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Brown Nosers

We had just dropped our three kids off at a local theater and pulled away from the curb. Frank was in great spirits and hadn't stopped talking since he got the news. The job that saved our home was his, at least for a three month probationary period. The pay was nearly double what he expected, and he felt confident of landing a permanent position. I was relieved, even happy, but I'd been in a silent stew since leaving Blake Stone's office.

As soon as the kids were out of earshot, I turned abruptly to Frank and shouted, "Do you know what that son-of-a-bitch had the nerve to do?"

Frank's dream balloon appeared ready to burst. He said, "Honey, what could he have done? I was only out of the office five minutes; besides, the kids were right there with you the whole time."

"Frank, it wasn't me he did anything to. That bastard fondled Sherry. He pulled her up on his lap and fondled her right in front of me."

"Honey, calm down. Just what are you calling fondling? I saw her on his lap when I came back. She looked fine to me."

I scooted up next to Frank and grabbed his right hand. I brought it up under my skirt, clear to the tops of my thighs, and said, "What do you call this?"

He smiled a devilish grin and rubbed my inner thigh, saying, "I call it my lucky day."

I knew right away that placing his hand near my vagina was a mistake. He was in far to good of spirit not to take advantage of my one major weakness: I have never been able to say no once my pussy gets stimulated. He said, "Honey, I know he never put his hand this far up a thirteen-year-old's leg."

"This is where he started." I jammed his hand between my legs, saying, "This is where it was most of the time. Don't tell me I didn't see it, either. I was sitting three feet from him, and he was facing me with her legs straddling his. I know exactly what I saw. I saw what he showed me, and he showed me that he could play with my youngest daughter's pussy with impunity."

Frank's hand cupped my sex, pressing along my wet slit with his middle finger. In a much quieter tone, I said, "Frank. What are you doing? Didn't you hear me? Your new boss did this to our little girl. Pete and Sandy saw it too. He was leering at me the whole time, challenging me to say something."

"But you didn't, right."

"No! I was too stunned. He did it to show me he could do it and get away with it. It was like he was saying, 'How badly do you want this job?'"

"And your silence told him. I'm not that surprised. The way you begged and pleaded for my job, I thought you were about to drop to your knees and go for his zipper. He didn't need to know how desperate we were."

Frank began fondling my pussy. I said, "Frank, stop doing that. This is serious."

"No, I want to determine exactly what he did. Is this all he did, hold his hand between her legs?"

"No, and I could see everything. Her skirt was bunched up in her lap. We all had a clear view of his meaty fingers squeezing her vagina."

"Like this?" Frank's hand palmed the full plane of my sex and gave a big squeeze, repeating the squeeze several times in succession. I slumped back in the seat as he asked, "Is this all he did?"

"No, he drew his middle finger up her cleft, pushing the crotch of her panties between her lips...her pussy lips...her puffy...little-girl...pussy lips."

"Like this?"

"Yes! He did that for quite a while, stroking and stroking, pushing in deeper...Yes!...Yes! Like that."

"And did Sherry's panties get wet like yours are?"

"Yes, they were sopping wet. You could see right through them. We could see her lips mold around his finger as he stroked her cunt."

"Her cunt, huh?"

"Yes, her cunt. A pussy that starts drooling is a cunt, a twat, a snatch."

"And Sherry had a cunt between her little legs?" I bit my lower lip and just nodded. "Okay, did he do anything else?"

"Yes, he slipped his index finger under the leg-band of her panties, and we saw it dip between her lips."

"Like this?"

"Yes, he hooked his finger inside her little hole, Frank....Yes, he did that, just pulled and distorted it, occasionally running up to her little clit and rubbing it....Yes, Oh God, yes!"

"And of course, you said nothing."

"Of course not! I watched. We all watched. All we did was watch. I was mesmerized until Pete placed his hand on my leg, just above my knee, staring at his sister's crotch the whole time."

"Pete fondled your bare leg?"

