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Bi-Sexual Cousins

I'll admit it first thing. I love sex with a man or with a woman or, if no one is available, I love solo sex. But I guess my favorite partners are my cousins. Let me tell you how I got involved with them.

Terri and I used to spend lots of time together, since we're the same age and attended the same business college in town. It was to be expected that we spent lots of time together studying and all. One night when I was staying overnight with her, Terri told me how she had found her brother's sex magazines, and she described her find in detail. She vividly described the hardcore magazines with their pictures of tit chewing and cunt eating, of dick licking and ball sucking and cum shooting. Of course her description made me horny as hell and I really started fidgeting around, even rubbing my itchy slit through my nightie.

I should tell you that Kevin was almost 19 and had finished high school and was still living at home. Terri and I were both 20 and were smart enough not to get married or pregnant at the first chance we got. In fact, I was still a virgin.

Anyway, there we were, talking and getting horny when Terri asked if I had ever fucked a guy, and I admitted that my sexual experience had been confined to handjobs (I didn't/don't want to get pregnant or catch some weird disease.) Terri told me she'd been fucked a couple of times but hadn't enjoyed it.

"There's something I like lots better," she said with a definite fire in her eyes. I saw that her nipples were like bullets poking through her teddy. By then my snatch was bubbling, but I don't think I was ready for what Terri had to say when I asked, "What's that?" Her hand stretched out to touch my bare thigh. Her fingers were hot and electric.

"Let me show you," she said. Her hand slid quickly up my inner thigh and her open palm boldly cupped the steamy gateway of my womanhood. But I didn't repulse her touch.. It felt good to have her hand on my sex. She was a woman and she was my cousin. I could trust her. And I loved her.

"You're wet," she said, her voice low and throaty and sexy. Her hand pressed against my mound with a rhythmic variance of pressure, exciting me even more. I humped against her hand, grinding my sex against her palm. Terri smiled and she licked her lips. "You like that, Christie, don't you?" she asked, even though she knew I did. "Then you're gonna love this." She planted a kiss high on my thigh. I knew what she intended. I'd heard about muffdiving, even though no guy had ever done it to me (or even offered to) and certainly no woman. But I wanted Terri's lips on my sex and it seemed so right.

"Oh, yes-s-s," I hissed.

Her tongue left a wet trail as her head moved toward my hot center. I could feel my juices bubbling and wetting the crotch of my panties and the scent of my arousal began to fill the room. Terri's nose just barely touched the wet spot on my panties and she inhaled deeply.

"Ahh, I love the smell of hot cunt," she said. I gasped when she kissed my crotch. I moaned when her tongue began tracing the length of my slit through the thin material there. Terri's fingers gripped the waistband of my panties and I raised my bottom as she slid them down. She took them off of me and held them to her nose and inhaled again. Then she quickly climbed out of her teddy, bare as the day she was born. Her breasts, firm and pointed, were tipped with pink nipples. Her curly black nest was as shiny as the hair on her head and already it was flecked with moisture from her cunt. She helped me out of my nightie and kissed my breasts as she slid down my body .

Again, I moaned as her tongue licked my groove and I put my hands on her head, firmly pushing her face into my fork and grinding my flesh against her mouth. I liked what she was doing and I wanted her to know it. Her nose kept bumping my clit and I humped hard against it, almost as if I were trying to fuck her nostrils. Terri had me hot, horny and wired and I was quickly approaching the point of climax.

I held her head in a death grip as I came, humping her face, gushing cream over her dancing tongue. I was squealing uncontrollably and thrashing my head from side to side as wave after wave of pleasure hit my clit and vibrated up my spine, ringing in my head. I was coming as never before and I didn't want it to stop.

But of course it stopped. And when Terri managed to lift her head, her face glistened with what I knew was my tremendous flood of cream. I reached out and pulled her face to mine and kissed her, tasting myself on her lips and tongue. Before the night was over, I ate Terri's spicy snatch and made her come real good. She even introduced me to Dave, her dildo, which she strapped on and fucked me with. Ooh, I loved being fucked. She took me from the rear, with me kneeling on the bed and she standing on the floor; she got on top and drilled for pussy oil; she got behind me while we were lying side-by-side and took me to the moon as she strummed my clit and kissed my neck.

I quickly decided that I wanted to try to fuck a guy. Terri showed me where Kevin kept his magazines and I loved studying the pictures of spurting dicks that shot goo on tits and on pussies and on smiling faces and in open, willing mouths. I wondered how it tasted and Terri said it couldn't taste as good as pussy and right there in Kevin's room she ate me out as I studied the magazines.

My cousin Kevin is kind of a nerd. He's smart and good looking but shy. He was socially inept, which is why he had the magazines. Terri told me how she'd seen him a few times jerking off, peeping through cracked doors and all, though once she walked into the bathroom when Kevin was sitting on the john whacking his wonder wand. A big one, Terri said. Not only that, he was coming and his white jizz was everywhere. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted Kevin to be my first male fuck. It was easy for me to plan the seduction.

