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Casey Two -- Three Days at Casey's

Janice, my daughter, Casey's Mom, called me on a Friday and asked me if I could come to their home in Oklahoma City and stay with Casey while she went to a seminar in Fort Worth. My heart immediately began racing as she talked, the thought of being with my darling granddaughter for three days sending waves of excitement through me! Naturally I said yes!

Janice wanted me there on Wednesday, February 3rd, around noon. She would be leaving a little after that and wanted to go over some things before Casey got home from school. I could hardly sleep Tuesday night and finally got up and left for Oklahoma City really too early, about six o'clock. Its only about a two hour drive, but I was so eager to see Casey again I drove on to the city, had a nice breakfast at Shoney's, then just messed around at some shopping malls until a little before noon.

As I started to leave the Heritage Park Mall in the east part of the city, I walked by a junior girls clothing store. There in the window was an outfit that took my breath away. It was a pretty skirt and jacket set. The jacket was red, with double-breasted buttons, over a cream blouse and matching, very short pleated skirt. The pleats were split open about six inches up! I knew Casey would look gorgeous in it. I bought the dress, just making an educated guess at Casey' s size. I put the box in the trunk and drove to Janice and Casey's home.

My hands were trembling as I rang the doorbell. I hoped Janice wouldn't notice.

She let me in and gave me a big daughter/father hug, then we sat and chatted awhile. Then she told me I could sleep in her room, showed me where the towels were and gave me a tour of the kitchen and pantries. She showed me Casey's room. My heart went into my throat when I saw her little bed, all decked out in pink and lace. I thought of my beautiful Casey lying there asleep.

As Janice talked about her daughter, smiling and obviously so very proud of her, an overwhelming feeling of guilt suddenly came over me. I wondered if Janice could tell if something was going on inside me. She showed me some of Casey's drawings and her Barbie collection, even her bathroom and closet.

Then as we walked back into the living room, Janice suddenly turned to me and asked, "What happened to Casey while she was with you at Christmas?"

I opened my mouth but no words came out at first. I cleared my throat.

"What do you mean?" I finally asked.

Janice studied me for a moment. Then she sat down on the couch. "Dad -- she's a different little girl. Before Christmas, she seemed depressed and troubled. She wasn't taking really good care of herself or her room and was even neglecting her schoolwork. But, since Christmas, she has been so bright and cheerful. She helps out around the house, keeps her room clean---cleanER! Her schoolwork is fine. She just seems a lot happier."

I just didn't know what to say. I shook my head and half shrugged my shoulders.

Janice motioned me to sit beside her. "Dad. Whatever you said to her or taught her, or whatever happened, it's got to be okay. My daughter is happy and well and that's all I really care about. If you two have a grandfather/granddaughter secret, I can handle that."

I sighed.

"It's something like that," I said. "She and I had some long talks and we shared a lot while she was with me. We became really close. We have developed a special relationship."

Janice held up her palms in front of her. "I don't want to know." She stood up and began slipping on her coat. "I remember after Mom died and I was fourteen. And how I was having those nightmares and how I slept with you for... what was it three years or so? We'd lay there in bed at night and talk. And..."

I touched her shoulder. "And cuddle--?"

She smiled a guilty smile. "Yes." She picked up her purse. "Other people might be shocked, but, at the time, it was what I needed. Those nights when we'd cuddle and talk helped me through the hardest part of my growing up years."

I followed Janice to the door. She handed me a spare key and started to walk through the doorway, then stopped and turned. She hugged me tightly and kissed me on the cheek. "Even today... sometimes I miss your arms around me," she said quietly. She seemed lost in thought for a long moment.

Finally, she sighed and said, "Maybe that's why I couldn't make my marriage work. Mark's arms just never seemed to be as comforting as yours, Dad."

I suddenly felt responsible. "Janice, I --"

"No! Dad!" She grabbed me and pulled herself into my arms. Instinctively, I put my arms around her. "Don't you EVER, EVER blame yourself." She looked up into my eyes. "If not for your arms... if not for your love... I probably would never become what I am today. I'm happy, Dad."

"But Mark, he... "

"Mark's a jerk!" Janice let me go and stepped back. She adjusted her purse.

"I had to find that out for myself," she said smiling at me again. "The only really good thing he ever did was Casey!" I handed Janice her briefcase. She took it, opened it for a second to check the contents, brushed at her hair, then looked up at me. "Bye, Dad. I love you."

I watched her walk down the sidewalk, get in her Grand Am and drive away.

I walked to a big recliner and collapsed. I shut my eyes and lay my head back, thinking about what Janice had said. True, she and I cuddled and slept together for three years, but it never went beyond that. I never touched Janice, neither did she ever touch me in a sexual way. And now, her daughter, my own flesh-and-blood granddaughter, and I were tried and true lovers. I sat there for a long time, running all these facts over and over in my mind.

I half dozed after a while and lazily turned my head to my left. There was a little round table next to the chair. On the table was a fabulous portrait of Casey. My heart melted as I looked into those wonderful green eyes.

"Oh, Casey, I love you so much," I whispered. I picked up the picture and studied the face of this little girl who had come to be everything to me. Such a beautiful big smile... lovely eyes... cute pug nose... silky brown hair. I ran my finger across her cheek.

Then suddenly, the tears gushed from my eyes. I broke down and sobbed uncontrollably. I clutched her picture to my chest and bawled like a baby.

"Oh! God! Casey! What are we going to do!" I cried for a long time until I was all cried out.

I don't remember going into Casey's room and lying down on her bed. My emotions must have blacked that part out. The next thing I remember is waking up to lips pressing down on mine and feeling hair falling all over me. I awoke with a start, my eyes went wide, and there was Casey kissing me. I had forgotten how absolutely wonderful and sweet her little girl kisses were! A second or two after I recovered from the shock, I was kissing her back earnestly!

She was making little "Mmmmmm" sounds and working her soft lips around on mine, sucking gently and running her little tongue across my teeth occasionally.

I took her in my arms and pulled her down on top of me. I had forgotten how fragile her sweet body felt in my embrace. I ran my hands down her back, around her round little bottom and back up to her shoulders, caressing her softly.

Finally, our lips parted ever so slowly and she moved her head up to look into my eyes. She was smiling so demurely and her eyes were sparkling. I cannot even begin to describe how utterly and unbelievably beautiful she looked at that moment!

"Hi," she said in an almost whisper. She ran her little fingers across my forehead, brushing my hair back.

"Casey," I whispered. I felt tears again welling up in my eyes. She noticed and frowned.

"Paw Ken, are you crying?"

I pulled her to me and a sob erupted from my throat. She lay her head on my chest and I stroked her beautiful, silky hair. "Those are just tears of happiness, baby," I said. I held her close and caressed her back.

After a while, she sat up on the edge of the bed. She looked down at me, such a gorgeous smile on her face. She was wearing her school uniform, but a bit different than I'd seen her wear before. It was a dark green plaid jumper over a light green top, knee socks, and black mary janes.

As she sat there, she began unbuttoning her jumper, still looking down at me and still smiling. She undid all the buttons and stood up, letting it fall to the floor.

I gasped! She winked and crossed her arms and yanked her top over her head, pulling her hair through the neck hole. Her titties stood out firm and beautiful, round fat cones and fat aureola, and fat little nipples already excited!

Hooking her thumbs in the corners of a pair of black lace panties, she slipped them down to the floor, then stood up right in front of me and arched her back. The slight roundness of her tummy stood out, curving down to her perfect vagina.

I shook my head in amazement. Such a marvelous little girl body, one inch shy of five feet, slim, but with such delicious developing curves. Small but round and pert little bottom. Thin, feminine arms with the fine silky baby fuzz growing along the upper sides. Wonderful shaped legs with that same baby fuzz. Round thighs, firm and smooth.

Casey ran her fingers through her long full hair, pushing her tresses up and letting them fall across her shoulders and down her back. "Am I still beautiful?" she said, making a little turn-around dance and walking around the room.

I reached out a hand, trembling, and said, "Honey, you are the most beautiful girl in the whole world!"

She giggled and came over to the bed and sat down, crossing her legs. She took my hand in hers and squeezed. I looked at her sitting there, her nakedness so striking. She was still wearing her knee socks and mary janes. I wondered if she knew how desirable that made her look.

She blushed suddenly and looked away. "Why are you staring at me, Paw Ken?"

"Sweetheart, I'll never get tired of looking at you," I said. I reached up and pulled her over to me. She turned and crawled over on top of me and lay on my chest, my arms around her.

We kissed again briefly, then she turned her head and lay it down on my shoulder. "Oh! Paw Ken, I have missed you so very much!" Such a soft sweet little girl voice.

I stroked her hair and hugged her to me. "I've missed you, too, baby girl," I whispered, nuzzling her hair. She had been at school all day, yet her fragrance was still so sweet and fresh.

She lay there on top of me for a long time, both of us holding the other and gently caressing each other in small, little soft touches. We didn't speak for a long time. It was quiet there in her room, the only sounds, a car going by occasionally... somewhere in the distance, a jet airliner taking off from the airport.

After long minutes, "Paw Ken?"


Casey sighed. "Are you sure everything is okay?"

I stroked her beautiful long hair again, then answered, "Your Mother knows something is going on between us."

Her head jerked up and she searched my eyes, a touch of fear in hers. She started to say something, but the words choked in her throat and she bent to cough. She looked back up at me. "What does she know?"

I blinked and forced a smile. "She doesn't know any details," I said. "She just... She just noticed you've changed since Christmas."

Casey dropped her head back on my shoulder and clutched me. "Heck fire, yeah I've changed. I'm happier!"

"That's all that matters to your Mom," I said gently. "She doesn't WANT to know anything. She says if we have a secret that's our business and if you are happy that's all that matters to her."

Casey clutched me tighter. The sound of another car going past outside...then another... another...

Finally, Casey said softly, "Moma would totally freak out if she knew we'd...that we've been... "

I then told Casey about how her Mom slept with me when she was a teenager and how we cuddled and snuggled together. Casey listened, never looking up, just lying there on my chest.

"But y'all never... DID anything."

