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Caroline entered the house expecting to find her husband and two daughters huddled by the picture window still peeking through blinds. She saw only Becky, her oldest, but she was in the act of taking a seat on the sofa. Their eyes met and told Caroline all she needed to know. Becky had that I-saw-Mommy-kissin'-Santa look - a mischievous gleam. She thumbed through her Teen Magazine while trying to hold back a knowing smile.

Caroline had been busted, and she knew it. She also knew getting busted was bound to happen sooner or later now that she had to use Bonnie's front door to come and go, wearing sexy clothes no less. Caroline was already resolved to let the chips fall where they may, knowing she'd get caught, be seen by neighbors, and become the grist for the neighborhood gossip mill. If the girls didn't see, they'd eventually hear and then be on the lookout. Caroline knew she could not stay away from Bonnie, not now, anyway. Bonnie wanted her busted; Bonnie always gets her way.

She fought back the impulse to tell Becky to wipe that stupid grin off her face and mind her own business, but was glad she held that in when fourteen-year-old Joann came bounding into the room, saying, "What's so important that I have to see this, now? I was...Oh, hi, Mom!"

Caroline squared her shoulders and brushed past Joann, saying, "You missed it, but I'm sure your snoopy sister will fill you in. Where's your father?"

"I think he's on the phone in the den."

Caroline made for the den and met Richard as he was coming out. She was still in the living room. Joann had just taken a seat beside Becky. The girls were behind her to her left. Richard said, "Oops. Didn't see you....Sweetheart, I have to go back to the office for a few hours. I'll catch something to eat downtown. I'm going to leave the phone on the service. Is there anything you need while I'm out?"

Caroline felt an overwhelming need to balance the scales and justify her outrageous conduct to the girls. She blurted out, "I wish you wouldn't play these silly games, Richard. We all know you have a mistress, several, in fact. Go to her. Enjoy yourself. Frankly, I don't see why you don't bring her here. Why spend good money on motel rooms when we have a perfectly good bed here that never gets used except for sleeping."

Caroline's brash declaration sucked the air from the room. The girls nervously eyed their parents. Richard let his briefcase drop, then made for the front door. He stopped on his way out to say, "I may just do that. You're right; why waste a good bed?"

When he left, Becky got to her feet, deep concern etched on her face. She said, "Mom, what's going on? Are you and Dad getting a divorce?"

Joann shouted, "Will somebody please tell me what's happening?"

Caroline strode to the liquor cabinet, drew out a bottle of Southern Comfort, poured a straight shot, then turned to see both girls at her side. She downed the shot, then said, "We're not getting a divorce, but I think we just opened up our marriage."

Joann said, "What do you mean, opened up your marriage?"

Becky said, "She means they can both see other people. That is what you meant, wasn't it, Mom?"

"That is what I meant. Go ahead, Becky. Tell Joann what you saw. Tell her everything you saw."

"Are you sure - everything?"

Caroline poured another shot, saying, "Everything, in your own words."

Caroline faced them with the shot glass at her lips, sipping, not gulping. Becky appeared nervous, but Joann appeared eager and said, "Becky, tell me."

"All right. I saw Mom kissing that woman across the street."

Joann's eyes popped open wide as her jaw dropped. Becky watched her mother's reaction. Caroline stood with forced composure, then said, "Go on."

Becky said, "I saw the woman..."

Caroline interrupted, "Her name is Bonnie, and she's a bisexual whore, a swinger, one of your father's playmates, as if you didn't know. Now, go on."

Becky said, "Well, I saw Bonnie feel Mom up under her skirt. Mom wasn't wearing panties. They stood on Bonnie's front step where anyone could see. I saw Mom's naked butt, and I saw Bonnie poking her finger in...in Mom's butt hole. At least, that's what it looked like she was doing."

Joann cried, "Becky!"

"Well, that's what it looked like from here."

Becky looked defensively to Caroline, who now had a deep blush going. Having gone this far, Caroline said, "You saw right. Anything else?"

"Well, it looked like she was fingering you in front, too."

"Fingering what, Becky."

"Do you want me to say it?"

"Yes, in your own words."

"Okay. It looked like she was fingering your pussy."

Joann cried, "Becky!"

"Well, she said use my own words. That's what I call it. In fact, I don't know any nice way to say it. Sorry, Mom, but..."

Caroline set her empty shot glass down, her cheeks burning. She addressed both girls with hands resting on each of their outside shoulders. The girls looked into their mother's eyes as Caroline calmly said, "You saw right, and you did as I directed. There is no nice way to put it. I did a crazy thing, an impulsive thing. She dared me, and like a stupid child, I took her dare. I took a risk, a huge risk, but I'll admit, it was a huge thrill. I've never done anything like that in my life."

Joann said, "Are you going to do that again? Can I watch if you do?"

"Once was enough for me, but Bonnie has her own agenda and a way of making me do things I never would have dreamed I could do. If you catch us at that game, good for you, but I will not be putting on a show if I can help it."

Becky said, "Mom, are you two lovers?"

"No, Becky. We're close, intimate friends. I am not a lesbian, and neither is she. I can admit to being bisexual. I wouldn't have thought so until today, but I think I am. No, I know I am. Who knows, maybe we all are to some degree."

Joann said, "Becky is for sure."

Becky slugged Joann and said, "You shut up. If I wanted anyone to know, I'd tell them."