I had asked Kevin to come to my apartment to help me move some furniture. Just before he was supposed to arrive, I took a shower (even though it was part of the plan, the shower cooled me down just a little) and I answered the door with my hair wet and with a towel wrapped around me. A small towel that just barely covered my bush and which covered my stiff nipples but left lots of soft tit flesh in view.

And view it he did. Kevin riveted his gaze on my chest when I opened the door and asked him in. He got a little red in the face and I guess his tongue got stiff (can tongues get hard-ons?) and he sort of stuttered and stammered and when I turned I glanced at the front of his pants and saw a hefty bulge. I led the way to my bedroom, knowing he was watching the towel rise higher and higher, exposing the taut globes of my butt.

"I lied, Kevin," I announced when we got into the bedroom. I stood beside the bed, the towel having ridden above my brown curls, a sight not missed by my observant, but shy, cousin. Kevin is usually pretty quick, but he still seemed not to know what was going on.

"What? What did you want me for, then." I guess so much blood was in that big cock Terri told me about that the oxygen supply to his brain was low and made him think slowly.

I let the towel fall and I stood naked in front of him. Kevin's eyes bugged out. His mouth opened in surprise. But he didn't move. Well, his cock bulge twitched in his pants, but that's all that moved. I put my hands on my hips and walked towards him. He couldn't decide what he wanted to stare at, my bare breasts or the soft triangle between my legs. But even when I was arm's length away, he still didn't move. So I did. I moved my hand and cupped Kevin's crotch.

He moved then, alright. Like somebody had shoved a cattle prod up his ass, he jumped but I didn't let go. I gripped that sausage as though my life depended on it. Well, it finally dawned on Kevin what I wanted. His expression quickly shifted from naive shock to heavy-lidded desire. Kevin finally moved, reaching up to take hold of my tingling tits. His touch was light and unsure but he was soon squeezing and kneading my tits like a man with lots of experience. I kept one hand massaging his hard-on and I put the other hand behind his head and pulled his mouth to one of my nipples.

Slowly I backed my way to the bed, Kevin leeching my breast and shuffling along. When the edge of the bed touched the backs of my knees, I pushed Kevin's head away and told him it was my turn to do some sucking. Unzipping his fly, I shoved his pants and shorts down and freed Kevin's cock. Kevin's gigantic cock. It was big and fat and certainly bigger than what Terri had led me to believe. I held that hard bar in both hands and squeezed and pumped. Remember, I'd given handjobs before but always in a car, none of the dicks were so big, and I'd never considered putting my mouth near one.

But when I saw the clear bead form at the tip, pumped out by my eager fists, my mouth watered and I felt the need to taste that drop of liquid, I felt compelled to put that thick, hot meat in my mouth. As I moved my head closer, I smelled the musky aroma of his genitals, spicy and nasty and intoxicating. I pointed my tongue and aimed at the dewy dollop. I captured the sticky stuff on the tip of my tongue. It was warm and it tasted sweet and I wanted more. I parted my lips and let the bulb knob slide inside my mouth.

"Jesus!" Kevin shouted. His body jerked and his cock swelled and started gushing his syrupy-thick spunk into my mouth. I was surprised but determined to swallow that thick stuff so I gulped down two or three wads before the taste even registered. Not bad, either. A bit salty, but fresh and sweet, like sucking honeysuckle blooms. I snorted and swallowed every drop of Kevin's fruity jism.

"Damn!" Kevin managed to say as he recovered from his orgasm. "I can't believe . . . why . . what. . . ?" He was confused, but not stupid. I lay on the bed and parted my legs and he stared at the bright red gash of my pussy. Kevin may have been confused, shocked and inexperienced, but stupidity is not a family trait. His instincts took over, I guess, and he started eating my box like mad, like he'd been doing it for years. I especially liked the way he sucked my clit. I guess all those years of reading fuck books taught him what was what.

I grabbed the back of his head and shoved his face into my cunt when his tongue darted up my hole. His enthusiasm certainly compensated for any lack of experience as I came into his busy mouth, washing his face with my flow. My legs trembled as my orgasm shook every muscle in my body and I screamed like a banshee at the pleasure of it all.

I pulled Kevin's head out of my crotch and kissed him on his juice-smeared lips. My flavorful cream covered his cheeks and he tasted like my cunt as my tongue danced wildly inside his mouth.

"Fuck me, Kevin," I breathily said to him as I felt his hardness tap my thigh. "I want you to fuck me." "You're my cousin," he said weakly.

"I know that," I answered. "I said, 'Fuck me,' not 'Marry me.' I want your cock in my pussy." I raised my hips, teasing his cock with the touch of my skin. "You want to fuck me, don't you, Kevin?"