"No, baby. We never did," I said. I sighed and continued, "But your Mom was never curious about sex like you've been. She never asked me any questions in all her teen years. She learned all about sex from somebody besides me."

Casey moved off me and sat up on the edge of the bed. She crossed her legs again and rubbed her upper thighs, watching her hands, seemingly lost in thought. Then she turned to me. "If Mom had been curious like me--"

"Darling, who knows what might have happened," I said. "That's just supposing."

Casey turned to face me and pulled one leg up on the bed, bent at the knee, her leg almost under her. "Do you think we should stop what we've been doing?"

"Honey," I began. "After your Mom and I had that talk, I started feeling so guilty. I actually have been feeling like... like I've been taking advantage of you....You're such a little girl... I'm an old man--"

"NO! You're NOT OLD!" Casey cut me off and smacked her small fist into the bed.

"I'm a lot older than you. You've got so many wonderful years ahead of you. One day you might meet a special boy and--"

"NO! NO! NO!" tears rolled down her cheeks. She let out a sob. "I don't WANT another boy! I love YOU! Oh! God! We've already HAD this conversation at your house!"

For the first time, I saw anger in Casey's face. "Casey---" I sat up on the bed and touched her arm.

"You didn't take advantage of me! I WANTED to... to FUCK!" she sobbed and stood up. "I wanted it and I still want it! I LIKE it!" She ran into her bathroom. I heard her blowing her nose and whimpering. After a minute she came back out, composed somewhat. She walked back to the bed and sat back down beside me, fumbling with a wad of tissue in her hand.

I reached over and put my arm around her bare shoulders. She allowed me to pull her to me. She lay her head on my shoulder, then sniffed and sobbed again in that little girl fashion.

"Honey... " I wasn't sure what to say. "You've still got some maturing to do."

She looked up into my eyes, hers wet with big elephant tears. "I'm mature enough to know I like and enjoy making love with you. We had a special week at your house, Paw Ken... growing so close and pouring out our love to each other. You said yourself that people shouldn't HAVE to be married to give each other love through... through sex. I believed what you told me and I still do! That week was the most special in my WHOLE LIFE! And I feel like you're telling me we should just throw that week away... "

Once again, Casey amazed me with her insight. We sat there, looking into each other's eyes. Then, amazingly and wonderfully, we both moved toward each other at the same time. Slowly our arms embraced the other and we pulled together in a kiss. It started slowly and mounted in passion! We smothered each other in sweet, sweet kisses and tears from our eyes flowed together.

Tears rolled over our cheeks and into our mouths, giving a salty taste to our kisses. And, as we sat there, I felt all the labels of who or what we were to each other fall away. I realized right then that it didn't matter if we were a granddaughter or a grandfather... it didn't matter if she were twelve and I were fifty-one... it didn't matter if society would condemn our relationship... and it didn't matter that our love would always remain a secret...

Finally, our lips parted and we hugged tightly, her chin on my shoulder.

"Oh! Casey! I do love you so much! That's all that matters, darling! That's all that matters at all."

Casey sobbed, but they were tears of happiness! "Oh! Paw Ken! I'm SO glad you feel that way. That's the way I feel, too. I DO know what love is and I DO know I love you and will forever!" We hugged and rocked together for long minutes. It became quiet again, but all the tension was gone from the air.

I pulled Casey up from my embrace and kissed her long and tenderly. She moved back and began unbuttoning my shirt. I reached up and gently squeezed her pretty breasts. They were so perfect. She pulled my shirt down my back, then stripped my T-shirt upward and off.

She murmured a "Mmmm" and ran her fingers through the hair on my chest.

"I've always wanted to do that!" she giggled.

I squeezed her beautiful fat nipples. She moved and stood up on her knees, then inched forward pressing her titties into my face. I took a sweet nipple into my mouth and sucked gently. I opened my mouth wider and took her whole aureole inside and sucked!

"Ohhh! Mmmm! Wow!" Casey squirmed in my arms. "I love it when you suck my boobies!" As I sucked her titty, I ran my hands down her sides, feeling the wonderful firmness and smooth skin there. I slipped my hand down further, across her round little tummy, down, down, down, until I felt the sweet lips of her pussy. A thrill ran through my body as I thought of how wonderful that part of Casey was!

"Oh! Paw Ken! Rub my tissy!" she spread her legs a bit.

I felt my penis becoming very erect. "Casey, I---" She looked down and reached and loosened my belt, snap, and pulled the zipper down on my trousers. I slipped a finger inside her pussy and found her familiar small clitoris and massaged it.

"OHHH! Paw Ken!!! Mmmmmmm--- Yes!" she bent over on me, pulling her breast away from my lips. "Oh1 God! I LOVE that!" She was breathing faster and trembling. She tried to pull my trousers down.

"What's the matter, Casey?" I teased.

She giggled and squirmed as I rubbed her clitoris. "You KNOW what's the matter! Ohhh! Mmmmmm! I LOVE that!" She tugged at my pants again. "Get them OFF!" I pulled her up and kissed her deeply while I worked on her pussy. Both of us were breathing so hard and shaking. She surprised me by slipping her tongue into my mouth!

Then, she suddenly moved back and stepped off the bed. "OHH! Gosh-gee! I'm getting so out of breath!" She reached down and pulled my trousers off.

She was surprised to see I was wearing boxer shorts! It didn't really faze her, however, and she stood there for a moment with her hands on her hips... the reached down and zipped them off.

My penis bobbed up, long and straight! "Oh! Casey!" I leaned back on my elbows, trembling with the anticipation of what I knew was coming next!

"Mmmm! This is what I've been wanting to do!" She sat down and took my penis in her small hand. "Oh! I just LOVE this!" She giggled with delight as she stripped the foreskin back.

My penis throbbed big! I jumped as she squeezed it. "Casey, you are so wonderful!" I said.

She glanced around at me and smiled slyly. Then, she let go of me, ran around the bed, and flopped down on her tummy. She scooted up until she could lay her head down on my thigh, turned slightly on her side, and took my penis back in her hand. She looked up at me and smiled really big, then pulled my penis over into her mouth!

"Casey! W-w-what are you doing to m-m-me--?" I gasped as I felt her suck on the exposed head of my member. Then she moved her mouth down over my penis until she could grasp the foreskin with her lips. She slowly pulled my foreskin forward, and, as she did so, slipped her tongue between the skin and head and ran it all around there! "GAA! Wow! That feels so great!" I fell back on her pillow.

She giggled loudly and sucked again! As she started sucking me and playing around with my foreskin in her mouth, I reached down and slipped my finger inside her "TISSY" and began messaging her again. She opened her legs and moved until I could see her vagina flower. I watched myself slipping my finger in and out and rubbing her beautiful pussy lips while she continued to excite me with her tongue, mouth, and lips!

Casey pulled my penis out of her mouth and looked down, watching me. She let out a breath of air. "God! That's so nice!" She sighed heavily, then slipped her mouth back over my penis and ran her tongue inside the foreskin.

I moved slightly on my side and scooted over until I could lay my head on her soft inner thigh. Now I could taste the sweetness of her pussy! I puckered my lips and kissed it gently. She made a little "Mmmm" sound and wiggled her bottom.

I raised my head and looked at her, her pretty lips covering the head of my penis. She looked at me out of the corners of her gorgeous green eyes, smiled, and made a muffled giggle sound. I felt her suck me good! My penis throbbed and I lay my head back down on her thigh.

There, right in front of my eyes, not two inches away, was my Casey's beautiful naked pussy! "Oh, baby girl! This is going to be so much fun!" I whispered breathlessly. I pulled one side of her pussy lips into my mouth and sucked gently, then let go and sucked the other side. I slowly pushed my mouth inside her flower, sucking and nipping her inner flesh there ever so softly. She squirmed slightly again and giggled! My tongue slipped deep inside her and I probed upward. I tasted her salty wetness there and the flavor was intoxicating!!! I sucked her enthusiastically and she wiggled more!

"AAAHHEE! Oh! Paw Ken!" she threw back her head and tried to arch her back! "OH! God! I l-love that! Mmmm!" I kept sucking and licking her insides and looked across her belly. I could see her little tummy and chest heaving with each breath and her titties just ever so slightly bouncing when she wiggled! Oh! Gosh! She looked so very desirable!

She relaxed a little and sucked my penis back into her mouth, but she was trembling so, her motions were half hearted! I moved my lips right into her clitoris and sucked hard!

"OHHH!" Casey jerked her head up! "OH! Paw Ken! I feel like... OHHH! Gosh!"

"Are you going to come already?" I teased.

She bit her bottom lip with her two big front teeth and nodded, her eyes shut tightly!


I sat up quickly. "No you don't, love! Not yet." I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her over on top of me as I lay back on my back. Now, she sat on my stomach, her head still back and eyes still shut.

Her head rolled to one side and she opened one eye. "Ohhhhh! God! I almost came REAL BIG!" I pushed her up and my penis bobbed under her shiny wet pussy lips. She looked down her breath coming in quick short gasps. I moved her until my penis was touching her vagina lips, then began easing her down.

She realized what I was attempting. "Oh! Great! Oh! Great! Oh, Paw Ken! I want your big penis inside me!"

I was shivering with anticipation. "You're going to have to help me, baby," I said.

She bent forward slightly and reached down. She took my penis and began working it around and around between her pussy lips while I held her up. I felt it move inside her slightly and dropped her down a couple of inches. I felt her tight, tight pussy strip my foreskin back almost painfully!

It was Casey who yelled, however! "YAHHH!!! OWW! Umm! Wait a minute Paw Ken!" she pushed herself up, her knees on either side of me. "I'm n-not WET enough... not yet... "

I blew out a long breath. "I know, baby... I know!" She pushed my stiff penis into her and tried to sit down on it again.

"OWWW!" she winced and gritted her teeth. "Dang it! I want it INSIDE m-me!!" She dropped down more and I could feel her pussy walls closing in on my penis.

"Casey! You are so tight, baby girl!" I gasped. Her hair was hanging all over us now, down across her titties and even in my face. Strands of her bangs across her forehead were wet with perspiration. I looked at her nipples. They were red and seemed to be almost straining to become even more erect! What a sight!

