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Aunt Sandy Shows the Way

As she hung up the phone, Sandra sighed with relief. For the first time since her husband's death she felt she could face the summer months and know that she'd be able to keep everything under control. These last two years, she'd struggled along alone as the grass and weeds tried their darndest to smother her out of her country home. She sighed again just thinking of how hard she and Gray had struggled to get the small acreage under control in the first place and had made it into something they'd truly been able to enjoy. She glanced out the window at the manicured area around the house and noted that the spring flowers were still in full bloom.

This year would be different from the last two summers though, she thought, with optimism. She'd have a man to help her with the heavy work again. And there would be company for the long evenings--real live company, someone she could talk to and with whom to share the evening meal, all the meals, and with whom to discuss the events of the world. That's what she missed most, she guessed, human companionship. She'd just invited her young nephew, still in college but off for the summer, to come and stay with her in the country for the summer. He was happy to come to Texas to visit her, he said. He hadn't wanted to go back to his parents' house for the summer and be subject to their rules again after tasting freedom these last two years at school. They were amenable to this visit also, thinking he would have the supervision that they wanted for their fledgling son without their having to struggle to enforce the rules.

Well, she'd better get busy. She had only a month to get everything ready to have a houseguest for three months. The time flew by all too swiftly and suddenly it was Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and she was to meet his plane at the airport at 3:00 PM. She made sure that the dinner preparations were under control, meat marinating in the refrigerator, salad greens washed and drying, vegetables ready for the last minute cooking and then looked around to be sure the house was clean and the necessary linens at the ready. Why was she so nervous at this late date, she wondered. Young men of 21 were not particular about their surroundings, she remembered. Well, perhaps she'd instill a little appreciation for neatness and beauty into his soul while taking advantage of those strong young muscles to help her with the heavy work this summer. In exchange for his help with all this, she'd committed to paying his tuition for the next year at Florida State University where he was enrolled as a student. This wouldn't exactly be a salary such as he would earn if he had a summer job, but at least at the end of the summer, he'd have the money he needed to return to school and he said that suited his needs perfectly. His parents were glad to have the assistance, almost like his having a scholarship they'd said, and they could handle his spending money so he needn't worry about not having earned it over the summer.

A glance at the clock told her she just had enough time to freshen up and drive to the airport to be on time to meet his plane. A quick shower, and she dressed attractively and even put on her makeup with care. She didn't want to appear too dowdy for this first meeting in how many years? Gracious, the last time she had seen Matthew, he'd only been twelve or so. What was it he said was his major? She couldn't remember for the life of her. Well, she'd get that out of him soon enough, by indirect questions so that he wouldn't guess that she didn't remember. Mustn't have him thinking she was getting senile already.

As she walked into the terminal a half hour later, the shuttle from Dallas was just landing. Right on time, she thought. We're off to a good start. Then he was there, coming through the gate, and walking straight to her and hugging her enthusiastically. Arm in arm they went to reclaim his bags and then began the drive home. Glancing surreptitiously at him as she drove, she was pleased to note the lean body and strong looking muscles in his arms. Yes, he'll do just fine she thought as she mentally outlined all the tasks she'd need him to do for her. No work tonight though. They'd just spend the evening getting him settled in and getting reacquainted over dinner and maybe a video afterwards. They chatted amiably as they rode the three miles to the house about the flight, his last semester at school, his parents, and numerous other topics. Amazing how easy it was to pick up the relationship after all these years. She'd been afraid it would be too awkward after all, but it wasn't. You'd think they'd only been apart a few months instead of eight years.

After enjoying the Texas style dinner she'd prepared, they settled down to an evening of regular TV fare as they continued to build their acquaintance and she gave him a brief outline of the things they would have to do to keep the place under control. "But time enough to show you all of that tomorrow afternoon," she said. "I'm sure you're tired after traveling most of the day and the jet lag and all. Just make yourself at home and get rested up. I've put a TV and VCR in your room if you want to stay up and entertain yourself, and there's a radio and alarm clock, too. Help yourself to any of the movies you care to watch."

