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Bench Pressing Mom

I started lifting weights when I was 15 and my favorite was the bench press. By the time I was 16, I could press about 200 pounds. I was out of school for the summer and since my mother didn't work, we were home alone all day. I asked her to spot for me when I benched pressed. Even though my mother didn't play tennis she liked to wear tennis outfits around the house. At the time, she was 40 years old, about 5'3" tall and weighed about 110 pounds.

One day while she was spotting for me she asked if I thought I could bench press her. I told her I would try, so she straddled the bench I was laying on and I put my hands on her hips and told her to make herself stiff. I lifted her over me and started raising her up and down. As soon as I lifted her, my cock got hard and I was hoping it would go down before I put her down on top of me. She was laughing all the time I was bench pressing her and seemed to enjoy it. I held her up as long as I could, hoping my cock would go down, but of course it didn't. I finally had to let her down on top of me. I knew she felt it up against her because her face got red and she got up quickly without saying anything and ran up stairs. She didn't mention anything later that day, so I assumed I was wrong.

The next day while I was working out, she asked me to bench press her again, which I gladly obliged, with the same results. This time she seemed to get up a little more slowly, but she didn't say anything and just ran up to her room. This was repeated again the next day and when she got up she seemed to accidentally brush her hand against my cock before she ran up to her room. One day, she actually put her hand on my cock as she was getting up and gave it a squeeze. This time, I waited a few minutes and followed her up stairs. I looked through her door which was open a crack and saw her lying on the bed with her hand inside her panties, playing with herself. I realized that she was really getting turned on by being "benched".

This knowledge may me more bold, so the next day I told her I would bench press her a different way. I had her stand to my right and told her to lay across my hands so that the palm of my right hand was against her pubes and my left hand was on her chest. Just thinking about what I was going to do, my cock hard and I saw her looking down at the bulge in my shorts. When I lifted her up, I put my fingers against her pussy as I raised her up and down. I only lifted her a couple of times when I noticed how hard she was breathing and at the same time I felt her wetness come through her panties. She got so weak so couldn't hold herself stiff anymore, so I laid her on the floor and as I did, I boldly put my hand inside her panties, which by now were soaking wet. I was surprised how tight she was since I could hardly get two fingers in her. As soon as I did, however, she had a moaning, thrashing orgasm and twisted away from me and ran up to her room again.

When I saw her again later that day, she didn't say anything and acted as if nothing happened. However, the next day, we when through the same routine again. After a while, the term "bench press" became the code for her wanting me to play with her. I got more bold, and would just grab her anytime as she walked past me and pull her down and put my fingers in her with always the same results. She would come almost as soon as I touched her and then she would pull away. A couple of times, I just picked her up and carried her into the bedroom with the intention of fucking her but she would always stop me by threatening to tell my father what I was trying to do. It wouldn't be until five years later that I would finally succeed.

Part 2.

Five years had gone by and I was now 21 and home from college for the summer. My parents decided we would take a vacation by driving out west for a couple of weeks. I had a friend in the Air Force stationed in Denver and arranged to meet him one night for dinner. We had driven a lot of miles in several days before we arrived in Denver late in the day. We tried several places for dinner, but they were all closed. My father asked me if I was hungry and I said that I was beyond that point now. Well, for some unknown reason, that sent him into a rage. Every once in a while he would blow up at me for no good reason and this was one of those times. He shouted at me to stop the car and when I did, he got out and said he was sick of both of us and would catch a plane and fly home that night. With that, he slammed the car door and walked away. My mother and I were stunned but there was nothing we could do.

We got a couple of rooms at a motel, and the next day I had made plans to spend the day with my friend and so I really didn't see my mother until the next morning when she called on the phone from her room and told me to get ready to leave as she wanted an early start on the drive home. We didn't say much during the day but I could see she was upset. We checked into a nice hotel and got adjoining rooms. She came into my room and said she made an appointment to get her hair cut in the hotel. She came back about an hour later with a really sexy short haircut which made her look a lot younger than her 45 years, and I told her so. She just smiled and said she was going to take a bath before we had dinner. I sat down in my shorts to read a book while I was waiting for her to finish.

I was completely absorbed in the book when suddenly she came out of the adjoining bath room with a towel wrapped around her and seemed angry. She said she fell in the bathtub and called to me for help, and started going on about how I never paid attention, and always had my nose in a book, etc., etc. By now, I was irritated as well as horny seeing her with just a towel around her and I threw my book down and came toward her. She saw the look on my face and the bulge in my shorts and tried to run back in the bathroom. I was too quick for her and grabbed her and carried her over to the bed and threw her on it. I pulled the towel off her and tried to push her legs apart, but she held them together and tried to use her old threat of telling my father. I told her that wouldn't work on my any more and if she wanted to play that game I could tell him about all the times I played with her tight little pussy. By now, I was so irritated I sat down on the edge of the bed and pulled her across my knees and started to paddle her ass. She was so hot by then that her wetness was running down my leg. She said she would do whatever I wanted. I told her to suck my cock and was surprised when she got right down on her knees and took my cock in both hands and started sucking on it. I was so anxious to finally get my cock in her that I pulled her off my cock and pushed her back on the bed. This time, she spread her legs wide. I wondered if she would come as soon as I got into her and it would be over too fast. I was right.

My cock is about average length but I saw it was too thick for her to get her fingers all the way around it when she was sucking my cock. She felt as tight as a virgin and I only got partway in when she has a tremendous orgasm and was so lubricated, the bed was soaked. She tried to pull away like she did before, but this time I held her under me and to my surprise, and I learned later, to her surprise as well, she had one orgasm after another. We fucked for hours, making up for lost time until we worked up such an appetite we ordered room service to be delivered in her room since by now, my bed was a mess. After dinner and a bottle of wine, I grabbed her by the hand to take her back to bed, but she resisted and said we shouldn't do this. I told her I thought by now she would realize she was going to do what I wanted, so I just roughly picked her up and carried her into my bedroom and put her on the bed. She tried to hold her legs together again but I just roughly forced them apart and put my hand on her pussy which was soaking wet again. As I forced my cock in her tight little pussy, she said "Don't you know by now it turns me on to be forced and be treated rough? You could have had me when you were 16 if you would not have taken no for an answer. Did you really think I would tell your father? I've been thinking about your thick cock ever since you benched pressed me and I gave it a squeeze when I got up. I realized it was as thick as my wrist. Do you think getting my hair done and coming into your room with just a towel on was just an accident? After your father left, all I could think of was getting your cock in me."

The more she talked the hotter I got and the harder I fucked her. She finally begged me to stop because her pussy was too sore and swollen. She ended up sleeping with an ice bag between her legs the rest of the night. On the way home the next day, she said she was so sore it would take her a week to recover. About three days later, she came into my bedroom after my father went to work and crawled into bed with me. I reminded her that she said she would be sore for a week. She said she still was but she was too turned on by what I had done to her to resist. She said to be gentle. I wasn't, but she didn't seem to mind.

First Time With Mother
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