"Frank, he was so bold. He has never touched me like that before. He kept squeezing and rubbing, slowly inching up my thigh, pushing my skirt up. Mr. Stone encouraged him by staring at Pete's hand and smiling. Mr. Stone could probably see my panties. Pete managed to get his hand way down on the inside of my thigh, not three inches from my panties."

"Your wet panties?"

"Fuck, yes, they were wet! I had to place my hand on Pete's to get him to ease up."

"You didn't take his hand away?"

"No, I was so confused. I only knew I had to stop him from going any further. Poor Sandy didn't know who to watch. Her eyes darted from my leg to Sherry's pussy and back. For a fifteen-year-old honor student and born-again Christian, she took it all rather well. I expected her to leave the room in a born-again huff, but she sat still and watched without making her disapproving face."

"Did Pete stop?"

"He didn't stop kneading and squeezing, but he stopped advancing on my crotch. That is, until Mr. Stone reached over with his other hand and ripped the crotch out of Sherry's panties. When he did that and exposed Sherry's almost hairless, wet, pink slit, Pete squeezed so hard it hurt. When Stone started jabbing his stubby finger in and out of her hole real fast, and Sherry drew her legs up and laid her knees out, Pete made a grab for my twat. I clamped my legs together on his hand and held his wrist. His fingers were clawing at my crotch, driving me mad. Sandy just sat there with her mouth open, and that was the first outward sign she made, but it wasn't disapproval, just surprise. She seemed more surprised that I wasn't yanking Pete's hand out of there. Hell, I must have looked like I was holding his hand between my legs."

Frank mimicked the story's action by rapidly finger-fucking me. I cried out, "Oh, yes, honey! Do that harder. Make me cum, sweetheart. You should have seen your little girl; she was shameless. Yes, yes! You'd have been proud of your son, too. He went after my cunt. He was determined. There was no stopping him. He got it, too, and then I was holding his hand to my cunt with my legs apart. Sandy had to shift to give me more room to get my legs wider apart. I pulled Pete's hand in tight to my cunt...my wide open cunt and Sandy placed her hand on my inner thigh and stroked me...right next to my pussy, Frank, right next to it...massaged me while I had an orgasm on Pete's hand. I fucked Pete's hand...Oh god...yes!"

I shuddered out a terrific climax, then collapsed my head on Frank's shoulder. I took a few minutes to catch my breath as Frank continued to toy lazily with my pussy. I turned dreamy eyes up to him and said, "I really blew it, Frank. I should have said something. What will those kids think of me now? Pete felt my pussy up. I had panties on, but he felt it up through panties. I couldn't help it. You know how I get when you touch me there. I didn't do much resisting, and at the end, I was holding his hand firmly between my legs. I'm sure Sandy could tell, and Pete had no doubt."

"Are you saying he penetrated you?"

"Well, yes, sorta. My panties were in his way, and my grip held him back, but his fingers got around them. I wasn't quite as brazen as Sherry, but we were both getting the same treatment and staring at each other's crotches as it was happening. I hate to admit this, but we came about the same time, too. I tried to hold it in, but you know how successful I am at that. How do I go back to being his mom after letting him play with my pussy in public?"

"Well, I can imagine what Pete thinks. He probably thinks you're wonderful, the best mom on Earth. Not many moms let a boy do that."

"I can see why. It could easily become habit forming. I'll bet Sandy thinks I'm some kind of slut. I don't even want to think about what Sherry thinks. I don't know what to make of what she did. I don't know if her stroking was support, or pity, or patronizing, or humoring the boss. Fuck, I don't know what to make of that. In many ways, what she did was more shocking than what Pete did. Hell, I expect that behavior from Pete, but not the Virgin Mary. They're probably in that theater talking about me right now."

"I couldn't blame them. I doubt they think any the worse about you, though. They knew what a bind we were in. Hell, they probably think you're a hero for landing me this job. We all benefit. Now that I know what went down, it's plain that you did. I'm not qualified for this job and you know it."

"You know what this means, don't you. This won't be the last time. What happens when Mr. Stone tries to fondle Sandy. I can't see Sandy being as complacent as Sherry. He picked the right one."

