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Barry's Request

I had no idea what kind of day it would be when I got up that morning, but I was looking forward to it. Dianne, my wife, now seven and a half months pregnant and looking absolutely adorable, woke me up to the gentle tickling and tugging on my penis as she hungrily sucked me. Only moments after I awoke, I spurted my semen deep into her throat. She smiled and kissed me, and I could still taste my fluids in her mouth. I rolled her onto her back and returned the favor, twirling my tongue around her swollen lips and throbbing little clitoris until her bulging belly and milk filled breasts were jerking madly. I feverishly lapped up the juices from her pregnant pussy, and prepared to go shave myself when she noticed that I was fully erect again. She rolled over onto her hands and knees and begged me to take her.

My wife is an Asian American beauty, only four feet, ten inches tall, and at this moment, weighs one hundred and thirty five pounds. Her breasts, usually small and capped with small dark nipples, are twice their normal 30A, and have chocolate colored nipples that are at least a quarter size. On her knees like that, those breasts are hanging down, matching that large, distended belly, and my penis throbbed in anticipation.

I eased my penis into the mouth of her vagina and started off slow. The heat and the tightness were unbelievable. I finally worked my full seven inches into her and held still. She moaned and pushed her buttocks against me. I playfully slapped her on her buttocks and we started to slowly push against one another. Within minutes, we were both thrashing and groaning in ecstasy.

"Stick it in my ass!" she screamed, as her orgasm pushed her over the edge of delirium. I grabbed my now slippery penis with one hand and held her bucking hips with the other. I put the head of my penis to the small opening of her anus, and she rammed her tight little ass backward. I was buried inside of her bowels and we both screamed in pleasure as my hot semen flooded into her rectum.

When I regained my breath, I got out of bed and shaved and showered. When I got back into the bedroom, she was sound asleep. I kissed her gently on the shoulder and left for our office. We're both lawyers in the same firm, but Dianne had cleared her caseloads so that she could stay home and wait for the birth of our first child. I was scrambling to clear mine, and had only two more clients to see that day. I figured I'd be home for lunch, and then I'd just take the rest of the day off. My secretary, Keisha, a very pretty African American woman in her late twenties, with long dark hair and aquiline features on top of a five foot ten inch frame, was sitting in front of my desk, displaying "accidentally" that she was not wearing panties, and I was enjoying the show. Her pubic hair is dark and full, but you can see the sweet pink lips poking out through the tangled curls. Personally, I prefer a shaved vagina; my wife, Dianne, shaves hers, but I still enjoy looking at Keisha's crotch.

"And then you have Barry and Ann Forten at ten thirty," she intoned, and I nodded my head yes. She gracefully got to her feet and wiggled her full buttocks toward the door. She stopped at the door and looked at me.

"Will there be anything else?" she asked.

I wanted to say, "Yes. I would like to Sixty Nine," but instead I just shook my head no. Dianne and I have an understanding. When we have another sexual partner, the other spouse is part of the sexual liaison. Keisha, I was sure, did not swing both ways, so I just shook my head no.

The Fornets appeared promptly at ten thirty and Keisha showed them in. Barry Fornet was a good looking young man of twenty six, with short blond hair and a muscular build. Ann Fornet was a sweet looking girl of eighteen, with long blond hair, a heart shaped face and large breasts that led to a slim waist and gentle hips. To be fair to my wife, I know that she's carrying a baby, but it has been a long time since I've seen a waist. We all shook hands and I eased them toward a couch, while I took my seat.

"So, what can I do for you?" I politely asked. They sat close together on the couch, just like honeymooners would, and they looked at each other. Barry blushed and looked at the ground.

"Well, see, I, uh, it's like this. We, uh, we want to get married," he stammered. I shrugged my shoulders, a little surprised. I had assumed, since they had the same last name, that they were already married, but I kept silent. Ann jumped in.

"See, we've been lovers for thirteen years now, and..."

At this point, I stopped her.

"You've been lovers for thirteen years? Now, my math isn't too good, but, from what I can deduce, you were just five years old and you were thirteen when you two became lovers? Is that right?"

They both nodded their heads yes, and Barry and Ann told me their story.

