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Brother James the Preacher Man

I belonged to a church youth group in a very small rural community. You could even call it a backwoods kind of place. Mostly the church group consisted of naive teenage girls who certainly loved Jesus, but lacked sophistication in the ways of the world.

Brother James became our youth minister. Although he wasn't all that much older than my friends and I, about five years, he had been to bible college, which to us resembled sainthood. Brother James is also my brother. Since he had not yet graduated from bible college and been properly ordained, his official title was Brother rather than Pastor or Reverend.

Brother James liked to take us on nature outings. You know, walks in the woods. We'd all take our bibles and find a secluded spot to listen to him preach. He sure could spit fire and brimstone for such a young dude.

The first time I saw my brother's huge penis our group consisted of Laurie, Karen, Rebecca, Kim and I. We girls sat under a large oak tree as Brother James gave us his sermon. I almost saw his penis once before when I barged in the bathroom and my stepmother, on her knees with him in the shower, had most of his cock in her mouth. I couldn't see it, his penis, all that good that time.

That beautiful early fall afternoon, sunny and seventy degree temperature, Brother James preached on II Kings 18:4, "He removed the high places, and brake the images, and cut down the groves, and brake in pieces the brasen serpent that Moses had made: for unto those days the children of Israel did burn incense to it: and he called it Nehustan."

"The word 'asherah' in the Hebrew is translated to 'groves' in this verse," Brother James explained. "It is rather obvious we are not talking about a tree or a bunch of trees in the 40 verses in the King James where 'asherah' is translated to 'grove' or 'groves.' This is definitely a translation error in the King James which biblical experts have tried to correct in some subsequent English translations, which translate the word 'asherah' to 'sacred pillars' or 'sacred poles' or the like."

"Brother James?" asked Rebecca, "what exactly is an 'asherah' I'm wondering?"

"Well, Rebecca," Brother James began in his best John Hagee impression, "an 'asherah' is a phallic symbol."

"Brother James?" asked Laurie, "what's a phallic symbol?"

"Well, Laurie, a phallic symbol is some object that symbolizes a penis. The 'asherah' became an object of worship just as the Nehustan. That is what is being said in Ezekiel 16:17, 'Thou hast also taken thy fair jewels of my gold and my silver which I have given thee, and madest to thyself images of men, and didst commit whoredom with them.' Images of men are of course phallic symbols. Jewish princesses made smaller versions for their own personal use, if you get my drift. Just think of the splinter problem several thousand years ago! But I have no idea why girls would prefer a wooden dildo over the real thing."

"Brother James?" asked Kim, "I've never seen a penis. What does it look like? Could you show us yours?"

"Would you really like to see my penis?" Brother James asked the group eagerly.

"Yes!" we screamed in unison.

Brother James unzipped his pants and pulled out his one-eyed monster. And quite the monster it was. I never had seen a penis up close and personal like I said, except for the part of my brother's cock that wasn't in my stepmother's mouth. Sure, my girlfriends and I had seen pictures and movies, but never a good look at the real thing. My education was about to begin.

"Would you like to touch it?" Brother James inquired, feigning innocence.

"Yes!" we squealed in unison.

"OK, Karen and Kim come on over here. Let me see your breasts, girls, it will provide you with even more of me to see, believe you me."

Karen and Kim removed their blouses and bras, exposing their breasts. Kim is rather well-endowed but Karen looks like a boy but for her large nipples, which became quite erect quickly, as did my brother's manhood.

"OK," Brother James ordered, "Kim, you put your left hand on my penis, on the base. With your right hand caress my balls. Karen, you form a circle with your hands and put your hands over the head of my penis.

"Now, Karen, put your mouth on my penis. Open wide. Now suck it. Kim, move your hand back and forth to follow Karen's mouth. This is not sex; the President said so."

Five minutes later my brother's penis was throbbing and pulsating and shooting cum all over the place, especially down Karen's throat. It was like a gusher. Kim just knelt there dumbfounded and Brother James pulled out of Karen's mouth and hit Kim with a splat of cum right between the eyes. He kept screaming out to God as all this transpired.

Over the course of the next several weeks we had many bible lessons in the woods, and Brother James received many blowjobs. He seemed like a very happy camper, er, I mean youth minister.

But then my brother James got bored with blowjobs. He decided he should be King Solomon and we his wives. He encouraged us girls to please each other.

