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Ben's Punishment

"PLEASE!!! PAPA, PLEASE!!! NO MORE PAPA, PLEASE!!!!"... Ben's pleas just went on being ignored by his father. Thomas was a big man, and was not pulling back as he swung the broad leather belt.

THWAPPPPP...... THWAPPPPP... The belt would hit against Ben's young eleven year old ass and legs. The pain was excruciating, and Ben's face was stained with tears. It was finally over, and as Thomas replaced his belt around his waist still verbally reprimanded his son for the act that Ben performed. It seemed innocent enough to Ben. Since he was beginning to get those strange urges towards the opposite sex, he figured it would be safe enough to "play a little" with his younger sister Kay.

Kay was a cute little nine year old. Even at that age, she had a nice little body, with a round butt that stuck out nicely. She took after her thirty one year old mom Brenda. Ben had convinced Kay to take her dress off so that he could explore her female body (like playing Doctor). But after their little game, Kay went straight to Papa and told. Don't get me wrong, Ben was a good boy, raised with two strict religious parents, he was a member of several church youth groups, and was always there to help out at church functions.

Thomas and Brenda joined the church when they moved to Alabama. It was a small congregation of approximately forty-five men and women ranging in age from infant to eighty years old. Thomas felt very close to the church, and always confided with the Elders on his family business. That Sunday after Services, Thomas requested a meeting with the Elders to discuss the episode that had transpired of Ben and Kay. The Elders were all in agreement as to the fate of poor Ben. Thomas and Brenda were to bring Ben to the church that evening and turn him over to the Elders for two days of "penance."

Ben and his parents were met at the church that evening by Elder Burns, Jordan and Harris. Elder Jordan explained to Thomas and Brenda that this matter was in the hands of the church now, and they were to leave Ben in their custody for two days. Reluctantly, but obligingly Ben's parents left for home with Ben now to make his penance to the Church. The three Elders led Ben into the church, and down a set of stairs leading to a horrifying site. There was a large room filled with what can only be described as Medieval torture devices. The assortment of whips, chains, hooks, strange looking chairs and tables, along with other unrecognizable devices, sent shivers up Ben's spine. Ben was ordered by Elder Burns to strip off his clothes. There he stood, stark naked in view of these three men.

Elder Burns grabbed Ben, and while holding him to a large wooden "X," had Ben's hands and legs bound to it by the other two men. Once tied up, one of the men attached metal clamps to Ben's balls. Another Elder secured a leather hood over Ben's head. There was two holes cut in the eyes and a small hole at the nose, but the opening at the mouth had a zipper that was zipped shut. A branding iron was being heated on a fire, and when it was glowing, Elder Harris picked it up and branded Ben's chest with the words SINNER." Ben jerked wildly and tried to scream from the pain, but the mask just muffled the sound. In almost a limp state, Ben was then untied but then turned around on the same wooden "X" and secured with his back exposed. Each one of the men whipped his bare back and ass with the cat-e-nine tales, whips and wooden paddles that had been hanging in the room. This time the pain was so bad, Ben passed out cold.

When Ben came to, he found himself upside-down, tied to an upright pole. Blood was rushing to Ben's head, and was making him nauseous. A hook was attached to the clamps on his balls and connected by a rope through a pulley on the ceiling, and a bucket at the end of the rope. Over a period of thirty minutes or so, each one of the Elders placed a rock in the bucket. Ben's balls were stretching so bad that he was sure that the weight would rip them off his body. While Ben's poor balls were being disfigured, Elder Jordan secured a clamp on each of Ben's nipples. The clamps had weights attached to them so that poor Ben's nipples were being stretched downward as his balls were being stretched upward. The pain was severe, but because of the constant crying, Ben had no tears left. The three men left Ben in his tortured position, and was told to ponder over the sin that he committed.

The night passed, but Ben was in so much pain, he couldn't sleep. When the footsteps announced the Elders arrival, Ben saw that they weren't alone. Two of the Elder's brought their wives with them. Sister Tammy and Sister Jane were both large matronly women. Sister Jane was the first to approach Ben. She picked up one of the whips and proceeded to strike Ben on his now grossly disfigured balls. This went on for almost ten minutes before Sister Tammy took over for about the same length of time. When Ben was finally let down, he was carried to a large wooden table. Ben was then strapped down face down, and a hose was stuck into his rectum. In a few seconds a rush of water was flowing into Ben bowls. When the gallon or so of water finally stopped flowing, the hose was removed, and a plug was jammed in his anus.