"Yeah, I'll bet she just melted in his arms from the get-go."

"Frank, she did. That girl amazes me. She had no qualms about having his hands between her legs, and seemed to enjoy having us looking on."

"I told you that she was the one to watch, not Sandy. Sandy will still be a virgin three years after Sherry starts pulling trains."

"Don't talk like that about our baby, Frank. She's just a little precocious, that's all. It's Pete that worries me. This scene affected him deeply. It changed him. Can you imagine grabbing your mother between her legs and getting away with it? Not just getting away with it, having her welcome it with wide legs. That boy had a beaver, Frank, a yawning beaver to play with."

"Well, it was a rather bizarre circumstance. I can't see him simply walking up to you and shoving his fingers up your pussy."

"I'm not so sure, Frank. By remaining silent, I sent him some sort of message I never intended to send."

"I'll talk to the boy."

"No, don't say anything. I'm curious to see how he acts toward me now."

"Suit yourself. I'll stay out of it. So, what do we do about the job?"

"I don't know. What can we do?"

"All I need is a few paychecks, Bonnie."

"Well, you can bet I'm not bringing those kids anywhere near that office."

* * *

It was my idea to return to the theater alone to pick up the kids. I wanted time alone with them, time to talk things out, hash this out, set them straight. I had the best of intentions and a well-rehearsed speech. When Pete climbed into the front seat and scooted up close, I froze. Sandy sat by the front passenger window and Sherry had the back seat to herself.

Sherry talked non-stop about the movie. I waited for an opening to speak. Just as I formed the words, Pete's left hand dropped on my lap, taking my breath away. My whole body burned when I felt the light touch of his fingers on my bare leg, just beyond the hem of my skirt on bare leg flesh. I could feel Sandy's eyes slyly keeping an eye on Pete's hand.

Sherry hung over the seat, leaning over my right shoulder. With her head next to mine, she kept talking, but her focus was on her brother's hand the whole time. Everyone's focus was on Pete's hand. I tried hard to concentrate on my driving, trying to ignore the weight of his hand as it fell further between my thighs with every pedal movement. He managed to get his fingertips on bare inner thigh flesh midway between my crotch and my knee.

I gathered my courage to put an end to the charade, but each time delayed doing anything. All the while, Pete teased my sensitive skin with tiny circular motions of his fingertips and nails. Had the three of them conspired to do this, I wondered? Had they discussed a plan? Did Sherry dare her brother to try it? Was Sandy in on this plan?

Sandy was conspicuous by her silence. Normally the first to point out someone else's wrongs, she sat in silence, watching. And Sherry, never one to be shy or let an indiscretion go without comment, seemed to be going out of her way to distract me. Working over those bizarre possibilities did more to distract me than Sherry's non-stop monologue.

They appeared to be working in concert. I began to entertain the possibility of doing nothing and saying nothing. I weighed the possible outcomes. I imagined driving home with Pete's fingers in my pussy while Sandy and Sherry watched. I fought this idea. My horny pussy applauded the idea, and my legs joined the rebellion. They relaxed of their own accord.

As my knees fell out a few inches, Pete took it as a sign of partial surrender. He shifted position and changed to his right hand. His hand turned up toward my pussy and crept up my inner thigh by several inches. If there was ever a time to call a halt, that was it. Part of my mind screamed for action, but a stronger part forced me to inaction.

By this time most of my body parts were in the rebel camp. Sweat beaded on my brow as his fingers neared my pounding vagina. My rational mind felt trapped in a body determined to commit an outrage against natural morality and decency. My traitorous legs gave another few inches and inspired Pete to turn more onto his side to face me. He did not look into my face but stared at his own hand, fascinated at its proximity to my crotch.

My skirt was bunched up at the crotch, exposing most of my legs. Sherry had stopped talking, and Sandy sat forward to peer around Pete. I nervously guided the car away from any others, keeping a close eye out for trucks and vans that could look down into the car.

