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Brian and Judy Discover their True Love: A Story of Incest

My face was buried in the deep valley between the two adjacent fleshy mounts of her buttocks as my tongue went on ravaging her puckered asshole pushing the crotch of her g-string off the delicious back-door. As I rimmed her and pushed my tongue in, she went berserk in joy and tried to push her bums on my face literally suffocating me. I spread her ass-cheeks apart and delicately rubbed my teeth and tongue alternately on her small tight opening; while three of my fingers were working in her pussy and the thumb was massaging her clit. She was in throes of an ecstatic orgasm and threw her arms and limbs around. Then I pushed her g-string down and she helped my by getting rid of it. I turned her around and settled in leisurely sixty-nine. This time my mouth was on her pussy and I was sucking it as if there was no tomorrow. Her succulent cunt erupted as a volcano as her juices flowed endlessly, which I lapped like a dog. When I concentrated on her clit, I felt a strong suction pressure on my cock.

Now I was jerking fucking her mouth as my tongue flicked her clit. I shoved a finger in her asshole and in a few minutes she was coming again. My cock was buried deep in her mouth right up to her throat and her expert mouth did not take it long to make my cock throb to release a load of cum in her mouth. Lying on top of her, I licked her entire pubic area, and lightly bit her clit, as she cleaned my cock of the last drops of jism by sucking it hard. It was now my turn to turn around and play with her big tits encased in a satin bra. I pushed my hands in and released her 36DD tits out of the straining garment and unhooked the clip as the front-open bra flung open. She pushed one tit in my mouth of which I tried to take in as much as I could into my mouth. I sucked on one as I massaged the other, tickling and twisting her hard nipples which stood up on the apex of her pyramids. There was no sag at all to those huge tits, and the pleasure of kneading them was immense.

Her ministrations on my cock with her experienced fingers and caressing touch was bringing back life into my pecker. She caught it tight and rubbed the tip against her and the soft mound of venus which was bereft of any hair. When she positioned the tip of my cock on the gateway of heaven, I kissed her on her lips, with our tongues wrestling against each other. Hardly had I thrust my way in, when she moaned, 'love me brother, love me.'

After a few forceful thrusts which ensured that my cock is deep in, we got into a perfect rhythm. She matched my strokes by lifting her pelvis every time I dug in. All of a sudden like a woman possessed, she pulled me onto her, caught my with her legs around my waist and rolled me over, without disengaging herself from me. Now she was on top; bouncing up and down. Her tits danced in tune with her movements. Her well-exercised cunt muscles gripped my pecker which was sliding with the most pleasurable friction. She was grinding her pubis on my mine making sure that I was buried inside her.

'You are inside me, I can feel you so well; I can feel you deep inside me. This is the snatch your cock belongs to.' She moaned between her pantings.

Take me inside you, I want to come inside you sis. This is the dream I was living for, Your cunt feels just right for my cock.' Saying so, I reached for her breasts, and caught both of them. I massaged those wonderful mounts and then she bent at her waist to lie on top of me; although her pelvic movements never stopped.

In a few moments of mutual caressing and rhythmic pumping, I knew I was near the explosion point. I was going to come in her cunt for the first time.

I am coming, cumming for you, take my load inside you......

Me too....aahh....give it to me, give me all.....flood my hungry cunt with your love-juice....I am cumming ...

My cock spurted out its contents and I gave the final round of strokes getting deeper into her as her tunnel squeezed out the sperms from my cock. As I was about to come, I poked my finger in her asshole, and fucked it with my finger rhythmically with her movements.

Both of us collapsed into an abyss of celestial bliss. Her long hair covered my face as I moved my fingers lovingly through them. Without wasting much time she turned around, again in a sixty-nine, but this time she on top of me. We licked each other clean, and the mixture of incestuous cum tasted so delicious. Exhausted, but relaxed we slept like logs with ones mouth on the other's crotch.

I don't know if I was dreaming; wet and delicate touch on my cock and a forceful suction pressure on its knob were giving me thrilling pleasure, and even in sleep I was lapping honey from the juicy pot. As tension built up in my nuts, I woke up. I slurped the overflowing honey from her snatch and I came again. What a way to get up I thought. We were both lying on our sides, with my head on her left thigh as her right leg was placed on my head fixing it to the source of joy. Likewise, her head was in front of my crotch with my cock in her mouth.