The two large women got up on the table and knelt down on Ben's back and began to pray. Each of the women weighing at least 200 pounds each were spread out on poor Ben's prone body. The pressure of the water and the weight of the two women on his back was agonizing. As the women knelt on Ben's back praying, the three Elders left the chamber, talking about the "preparations" for the evening. With their prayers over, the two women got off Ben and released the bindings. They then lead him to a bucket to release the water from his bowels. By this time the Elders returned.

By then Ben was totally exhausted and his body was wracked with pain. A collar was placed around his neck and he was led up the stairs to the church hall. There was a small utility room adjacent to the hall where Ben was drug. There was an 8-inch diameter hole cut at the floor line of the wall separating the utility room and the hall. Ben was thrown on his back and drug on the floor so that his head was now through the hole, sticking in the hall. He was strapped down to the floor so there was no escape. On the hall side of the wall was an enclosure with an oval hole cut in the top and a toilet seat installed.

Soon after Ben was placed in this position, he heard voices above him. The crowd appeared to grow, and Ben realized that it was the gathering of the church group for their weekly communal supper. The clattering of dishes and silverware, and the smell of the food made Ben realize that he hadn't eaten for some time, and even though he was in agony, his stomach was grumbling, and he was starved. All during the supper he heard the conversation and laughter of the church members. The sounds of the supper table reached Ben's ears, and there was about fifteen minutes of silence which Ben recognized as their after supper prayer and reflection time.

Soon after this pause, the lid above Ben's trapped, upturned face was lifted. Peering down at him was a young lady who he recognized as Mary Beth, a ten year old church member, and playmate of his sister Kay. "You did a sinful thing with Kay, and we are here to punish you for it," she said in an almost arrogant way. With that, Mary Beth backed up to the toilet seat and hiked up her dress while pulling her panties down. She then sat down on the seat. Ben's face was now only inches from Mary Beth's bare bottom, and the aroma of her young genitalia and anus reached his nose. Her pink, hairless slit twitched and a stream of yellow pee flowed on Ben's face. Dying of thirst, Ben opened his mouth to receive the young girl's urine. Even though it was salty and acrid tasting, Ben swallowed as much as he could. Mary Beth then repositioned herself on the toilet seat, and her anus was now directly above Ben's mouth. She farted, then with a soft grunt pushed a long thin turd out of her ass. Ben's mouth opened as if automatically to receive the foul waste. He knew he had to get something in his stomach, and the only thing available was Mary Beth's shit. Trying to ignore the foul taste, Ben chewed and swallowed all that came out of this little girl's bowels. After wiping herself clean, Mary Beth stood up and closed the lid.

The lid opened again, and this time it was sister Tammy looking down at him. Her stern face broke out in a smile as she saw that Ben had consumed all of Mary Beth's waste. "It appears that you were hungry master Ben," she chuckled, "you will have plenty to eat by the time your punishment is through" she added. With those words still lingering in Ben's mind, he cringed in horror as sister Tammy sat above his face. She then passed a tremendous fart that went straight up Ben's nose. He didn't have time to recover from this assault of putrid gas, when sister Tammy's anus opened and released a huge load of soft brown shit. at the same time, urine started to flow from her gash, and added to her shit in Ben's mouth. not having time to chew, Ben made an attempt to swallow the disgusting mess. "Eat it all!!" the voice above him ordered. So, knowing how cruel he could be further treated, Ben managed to consume the entire load from sister Tammy. She finally stopped her elimination and dropped the soiled toilet tissue on Ben's face. Ben struggled to get out of his bonds, but it was to no avail. Still racked with pain from his previous ordeal, and now sick to his stomach from being used as a human toilet, Ben started to scream for mercy. His cries fell on deaf ears, and as the toilet lid opened up, Ben was staring at the old and wrinkled face of Pastor Brenton.

