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Beautiful Elaine

Chapter One
Almost four months ago my wife Kate passed away from a congenital heart defect. We all knew she wasn't well, but never thought a woman of 42 could go so suddenly. It was devastating. Kate's daughter, my stepdaughter, Elaine came home for the funeral and to help get her things in order. I hadn't seen her in over two years. She had been living in New Mexico with her good friend all the while. My wife traveled there once to visit and that was the last time Elaine saw her mother.

Elaine, like her mother, is one of the most beautiful women I have ever had the privilege of spending time with. She has long jet black hair and the bluest eyes. She stands maybe 5"4 but her slender body and legs makes her appear taller. Her breasts are proportionate to her frame, not too large but very definable under the sun dresses she likes to wear. She rarely wears makeup only a little soft pink lipstick to accentuate her full lips. I remember on her prom night she had gone to a salon to get a make over. When I saw her I was speechless. She could have graced the cover of any fashion magazine. Her hair was pulled up with two thick strands left to hang down and frame her incredible face. The eye shadow and mascara defined her eyes perfectly and the little bit of foundation needed just made her complexion more perfect. I felt a bit of jealousy that her date was going to get to show her off and if everything went his way have sex with our little girl. That was what I was thinking but little did I know he didn't stand a chance.

Elaine never gave any outward signs of lesbianism to Kate or I. She had boyfriends and was friendly to them. We learned the truth after she returned from a trip to Phoenix with her church group. She was fresh out of high school and told us she had met someone on the trip and that they wanted to spend more time together. She said she was going to stay with her at her home in New Mexico. My wife was crushed all she could dwell on was that her little girl was leaving home and moving so far away. She apparently was blind to the fact Elaine was going to stay with a woman of nearly 40. I on the other hand immediately got the point by the way Elaine spoke of her.

Elaine told us how this woman, Janice, had been her counselor during her trip to Arizona and that she connected with what she was had to say. She said that Janice had the same feelings she had and that they were very happy when they spent time together.

At first I was outraged. Not at Elaine but at this older woman "counseling" her filling her innocent mind with thoughts of men being bad and the only true love is with another woman. But in the two weeks before she left I came to understand her sexuality was her choice and only hoped it would be an experimental phase.

Chapter Two

Elaine and I spent a lot of time together in the weeks and months after her mother's death. She showed no desire to return to Janice, which I was thankful for. One Friday night we were bored at home so I asked her if she wanted to go have a drink or see a movie. She didn't really care for anything that was showing at the time but said a drink sounded great. She went to get ready in her room while I cleaned up a little my self. After nearly an hour, I yelled "Elaine what's taking so long?"

"I can't decide what to wear," she replied

"Just throw something on it's not a fancy place," I barked getting a little restless.

When she came out I couldn't take my eyes off her. She had put on a black dress that came to about mid thigh and had applied some makeup. Not a lot just enough to high light her eyes and cheeks. She was absolutely gorgeous. I was apprehensive of her going to a regular bar dressed like she was. I was thinking oh great all the guys are going to hit on her and when she turns them away everyone will figure out she likes the company of women. At the same time I thought what a beauty and at least she will be safe with me and I know who she is going home with.

We left the house and in minutes had parked and entered the local pub. All eyes immediately began to soak her in. she strolled along side me to the bar and we found two empty stools. She sat with her legs crossed facing the bar so no one got any opportunity to see her fabulous legs. I ordered a beer and Elaine wanted a white wine. Before I had a chance to do anything my friend Jim was at my side handing over money for our drinks.

He nudged me in my side and whispered in my ear, "Where did you find something like this," referring to Elaine.

I looked at her and smiled. "What's the matter Jim don't you recognize Elaine?"

His eyes went wide as a huge grin came over his face. "This is little Elaine? Holy shit I haven't seen you in probably eight years."

I became uncomfortable for her when his grin didn't go away and his eyes never left her.

I had never told anyone of her lifestyle and thought oh shit some how Jim had gotten wind of it. I was finally relieved to have him put out his hand and offer a sincere welcome home. Elaine smiled her brilliant smile and shook his hand thanking him and they began picking up small conversation. I watched intently as they laughed and he bought us another couple rounds.

Elaine got off her stool and asked, "Where is the ladies room?"

I motioned to the end of the bar and to the right. As I watched her walk down the bar every guy she passed stopped his conversation to take in the sight. Here was a stunning 21 year old woman with incredible legs, ass and tits slipping by them. I noticed she wasn't too steady on her feet and decided we had been there long enough and it was time to go.