He agreed that he was a bit tired and would enjoy showering and just kicking back in his room for the rest of the night. He kissed her cheek and thanked her again for inviting him to come stay with her for the summer. Then he made his way to his end of the house and she retired to her suite at the other end. She hadn't set a time for getting up, although she was sure she'd be up by first light anyway. Let the boy rest this first morning she thought as she prepared for bed. He looked strong and healthy and she was sure the tasks she needed him to do wouldn't do him any physical harm. The quiet country living should help rest his mind too. She spared a brief thought to hope that he wouldn't be too bored with no young people around to entertain him and then she decided that she'd see if she could introduce him to a few of her friends' grandchildren who were home from college so that he'd have some fun into the bargain.

The next day dawned clear and warm. She brewed a pot of coffee and took a cup out onto the deck to watch the world wake up as she was in the habit of doing these days. Giving a thought to breakfast she decided to make sausage kolaches and eggs and when she had finished her coffee she went back to the kitchen, still in her robe and set about making the dough and browning the sausages. Then when she had them in the oven she disappeared into her room again and dressed casually for the day in a soft silk blouse and peasant skirt and sandals, without hosiery. By the time she'd dressed and returned to the kitchen, Matthew made an appearance and sleepily was groping for a cup of coffee. "Good morning," she greeted him as she handed him a steaming mug of the delicate brew. "There's sugar on the serving bar and cream in the refrigerator if you use either of them."

"No, just black" he replied, settling on a stool at the bar and sipping the hot coffee.

She bent to the oven and removed the kolaches, as he appreciated her slim figure beneath the soft fabric of her garments. Even an auntie can look pretty good, he thought. He continued to study her as she completed the meal preparations and came to join him at the bar with the plates of warm food. Awake now and fortified, he considered the woman before him with whom he would live for the next three months, give or take a few days. She was slender and apparently in pretty good shape, especially given her 50 plus years. Her hair was still mostly brownish red with only one or two gray hairs sparkling when they caught the light. Her gaze from the electric blue eyes was steady and clear and her skin glowed with good health. She really didn't look a day older than when he had seen her last eight years ago except for a certain sadness in her eyes that appeared when she talked about his uncle Gray. She must have loved him very much, he thought.

Still, if you considered her as a woman, she was very desirable. He felt a stirring in his lower regions and was a bit surprised at himself for this. He wasn't that kind of a guy usually, but she was good looking anyway. Bringing his attention back to her words, he realized that she'd asked him a question What was it she'd said? something about his schoolwork he thought. Well, he could handle that line of conversation without too much difficulty. "I'm majoring in psychology," he replied. "It's an extremely interesting field and there's lots of room for psychologists in the job market these days."

As they cleared the dishes away and she prepared to wash them up, he bumped into her accidentally, almost sending her to floor and would have if he hadn't caught her in his arms first. He was surprised by a jolt of electricity that seemed to flash through him as he held her close for a second while she regained her balance. "Wow!" he thought silently, astonished by his feelings. This may be more fun than I had expected.

Shaken but not disturbed, Sandra regained the sink and proceeded to wash the dishes and set them in the drainer to dry. Had he felt that bolt of electricity too, she wondered. What was going on here? She'd thought such reactions were long dead and gone. Well, that one had better go back to sleep quickly. It definitely was not appropriate here and now.

After the cleanup was accomplished, she poured them both another cup of coffee, turned off the now empty pot and invited Matthew to stroll around the gardens with her as she described what she intended to accomplish with his help. He willingly accompanied her, admiring the beautiful yard and grounds as they toured them together.

"This patio is really private, Aunt Sandy", Matt observed. They were sitting now in the chaise lounge chairs just outside the garden room, finishing their mugs of coffee and enjoying the morning air.

"Yes," she replied. "That's why we put the hot tub here, as well as wanting to have it close to the house for ease of use, especially in the winter. Of course, I'm not really sure why I've kept it now that Gray's gone. I never use it by myself."

"Perhaps we can use it together this summer," replied Matt. "It's a wonderful way to relax and cool off on a hot summer day after working hard all day."