"Oh, baby! You are so beautiful I just feel like I'm going crazy with desire for you!"

A strained laugh came from her open mouth, her concentration focused on getting my now huge penis inside her small, little twelve-year-old pussy!

She spread her knees out more and squatted, trying to make her opening larger.

I still held her tiny waist and felt her push herself down on my member. The pressure of her pussy walls mashed in on my penis a bit more. "UHHH!" she groaned. Her tongue stuck out through tight lips, curved upward, her expression that of determination.

Suddenly, Casey shuddered and sat down hard! My whole body jerked in an instant of pain as I felt my huge member slide into her hot juice! She continued to allow herself to drop down on me, my penis being buried even deeper! Now it was MY turn to arch MY back! "Yessssssss--!" she murmured as she relaxed down on my penis. She slid down, down, down, until she came to an abrupt halt, her pussy lips hitting my groin!

"Ahhhh!" she leaned forward, her hands coming to rest on my chest, and looked at me through groggy eyes. "--all the way in--" I was shaking as I looked down at her pussy lips buried in my pubic hair.

It amazed me that such a little vagina could take in so much!

"Ohhh, Casey," was all I could get out!

She sat frozen in place for a minute, her eyes closed. Then, her eyes opened and she smiled sweetly down at me. She licked her full lips and said, "Now you just lay there, Paw Ken, and let ME fuck YOU! I got ya' right where I want ya', and I got your big penis all the way inside m-m-me!" She looked lovingly into my eyes, smiling so pretty, and pulled her body upward.

I felt my penis slipping through the pressure of her "tissy" as she lifted herself off me. There was an audible "slurp" as my penis popped out of her, then she instantly sat down again! Another louder "SLUPPP!" and I jumped as her gorgeous pussy engulfed me again!

"GEEEZ! Casey, baby! OHHHMMMMMMM!" I was in ecstasy!

She shuddered as I filled her completely again! She clawed through the hair on my chest! I felt her little sharp fingernails scratch into my skin. But I didn't care!

In fact---I loved it!

"Ohhh Paw Ken!" her head dropped forward and brown, silky tresses covered me. I nuzzled my face into her beautiful hair and sniffed in her fragrance!

She smelled so wonderful!

"Oh! Paw Ken! This is so nice, fucking you. I want to do this the rest of my life!" I reached up and ran my hands across her shoulders and down her arms to her fingers. There wasn't an inch of her that wasn't so utterly beautiful!

She pulled up again until, once more, my penis "slurped" out of her. Her pussy was almost dripping with her honey juices now! She giggled as she dropped down on me and my penis slid all the way inside her once again! Slowly, she began repeating her actions... up, up, up and "Slurp!"... then down and her pussy sucked me in again! Up, Up, Up, Slurp... down all the way with a "SLORP!" Up again, slowly... down till my pubic hair was mashed into her pussy lips!

She began increasing her speed! "Oh! Paw Ken! I can j-j-just feel my love pouring out for you!" She bent down and we kissed, then she sat all the way up.

I reached my arms toward her and she put her palms in mine and we locked fingers. She smiled down at me and I returned her smile. She pushed up again and leaned backward, our fingers still locked. "Oh! My!!" she whispered, eased back down on me, and leaned backward even more.

"Casey, you are so beautiful," I said again. She threw her head back, her pretty tresses falling behind her. Her breasts were full and firmed out beautifully, nipples fat and erect. Her chest rose and fell rapidly with her breathing.

Her tummy flexed as she pushed upward, then relaxed when she dropped back down on my penis.

"PAW KEN!" she suddenly sat upright! She looked into my eyes, her face flushed with excitement.

"CASEY!" I felt the rush coming! "Oh, baby! I'm going to come!"

"Me, too! UHHNNNNNN! Ohhhhh! Mmmmmmmmm!" she fell forward on me again and I took her in my arms as the tremors washed through her body! I felt her pussy pulsating around my penis!

And suddenly, I was gushing my semen inside her! "UHHHH! Uhh! Uhh! Uhh! Oh, my sweet Casey! UHHHHH!" I pulled her face to mine and smothered her with kisses. I kissed her lips, her cheeks, her soft small neck... She was having a tremendous orgasm and shivering all over! She opened her eyes slightly and tried to smile as her whole body pulsed with pleasure!

We held each other tightly as our throbs began to slow. In a while, we relaxed our embrace and Casey lay very still and quiet on my chest. Our breathing returned to normal. I felt my penis shrink inside her soaking wet tissy.

After a long while, we both drifted away in a sweet contented sleep!


I awoke feeling something cool and wet on my groin. I opened my eyes and raised my head slightly. Casey was sitting on the bed, wiping at my limp penis and pubic hair with a wet washcloth. she was totally naked and her hair was wrapped in a pink towel.

"Honey? What---?"

She blushed and continued to wipe. "We both got my bed all wet and you're all sticky and stuff," she giggled shyly.

"Here--" I carefully stood up. "Let me go get a shower."

She bent up and kissed me lightly. "While you're doing that, I'll see what we can have for supper."

"Why don't we go out to eat?"

Her face lit up like a light. "Like we did before? Like we're on a DATE--?"

I laughed. "Sure, baby! Just like we're on a date!" I took a nice warm shower and when I came out of the bathroom, Casey had stripped the bed and was sitting naked on the bare mattress, brushing her long, fabulous hair. I have never seen hair like hers. So extraordinarily silky and shiny!

"Hi," she said, with a sugar sweet voice that melts hearts.

I came over and kissed her long and tenderly, then dressed while she finished brushing her tresses. I sat in a small rocker and watched her, her beauty never ceasing to amaze me.

"What shall I wear?" she asked With that question, I suddenly remembered the outfit I'd bought for her.

"Wait right here!" I said and ran out to my car. I brought the box in and sat it in front of her.

"What's this?"

"Open it."

She opened the box carefully and squealed with delight when she saw the skirt and jacket. She ran to her dresser and picked out a pair of white lace panties and stepped into them.

"Oh, Paw Ken! I LOVE this outfit!" she slipped on the skirt, fastened the button and pulled up the zipper. "It fits!" she exclaimed. She pulled the matching blouse over her head, fluffed out her hair, then slipped on the jacket.

Dashing to her closet, she selected a pair of black pumps with a 2 inch heel, then stepped in front of a full-length mirror which hung on her closet door.

For me to say she looked gorgeous would be the world's greatest understatement! Those little splits in the skirt pleats showed a hint of her marvelous thighs when she walked. And since the skirt was so short anyhow, about seven inches above her knee, it really showed off her perfect legs!

She jumped into my arms and hugged me tightly. "Thank you so much, Paw Ken," she murmured into my ear as I held her off the floor in a hug.

I took her by the hand and walked her out to the car, opening the door for her and shutting it when she was seated. I slipped in beside her and fastened my seat belt. "Where would my darling like to go for dinner tonight?"

She giggled and rubbed her hands together. "Someplace REALLY NICE!"

"How about the SixOaks Restaurant?"

Her eyebrows went up. "Are you KIDDIN'?"

"Nothing's too good for my true love," I said.

"The SixOaks?!?!" She flopped back in her seat. "Oh! Wow!" The SixOaks is probably the most high class restaurant in Oklahoma City. It sits on the very top of the Pyrial Building, one of the tallest buildings in the city, and caters to the very wealthy. Being financially secure, I had eaten there on several occasions. I started the car and pulled out of the driveway. As I drove, I used my cell phone and called ahead for reservations. No problem.

Casey sat back in her seat, her pretty knees together, and her thighs well exposed to my view! She sighed in such a contented little girl way! "This is just SO nice," she murmured. "Getting fucked really, really good... a nice bath...and then being taken to a real nice place for dinner by the man I love."

She turned slightly in her seat and lay her head back and to her left, gazing up at me with green eyes that could weaken the strongest!

I turned onto the bypass and talked to her as I drove. "We've got to make these three days special like they were when you were at my house," I said. "Our love has become so special."

"Yes," Casey said softly. "And even if we have to tell a lie once in a while to enable us to be together, I will. I don't care. I love you Paw Ken and that's all there is to it."

I shook my head in bewilderment. "Oh, Casey, darling darling Casey...." I reached over and stroked her thigh. Such smooth skin.

She was quiet for a few minutes, then she asked, "Is there something else I could call you instead of PAW--? Something other than PAW KEN--? I mean, when its just you and I--?"

"Like what?" I asked.

She thought for a minute. "What's your full name?"

"Kenneth Paul Carson."

She looked up at me. "Paul--? That's PERFECT!" I smiled. "Nobody has ever called me by my middle name."

She sat upright and turned toward me. "Don't you SEE--? PAUL---PAW! They sound sorta alike! I can call you PAUL, and to others it would sound like I was saying PAW!"

I laughed lightly. "Okay! That's okay with me, sweetheart."

"I love you, Paul!" she leaned back and looked up at me. "I love you very much, Paul!" I had to admit, I liked it. I mulled it over in my mind. Somehow, our relationship felt more comforting and secure with her calling me by my middle name. I suppose it felt like we were discarding the granddaughter/grandfather relationship by eliminating the 'Paw" name. It was as if we weren't related now.

It felt like a good move.

"You are so smart, Casey," I said after a while. She just giggled!

I turned off the interstate and drove the few blocks to the Pyrial Building.

I parked in the huge underground garage and checked my car and keys, then we entered the elevator for the fifty-five story journey to the top of the structure.

Casey held my hand tightly and stood very close to me in the elevator.

There were two other couples, fifties or sixties in age, and a man of about thirty-five or so.

It was quiet in the elevator as we started up. The younger man, I could tell, glanced back and forth, looking over Casey, her hand in mine, and, most probably, me. Finally, he said, "Taking a special little girl out for a nice evening dinner, are we? Your daughter?"

Before I could respond, Casey looked up at the man, smiled in her most seductive way, and answered, "No, I'm not his DAUGHTER. I'm his GIRLFRIEND!" The man's mouth fell open! He choked on his first attempt at speech, coughed, and finally could only say, Oh..."