"Picture this," he told us, "the king spends the night with the five of his wives who are currently ovulating. The king takes care of business with one, and while he rests for a short spell, the five ladies play with each other while the king watches. Do you really think this guy needs to spend $10 for a Viagra pill? The fivefold results of the activities of this evening make an appearance nine months later."

Well, I had no intention of getting involved in this baby business, especially with my very own brother. Giving a little head, or a big head in this case, was one thing, but I had hoped to save my virginity either for marriage, or for true love, or for Daddy. I suspected Daddy would never ever screw me if he found out James broke my cherry. The other girls, however, did not have as much willpower as I did.

Kim is a stunning young multi-racial woman. Her mother's name was Tran Thi Kim Hong; Vietnamese. She died in an automobile accident when Kim was eight. Her father is a black Army officer.

I inquired when I first met Kim, "Do you speak Vietnamese at all?"

"No, after my mother died I really didn't have much association with any Vietnamese. Just a matter of circumstances I guess. I do feel somewhat guilty about that. She didn't have much family, a few distant relatives who remained in Vietnam. Hey, I speak French fluently, is that good enough for you?"

Kim surely did prove her proficiency at the French. She proved to be the only one of us who could get Brother James' entire cock in her mouth.

Brother James' exposition of the "Song of Solomon" infatuated Kim. "That is where many scriptural answers on the subject of sexuality are to be found," he explained, with his eyes riveted on Kim's long dark legs, usually displayed superbly by very short skirts.

"I'm just too tall!" Kim would offer as an excuse for displaying so much leg.

Brother James initially did not become distracted by Kim's flirtatious behavior. He just continued ranting and raging. "In this most erotic biblical escapade, King Solomon lusts after the Shulammite maiden. He just doesn't have sexual fantasies about her. The point is what he does about them. The king attempts to buy the damsel's love but she chooses erotic love and her shepherd. Had she forsaken erotic love and joined the king's harem, she would have been just another one of the king's harlots. God likes erotic. That's what He is saying in the 'Song of Solomon.'

"I am your shepherd, Kim," Brother James often insisted softly. "I will lead you to the promised land; multiple orgasms, er, I mean salvation.

"Now, Kim," Brother James continued, "let me explain to you why black is beautiful." He began to quote from the bible, Song of Solomon, verse 1:5, "I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Kedar, as the curtains of Solomon."

Kim hung on my brother's words as he lectured, "You see, Kim, she is black. Dark. Dusky. How dark is she? 'Kedar' or the Hebrew 'qedar' means dusky or dark, of the skin or of the tents. We know from verses like 1:8, 'O thou fairest among women' that she was the most beautiful woman in the neighborhood. The word 'fairest' translated from the Hebrew 'yapheh' has nothing to do with skin color. It means beautiful, extraordinarily comely, very bright.

"The Shulamite maiden is from Shulem or Shunem. She is of the tribe of Issachar, a descendent of Adam and Eve, Shem, Abraham, Issac, Jacob and Issachar. Get it? It seems to me that God is sending us some important messages in these verses which the religious establishment and white society would certainly like not to be properly understood."

"Let me get this straight, Brother James," Kim interrupted, "it is almost Thanksgiving and you like dark meat." Kim hiked up her skirt a bit and spread her legs, and not revealing panties, revealed a very smooth pussy.

"Which, uh, uh, reminds me," my brother stammered, "I have in my possession a Dead Sea Scroll fragment found in the caves at Qumran which reveals Jesus, as I do, liked his without. It goes like this...

November 19, 0031
My Dearest Mary Magdalene,

I'm happy you tried shaving. It makes me real horny just thinking about it. Your shaved pussy is absolutely wonderful to see, to touch, to massage and to lick - it is the ultimate turn-on for me and I can not wait to just look and admire it once again, as it is something I think about all the time.

You complained about the stubble and shaving bumps. Try Magic Powder, an invention of quite the rascal, Ezequeel, one of the fallen angels. Magic Powder will remove your hair below the skin surface without causing any skin bumps. It will make your hair, when it does grow back, much softer, thinner and less sharp. No more Brillo pads for me!


November 25, 0031

My Dearest Jesus,

The Magic Powder worked great! But the angel who brought it insisted on applying it himself with his tongue. What's up with him? He kept making me drink this red milky stuff called Angeldew. Yeow and what a rush that stuff gave me, and then, well never mind. That Ezequeel sure made me squeal.

