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Beth's Summer Vacation

Chapter One

I wanted my mother's boyfriend Max, that's all there is to say. I had been watching him and fantasizing about him for months, since Mom had first started dating him. He's 40 years old and in great shape. I've seen almost all of his body, all except the really interesting parts. He moved into the large isolated house I share with my mother two weeks ago and I'm going crazy. I'm leaving for college in the fall and, being the sexually adventurous girl that I am, I'm determined to act on my attraction before the summer is over.

I think about him at night while I'm trying to go to sleep. I like to light candles in my room at night. It helps me relax and go to sleep. I think about sucking and licking Max all over until I get wet and then I use my fingers to slowly stroke my wet pussy until I cum. I sleep with the windows open and with very little on because this summer is so hot. I leave my mini-blinds open half way to allow the breeze in from outside. A few weeks ago, after I had stroked myself into convulsions I blew out my candles and was about to close my eyes when I noticed the glow of a cigarette out in the darkness. The pool deck is across from my window and slightly higher than the level of my room. Max smokes and I knew that it had to be him out there in the darkness. Had he been watching me?

The next evening I dressed in a tank top that buttons down the front, my white lace thong underwear and a pair of shorts. I walked into my room and before I turned out the light I went to the blinds and opened them a bit. Sure enough, there was the glowing cigarette in the dark. I decided I was going to give Max a show he couldn't resist. I opened the blinds a little more and went back to the door. I walked into the room like I had just arrived and turned on the light.

I stood in front of my floor to ceiling mirrored closet doors that are across from the windows. Max would be able to see me from behind and reflected in the mirrors. I slowly unbuttoned my tank top and opened it. Underneath I was wearing a sexy lace bra. I left the shirt unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts. I lowered the shorts bending far over to give Max a great look at my rear with the white thong disappearing between my tanned cheeks. Standing up I ran my hands up and down my torso and let my tank top fall to the ground. I unhooked my bra and lowered it past the firm mounds of my breasts. My nipples were hard and jutting and I caressed them with my fingers while watching myself in the mirror.

I couldn't tell if Max was watching from outside, but I hoped he was. I closed my eyes and imagined him standing there rubbing his rock hard dick through his trousers trying to decide if he should take it out and jack off while watching me. No one would see him. Our house is secluded and Mom is a nurse who works nights. I could see him in my mind slowly caressing his cock waiting to see more. How I wanted to taste him!

Keeping my eyes closed I let my hand wander from my breasts down to my pussy. I rubbed it through my underwear and then slipped my hand inside and fingered the wet acorn of flesh within. I opened my eyes and watched myself in the mirror for a moment. I then hooked my thumbs in the waistband of my panties and slowly lowered them to the floor. I crouched and sat on the floor facing the mirror. Opening my legs wide I opened my pussy lips with my fingers and slowly stroked my clit. Rocking and thrusting my hips with the rhythm of my fingers I threw my head back and moaned. I thrust two fingers into my pussy and flicked my clit with my thumb. I looked in the mirror and licked my lips watching my beautiful tanned body straining toward orgasm. I took my fingers out of my dripping wet pussy and started stroking myself again. I inserted my slick sticky middle finger into my ass and again flicked my clit with my thumb. Just imagining Max watching me while stroking his dick was enough to take me over the edge. I bucked and moaned as I experienced a roaring climax.

I laid back on the floor and regained by breath. Shakily climbing to my feet I crossed the room and switched off the light. I quickly crossed to the window to see if the cigarette glow was still there. There was no glow, but I could see in the moonlight a shadowy figure sitting on the edge of the deck staring intently at my window. Success! Maybe this display would entice Max into overlooking our age difference and the fact that he's fucking my mother.

The next morning I ate breakfast and eagerly waited for Max to come into the kitchen. Mom was home from work, but sleeping, and Max was due to leave for his job any minute. Max rushed into the kitchen and avoided meeting my eyes.

"Good morning Beth."

"Hi Max."

Max filled his travel mug full of coffee and grabbed a muffin off the counter. As he was heading for the garage he finally looked at me.

"I'll see you tonight."

"O.K. Max, have a nice day at work."

Holding my gaze for a moment longer than necessary, he turned and walked out. I heard the roar of his truck engine as he backed out of the garage and drove off to work.

So far, so good! I could hardly wait until that night so I could put the next part of my plan into action. I called my friend Christi to see what she had planned for the day. I invited her over to watch T.V. and swim in the pool. We had to keep the noise down because Mom was sleeping.

When Christi arrived we went into my room to watch T.V. I closed the door to make sure the noise wouldn't wake Mom up. Sitting on the floor together watching a movie my mind began to wander. I started thinking about the night before. How could I bring the erotic level up a notch? I could tall Max was interested, at least enough that he stayed out there in the dark and watched me pleasure myself. How long had he been watching me? I had never, before last night, been blatant about my masturbation. I did it by candle light with most of my body covered by a blanket, but a person watching me would have been able to tell what I was doing.

"Earth to Beth!"

"Sorry Christi, I was just thinking."

"About what?"

"You wouldn't believe what I did last night!"

Christi and I had been friends since grade school and we had shared tales of our sexual exploits before, but never in graphic terms. I began to tell her about what had happened with Max watching me the night before. I got carried away with my story and found myself telling her details that I would normally leave out. As I described stripping and stroking myself, Christi's hand went to her throat and her mouth fell open. After a few minutes her breathing became rapid and a flush crept up her face. After licking her lips she uttered the words that would change the nature of our friendship forever.

"Show me."

I had become wet just from relating the events of the night before. I had fantasized about being with a woman before, but I always thought I would be turned off if I was ever confronted with the reality of it . Nothing could have been farther from the truth. Christi's words exploded in my brain and sent such an electric thrill from my breasts to my clit that I thought I would cum without even being touched. I looked at her in a totally new light. I looked at her breasts and saw her nipples pressing against her blouse.

"Christi, are you sure you want me to do this?"

"Yes," she said and started to unbutton her blouse. "Let's do it together, maybe that will seem less strange. All I know is that the thought of seeing you naked and touching yourself is making me soaking wet."

We undressed ourselves without touching. This was not the slow tantalizing strip tease of last night. We stared entranced at each other as more skin was revealed with every piece of clothing we ripped off. Finally we were naked and sitting facing each other several feet apart.

Christi said, "Show me how you touched yourself."

I spread my legs like I had the night before, spread the lips of my pussy and began to spread my slick juices over my clit. Christi spread her legs and I got the first glimpse of the shell of her delicate pink snatch. I licked my lips and stroked myself harder. Christi began to finger her clit and I could see that she was, indeed, soaking wet.

"Put your fingers inside yourself," I said.

Christi shoved two fingers into her pussy and started to jerk against them.