When Sherry stopped talking, I made a decision to allow Pete to do whatever he had planned. I turned off of the well-traveled route, taking a longer way, going slow. Pete took this as a sign of my total surrender and cupped his hand over my pussy, making me stiffen and draw a deep breath. He squeezed and molded the wet fleshy lips as Sherry climbed forward, half-hanging over my shoulder. I focused my attention on driving, having to lean left to see around Sherry. Pete worked his fingers under the leg-band and insinuated two into my moist cleft, seeking my hole. He found it waiting and eased inside, bringing a deep flush to my cheeks. I glanced over to Sandy and noted her obvious interest, surprised not to see a look of scorn or condemnation.

Sherry broke the tense silence, saying, "I can't see."

She reached down and gathered the skirt above my waist, completely exposing my pink panties and an inch of bare midriff. Pete pushed at the crotch material with little success. He then tried pulling the waist band below crotch level, but that failed to produce satisfactory results.

In frustration, he grasped the waistband in both hands near my hip bones and tugged, moving the panties lower all around. Frustrated, as they were blocked by my weight sitting on the material, he pulled hard, fighting to uncover my loins. In a bold, impulsive decision, I brought my knees together and lifted my ass free of the seat. Pete deftly worked the panties down off my ass and slid them down my legs to below the knees. I pulled my left leg free, letting the panties slide down my right. With Sherry still holding my skirt up, I was naked from the waist down. Pete went back to playing with my pussy with much more freedom of movement; and now, everyone could see exactly what was going on. He used his left hand to part my lips and his right to explore. I basked in the wickedness of it all and glanced over to Sandy.

Sandy had a glazed look of perverse fascination which relieved me of my worst fear: her condemnation. At this point, I gave myself over to the full enjoyment of Pete's assault. He grew more aggressive and confident. He shoved my left knee out to the door. My cunt yawned open obscenely and he inserted three fingers in my hole.

Sherry eased lower and reached her tiny hand into my crotch, competing with Pete's. A verbal battle ensued as each claimed their rights and their turn. Having my kids fight over my pussy was by far the most bizarre sensation I'd ever experienced. The fight demanded parental mediation, but I was lost in the moment.

Since first getting in the car, no one acknowledged me directly. They treated me as though I were a toy, an object, or a woman under a spell. I knew that speaking out, saying anything, would break that delicious spell. I glanced right and observed Sherry's bare left thigh near my cheek, her ass sticking up over the seat back. My pussy loved being fought over.

Sandy surprised me by jumping into my parental role. She reached back and slapped Sherry hard on the back of her right thigh, shouting, "Back off, Sherry. This was Pete's idea. Leave him alone."

Sherry did back off, easing up and standing on the back floor, still peering over while rubbing her thigh. We have a firm rule about hitting, and under normal circumstances, Sandy's smack would have brought Sherry screaming to me for justice. I awaited the cry.

She protested, "I'm telling Dad that you hit me."

Sandy said, "Go ahead, and I'll tell him why."

Sherry cried, "It's not fair. Why can't I have a turn?"

Pete said, "Because it's mine, that's why."

My heart leapt in my chest. I could not believe his bold declaration. A heavy silence ensued as they seemed to be waiting for me to challenge his claim. I had no intention of reclaiming my traitorous vagina. It had waved the white flag miles past. I sat passively while Pete crudely finger-fucked me. He brought me to a fantastic climax, three blocks from home. Nothing was said about the way I ground my cunt on his fingers and moaned out my release.

As I pulled into the garage, Pete withdrew his hand and adjusted my skirt. After turning off the ignition, Pete reached down and removed my panties from my right ankle. He stuffed them into his jeans, then came around and held my door for me. I led the way into the house.

I took two steps and Pete ran his hand up the back of my leg, cupping my bare ass cheek possessively. I proceeded naturally as the hand squeezed my undulating haunches. Just as I crossed the threshold, Pete used both hands to hold by skirt high, exposing my bare ass to his sisters. I ignored their giggles and continued forward. Pete kept my skirt up with one hand in the small of my back. He used the other to pry at my cheeks, exposing my anus. I had a decision to make as I neared rounding the corner into the dining room.