Caroline shook both shoulders and said, "Enough. I don't care to hear this. You girls are growing up way too fast as it is. We need to discuss your father. He took my words as a challenge. I know him. He'll bring his bimbette here just to show me he's not intimidated by my accusation. He'll expect me to blow my top, but I have a surprise for him."

"What are you going to do?" said Joann.

"I'm going to be nice and polite to her, treat her like an honored guest in our home, wait on them hand and foot, her especially."

Becky smiled big and said, "Mom, that would be so cool if you did that. You'd blow his mind."

"I know. If I know your father, he'll keep pushing. He might even take her off to the bedroom and do his dirty deed."

Joann said, "Could you stand that?"

"I think so. I'll even bring them warm wash cloths. At least, I hope I can. We'll see, huh?"

Becky said, "Oh, Mom, that would be the ultimate."

Joann said, "No, the ultimate would be if Mom cleaned them with the wash cloths. I'll bet they'd both freak if you did that."

"I'm sure they would."

"Since you're a bisexual, now, would you like to clean that woman's pussy?"

Becky slugged her sister, saying, "Joann! You are so disgusting, and so...so..."

"Well she said she likes pussy. I know you'd like to clean her pussy...with your tongue."

Caroline caught a hard slug in mid-slug, saying, "Girls, that's enough. Frankly, I don't know what I'll do anymore. We'll see how it goes, but I want you girls prepared for anything. Who knows, they might have sex right out in the open like dogs. If that should happen, I don't want you two to show any emotion - no giggles, no smiles, no sign of approval or disapproval. Just watch quietly or leave the room quietly."

Joann eagerly said, "Do you think they might?"

"If he does, and I wouldn't put it past him, he'll be going for shock value. I don't want him to have that satisfaction of shocking me or you girls."

Joann said, "I wouldn't miss that for anything."

Becky added, "Me neither. We'll be so cool. You'll see, Mom. What about you, though? Can you be that cool, watching them do it...like animals?"

"Yesterday, no; today, I think so. To tell the truth, I kinda like the idea. I might shock you both and clean them without a rag. I might use my tongue as a rag. Good lord, I can't believe I said that."

Becky laughed, then said, "Me neither. You're bisexual, all right. Joann was right. I would in a heart beat. Mom, you must, you simply must. We dare you."

Joann added, "We double dare you."

Caroline's interest peaked. She smiled a devilish smile and said, "Oh, you'd like to see that, would you?"

Becky excitedly said, "Oh yes, more than anything. Oh, please do! Even if they go to the bedroom, don't use a wash cloth. Use your tongue and lick her all over between the legs, inside and out. Eat Daddy's whore out, and leave the door open so we can watch. Please, pretty please!"

Joann added, "With sugar on top."

Caroline released her girls and stood back with folded arms wearing a big grin. She said, "You two shock me. You're both a couple of little perverts, but I think I like you better this way. You know, I might just let you watch me and Bonnie together some day. I know she'd get a big thrill out of you two watching me service her. She's trying to turn me into her pussy slave. That's what she called it, and she came damn close just a while ago."

Becky said, "How close?"

"You really want to know, huh?"

"Oh yes. We want all the juicy details."

"All right. If you must know, I got naked, shaved my pussy, put my wedding ring up my behind, and recited the Gettysburg Address with her clit in my mouth. That's how close."

Becky teased, "Wow! You know the Gettysburg Address?"

This had them all laughing and killed whatever tension remaining in Caroline. When the laughter died down, she said, "Oh God, You have no idea how much I dreaded this. You girls are making this so easy. I could kick myself for not opening up sexually with you two years ago."

Joann put her arm around her mother's waist for a side hug and said, "We wish you had. Are you going to start wearing your wedding ring up your butt from now on?"

They both looked to Caroline's left hand. Caroline held the hand up, saying, "I hope not. I got it back the hard way. Don't even ask."

Becky smilingly said, "You must let us watch you guys get it on. Do you sixty-nine with her?"

Joann added, "You must let us watch. We won't tell a soul. Swear to God."

"We'll see. I never thought I'd share that with anyone, much less my own daughters. I really need to soak in a cold shower while I think this through and sort this out."

Becky said, "Don't go. We've never seen you like this. It's really neat."

Joann said, "Yeah, I'll say. It's almost like you're human. Just kidding, Mom."

Caroline smiled and ruffled Joann's hair. She said, "To tell you the truth, I find this rather exciting. You made this easy by being so supportive and accepting. You know, I don't feel like taking a cold shower, thinking rationally, or sorting anything out. I feel like doing something nasty."

Becky grinned, "Like masturbating in front of us. We'd like that, huh, Joann?"

Joann said, "Yeah, boy would we. Talk about human."

"That wasn't what I had in mind, but in my present mood, anything is possible. No, I was thinking of showing my pussy. Besides being shaved, Bonnie did something to it that I think will amuse you. Would you girls like to see my pussy?"

Both girls eagerly said, "Yes!"

Caroline smiled and said, "Okay. I want you both to kneel before me, right here."

The girls dropped to their knees wearing smiles. Caroline moved her feet a yard apart, placing each foot outside their outside knees. Their heads were on a level with her pussy, their faces almost touching her skirt. Joann giggled and said, "Be careful, Mom. Becky might lick it."