"I think we should get going, Jim," I said, as I turned to him noticing his blank stare as he soaked in her figure. He of course protested offering us one more drink but I he could see I was serious.

I got up and waited outside the ladies room for Elaine as a few guys were huddled in twos or threes jabbing each other and laughing. I knew that anyone of them would jump at the chance to take this beauty home for the night.

When Elaine came out she didn't look very well and she was glad to be going home. The short drive home was pretty quiet. I asked her "did you have fun?" looking at her leaned against the door of my car.

She assured she had and thanked me for getting us out of the house. With her leaned over slightly I could see most of her right breast and the top of her black bra, which were exposed by the dress pushed up on her shoulder. The sight of her firm tit and the five or so beers I had made my loins start to burn. I pulled my eyes off her whenever she would shift her body to get more comfortable. I didn't want to get caught staring at her half exposed tit.

Finally at home I helped her up the driveway and into the house she rested on my right arm while I held her waist tight. Once inside I asked if she wanted to go to her room?

She just smiled and said, "No I'm ok, maybe a cup of coffee would taste good"

I eased her onto the sofa and left to start the coffee maker. I returned to the living room and found Elaine had taken off her shoes and had curled her legs up to her side. She looked so beautiful. The hemline of her dress had been pulled up high by those perfectly shaped legs. I could see the side of her black panties and the curve of her ass. I just sat and stared for a good five minutes before she sat up a little and smiled at me.

"Dan?" she asked. We had always had a relationship of first names never "dad."

"What honey?"

"Were you upset when I left home?" she asked losing her smile and becoming a little serious.

"I was only upset that I had lost someone as wonderful as you from my life. I was never upset with you or your decision," I said with total sincerity.

"I wish mom had felt the same as you."

"I know sweet heart but what is done is done."

"I want you to know I was always taken good care of," she said looking me in the eyes.

"I have no doubt about that," I replied "you are healthy and seem very content"

"Yes that's true, but what I mean is that Janice was a great lover," she said, "and we had a very open relationship."

I felt very uncomfortable by this comment. I knew she was drunk and hoped she wasn't saying anything she would be embarrassed about later or worse feel that she couldn't ever talk to me again. I let her comment sink in a little before saying anything. "Elaine your sex life is none of my business."

"I know but I feel you should know something," she said, still staring at me. "I have never been with a man."

"Never?" I asked almost with out thought.

"Never, I lost my virginity with Janice."

I felt an immediate jealous rage come over me. "What do you mean?" I squeezed out of my pursed lips.

"What do you think? She took my virginity the first night I was in her house" she said with the a calm voice and her gaze still upon me.

"Elaine, I don't know if I should hear this." I was feeling the heat rise in my face.

"Dan, I think you should know. After that first time she made love tome at least everyday."

Goddamn it! I thought that fucking cow used me little girl as her sex toy. I turned away not wanting her to see the anger that had built up in me.

"Please don't get mad," she said, touching my arm and squeezing a little. "We were in love and I would have done anything for her."

I turned back to face her and the look of utter innocence on her face calmed me down some. I just had this picture of some older woman groping after her all day long. It was hideous to me.

"Dan, I have done things in the last two years I never wanted mom to know about," she whispered "things that I can't believe myself"

Oh god! What could she be talking about? My mind started to real even more. What could have happened to this elegant creature that she wouldn't share with her own mother. I new I wanted to know but wondered how I could contain myself. I felt my cock trying to push the front of my pants out and the burning sensation in my groin grew even hotter. I didn't know what to say.

"Honey maybe you should get some sleep and we can talk tomorrow?" I said trying to ease the nightmare I was going through.

"No!" she blurted, "I mean I want you to hear it from me instead of someone else."

"What do you mean? Someone else?" I asked a puzzled look on my face.

"Janice wants me back, they all want me back," she said returning to her calm demeanor

"They? What do you mean they want you back?"

"Her friends, I mean our friends, the women that would spend time at her house."

I felt she had slipped somehow. How could she say Janice's friends then change it to both of their friends then to anonymous people with out hesitation. In the same sentence.

"Elaine what did they do to you?" my imagination was getting the best of me, I pictured lurid sex between women but I was in for a real shock when she started to tell me.

"We were very popular. Our friends loved being around us. We would have parties almost every weekend and everyone had a great time." She was now sitting up right still holding my arm and those exquisite eyes still boring into mine.