I'd left Frank to study work papers and knew he'd still be hard at work at the dining table. I could either wrest control from Pete, or let him risk his father's possible wrath. I decided to let Pete handle it (no pun intended). As I passed into view, Pete let go. My skirt fell into place, and the four of us trooped in as though nothing had occurred. While the kids excitedly told him about the movie, I headed for my bathroom. I sat locked in my sanctuary for almost an hour, pondering my situation. I resolved to end the obscene game at some point, but was in no hurry. I drew imaginary limits, telling myself that if he tried such-and-such, I'd do so-and-so.

Even while setting these limits, I questioned my resolve. Would he press his claim to the ultimate? Would he try it in private, or did he like showing off for his sisters? I wondered if he'd begin on my breasts. Would he strip me naked? Should I even bother putting on panties? Should I tell Frank what was happening?

All of these things weighed heavily on my mind. In the end, I resolved not to tell Frank and to go about my business as usual. I also resolved to honor Pete's claim. For the remainder of the evening, Pete took advantage of every opportunity to re-stake his claim.

Whenever out of Frank's sight, he rudely and crudely assaulted me. Sherry and Sandy hovered in the background. I offered no resistance to his groping hands and allowed him to remove my fresh panties and to place me in any position he pleased. He felt my tits, ass, and pussy. Exposed my tits, ass, and pussy. He fingered my ass and pussy. He staked his claim to everything. I can't tell you how excited I was the first time he pushed my back to the wall, yanked my panties down and off, and exposed my tits. I stood passively accepting his breast mauling while Sherry and Sandy looked on with smiling approval from a few feet away. It was apparent that Pete intended to take his claim to the ultimate conclusion and do so with an audience. Having his sisters see everything he did to me obviously turned him on. I sank deeper and deeper under his mysterious spell and knew that I'd willingly grant him this ultimate surrender, even with my girls watching.

The following morning, I arose early and primped for him. I shaved my pussy lips, washed and perfumed it. I fixed my hair and make-up and wore a sexy dress without bra or panties. With my highest high heels, I looked stunning. Frank noticed and made a crack about me going off to meet a secret lover. I smiled demurely. On the way out the door, he gave me a passionate kiss and rubbed my ass. He detected no panty line and reached under my skirt. His hand went between my legs and discovered my naked labia lips and my exceedingly wet pussy. He leaned back to look me in the face.

I smiled back with guilt written in bold red letters. A smile broke over his face and he said, "Has Pete been behaving himself?"

I resolved to come clean with Frank, but there wasn't time to bring him up to date. I simply smiled and said, "No, he's been a very bad boy. I think you'd be proud. I hope you'll be proud, because I have no control over him...none."

Frank smiled broadly and said, "Well, I'm not getting in the middle of this. You'll just have to handle this as best you can...or should I say, let Pete handle you as best he can."

I smiled and said, "Thank you, sweetheart."

Frank smiled and eased out the door. I closed it behind him feeling like the luckiest and nastiest woman on Earth. I prepared breakfast as the kids emerged, one by one. Sandy came out first and looked me over, saying, "Wow, Mom! You look great. Going somewhere?"

"No, I just like looking my best."

While I turned eggs in the skillet, Sherry walked in and stood at my left side. She wasn't there five seconds when I felt her hand creep up my inner thigh. I froze stiffly as her hand converged on my shaved pussy. Sandy slapped her hand away just before it discovered my coif. Sandy said sternly, "Don't touch. You know what Pete said."

Sherry fired back while rubbing her arm, "Pete doesn't care if I touch it when he isn't using it."

"He does too. Touch it again and I'm telling."

My heart beat a steady tattoo. I loved the way they talked about me, not to me. I loved hearing how Pete enforced his claim. I forced my attention to breakfast preparation and eagerly awaited Pete's arrival. He came out minutes later and studied me with hungry eyes. Sherry and Sandy made way for him.

