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My name is Danny. My life has always been normal, if not a little boring. That is, until this week.

I share a bedroom with my brother, Dillon. He is only ten months older than me, so right now we are both fourteen years old.

Mom got a wild hair up her ass that our room looked too "juvenile for my little men." She moved us to the hide-a-bed in the family room and started redecorating.

Dillon and I have never shared a bed. We started out with matching cribs, and then got bunk beds. We played with each other's toys, and wore each other's clothes, but we never slept together. I didn't mind the idea of sleeping with Dillon, but I told him that I'd kick his ass if he farted under the covers.

Since Dad liked to watch the news, and the only TV in the house was in the family room, I was really tired by the time lights out finally arrived. Dillon, who could sleep through anything, was already snoring. I crawled into the bed and immediately dozed off.

I hadn't been asleep long when something woke me up. Dillon had rolled over to my side of the bed and now had his arm over me. If I hadn't have been so tired, I'd have pushed him away. Instead, I drifted back into slumber.

Sometime later, I woke up again. This time, Dillon had his leg over mine. It took a minute to penetrate my sleep-daze, but finally I realized that Dillon had a hard on, and he was humping my leg. Suddenly, he groaned and ground his cock hard into my thigh. I felt the heat first, followed by a wet, sticky goo. The fucker had just cum in his Jockey's, and now it was soaking through onto my leg.

I pushed Dillon off me. He just laid there with a smile on his face. He musta been dreaming. It didn't matter. The asshole had humped my leg, and I had to get even.

At that moment, I realized that my own cock had risen to full staff. I knew what to do. I got on my knees with my dick right over Dillon's face. I pulled it out of my underwear through the slit in the front, and I started to jack off. I'd discovered the joys of pud-pulling about six months ago, so I knew what to do to make my one-eyed monster react. It didn't take long until I felt the load leave my balls and head for my dick.

The first squirt hit Dillon in the eye. The second went right up his nose. He gasped a little, and his mouth opened, just in time for the third and fourth squirts to shoot inside. I touched his lips with the tip of my dick to wipe the last drop off, and then I laid back down, content with my revenge.

Dillon was already up and ready for school when I awakened the next morning. He didn't comment about the mess in his shorts or on his face, and I damn sure wasn't going to ask.

The second night started much like the first. Dillon fell asleep while Dad watched the news. I decided to stay awake to see if Dillon would again hump my leg. I didn't have long to wait.

Dillon rolled over, again throwing his arm over my torso. Then, he snuggled up close to me. His leg swung over mine. While his hand gently caressed me, his hips drove his hard cock into the flesh of my thigh.

My brain told me I should be disgusted that my own brother was humping my leg. My cock told me otherwise. I slipped my hand past the elastic of my Jockeys and began to squeeze the head of my throbbing cock in rhythm with Dillon's thrusts. I closed my eyes and reveled in the sensation as I prepared to join my sleeping brother in orgasmic bliss.

Suddenly, the bed jostled. By the time my eyes opened and my mind adjusted to the changing scene, Dillon had moved to between my legs, pulled my Jockeys to my knees and buried my throbbing cock in his mouth.

"Hey...!" I started to protest.

"You know you like it," Dillon whispered, taking a brief respite from his oral assault of my cock. "Why don't you just lay there and enjoy it."

So I did. Dillon slid my cock in and out past his lips, breaking rhythm only to toy with my velvety cock head with his tongue. I could tell by Dillon's expression that I wasn't the only one enjoying this blow job. I grew envious.

"Dillon, I want yours," I said.

Without taking my cock from his mouth, he spun around. Though still encased in cotton, his throbbing cock poked at my cheek. I slipped a finger inside the leg band and pulled it aside. His balls fell onto my face. I engulfed them in my mouth and bathed them in saliva.

I again tugged on the leg band, and his rock-hard erection popped out. While I continued licking his balls, I stroked his cock, tracing the line of his piss-tube with my finger.

Abandoning his balls, I took Dillon's cock in my mouth. I ran my tongue around the edge of his velvety cock head. I locked my lips around his hard shaft and began to slide up and down. His cock slid along my tongue and into my throat.

Dillon let my prick slip from his mouth only to begin licking past my balls, his tongue seeking the pucker of my asshole. I nearly lost it as his tongue rimmed the tight hole. His tongue forced its way inside. Dillon's cock in my mouth kept my moaning muffled.

After tongue-fucking me for what seemed like hours, Dillon returned to my cock. He jammed his lips all the way to my pubes, burying my cock in his throat. Then, with no warning, he jammed a finger up my ass. That pushed me over the edge. My cum spewed from my piss-slit and straight down Dillon's throat. His gulping throat muscles literally milked me dry.

Just as my eruption ceased, Dillon jerked his hard cock from my mouth and spun around. He pinned my knees to my shoulders, and with one jab, buried his saliva-coated meat in my virgin ass. Still basking in the afterglow of my orgasm, I felt no pain as Dillon impaled me. His hips slammed his cock deep into my bowels. He began to piston in and out of my ass. The sensation deep in my gut caused me to stretch to meet his thrusts.

"Here it comes, little brother," he grunted as he slammed his cock deep with one final thrust.

I felt a spreading heat deep in the recesses of my gut as Dillon flooded my ass with his come. My own cock, nestled tightly between our bellies, responded by spewing a second load in less than five minutes That's how we fell asleep.

We'd probably been asleep for about an hour when I felt someone shaking my shoulder. I opened my eyes and found myself staring into the face of my father. I tried to push Dillon off of me, but he still had his cock in my ass.

"What's going on here?" Dad asked. "What would you have done if your mother had found you like this?"

"It's not what you think," Dillon pleaded as he rolled off me.

"I think you just fucked your little brother in the ass," Dad retorted.

"Okay, it is what you think, but it's the first time it has ever happened," said Dillon. "We aren't fags or anything."

I as I laid there with Dillon's cum leaking out of my asshole and my own cum dried on my belly, I felt pretty much like a fag. Strangely, I didn't mind the feeling.

Just then I noticed something. The front of Dad's Jockeys tented out. I don't know what came over me, but I sat up and reached for his cock. I freed it from his shorts and swallowed it in its entirety. It had a strange taste to it, one that I hadn't noticed on Dillon. Then it dawned on me that it was Mom's pussy juice. Dad had probably fucked her before he came downstairs.

"Danny, what are you doing? Stop that this instant," Dad said.

I ignored his words and began to slide my lips up and down along rigid shaft.

"You shouldn't do this," Dad whispered, but the groan that punctuated his words indicated that he didn't really want me to quit.

Dad took my head in his hands and began to guide my pace as he face-fucked me with his mammoth cock. Dillon couldn't stand being left out, so he knelt beside me. He freed Dad's balls from his shorts and began to bathe them with his tongue.

"Oh, fuck," Dad whimpered. His hands pulled my head into his crotch, burying his cock deep in my throat. It was too far back to taste the cum, but I could feel the pulsing of his cock as he spewed his load.

When his spasms subsided, Dad stepped back. He stuffed his deflating but still impressive meat back into his shorts and turned away. When he reached the door, he turned and whispered, "We'll talk tomorrow."

I laid down. Dillon did, too. A smile crept over my face. My ass held my brother's seed and Dad's filled my belly.

"We'll do more than talk, Daddy dear," I thought. "A lot more than talk."

And I fell asleep.

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