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Birthday Night Out

I've been reading all of the stories posted here for awhile now, and I have to say this is the best site ever. I always get hot reading the stories then have to relieve myself, either by hand or by machine. I've wanted to write a story of my own, but up until now because of work and school, I haven't had much time, plus I'm not sure what I would write about. Well after what happened last night, this story writes itself.

I had my 21st birthday about a week ago. My family threw a party, inviting all of our relatives, some neighbors, and some of my friends. We all had a great time, eating, and now drinking legally. The one person who could not be there was my little brother. Before the party had been planned, he had already made arrangements to go on a summer school trip with his class. He felt bad about having to miss my party, but said he would take me to dinner when he got back. I just laughed, because him taking me to dinner meant drive through at the local Burger King.

Well yesterday when my brother got home he informed me that we were going to a place downtown to eat. I told him that he didn't have to go to all the trouble, but he said he wanted to go someplace nice, and he had already made the reservations. I told him I didn't have very much money, but he said he had quite a bit left over from his trip, so not to worry. I told him what a wonderful brother he was, and that he had a date dinner. He just smiled, then turned to go get ready. As he was walking away, I swear I heard him say something about a hot or hottest date, but I wasn't sure, and then he was in his room.

When the time came to leave, my brother told our parents that he would have their daughter home no later than midnight, unless she wanted to stop somewhere and, as my parents would say, make out. Everyone laughed at the joke and then we left. My brother wanted to drive his car, which was a convertible mustang. It was an older model, but very nice. At 15 he had started saving so that he could buy a car when he got his license, and now two years later he finally had the car. He had just bought it a month ago, but I swear he still washed it every day.

As I got to his car, he opened the door, just as if we were on a real date, and in my best southern belle accent I thanked the gentleman. I was wearing a short summer dress because of the heat, and as I stepped into the car and sat down, the back of my dress somehow caught on the back of the seat. I didn't even notice until I felt my bare skin touching the seat. I quickly reached back and pulled it down, but I know my brother had gotten a good look at my rear. What was most embarrassing was that I wasn't wearing any panties.

With the heat of summers, I had gotten into the habit of wearing either thong panties, or none at all. This happened to be one of those none at all nights.

I acted like nothing had happened, and my brother just closed the door. I could tell he was very embarrassed by the red of his cheeks, but at the same time I felt this flush of excitement come over me as a thought of my own brother looking at my naked body rushed through my mind. I had never thought of my brother in this way, and normally I think I would have been a bit repulsed by my own thoughts, but tonight for some reason, I was excited.

We drove for a few minutes before I spoke up and asked him about his trip. After that everything was fine, and we talked all the way downtown.

When we got to the restaurant and parked the car, I was putting on some lipstick, and he again, being the gentleman, came around to my side to open my door. While he waited, I finished with the lipstick, put it in my purse and got ready to step out. The whole time I had this raging battle going on inside my head. On one side was the little devil, telling me to open my legs when I got out. He was telling me to show my pussy to my own brother. He told me, my brother wanted to look at my naked body. On the other side was the little angel, saying that opening my legs would be wrong, and that I should be ashamed for having such thoughts. Incest was forbidden.

Well, after what seemed like an eternity I quickly squeezed my legs together, swung them around to the sidewalk, and stepped out. I had chosen to be good, but I couldn't help but notice that when I squeezed my legs together, I was wet. I also saw my brother's eyes go directly to my legs as I got out of the car. I now knew he was interested in another look, and again for the second time that night, I felt that rush of excitement wash over me and go straight between my legs.

Once we were inside and seated, the waiter came over and asked us if we wanted anything to drink before dinner. Now, my brother although being only 17, could easily pass for being a couple of years older, but I didn't think he could pass for 21. I said I would like a Long Island ice tea, and my brother quickly said he would like the same. I knew it wouldn't work, but the waiter just turned and said he would be back with our drinks.

Well after two, tall, Long Islands, one before, and one during dinner, I was feeling a bit drunk. My brother needless to say, was feeling very drunk. I know he had drank beer with his friends before, but the bartender was making these drinks very strong, and they went straight to your head.

We ate our dinner, all the while having a great time together, laughing, and talking about work and school, friends, and even lovers. I had broken up with a man, earlier that year, and just tonight found out that my brother had hated him. I also found out, that my brother was still a virgin. I'm sure if it hadn't have been for him being a little drunk, he would never have revealed this deep dark secret. I told him not to worry, I had been a virgin until I was 18, and that I was sure a handsome young stud like himself would soon have all the girls he wanted trying to get into his pants. We both laughed at this and finished our dinners.

