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Brother's Help

Eric and Susanne have always had a very happy life together. Before they were married five years earlier, they discovered that they were both highly sexed and compatible in their outlook on life. Both were satisfied with each other, and wished for nothing more than to excel in their respective careers, working hard to succeed.

Eric is an executive in a financing company; Susanne holds a senior position in the advertising industry. Neither wants to have children - not yet, anyhow. Their holidays they usually spend visiting some or other exotic overseas destination, making sure that they had adequate time to spend together quietly, enjoying each other's company. During such relaxing times, the sex was always good, very good, although Susanne never seemed to get enough. Neither ever contemplated being unfaithful to each other; in fact, both regarded fidelity within the marriage as something which was simply taken for granted.

Normally, their routine would be to arrive home late after a working day. After a light supper, they would watch TV, have a drink together, and three or four times a week they would go to bed early to make love. Their routine was pretty standard, but never boring. Their sexual repertoire included all the variations which they regarded as "non-kinky," including cunnilingus and fellatio, and mutual masturbation, which they loved doing whilst under the shower together. Susanne liked being taken to a full climax with oral sex, after which they would enjoy penile-vaginal intercourse until they both climaxed, she for the second time. In fact, having two orgasms in an evening was pretty much the "standard routine" for Susanne. Now and again they would take out a sex movie just to "spice up life." Their marriage was as strong as ever.

They were enjoying a quiet evening at home after a hard day's work, when the phone rang. Susanne answered.

"Hi Don, how are you?" she asked.

Don is her only brother, two years her senior, living a hundred miles away. As the only children of their parents, they grew up closely, and were quite attached to each other until Susanne got married to Eric and moved away. Don remained being a bachelor for three more years before marrying Pat.

"Oh, I am so sorry to hear that!" Susanne said over the phone.

After finishing the conversation, she came over to Eric.

"Don and Pat have broken up. She has filed for a divorce," she announced. There were no third parties involved, only two married people who realized that their marriage was a failure.

"I am sorry to hear that, but not surprised. I never thought they were compatible," Eric said.

"Well, Don is really shattered, and has resigned his position in his company. He wants to move away. Why don't we invite him to come and stay with us until he has found his feet again?" Susanne said.

"Let's do it," Eric said. "After all, there are lots of job opportunities in our city for a chap with his abilities and qualifications." He had always liked his brother-in-law, and besides, Don and Susanne had always been close as brother and sister. Besides, their spacious apartment had a free bedroom.

Susanne phoned back the same evening, inviting Don to stay with them until he had overcome his pending divorce. He gladly jumped at the opportunity, and two days later moved in with his sister and brother-in-law. Soon he got a new job on a three month's trial basis.

He practically lived at their house for the next month, and slowly returned to his old self, which pleased Eric and Susanne as they were very fond of him. Don's impeding divorce was soon forgotten, and he again became outgoing and carefree, almost looking forward to being single again, even laughing a lot as he used to do in the old days.

"You know Don, I never really took to Pat," Susanne said one evening as they were discussing the days events.

"Well, I realized that our marriage was not going to last less than two months after our wedding," Don said.

"How was the private part of your marriage?"

"That was just about the only thing that was okay. For the rest, we were quite incompatible," he replied.

"We'll get you back on the road again soon. We have some nice single girls to introduce to you," Eric said.

Despite their efforts in arranging blind dates with some of their single and available female friends, Eric and Susanne failed to get Don interested in any of them. He would go out with them once, each time saying that he was still looking to meet the right girl to go steady with and even to marry.

"They are all very attractive and nice, but just not my type. And besides, after one failed marriage I cannot afford to risk another," Don stated emphatically. "The only thing I miss, is making love to someone I care for," he said.

"Well, I gather that you are as hot blooded as your sister," Eric jokingly said.

This remark upset Susanne.

"I don't think it is funny."

"Come on, my dear. Why should be deny that we both enjoy making love, and that you have a huge appetite in this regard? Having a strong libido is nothing to be ashamed of; to the contrary, it is a blessing!"

"Well, you do not discuss bedroom secrets with outsiders," Susanne objected.

"Don is not an outsider. He is your brother. And besides, if being hot blooded is a genetic trait, then I guess he is also looking forward to getting laid again," Eric said.

"You bet I am as horny as can be. That is the only thing I miss being separated from Pat: making love to a woman I care for," Don said. "Listening to the two of you making love to each other in the room next to mine really turns me on."

"Gosh, are we that noisy?" Susanne asked.

"You bet I can hear everything, especially that bed of yours making all the creaky noises," Don replied.

"Next time we will be a bit quieter," Eric said smilingly.

"Why don't you make love to any of the nice girls we have introduced you to? We don't mind you bringing any of them home and sharing your bedroom," Susanne said.

"I don't want to make love to just any girl for the sake of making love and satisfying my sexual needs. I will only be able to do it with someone I am emotionally attached to, someone I really care for," he said.