"I want to touch you," I gasped.

Christi came towards me on her hands and knees and I leaned forward and kissed her. At first it was a closed mouth kiss, but then I felt her tongue sweeping across my closed lips. I opened my mouth and tentatively extended my tongue into her mouth. Christi sucked my tongue into her mouth and moved her hand to my breast. She pushed me back on the floor and leaned over me. I sucked on her tongue and reached up and stroked her nipples. She broke the kiss, raised her head and gasped, "Oh, that feels good."

I pulled her forward and started kissing, licking and sucking her breasts. She exhaled a throaty moan. Her hand moved down my body and stopped when she reached my curls.

"Can I touch you there?"


Her fingers explored my pussy and become wet with my juices. I raised my hips and pressed myself against her hand. Christi was on her knees with one hand teasing my pussy while I was licking her tits for all I was worth. I reached between her legs and slipped my fingers through the wetness to find her clit. We were both breathing hard and rocking against the other's hand. I decided that I needed practice raising the erotic level a notch, so I said, "Lick me."

Christi looked down at me, unsure of what I wanted.

"I want to come in your mouth."

"Beth, I've never done that before. I don't know how."

"Stroke me with your tongue the way I'm stroking you with my finger."

"Ok, Beth, I'll try. Sit in that chair over there and I'll sit on the floor."

I got up and went over to the overstuffed chair and sat down. I spread my legs, raised them and hooked them over the arms of the chair. My pussy was open and ready for her. Christi kneeled in front of me.

"I've never seen a pussy up close like this. You smell wonderful."

"Tell me if I taste good too."

Christi spread my pussy lips with her fingers and bent her head. The first feel of her tongue on my clit almost threw me out of the chair. I had always wanted my boyfriend to do this to me, but he never would. I had never felt anyone tonguing me before.

"Umm, yum you do taste good."

I was looking down at her tongue flicking out and tasting me.

"Ohhh lick me! Faster!" I moaned.

I was gasping for breath. As I threw my head back in ecstasy I saw our reflection in my mirrored closet doors. The vision was so erotic! My legs spread and a beautiful naked young woman kneeling between my legs licking me. I felt my orgasm starting to crest.

"Christi, put your fingers inside my pussy. Quick, I'm cumming! I want you to feel me cum!"

Christi slipped her fingers inside me and I jerked against her mouth. I was coming hard, squeezing her fingers with my inner convulsions and flooding her face with my juices.

Christi kissed up my body and placed her mouth over mine.

"Umm, I do taste good." I said.

"Do you want to know how I taste?" Christi asked.

"Absolutely!" I replied.

Christi and I changed places. I knelt between her legs and examined my prize. She was dripping.

"Poor baby," I cooed, "you haven't come yet."

I dove right in and started sucking her clit. She gasped and bucked in time with my sucking. I pushed two fingers inside her pussy with my hand palm up. I extended my fingers up and in to find her "G" spot. I stroked her spot and licked her clit at the same time. I looked up and saw her caressing her own breasts. Her eyes were closed and she was panting and moaning and thrusting her pussy in my face.

"Yes, yes, yes." she moaned as I felt the first internal flutters that signaled her approaching orgasm. I dipped the index finger of my free hand in her snatch juices and slipped it up her ass. She screamed as she came.

"Shhh, you'll wake up my mom!"

"Sorry, baby. Oooh that was good. How come we've never done this before?"

"I don't know. Think of all those wasted years, we should have done this a long time ago."

"Kiss me, I want to taste myself in your mouth."

Beth gave Christi a long lingering kiss.

"Can you spend the night tonight, Christi? I have an idea."

"As long as you promise to do me again."

"You've got it!"

I told her about my plan. Since Max had watched me last night, I thought he might be out there smoking again that night. I wanted him to see me and Christi together. I had heard that watching two women together really turned men on. Maybe he would come in and join us!

Chapter Two

Christi and I spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool sunning ourselves and rubbing tanning oil everywhere on each other. She liked my idea of performing for Max that night and called her mom to get permission to spend the night.

My mom got up and made us lunch and told me it was O.K. for Christi to spend the night. Mom trotted off to take a shower and get ready for work. While she was in the shower the phone rang. I answered it.


"Hi, Beth it's Max."

"Hi Max."

"Is your mom up yet?"

"She's in the shower."

"Oh, O.K., just tell her I'll be home for dinner tonight."

"O.K., by the way Christi is spending the night."

"Ohhhh, did your mom say it was O.K.?"


"O.K., I guess I'll see you guys later."



I looked at Christi and smiled. "Max sounded disappointed when I told him you were spending the night. I guess he thinks that he won't get another show because you're going to be here. He's going to get a surprise!"

"Yeah, I can't wait. Speaking of not waiting, I need to take a shower to get all this oil off, want to join me?"

"We'll have to make it quick, my mom would freak if she knew what we were doing."

Christi and I went into my room. I have a private bathroom off of my room, kind of like a second master suite. We went into the bathroom and locked the door.

I can't tell you how much we enjoyed soaping our firm young bodies, stroking each other and even getting a little taste. Mmmm the erotic vision of me standing with one leg propped on the edge of the tub while Christi knelt in front of me and licked me. But we had to make it quick after all and we had bigger fish to fry later.

Later that afternoon Max came home from work. Christi and I were in the kitchen helping Mom with dinner. Max walked in from the garage, put his stuff down on the counter and grabbed my mom for a big hug and a wet kiss. After the kiss was over he hugged her again and our eyes met. His eyes swept down my body taking in my cropped t-shirt and short cut-offs. I smiled at him and turned back to making dinner.

Mom left for work later and Max, Christi and I all settled down to watch a little T.V. By that time it was dark and ...... hot.

"Wow, Christi it's still pretty hot. Do you want to go for another swim?"


Christi and I went into my bathroom to change back into our swim suits, and share a few kisses.

"What are you up to Beth, I thought we were going to give him a show through your bedroom window."

"I thought we could do it by the pool. We couldn't really earlier today because my mom might have caught us. Mom doesn't let Max smoke in the house. He's due for another nicotine hit soon and he always goes onto the pool deck. It will be better if he sees us by the pool. Maybe he'll join us."

Christi and I went up to the pool deck and immediately started kissing and taking off each other's swim suits, not that they hid much to begin with. We jumped naked into the pool, held each other and started kissing. Under the water I stroked her body. We swam to the deep end and I trapped her against the side and kissed her. We were right under the diving board. I dove down under the water and sucked on her clit for a moment until I needed to come up for air. I was breathing heavy when I surfaced. I grabbed the diving board above me and lifted myself up so Christi could suck on my breasts. I let go of the diving board and came down for another kiss.

"Beth I think Max has come up for a smoke."