When we finally left the restaurant, it was dark out. Neither of us wanted to go straight home, and besides we both needed a little time to sober up before driving. We decided to walk around the down town area for awhile. I had been here quite often, but my brother, still being pretty young, hadn't come down here much. Most of the stores were closed by now, so we just looked into the windows to see what each one had on display. At one point we were passing a Victoria's Secrets store, when my brother stopped to look in. He seemed very interested in all the panties, bras, and nightgowns that were on display. He asked me if women really wore all this stuff, and I told him yes. Then he asked me if I wore this stuff, and again I told him yes. He seemed to be deep in concentration as he looked through the window, then he turned and we started walking again.

We had walked for about 1/2 an hour and I was still feeling the effects of our drinks, when my brother suddenly stopped in his tracks. He was looking across the street at an adult cinema. Quickly he grabbed my hand and pulled me all the way across the street, so that he could get a better look. There was a sign on the door saying that tonight was ladies night, and that all females got in free. My brother turned to me and asked if we could go in. Of course I told him absolutely not, but he made such a scene begging me to go, that I felt more embarrassed standing outside the door than walking through it.

I had watched porn videos with boyfriends before, but we were always at our own place, watching on our own television. This was something very different.

Again I wondered if my 17 year old brother could even get in, but when we walked up to the counter, the man behind, looked me up and down, took my brother's money, and let us through without saying a word. I was very glad for two reasons. One, I was so embarrassed at being here that I didn't want to see or talk to anyone, and two, I was curious and excited at actually seeing the inside of one of these places.

My brother opened the door to the theater and I walked in griping his hand in mine, feeling a bit scared, and wanting to keep him close. When he passed the door it swung closed, and we were in total darkness. Except for the large screen at the front, I couldn't see a thing on either side of me, so I just stood there looking at the screen, trying to get my eyes to adjust. On the screen was a woman sucking on a large black cock. We came in just in time to see the woman pull her mouth off the cock, and then the man started to jerk himself off all over her face. I couldn't believe the amount of sperm that he shot onto her. He came on her face, her hair, her chin, and then pushed himself back into her mouth. She seemed to love it. She was moaning, and licking up all his juice, then telling him how much she loved to swallow his cum. I knew she was doing a pretty good acting job and getting paid good money to make these kinds of films, but there was something exciting about watching someone do something so nasty.

While watching the movie I had completely forgotten about my brother, until I felt him pull me towards the side of the theater to find some seats. We moved across an isle trying to get to the middle when suddenly I stepped on someone's foot. I heard a groan and quickly I said I was sorry as I moved past. Suddenly I felt a hand move up my skirt and touch my ass before I had a chance to get out of reach. I quickly pushed my brother forward almost knocking him down, wanting to get away from that invading hand.

When we were at the end of the row we sat down. I could see pretty good now, and I tried to look around at our surroundings with out being too obvious. We were sitting close to the back of the theater, all the way across to one side. The theater looked like it was almost empty, with just a few men scattered around the center block of seats. I could feel that there were people behind us, but I was too embarrassed to turn and look. I looked over at my brother, and saw that he was totally mesmerized by what he was watching on the screen. Again, I will say, that any other time I would have been very grossed out by this place, but tonight it was exciting me.

On the screen, another man had come up behind the girl and was pushing his cock into her rear. This is something that I kind of had a fantasy about, but had never tried. Just as he got himself all the way in, I heard someone come up and sit behind my bother and I. I started getting a little nervous, thinking about some greasy guy, sitting behind me and jerking himself off. I almost turned to ask my brother if we could move, when I heard a female's voice. I got brave and turned to see that another couple had sat down behind us.

From my quick glance I only saw the man, because the woman was sitting directly behind me. He was older, I'd say forties, but he was a big man, and from what I could see he looked handsome. He must have been some kind of business man because he was wearing a suit.

I felt some relief that I wasn't the only female in the place, but also curious as to what the other girl looked like. Was she a slut, or a hooker, or maybe his mistress. Just as I was going through these thoughts, I overheard her say, that after 18 years of marriage she would always love only him.

So now I knew she was his wife, but I wondered what I had missed of their conversation.