"We were completely monogamous for the first six months. We had a great relationship," she continued our eyes never parting, "but at some point it got boring and we talked about others and what we thought about trying new things."

Oh shit, I thought, I'm going to cum in my pants if she doesn't shut up. No man could take what I was hearing from one of god's most perfect creatures without shuddering to an orgasm. Here in front of me was Elaine talking freely about sex with her lover.

"We decided that the next party would be different, a coming out party for our new desires." She was talking as if I understood everything she was telling me.

"What do you mean?" I stammered, "What type of coming out?"

"Janice was always the aggressor the more physical one. She knew I loved sex and wanted me to fulfill my every fantasy." She was talking a little faster now. The memories must have been producing adrenaline and clearing her head. "The party started and we made our rounds welcoming everyone and offering food and drinks. After a bit we left and went to our spare bedroom. I undressed and laid down on the bed." At this point she took a dry gulp and asked me to get her some water.

I lifted myself off the sofa hoping that she wouldn't see the raging hard on I was trying to conceal. I didn't have any luck cause I looked down and her eye contact had left mine and was fixed on my crotch. I excused myself and returned with her water. She had repositioned her self so that her legs were completely under her and she knelt side ways so to face me directly when I sat down next to her. I handed her the water and she drank hungrily until the glass was empty. She let out a gasping sigh and I could see she wanted to continue. I brought one leg up under me and sat down so I could face her full on not trying anymore to hide my hard on.

"Anyway after I was on the bed," she picked back up, "I let Janice attach leather loops to my wrists and pull my arms up over my head and tie me to the brass bed frame. She the slipped larger loops over my feet and slid them to the bend in my knees. Then one at a time she pulled my knees up by shoulders and tied the straps to the bed frame. I was completely exposed. She stood back admiring her handy work and taking in my open pussy and asshole. She commented on how nice I looked and told me this would be perfect. Then she said with a smile she needed to go make an announcement."

Just the thought of Elaine in such a lured sexual position made my cock jump against the front of my pants. I was mesmerized by her candor. She was telling me with such detail that I had a mental picture of her burned into my mind.

"When the door to the bedroom opened again I could hear laughter and giggling." She went on not hesitating or missing a beat. "The room got more and more silent as the women that entered got sight of me. I made no expression just stared at them as they entered and gazed at me. Janice then closed the door again and instructed everyone to undress and join her next to the bed. No one hesitated when they were all naked Janice had them line around the bed so they could see me better. She then pulled out a drawer from the dresser and laid it on the side of the bed."

This was getting to be too much I was getting light headed and felt like I was going to explode.

"I counted eleven women around me. I knew them all. Janice started handing out vibrators, and dildos molded like men's penises to each one. After each was holding some sort of sex toy she popped a bottle of lubricant and squeezed a huge amount onto my open pussy and ass. She worked it into my vagina with her fingers rubbing a generous amount into my ass. She stepped back and asked who wanted to be first? There was a lot of commotion but she selected a good friend of ours and told her to have fun. I knew that with Janice there I would be in no real danger."

Fuck me! I thought. This sweet girl willing gave herself to eleven dildo wielding lesbians. What could I do I placed my hand on my crotch and squeezed my hardness. She paused to watch as I cupped my hand around my throbbing cock. Being careful not to move it up or down for fear of shooting my sperm in my pants. She told me how one after the other they took turns stuffing they're little play thing with dildo after dildo.

"Janice made sure the first to enter me were of average size just enough to fill me up and stretch my pussy and asshole. Then she pointed to a woman I didn't know very well and told her it was her turn. She was holding a large green dildo shaped like a cock with a big mushroom head on it. She pushed the head of the dildo into the opening of my pussy positioning herself right in front of me so she could shove with force if necessary. At first it wouldn't go in but she pushed harder and I felt it slip past my tight ring of muscles. Inch by inch it disappeared inside and she would pull it out to the point where the head would almost pop out of me then push it back in farther. I was being opened up more than I had ever been and the orgasm immediately started to flood the fake cock with juices she smiled and took this her key to start really fucking me."