"Ummm, good. Pretend you don't see him. Go over and pull yourself up onto the wall that separates the pool from the jacuzzi. Then spread your legs for me."

Christi was sitting on the wall with her pussy right in front of my face. I wasted no time diving in licking and sucking. I had to hold onto the wall to keep from going under in the deep water, so I couldn't put my fingers in her pussy or up her ass, darn! Christi was moaning. I whispered, "Talk dirty to me, loud enough so he can hear you."

"Oh, Beth that feels so good. Lick faster... yes right there....good girl. Mmmm can you teach Greg (her boyfriend) to do it like this to me? He'd love to watch us and then fuck us both."

I heard footsteps on the wooden deck coming toward us. I looked up and there was Max with a large bulge in his pants, a cigarette dangling from his hand.

"You really think you girls are ready for something like that?" he said.

"Doesn't it look like it? We're not virgins, we've been fucking our boyfriends since freshman year."

Max walked away toward the pool deck at the shallow end.

"O.K., you little girls come over here and prove to me that you're ready for a man inside you, not a boy."

Christi and I quickly jumped out of the pool and walked, nude, to the pool deck. Max was standing there smoking watching us walk toward him. As he watched he slowly cupped and stroked his large erection through his pants. I came up to him, knelt right down and unzipped his fly. Opening his pants I pulled his dick out. What a monster! I wasn't sure I could even get my mouth around it. I stroked it's pulsing length learning every vein then I delicately put my tongue out and licked the straining purple head. After rolling my tongue around the head I sucked him into my mouth. I reach under his dick and cupped and squeezed his balls, they were tight like he was ready to cum. Squeezing and rolling his balls with my left hand, I used my right to jack him while I sucked him as deep as I could.

Christi walked over to the lounge chair, sat down and started stroking her clit. Max had a great view of her in the soft white light coming from the pool. He took a last drag from his cigarette, threw it down and gently put his hands on the top of my head. His breathing became rapid, but he didn't make a sound. From the lounge chair Christi said, "Let me suck his balls while you suck his dick."

Max pulled out of my mouth. "No, I think you girls are ready for more. Beth, go over and sit on the bottom edge of the lounge chair."

I went over and sat down. Christi scooted down so I was sitting between her legs. She kissed my neck and reached around and caressed my breasts. Max stood there watching us for a moment slowly moving his hand over his dick squeezing gently. He pulled his shirt over his head and peeled his jeans off. He walked over to us and knelt between my legs. He bent down and quickly ran his tongue up my slit. "Mmmm, wet enough, I think." he whispered. He grabbed my legs and pulled me forward cupping my ass in his hands. I was leaning back against Christi who was still caressing me and watching what Max was doing to me. Max positioned his cock at the entrance to my pussy. The crest parted my slit and pushed inside. I moaned and bucked, not used to being stretched that far. Staring into my eyes, he slowly pushed himself farther and farther until he was in to the hilt. He closed his eyes and groaned. "I can't believe I'm doing this, your mother would kill me. Jesus, you're tight.." He ground his pelvis against my clit keeping himself in deep, allowing me time to get used to his size. I was panting and holding onto Christi's legs. Christi said, "Mmmm, wet his cock, baby." I felt her start to finger herself with one hand while she reached with the other and rubbed my clit. I convulsed a little, almost cumming. Max leaned forward and kissed Christi, sucking on her tongue. He started to move inside me. His cock sucked out of my pussy and plunged back in smoothly telling Max I was ready. The feel of him inside me, his cock stimulating every nerve ending every time he moved was almost more than I could stand. I couldn't say anything I could only breathe and try to keep from passing out. He leaned back and grasped my hips and started a slow strong deep rhythm. I closed my eyes and threw my head back, mouth open panting, hoarse moans with every breath. On the fourth stroke the wave hit me and my cunt muscles fluttered and squeezed him as I came.

"You're cumming, little girl, I can feel it. Now you've got a man fucking you, not a little boy. How does it feel? Open your eyes and look at me, don't hide from it. Yeah that's it, watch me fuck you."

He increased his pace, groaning, neck muscles straining. I began to get my breath back enough to gasp, "I want to feel you cum inside me."

"Wait for it, you little bitch. Beg me to fuck you harder."

"Please Max, please. Fuck me hard! Mmmmm, I'm cumming again."

After the second explosion I started to squeeze him with my cunt muscles on every stroke as he was pulling out of me, trying to milking him. He grunted and smiled "You do know a thing or two, don't you little one. O.K. I'll give you what you begged me for, you slut. Here it is, take it all little girl." He lifted me higher and started banging me faster. After a moment, he pulled almost all the way out closed his eyes and rammed himself in to the hilt. His whole body jerked and I felt the first splash of cum on my cunt walls. He hissed his breath through his teeth like he was in pain and pulled part of the way out. I could see the veins pumping his load into me. Christi moved her hand down to his pulsing sticky stem. He pulled out of me completely and Christi milked the rest of his load all over my stomach. It was the last thing I saw before I passed out.

*omniscient practice*

Max helped Christi rub his cum into Beth's skin. Beth was limp in their arms, apparently passed out. Max gently lifted Beth and carried her over to the other lounge chair and carefully laid her down. He couldn't resist softly running his hands over her body as she lay there unaware. He had been fantasizing about fucking her for months, since the first time he saw her. He had felt bad about it, thought it was wrong. How could any man resist two hot young chicks begging him for it, though? When he was fucking her mother he had to really concentrate to avoid calling out Beth's name when he was cumming. Now that task would be even harder. Now that he'd had her, he couldn't wait to get hard again and give it to her all over again.

He felt his dick twitch a little, showing signs of coming to life again. Just then Christi ran her hands up and down his back, jolting him back to reality.

"What about me Max?"

"God, I'm sorry Christi! I didn't mean to neglect you."

Turning away from Beth, Max smoothed his hands up her torso to her breasts. He flicked her erect nipples with his thumbs while she turned her face up for a kiss. Max thrust his tongue into Christi's mouth. Reaching down with one hand he fingered her dripping snatch. Christi moaned and pulled away from the kiss.

"Max, I've never had a man tongue me. It's great when Beth does it, but I want to feel you do it. Please!"

"Two little hot sluts in one night. Since you begged me so pretty, I'll lick you 'til you scream."

Max laid down on the vacant lounge chair, adjusting it so it was flat, and motioned Christi over to him.

"What do you want me to do, Max?"

"Come sit on my face, bitch. Quick before I change my mind."

Christi positioned her cunt over his face, knees on either side of his head. Max lifted his face to her steaming wet slit and parted the folds with his tongue. Finding her engorged clit, he stabbed at it with his tongue, parting her folds with his hand. Christi jerked against his face.

"Easy girl, take it slow. Man, you're dripping on me."