I glanced over at my brother, and saw that his eyes were still glued to the screen. The man who was screwing the girl in the rear, was really pumping hard by now, and I was sure we were in for another cum shot. I noticed that my brother had slyly put one hand over his crotch, and was lightly rubbing him self through his pants. I could see quite a bulge growing down the leg of his pants when he suddenly adjusted himself so that his growing cock would be aimed upwards. This got me so hot, knowing that my own brother was sitting next to me rubbing his hard cock while we were sitting in a porno theater. I could feel the moisture between my legs, so I silently pulled the back of my skirt up off the seat so that my bare bottom was resting on the chair. I knew that when I got up, there would be a large wet spot were I was sitting, and I didn't want it to be all over the back of my dress. I squeezed my legs together trying to get a little pleasure for myself when I suddenly felt someone touch the back of my head.

As I started to turn to look, the woman who was seated behind me had moved her face right up to mine and whispered to me that I had beautiful hair, and that she just couldn't help touching it. She asked me if I minded, and I couldn't believe myself when I whispered for her to go ahead.

The movement had gotten my brother's attention, and he looked away from the screen to see what was going on. I just smiled at him as the woman began to run her fingers through the length of my hair, which was now hanging over the back of my seat. The look on my brother's face was priceless. He was shocked to see me with my head thrown back and another woman caressing and stroking my hair. As for me, I was in heaven. Here I was, letting a strange woman run her fingers through my hair, while I was sitting with my naked pussy leaking my juices all over this porno theater seat, and having my younger brother rubbing his hard on, watch me. This was incredible, and I was starting to feel very nasty.

I closed my eyes and leaned my head back further to give her better access to my hair. I was really getting into this when she stopped, then whispered for me not to move, and to keep my eyes closed. The last thing she said was, trust me. I did exactly what she said, because I was so turned on that I didn't what this moment to stop.

With my eyes closed my only senses were of sound and smell. The smell was pure sex, mixed in with this strange woman's perfume. The sound was the two people on the screen having an orgasm. Through this orgasm I heard something else. Something not from the screen, but from behind me. It was the movement of legs and nylons, and I was dying to know what was, or would be going on.

The woman again began to stroke her fingers through my hair, and just as I started to get into it, I felt someone touch my hand which was laying on the arm rest. I knew it had to be my brother as he was sitting right there. I wanted to open my eyes so bad, but I also was getting very turned on at not knowing.

I then felt something soft being pulled across my wrist, then wrapped firmly around my wrist. When I gave a little pull, I realized that my wrist was tied to the arm rest. I started to become alarmed, but there she was, whispering into my ear that everything was ok. I wanted to trust her. Next, I felt someone sit down in the unoccupied seat beside me. As before, I felt something soft being pulled around this wrist and tied down. It was at this moment that I realized I had been tied to my seat with the woman's silky nylons.

This was insane. I had to be crazy to let something like this happen to me, but for the first time in my life, I felt like I could live out every nasty fantasy I had ever had. What excited me even more, was the fact that I was helpless and anonymous.

Behind me I heard a ripping of material and then the woman's voice telling me that she was very excited and this was her proof. I felt some kind of cloth being drawn across my lips, and under my nose. I could smell the woman's perfume very clearly at one point, and then came a wetness and a smell every woman knows. It was the smell of a woman's pussy. She had ripped her panties off, and was now rubbing them across my mouth. She told me to stick out my tongue, and I did it without hesitation. I was under this woman's complete control.

As I opened my mouth, and slid out my tongue, I touched on wetness. I knew I was licking at the crotch of her panties. I heard someone moan further back behind me, and I knew I had an audience. I had never had sex with another woman before and now here I was licking the juice from one's panties. She pulled the panties from my tongue which immediately sent my tongue reaching further to get one more taste. Next she pulled the panties over the bridge of my nose and my closed eye lids, where they came to rest as she tied the loose straps behind my head. Now even if I had wanted to, I could not see what was going on around me.

I heard someone sit down in the seat ahead of me, and quickly the man next to me whispered that he could look but he had better not touch, unless he wanted to be carried out on a stretcher. I now knew that I would be protected. I assumed the man next to me was the woman's husband.

I felt the woman's fingers go back to touching my hair, then she ran them up to my ears and began softly stroking them. Just as her fingers left one of my ears, she had her tongue there to replace them. She sexily slid her tongue around the top edge, and worked her way down to the small lobe. Now she took the lobe into her mouth and began to suck. I felt like I would explode if I did not get some kind of relief between my legs. This woman was driving me crazy.

After awhile, the fingers that she had taken from my ear, came back but this time they caressed my cheek, and then my lips. I noticed that they were wet first, then I caught the scent. It was the same one that was on her panties. I pushed out my tongue and swirled them in and around her fingers. I was beginning to enjoy her taste. She took them away, but soon brought them back, hot and wet, fresh from between her legs. I licked her fingers clean, swallowing every bit of juice I could.