Sherry pleaded, "Pete, you don't care if I play with Mom when you aren't using her, do you?" I wanted to hug that little doll. She could not have phrased that better if she had known what she was doing. Any anxiety I felt quickly drained away. I waited eagerly for Pete to begin using me. He wasted no time and came up behind me. His hands traveled up the outside of my thighs, pulling his crotch into my buttocks.

He wore only thin PJ bottoms, so his erection was apparent and felt delicious, nestled between my lower cheeks. He stands an inch less them me, so we made a good fit. His hands came around my lower front and dipped between my legs. The fingers delved between my legs and he discovered my denuded pussy lips. He signaled his approval by humping his loins against my ass, jarring my whole body.

His hands moved up my front, under the dress, and cupped my tits. He squeezed and molded them, rolling my nipples between thumb and forefingers. I swooned in his lewd embrace, arching my back, thrusting out my chest, and presenting my heated loins to his obscene grinding pelvis, oblivious to my daughters who stood looking on at my sluttish behavior.

Pete brought his hands to the back of my dress. He dragged the long zipper down. The dress hung limply. He pushed the sleeves off my shoulders and easily worked it down to my feet. I stepped free, naked in my heels. Pete turned me to face the girls and held out my hand as though making a presentation. None of my kids had ever seen me completely naked. Their eyes roamed my body, making me feel totally decadent and wicked.

Sherry dropped to her knees at my feet and peered up into my crotch, crying out, "Hey, Mom shaved her pussy for you, Pete. I think she wants you to fuck her. Are you going to fuck her?"

I knew I could count on Sherry to say something to humiliate me. I could have kissed her. If Pete hadn't been thinking along those lines, my silence in the face of her analysis forced the issue. Pete proudly said, "Maybe after breakfast, if she's lucky. Right now, I'm hungry."

He released my hand and I took that as a cue to finish breakfast. I cooked and set the table in the nude while my kids watched my every move. They sat around our oblong table as I dished out the meal. Pete ran his hands freely over my body whenever it was within reach. He pulled my chair alongside his. Sherry brought hers up on the other side of mine. I sat sandwiched between them, the three of us sitting across from Sandy.

Pete lifted my left leg and laid it across his lap. After getting a nod from Pete, Sherry took my right and laid it over hers. In this lewd position, with their hands diddling my pussy, I tried to eat. I sat up straight with my chest thrust out, proudly displaying my 36-D's'. Pete dipped his bread in runny yoke and painted it on my left breast. I cupped my hand under my tit mound, offering it up to this lewd attention. My nipples ached with need. Pete licked my tit and sucked my nipple. Sherry asked, "Can I?"

He nodded and Sherry did the same on my right tit. Together, they lapped and sucked my tits. My passions were at a peak. My eyes could barely focus on Sandy, but she looked shocked yet intrigued. After the meal, Pete moved me to the living room. Sherry and Sandy gathered around as he made me kneel before him. He exposed his six-inch cock and waved it in my face. My hungry eyes followed it as it neared my lips. He pressed it to my parting mouth and I sucked him in. He fucked my face and came in my mouth. I sucked and swallowed.

We took a brief intermission. Pete turned me over to Sherry after placing me on my back with my knees drawn up and laid out. My darling daughter had herself a ball, driving me to ecstasy as she fingered, toyed with, licked, and sucked on my pussy. She made me cum. I could not believe I laid there and let her do that, but then I laid there and let her eat my cum right out of the hole. Oddly, Sandy didn't think this was odd. I expected moral outrage, something that finally pushed her over her limit, but I saw no evidence of that. If anything, she wanted a good view.

After ten minutes, Pete hovered over my loins, naked, and displaying his new erection. Sherry scooted clear as Pete descended between my legs. He pressed his cock to my wet opening, paused for dramatic effect, then entered me to the hilt in one lunge. My daughters got on their knees along both sides and observed from close-up the fucking of their mother by their brother, and their mother's shameless response.

After he emptied his balls in my sex-starved pussy, there was no question that I was his whore. He, in fact, put it to me that way. I nodded my acceptance. Since that morning, I have denied him nothing, and he has taken everything.