Christi could feel his start to lave her clit up and down. She started to rock along with the pace of Max's tongue. Watching Max fuck Beth had made her pussy so swollen it hurt. She needed to cum quick to relieve the pressure. Max started to finger fuck her and Christi tightened the muscles in her cunt to make it more intense.

"Please Max, put your finger up my ass. I can't wait I need to cum now!"

"Greedy little cunt. Alright, as long as you promise to suck me until I'm hard again so I can fuck you."

"Yes I want you to fuck me, I promise anything please Max I need it now!"

Max dipped his index finger in her juices and reached up and rammed it up her ass. As he had promised her, she screamed. He jerked his finger in and out of her ass while he sucked on her clit. His semi-erect cock was suddenly sucked deep into a hot wet mouth. "I guess Beth woke up" he thought. He bucked and shoved his rapidly swelling dick deep in her mouth as he felt the muscles in Christi's ass close around his finger. He pulled his finger out of her ass and shoved three fingers of his other hand into her cunt. Christi was convulsing so badly he thought she was going to fall over. Pulling his dick out of Beth's mouth he quickly flipped Christi on her back. Looking up at Beth he said, "I promised I'd fuck her, is that O.K. with you." Beth nodded enthusiastically. "I want to watch."

Max quickly pulled Christi down to the bottom of the lounge chair and rubbed his rock hard dick against her pulsing clit. Christi moaned and bucked with more convulsions and gasped, "I can't stop cumming." Max thrust himself to the hilt in one stroke and, sure enough, she was still fluttering in the throes of another climax. "Time to get serious." Max said as he grabbed Christi's hips to give himself more leverage.

Christi felt Max start slamming into her, his big balls slapping against her ass. Just when she thought she couldn't stand any more Beth knelt down beside her reached her hand down and started flicking her clit. Christi scream again.

"Scream for me baby. You like that? You like having my big cock ramming into you?"

Christi could only gasp and nod thrusting her hips to meet his strokes. Beth reached under Christi's ass and grabbed Max's balls, massaging them. Max slowed down his thrusts and ground his pelvis against Christi's clit, turned his head and sucked Beth's tongue into his mouth. He whispered to Beth, "Put your finger up her ass, she loves that."

Beth fingered Christi's ass and found it wet from the juices running down out of her cunt. She didn't waste any time pushing her finger inside. Christi arched her body, threw her hands above her head and clenched her fingers around the chair cushion as if trying to keep herself from flying to pieces. Beth pumped her finger in and out caressing Max's hard length through the thin barrier of skin between Christi's ass and cunt. Max felt Beth's finger and that pressed the button to release the flood.

Max screamed, "You ready bitch, you ready for me to cum in you?"

"Yes Max, now, now!"

Max grunted and let loose inside her. Christi was cumming once again, her convulsions milking Max until it he thought his cum would start gushing out of her cunt.

Max pulled out of Christi and grabbed Beth's hair, shoving her face at his dick.

"Suck me dry, you little slut."

Beth eagerly complied feeling the last spurts splashing against the back of her throat. Max rammed his cock down her throat until he felt the last spurt, then fell back on the deck gasping for air. Looking at the girls laying there spent and sweating he couldn't believe he still wanted more. If only his dick would cooperate and rise again for another round.

"O.K. little ones, let's jump in the pool and wash off."

Chapter Three

Beth woke up and stretched. It was Saturday, early. "Shit, today's Mom's day off. I guess that means no Max for me" she thought. Beth is not an early riser so she rolled her slim naked body over, pressed her face into the pillows (that smelled like Christi, mmmmm) and went back to sleep.

Max woke up with hard as stone. Her turned to the woman beside him in bed, Beth's mother. She was dead asleep. She had worked at the hospital last night until 3 a.m. and it was only 8 a.m. now. Waking her up for sex would probably piss her off, but what to do about this pesky hard on? Mmmmm, Beth is just down the hall. But what if her mother woke up? He'd have to chance it. Maybe if they were really quiet.......

Max carefully got out of bed and went into the hall, softly closing the door after him. He quietly walked down the hall towards Beth's room massaging his erection, planning what he was going to do to her. When he got to her room he opened the door, entered the room closing and locking the door behind him.

Beth was sleeping. She was lying on her side, half on her stomach, softly moaning in her sleep. Her naked body was partially covered with a sheet. Max crept forward to the bed and slowly pulled the sheet off her body. He stood there for a moment admiring her long tan legs and generous breasts. Stroking himself, he felt he could cum just looking at her. He quickly looked back toward the door, half expecting to see Beth's mother standing there. As he looked back toward the bed he caught sight of Beth's reflection in the mirrored closet doors across the room. "Mmmm, I'll be able to watch myself fuck her," he thought. "Let's see..... what's the best angle?"

Max carefully got on the bed, careful not disturb Beth's slumber. He lay on his side behind Beth, between her and the wall, facing the mirrored doors. Beth stirred and gently rolled back against his chest, sighing and smiling in her sleep. Max reached over and pinched her nipple, waking her, catching her surprised gasp in his mouth as he kissed her.

"Max, are you crazy?" she whispered, "Mom's home!"

"Shhhh, don't say a word. Be very quiet. She won't hear us. She's not going to be up for hours yet."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, when I left her, she was dead to the world. Now, not another word, just let me take control."

Beth looked at Max and smiled in agreement. He moved his hand from her breast, lifted her leg and started fingering her cunt, finding it soaking wet.

"What were you dreaming about, you little slut?" he whispered.

Beth opened her mouth to answer, but Max quickly whispered, "Not a word, remember. Do what I say."

Beth closed her mouth and arched her back as Max started circling his finger gently around her clit. Max kept up a steady stream of whispering in her ear.

"Look in the mirror, Beth. See how hot we look. God, you've got a sexy body. Your pussy is so wet. Do you want me inside you, do you?"

Beth nodded, biting her lip to keep from crying out. Waves of electricity were traveling up and down her body. It was as if there was a hot wire connecting her clit and tingling breasts. Watching his hands on her cunt was making her crazy, she wanted to cry out. Knowing she had to be quiet was making her arousal more intense. She started rocking against his hand putting her own hand over his to increase the rhythm. She threw her head back, panting, wanting to beg him to shove his cock inside her. Max continued his whispering.

"Good girl, you're going to do what I say and take me nice and quiet, aren't you. Mmmm you want my cock inside you bad, don't you, little slut. You're panting for it. O.K. I'll give you what you want."

Max thrust into her from behind in one long, smooth, slick, stroke, she was that ready. Beth mashed her face into a pillow to silence her moans, lifting her leg higher and rocking against him to draw him deeper. Max grabbed her leg holding it up higher and softly grunted as he thrust as deep as he could, grinding himself into her. Max's mouth was right next to her ear. As he whispered she could feel his hot breath. He started to thrust in and out of her.