I could make out moans and bits of whispered comments all around me, so now I imagined that of the few men in the theater, they were all gathered around and watching me.

I had no idea what my brother was doing during all this, but I could imagine. I knew that he was still there, because he had his leg up against mine the whole time. I pressed my leg harder against him to see if he was still alive, or if he had feinted at seeing his sister become so nasty. His reply was to put his hand on the inside of my thigh, just above my knee.

For the second time that night, the battle raged in my head. He was my brother, and incest was wrong. I quickly made my decision, and slowly slid forward in my seat, which moved his hand closer to my relief. He knew what I wanted, and began to work his way up the inside of my leg. Just before he reached my pussy, he stopped. Maybe he was scared, or he had second thoughts, but all I knew was that I needed this. I spread my legs apart, knowing that anyone who was sitting in front of me could look up my skirt and see my naked pussy. I arched my hips up trying to get him to understand that I was desperate for him to touch me. At first I could hardly feel it, then, there was a more definite touch. I wanted to scream at him to push his fingers up inside of me, but I couldn't. He began to run his fingers between my soaked pussy lips, which felt really good, but I needed to cum.

I hissed through my lips for him to work on my clitoris, then realized he most likely didn't know where it was. I tried to move my hand down to help him find it, and was quickly reminded that I was bound to the chair. I was beginning to moan with frustration, when all of a sudden I felt the woman reach over my shoulder and place her fingers directly on my clit. As soon as she began to rub I could feel my orgasm build. She reached over with her other arm, and I could feel her taking my brother's fingers in hers, then quickly started pushing them inside my pussy. She then began to pump his fingers in and out, while working on my clit at the same time. My brother quickly caught on and began working on his own, slipping another finger in alongside the two already inside me. Next I felt a hand from my other side begin to stroke my breast. I knew it was the woman's husband. He slid his hand down the front of my dress and started to play with my hardened nipples. When my brother slid in his fourth finger, I came. It had been building and building, and then it hit. I had never had an orgasm that was so intense. I wanted to scream, and I'm not too sure that I didn't. The pleasure seemed to go on forever. It wouldn't stop. Its center was at my clit, but it seemed to shake and tremble through out my whole body. I have no idea how long it lasted, but when it finally ended, I had nothing left. My whole body felt weak, as I slumped back down into my seat.

The woman pulled her hand away, and my brother slipped his fingers out of my pussy. I could feel my juices running out onto the seat, and the thought crossed my mind that it would be mixing with all of the cum from the men who had sat here before me.

The woman behind me suddenly had her mouth next to my ear again, and she was starting to breathe heavier. At first I thought that she was masturbating, but then I felt her being pushed up against me. It was slow at first, but then the tempo and force began to increase. She was being fucked from behind, and I began to get excited all over again.

I knew it wasn't her husband, because he was still in the seat next to me rubbing my nipples, so it had to be a stranger from the theater. Next I heard the husband next to me telling someone to go ahead and do it. I thought that he was talking to the stranger who was fucking his wife, until I felt my brother stand up and move between my legs. I heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper being pulled down. The woman behind me was breathing faster now, as was the stranger fucking her. She started to push my head down, making me lean forward in my seat, then she pulled my head back by my hair, and told me to stick out my tongue. When I did as she asked, I felt my brother move forward and then I felt his skin against my tongue. It was the hot skin of his hard cock.

Any inhibitions that I had before, had now disappeared. Just like the woman on the movie screen, I wanted to suck on this hard cock. I wanted to taste my brothers cum. I wanted him to fuck me in any hole he desired.

I slid my mouth as far over his shaft as I could get and then sucked my way back. I heard him groan from deep within his throat, and knew that he wouldn't last long. I began to suck and work my tongue as fast as I could, wanting him to cum, forcing him to cum. I felt the head of his cock start to enlarge and I knew this was it. I heard him groan so loud that he sounded like he was in pain. It was pain. It was the pain of his huge load of cum being forced out of that little tiny piss slit. The first shot hit the back of my throat so hard, that I had no choice but to swallow. He pumped another shot onto the inside of my cheek and tongue, which allowed me to get a taste of my brother's seed. He kept pumping more and more cum into my mouth until I couldn't swallow fast enough, and then it just ran out of my mouth and dripped down onto the floor. Just as my brother was finishing his orgasm, the woman behind me came. She had a grip on my shoulders, and her mouth at my neck, moaning her pleasure into my skin.

I kept sucking on my brother until he finally pulled himself out of my mouth, and sat back down into his chair with a pleasure groan, which let me know that he had thoroughly enjoyed his first blow job.