The topic was not discussed any further that evening. Don made his point. Eric and Susanne realized that they could not force Don into doing something he did not really want to do.

A few evenings later on a Friday, after being out to a party, the three of them returned to their apartment. After a couple more drinks, Don excused himself and went up to his room. He slept in the room next to Eric and Susanne. And since Eric and Susanne were normally indulging themselves sexually quite vigorously, the bed always seemed to create more ecstatic sounds that they did. They decided to spend an hour on the couch in the sitting room so as not to keep Don awake in the bedroom next to theirs.

"It was nice of Don to give us a chance to be alone and together," Susanne said.

"Yes, he is considerate, especially since he must have been embarrassed hearing us making love in the room right next to his."

After about an hour of love play Eric mounted Susanne. By this time her pussy was wet with expectation, and Eric's penis slid in easily. Slowly they started to make love, with Susanne complementing each thrust of Eric's pelvis with a move of her own. Gosh, their sex was good and they both enjoyed it! They carried on for a good fifteen minutes.

Just as they were reaching their climax, Susanne moaned and whispered to Eric to look round, keeping up her wild movements.

On turning his head Eric saw Don standing in the doorway, clad only in his shorts, with a massive erection, intently staring at the two of them. He was obviously flushed and breathless, looking at his brother-in-law and his sister making love to each other. How long he had been observing them, neither Eric nor Susanne could guess.

He mumbled something about forgetting his lighter and coming to fetch it, but made no move to go back to his room. It was obvious that the lighter was not in the room, and a lame excuse of Don. He remained standing in the doorway, looking at the two of them.

Eric and Susanne were still continuing to make love to each other all this time - Eric being too near to coming to care who was there. After all, Don was part of the family, and making love to his sister and him seeing it all was something he could live with!

Not one of the three said anything. The only sound was that coming from Susanne, making soft noises of sheer enjoyment.

Don moved nearer to the lovemaking couple, coming to a stand still right next to them. Susanne, still in ecstacy, reached out and pulled Don's shorts down. She took Don's penis in her left hand and held it firmly until she and Eric had finished, with her own brother standing by next to them. With a cry she came to a climax, holding on to Don's penis with one hand and embracing Eric's body with the other, as Eric ejaculated his semen deep into her vagina. It seemed as though it lasted forever. Gradually they came to a stop, with Eric still on top of Susanne. They laid still for quite a few minutes to recuperate and get their breath back.

Seeing Susanne continuing to caress Don's massive erect penis, Eric felt a pang of excitement. He was in a quandary. What to do with his brother-in-law still standing right next to him and his wife, whilst he and Susanne were still coupled? He was not sure what to say, but could not fail to notice Don's huge erection - any time as big as his own penis when it is fully erect.

Eric got up over after a while, pulling his penis out of Susanne's pussy. His own penis was now limp, hanging down. Susanne was still lying on the couch, her legs apart, with Eric's semen slowly dripping from her pussy. Gosh, she looked sexy and attractive! She looked up at her brother, then at her husband Eric, not saying anything. But is was clear that she was not satisfied yet, that she was able to carry on much longer, almost begging with her eyes for any one of the two of them to make love to her.

Susanne now paid all her attention to Don's penis. She rolled the foreskin back, exposing the glans which glistened with pre-cum dripping from it. Eric watched it all intently. Seeing his wife paying such minute attention to her brother's penis, gave him a thrill. He almost wished she would take it into her mouth.

Without saying a word, Don moved slowly forward, positioning himself on his knees between his sister's legs, placing his erect penis at the entrance to her wet pussy. Susanne helped him guide his penis to her pussy's entrance, placing the exposed head between her labia. Don bent ever so slightly forward. The head of his penis disappeared between her outer labia. He looked at Eric, then at Susanne, not saying anything. The moment was intense, and it was clear that all three waited anxiously for the next thing to happen. Seeing Don's penis poised at the entrance to his wife's pussy, was an erotic experience for Eric.

"Go ahead," Eric said. "Fuck her. She needs more than one man to satisfy her sexual appetite."

Don moved further forward; his penis slid in easily, Susanne's pussy being fully lubricated by Eric's semen. He pushed home until he was inside of her fully, brother and sister firmly locked in genital coupling as the full length of Don's penis disappeared into her vagina.

"Oh yes, Don. Come inside of me fully. Fuck me hard," Susanne begged. For Eric it was clear that his wife was ready to take on her brother for another round of lovemaking.

He could not bring himself to stop them when Don fully entered Susanne. In fact, he enjoyed the sight of his wife being entered by her brother, almost wanting to urge them to make love to each other. The sheer eroticism of the occasion was greater than any restraint the married couple could have had under normal circumstances. All three got carried away by the increasing excitement and sheer eroticism of the moment. Eric could not object a bit about Don fucking Susanne, even though they were brother and sister; to the contrary, he welcomed it and the very fact that his wife was committing incest with her brother right in front of him, stimulated him even more.