"Mmmm you're tight and hot. Like a wet silk glove clenching my cock. Tighten your muscles as I pull out, suck on my cock with your pussy. That's it. You're so good at this, you love it don't you. Get your head out of that pillow, bitch. Look in the mirror, watch me fuck you."

Beth looked up, softly panting, quietly moaning. She could see herself in the mirror. God, she looked sexy, Max's big cock thrusting in and out of her wet pussy. She moved her hand to her breast, pinching her nipple and rolling it between her fingers, transfixed at the sight of herself being fucked. Max licked her ear and whispered some more.

"Stroke your clit. Mmmmm that's it. You're ready to cum, aren't you, you hot little slut."

Beth felt a roaring climax building. She arched her back and stroked her clit faster and faster, waiting for the wave to crest, but it just kept building higher and higher. Max, sensing her coming crisis as she started convulsing, increased the pace of his thrusts, keeping up the stream of whispers.

"You're cumming I can feel it. Mmmm you hot little bitch, yes cum all over by cock. Don't scream, baby, I know you want to."

Max moved his hand to cover her mouth to muffle the scream of release he knew was building inside her. She bit his palm. He felt her internal muscles clenching him as each wave of her orgasm crested. It seemed to go on and on, her whole body convulsing in release. He had to hold her to keep her from flying off the bed. He felt his own release building. The cum was gathering in his balls, tightening them. He rammed into her, prolonging her orgasm, bringing his own on, watching himself in the mirror, continuing to whisper.

"I'm gonna cum so deep inside you, fill you up with it. You'll take everything I have and beg for more. Jesus, here it comes."

Max bit her shoulder to keep from crying out as he convulsed with the first wave of his own orgasm. He felt the first stream of cum jet out and splash inside her cunt. His cock was rammed deep inside her and he ground against her in time with each streaming spurt. He quietly moaned and grunted against her neck as his orgasm slowly faded.

Beth and Max collapsed onto the bed, fighting to control their breathing. Max stuck his tongue inside Beth's ear and then whispered, "I enjoyed watching myself fuck you. It makes me think I would enjoy watching you get fucked by another man."

Beth just smiled.

Chapter Four

Beth and Christi were sitting around bored watching T.V. on Saturday afternoon. Max and Mom had gone out to the movies. They would be back in an hour or so.

"You want to go shopping or something Beth?"

"No, Christi, it's too hot. I want to stay in here in the air conditioning."

"There's nothing on T.V. Want to watch a video?"

"Hey, I think Max has some porno flicks around somewhere, maybe we should check them out."

"Our lives are becoming one big porno flick! That encounter with Max you had this morning was unbelievable. Of course it had to happen on the one day this week I didn't spend the night. He could have done both of us. I really missed it."

"Yeah, and with my brother James showing up tomorrow, we won't be able to fuck Max for a whole week. James would have a fit if he knew Max was fucking me."

"How depressing. Well, we always have each other! Go get those porno flicks so we can have some fun!"

Beth went to the back of the house to look for the videos. She didn't hear the doorbell ring.

Christi got up from the couch and went to the front door. She looked through the peep hole and saw Beth's older brother James. Christi pulled the door open.

"James! We didn't think you would be here until tomorrow!"

"Hi Christi. I decided to come home early, there was nothing going on at the campus. Almost everyone had gone home for the summer already anyway. Can you help me with my stuff? Where is everyone?"

"Beth's here, let me go get her and we'll both help you with your bags."

Christi ran down the hall towards the master bedroom.



"James is here!"

"Really, wow! I didn't think he'd be here until tomorrow."

"Well, he's here. Come help bring his stuff in."

Beth and Christi ran down the hallway to the front door. Beth saw James and launched herself into his arms. They were very close, best friends. James have her a crushing hug while Christi looked on smiling.

"Beth I missed you!"

"I missed you too James!"

"Hey I missed you too James, don't I get a hug?" Christi asked.

James came over and gave Christi a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Yeah, I missed you too Christi. Let's get this stuff inside."

Everyone grabbed a suitcase and they lugged them into the house to the guest room next door to Beth's room.

"What are you girls up to these days?" asked James.

Beth and Christi looked at each other and smiled.

"Not much James," said Beth, "you know, the usual summer stuff. This is the last summer before college, so we're just kind of goofing off, enjoying it."

"Well, I had a long hot drive. Anyone want to go for a swim?"

Both girls nodded enthusiastically.

"Sure, James, we'll just go get our suits on," Beth said. "We'll meet you out there."

Beth and Christi went into Beth's room and quickly changed into their suits.

"Beth, I'm so happy to see James. Do you think he'll notice me this time? I've wanted him for as long as I can remember."

"I don't know, Christi. I'll put in a good word for you, try to steer him in your direction."

"That would be great, thanks."

Beth and Christi grabbed some towels and headed out to the pool. They lay down in the sun and waited for James. After about 20 minutes Christi said, "Let's go see what's keeping him."

Beth and Christi went back into the house and went to James' room.

"Hey James, what's keeping you?" Beth called as they entered the room.

"I can't find my suit" James replied.

The girls came into the room. James was standing there naked, with his back to them, not realizing they were in the room. He turned around, saw them and froze. He wasn't particularly embarrassed by his nakedness, he was just stunned at the sight they made in their skimpy thong bikinis. It seemed there were acres of sexy tanned skin, long legs and full breasts in front of him.

"Wow!" was all he could say as his cock sprang to life. He started to turn away. Now he was embarrassed! Getting a hard on looking at his sister! Christi walked up to him and ran her hands down his muscled chest and washboard stomach.

"College has agreed with you, James." Christi said.

Christi closed her hand over his cock and gently caressed it. Every coherent thought left James' head. He looked down at Christi's body. Her nipples were standing at attention and he couldn't resist reaching up and stroking them with his thumbs. Christi looked up at him and smiled. She raised her face for a kiss and he complied. He opened his mouth over hers and she sucked his tongue into her mouth, still rubbing his cock.

"Mmmm, Christi you've sure grown up in the past year. That feels good what you're doing to me."

Christi dropped to her knees and sucked his cock deep into her mouth. James closed his eyes and moaned as she sucked him and started to squeeze and roll his balls. He thrust himself farther into her mouth, feeling the head of his dick suck into her throat. In his lust and excitement he had totally forgotten Beth was even in the room.

Beth watched Christi suck on her brother's thick long cock. She was surprised to find herself aroused by the sight. She walked up to them to get a closer look. James opened his eyes and saw Beth. He sucked in his breath shoving his cock down Christi's throat again. He felt a tremendous surge of arousal seeing his sister watching Christi suck his cock. He could tell by the look on Beth's face that she was as surprised and aroused as he was.