Caroline looked into Becky's shy smile and said, "Don't you dare. I'm not feeling that nasty. Not yet, anyway. Just look." She reached for the hem at each knee and said, "Okay, here goes."

The skirt rose slowly, gradually revealing her alabaster thighs. The eyes followed the hem. Both girls had their lower lip caught in teeth. Caroline watched their faces as the hem came to the base of her slit. She had them transfixed. She paused for dramatic effect, then continued. The girls stared at the shaved lips, then strained to make out the art work. Caroline ended their strained stare by pulling her skirt all the way up past the waist.

Becky exclaimed, "Oh, wow! She wrote 'Whore' on your pussy. I love it."

Joann said, "You have a neat pussy, Mom, even with that on it. I love your pussy without the hair."

"Thank you. She wants to make that a tattoo. Who knows, I might let her."

Joann said, "A pussy slave would have no choice. Don't you want to be a good pussy slave?"

Becky said, "You should let her. I think you'd make a great pussy slave. You'd like to be her pussy slave, wouldn't you?"

"I'd like to know what you two think about that, for real. If I let her tattoo the word 'Whore' on my pussy, I'd be one. She'd see to it. Think about that, too. Bonnie is pretty kinky, you know?"

Becky dipped her head low to gaze up between Caroline's legs while saying, "I love the idea."

Joann said, "She's dying to lick it, Mom. Let her, okay? I want to see her lick your pussy."

Caroline was looking into Becky's eyes as they peered over the top of her mound. Her face was in position to deliver the lick, and her eyes pleaded for permission. Caroline now had her lower lip between teeth. Her clit begged a positive response. Caroline was on the verge of granting her oldest daughter's wish when she felt the tentative tongue tip ease between the wet folds of her sex.

Joann excitedly said, "Go ahead, Becky. She'll let you. Lick it good and suck on her clit. Show her what you can do with a pussy."

Caroline said nothing, and Becky licked. With the first long swipe through the oozing slit, Becky brought both hands sliding up the backs of her mother's legs. Caroline widened her knees and jutted her steamy crotch into the feverishly sucking mouth. Becky clutched her ass and sealed her mouth over her mother's clit and began nursing, pausing frequently to run her stiff tongue all inside the slit and in the hole. Caroline ground her cunt on her daughter's face and moaned steadily.

Joann said, "Eat her cunt, Becky. Eat it good. Suck Mom's cunt. Make her cum. She's a really good cunt sucker, huh, Mom?"

Caroline could only nod while fighting to stand in place. When Becky next fastened on her clit, Caroline knew she would go over the top. She reached down with both sets of fingers and pulled herself open so she could see her daughter's mouth at work as the orgasm welled-up from deep within.

The shocking spasm burst over her, making her cry out, "Oh yes! Suck, Becky. Suck Mommy's clit, baby. Eat my cunt, sweetheart. Eat your mother's whore pussy. Oh, yessss! Oh, fuck yes, baby! Suck! Yesssss! Yesss! Oh, yes."

The violent orgasm drained the passion-racked mother. After the spasms passed, Caroline braced herself by propping her hands on her thighs. Becky got under her and fastened her mouth to the hole. Caroline got her breath and said, "What are you doing?"

Joann said, "Let her finish, Mom. She's after your slut slime. That's what she calls it. Slut slime is her reward for giving you a good cum. She loves the stuff. I feed her slut slime all the time, unless she didn't do it good enough, then she doesn't get any. I've made her cry. She'd cry like a baby if you didn't let her have all of your slut slime."

Caroline stood in awe with her knees out, looking between her own legs. The kid wasn't eating pussy, she was dining on a vaginal dessert. Caroline once again fanned open her lips to see Becky hard at work lapping slut slime from her slut hole, digging deep inside with her swabbing tongue. The sight was the most vulgar thing Caroline ever saw, also, the most stimulating sight she ever watched. She didn't feel perverse while engaged in a lesbian act with her oldest daughter, but she felt quite perverse feeding her from the cunt hole.

Caroline stopped questioning her participation in this obscene act and lent herself to the lewd devotions. She, in fact, reached lower and tilted her pelvis up to give herself and Joann a better look. Joann reached in and began massaging the clit, saying, "This will bring down more pussy juice. You don't mind, do you?"

The fingers rubbing her clit felt marvelous. Caroline said, "No, I don't mind."

Joann said, "Try to relax. You might be able to cum again."

Caroline said, "I'm trying. Rub faster and harder. Right there. Oh, yes. That's good. Perfect. Harder! Faster! Uh! Oh yessss. There....Yesss! Yesss!...Oh yesss!"

Caroline came again, then watched her daughter lick that spend. Joann eased away wearing a big smile. Becky continued until the twat ran dry, then sat back on her heels. Caroline stood up and let her skirt fall. She stumbled back and grabbed the liquor stand for support. Joann helped her mother stand steady on her feet. Becky got to her feet and smiled sheepishly to match her mother's weak smile.

Caroline smoothed her skirt and felt the first pangs of guilt. She looked at her girls and said, "Well, I wanted to do something nasty, but I wasn't expecting that."

Joann said, "You liked it though, didn't you?"

"It was nice, I have to admit. Still, I feel like the most perverted woman on earth. I think I can forget earning a mother-of-the-year award."