"Perhaps so," she replied. "Well, we'd better get cracking before the day gets too hot to be outside." With that they set the mugs aside and started on the schedule of chores she had outlined for them to accomplish that day.

"I hang hummingbird feeders here every summer," she told him as they returned via the back entry to the house through the garden room with its spacious glass walls that looked out onto the rose garden just off the patio. "The same little birds come every year and they know exactly where to find them."

As the day grew warmer and midday approached, Sandy suggested that they clean up and drive into town for lunch. They returned to the house and each went to opposite ends as they showered and changed for the trip into civilization. They'd enjoyed a wonderful camaraderie as they'd discussed the work and Sandy was very glad once again that she'd invited Matt to visit her.

Refreshed, they hopped into her sedan and she drove them to a lovely cafe in town where they found cool salads to their liking and continued their getting reacquainted conversation. "Do you remember when you were little, how you used to love to sit in my lap and have me read stories to you?" Sandy asked.

"Oh yes, I do," Matt reminisced. "My favorite one was WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE." They laughed, recalling the feigned fright they had shared. "You were always my favorite relative, Aunt Sandy," Matt confided.

"We did have some really good times together, didn't we?" she asked.

"I'll bet we still can," Matt offered. Sandy smiled at him as they finished their meal and she paid the check.

"Let's stop at the nursery on the way home," she suggested and soon they had stocked the car with armloads of bedding plants to set out in the newly prepared flower beds.

Several days of hard work ensued in which flower beds were prepared and planted and the grass was mowed and the place generally whipped into shape for the start of the summer. After supper about a week later, Sandy asked Matt if he really wanted to try out the hot tub since they'd put in a really heavy day and she was feeling sore already. "Of course, " he answered. "Is clothing optional?"

A little shocked, Sandy demurred and offered that she thought it would be best to at least wear swimsuits. "As you wish, Auntie dear," Matt replied.

Soon they were ensconced in the small hot tub, enjoying the feel of the jets massaging their sore muscles and the soothing heat of the water as it swirled around them. Their feet kept "accidentally" brushing against each other in the small space. Then Sandy noticed that no matter where she tried to put her feet to keep them out of the way of those long masculine legs, Matt's feet kept finding hers. There was such a spark between the two of them that Sandy almost felt she ought to get out of the water to keep from being electrocuted. Then she noticed that Matt had managed to work his way around to her side of the tub and was sitting with his arm above her shoulders on the wall of the tub. When had he done that? she wondered, not remembering his moving toward her. The she shivered as she felt his hands massaging her shoulders.

"Turn your back to me Aunt Sandy," he purred close to her ear. "I'll give you a good shoulder massage to work those knots out." Did she dare? She still felt the tingling of the electricity between them where his fingers touched her skin. "Come on now, Auntie," he urged. "It'll help you relax and sleep tonight."

Obediently, she turned her back and he pulled her closer to him and then with firm sure strokes began to massage her back and shoulders. A few minutes later, he whispered in her ear, "I'm just going to slip these straps off your shoulders so that I can work better here." Then she felt the straps of her swimsuit sliding down her arms and noticed that her breasts were nearly exposed as well. He continued to softly rub and knead her shoulders and neck and then gently slipped his hands around to cup her breasts, kneading them also, very, very gently.

"Oh Matt," she protested. "You shouldn't be doing that."

"Just relax, dear Auntie," he whispered to her in a soft, sultry voice. "I won't hurt you or do anything you don't want me to do." He continued to massage her breasts, creating a warmth inside her she hadn't felt for oh, so long. It wasn't in her to stop his hands from moving on her body. Oh my, now her suit was slipping downward under the coaxing of his hands as he explored her still further. She leaned back slightly against him as he seemed to cuddle her into his arms, still moving the suit downward until he was sliding it down her thighs and off her legs entirely. She was naked now with her back to him and his hands moving softly, gently over every inch of her. Then, abruptly, they left her body. Opening her eyes, she moaned softly as she felt him moving slightly away from her. Half turning she looked at him and saw the naked desire in his eyes as he slipped his abbreviated suit off also. Not giving her time to speak or even to catch her breath, he reached out and drew her against him as they stood up in the shoulder deep water and he kissed her softly and then more insistently, again moving his hands on her back and down to her hips, drawing her closer against himself.