Beth came up beside them and put her hand on top of Christi's head, watching James' cock, wet with saliva, thrusting in and out of Christi's mouth. She looked up at James. He put his arm around her, pulling her close into his side and bending his head for a kiss. Beth raised her face, meeting his lips. He softly moved his lips over hers. She ran her tongue over his lips, urging him to open them. He opened his mouth and stuck his tongue in her mouth, exploring it. Beth could feel James bucking to the sucking sounds coming from Christi's mouth. Beth sucked on James' tongue and reached down to stroke the stem of his cock while Christi sucked on the end.

Feeling his sister's hand and mouth on his body was more than James could take. He couldn't believe how much it was turning him on. He felt himself climaxing, spewing down Christi's throat as he groaned into Beth's mouth while she sucked his tongue harder in her excitement. He turned his head and looked down at Christi sucking and swallowing his cum. Beth still had her hand on him and he knew she could feel the cum flooding through his cock. He jerked a couple more times in Christi's mouth, giving her the last of it. Suddenly they heard a door slam and Mom yell out, "We're home!"

The three of them sprang apart, guiltily, not knowing for a moment what to do.

"You girls go out to the pool, now! I'll get dressed and go talk to Mom."

As the girls quickly headed for the door, James caught Christi's hand and pulled her back into his arms and kissed her. He tasted his cum in her mouth.

"Thanks Christi, that was wonderful."

"Any time, James." Christi replied.

James quickly got dressed and went to greet his Mom.

"Hi, Mom, Max."

"James, honey, we didn't think you were going to be back until tomorrow."

"I decided to leave early, Mom."

"Where is Beth?" Max asked.

"She and Christi are out by the pool I think." James told them.

"Why don't we all go out to dinner to celebrate your return?" Mom said.

"That's fine with me, Mom, I'll go ask the girls."

James went up to the pool and found the girls laying in the sun. They looked up at his approach.

"Did Mom suspect anything?"

"No, Beth, everything is fine. She wants us all to go out to dinner."

"That's great, do you want to come, Christi?"

"I can't, I promised my Mom I'd help her with a dinner party she's having."

James, Beth, Max and Mom all went out to dinner. James got an uneasy feeling about the way Max was looking at Beth. It was hard to concentrate on the conversation. He wasn't sure how he felt about what had happened that afternoon. He couldn't believe Beth had sucked on his tongue while he came in Christi's mouth. He couldn't believe she'd caressed his erect penis while he held her against him. All he knew was that every time he thought about it his cock started rising in his pants. Beth and Christi were so hot, he wasn't sure he could control himself, wasn't sure if he wanted to.

Beth was also confused. What had come over her? It was perfectly natural for Christi to come on to James, she'd been trying to get into his pants for years. She couldn't believe she had walked right up to James and touched him while Christi was deep-throating him. It had been a major turn on for her, but she was not willing to admit that to herself. She'd have to keep her distance from James and leave him to Christi.

Max was pissed. He knew that James' presence in the house was going to put a major damper on his relationship with Beth. He would probably be able to sneak in for a quickie now and then, but nothing like the unfettered access he'd had to her body lately. He knew he couldn't wait a whole week to fuck her again. He'd just have to act natural and stay away from Beth while James was in the house.

After dinner they went back to the house, watched some T.V. and went to bed. Beth went into her room, still mulling over the events of the day. She was tired. Having sex with Max and Christi both together and separately, didn't leave her much time for sleep. Crawling naked into bed, Beth was filled with sexual tension, she just wasn't willing to admit to herself the source. Beth lit a candle and reached into her night stand for her vibrator. She needed a quick orgasm so she could relax and fall asleep. Beth brought the vibrator to her clit and rolled her hips, fantasizing about Max. When she convulsed in climax a few minutes later, though, his was not the name she whispered. Beth rolled over, exhausted and fell into a deep sleep, dreaming of warm skin, wet mouths, hard cocks and pleasure.

James had also gone to bed, but it wasn't so easy for him to fall asleep. He kept running the events of the afternoon over and over in his head. What did it mean? Did he actually want to fuck his sister? More importantly, did she want to fuck him? He and Beth were so close, such good friends, he couldn't allow this to hang between them without clearing the air. He had to talk to her. They would be able to work this out somehow and go back to being the way they were.

James, dressed in only a pair of boxer shorts, quietly crept to Beth's room. The house was silent, everyone apparently asleep. James opened the door to Beth's room and slipped in, closing the door behind him. He turned toward the bed and froze. He could see his sister in her bed by the light of a candle she had burning on her night stand. She was naked, lying on her side. James couldn't believe how sexy she looked with her hair streaming across the pillow, softly breathing, occasionally moving in her sleep. His cock was so hard it hurt. "I guess this answers my question about whether I want to fuck my sister." he thought.

James pulled off his boxer shorts and carefully climbed into bed beside Beth. He spooned his hard body against her back, his erection pressing against the cheeks of her ass. Beth sighed and leaned back against his warmth. Beth's legs were drawn up toward her chest. James cupped her pussy from behind, finding her soaking wet from her recent orgasm. He positioned his straining cock at the entrance and slowly started to push inside her.

Beth woke up feeling a warm hard body behind her and a delicious thick cock invading her cunt. Assuming it was Max, she turned her head to kiss him, finding instead that it was James.

"James! What are you doing?"

"Umm, lift your legs a little more."

"No, I won't, we can't do this, this is wrong."

James grabbed her legs and pushed them up, giving himself better access to impale her on his shaft. He pushed farther inside her, biting her shoulder and groaning.

"God, you're tight."

"James, stop, please."

Although she was protesting with her words, she wasn't doing anything to stop his steady invasion of her body. As he pushed himself full in, she arched her back and moaned, not being able to help herself. He felt wonderfully full inside her. She turned her head towards his to protest some more and he silenced her with an open mouth kiss. He began to slowly move inside her, seducing her with the electric sensations he was creating with his long hard cock in her tight wet cunt.

"James, no this is wrong, we can't do this." Beth weakly protested, losing herself to the feel of him inside her. The forbidden nature of the act was arousing her to new heights of pleasure she had never experienced before.

James felt Beth's cunt begin to quiver and squeeze as she came.

"If you hate it so much and it's so wrong, Beth, why are you cumming all over me?"

"I can't help myself, James, it feels so good, ohhhh, push harder, mmmmm."

James rammed into her for a couple of strokes until he felt her cunt stop fluttering. He flipped her over on her back and raised himself above her. He rubbed his swollen sticky cock against her swollen sensitive clit, causing her to gasp and shake.

"Ask me to fuck you, Beth."

"No, James, this is wrong, whether you made me cum or not, this is wrong."