She looked to Becky. Becky said, "You'd get our vote. I enjoyed that very much."

Caroline said, "Yes, it appeared so. Are you..."

"A lesbian? No, Mom. I'm bisexual, too."

"Are you a virgin?"

"Uh...no. Are you mad?"

"I don't know what I am. I'm in shock. How long?"

"Oh, several years, now."

Caroline looked to Joann. Joann smiled and said, "Me, too. I was first."

"My goodness. How old where you?"


"Ten? Who?"

Becky said, "We can't tell. It's a secret. Please don't pry."

"Well, the damage is done. I certainly hope you two are taking precautions?"

Becky said, "We're both on the pill."

"But how? I..."

"Mom, please don't pry. We know what we're doing. We're having fun, and it's perfectly safe."

"Do I know the boy?"

"Man, Mother, and that's all I'll say."

"Is it your father? You can tell me. I've suspected for some time. I know how he is."

"No, Mom. It's not Daddy."

Joann said, "He is trying, though. Can we...you know, let him?"

"Do you want to?"

Becky said, "Yes. We both want to."

"Well, I'm in no position to object. I'm sure you'll get your wish. He should be no problem for either of you girls."

Joann beamed, "Great! Will you treat us the way you plan to treat his whore?"

"Absolutely not. In fact, I hope I never see either of you girls with your father. I'd appreciate it if you two would be discrete about this, and about my relationship with Bonnie. In fact, anything we do should never go beyond these doors; that is, if we ever do anything again. I'll have to sleep on this."

Joann said, "This won't be the last time, Mom. Face it. Once you try Becky, you have to have her again. I'm hooked, and she knows it. You're hooked. We both know that. I think you do, too."

"I make no promises, but you may be right. It was very nice. Right now, I feel terribly guilty and ashamed of myself. That will probably pass. It always does. In the mean time, don't press me. When and if I'm ready, I'll drop a hint you can't miss."

Joann smiled and said, "Just let her get a peek at your pussy. That's all I have to do. When Becky sees a pussy, she has to have it - cock, too, for that matter."

Caroline looked to Becky. Smiles formed on both their faces. Caroline hugged her close and kissed her forehead, saying, "I guess bisexual whores run in the family."

"Does Daddy have a big dick? It sure looks like he has a big one."

"It's big, all right. It may be too big for you. How big is your mystery lover?"

Becky broke the hug to size the cock with hands held ten inches apart. Joann made a ring with her two hands that could have slipped over a large cucumber. Caroline's brows lifted. She said, "My goodness. I suppose you can take him. I hope you know, most adult cocks are much smaller."

Joann smiled and said, "We know. We've had all sizes, dozens, huh, Becky?"

Becky said, "I keep track. I've fucked thirty-eight different men. A few were boys, but most were men."

In wide-eyed astonishment, Caroline exclaimed, "Good Lord!"

Joann added, "We're whores, Mom, no doubt about it."

"It would seem so. I'm going to need time to adjust to this. Hell, I've only had three, and only one since I got married. Right now, I'm just stunned."

Becky said, "You'll adjust. Maybe one day you'd like to watch us getting fucked. It'll make you horny. It does for everyone else."

"I'm sure. So I gather you do group scenes."

Joann volunteered, "We like that best. We've both been screwed in front of dozens of people, men and women. We do a show that's super hot. I wish you could be there and join us. Wow, what a show that would be - a mother and two daughters pulling trains and sucking pussy. That would be hot, way hot. If you like cocks and pussies, you'd love to pull a train while one bitch after another sits on your face. Um, yummy!"

"So, you're bisexual, too?"

"Not like Becky, but I like a pussy to suck on when I'm getting screwed. I'd love to suck on you while Daddy screws me. We both would."

"We'll see. I don't know what I'm capable of anymore. You just might get your wish. Right now, I need a cold shower. You little whores are getting me all worked up again. My guilt has practically vanished. I want you two to get your minds out of the gutter and try to act like good little girls. If your father returns, it's my show. Understand?"

They both nodded. Becky said, "We'll be cute and innocent the entire time. You'll see. And, Mom, we're both going to be terribly disappointed if you don't take real good care of Daddy's whore."

"You won't be disappointed. That much, I can assure you. I feel like eating that little whore until her head caves in. She'll think she died and went to heaven, but you two stay out of it. Tonight, you be the spectators. I'll handle the show."

Becky said, "Don't worry about a thing, Mom."

"I'm going to clean up. I want you girls to prepare dinner, set the table, and have everything ready to dish out at a moment's notice. When they drive up, I want it to look like we just sat down to eat. I'll invite them to join us. We'll take it from there."

Becky said, "Should we set places for them?"

"Humm...yes. That will look like we expected them. We'll give them one side so they can sit together. You'd best get busy. We can expect them at any time."

* * *

Thirty minutes later, the simple dinner sat ready in serving dishes. Caroline emerged from the bedroom ten minutes after that. She wore a plain, short house dress with pumps on bare legs. It was also plain she wore no bra. She'd fluffed her long hair but wore only a light covering of make-up. Becky smiled while surveying her sexy mother.

Joann also smiled, but said, "Are you naked under that?"

Caroline said, "Yes. I hope it's not too obvious. I wanted to be ready just in case he pulls me into the action."