"Now," he purred into her ear, "Tell me that you aren't enjoying this."

And she found she couldn't say a word. Desire had taken her in its grip and she pressed herself still harder against him. "I think we'd better stop and go inside," she managed to say.

With that, they both retrieved the suits that had been draped over the side of the tub and climbing the steps, they reached for towels and began to dry off. The night air had a tiny chill in it against their wet bodies. "Let me dry you off, Auntie," Matt offered, wrapping the towel sarong style around his hips. Taking her towel from her, he proceeded to suit action to words and rubbing gently and patting her with the towel, he dried her from head to foot and then wrapped her securely in the towel. Quickly, they entered the house and she turned to go into her suite. Matt followed. Before she knew what was happening, he had joined her in her bedroom and took both towels into her bathroom to hang them to dry, leaving her standing naked in the middle of her own room.

Matt returned to stand beside her, holding the bottle of her favorite lotion in his hand. "Lie down on the bed, Aunt Sandy," he ordered gently, "and I'll use this to massage your soreness away."

Still is a daze at finding herself in such a state with him, Sandy pulled the covers back and lay down across her bed, face down. Matt sat beside her and, pouring a little lotion into his palm, rubbed his hands together lightly to warm it slightly and then began to rub the soothing lotion into her shoulders and upper back, stopping only to replenish the lotion supply as her skin absorbed it. Lower and lower he rubbed until he reached her legs and gave her thighs and calves the same meticulous attention. "Now turn over," he ordered in a husky voice that sounded strangely desire-filled. With the words, he tugged gently at her shoulder and helped her to roll over onto her back. She watched as he poured more lotion into his hands and reached out to begin the massage at her shoulders again. He rose to his knees to reach her better and she caught a glimpse of his lower body. His cock was in a state of arousal that matched the warmth she was feeling between her legs.

Oh dear, she thought. This is not the way an old auntie is supposed to behave with her young nephew. Then his hands reached her breasts, kneading them and his thumbs circled her nipples which grew taut and rigid under his touch. "I believe you do like this, Auntie," he whispered huskily. Then, before she realized what he was about to do, he bent his head to hers and captured her mouth with his. His tongue explored her lips and worried its way inside them to meet her own tongue as he probed further. His body was stretched out next to hers now and his hands were softly exploring her stomach and lower down, stopping to cup her mons and press softly, one finger slipping between her lips there and stroking gently. Her body responded, almost against her will, arching upward to prolong the touching.

"Oh, Auntie, darling," he murmured into her mouth. "Let me show you how much I love you." Not giving her a chance to really reply, he moved over her, separating her legs gently with his knee and his cock found its way to the wetness at her entrance as he deepened their kiss still further. Passion surged through her. Feelings long buried deep inside came surging to the surface and she responded by wrapping her arms around him, stroking his hard young body as he entered her in one long slow thrust. She moaned as the desire flared up and wrapped her legs around his hips, thrusting her own hips up to meet him and draw him still deeper into herself. All thought of right or wrong left her as she gave herself up to the pleasure this young man was giving her. He murmured endearments into her ear and kissed her face, her throat and back to her lips as he established a rhythm of thrust and withdraw that felt oooooh so good. It had been so very long and she responded to this most unexpected loving enthusiastically. All too soon, she felt the climax coming as the orgasm began to overtake her and she lost herself in the pleasurable sensations. At the height of her spasms, she felt him begin to cum inside her and that sent her even higher. Spent, he collapsed on top of her and then rolled to his side, turning her with him and remaining inside her. "Oh, Sandy," he whispered as he held her close, "I love you so much. Are you all right, darling?" She buried her face in his shoulder and tried to realize what had just happened.

"Yes, I think so," she whispered from her hide-out, acutely conscious that their bodies were still joined and his hands were moving caressingly over her back. "I'm just not sure where we go from here."

"We don't have to go anywhere." Matt said gently. "But if you liked what we just did and I think you did, then nothing's to stop us from really enjoying this summer."

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