"Ask me to fuck you, Beth."

James continued to torment her, rubbing the head of his engorged penis against her clit. Finally surrendering, Beth said, "Oh fuck me James, fuck me slow, stick your finger up my ass and fuck me."

James complied with her request. Draping her legs over his shoulders he slowly impaled himself once more, groaning and sweating. He reached under her and stuck an index finger up her ass, gently moving it in and out to the rhythm of the strokes of his cock.

"God, you're so fucking hot Beth. You turn me on, I can't resist this, how was I ever able to resist this."

"Deeper, James, fuck me deeper, ummmm I'm cumming again."

James kissed Beth, sticking his tongue in her mouth for her to suck as she came bucking and moaning against him. The sucking action of her cunt as she came brought on his own orgasm, releasing jets of cum inside her.

"James, I feel you cumming, cum inside me baby, cum."

James collapsed on top of Beth, breathing hard, kissing her neck.

"Ummm, that was great, Beth."

"James, I can't believe we just did that and I enjoyed it so much."

"We've always been close, just look at this as a natural extension of our relationship."

"I'll try. Man it was making it so hot for me, fucking you knowing people would think it was wrong."

"That added something for me too. We'll have to be careful, though, Mom would have a coronary if she knew."

"James, you know how I can never hide anything from you, I have something to tell you that might make you mad."

James rolled off her, laying beside her and looked down into her face. Caressing her body, he said, "Nothing you do could ever make me mad, Beth."

"Christi and I are fucking Max."

"Jesus Christ, Beth, does Mom know?"

"Of course not, you idiot. She's gone a lot, you know she works nights."

"Did that asshole seduce you?"

"No, Christi and I did, out by the pool."

"Both of you?"

"Yeah, Christi and I are kind of an item too, if you know what I mean."

James did know what she meant, his cock twitched.

"James, it's only for the summer. You know Christi and I are leaving for college in the fall. Max needs Mom for emotional reasons. The only thing that brings us together is sex, and that will end when I go away to school. I'm sorry if I made you mad. I lost my head, Max is so hot, I couldn't stop myself, just like with you."

"You do whatever you think is best, Beth. I'll just have to get used to the idea. You and Christi, huh?"

"Speaking of Christi, she really wants you James."

"I kind of got that idea today when she sucked my cock down her throat."

"What do you think? Do you want to fuck her too?"

"What kind of a question is that, she's fucking hot too. Of course I would."

"We'll have to arrange that, how about a threesome?"

"You're driving me crazy, Beth."

By that time James was erect again. He rolled Beth over on her side, lifted her leg and entered her from behind. Beth reached over and turned on the lamp on her night stand.

"There, now you can watch yourself in the mirror while you fuck me."

"Jesus, Beth, hmmmm, isn't that a pretty sight?"

James watched as his cock rammed in and out of Beth's cunt. Beth reached down with her hand and started stroking her clit, moaning watching in the mirror also.

"Beth tell me about what you and Christi do to each other. I want every detail."

Beth told James about her first encounter with Christi while he fucked her. He enjoyed it and couldn't wait to see it in person.

Chapter Five

Beth awoke slowly late on the morning after her experience with James. She was in the hazy state between being asleep and awake, still half dreaming. She felt as if James were still touching her. She could feel the urgent press of his hands on her skin, could hear his ragged breathing, feel his cock sliding in and out of her. Groaning, she rolled her naked body over, feeling the sheets rasp against her sensitized skin. Suddenly fully awake, she blinked and looked around. She was alone. James must have left her sometime during the night.

Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, Beth yawned and looked at the clock. It was 10:00 a.m. Mom was still asleep, Max was at work. She reached between her legs, finding herself pleasantly wet from her dreams. Resolving to do something about it, she got out of bed and went down the hall to where James was sleeping. Quietly opening the door, she peeked inside.

James was lying on his back, deeply asleep. Beth crept in and stood next to the bed looking down at her brother, wondering at how much their relationship had changed in only one day. He was a skilled and exciting lover, she loved having him inside her. It was like it had been with Christi, friends for so many years then suddenly something clicks.

Beth quietly crept up to the bed, removed her robe, raised the covers and slid into bed beside James. He sighed in his sleep drawing his arms around her pulling her to him. Beth gently ran her hands over his muscled body. When had he become so sexy? Maybe she just hadn't noticed before. She noticed now.

Beth caressed his skin, moving her hand lower. James groaned, still sleeping. Beth caressed his semi erect cock, making it jump. James lifted his hips slightly, smiling. Beth grasped his cock more tightly, kissing his neck, rubbing her breasts against his chest. James sighed and slowly opened his eyes, looking down at her.

"Hey sis, good morning."

Beth didn't answer, she just placed her mouth over his, kissing him passionately. James responded with his tongue in her mouth and Beth could feel his cock rising in her hand. Beth rubbed her naked body against his, restless in her arousal. James reached down and cupped her sex, sliding a finger into her slit, finding her soaking wet, making her moan.

James rolled over, taking Beth with him. Poised over her body he looked at her loveliness, aroused by the sight of his sister naked and squirming under him.

"Are you ready for me baby?" he asked her.

"Please James, fuck me."

James positioned himself at the entrance to her throbbing hot cunt, running the head of his cock up her slit. Beth raised her hips, moving with him, begging him to take her.

"Please James, please, now."

"God, you're hot this morning."

James rubbed his cock against her clit, teasing her. Beth could feel tremors of pleasure radiating from her clit to her breasts. She moaned, turning her head to the side, closing her eyes, concentrating on the pleasure. She wanted to cum so bad. She bucked her hips against him again.

"James stop teasing me. I want you inside me now. Please, make me cum James, please."

James loved the feel of her juices coating him as he rubbed himself against her. She was soaking wet, dripping for him. He didn't think he had ever had a woman more aroused. James pushed himself slowly into Beth, making her arch her back and gasp and moan some more. She still had her eyes closed, face away from him.

"Look at me Beth. I want to watch your eyes when I make you cum."

Beth turned her head, opening her heavy lidded eyes, hot arousal looking back at him. As he pushed himself farther inside of her, she drew her breath in, a long hiss. He was still teasing her, moving slowly when he knew she wanted it hard and fast. He knew she was almost ready to cum, but he wanted to build her climax a little higher, make her explode. He wanted her to feel things with him she had never felt with any other man. Looking in her eyes, holding her hot gaze, he pushed himself inside her until he was seated to the hilt. James rolled his hips against her clit, feeling her convulse and clench around him. She was very close, holding herself poised at the edge.

Beth raised her hips, drawing him deeper, rolling her hips with him, mashing her clit against him. The look on his face was so intense as he studied her, his eyes locked to hers. It was almost as if he was trying to get inside her head, feel what she was feeling.