Becky said, "He might; you look great. As for being obvious, your hard nipples give you away, but I doubt he'd guess you were naked. We were afraid you'd chicken out, but I guess you're not, huh?"

"No. I won't chicken out. I've gone this far; I may as well go all the way. I have you two sluts to thank for that."

Joann giggled and said, "You're welcome."

Caroline looked over the table setting, and lifted the lids on the serving dishes, saying, "You girls did good. We should keep this warm. We'll wait one hour. If they don't show up in that time, I doubt they will. Take turns watching out the window. As soon as his car is spotted, we must all take seats and quickly serve ourselves."

Becky took the first watch as Caroline busied herself straightening the house. Joann rotated the food through the microwave oven. Caroline ran a damp cloth over a dusty shelf and said, "I've been doing some thinking and by a process of elimination narrowed down your mystery lover. Will you tell me if I'm right?"

Joann and Becky exchanged looks, then shrugs. Becky said, "Will you promise never to interfere?"

"A mother can never make a promise like that, but I think it's too late to interfere. I'll try, how's that?"

The girls exchanged looks. Joann nodded. Becky said, "If you guess, I'll smile."

"I think it's Pete Donovan." Becky's expression remain the same. Caroline then said, "Harold Stevens?" Nothing. "Okay, then it must be one of our neighbors. Chuck?" Nothing. "Ben Johnson?"

Joann said, "You're ice cold, Mom. Ben Johnson, really? He must be sixty, seventy, even."

"Well, who, then? Is it someone from your school?"

Becky said, "No fair."

Joann said, "Why not give her hints. We can at least tell her who it's not."

"No, Joann. We swore we'd never tell. Hinting is telling. If Mom guesses, and we smile, who could blame us?"

Joann said, "She's right, Mom. We both swore."

Caroline sat in her place at one end of the oblong table and said, "It must be one of the people you guys sit for, then. I don't know all the names, but is it someone either of you sits for?"

Caroline did not get an answer, but the blank looks were answer enough. She said, "Is he someone from school?"

Joann said, "You already asked that."

"But I got no answer."

"Nobody smiled."

"Okay, so it's no one from school or sitting. It's not a neighbor. Is it someone in the family?" Joann cracked a smile. Caroline sat up, "So it's family, is it? My side, or your father's side?"

Becky addressed Joann, saying, "No more hints, Joann. Don't crack a smile unless she guesses right."

Joann sucked her lips between her teeth and bit down. Caroline's mind was abuzz with possibilities. She ran through Richard's male members in the area and got no reaction. Her only male member was her father. He was also the last possible choice. This awareness showed on her face and both girls broke into timid smiles.

Caroline's eyes went wide as she cried out, "Grandpa, my father, Grandpa Reynolds? Oh, my God. No! It can't be, not my father. He'd never."

Caroline stood and crossed to Becky, took her by the shoulders and made the smile evaporate with a firm grasp, saying, "Becky, tell me the truth. Is it?"

"Yes, Mom, but don't ever let on that you know or he'll never forgive us."

Joann joined to add her voice, saying, "We trusted you, Mom. If you ever bring it up, we'll never trust you again, and it won't change anything. We'd run away if you tried to stop us from seeing Grandma and Grandpa."

"My mother is in on this, too?"

Becky said, "Yes, from the very beginning. She broke us in and got us ready for Grandpa's big cock. She got us on the pill. Like you said, Mom, bisexual whores run in our family, on your side, anyway. Your mother taught us how to eat pussy."

Caroline eased back to the table and plopped into one of the chairs reserved for Richard and his whore. Joann came over and boldly ran a hand up her bare thigh, then on up and under the skirt. Caroline was too numb to stop her, and the small hand found her denuded sex, wedged between the unresisting thighs, and cupped the fleshy lips. She sent a probing finger in search of the hole. Caroline remained limp as the finger found its mark and pushed inside.

Becky returned to the window as Joann knelt and pushed the front of the dress up her mother's thighs, saying, "This will get you back in the mood. Try to relax, Mom. Think about that nice juicy whore Daddy's bringing home for you. Think about licking her messy pussy after Daddy gets through fucking it. Think about all that yummy cum mixed with sweet pussy juice."

Caroline found herself doing just that, surprising herself with the ease with which she accepted Joann's transformation. She even lifted up to facilitate the moving of the dress up her legs to bare her from the waist down. She wallowed in the depravity and allowed Joann to part her knees wide. She sat in that lewd pose as Joann said, "Okay, Becky. I'll watch while you keep her hot and horny. Don't let her cum."

Becky came over and knelt between her mother's knees. Caroline watched her sexy older daughter bend her head and begin lapping and kissing the area between her legs, running her tongue over the letters. Joann took her post at the window as obscene flashes of parental misconduct ran through her mind.

Caroline did likewise. She tried to imagine the parties, the shows, her parents playing the role of MC. She tried to picture her father's cock taking full possession of his little girls - anally, orally, and vaginally. She pictured her naked mother sitting on their innocent faces, grinding her mature cunt on lusty young mouths. Despite her reservations, she became very horny and gyrated her loins on Becky's sucking mouth, thinking, "Damnit, what's keeping Richard?"

Becky raised up wearing a wet smile. She said, "You really want that juicy whore, don't you?"

"Fuck, yes! I want her so badly I can taste it!"

Joann cried, "They're coming. There's a woman in the car with him. Hurry!"