I worked on her clit this time, and when I felt she was about to come, from her panting, and convulsions, I got up. I made her kneel on her elbows and knees; she understood and cooperated thrusting her voluptuous ass upwards. I planted a deep kiss on her asshole, rimmed it a bit, and parted her grand asscheeks apart exposing her nether hole I fingered it to make it ready to receive my cock; and then placed the hard knob of my cock at the gateway. When I pushed, her asshole opened up like a flower and there was not much difficulty in entering her rectum. Slowly and slowly, with each thrust my cock was embedded in her asshole. Her tight ass had my cock up to its root and my balls were banging against her ass as I started moving back and forth.

Your asshole is tighter than your cunt, I love fucking your ass. I said. The pressure on my cock, and the pleasure thereby was exquisite.

Yes, give me in my ass this time. I love it there. Touch my clit; my sister moaned.

I started rubbing her clit and massaging her breasts through her armpit and went on buggering her. She started whimpering in joy and pushing her ass back as I thrust forward.

It fits in so well, she said. Never ever I thought one can get so much pleasure in getting plumbed in the ass. She said.

I was now playing with her hanging breasts. I was weighing those heavy flesh cones and tweaking the nipples. Then I pushed three fingers in her dripping cunt and fucked her cunt by moving my fingers in and out.

Yeah...I am there.....yeah....harder.....deeper, fuck me hard, fill me up everywhere. You cornholing bugger, fuck your sister's ass....dig in your strong dick in my tight ass. You are taking the virginity of my ass.....harder...yes, that is it....get in deeper.

She reached back with one hand and caught my balls and the moment she gave a hard squeeze, there I was. With every spurt erupting from my cock, I gave deeper thrusts and filled her rectum with hot cum.

Take it in my darling, see how snugly your asshole fits my cock. Are not we really made for each other ? Take my seeds in you.....squeeze my cock with your sphincter. Let me bury my cock in the glorious asshole of yours.....aahh....

There was the climax. For both of us. And we slumped together on the bed. My limp cock popped out of her asshole and I lied on her back placing it in the crack of her ass and her entire thighs and perinium were soaked with the products of our love.

We then rested awhile, smoking a joint which she brought out from her handbag. A brother and a sister, lying naked on the bed after exhausting sessions of love-making!! We were not inquisitive adolescents who out of curiosity land up in such situations; we were two adult matured human beings, both having slept with many partners; who have now fallen in love.

How did it all happen?

I was in the law school when my sister, older to me by a couple of years was majoring in history. I once had to travel to the city she was living in. She had an apartment near her university. I was planning to stay there while attending a workshop. We had been always very close and good friends to each other. We used to share our problems and happiness. When I was to go there for workshop, I thought of staying with her, as we had been separated for several years attending different universities in different states. She was too happy when I called her up to inform that I would be visiting her.

I reached her place early in the morning, and after a shower, went for the workshop telling her I would be late as we had a gala dinner after the first day's deliberations. But after the workshop, I felt so damn tired and sleepy that I thought of getting back and hit the sack. When I entered her apartment with the key she had passed on in the morning, I heard loud noise coming from her bed-room. I knew it must be her boyfriend with her, and I did not want to disturb them. So, I just undressed and lied down on the couch in the living room. They were not aware I was back.

The intensity of the noise was increasing, ahhh....harder...no, not my asshole,...come into my pussy...push hard...my sister was heard yelling.

Take it you bitch...let my pecker get in your snatch you nymphomaniac bitch....catch my balls, caress them.....

There was the accompanying sound of the screeching bed-springs, and there heavy breathing.

After a while there was a lull, and then I heard my sister saying, now you get going, my brother would be back anytime.

One last time before I go, blow me please; the guy pleaded.

I could hear their slurping sounds and the moans. Few minutes later, when the door opened, I pretended to be asleep. Through the corner of my eyes I saw a well-hung guy coming out, followed by sister who was still nude, as she never thought I would be there.
Oh, he has returned, the guy said, he has conked off I guess. And he left.

My sister was possibly happy to see me asleep, and went to her room and came back wrapped in a long robe. She came near me, and called me, 'Brian, are you asleep?' She shook my shoulder a bit, I opened my eyes, 'oh, yeah...I was dead tired, and came and straightaway hit the sack. You...you were... I guess busy'.