"James you make me so hot, make me cum, please."

"Wait for it little sister, I'm getting there. You're gonna fly apart under me, aren't you? Ohh, yes, I feel you clenching me."

James moved inside her, drawing his cock out of her tight cunt, pushing slowly back inside, setting up a strong slow rhythm, grinding against her clit with every stroke. Every movement caused her to convulse inside, almost making her cum. Beth felt her climax building until she felt it begin to burn in her clit. She opened her legs wider, thrusting her hips against him, taking herself over the edge. Her clit burned, the nerve endings singing as she began to flutter and cum.

"James, James, can you feel me cumming? Yes, I'm cumming, yes."

James could feel every tremor of pleasure in his sisters body. He kept the same slow rhythm, letting her climax run it's course, drawing it out of her, making it last.

"Beth, look at me, don't close your eyes, honey. God you're beautiful. You're so hot."

James felt her body jerk as the most intense waves of her orgasm broke over her. He thrust in as far as he could go, rolling his hips against her, giving her clit that extra little jolt that caused another wave of sensation for her. He was totally into her pleasure, knowing he would take his own from her in a moment. He studied her, seeing the passion in her eyes, the way her body moved under him. She was beautiful to him in a way no other woman had ever been.

James lowered his mouth to Beth's, thrusting his tongue inside, increasing the pace and strength of his thrusts. Beth, still shaking from her climax, wasn't ready for this new onslaught. She gasped. James had no intention of letting her come down before taking her up again. He buried his face in her neck, biting her as he moved faster. He was feeling his own orgasm building, his balls tightening, preparing to give Beth his load. Beth was raising her hips, meeting his thrusts with her own, slamming against him mindlessly.

James rammed into Beth, feeling her beautiful body moving under him. It was as if they were made to do this together. He raised his head and looked down to where they were joined, brother and sister moving as one, his swollen cock wet with her juices sucking in and out of her. She was clenching and releasing him with her cunt muscles, stroking his length as he pounded into her. James threw his head back, neck muscles straining as he felt his release upon him.

"Beth, Beth, Beth." he chanted mindlessly as he pumped his cum into her.

Beth felt James let go, heard him calling her name as his cum splashed inside her, causing another explosion of pleasure as she joined him, cumming again, her spasms milking him.

James collapsed on top of her, taking a moment to catch his breath before kissing his way down her body. When he reached her still throbbing cunt he clamped his mouth on it, sucking his cum from her body.

"Ohhhh, James, yes, yes." Beth moaned.

"Mmmm, baby, you taste so good. We taste so good"

Beth jerked her hips against his sucking mouth, her body convulsing with aftershocks from her orgasm.

"Beth, is this what Christi does for you?"

"Ohhhhh, yes James, she sucks me, yes."

"I want to watch her suck you, Beth. I want to fuck her while she sucks you."

Beth moaned, cumming again against his mouth, feeling it rushing through her, his words making it more intense. She could see it in her mind, Christi kneeling between her spread thighs, ass in the air, James fucking her.

"Oh, James, yes, yes, I want it too."

"Call her up, tell her to come over tonight after Mom goes to work. I want to fuck her so bad, Beth. I want to fuck both of you."

"Ok, I'll call, yes. She wants you too."

"I know. That was a great blow job she gave me. I came so hard down her throat."

James moved up her body again, laying beside her, pulling her into his arms. They lay there for a moment, enjoying the closeness, breathing together, caressing each other.

"We have to get up, Beth, Mom will be awake soon."

"Hmmm, yes. Too bad, I'd like to stay in bed with you longer."

"Yeah, me too. She'll be up real soon, though. I would say let's take a shower together, but we might get caught."

"Yeah. Too bad."

Beth kissed James on the mouth, dipping her tongue in as she got off the bed. She drew her robe on and went back to the room, leaving James lying naked, staring after her.

James lay there for a moment, marveling on how all his erotic dreams had come true in his sister. She was so hot, made him so hard. He felt his cock stirring, wanting her again already. He hoped that Christi could come over. He had dreamed of having a threesome, but had never had the opportunity to have his fantasy come true.

Christi went and jumped in the shower, reluctantly washing the smell of her brother from her body. She rubbed the soap over parts of her that James had been caressing so recently, closing her eyes and dreaming of his lips and hands on her. She moaned a little, fantasizing about James and Christi, her friends, her lovers.

Christi got out of the shower, wrapped herself in a towel and went to the phone to call Christi. She dialed her number and heard a sleepy Christi answer.

"Christi? It's Beth."

"Hi Beth."

"Hey, sleepyhead, what are you doing in bed so late?"

"Stayed up late last night cybering in the sex chat room."

"Well, I think I'll be able to get you some real sex tonight!"


"No, James asked me to call you."

"James! Cool!"

"Christi, we're best friends and I can tell you anything, right?"

"Sure, Beth, you know I love you, honey."

"James and I had sex last night and again this morning."

"No way! You're kidding! Your brother?"

"Yes, it's true. It was so hot Christi, I can't explain it."

"Wow, the idea is making me hot, to tell you the truth. Was it good?"

"Oh, Christi, it was the best. This morning he came inside me and then sucked his cum out of me, making me cum again. He asked me if that was what you did for me."

"Mmmmm, Beth, what did you tell him?"

"I said yes, it was. He said he wanted to watch you suck me, that he wanted to fuck you while you sucked me."

"Holy shit! He said that?"

"Will you do it Christi? I love you both so much. I want us to all be together."

"I'm wet just thinking about it! Of course I'll do it. I can't think of two people on Earth who turn me on as much as you two do!"

"Oh, Christi. Thank you baby!"

"Well, I have to go help my sister move today, but I can come over for dinner."

"O.K. Can you spend the night?"

"Sure, that would be great."

Beth hung up the phone, quickly got dressed and went to James's room. He had just gotten out of the shower and was standing there wrapped in a towel. Beth walked up to him and kissed him, running her hands over his naked chest. He kissed her back.

"Careful, Beth, Mom's going to be awake any time now."

"I know, James, you're just so irresistible."

She kissed him again, pressing against him, feeling his cock rise.

"Baby, don't tease me now."

"O.K.! Hey, I called Christi, that's what I came here to tell you."

"What did she say?"

"She said she can't wait."

James grabbed Beth, kissing her hard, thrusting his tongue in her mouth.

"Oh, Beth, it's going to be so hot."

"Hey, hey, now who's teasing!"

"When is she coming over?"

"She's coming over for dinner tonight, then she's going to spend the night."

"In bed with us, I hope."

"That's the plan."

Beth and James kissed again, quickly, pulling apart reluctantly. Beth went to the kitchen to fix breakfast. It was going to be a long wait until dinner.

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