I didn't look at the two other older couples, but I distinctively heard a gasp or two! I squeezed Casey's hand and she giggled under her breath and returned my squeeze! I knew we'd always remember that ride in the elevator!

We arrived at the restaurant and the maitre d' seated us at a table by the window. The view was fantastic! We had a really delicious dinner of lobster and all the trimmings! I had a glass of sherry and managed to slip Casey a sip or two. She seemed to enjoy it even if she didn't particularly enjoy the TASTE!

We were finishing up our meal and I looked at Casey and said, "How would you like to go dancing?"

Her eyes went wide! "Where--?" she wiped her mouth with a napkin. "I'm too young to get in any of the nightclubs or discos."

"You leave that up to me," I said, winking.

I paid the bill and we rode back down on the elevator. As luck would have it, that same young man we shocked earlier stepped on right behind us. Again, he looked at Casey's hand in mine and the way she stood so close to me. The top of her head comes up even with my shoulder and she was lying slightly against me.

As the elevator began slowing for its stop at the parking garage, Casey couldn't stand it any longer. She looked up at the man demurely and in her best, sweetest little-girl voice said, "I'm twelve and I LLLLOVE to fuck!" The doors opened and we stepped off. As we walked toward my car, I glanced over my shoulder and saw the elevator doors beginning to close, the young man still standing inside, his jaw still on his chest!

It was really hard to drive with tears of laughter pouring from my eyes!

Casey was doubled over in the front seat, holding her stomach and giggling uncontrollably!

It took us about five miles to calm down after that! Casey began asking where we were going that she could go and dance.

"I know a place where they'll let us in," I said. "It's labeled a restaurant so anyone can go there, but in the back they have a band and dance floor."

Casey screwed up her face. "Is it a NICE place?"

"Yes, my love," I answered. "A really nice place."

It took me a half hour to get there. It was in an upper class area of the city where a lot of really expensive shops and businesses were located. Down a side street, there was a line of older but nicely renovated stores, beautifully landscaped and decorated. There were antique stores, art galleries, fine jewelry and the like. Although the sun had set, it was well lit and there were lots of shoppers mingling here and there. I parked the car and we walked about a block to a big gray building. There were several swank shops in front, but I led Casey down a well-manicured alleyway to a open plaza in the rear. There were lots of people sitting about on park benches or going in and out of more shops here. I held her hand and directed her to a huge brown door. Over the door was a hand-carved wooden sign which read; "Almagamated Desires."

A burly man dressed in a tuxedo opened the door for us and tipped his hat.

"Good evening sir," he said. "Good evening m'lady. You are looking very lovely tonight."

Casey blushed bright red!

"Is there a band tonight?" I asked. "I'm taking my favorite girl dancing."

"Oh, I'm dreadfully sorry, sir," the burly man apologized. "Only a DeeJay tonight." Then his face lit up in a smile. "But a very good DeeJay, sir!" We went inside, through another door and down a long hallway. As we got closer to the main entrance, I could hear the Boom-Boom-Boom beat of the loud music.

"Oh! Man!" Casey squealed with delight. "This is going to be FUN!" Hand in hand, Casey and I entered the disco. It was LOUD! The music pulsed and lights of many colors flashed and danced everywhere! It was as big as a gymnasium inside! All around the perimeter of the dance floor were what looked like a hundred or so small decorative metal tables with matching chairs.

There were people everywhere, sitting at the tables or gyrating to the rhythm.

Toward the rear was another dance floor, raised about two feet or so and also crowded with jumping bodies.

Casey grabbed my hand and pulled me inside. "Lets get a table, then dance!" We found a small table near the raised dance floor and ordered cokes. Casey seemed mesmerized by the sights and sounds. Her eyes were wide as she watched the people dancing. She said something but I didn't catch a word of it.

I cupped my ear and yelled "What--?"

She had to shout for me to hear what she was saying. "I've seen places like this on TV and movies, but I never thought I'd get to go to one until I was eighteen!" The waitress brought our cokes, Casey sipped once, then grabbed my hand and pulled me up. "LET'S DANCE!" she said.

I'm a fair dancer! She was great! She bounced and wiggled her cute little bottom and spun around and hopped and I don't know what else! The floor was packed and she was the smallest dancer there. It wasn't long until Casey became the center of attention! The other dancers watched her and smiled at her cuteness. And, as I noticed, every time she'd do a spin and her really short skirt flared out, the young AND old guys would definitely OGLE her!

I'm sure Casey didn't know it. She was out there having fun and really didn 't realize how absolutely gorgeous she looked. There were gobs of very attractive women there, some incredibly stunning, but Casey's freshness and little girl cuteness just seemed to blow them all away!

We danced for what seemed like an hour, sitting only occasionally. I was growing tired, and started to suggest we leave, but suddenly, he DeeJay began playing the haunting opening of Chris de Burgh's "Lady in Red." She started for the table, but I grabbed her and spun her around, pulling her tightly into my arms.

"This is a SLOW dance!" she looked up into my eyes, her face close to mine.

"I don't know HOW to slow dance!" I pulled her head into my shoulder and began rocking slowly to the beat.

"Just follow me, beautiful girl," I said into her ear.

I felt her relax into my arms and began to move with me. She learned to slow dance in no time. I nuzzled my nose into her beautiful hair and inhaled her sweet, now familiar fragrance. She looked up at me and smiled lovingly.

Her arms slipped from around me and moved up around my neck. She'd seen other girls dancing slow with their beaus and imitated their style.

"...I've never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight...I've never seen you shine so bright...Mmm hmmm hmmm..." the song played. She swayed in my arms, looking deep into my eyes, that warm smile lingering on her pretty face.

My heart was again melting with my love for her. "... I have never seen that dress you're wearing...Or the highlights in your hair that catch your eyes.... "

Slowly, I became aware the other dancers were gradually fading from the floor!

Everyone was watching Casey and I! She glanced around, then looked back up at me and blushed fiercely. "Oh, wow!" she said. She closed her eyes and gently rocked her head to the beat, thoroughly enjoying the attention. "...

..Lady in Red, Is dancing with me, Cheek to cheek....There's nobody here, It's just you and me, It's where I want to be... I hardly know This beauty by my side... I'll never forget, The way you look tonight..."

My heart swelled in my chest knowing that this remarkable and beautiful young lady belonged to me and loved me completely. We swirled around the room and I caught glimpses of faces in the crowd watching us. Some seemed puzzled... some looked envious... most were smiling!

"... I've never seen you looking so gorgeous as you did tonight... I've never seen you shine so bright, You were amazing... I've never seen so many people want to be there by your side, And when you turned to me and smiled, You took my breath away... I have never had such a feeling... Such a feeling of complete and utter love... As I do tonight... " The words seemed to fit so perfectly..

"... I never will forget... The way you look tonight... Lady in red..." As the bass drum beat began to fade, Casey looked up into my eyes. I thought for a split second she was going to kiss me. It would have been absolutely wonderful.

Instead, she just relaxed in my arms and lay her head on my shoulder.

The song faded away and an applause rose from the crowd! Casey blushed brightly and led me off the dance floor to our table. Immediately, a strong, fast bass beat began building in crescendo. Dancers flocked to the floor.

Casey looked up at me and smiled. "I'm ready to go!" she yelled over the din.

"Me, too!" I yelled back.

Hand in hand, we threaded our way through the bodies. The Amalgamated Desires was now almost filled to capacity with people! When we finally made it outside, we took in a deep breath of fresh air and Casey giggled with excitement.

"Oh, Paul! That was so much fun!" she used my "new" name again. She hugged me and looked up. Her eyes darted left and right, then moved up and kissed me quickly. "There's nobody looking!" she whispered.

I took her hand and we started back for the car. I said, "For a second there, at the end of our slow dance, I thought--"

"I almost DID!" she rolled her eyes. "Oh! I wanted to! I wanted to BAD!

But...it would have been a... mistake to kiss you like that in front of all those people."

Casey realized how careful we'd have to be. It wasn't fair, but it was realistic.

We were exhausted when we got back to her home. We both took quick showers and crawled into the queen-size bed in the spare bedroom. Casey's bed was just too small, and she didn't want to sleep with me in her Mom's bed. "I jus' got a THING about that," she said. We lay there for a few minutes, talking quietly between yawns. After a long silence, Casey turned her back into my chest and crossed my arms over her naked breasts.

"I love you, Casey."

"I love you, too, Paul."

It didn't take us long to fall asleep.

The Night

"Casey---?" A shaky little feminine voice stirred me awake in the middle of the night. I listened again, thinking perhaps it had been a dream.

"Casey---?" It wasn't a dream. The voice came from down the hall.

I shook Casey gently.

"Honey, wake up. There's someone in the house."

"Casey--? Are you in there?" The figure of a girl appeared in the doorway, illuminated from behind by a night light in the hall.

I felt Casey jump. "Oh my GOD! Heather!" She whispered in a gasp. Then loudly she said, "Heather! Don't... don't come in!" CLICK! It was too late! Heather switched on the light to our room! Her mouth opened in alarm. Her eyes went wide. What she saw was Casey, halfway across the room, naked, and me, sitting up in the bed, bare-chested!

Heather dropped her arms and her purse hit the floor with a thump. "Oh...My....GODDDDD!"

Casey stood in the middle of the room, frozen.

"Look, Heather... I... I..."

Heather backed out of the room and bumped into the wall across the hall.

"God, Casey! Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ! I can't believe it! W-w-what are you DOING---?"

I fell back on the bed, my head plopping into the pillow. My heart was racing.

This time with fear.

Casey turned to me. "She has a key to the house. I completely forgot."

Heather began sobbing. Casey ran to her and embraced her. "This is the worst night of my LIFE!" Heather sobbed on Casey's shoulder. "First Mitch and his...his... " Heather bawled loudly. "Oh! God! Then you and... and... in BED with this MAN!"

I saw Casey lead Heather down the hall and into her bedroom. She closed the door. I heard Heather's sobs for a while, but gradually it became quiet. I lay there for a long while, then finally slipped on my jeans and went into the living room and just sat in the dark.

(The following is what went on between Casey and Heather during the time they were in her room with the door shut. Casey wrote it all down later at my request.)

