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Aunt Stella

I was 6 years old when I first met my Aunt Stella. She was my father's older sister. A spinster with no children of her own she started to dote over me. Birthdays and Christmas I got the most wonderful gifts. At the age of thirteen she bought me my bike. I rushed over to thank her and gave her a kiss. Our lips touched. I got such a thrill from that.

I made sure that when she came to visit after that, that we kissed in that way. Time passed. I was 25 when my mother passed away. In my thirties when my Father died. Over the years Aunt Stella and I remained close. I had stayed with her on occasion and had managed to see her in various stages of undress. Nothing ever happened. But the sight of her thrilled me. I would often masturbate thinking of sex with my aunt.

Stella was a petite woman about 5.2` a little over 100lbs. As the years progressed veins started to appear on her legs and wrinkles on her face. Even at the age of 77. Her age when my father died, she was still a very attractive lady. It was at the time of my father's funeral that this incident occurred.

I had arrived at the Church. Stella rushed towards me held me and kissed me. It was not a sexual kiss. It was on the lips. I had other things on my mind and did not think anything of it. I was only child. While I had a number of uncles and aunts present. It was comforting having Stella nearby. We talked briefly and I moved off to attend to what I had to.

During the church service Stella sat next to me. She took hold of my hand to comfort me. I think I went through the whole service with our hands locked together. We went to the cemetery and buried my father. Then returned to my home.

The next few hours are a bit of a blur. Relatives giving me their condolences, cups of tea. I remember the phone ringing, some one answered.

"Martin! It's your cousin Susan."

I left the living room and took the call. Susan and I talked for a few minutes. When the call was over I waited in the room not ready to face the people waiting for me outside. At some stage during that insular period, Stella came into the room. She kissed me; once again on the lips.

"Oh my darling!" she said. "If there is anything I can do for you. Just ask."

I knew there was nothing sexual in this. Stella was only trying to comfort me. At that stage I did not even notice that we had kissed rather passionately. I knew I needed some help hosting this wake. I also needed to talk to Stella about my father's will. I asked her if she could help me with the social stuff and hang around so that I could talk to her later. She agreed.

Tea and cake was passed round and people came up and talked to me. I don't remember much of it I was a little out of it. Time moved on and eventually people started to leave. I heard my uncle Frank ask Stella if she needed a lift. She said no that she would stay and see if I needed anything. Eventually everyone left and Stella and I were on our own.

The two of us started to tidy up. Putting the dishes in the dishwasher. Placing scraps in the bin. We were nearly finished. Only a couple of things left to do when I suggested to Stella that she sit down and wait for me. She agreed.

I finished what was left to do and joined Stella in the living room. Stella had worn a black dress that covered the shoulders, was low cut at the bodice. Went tight at the waist. Then converted into a pleated skirt. She sat on the couch with her legs crossed. The skirt of her dress had slipped down to reveal a quite lovely portion of thigh.

I sat next to her on the couch. Immediately her arms snaked around me in an embrace. This was an act meant only to comfort. I stayed there for a few minutes secure within her arms. I needed some kindness and comfort. Eventually I raised my head and kissed Stella. More out of habit than designed I kissed her on the lips.

It was then that things started to change for both of us. What started out as an innocent exchange of compassion turned to passion. Suddenly our tongues started to seek out each other's mouth. We stayed this way for awhile until I noticed Stella's hand resting on my crotch.

"You can take it out if you like" I told Stella.

Stella undid my belt, unzipped my fly and took out my throbbing cock. She held it in her hand caressing it. Our tongues were still exploring each other.

"Would you like me to kiss it." She asked. "You know what I mean?"

I nodded yes. Stella's lips then moved down my erect shaft. As my aunt sucked me off I lifted her dress above her waist. Caressing her pussy through her pantyhose and panties. We stayed this way for a few minutes. I was ready to come, but wanted to do so inside her.

Taking hold of the back of Stella's head with one hand. I lifted her face up to kiss me. My other hand moved inside her pantyhose and panties and started to manipulate her clitoris. Stella moaned and her hips started to move involuntarily. I moved of the couch to give her room and moved her hips away from the couch so that I could easily remove her hose and panties. She raised her hips to help me. Eventually her naked pussy was there before me. I spread her glorious legs and knelt in between them. Lowering my head my tongue started to explore her pussy.

"Oh my God Martin! I cannot believe this is happening" Stella called out. As her hips moved in unison with the thrust of my tongue. Judging by the shudder of her body I think she came then.

"Oh! Oh!" Stella cried.

I wanted to be inside of her. Taking hold of her hips and sliding her forward I got her in position. Taking hold of my cock I placed the tip just inside the lips of her pussy. Very slowly I started to thrust forward. Inch by very slow inch. A loud sigh escaped from Stella's lips. I could feel the walls of Stella's cunt slide along my erect shaft. Slowly I withdrew to push deeper forward again. Eventually my thrust started to quicken. Deeper and deeper I penetrated.

"Oh my darling, I'm coming," Stella cried

For over 30 years I had dreamed of fucking my Aunt. Finally I was doing it. Deeper ever deeper I thrust. Spurred on by the sound of her coming. It was not entirely as I had dreamt about it. In my dreams we were both naked on a bed.

In reality she was only naked from the waist down. I still had my shirt on. My trousers were around my knees. Instead of being on a bed my knees were on the floor. My Aunt was setting on the couch. I was looking into her eyes as she came. This was better. I was ready to explode. Thrust! She smiled as she came again. Thrust! My load exploded forward.

I was not a virgin, but this was the best fuck I had ever had.

The following week Aunt Stella moved in with me. She told the family that she wanted to look after her brother's son. No one ever suspected what was really going on.

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