Brother and sister remained motionless for a good minute or two, only with Don's penis fully imbedded into Susanne's womanhood.

Don started pushing his penis in and out of his sister's pussy, slowly at first, then picking up speed. No words were spoken for quite a while, and they carried on for a good twenty minutes, resting every now and then, with Eric looking on and relishing in every second of it. He never took his eyes off his wife fucking her brother, slowly building up an erection again himself.

"Don't let me come," Don said after a while, begging his sister not to let him reach a climax too quickly.

By this time, Eric had another erection and was eager for Don to finish fucking Susanne.

Then brother and sister reached a climax simultaneously. Susanne increased her thrusting. "Yes, yes. Fuck me brother, fuck me," she said at the top of her voice, holding on to Don in a firm embrace.

They finished, with Don pouring his semen into Susanne and then keeping his penis inside of his sister's vagina for quite a while, until his penis also went limp.

"It's my turn again," Eric said. Don dismounted Susanne, and Eric eagerly pushed his penis into his wife's pussy again, not giving her any time to recuperate. Her pussy was filled with her brother's hot semen, adding to Eric's feeling of sheer eroticism. He started fucking her the second time that evening. It had been a very long time since he was able to fuck his wife twice in the same evening. This time it took longer; it was a good half an hour before he had his second ejaculation, with Susanne also enjoying another climax.

They both fucked Susanne twice that evening, and she finished with a smile on her face, having been fully satisfied for once in her life, with four great orgasms. Gosh, she never experienced anything like this ever before in her life! Four great fucks in a single evening - twice as many as she could enjoy with Eric under the most favorable circumstances!

Eric did not try to stop Don from fucking Susanne the second time - to the contrary, he found it quite a turn-on to see his own wife fucking her brother again. The fact that they were committing not only incest but also adultery, never entered their minds. For the three of them, it was sex for the sheer joy of it, with every one of them enjoying it to the extreme.

At the end of it all, the three of them relaxed with a drink and talked for quite a while. Not one of them felt any remorse or shame or jealousy about what had happened.

"I hope you don't mind me making love to your wife," Don said. "But when I saw how the two of you enjoyed making love, and after you had finished, I simply could not resist mounting her, even if she is my own sister."

"Well Don, if it had been any other man in the whole world, I would have objected. But seeing you as her brother making love to her, was the most erotic thing I have experienced in my lifetime," Eric said. "We will do it again, incest or no incest. You are the only man I am willing to share my wife with willingly."

They finished their drinks and went up to go to their bedrooms. It was well past midnight already.

"Thanks Susanne, you are still as good as you ever were," Don said as he walked ahead to his bedroom.

As Eric and Susanne were lying in their bed, just before falling to sleep, Eric asked: "What exactly did Don mean when he said you were as good as you had ever been?"

"Only that us making love tonight were as good as years back when we did it regularly."

"You mean you have been committing incest before?"

"Yes, we have been fraternal lovers for a long time. And you are the only other person to know about it."

"When did it start?"

"When I was fifteen and Don was seventeen. I lost my virginity to him, and we regularly made love to each other for six years before you came along and married me. Our relationship ended when the two of us got married. Tonight is the first time since our marriage that I made love to Don again."

"Were there any other men in your life?" Eric asked.

"No, you and Don are the only lovers I ever had. Why do you ask; are you jealous of Don?"

"No, certainly not. In fact, I am looking forward to our next threesome. We are going to have a hell of a good time for the foreseeable future."

Eric genuinely felt no jealousy. They fell asleep in each other's arms.

For two years from that first time they had a threesome both Don and Eric would make love to Susanne regularly, always in each other's company. Oh yes, there were a few occasions when Eric had to go away on business for a few days and Susanne and Don, being left alone at home, would make love with just the two of them present.

The first time it happened, Eric went away for two days. The first evening he phoned.

"Are you and Don going to make love tonight?" he asked.

"Only if you do not object," Susanne said.

"No, I don't. As long as you tell me everything when I come back."

"That we will do."

"An oh yes, would you mind if Don shares our bed with me all night tonight?"

"Not in the least. At least you will not have to sleep alone. And who can I trust more than your own brother?" Eric jokingly asked.

Whenever it happened that Eric would be away for a night, he would be told fully of what happened during his absence.

The arrangement suits all three, especially Susanne, since Eric realises that he cannot provide adequately for his wife's sexual appetite. And who better is there to call in to assist than his brother-in-law, who can be no threat to their marriage?

Don had to move out of town for business after two years, but he comes back as often as he can. Whenever that happens, the three of them would have a threesome, with Don and Susanne doing what they have been doing since they were in their mid-teens - fraternal lovemaking.

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