Frank was elated at the news and insisted I relate every detail to him. Though Pete had to keep a low profile when Frank was home, Frank wasn't home that much. Three days after securing the new job, Frank worked late, then went out for drinks with Mr. Stone. They came by the house shortly after midnight, slightly crocked.

It was a school night and the kids were in bed. I served beer and we sat around the table. Blake Stone kept giving me knowing looks. I found it difficult to maintain eye contact with him. He hinted constantly that Frank may have a bright future with the company. Frank was on top of the world. After thirty minutes of idle conversation, Blake asked to use the bathroom. I pointed down the long hallway and said, "All the way to the end and right."

I watched him stagger down the hall. Frank and I exchanged smiles. We thought we had it made. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched Blake returning. Curiously, he opened every door and peeked in on his way toward us. When he came to the girl's room, I nudged Frank and said, "Honey, he's looking in the girl's room. Honey! He just went into the girl's room!" Frank turned to look but only saw a closed door. Seconds later, light filtered under that door. I took Frank's hand and cried, "Frank, do something!"


"You can't leave him in there."

"Honey, you heard what he said. I could blow this job."

"Frank, he may be raping one of our daughters right this minute."

"If anything, he's just fooling around with Sherry. He can't hurt her. What ever he does, she'll love it. I'm not risking this job to save her modesty or virtue, neither of which she ever had to start with."

We sat in silence, listening. We heard no screams, but five minutes into his entrance, we heard noise such as would be made by a heavy person on a child's bed. I hung my head in my hands and thought the worst, wondering why Sandy hadn't come screaming from the room. Blake was in their room for almost thirty minutes.

He emerged with his shirt open, his tails out, his fly down, and belting his belt. I watched him dress there in the hall and return to the table with a shit-eating grin. He took a long swallow of beer, patted me and Frank on the back and said, "You folks are very hospitable, my kind of people, company people. I think you two have a bright future with us. I think you two will work out just fine. Take care of those girls for me. I'm going to step out for a few brewskies with some associates from out of town - big money deal. I'm sure you two won't undo anything that's been done. We'll be stopping by later. How about leaving a key under the mat. That way, we won't have to disturb you. We'll just tuck them in good and proper, then be on our way."

He grabbed his things and left, leaving us speechless. We watched the door to the girl's room, expecting one or both to come crying to us. We were both in a high state of anxiety, just waiting. After ten minutes, I couldn't take anymore. The light was still on, and the door was partially open. I eased up on it and peeked in through the crack. What I saw nearly made me shit.

Sandy was tied naked, spread-eagled to her four-poster bed with two pillows under her ass. She had her panties stuffed in her mouth and pantyhose secured her arms and legs. Sherry knelt on Sandy's bed by her hip and amused herself by dipping her fingers in the mess oozing from her sister's fresh-fucked pussy. I watched her smear those juices over Sandy's breasts as Sandy struggled futily. I backed away and went for Frank. Frank eased up and took in the astonishing sight. We watched Sandy struggle under Sherry's teasing torment for several minutes, then returned to the dining room.

I said, "Christ, Frank, can you believe the nerve of that guy? He just raped our daughter."

"His nerve, what about Sherry's. She seems quite pleased by the deal."

"Sandy is going to kill her when she gets untied."

"Not if we leave her alone for a while."

"Frank, you're not suggesting we let Sherry keep doing that. She's tormenting a girl that just got raped." "Come on, Bonnie. He said, don't undo. Besides, what's the harm? He's coming back and bringing friends."

"For one, he came in her pussy. Every second counts."

"Yes, and he came in her pussy for a reason. Like you say, every second counts."

"Are you suggesting we don't undo that, too."

"He said, don't undo anything that's been done. Well, that's been done."

"Damn. You know, I think he did mean that. God, this is awful, and Sherry is only making it worse."

"Sherry knows she can't go too far. Sandy will get released. She knows that. I think she's just trying to stimulate Sandy."