"When I was six, my mother and father got divorced. He went away and I stayed with my mother and her 'friend', a woman I'll call Kathy. Kathy didn't like me, and I didn't like her. Whenever momma wasn't around, Kathy would torment me. Well, one day, momma came home and caught Kathy beating my bare ass with an electric cord. We moved out that weekend, but my father had already heard the news about my abuse from mutual friends, so he took my momma to court and won custody of me.

"He was already remarried to Angela, and we moved to this city when I was seven. When I was eight, Ann popped up in our home."

At this point, they smiled at each other and twined their hands together.

"I didn't like having a baby sister one bit, and I practically ignored her for the first five years of her life."

"But, I adored him," she jumped in.

"Anyway, my father's sister and her son, our cousin, lived right down the street. Angela and my father worked all day, and we had to go stay with Aunt Ruth every day, Ann all day long, until she started kindergarten, and I as soon as I got off the bus from school. When I was twelve, I convinced my father and Angela that I was now old enough to stay by myself. They reluctantly agreed, and my cousin Jimmy, who was thirteen, used to like to come over and we would look at my father's dirty magazines and talk about girls, and smoke cigarettes and stuff. We came across a magazine that showed everything -- girls and guys really doing it with each other, not just pretending. Jimmy had showed me how to jack off, and we was looking and jacking, and Jimmy said to me 'Hey, look at this!' It was a girl with a guy's penis in her mouth, and Jimmy said, 'Boy, I wonder what that feels like!' Well, I did too, and he suggested that we try that on each other, just to see what it felt like.

"It felt great. It quickly became our routine to suck each other off as soon as we got in my bedroom. We even pretended to have sex with each other, rubbing our pricks in the crack of each other's asses.

"Jimmy had some friends, Gary and Nick. They were sixteen at the time, and they were real mean, always in trouble for stealing and breaking stuff, but Jimmy wanted to be their friend, and he told them about our daily fun sessions. They wanted to come over and play, too. Jimmy told me about it, and, although I was a little scared of them, agreed to let them come over the next Monday."

"Jimmy got the chicken pox that weekend, so I couldn't go over to Aunt Ruth's that Monday," Ann jumped in. "Barry was highly aggravated, but there was nothing he could do about that."

"Gary and Nick came over, and I told them that Jimmy wasn't there, so, maybe we could have fun later. They pushed their way into the house and said they didn't care if that little shit Jimmy was there or not. They wanted a blow job, and they were going to get it."

"I was playing in Barry's room when Gary and Nick came over," Ann interjected. "Barry had the coolest race car track in his bedroom, and I was playing with it, when I heard Barry and Gary and Nick coming up the stairs. I knew Barry would hit me if he caught me in his room, so I hid in his closet."

"These two ass holes just pushed me up the stairs and into my bedroom. Before I really knew what was happening, Gary had his pants unzipped and was shoving his dick in my face. 'Suck it, you little faggot,' he ordered me. I figured it would be best to just go ahead and suck them off, get them the fuck out of there. So I opened my mouth. Gary's dick was huge! About six inches long, and real fat, just like him. He shoved it into my mouth and I was gagging on it, when I felt Nick unbuttoning my school pants. I thought maybe he was going to suck my dick while I sucked his friend's dick, but instead, I felt him rubbing his dick in the crack of my ass, like Jimmy and I liked to do. It was feeling pretty good, really, and I was getting used to this large cock in my mouth, when all of a sudden, Nick rammed his dick right up my ass hole! I screamed bloody murder, and Gary slapped my face and shoved his dick back in my mouth. I was crying from the pain in my ass; it felt like I was being split in two, and Gary started really thrusting his dick in and out of my face.

"I'm in the closet, watching all of this, and wondering what they're doing."

"Anyway, Gary comes in my mouth, and Nick comes up my ass, and the two mother fuckers just switch places! Nick uses my school shirt to wipe the shit off his dick, and slaps my face when I refuse to open up. Next thing I know, Gary's ramming his fat dick up my ass, and I open my mouth to scream as his dick's almost twice the size of Nick's and Nick shoves his dick down my throat. Since they'd already come, it takes them twice as long to come this time, and I'm hurting like a stuck pig and crying, and they finally finish. Gary grabs me and says, 'I got to piss, faggot, where's your bathroom?' and so I take them to the hall bathroom. Nick and Gary shove me into the bath tub and both of them pissed all over me."