Written by Casey Davenport, June 12, 1999

First of all, I have never been so scared in all my life as I was that night when Heather caught us together in bed. She went all to pieces and started crying really hard. I took her down to my room and shut the door. I know she was upset about me and Paw Ken, but I also believed something else was wrong, else she wouldn't have shown up at my house in the middle of the night.

I closed the door as she sat down on my bed, just really crying and so upset. I came and sat beside her and hugged her. She cried on and on until finally, I guess she began to get cried out.

She took another Kleenex from my tissue box and blew her nose, then looked at me.

"Can you PLEASE put on some clothes," she said almost hatefully.

I was so upset, I forgot I was naked! I got a nightshirt from my dresser and pulled it over my head and sat down by her. We sat there in silence for a long time.

Finally she said, "Will you tell me what you were doing in bed naked with that man?"

I told her, "That's my Paw Ken."

She looked up at me in shock again. "YOUR GRANDFATHER? Oh, God, Casey! Jesus Christ! Your GRANDFATHER!"

She moved away from me. "What in the hell are you doing in bed with your GRANDFATHER---?" Tears ran down her cheeks again. "Naked---!!"

For some reason, I became angry. "Don't WORRY about it, Heather! That's OUR business!" I turned my head away from her.

"Jesus H. Christ... " she said slowly. "First Mitch tries to RAPE me...then this," she sobbed again.

"Mitch--? What'd he do to you?" I was concerned again. I took her by the shoulders and turned her around to face me. "What did he do to you, Heather?"

"Look," she held up her hands. Her wrists were red and there were what looked like scraped places around them. In some places, the skin was broken.

"God, Heather! What happened?"

She sniffed again and blew her nose again. "His parents are gone to Kansas City for a week, so he talked me into going over to his house. We just watched TV for a long time and kind of kissed and stuff. He kept begging to touch my boobs, so I finally let him." she dried her eyes again and continued. "About I guess midnight, we are laying on the carpet in his living room, kissing and he's squeezing my boobs and rubbing around on me. It was sorta nice at first, but then, he keeps complaining about the floor being so hard and talks me into going into his parents' room. They have a big king-size bed.

"Well, we lay down and he starts kissing me and squeezing my boobs again, but he keeps trying to put his hand down in my jeans. I don't want him to and he kinda gets mad." Heather looks down at the floor and tears again start running down her face.

"Heather... Look at me... What did he do?" I made her look me right in the face.

"I don't know how he did it, but he pushes my hands way above my head and the next thing I know, he's got one of my hands tied to a rope or something on the bed post! Then, he ties the other hand! Well, I'm getting real scared and I start crying real loud. He tries to unzip my jeans, but I kick real hard and I kick him right in the face. His nose or lip or maybe both starts to bleed and he falls down on the floor on his knees and he's hollering and yelling.

"Well, the next thing I know, he's crying! He begs me not to tell anyone what he did to me and he unties my hands. I grab my purse and I'm outta there!"

"Heather, did you WALK all the way from Mitch's house to here?" I ask her.

She says yes. That's about fifteen blocks. I take her in the bathroom and help her clean up a little and I put a couple of band-aids on her wrists. Then we hug and sit back on the bed. She finally gets calmed down some and then she starts asking me questions about me being in bed with Paw Ken. This is as near as I can remember how I explained it to her: "Heather, we've always been really opened minded together, and told each other everything, haven't we?"

She nods, then says, "But he's your Grandfather---"

"The way we have discovered our love for each other, it doesn't matter," I said softly.

She shook her head. "When did all this start?"

"Last Christmas, when I went to stay with him when Moma was working."

She looked disgusted. "What'd he do---MOLEST you?"

I tried to keep my cool. "Heather, he didn't molest me. Actually, Paw Ken didn't do ANYTHING. It was all MY doing."

Heather looked at me intently. "What DID you do---?"

I sighed really big and blew out a long breath. I turned to her and told her the whole story, about how I wanted to ask Paw Ken questions about sex and then how I was curious about his penis and wanted to see it, then how I played with it and he played with me. I told her how we slept together and as time went on I wanted to experience everything, and that we ended up having intercourse and that I REALLY REALLY loved it.

"You and your Paw Ken... MAKE LOVE---?" she looked at me strangely, a mixture of shock and curiosity. "You two have SEX together---?"

I nodded. "Yes, Heather. And I'll never be ashamed because its wonderful and fabulous and I love him with all my heart."

She turned and looked at me and her face became very serious. "But, Casey...He is... your... GRANDFATHER... "

"Oh, Heather! I don't expect you to understand, but, all I can say is, our love transcends everything... age... relations... society's rules... we LOVE each other. I don't want to live without him."

She looked away. "God, Casey, I've never heard you TALK like this!"

"I've never been in LOVE like this," I said quietly.

She looked up quickly and our eyes met. I saw suddenly a glint of hope and peace in her eyes. Then, we both hugged really tight and both of us started crying.

"Casey... " Heather stroked my back. "You're right... I don't understand. Not all of it... But you're my VERY best friend and I love you and I'll stand with you and support your decisions always. If you're happy, I suppose that's all that matters."

I hugged her closely. "What else is there but trying to be happy?"

We moved our faces up until we could look in each other's eyes. I said, "I love him, Heather. He loves me. That's all that matters. I just happen to be twelve and he is fifty-one. He just happens to be my blood grandfather, and I just happen to be his blood granddaughter... The world can't accept our relationship... Other than that, we are just like any other couple in love."

Heather shook her head slowly. "I believe you, Casey. I can't help but believe you."

"It wouldn't matter if you didn't believe me, I'd still go on loving him," I smiled. She smiled back and we hugged tightly for long, quiet minutes.

It seemed like we just sat there for a long time in the silence. Finally, I suggested to Heather that she get a nice shower and she could sleep in my bed. She agreed and while she showered, I fixed the bed with clean sheets and all. Afterwards, I sat in my rocked, my feet pulled up under me and dozed.

She came out of the shower and we hugged again, then she crawled under my sheets and big comforter. "I'm feeling lots better," she said smiling.

"I'm glad," I said. "You get a real good nights sleep. We don't have to worry about getting up early, so you just sleep in."

She sighed, "After all that's happened today, I don't think I can sleep, but I'll try."

"Goodnight, Heather." I paused at the door and switched off the light.

I started to close the door.

"Casey," Heather called.


"You've been a LOT happier since Christmas," she said softly.

I smiled what was probably a bit of a haughty smile. "I know!"

(THE END of Casey's writing)


I heard Casey switch off the light to her room and close the door. She started to walk down the hall, but I called her name quietly. She turned and came into the living room where I still sat in the dimness in a big recliner. She sat across from me on the couch and dropped her head in her hands.

"Ooo-wee," she sighed. "What a night."

I still felt fear in the pit of my stomach. "Is Heather going to be all right?"

Casey looked up. Suddenly, she looked so much older. "I hope so."

"Casey, I---" And then, her face turned back into the little twelve-year-old girl's I had fallen in love with. She smiled sweetly. "Our friendship is really strong. I think she'll grow to accept our love. We had a long talk."

I breathed a sigh of relief. "I've been sitting in here so afraid," I almost whispered.

"Oh, Paul!" And suddenly, she was in my lap, kissing me tenderly. We kissed for a moment, then held each other close.

"Casey... Nothing is going to keep us apart," I said.

She sighed. "I know."


We crawled back in bed some time later. I think it was around 2:30 in the morning. Casey had told me about Heather's experience at Mitch's house.

She sat in my lap and we talked quietly for a long while, but eventually, our yawns drew us back to bed.


Probably an hour later, I slowly drifted into awakeness from Casey and Heather's whispers. I opened my eyes and could see Casey and Heather again standing in the doorway, back-lit by that night light in the hall.

"What's wrong, Casey?" I asked, stifling a yawn.

She tip-toed back over to the bed. "Oh, Paul. I'm sorry we woke you."

"What's the matter with Heather now," I whispered.

Casey sighed. "She's afraid."

"Of what---?"

Casey looked down at me then back at Heather, standing at the door with her head down. "Of being alone."

I stared blankly at Casey. "What can we do? Do you want to go sleep with her?"

"My bed's just too small," Casey said "Your Mom's bed?" I said. "Do you two want to sleep there? Do you want me to sleep there and you two sleep here---? Tell me what to do... "

Casey leaned over and nuzzled my face with her hair. "She wants to sleep in HERE with BOTH of us."

"You're kidding--?"

"That's what she wants. She says she'll get over our relationship faster that way," Casey smiled. "She's got some strange ways."

I sighed. "Bring her in. Anything to get a little sleep around here!" I turned over to my right and scooted over to the far side of the bed.

Casey laughed lightly. "Getting a little CRANKY aren't we!" Casey went to the door and they whispered a little more. I felt the bed shake gently for a moment or two, then quiet. A few seconds later, Casey's thin little arms wrapped themselves around me. The last thing I felt before I drifted back to sleep was a soft kiss-peck on my back.


The Second Day

Morning came too quickly. The guest bedroom doesn't have windows, but there is a huge skylight right above the bed and I awoke to strong light pouring in there. I turned my head away, toward my left, and reached for Casey. I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her close.

"Oh---my... " a voice said. It wasn't Casey I had embraced! I jerked my arm back and pulled the covers up to my neck, "Sorry," I apologized. "I thought- - -" Heather turned toward me. "Casey went to the kitchen. She said her tummy was growling."

Now Heather has a silky soft voice, different from Casey's giggly, sweet, little-girl tone. She smiled nervously, pulled the comforter across her body and smoothed the fabric with a slender arm and long, thin fingers. Her nails were painted a dark reddish-brown shade. An expensive wide gold bracelet shone on her left arm. Her hair was beautiful. Golden blonde, long and straight, and parted in the middle. She had enormous blue eyes and a delicate chin. Her lips were wide and plump.

I swallowed hard and my stomach flew with butterflies. I wasn't sure how to act with another beautiful young girl lying next to me. "I'm... uh...."

She glanced at me, her eyelashes fluttered. "I know who you are. Casey told me all about you and her."

I didn't say anything for a minute, then said, "I'm sorry if I woke you."