"Oh, yes," he said. He reached down and took hold of that tool of his and wedged it against the opening. Both of us thrust and in an instant he was balls-deep inside my hot oven. God, it was so good to have that hot meat in me! Better by far than Terri's fake cocks. And his chest hair rubbing briskly against my sensitive nipples felt fantastic! "Fucking you, Christie," Kevin breathed hoarsely "Shit, yeah, fucking this pussy. Hmm, yeah, fuck! Fuck!"

We came together, our liquids mingling and squishing into a pool of smelly sex on my bed. I held Kevin tightly, feeling our hearts racing, hearing our raspy breathing slowly quiet down and become steady and regular. His prick had lost its rigidity but it was still warm and felt good soaking inside me.

I told Terri about fucking Kevin. At first I was surprised at her interest, because she insisted that I vividly describe his cock in great detail, how it felt, how his cum tasted and most especially how it felt to be fucked by him, relative that he was. Then she admitted her long-time fantasy of fucking him and we got to talking about it and the thought of a threesome excited both of us. I didn't think Kevin would mind being serviced by two hot twats.

I was right, of course. I asked Kevin to come over to my apartment one night and we were fucking like crazy within five minutes of his arrival. He was in the saddle, pistoning that big prong of his in and out of my cunt, when Terri quietly slipped out of the closet. I hugged Kevin close as Terri quietly got behind him. Her eyes were flashing as she knelt behind her brother. As her face disappeared behind her brother's flexing haunches, I looked into Kevin's eyes.

At the touch of her tongue, Kevin reacted as though he'd been shocked with a cattle prod again. He slammed into me hard, driving the air from my lungs with a whoosh. I held him tight while Terri's tongue did some wild things behind his balls.

"What . . . ? Who . . . ?" Kevin shouted as he tried to see behind him.

"Another hot pussy for you to fuck and suck, Cousin," I said to him. "I didn't think you'd mind."

"Terri!" he shouted when his sister plopped onto the bed beside me. His cock swelled a bit and throbbed inside me. Kevin may have been startled at his sister's presence, but his cock told me just how excited he was.

"Wanna screw me with that big dick of yours?" Terri asked, reaching with one hand and toying with my clit. I knew from the look on Kevin's face made it plain that his answer was positive.

"Let's suck him off first," I suggested. "Kevin's good for several comes. Let's share his first load." The look on Kevin's face was priceless as Terri and I hovered over his groin, his hard prick, shiny with my pussy juice, strained and throbbed, looking like a powerful, fleshy rocket ready to launch, its purple warhead prepared to deliver its liquid payload.

Terri and I grabbed Kevin's hot cock and milked a bead of crystal clear lube from the tip. Together our pointed tongues sipped the sweetness and circled the rim of his pulsing knob.

"Jesus!" Kevin gasped. Our fingers lightly explored and stimulated the flesh of his thighs, his belly and chest. Terri and I licked up and down that wonder wand of his, our wet tongues and lips often touching to exchange a kiss or a taste in the process. Terri was a greedy little cocksucker, too, when it came to her brother's cock, because she kept sucking the head and lapping that pre-squirt. But I knew she'd share the goo when he came. And I knew there would be plenty to share.

I knew Kevin was close to popping off and Terri quit sucking when I said, "He's close." I held onto his nuts and gently squeezed as Terri and I pumped his hot pole. I could feel the gism as it sped up the tube and every muscle in Kevin's body stiffened as that white lave erupted from his cock with enough power to send it smacking wetly onto Terri's cheek. But the rest of his squirts were aimed onto our tongues and into our mouths. Three moaning voice joined together, two expressing delight at the honeyed taste of nut nectar and the basso moan of Kevin as he experience the heavenly pleasure of orgasm and the added thrill of watching his sister and his cousin slurp his wet offering.

I sat on Terri's mouth while Kevin fucked her only minutes later. Her tongue teased my asshole as her fingers worried my clit and I swapped spit with Kevin and his cock pummeled his sister's swampy pussy. Terri managed to worm her tongue up my dark chute. She'd made moves before to suck my ass but had never gone through with it. Now, though, I guess her brother's big cock in her cunt drove all her inhibitions away as her tongue butt-fucked me to a juicy come.

Kevin about fucked his sister raw before he shot his second steamy load into her pussy. I licked his shrinking cock clean and then dived into her cunt to sooth the raw flesh with my tongue and to sample the mixture of love oils that seeped out. Kevin laid back and watched us do a sixty-nine while he slowly rubbed himself to another hard-on.

In no time I felt movement then Kevin's meaty cock was parting my pussy lips and splitting my cunt deliciously as he began fucking me from behind. I knew Terri's tongue and mouth would be active licking her brother's skewer and sucking on his balls, encouraging them to deposit yet a third heaping helping of oozing goo for her to devour from the cup of her cunt even as I had sipped his spending from her snatch. He did and she did and then we did stuff that we'd read about and heard about and imagined and a few things I think we invented on our own.

Now, three years later, we live together in an apartment in another state. Everyone assumes that Kevin is married to one of us since we all have the same last name. But no one here knows that we fuck and suck each other as though the three of us were married to each other. In our hearts, I guess we are.

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