Her face flushed a bit, but being adults as were, we were not embarrassed by what took place in her bed-room when I came in, and it was quite natural for a twentyfour year-old to have boyfriends with whom she had every right to have sex.

Yeah, Jim was here. He is a nice guy.

Are you going steady with him? I inquired.

Not really, I have been seeing him only for a month. He is a nice chap, a freshman at the university. She went on to add, but you really look tired, you better sleep now.

The next day, after my workshop was over, I thought of going to a pub, have a few drinks to unwind myself, and then go back and sleep. I headed to a neighbourhood pub. I had a few martini, when I saw my sister entering the pub with a guy, who was not Jim. They did not see me as I was sitting in a corner. They had a drink each sitting on the bar-stools and went to the dance floor. My sister's movements were real fluid, and as she gyrated her hips to the music, her skirt rode up, and her bare bums with a black string was visible. The guy now had his hands on her bare bums, and they were swinging to the music. I had few more drinks, and hiding myself away from their view, took an exit. I came back, changed and slept off.

Hey, you nerd, get up. You came to see your sis after so many years, and what you are doing is snoozing off, she shook me up. I got up. Yeah!! Tell me what do you want to tell. I said.

You have not even spoken to me after you came here, she complained, her speech was slurred. She was obviously drunk. When she sat, she was too careless to keep her thighs uncovered, and the skirt did not do much to hide her shapely thighs, and her crotch was uncovered.

I was feeling a little awkward seeing my sister in such condition, and I said, 'I thought you might be busy this evening too I was in the same pub, and seeing you with your boyfriend I did not want to disturb you, and I came back here.'

Oh ! you should have called me there. He was no boyfriend, I just picked him up this evening.

But how do I know?

C'mon you jerk, she said, I just picked him up for a quickie, but he was quicker than I had wanted him to be. Left me high and hot that bastard. She said as she proceeded to her room..

I knew alcohol has taken away her inhibitions, and she was talking like that under the influence of alcohol.

When she came back, I was startled. She was in a g-string which had enough material to prove it was black in color, and a satin quarter cup bra which did not do justice to her mammoth breasts. She had a fabulous figure.

For the first time in my life, I looked at her feminine body in almost a nude state. She was just gorgeous. Her big posterior expanded below her narrow waist, and the breasts stood as two sentinels on her chest encased in a black bra. My cock jumped up in salutation to her great body. She came and sat by me.

How is that you are so quiet and lonely at night, did not you pick up any one at the bar? She asked.

No, did not feel like.

Don't tell me you are gay.

Of course not, but I just did not feel like. Why don't you go and put on something?

I am putting on something, cannot you see? She pushed her tits forward. Or am I making your john hard ? She asked with a twinkle in her eyes.

I was now getting excited by her naked charms. Before I could say something, she had gripped my cock; 'I know you are horny' - she said.

Without a word being told, she started jerking me. I was high too with the martinis I had consumed, and I just lifted her and went to her bedroom.

As I climbed up her bed, I had taken off my boxer shorts. And then we were making love.

When the effect of alcohol subsided and we got back to our senses, far from feeling guilty, we were too hot to indulge in lovemaking again and again.

We possibly had this feeling for each other in our subconscious, so the whole relationship just grew naturally. The few days I stayed there, day time I attended my workshops and at night made raunchy love with my sister.

After a couple of weeks she came to my place a two room apartment near my campus. I introduced her to everyone as my girlfriend and not as sister.

One evening I took her to a rave party, which I used to frequent. I had a friend from my school who too was there with his girl-friend, and we mate-swapped there. My sis enjoyed threesomes, particularly when her asshole and cunt were filled with cocks and her mouth was glued to a pussy. She must have come twenty times that night.

She stayed with me for a week, and we indulged in all types of sex, from group to fisting. She was also eaten by my pet-dog, after I smeared her pussy with cream, something my German Shepherd liked to lick. While licking her pussy, the dog, like it has been trained, put its tongue in her vagina, which took my sis to an earth-shattering climax. She licked and sucked its long slender cock, but could not make it come in her mouth. Then I helped both of them to copulate, guiding the dog's cock into her pussy.

We are now planning to live as man and wife, after our academic courses are over, and we want to have babies too. Till we have babies, we indulge in mate-swapping, gang-bangs, and all types of kinky sex. But once she plans to conceive, we will have to be monogamous.

We have discovered our love.

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