She didn't reply. I heard her sigh and then clear her throat. After a minute or so, she turned her head slightly to face me. "Did Casey tell you about what this boy tried to do to me last night?"

It was my turn to clear my throat. "Y-yes. She said he tried to tie you to the bed."

"Look what he did to my arms," she said, holding her hands up. There were small band-aids on both wrists. "The son-of-a-bitch was going to RAPE me!" I very rarely heard Casey use any bad language, but apparently, Heather used it often.

"He was trying to pull my jeans off and I kicked him in his fuckin' face!" she laughed. "What an ass-hole. I hope I broke his fuckin' nose!"

"Are you going to report it?" I asked.

Heather's face softened. "No. I'm just NEVER going to have anything to do with that jerk again." She turned on her side facing me. She looked at me for a long time, until my face blushed.

"Casey really loves you," she said softly. "She doesn't care about you being her granddad, or the age difference, or nothing... Just that she loves you."

I looked at her. She wasn't smiling, but her face seemed clear. "Its hard for you to understand, isn't it Heather," I said, feeling a bit bolder.

She sighed and brushed her hair back. "When I think about your age, it just seems so very OLD... " She surprised me by reaching and lightly tracing a line down my cheek to my chin. "But... lying here so close to you... you look so distinguished... and strong... and... trustworthy is the word I guess I'm searching for."

I smiled and looked over into her beautiful eyes. "Well, thank you very much, Heather," I said.

She lay there looking at me for a few minutes, then she flopped on her back, put her hands behind her head, and drew up her knees. "I once heard a song...

..I don't remember who sang it... but it was something about 'Love knows no age ' or something like that."

"I've never heard of it, but it fits Casey and I," I said.

"I have a cousin," she gazed thoughtfully at the skylight. "She is twenty-nine. She got married last year to a guy eighteen. There was a lot of talk about it and a bunch of my relatives said it wouldn't work out, but you know what---? They are just so happy! Every time I see them, they're holding hands and kissin' and stuff!"

"People put too much emphasis on ages," I said. "Heck, if somebody really old and somebody really young fall in love, they may not have too much time together. If they really, really love each other with all their hearts, they'd better make the best of it RIGHT THEN! Life's just too short."

Heather looked at me. "I told Casey I'll stand by you two. I won't go back on my word. She's closer to me than a sister and I love her. We have a really special friendship."

I looked at her and said, "Then you understand a little how Casey and I feel about each other. We love each other totally."

"She said you two have a sexual relationship, too," Heather looked for my reaction.

I was shocked by her candor once again, but recovered quickly. "Casey and I are very open minded about sex, Heather. We both truly enjoy it as a wonderful expression of our love... but we also try not to take it too seriously. We look on it as just plain FUN, too."

"Huh---?" Heather turned to face me slightly. "What do you mean?"

"Sex can be really beautiful between two people who are in love. It can be a very profound way for them to share themselves," I looked into her eyes again.

She was wide-eyed and extremely interested. "But Heather, sex isn't sacred or spiritual. It's completely natural! All these closed-minded religious beliefs and superstitions and taboos humans have placed on sex are so unhealthy. And so unfair. Sex is just plain FUN and people should just admit it and enjoy it!"

"What about all those movies and TV shows that have so much sex and stuff in them," she asked.

I shook my head. "Most of them aren't helping the issue at all. They make it a mockery and cause people only to become more confused."

Heather sat up in bed and drew her knees up. "I gotta admit, I'm curious about it.... and at the same time, afraid." She wrapped her arms around her knees and lay her head there, looking at me. "I'm scared it'll hurt or I'll have a BABY or something... "

I smiled. "Those are both distinct possibilities."

She sighed and turned her head, looking across her knees at nothing in particular. Several long minutes passed. She seemed to be lost in thoughtful contemplation. Somewhere in the kitchen, I heard a pot bang.

"I've always had this dream of waiting until I'm married and giving myself to my husband for the first time," she said softly.

"That's not a dream, Heather," I said. "If you truly love each other and that's what both of you want, its not a dream. That can be a wonderful memory."

Her hands went out palms up as she exclaimed, "But how the hell do you REALLY KNOW if you love somebody? So many people are getting married and then turning right around and getting divorced... How can you really be SURE---?"

"I'll tell you, Heather... Couples didn't used to get divorced. Even if they were really unhappy, they just stuck it out because divorce wasn't as accepted as it is today. People stayed married and stayed unhappy all the rest of their lives."

"But I don't WANT that to happen to me," she looked at me with pleading eyes, as if I knew some secret.

"Honey, I really don't have an answer," I said, fluffing up my pillows and sitting up, back against them. "I'll be honest, sometimes its hard to KNOW when you love someone, and sometimes you really love someone and you're absolutely sure. Other times, you might be in real love with someone and they might not love you... or vice versa."

"And all that scares the hell out of me!" Heather flopped back down on her back, letting out an exasperated blow of breath.

I laughed and patted her on the knee. "Honey, LIFE can scare the hell out of you!"

"What's going on in here!" Casey suddenly appeared in the door. "What are you two doing, MAKING LOVE--?"

"NO!" Heather sat bolt upright in bed. "We were... just... TALKING!" Then, she blushed scarlet and we all burst out laughing!

Suddenly, as our chuckles were subsiding, the telephone rang in the living room.

"I'll get it," Casey ran for the phone.

"If it's my Mom, I told her Mitch was dropping me off here after our date!" Heather yelled after Casey.

I sat up on the edge of the bed, pulling the sheet to cover my nakedness. I turned to tell Heather to avert her eyes as I was going to the bathroom. I saw Heather stand up and take a couple of steps toward the door. She was naked!

She was a couple of inches shorter that Casey and had a different figure.

Her hips weren't as filled out as Casey's and she had yet to develop a tiny waist, but she was still very pleasing to look at! Her bottom was pert and round and she had pleasingly plump thighs and legs; lots of nice baby-fat there! Her hair, being long, straight, and fine, billowed behind her, brushing the top of her rear.

When she realized she had jumped out of bed in front of me in the nude, she turned around and jumped back in bed. But I still got a nice look at her titties.

They were like big teacups, bigger by far than Casey's developing boobies, round and bouncy. She had a large aureole and fat nipples that stuck out and slightly up.

She hopped back in bed and yanked the sheet up to her neck. "My GODDDD!" she blushed fiercely.

I stood up, not caring if she saw me and walked calmly toward the hall. I paused at the door and turned, yawned, then said calmly, "You're beautiful, Heather.

Don't be ashamed of having a beautiful figure." Then I went to the bathroom.

"HEA-THER!" Casey yelled from the living room. "Your MOM'S on the phone!" I took a nice warm shower and shaved, then, with a towel around my waist, went to the bedroom to dress. When I entered the bedroom, Casey was sitting on the bed, dressed in her school clothes, fiddling with the hem of her skirt.

"Where's Heather," I sat down beside her.

"Her Mom picked her up just a few minutes ago."

I put my arm around her and pulled her close. "Is Heather going to be okay?"

She sighed and blew out a breath. "Yeah... I think so. She said you two had a long talk." She looked up and smiled.

I laughed lightly. "I probably put a lot of stuff in her young mind. I hope I didn't say anything to confuse her more."

Casey moved into my lap and we kissed. "I love you," she said.

"I love you, too," I said.

She sat there looking at me, then brushed at my damp hair and stood up. "I gotta get to school."

I drove her to school then returned to her house, read the paper, and took a nap.

Around noon, the telephone rang. It was Casey calling from school. She wanted to check on me and to tell me she loved me. She also informed me that Heather was coming over and they were going to study together.

"How much studying do you have to do?" I asked. "I was hoping we'd go out again."

There was a dead silence for a moment. Then Casey said, "Oh, we'll find something to do. You won't mind Heather coming along will you?"

What could I say. "No."

"Great!" Casey seemed to be bubbly and excited. "Now you pick us up at three-thirty... and don't be late!" I promised and we said goodbye.

I sat there in the big recliner for a long while, trying to interpret Casey' s seemingly jovial mood. I had a lot of ideas and some fantasys, but finally decided to let it ride.

Around three, I drove over to the school and parked in a long line of other parents, waiting for the dismissal bell. As I sat there, I saw a number of girls walk out of the school doors. They all wore a loose variation of the same thing; the greenish plaid, pleated skirt, dress, or jumper over a light green top, knee socks and mary-janes or pumps. I thought about how pretty and cute Casey looked in her school uniform.

Suddenly, the bell rang and the pratically deserted schoolyard became filled with junior high kids. I became bewildered looking at the throngs of kids, trying to pick out Casey and Heather. In those uniforms, everyone looked alike.

Then, as if from nowhere, Casey and Heather suddenly appeared and jumped into the backseat of my car, giggling and chattering like... SCHOOLGIRLS.

As I pulled out of the line into the traffic, Casey jumped up, threw her arms around me, and kissed me on the cheek!

"Whoee! Honey! I'm trying to DRIVE!" I scolded, but I loved it!

They talked about this and that for several miles, then seemed to become suspisciously quiet. I noticed. "You two are awfully quiet for a change," I said, looking in the rear-view mirror.

They both giggled.

Now I was suspiscious. "What's going on---?"

"We've got a surprise for you... later!" Casey said. They both giggled under their breath.

Halfway home, Casey insisted we grab some burgers for supper, so I made a detour to Wendy's. I started to go through the drive-through, but they wanted to eat inside, so we did. All through the meal, they both hardly talked, just sitting there smiling as they nibbled their fries and hamburgers.

Finally, I demanded to know what was going on. "What's the big secret?"

Casey only giggled and Heather almost choked on her Dr. Pepper!

When we finally arrived home, Casey jumped into my arms and smothered my face with dozens of sweet kisses. Then, she told me to sit on the couch, saying they had something to show me. With puzzled shrugs, I sat there.

They both retreated to Casey's room and slammed the door. I waited for a long while, some thirty minutes or more. I distinctly heard the shower running in Casey's bedroom, but otherwise, all was quiet.

It started to get dark outside, so I drew the shades and turned on a small end table lamp. I had just sat back down on the couch when the door to Casey's bedroom opened. It was darkened beyond.