The "new" me, now that you solved the stubble trouble, is really cool. And I do mean really cool. It gets chilly down there without the fur coat. Hurry up and get back here and warm me up. Sweet Jesus I can't wait.

Mary Magdalene (keeping it smooth just for you!)

Brother James removed several gold cans of Magic powder from his briefcase. "This stuff will make your pussy smooth and it won't hurt a bit. Now remove your clothes, at least your skirts and your panties if you are wearing them." We did as our own personal savior commanded.

We mixed and applied the Magic as my brother instructed. Five minutes later we gently removed the paste with the edge of the spatulas he had provided.

"Now, I want a taste!" my brother James demanded gleefully.

Brother James began to quote again from the Song of Solomon. "I love this part, starting with verse 4:5, 'Thy two breasts are like two young roes that are twins, which feed among the lilies.' He ended with verse 4:16, '... Let my beloved come into his garden, and eat his pleasant fruits.' The last verse is all about cunnilingus also known as eating pussy. I'll show you. I need a volunteer."

Kim lay back on the blanket and spread her legs. "Right here baby," she cooed.

"Now," my brother ordered, "Rebecca, you pair up with Karen, and Laurie, you pair up with Deborah. Do to your partner exactly what I do to Kim."

Brother James began by giving Kim a few little licks. She began giggling. He laughed and proceeded to lick her clitoris softly and gently. He separated her wet pubic lips with his fingers, and spread Kim wide open. First he licked under her clit and inner labia and occasionally swirled her clit in his mouth. He drove Kim crazy! Then my brother alternated with his tongue, slow flat licks, and then with his lips, sucking gently.

Soon Kim squirmed with pleasure and lost any semblance of control. Finally she totally lost it as my brother licked her hot swollen clit with harder and more demanding strokes. She started yelling and screaming louder than I had ever heard her before, even when we attended a Benny Hinn show.

Kim thrust her hips upward with excitement and exploded in a powerful climax as she moaned, "Oh God, Oh sweet Jesus, Oh, Brother James!" over and over and squirted juice all over his face. He continued to lick her gently as she came down from her orgasm, her entire body visibly shuddering.

I began to laugh. My brother's face glistened and cunt juice ran down his chin and onto his shirt and tie that he had never bothered to remove. He didn't even loosen the knot on his tie.

Brother James ignored my fit of laughter. "OK, now you girls do to each other what I just did to Kim." We did, over and over, for hours.

Next Brother James quoted Genesis 38, the story of Onan and the spilling of his seed. He told Kim it was her duty as a child of God to accept his seed, because he was the Lord's messenger here on earth. Kim acquiesced, as did Laurie, Karen and Rebecca. I decided not to participate in this activity after I called the Psychic Hotline. Instead I let my brother fuck me in the ass. Yeow that hurt! And none of the other girls would let him do them that way after I squirmed and screamed like a stuck pig.

Kim, Laurie, Karen and Rebecca did invite me to a party weeks later. It turned out to be more like a baby shower. The girls had been to the local drug store and purchased Answer Plus home pregnancy tests. They each placed the required liquid in the urine collection lid and followed all the other instructions. Yes, the results were purple as they all suspected and hoped; a hazy purple. They seemed very happy.

My brother James never did marry but he does have 69 children of all sizes and colors. They make up what he calls his "Brother James' Tabernacle Choir." He now operates a convent in addition to a church with an ever-growing congregation, consisting mostly of beautiful teenage girls. These days after his sermon at the pulpit, Brother James calls upon a volunteer from the audience. He motions her to her knees and orchestrates the same worship ceremony he taught his first disciples, my girlfriends and I.

Now Brother James, known now as Reverend James, is a frequent guest on the Dr. Laura show, lecturing on the pitfalls of incest. "To all you young virgins out there," he concludes with, "why fuck your daddy or uncle or brother when you can fuck your pastor?" He then hands out flyers to the audience with his phone number and a picture of his huge cock. "Only sweet young virgins who want to find Jesus need apply."

My brother James is still my spiritual advisor, one of them anyway, I need a lot of spiritual advice. Like most preachers, half of what he says he doesn't even believe himself, and the other half is bullshit. But at least he's cute! Must be heredity. I still suck his cock and still let him fuck my ass, but only if he uses plenty of lube. I also have a much younger sister who has been reading the bible a lot lately and asking me questions about how to give great head.

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