Ben had always got along with the 83 year old Pastor, and thought of him as a gentleman. Now though, Ben was going to see the other side of the Pastor (literally). Pastor Benton, holding a Bible in one hand, unbuckled his pants and pulled his boxer shorts down with the other, reminded Ben of his "duty." Then turning around, Ben was now looking straight up at the Pastors thin wrinkled ass. Opening the Bible, Pastor Benton sat above Ben's face and began to read passages from the Bible. As he read, he started to shit an ungodly mass of the most horrid substance one could imagine. It was almost liquid and had an odor that was indescribable. It oozed at a slow rate out of the disfigured anus of the Pastor directly into Ben's open mouth. Ben gagged uncontrollably but managed to swallow it all. A few wet farts, and Pastor Benton was finished with his shit. The lid was again closed, and Ben was getting sicker.

Several of the other ladies of the congregation used Ben before he could hold it in no longer. The mixture of puke and shit gushed from his open mouth like old faithful. A bucket of cold water was poured down on Ben's face by one of the men, and the lid closed again.

This time when the lid opened, it was his playmate Tim who was looking down at him. "PLEASE... not you Tim," Ben pleaded. But Tim was bound by the church to administer punishment to Ben. Tim emptied his bowels in Ben's mouth just as the others did, and Ben ate it all. Tim had a 17 year old sister Jane who disliked Ben, so when Ben saw her sit down above his face, he knew she meant business. "I'm really going to enjoy this," she gleefully said. For fifteen minutes she sat on the toilet and purposely cut off her solid turds little by little. Instead of using the tissue, Jane ordered Ben to lick her anus clean.

Four more of the congregation used the toilet before Ben puked his guts up again. As before, his face was washed off with a bucket of cold water. The ass that sat above his face next made Ben almost break free of his bindings. Just inches above his mouth, ready to shit, was Brenda, his Mom. "I couldn't hold it any longer son... I'm so sorry" she apologized. But nature took its course, and Ben was now consuming his mothers shit. The soft smelly shit flowed out for a good 10 minutes. Brenda didn't want to do this, and was crying to whole time she was using her son as a toilet. This, Ben thought, had to be the most humiliating act that he had to perform. He was wrong!

As soon as his Mother eliminated her waste, and got up, the next person to sit on the toilet was Ben's Father. Unlike Ben's Mom, his Dad had no apologies, and went on with his BM as if it was normal. Thomas's shit was hard as a rock, and came out in one long, solid turd. Ben had no time to chew on it, and opened his throat so it could slide down. Half way down, the enormous turd caught in Ben's throat. He instinctively bit into the turd and swallowed the piece caught in his throat. When his Father got up and saw that there was a piece of his shit that Ben didn't eat, he was furious. He raised his booted foot and smashed the uneaten turd into Ben's helpless face. "You haven't learned your lesson yet, have you son!!!" the angry voice of his father yelled.

Thomas just kept stomping on his son's face until Ben's nose started to bleed, and the blood was mixing with the smashed shit. Brenda pleaded with her husband to stop, and with one last blow, Thomas lifted his foot and came down with all of his weight on Ben's face, knocking Ben out cold. Another bucket of cold water was thrown on Ben's face, and still in a daze he was looking up at his sister Kay's tiny ass sticking through the toilet seat.

Kay's tiny anus opened up and a rush of gas come out. Ben's mouth opened to receive his 9 year old sister's shit. It was soft and runny, but contained bits and pieces of undigested food. Ben swallowed her shit as he did with the others, but surprisingly did not feel ill doing it. Whether it was the fact that he was getting used to being a human toilet, or the love of his sister, Ben found himself getting excited. He raised his head and placed his mouth on his sister's anus to receive the last few squirts of her waste. It was then that Ben realized that despite the agony and punishment that he had gone through, his desire for his little sister was very strong.

Soon after Kay was done using her brother, the congregation said their final prayers and disbanded. This left the Pastor and Ben's parents (and sister) to release him and clean him off. Ben had a hard time looking the four of them in the eyes after his ordeal of servicing as their toilet. As Ben sat in front of them, receiving a lecture, the Pastor indicated that his punishment was not quit finished. Ben was to be taken home, but as part of his ongoing punishment. Thomas was to build a toilet stool, and Ben was to spend most of his time under it, servicing not only his family, but any one of the congregation that decided to stop in for a visit. AND THEY DID, OFTEN!!!

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