The trio dashed to their seats and began dishing out the food. They had their plates full in short order. Caroline adjusted her dress, took several deep breaths, then said, "Everyone, try to relax. Look calm, cool, and collected. Pour the iced tea, Becky."

Becky poured, then slid the pitcher to Joann who moved it on to Caroline, saying, "Remember, Mom, we want a good show."

Caroline smiled sheepishly and said, "Remember, you're spectators."

The front door opened and Richard led a stunning blonde inside. She appeared unsure, but excited. Richard looked unsure and nervous, but he also looked resolved. The woman was in her very early twenties, and looked sexy in a mini skirt, heels and tight blouse. Richard placed a re-assuring hand around her waist and led her to the table. Caroline stood and indicated the empty seats set before empty plates. She calmly said, "We weren't sure you'd be coming, but we prepared enough. Won't you join us?"

Richard and the woman exchanged looks of surprise. Richard held the chair for his date. She sat wearing a wary smile, looked to each girl, and waited to take her cue from Richard like a whore taking a seat in a church pew. He said, "This is Debbie, Debbie Mathews, my new secretary."

Caroline extended her hand saying, "And mistress, I presume. Hi, Debbie. I'm Caroline, the wife."

The two shook hands. Debbie looked to Richard as he answered for her, saying, "Yes, she's my mistress, and I expect her to be treated with the utmost respect."

Richard took his cues from Caroline as Debbie took hers from Richard. Caroline's warm smile threw him, but he quickly adjusted and tempted that smile's warmth. Caroline came around to Debbie's side and said, "That goes without saying, dear. Here, Debbie. Allow me to serve you. You are, after all, a special guest. I hope you like ham."

"Yes, but not much. I'm watching my weight."

Caroline laid a piece of ham on her plate, saying, "Well, you watch it very well. I don't think you have one ounce of fat anywhere on your lovely body...Peas?"

"Yes, please."


"One spoonful."

"Tea, wine, or beer?"

"A beer would be nice - a lite beer if you have it."

"Of course. We have Miller Lite in bottles. I'll pour you a glass."

While Caroline went for the beer, Richard smiled at his girls who smiled back. He then leaned in to whisper something to Debbie. She shook her head emphatically. He whispered more intently, then unbuttoned two buttons on her blouse that already had the top three undone. Her top opened to expose her bulging breast flesh and the top crests of her lacy bra. She still looked like she was seated in the pews, now in the kiddie section.

Caroline returned in time to see Richard pulling out the flaps even more, then undoing another button as an after-thought, leaving only two buttons done up at the bottom with the bra now fully in the open with the flaps of her blouse hung outside the cups.

Caroline set the beer before Debbie, looked purposeflly at her chest, and said, "You have lovely breasts, Debbie."

Debbie warmed quickly to the bizarre situation, like a whore who suddenly realized she was seated in the kiddie section of the Church of the Fucking Virgin Whore. She took in a deep breath with her shoulders back and said, "Thank you. Your husband likes them. That's the main thing. Besides being my lover, he's also my boss."

"Well, he seems quite proud of them, and who can blame him."

Richard took this cue and unbuttoned Debbie's blouse completely as his wife re-took her seat and watched. He then removed the blouse. Having gotten away with that, he unfastened the bra and removed it, leaving Debbie topless.

The amused secretary sat passively and allowed Richard to do whatever he had the guts to do. When she found herself sitting there, naked from the waist up, and getting away with it, a flush of excitement came over her features. She sat up and thrust her twin orbs out in blatant display, saying, "See what I mean. He loves showing them off. It's a good thing I'm not shy about showing my boobs."

Caroline said, "It certainly is, and who can blame him? They are absolutely lovely boobs, and so firm for boobs so big. Mine are starting to sag a bit. It's easy to see why my husband prefers your proud boobs over my saggy tits."

This put a smile on Debbie's face and another on Richard's. They exchanged those smiles. Debbie looked to Caroline with renewed confidence along with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes. She said, "I'd like to see your tits, Caroline. Would you mind baring them for me?"

"No, not at all." Caroline unbuttoned her dress down the front and hauled out her tits. She smiled self-consciously. The girls looked from one set to the other, fighting back smiles, trying to look astonished. Richard did look astonished. Debbie ran her eyes appreciatively over the competing set of titties, seeing they were slightly smaller, also slightly sagging. She smiled and said, "It must be the firmness he likes so much. Your titties are nothing to frown at."

"You're too kind, but you needn't be. I know my place, and I have just been put in my place by a woman with a much nicer set of boobs."

Empowered and feeling full of herself, Debbie said, "Well, it wasn't my intention to put you in your place with my hooters, but it doesn't bother me to put you in your place in front of your children by accident."

Richard decided it was time to push Caroline over the edge. He said, "You're making me out to be a tit man, Caroline. Debbie, why don't you stand up and show them what really attracted me to you?"

Debbie looked surprised and said, "What, strip? Here? Show them that?"

"Yes, strip. Let's show them your sexy pussy. That'll put Caroline in her place."

Debbie looked from one smiling face to another, said, "All right. It's your house. You're the boss." She then pushed away from the table. She stood and reached for the side snap and zipper of her skirt. She gave another glance around the table, then unzipped. The skirt fell to her feet revealing her nakedness. She kicked free, then stood on display, showing off her pussy, shaved except for a small heart over the mound. Richard said, indicating her pussy with finger traces, "I'm a pussy man. As you can see, Debbie has a great pussy on her."