She paused then to look in my eyes again then shift her gaze down to my hand still firmly gripping my cock... "She fucked me with that thing with all her might. The other women looked on in lustful amusement as my pussy stretched open by the monster and my muscles rolling out of me every time she pulled it back. I lost count of my orgasms. They came one after the other. When I was exhausted Janice made her stop. When she pulled it out of me it made a sloppy popping sound. Janice let me rest for a while leaving me tied in that position. Later she gave the same huge dildo to another woman and dared her to get in my tight ass. The woman eagerly took it and got in a similar position as the other and was pushing it against the opening of my ass. It felt like I was being torn apart as it started to gain entrance. The sensation was incredible I was so far into an orgasm induced coma I could only moan and grunt as she pushed it into me. When the head of the dildo finally stretched my asshole ring enough to enter she was pushing so hard it slid in half way on its first entry. I screamed in pain and experienced the most intense pleasure I had ever felt. It was worked in and out until it slid freely up into my gaping ass. She then grabbed the base of it and held it down to her own crotch and fucked my ass mercilessly. She pumped her hips up with each thrust. Calling me a slut and a cock whore. Janice let this go on for what felt like an eternity. When she finally mad her stop I was whimpering and crying for more. They all took turns again with the dildos they had been given working my ass and pussy till I passed out from exhaustion."

I was over the edge at hearing my beautiful young stepdaughter telling me of how she had been gang banged by all those women. I never took my eyes off hers while she told me of her adventure. I hadn't noticed that she had spread her knees open. This hiked her dress up all the way so I could see the delicate lace panties that protected her pussy from my view. She took her hand and placed it over mine. The touch made my body jerk and I convulsed with the most mind splitting orgasm of my life I shot spurt after spurt of cum into my pants. With each ejaculation my body would lunge. My pelvis was thrusting forward. When at last sensations had eased away I slumped on the sofa panting. She never took her hand off mine till I removed mine from my crotch. She looked at me and smiled the most loving smile I had ever seen. She stood up removed her dress. Then undid her bra letting her full breast free then slid out of her panties. I looked at her open mouthed. An absolute vision of beauty was standing naked in front of me. The blood surged to my cock making it rock hard again. She bent over me undid my button and zipper and let my manhood pulse out in front of me. The lust in her eyes was so intoxicating I just sat there. Letting her climb on top of me and position my cock at the entrance to her pussy. She slid down on me taking my full length into her. The moan that she let out was primal. She rocked back and forth then started a rhythmic up and down motion. Her pussy was so warm and accepting I thought of that bitch Janice and how she had deprived the men on this planet of this exquisite specimen. I began to thrust up into her meeting her downward movements. She was soon clawing at my shoulders and leaned forward. Placing her lips on mine we kissed very deeply and passionately our tongues exploring each other's. I bit down on her lower lip until she let out a slight cry. That was what she needed as she started bouncing wildly on my cock. Her orgasm lasted at least a full minute as her knees ground into my waist. I could hold out no longer. I pumped up forcefully and let go with a shower of cum into her womb. Shot after shot of cum was let loose into her pussy. After I regained some sense of what had happened I realized I had cum inside her unprotected pussy. Panic suddenly hit me my god what if I got this beautiful creature pregnant. I apologized profusely for being so stupid, but she didn't flinch she told me it was ok. That she knew what was happening. I rolled her off me and pulled my now limp dick out of her. Some of my load leaked out of her as I withdrew proving that I had filled her up completely. I asked what was going on?

She smiled and told me "Janice wants a baby, she told me to seduce a man and come back pregnant."

"She what? How can you do this you are the most stunning woman I have ever seen and you will deprive men of your pleasures?" I felt like someone had kicked me in my nuts. "Elaine you can't go back. I love you I want you here."

"Dan, I really love her I have to go, I won't go back until I am sure I am pregnant. This could be a while in the mean time I don't want anyone else but you. Make a baby with me. Fuck me all day, everyday I am yours." Her expression melted my heart. How could I refuse her?

It has now been six weeks since our first time. We have made love countless times since then. I have had the honor of enjoying her body in ways I couldn't have fantasized about before. I have fucked her asshole till my cock was red and sore. I have cum in her pussy every time and the pregnancy tests are still negative. I can only hope they never turn out positive. Perhaps this is some divine intervention by a certain angel saving her beautiful baby girl from a life of sexual depravity.

She has told me more of her stories how the gang bangs became more frequent. Of her being stripped naked in lesbian bars and letting anyone there do what ever they wanted. All the while that bitch Janice watched and encouraged the women. I still get a sick feeling in my stomach when I think of how this gorgeous creature was swept away from her life and led into such a perverted lesbian life style. Thank god she is still with me. Hopefully she'll never leave again.

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