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Beloved Daughter

When I was in high school when I was sixteen I had an affair with my physics-teacher, a gorgeous blond woman named Anna. She was only twenty-four years old at the time and our affair didn't last four more than two or three months before Anna quit her job and left town. No one knew why she'd left and I felt kinda betrayed since she'd hadn't told me, but I moved on with my life and soon forgot about her.

Until one day fourteen years later when the phone rang at my desk at the bank I worked at. It was the welfare authorities in a nearby town and they asked if I could come and visit their office the next day and since I had a meeting with a client there the next day I agreed.

As I got to the welfare office after along and tedious meeting, a severe woman who asked me to sit down, greeted me. Then she asked me if I had ever known a woman called Anna Richards and when I said yes the woman informed me that Anna had died in a car-crash two days earlier.

I didn't know what to feel, I hadn't seen Anna for years and now she was dead. But then I started to wonder why they had brought me all the way to the office to tell me that she was dead?

When I asked the woman about why they'd dragged me there she answered that Anna had a fourteen years old daughter and that I was listed as the father and that she didn't have any other relatives. I almost lost it when she told me that, I had a daughter! I realized that the aged seemed to be correct for me to be the father of her child and it would certainly explain why she'd left town in such hurry all those years ago.

So that day at the age of thirty I left the welfare office with a teenage daughter that I'd never met before. Her name was Joanna and she looked a lot like her mother had done, blond hair and a well-shaped body. We didn't talk much in the car on the drive home, she was in shock, her mother had just died and now she was moving away to live with her daddy that she'd never met before.

In the beginning we didn't get along well but as the months and years passed by we grew to like each other and then we became fond of each other. Joanna and I continued to have a normal loving father-daughter relationship till she was a high school senior. By then she'd grown into a beautiful woman who drove all the guys in her class crazy.

It was in the middle of winter when her best friend Jennie's parents had gone on a second honeymoon to Europe and Jennie was staying at our house for two weeks. She'd also blond hair and looked a lot like Joanna, in fact people used to say that they looked like sisters, which fitted quite well since they always did everything together, even wore each other's clothes all the time.

The girls had just gotten back from a shopping-trip when they asked me to inspect their new purchases, I sat down on the sofa and Jennie and Joanna went into Joanna's room. They were in there a couple of minutes and during that time a heard a lot of giggle and laughter. When they returned they both wore black leather pants, a black leather-coat and white turtleneck tops that showed most of their tanned bellies.

"What do you think?" they asked me. I answered that they looked stunning, but it seemed a little daring of them to be dressed like that. But when I looked at them I felt my cock stiffens in my pants, I felt ashamed but the girls made me horny as hell!

"I'm glad you liked our new outfits dad. Now Jennie and I are going out to break some hearts."

"Hold it girls!" I said to them. "You got that game tomorrow, the only place you're going is to bed." They seemed a little disappointed but did as I ordered and marched back to Joanna's room were they slept together. I stayed up and watched TV for a while before I went to my bedroom to turn in for the night.

As I tried to fall asleep the image of the girls in the black leather clothes tormented my mind and I began to fantasies about them stripping it of in front of me and playing with each other and then me. I masturbated myself as I thought of their naked young bodies next to mine and as I did that I thought I heard moans from Joanna's room, but before I could think more about it I shot my cum in my boxers. I had to get out of bed and throw them in the laundry basket, then I wiped myself clean with a paper-tissue before I got back into bed and drifted of to sleep.

The next day as I drove to work I remembered the cum-stained boxers in the laundry basket but it was to late to turn around and drive home and do something about them, I was already late for a meeting. All I could do was to hope Jennie wouldn't notice them as she turned on the laundry-machine as usual before she left for school. I was nervous all day at work, all I could think of was how stupid I was for leaving the boxers in the laundry basket.

After work I headed straight to the high school to watch the girl's basketball game. It was a good game which they won, but all the time I just watched the players' young bodies, especially Joanna's. I couldn't believe it, I'd turned into some pervert that was checking out his own daughter and had fantasies about her. When the game was over I headed home so I could check the laundry before the Joanna.

I discovered that they were clean and in the machine like everything else and I felt a big relief. Then I heard the girls pull up the driveway so I went back into the kitchen to greet them as they entered the front door. Joanna and Jennie were both soaked with sweat so they went into the hot tub together while I made them a late diner.

Once again I thought I heard moans but I couldn't leave the food to investigate so I shook it off as imagination. Then we all had and talked about the game before we all went to bed, unfortunately to separate once.

As I lay in bed thinking about the day gone by I once again heard moans and this time I decided to investigate. I sneaked to Joanna's room and through the crack in the door I saw the girl's bed lit up trough the window by the street light. On the bed were Joanna and Jennie in a 69, eating each other's pussies like crazy. My cock hardened and I masturbated myself as I watched them through the door.

When they cum I cum too, but this time I managed to cum in my hand instead. I sneaked away and went into my bathroom to clean my hands before I got back to bed to dream sweet dreams.

It was Friday the next day so I went to work as usual, although the image of Joanna and Jennie was burned into my retina. As I worked my way through the day all I could think about was how it would feel like to fuck my sweet little daughter. I knew I had to do something soon or otherwise I'd go crazy. It turned out though, that I didn't have to do anything to get my wish to come true.