Suddenly, I gasped and my eyes went wide. Casey and Heather walked softly into the living room and stopped in front of me. They stood there, holding hands, smiling smugly, and completely naked!

I didn't know what to say. "Wow... " was all that came to mind.

They both burst out laughing, grabbing their mouths with their free hand, and bending over double! Casey flopped down on my left and Heather sat to my right.

My pulse was racing and the sight of both girls naked caused an immediate arousal inside! I was already trembling with anticipation!

When their giggles slackened, Casey said, "How do you like having TWO beautiful naked girls at your side?"

"I don't know what to say," I stuttered. I didn't!

"Here," Casey jumped down on her knees in front of me, pulled off my shoes and socks, and began unbuckling my belt. "You can't have clothes on! Its against the RULES!" She slipped my pants down quickly as Heather giggled again.. My penis bobbled up, excited and becoming erect!

Casey stood up and pulled my T-shirt over my head, then sat back down and cuddled me as close as she could get. She kissed me, then lay her head against my bare chest, my left arm around her. She watched my penis in its erection quivers, that sweet smile never leaving her face.

"Look, Heather! It's getting BIG!" Casey said.

Heather giggled. She wasn't sitting against me and kept blushing fiercely everytime I looked at her. But it was hard not to look at her. She was incredibly beautiful. Casey had told me that Heather was developing pubic hair, but it must have been very, very fine because her pussy looked bare and smooth to me.

Casey reached over finally and took my now fat and long penis in her so small right hand. I swooned at her touch.

"Watch this," she looked around to make sure Heather was watching. Then, very slowly, she pulled the foreskin all the way back. I was trembling.

"Gosh! I didn't know a man's penis could do THAT!" Heather was suddenly very interested.

"He hasn't been circumcised," Casey explained.

"Oh... yeah... I just never knew what that meant," Heather now moved next to me. Her little girl body felt so warm against me.

Casey slipped the foreskin forward, then, and again very slowly, eased it completely back again. "I just LOVE doing that!" she squealed with delight and giggled/hiccupped!

Heather giggled with her and moved a little closer to me. Her nipples were fat and red and perked upward from her round breasts. I secretly hoped I'd get a chance to suck on those!

Casey moved my penis toward Heather. "You wanna TRY--?"

Heather giggled and covered her mouth and nose with one hand. She started to answer, but broke into another giggle and hid her face.

"Comon'!" Casey wiggled my penis toward Heather. "It won't BITE ya!" Heather looked at my big penis, then at Casey, at me, and finally back at my penis. "You hold it and I'll just touch it for a minute," Heather instructed.

"Okay," Casey said. She moved her hand down to the bottom of my shaft.

Heather reached over and lightly traced a pattern down my penis with a pretty, long manicured finger. My penis jerked at her delightful touch and she moved her hand away quickly.

"Its okay," Casey said. "Go on... "

Heather bit her bottom lip gently, her eyebrows raised in such a cute way, then reached back and lightly clasped two fingers and her thumb around me. She squeezed softly and my penis pulsed again, but this time she didn't let go.

"Here, you play with it while I watch you," Casey said and let go. Now my penis was in Heather's grasp.

"I don't know what to do, really," she said.

"Do what I was doing," Casey snuggled me closer.

Heather took my penis completely in her little girl hand and squeezed again.

Then, she tested the foreskin and slid it back a bit. "Like this--?" she looked up at me.

I was really enjoying this. "You're d-doing FINE," I said.

She pulled the foreskin all the way back, albeit a bit awkwardly, then slipped it forward. "Neat!" she said and moved a little closer to me. I instinctively put my arm around her waist and pulled her to me. She blushed bright red again!

Casey looked up at me. "How's this?"

I swallowed hard. "Nice," I said.

Heather giggled again when my penis jerked once more. "Why does it do that--?" she inquired as she pulled my foreskin back again.

Casey giggled, "Well DUHH--! You're turning him ON, goofy!" They BOTH started giggling again! I couldn't stop my giggles either and soon, there we were, a fifty-one year old man and two beautiful twelve-year olds, naked, and rolling on the couch laughing ourselves silly!

Then, as we finally got our control back, Heather went back to toying with my member. Still, every once in a while one of the two would let out a stifled giggle!

Casey said, "Well, how do you like it, Heather?"

Heather was laying against me and my arm was firm around her waist. I had been rubbing the side of her tummy. She looked up at me and smiled. "I never knew what this was like. It's kinda neat."

"I REALLY like it!" Casey exclaimed, running her little hands up and through my chest hair. She moved up and we kissed slowly and passionately. I didn't know if Heather was watching us or not. I could feel Heather slipping the foreskin all the way forward again and I was getting breathless.

Suddenly, I felt almost like I was going to come! I broke off our kiss and looked down. "Wait a second, Heather!" I gasped.

"Huh--?" she let go of my erect penis and looked up at me. "What's the matter?"

"I think he's about to COME!" Casey said.

Heather looked down at my penis, throbbing gently. "Oh... " She watched it for a moment, then said. "I thought that's why we were doing this... to make him come."

"Not yet," Casey said.

I lay my head back until the rush subsided. Then said, "Okay." Heather reached back and took it again. I looked at her sweet, pretty body as she stripped my foreskin back again, then moved it forward.

Casey must have been reading my mind! "Would you like to suck Heather's BOOBIES?" she quipped.

Heather looked up quickly to see my response. I swallowed hard, my voice breaking as I spoke. "T-t-to be honest... Yes! But only if she wouldn't mind.

She blushed really bright and looked down at her titties. "Humph, they aren' t that great!" she ran her free hand across them, pushing her nipples flat. They quickly popped up again, firm and swollen! "But I guess you can if you want to."

Casey giggled. "You'll LIKE it Heather!" Heather moved around to face me slighty. "What do you want me to do?"

I was REALLY trembling now! I could hardly speak I was so excited!

"J-j-just stand up on your knees I guess and move close to m-m-me."

She did and, blushing bright, moved toward me. She nervously brushed her gorgeous hair back from her chest. I put my arms around her back and pulled her to me. Now, those big round breasts were right in front of my face.

Her aureola was puffy and her nipples pointed up at such a nice angle!

"Suck 'em, Paw Ken!" Casey scooted up to watch.

I put my mouth around her left titty and sucked as much of her inside as I could.

I was amazed at how firm they were! But oh so wonderful to suckle! I moved back a bit and concentrated on her nipples. I sucked them and fondled them with my lips.

"OHH! Gosh!" Heather said. I could tell she was getting breathless!

"Like it?" Casey asked.

Heather squirmed a bit in my arms as I sucked on her sweet nipples. "Umm hmm!" Heather put her thin arms on my shoulders and I thought I felt her pull me closer.

I moved my hands down to her pert bottom. I had noticed how round it was and how it stuck out and slightly up. Just an absolutely perfect little rear end! I grabbed her bottom and squeezed as I sucked those marvelous titties! I was really enjoying myself!

Suddenly, in the middle of all this, I felt something warm and moist encircle my penis. Then I felt Casey's tongue work inside my foreskin and play around there. She moved her mouth down my shaft and slipped the foreskin back with her lips. Then, she pulled it all the way up and bit my foreskin together with her lips!

"OHHH! Casey! UMMMMM! Baby!" I squeezed Heather's butt tighter and sucked those titties into my mouth!

"OHH, JEEE-SUSSSS!" Heather was definitely getting excited. She was now hugging my head to her bosom!

Casey started really sucking on my penis! She taught herself and she learned fast! I could feel the pressure of her sucking pull my penis up into her mouth.

She sucked, then pushed my foreskin way back! Then she'd suck it up again!

Push it back... Suck up... push back... suck up... push back...up...back!

I felt the rush build again! "Casey, I'm going to COME!" Quickly, she let go of me. I fell back against the couch, trying to relax.

Heather was breathing really hard and her hands were shaking as she brushed her long straight blonde hair back again. She looked around at Casey. "Oh, God, Casey! I LOVE the way he sucks on my boobs!"

"I told ya'," Casey said, leaning back against the arm of the couch.. She looked seductively at me lying there panting, my penis still making little pulse movements, Heather still standing up on her knees, her titties sticking out.

"God! Seeing you two naked together turns ME on! She pulled one leg up and lay it across my thigh. Her naked, bare pussy glistened! She was wet!

Casey's breathing was coming in gasps like the rest of us. She just kept looking at us. Suddenly, she moved up and put her arms around us both. "Heather, let him fuck you, please?"

Heather moved back a little. She was breathing hard. "Oh! God! I don't know, Casey... I don't think I'm ready for that... "

"PUL-LEEEESE!" Casey begged. It reminded me of last Christmas when she begged me to let her see my penis!" Heather brushed at her hair again and looked at me then back at Casey.

"Casey---I just don't know... "

Casey's eyes brightened. "Suck her TISSY, Paw Ken! That'll get her in the mood!" I looked at Heather. She grinned sheepishly and again brushed at her hair with a shaky hand. She nodded briefly. "I guess that would be okay."

"Sit down on the couch," I told her as I stood up. She turned and sat down, blushing bright again as I knelt in front of her. I looked her over, enjoying the luscious sight of her pretty body. She tossed her hair back and glanced over at Casey.

"You're gonna REALLY like this!" Casey said.

I sat back on my heels between Heather's legs and bent forward. I ran my hands all the way up from her little feet, up her legs, knees, and then to her inner thighs. She trembled as I rubbed my thumbs across both of her pussy lips.

I lightly rubbed her tummy and back down across her vagina flower again.

"Oh, GOD! I'm shaking like a leaf!" Heather said.

Casey laughed. "It'll do that to ya'!" I looked up at Heather. "You are such a beautiful girl, Heather." I was trembling, too. I placed my hands between her thighs and pushed them apart. "I'm feeling very lucky to get to kiss your pussy."

She blushed again and lightly bit down on her bottom lip. "T-thanks," she smiled nervously.

I moved my head down between her legs until her pussy was right at my nose.

I slipped my tongue out and ran it from the bottom of her slit all the way up.