The woman's husband now stood up and began untying my wrists, but he did not remove the panty blindfold. I felt him gently help me to stand up, then he turned me around and had me kneel on my seat. I put my hands on the back of the seat to brace myself, as I felt him lift the back of my dress over my naked ass. He must have already had his cock out of his pants, because he quickly slid his dick into my wet pussy. His cock was on the smaller side, which I thought was strange for such a big man, but it still felt wonderful. He was sliding in and out at a very even but slow pace, I guess so that he could make it last, and I was all for that. The woman and I were now face to face, and I felt her lean her head into me so that we had our cheeks together. She was still getting fucked from behind, but the stranger had slowed down. She started to softly kiss my cheek, then worked her way around to my mouth. As I had said before, all of my inhibitions and taboos were now in the past, so I now opened my mouth and gave her my tongue. Just the emotional part of kissing another woman was enough to start my juices flowing, but it also felt very good. She kissed me in a way that a man never had. Her lips were so soft and tender. Her tongue was gentle, but exciting, searching out and fondling mine until I was lost in pleasure, more from her kiss then her husband's actions behind me.

She pulled her mouth from mine, then arched her body up until her breasts were level with my mouth. I'm not really sure who, but someone pulled her blouse open, popping some of the buttons, as I heard them hit the floor. Now my mouth was against the silk of her bra. That was next to go, and I eagerly sucked my first female nipple into my mouth.

It was such a rush, sucking on this woman's nipples, while she and I were both being fucked from behind.

Someone had reached under me, and was now fondling my tits. I knew it wasn't the husband because he had both hands on my hips pulling me back onto his cock every time that he thrust forward. I figured it had to be my brother. He must have gotten his second wind and came back for more. He undid the buttons at the top of my dress and pulled out my tits. Next I felt him lean under and begin to suck first on one nipple and then he switched to the other. With my hands being untied, I reached over and found his cock. He hadn't put it back into his pants and it was getting hard again. Just then the stranger, who was fucking the woman in front of me, moaned that he was going to cum. He started pumping really hard and fast, and as he grunting to his orgasm, the woman came again, shaking so hard that I couldn't keep her nipple from popping out of my mouth.

Hearing them cum together, and stroking my brothers hard cock, while being fucked from behind was making me feel very nasty again.

I wanted to try out something that I had thought about in my fantasies, but always had been afraid to try. I reached behind me and gently pushed the husband out of my pussy. He must have thought that I was finished, until I took his small cock into my hand, and guided him towards my virgin anus. He leaned forward and whispered how nasty I was, then slowly pushed the head of his cock into my hole. It hurt so bad that I was about to change my mind, when he suddenly slid in all the way to his balls. I grabbed his ass and just held him still so that I could try to get used to the feeling. After awhile I let him slid back a bit then pulled him deep again. We did this several more times, and I started to feel better about having his cock stuffed up my ass. Soon he began to pump in and out, and I actually started to get excited at the fact that I was being ass fucked. I let go of my brother's cock, and reached under to play with my clit. The husband had been fucking my pussy for quite awhile, and now he was pumping hard and fast into my tight ass hole. I felt his cock begin to swell, as he pumped faster and faster, and then he came. It was heaven having him shoot his load into my ass. I was rubbing my clit so fast that I came with him. He kept pumping shot after shot into my ass the whole time that I was cumming. When we were finished, he slipped his softening cock from my ass, kissed me on the back of my neck, and moved from behind me. Just as I started to come down from my incredible high, I felt something hit the side of my face. I turned into the direction it had come, and was hit directly on the mouth. It was my baby brother cumming for his second time this evening. I opened my mouth and he quickly shoved his spurting cock between my lips, so that I could finish him off with my tongue. Being that it was his second orgasm of the night, he didn't have as large a load, so I managed to swallow it all, except for the string that was running down the side of my face.

Now we were all totally exhausted. I turned around and sat back into my chair. I started to remove my blindfold, but had second thoughts. Did I really want to see who had been giving me these nasty pleasures? I reached for my brother's hand, and pulled him over to me. I asked him to lead me out the side exit as quickly as possible. Once we were outside I pulled the panties from my eyes, and we walked the few blocks back to my brother's car.

Not a word was spoken as we drove back home. I felt very tired from the booze and all the sex. I needed some time to think about all that had happened tonight. When we got home, I turned to my brother and kissed him on the lips wanting to thank him for such a wonderful evening. Our mouths opened, and as our tongues entwined, I knew, that our lives had been changed forever....

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