"I didn't leave, because I didn't know where Barry was. I was in shock, any way, having no idea what the fuck they was doing," Ann said.

"When they finished, Gary punched me in the stomach, hard, and said, 'Thanks for the blow job, pussy,' and they both laughed and left the house. I cleaned myself up, staggered back to my room and lay down on my bed, crying."

"When I heard the front door slam, I quietly got out of the closet. Barry was laying on his back, still naked, and crying. I noticed his thingie was all big, and I..."

"As much as I hate to admit it, getting fucked up the ass, as much as it hurt, really excited me, and I hadn't come yet, so it was still hard," Barry cut in.

"...looked at him, and because he was crying, I started crying, too. That's when he noticed I was there and tried to hide his thingie from me. I got into bed with him and kissed him and we lay there, crying and stuff."

"And after a few minutes, my dick was still hard, and she asked me why it was still all big and stuff, and she asked me what me and those mean looking guys were doing. I told her that we was making out, like they do in the movies and stuff and she says..."

"I want to make out! I love you, Barry!"

"And I figure, 'What the hell, she's only my half-sister, so it's not like it's wrong or anything. So, we kissed for a few minutes, and I let her rub all over me, and I'm rubbing all over her, and she takes off all of her clothes and, next thing I know, she's sucking my dick, and I'm burying my face in her little crack."

"It didn't stay little for long!" Ann crowed, and they both laughed.

"No, it didn't. Jimmy got better, and I told him what had happened with his friends, Gary and Nick, and he went to confront them about it. They did the same thing to him, fucked him, you know, but, unlike me, he really liked it. In fact, he and Gary got caught busting up some old man and they're in prison together. Nick got killed during a robbery, and they're all happy. But, any way, Jimmy started hanging out with them.."

"And Barry and I started hanging out with each other. We'd get home from school and go to his room and make out with our clothes off, and then we'd make love. The first time he put his thingie in my crack, it hurt and hurt and I was screaming and bleeding all over the place! It was another two weeks before we tried that again, but, this time, it didn't hurt at all! It felt..."


"I had what could only be called a mini orgasm that time, and I was hooked!"

"Me, too!" he agreed.

"When Barry went off to college five years later, I cried and cried. I tried to have other boyfriends, but none of them ever loved me as much as Barry did. I even tried, you know, that lesbian stuff. Me and Bridget, she's this girl that lives right across the street, we'd play dolls together, I mean, we was just eleven years old, and when she started to develop, you know, up there, she decided she was too old to play dolls any more, so I asked her what she did want to play, and she said 'Oh, I don't know. I wish your brother Barry was here, I'd play dolls with him!' and she giggles like an idiot. 'Like him and I play?' I asked her, and she wants to know more about that, what me and Barry play. So I showed her how to kiss with her tongue, and how to lick my nipples, like Barry does, and then, me and her, we're eating each other out and I've got two fingers in her tight hole and she's got almost her whole hand inside of mine, and I'm tasting pussy for the first time and it tastes great! We must have done that for an hour, coming all over the place. After that, we'd go up to her room, to play 'dolls' but we was really playing with each other. She's real pretty, got beautiful red hair, up and down, and it seems like she's always wet, you know? But, whenever Barry'd come home for the weekend and stuff, he an me, we were together, 'cause I love him and he loves me."

"I mean, in college, I sucked my share of dicks, and fucked a few girls, and stuff, but..."

"And, I mean, it wasn't just Bridget, you know? I fucked a few guys, too..."

"Now that she's eighteen..."

"Just turned eighteen two days ago," she smiled sweetly.

"We'd like to get married. We want to be together for the rest of our lives."

I had to shake my head no. Whether they were half brother and sister, or full brother and sister didn't make a damn. As long as they shared one parent in common, a marriage between these two could not be allowed. The law is pretty specific about these things. With great sadness, I told them the bad news.

"But, we've already told our daddy!" she protested.

"I'm sorry, but it's pretty concrete law here," I had to say. Crestfallen, they left my office. I left shortly afterward and raced home. Luckily, Dianne was in a horny mood, and I told her the whole erotic story as she and I made love until suppertime.

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