Hey kiddo. Just wandering around?" Ally felt a little thrill just walking next to her nephew, after what she had just seen.

"Did they send you to find me? I mean, is it time to go?"

Ally looked up at the sun. "Yeah, it probably is about that time."

As they walked down the boardwalk, Ally was secretly amused by Michael's attempts to hide his erection. Twice today, he had approached orgasm, and twice he had been interrupted before he could come. "He must be bursting at the seams," she thought. Ally felt two things as that thought crossed her mind. She felt pity for this poor, virile young man, and she also felt a tingling arousal deep within her body. They walked together down the boardwalk, discussing anything in the world except what was on their minds.


It was dark as the Hamilton's Pontiac wagon took the onramp onto the freeway. The little kids were asleep. The grandparents were asleep. Everyone was settled down for a long trip home. Briefly, Ally had been resting her head on Michael's shoulder; then on the window to her other side. She seemed like a woman who just couldn't quite get comfortable.

"Michael? Do you mind if I put my head on your lap?"

"Um..." Before Michael could think of an excuse, it was too late. Ally swung over in the seat and lay on her back, her head resting on his lap. She still wore her mirrored sunglasses, and her yellow bikini, with a loose shirt knotted at her belly. Michael could barely keep from staring at Ally's breasts, which moved about on her chest as she tried to get comfortable.

"Wake me if this gets unbearable," she said, and closed her eyes.

Michael was thankful that he didn't have an erection, but he wasn't sure how long he'd be able to last. Every jostle of the car caused her bosom to shake gently in her bikini, right there, before his eyes. Michael looked out the window and thought about basketball as hard as he could. He ran drills in his mind, analyzed his rival's fast break, and tried to remember everything his coach had ever said. After forty minutes of steady breathing, Michael was convinced his aunt was truly asleep. He finally allowed himself to glance down at her, to see how much he could actually see by the passing streetlights.

Michael could clearly see the shape of Ally's nipples, hard beneath the cups of her swimsuit. He swallowed. This was more than he had been prepared for.

Ally almost had fallen asleep. She knew that she was probably tempting her nephew beyond what he could stand, but she was simply too aroused herself to stop. "How long can he stare at the window?" she thought. "When is he going to stare at me?" Ally had gotten so bored of the wait that she had started to drift off. That's when she felt the stirring against her cheek. Ally carefully opened her eyes. The sunglasses made it almost impossible to see, but she could tell with the passing headlights that Michael was gazing at her chest. Immediately she felt a warmth spread over her body. She also felt Michael's cock growing inside his shorts. She could feel it harden against her soft cheek, and could barely resist reacting to the incredible excitement it caused within her. She didn't get a good look at it when he was fucking that girl, or earlier on the ride down, but now, with it pressing against the side of her face, Ally felt she could picture it perfectly. She just knew that it was a young, beautiful, rigid cock.

Ally kept her breathing as even as she could. Michael let out a fake yawn that allowed him to move his hand so that it lay against Ally's bare belly. As the car hit a bump, Michael moved his hand slightly up toward her tits, which spread across her chest, barely contained by the thin yellow material of her bikini. Another bump, and Ally could feel the edge of his hand brush the bottom of her left breast. She hoped he would be braver.

He was. Slowly, carefully, Michael let his hand slide over Ally's round, full boob. She felt his palm glide over her hard nipple, and his cock pulse against her cheek. Still on the outside of her bathing suit, Michael's hand softly explored her beautiful tits. His fingers circled each stiffened nipple before slipping into her deep cleavage. Ally lay as still as she could, and in a moment Michael slid his hand, ever so slowly, inside the left cup of her suit. When his finger found her aching nipple, she let out a very quiet gasp.

Michael froze. Ally knew she had to pretend that she was just having a good dream. She smiled in a sleepy way, rolled her head slightly toward Michael and breathed deeply, pressing her soft breast against his strong hand. Now, with her new head position, she could feel the shape of Michael's cock against her lips. She could feel the fluid begin to seep from between the lips of her pussy.

Michael knew he had lost control. When his aunt had pressed her supple tit against his hand and moved her mouth against his trembling member, his body began to move on auto pilot. His hand explored her ample chest without hesitation, massaging and kneading the flesh in his palm. His fingers felt the roughness of her tightened areola, and gently rolled and tugged her hard nub. Ally let a wave of warm breath from her mouth, which Michael could easily feel through his thin shorts. It was all he could take. It had been a hard day for his penis, and this was the last straw. Michael knew he would regret it. He knew it could mean a complete catastrophe for the family, but he just couldn't stop. He reached his hand toward the waistband of his shorts.

Ally thought she might faint. The incredible thrill of what was happening with her nephew, combined with her need to stay still, was more than she could take. Michael's hands felt so good as they kneaded the soft flesh of her tits. Her nipples were as hard as she could remember them being, and she could feel them pressing into his palm. Suddenly, Michael's other hand moved toward his shorts. He shifted Ally's head carefully, making room to pull the elastic waist of his shorts down below his balls. Then he slowly moved her head back to it's former position. The bare shaft of Michael's raging hard-on pressed against Ally's cheek, and it's purple head lay against her lips. Ally's pussy felt as if it was filled with hot oil. She parted her legs slightly and rolled her hips. It was an invitation.

Ally stopped breathing as Michael's hand left her tits and slowly moved down toward her bikini bottoms. She felt his fingers slip beneath the yellow material and right between her warm, yielding lips. As Michael probed her sopping pussy, Ally lost all control. Her tongue slipped from between her teeth and glided deftly up the length of Michael's shaft. There was no longer any point to pretending to be asleep. Ally took her nephew's throbbing cock between her warm lips and sucked it into her eager mouth.

Again, Michael froze. As he watched his beautiful aunt's head bobbing slowly up and down on his aching cock, his mind went totally blank. All he knew was the overwhelming pleasure that coursed through his body. Ally knew that the boy wouldn't last long, so she was careful to keep her movements slow and deliberate. Plus, the rest of the family was sleeping only inches away. She let her tongue slowly encircle the throbbing head of Michael's cock, and felt his body shudder.

Ally took Michael's hand, and moved it gently inside her pussy. She put his finger on her slippery clit, and showed him how to massage it rhythmically. Michael quickly understood, and did his best to give his aunt the same pleasure she was giving him. As Ally took more of his cock in her mouth, Michael stroked her pussy with one hand while he kneaded her tits with the other. When Ally could take no more, she helped Michael slide two fingers deep into her hole and began masturbating her own clit. When Michael felt the pulsing contractions of Ally's orgasm, he finally had his own. His cock throbbed in Ally's mouth, and she felt blast after blast of come sliding down her throat.

It took several minutes for both of their orgasms to subside. When they finally did, Ally pulled he nephew's shorts back up over his grateful cock, and Michael slipped his hand out of his aunt's bikini bottoms. There was still another hour left in the trip, but they both spent it sleeping. Really sleeping. Honest.

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