That evening after dinner the girls started to watch a horror-movie they had rented and I went to bed early since I couldn't be in the same room as them without getting a hard-on. I fell asleep instantly, but I had a dream about Joanna that woke me up after 2-3 hours of sleep. My cock was stiff so I began to stroke it softly when I heard a knock on the door. I quickly pulled my hand out from under the sheet but my cock was still pouting out of my boxers.

"Daddy, are you awake?" It was Joanna whispering behind the door.

"Yes sweetheart, what is it?"

The door opened and Joanna and Jennie stepped into my room dressed in their pj's. "We can't sleep, the movie was to scary. Can we sleep in your bed, daddy?"

Shit, I thought, I can't be in the same bed as them, their beautiful bodies and wonderful scents, I'll have a boner all night without any chance to do something about it!

"Daddy, please! We promise not to snore." I gave them an uncertain yes as an answer and they both got into my bed, one on each side of me. Damn, I thought, my cock is still halfway out of my boxers. But before I could do anything they both snuggled up against my body like two kittens. By what appeared to be an accident Joanna laid her hand on my cock sticking out of my boxers and when she realized what it was she pulled back. Jennie noticed that Joanna had found something and she too felt my cock with her hand. I was certain that they would jump out of bed screaming and that the police would pick me up the next day.

"It's ok daddy, I'll understand if you masturbate sometimes, you haven't had a date in a couple of months." I couldn't believe my little girl said that.

"Maybe we can help you" She said and grabbed my cock before I could do anything. Then I felt Jennie's hand on it too, both of them were massaging it and I didn't know what to do.

"Ehh, girls, I don't think this is such a good idea..." Was all I could say before Joanna interrupted me.

"Hysssh dad, relax and enjoy it, besides it's too late anyway, I found stained boxers in the laundry-basket yesterday. Do you want to know what I did with them?" I nodded. "I smeared all the sperms on Jennie's breasts and nipples before I licked it all of with my tongue! It tasted awesome and I want more!"

Both of them pulled the sheet off the bed and dove face down into my crutch. They took turns sucking my cock, swallowing it all the way down their throat and teasing the head with their tongues.

"I'm gonna cum!" They responded by placing their opened mouths beside each others in front of my cock. I shot the whole load into their waiting mouths and faces and when I was done they licked my cock clean before they turned to their faces, licking the cum off of them like dogs.

"Mr Sanders, can you please fuck me?" Jennie pleaded to me and I gave her a nod. She stripped her pj's off and climbed up on me. I grabbed my cock and guided it as she sank her blond girly cunt over it, sinking all the way down. Then she started to move her hips so my cock moved in and out of her, I reached out with my arms and grabbed her breast that were dangling in front of me. I couldn't believe that my daughter had licked my cum off of them a day ago and now she'd ripped her pj's off too and was playing with her cunt beside Jennie and me.

"Ah, oh, iihhh, I want you to cum inside me!" Jennie moaned as she climaxed and it was too much for me too, I shot sperm-load up her warm teenage pussy. Jennie collapsed on top of me laid there till I eased her off of me.

"Daddy, can't you fuck me too?" Joanna begged me with her big blue eyes.

"Only if you promise to always be daddy's little girl."

"I promise daddy, I'll be your little slut, I'll let you do anything you want with me." I couldn't believe it was my on daughter that offered herself as my sex-toy but I was horny as hell and all I wanted was to fuck my little baby like the whore she claimed to be. She was laying on her back and I got on top off her, ready to pierce her with my hard cock.

"I want to feel your whole weight on me dad and take it gentle with me, I'm still a virgin."

"What, you're eighteen, how can you still be a virgin?" I didn't get it, she'd had plenty of boyfriends over the years and I what I'd seen the night before proved that she was more than open to sex.

"Cause I've been saving myself for you daddy, I want you to make me a woman." I was surprised to learn that Joanna wanted me to take her virginity but since I was as eager as her to fuck her I grabbed my cock and pushed it in between her cuntlips. Since it was already lubricated with Jennie's juices and Joanna's cunt was flooded with her own my cock slid in easily. When I reached the hymen I pulled back and fucked outside of it before I thrust my cock through it. Joanna jerked her body and arched her back as she let out a loud and painful scream before she begged me to go on.

My body was on top of her young and we kissed as we fucked, my daughter's and my body was like on as we moved together towards ecstasy. I felt Joanna biting my ear as I licked the side of her neck with my tongue.

"Yes daddy, ohh iihhh, fuck me, I'm your slut!" Joanna's scream was loud enough to wake up the neighborhood but since we're both reaching orgasm I didn't care. When Joanna cum I felt her cunt contract around my cock and I was ready too. I pulled my cock out of her and shot my cum all over her breasts and belly. I fell down beside her exhausted and Joanna smeared the cum over her breast as stomach before Jennie licked her clean while I laid besides her watching before we all drifted of to sleep together.

We another lovely week together before Jennie's parents returned home and Joanna and I was once more alone. But she never used her bed again, she always slept with me and she lived up to the promise of being my sex-toy. When Joanna went of to college I went with her, but we never told anyone that we were father and daughter.

My Sexy Daughter
Their girls are grown up and they have a lot of sexy friends.
What can these fathers do but fuck all of them at once?!

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