Debbie's great pussy had all three other great pussies salivating and their owners learning forward. They peered between Debbie's legs at the fingers toying with the plumb, slick lips as they batted the long clit. Richard probed the woman's hole with his fuck finger and made crude stabs, thinking this would push his seemingly unflappable wife over the edge.

To his amazement, Caroline was far from going over any edge unless it was the edge of the table she leaned across. She gazed on the sight with unabashed interest, and said, "Oh, she's lovely down there, Richard. Is she tighter than Bonnie?"

Richard brightened and said, "So that's your game plan, is it? Divide and conquer. It won't work. She knows about Bonnie and the rest."

Debbie looked to Caroline and smuggly smiled. Caroline said, "I was doing nothing of the kind. Well, is she...tighter?"

Richard had Debbie turn in place to face away from her audience, then bend forward. Debbie followed his hand-pressure hints and widened her stance on her own initiative. Grasping the seat for support, she jutted her ass out, presenting the others with a lewd spectacle, especially to Becky who sat on the opposite side. Overcome, Becky leaned across the table. Both Joann and Caroline placed a restraining hand on her nearest shoulder until she eased back. Richard teased Debbie's cunt from between her legs, hiding nothing; in fact, giving them a look at the coral-pink hole as he used fingers to part the puffy lips, saying, "You're tighter than Bonnie, Caroline. This girl is as tight as a virgin."

Caroline watched his finger slip in and saw how the hole clung tenaciously to it as the digit moved in and out. Caroline said, "She certainly does look tight. I'm so happy for you, Richard. She is quite a catch."

Richard was at a complete loss. He'd done everything but sweep the table, throw her down on it, and fuck her. The look on Caroline's face told him he could do that as well. The look on Joann's eager face begged him to do just that.

He couldn't believe his good fortune, but it was Becky's reaction that held his interest. Her obvious lust for the pussy he openly displayed told him volumes about the daughter he'd spent countless hours fantasizing about. She had a lust for pussy that was glaringly apparent. His desire to have Becky in bed with him and another woman almost got the better of him.

Gut instinct told him he'd best not push his luck. Caroline said, "Richard, you're torturing that poor girl. She's drooling for you. Why don't you take her into the bedroom and put her out of her misery. I put silk sheets on the bed and turned down the bedding."

That was all Debbie needed to hear. She stood and grabbed Richard's hand, saying, "Where's the fucking bedroom!"

Richard led the way, but paused to look back at his smiling family. He shook his head before moving on. Once out of the room, both girls excitedly converged on Caroline, praising her. Joann said, "Mom, you were terrific. You blew them away."

Becky hugged her mother. Grasping a bare tit, she said, "God, I thought I was a gonner. I want that pussy, Mom."

"We saw. You get yourself under control. If your father makes a move on you, that will ruin everything. Do you understand?"

"I'm sorry. I have to cum."

"Then take care of it, but settle down before they return."

Becky returned to her seat and sent both hands up her skirt. Joann watched, then said, "Me too." She then followed Becky's lead. With her daughters openly masturbating at the table and her husband fucking in the bedroom, Caroline thought, "Oh, what the hell." Soon, they all masturbated together to the sounds of a bed being pummeled with the bedroom door open.

When Debbie cried out, "Oh, yes, Richard, fuck me! Fuck my horny cunt, baby!" They all went over the edge together.

Joann was first to regain her composure. She shook the other two, saying, "Come on, you guys. I think they're finished."

Becky and Caroline set themselves right, wiped their wet fingers on the table cloth, and sat straight just in time for the big entrance. Richard and Debbie emerged, hand in hand, naked and spent. Richard's slimy spent dick hung halfway to his knees and swayed with each step like an elephant's trunk. Debbie was wet from her crotch to her knees, with a cunt that looked raw and hung open, dripping cum to the hardwood floor with each step. They came to stand by Caroline's chair, facing the girls. Richard said, "Thanks, Caroline, we needed that."

"You certainly did by the sound of things. My, what a mess you made of her lovely pussy. Here, let me clean you both with a nice warm wash cloth."

Caroline made for the kitchen. Richard stood looking at his lovely girls, still flush with excitement, their sparkling eyes fixed to his dick or his mistress' pussy. He knew he could have either one or both at once with a snap of his finger. His dick surged with new life at the thought.

Caroline returned and went straight for Debbie. She made her pose more provocative by standing with her feet a yard apart with her loins jutted out. Caroline made the job more provocative by kneeling at her left so as not to block anyone's view. She drew the rag up one thigh then the other, slowly converging on the pussy so blatantly displayed.

Richard could not believe his eyes. As his wife neared the cunt he'd just fucked, he decided to press his luck, saying, "That cloth won't feel good on her sensitive, freshly-fucked pussy. Show her there's no hard feelings and that you have been thoroughly put in your place. Use your tongue."

This brought the girls out of their seats. Caroline looked up to Debbie's grinning face, saying, "If it's all right with Debbie, I'd be happy to."

Debbie said, "Why would I mind? Lick my pussy, Caroline. Maybe, if you get it nice and clean, your husband will want to fuck me again."