I smiled. We went back and watched. Sherry never looked our way and was having herself a ball at Sandy's expense. Sandy stopped her struggles after a while, giving herself over to her lewd sister's fondling. After a few minutes, her loins seemed to welcome the abuse. They met Sherry's fingers. We waited until Sherry induced an orgasm in Sandy, then made our presence known. I made Sherry get down. Sandy said, "Mom, Mr. Stone raped me."

I said, "Yes, we know dear."

Sherry said, "He raped her good, Mom."

I said, "Yes, I can see that."

Frank just kept staring at Sandy's fucked pussy, making her terribly self conscious, but that was quite a sight. I stared. We all stared. Sandy finally said, "Well, aren't you going to untie me?"

"I looked to Frank. Frank looked to me. Neither of us wanted to break the news to her, but it was a mother's place. I sat at her side, stroked hair from her face, and said, "We can't, Sandy, not without making him angry."

"Can't you at least clean me up?"

I expected a fight, angry words, tears, anything but acceptance. She looked pleased that she'd remain that way. She just wanted all that yucky mess cleaned off, especially the yucky mess all over her face. I didn't blame her but she looked so...so yucky and raped that way. I should have cleaned her, could have, but didn't want to. I said, "I'm afraid not. We can't undo anything that's been done."



"Mom, there's sperm in my vagina."

"There can't be much; besides, he wants to add more. He's coming back, Sandy, later tonight."

"He is?"

Sherry cried, "Far out! He's gonna rape her some more!"

I ignored Sherry and said to Sandy, "He'll be bringing friends. I'm afraid they'll be raping you some more. He expects to find you as he left you."

She said, "You should tie her up so they can rape her too."

Sherry excitedly said, "Yeah, tie me up."

I said, "If he wants her tied he can tie her, but we know he wants you tied. I'm sorry, Sandy, but we have to leave you this way. You understand, don't you?"

"Yes, I understand."

I got off the bed and took Frank by the hand. I had to drag him along. We no sooner got to the door than Sherry was back on Sandy's bed, straddling Sandy's chest, saying, "Now, you're gonna get raped by a girl. You'll eat pussy, now."

I turned out the light, but not until we got to see Sandy eat pussy. If you ask me, that girl liked being raped by a girl.

Blake and his three associates came and did there dirty deed without us being aware. I got up several times to check on the girls. They hadn't been raped at three AM but they had both been raped by five thirty. Both were tied. I left then until seven, untied them, cleaned them up, and let them stay home from school. They needed the rest. Pete stayed home, too. I didn't get any - rest.

Blake returned the following night shortly after one AM. Frank let him in. He went right to the girl's room. Frank returned to our bed and informed me that Blake was at it again. We listened for ten minutes, got turned on, and screwed for the next ten.

Blake let himself out after two-thirty. I went in to comfort Sandy and found Sherry bound, gagged, and leaking semen from her cunt. Sandy stood over her, smiling down, but refusing to assist in freeing her. I tucked my little darlings in and turned out the light. This went on for over a week. Blake only missed two nights and sometimes brought company - usually one man.

One night, he arrived early with two out-of-town businessmen in tow. I set beers before them as Blake excused himself and went down the hall. Frank and I sat uncomfortably, carrying on small talk with our uninvited guests. After twenty minutes, Blake returned carrying his shirt. He motioned the first man to the girl's door.

We watched him go in. He returned thirty minutes later and the second man made the trip. When they left, I had two girls to untie and a terrible mess to clean up. From then on, Blake was rarely alone. Sometimes five men waited their turns while I served beer and sandwiches. At Blake's suggestion, I wore only panties and heels. I was the warm-up act for my daughters. I had to tolerate their groping hands and lewd conversation. By the time they left, I'd be a raving, horny, mass of female flesh.

I began stopping off at Pete's room and waking him with a surprise blow job that usually ended in a fuck. Before long I was staying with Pete all night. Pete found this wildly exciting and began treating me like his whore even in the presence of his father. Frank, far from acting put out, loves the arrangement. He concentrates on his work, and I take care of the home front. We have become a company family with a bright future. Of course, everyone thinks we're brown nosers. Fuck 'em. We're on our way up.

The End

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