Richard watched intently as Caroline's distended tongue made its first pass through the slut's slimy pussy. Viewing her performing this obscene act with their two daughters on either side, close enough to give a lick themselves, struck Richard as too dreamlike to be real. He was not, however, inclined to pinch himself.

Likewise, Debbie thought she was in a dream; and she, too, didn't want a pinch. With the three other females focused intently between her legs, Debbie turned to Richard with a questioning shrug. Richard's return shrug suggested, "Don't look at me. I have no idea what's going on."

Caroline held Debbie by the cheeks of her ass, reaching between her legs to draw the cunt into her mouth. With her girls kneeling beside her, watching intently each lick, suck, nibble, and sperm-slurping pass up the oozing slit, Caroline could not help slipping deeper into debauchery.

Earlier, she'd opened a door to decadence, but she was now tearing that door off its hinges. With Richard looking down on the scene with his erection practically poking Karen in the cheek, family sex was now inevitable. The revelations she'd heard from her daughters had sunk in and gestated. They were happy little whores, and their father was a lecherous bastard. They would all be happy. This made Caroline happy, and eased the anxiety she felt about following the path Bonnie wanted to lead her down.

Caroline thoroughly cleaned Debbie then got to her feet. Debbie thanked Caroline, then giggled. Richard said, "That's more like it, Caroline. Frankly, you surprise me. I expected some sort of trick. I can see you enjoyed that. What's going on?"

Caroline had returned to her seat. Becky and Joann did likewise. She looked to Richard who stood showing off his rampant erection while hugging his naked whore tightly to his side. Caroline smiled and said, "Just call it turning over a new leaf. Before that smile of yours gets any bigger, be advised - two can play this game."

"Are you seeing someone?"

"Just Bonnie, but she's pushing me very hard. I'm tired of resisting. Since you've been helping her, I hope you're happy."

"Hmmm. So, that's what she was up to. I might have guessed. Actually, I figured she was after the girls."

"And you wanted to help?"

"They're big girls, now, Caroline. They know the score. What Bonnie had in mind wouldn't hurt. Look at the smiles on their faces. They are both lusty little wenches."

"They just saw their mother eat out their father's mistress after he screwed her. I would expect smiles. For your information, they aren't lusty wenches, they're whores, both of them."

Richard's eyebrows arched as he looked from one smiling whore to the other. He said, "Is that right, Becky, Joann?" They both nodded. "Well, this is welcome news. Anyone I know?"

Caroline said, "It's a secret. Don't pry. They seem to know what they're doing and are taking precautions."

"Well, I approve."

"I was sure you would."

Debbie pouted, "Does this mean I have to share you with them?"

Caroline laughed, then said, "I'm afraid so, Debbie. He's had the hots for young stuff for as long as I've known him. I should introduce you to Bonnie. She can keep your dance card filled."

"Thanks, but I can fill my own dance card. Richard, take me home. I think this is sick. I think you're all perverts, that's what I think. I don't do stuff with perverts."

Caroline shrugged as Debbie dressed. Richard returned the shrug and began dressing. They left without another word being spoken. When the door closed behind them, Becky said, "Wow, Mom, you sure turned that around. I guess Daddy will be looking for a new secretary."

"Looks that way, huh?"

Joann got up and came alongside her mother, saying, "I think Daddy thinks you gave him the okay to fuck us. Did you mean it that way?"

"Yes. Why not? It's going to happen. I saw the way you sluts were eyeing that big cock of his, and the way he showed it off to you. I figured, why not get it out in the open."

Becky draped an arm around her mother's shoulder and said, "Great. Does this mean you'll watch?"

Caroline smiled and hugged her girls to her sides, saying, "It means I'll do more than watch. I was never all that fond of semen, but licking it from a fresly-fucked pussy is a whole new ballgame."

Joann said, "Great. I can't wait to feed you a nice big load of Daddy cum. I love having sperm licked out of my juicy pussy; and, boy, is my pussy juicy right now."

Becky added, "I second that in spades. I'm creaming my thighs just thinking about it."

Caroline pushed them away and laughingly said, "You sluts get naked and climb in our bed. I'll bring the stud to you. He'll be back very soon, I'm sure."

The girls giggled and raced to the master bedroom. Caroline picked up the phone and dialed Bonnie's number. When Bonnie picked up, Caroline said, "I have two little sluts that are dying to meet you."

"Wonderful. I'll put fresh sheets on the bed."

"Another time. They have a date with their father. How about tomorrow, say, sevenish?"

"Sevenish is fine. Oh, this is marvelous. Tell me, did they see our parting?"

"Becky did, and that got the ball rolling right down your alley."

"Yes, and headed for a strike."

"We'll see how it goes."


"We'll see. This ball could still end up in the gutter. If it does, it'll be your own fault."

"It's a strike. I see it coming straight down the middle."

"You're looking at a potential four-ten split."

"Look, I don't bowl, I fuck. I like it right down the middle and I love splits - two, four, ten. From here, it looks good."

"All right, Bonnie. I'll drop the bowling metaphors. Just don't get too carried away at this party. Ease me into this. I just want to get royally laid, and a sampling of pussy would be nice, too."

"I'll give you plenty of samples tomorrow night. I want them shaved, Caroline. Shave your little sluts before you bring them over."

"As you wish. Anything else?"

"Yes. Bring Richard. We need at least one rooster at this hen party."

The End

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