Now I could see Heather's pubic hair Casey had told me about. It was very light and so fine it was all but invisible. As I moved my tongue around over her "TISSY" I couldn't even feel the hair. That's how fine it was.

I felt her wiggle just a bit. She was still quite tense, but as I continued to lick and probe her pussy, she relaxed a little. I slid my tongue inside her slit now and moved all the way up. She had a different taste and fragrance than Casey, but still so sweet and delicious! I then placed my lips on one side of her pussy and sucked a vulva inside my mouth. Her pussy was plumper than Casey's and actually was a bit more distended, so I got a nice mouthful! I sucked and pinched it with my lips. I felt her wiggle again.

"Ohhhhhh---! I never f-f-felt anything like that---!" Heather murmured.

I probed my tongue inside and up and felt her small clitoris. I pushed my lips on it and tried to suckle it, but it was really tiny! Still, Heather moaned again and squirmed. I slipped my hands down around the outside of her thighs and under her sweet rear end. I marveled again at how soft and yet firm and just how absolutely great her bottom felt in my hands! I squeezed it and sucked inside her pussy.

"OHHH! God! JEEEE-SUSSSS! Mmmmmmm-----," Heather jerked. "What are you DOING down there--?"

I looked up briefly. "You want me to STOP--?"

She wiggled her butt, reached out with both hands and pushed my head back down between her legs. "NOOO! No! No! I d-don't want you to stop!" I heard Casey laugh--hic-up! Laugh--hic-up!

I resumed sucking both sides of her vagina, then probing my tongue, then trying to suckle her clit. She was becoming very wet down there now and my mouth and face was getting soaked!

"Mmmmmm! Casey! Oh! JEE-sus!" Heather was rocking her head back and forth on the back of the couch.

"You want him to FUCK you?" Casey sat up and ran her hand down Heather's arm.

"Ohhh! I d-d-don't k-k-know... Mmmmmm! I g-g-guess so... "

"Fuck her, Paw Ken!" Casey squealed with delight and jumped on the couch.

"Fuck her and I wanna watch!" I stood up on my knees. I was racing with electricity and my penis stood straight out, making those little pulsing jerks. I looked at beautiful Heather, sprawled backward on the couch, her pussy wet and shiny at the front edge of the cushion. I moved up a bit toward her.

Suddenly, Casey hopped down beside me and took my penis in her hand. "I wanna put it in her!" she exclaimed, eyes bright, breathing quickly.

"Honey, I don't know---"

"I'm gonna do it!" she said flatly. "I wanna stick your penis inside my best friend."

I was shaking so and so excited all I wanted was Heather! I moved up toward her and Casey guided my penis to Heather's pussy lips. Heather raised her head and watched as Casey began working my penis between her pussy lips. I felt the warmth of Heather's flower as Casey pushed the head of my penis inside.

She worked with determination, wiggling my penis this way and that, pushing and squeezing me. I pushed with my hips.

"OHHH! God!" Heather jumped as she felt me slip inside a bit. "Oh! Gosh!" She was every bit as tight as Casey. Maybe even TIGHTER!

I put an arm around Casey. "Honey, I may not be able to penetrate her."

"Yes, you will," Casey pushed my penis in a bit more.

"UHHHH! Yow!" Heather tensed up her whole body. "That h-h-hurt!" Casey let go of me and brushed her hair back. "It hurts at first," she said. "But its WORTH it!' "Oh! JESUS! Am I bleeding--?" Heather asked, her voice quivering and coming between gasps.

"Don't WORRY about it!" Casey said.

"No, you're not bleeding, darling," I said, breathlessly.

I pushed in a bit more and Heather tensed again. "YHHHMMMPH!" She arched her back off the couch and her head went back.

"You okay--?" I asked.

Her eyes were shut tightly. "Y-y-yes---," she gasped. "Go on... "

I pushed again and felt her give more. She didn't jerk this time, so I pushed gently some more. I felt the hot tightness of her insides pushing on my penis.

"Gosh, you're so tight, Heather," I almost whispered.

I could hear Casey breathing heavily next to me. "Oh, God! I want you to fuck her so bad!" she whispered.

The things I hear Casey say that spurns me on! Her words sent another thrill through my body! I held Heather's hips, almost like I'd done Casey, and shoved my penis into Heather's hot tissy! I winced in a bit of pain as I felt the insides of her pussy peel my foreskin completely back!

"YAHHH! JEEE-SUSSSS! God almighty!!" Heather grabbed the cushions with her hands, her small knuckles whitening.

I shoved! I wanted inside her and I wanted to come! She bucked and groaned!

"AHHHH! Damn!" She held on to the cushions, her head still thrown back, eyes still shut tight. "A-a-are you inside me yet?"

I pushed hard! Her pussy finally yielded and I slid completely in!

"UHH! Ohhh!" Heather jumped just slightly.

I stood there for a minute, my penis now completely hidden from view inside Heather. I felt a slight rush and I waited for it to die down a bit. I wasn't ready to come.

Heather raised her head and looked down. In a quivering soft voice, she asked, "Are you all the way in--?"

"See for yourself," I smiled.

She sat up a bit and looked at my pubic hair and her pussy pressed together.

"Oh my... " she said softly.

Casey lay on her side on the couch watching us. "Go on and fuck her, Paw Ken," she said.

I pulled my penis back then plunged again. Heather didn't hardly move, just seemed to be watching my penis slide in and out of her own vagina! I started pumping her slowly. She watched expresionless at first... then her eyes slowly closed again and her head began to tilt from side to side.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... " she began to moan and rock gently with my thrusts.

"Oh, shit! I thought I'd never see this!" Casey murmured.

I was surprised at hearing my lover girl use that word (shit) but I was almost totally engrossed at fucking this pretty little twelve-year-old Heather!

"Don't you just LOVVVVE this, Heather?" Casey moved over against her.

Heather was moving her bottom in time with my thrusts now. "Nice... real nice," Heather's soft silky voice.

"Don't you just LOVVVE fucking Heather, Paw Ken?" Casey ran her fingers across my arm.

I felt the rush coming! "I'm going to COME, baby!" I exclaimed.

Casey sat up. "Come inside her, Paw Ken! Fuck her good and come inside her!" She giggled and flopped back on the couch then sat up straight to watch.

"Heather--?" I caressed her thighs. "Oh, baby you're such a good fuck!" Then I exploded! "UHHHH! Uhh! Uhh! Uhh!" I shot inside her in strong waves of ecstasy!

Heather jerked her body! "YAHHHMMMMM! God Damn! OHHH! That feels good... Ummmm! Yummmmm! Ahhhhh--!" Then she screamed and her whole body went rigid as she had her first orgasm!

"Oh GOSH! Y'all are fucking so GOOD!" Casey clapped her hands and bounced on the couch.

I took Heather by the waist and pulled her up to me as I continued to pump her full of my come! I brushed the hair out of her face and yanked her up to me, kissing her hard on the mouth. She was so completely engrossed in experiencing those waves of sexual pleasure that she hardly noticed me kissing her!

I thrust my pulsing penis as long as I could keep it up, but soon, exhaustion overtook me and I pulled out. I sat down in the floor and leaned back on the recliner.

A sparkling stream of come ran out of Heather's pussy and down the side of the couch to the floor.

Casey moved over close to Heather and hooked her arm in Heather's. Heather lay back, her eyes closed, and a contented look on her face. She sighed a long soft sigh and her eyes blinked open.

Casey and Heather's eyes met and they both smiled at the same time.

Heather glanced over at me, a dreamy expression in her eyes. "Thank you for fucking me," she sighed.

Casey giggled! "Thanks for letting me WATCH!" When the giggles died away, it became very quiet for a while. I heard a few cars going past outside and somewhere in the distance, the roar of a jetliner. I lay my head back on the recliner and closed my eyes, still quite tired from my exercise!

After a little while, Heather said. "I gotta go pee!" She stood up and, as she stepped over my legs, she paused and touched my shoulder. "That was nice... it really was. Thanks again." She disappeared down the hall and shut the bathroom door behind her.

Casey slipped down off the couch and crawled over to me. She pressed her back against my chest and snuggled in my arms, crossing them over her naked breasts. She pulled my hand to her mouth and kissed my knuckles, then nibbled the loose skin there with her lips. Oh! The sweet little things my Casey does!

She lay her head back on my shoulder. "How'd you like fucking Heather?" she asked, her voice almost a whisper.

I nuzzled her hair. "She's a very pretty girl. I liked it a lot."

"I told you she was pretty," Casey snuggled me more and giggled.

A few minutes later, Heather returned and sat on the couch. She looked at us for a moment, then crawled down to the floor. She blushed and sat against my chest next to Casey, draping my arm across her bare breasts. She glanced back and up at me and I moved down and kissed her on the mouth. She blushed bright!

Casey giggled. "Now you have TWO little girls to love on!" she said.

I hugged them tightly. "I'm the LUCKIEST GUY in the world! And thanks to both of you for the wonderful surprise!" They both looked quickly at each other then burst into giggles!

"What is so funny NOW!" I demanded.

Casey giggled/hic-upped and just couldn't stop long enough to speak!

Heather finally composed herself long enough to say. "The surprise wasn't what we did tonight... " she giggled again, holding her hand over her mouth and blushing.

Casey bellowed a loud laugh! "The surprise is... The surprise is... "



"You'll have us ALL DAY tomorrow! Friday is a TEACHER'S CONFERENCE!"

Heather moved up and kissed my surprised mouth!


We became restless after a while, so we all put on some clothes and I drove us to a mall on the other side of the city. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, walking so tall with two gorgeous little girls on each side of me holding my hands. We messed around there until almost closing time, then we went for a little ride. We drove by Heather's home and the to the spot where the horrible bombing had killed so many. It was around eleven when I parked the car in Casey's driveway.

We all took baths, had a glass of milk or juice, and finally passed out on the guest bed.

I drifted off to sleep, a beautiful naked twelve-year-old in the crook of each arm!

The Third Day

I was drifting into consciousness to the sound of someone singing. I opened my eyes and blinked, trying to focus on anything in the darkened room. The drapes were still drawn. Someone was sitting on the edge of the bed to my left, their back to me. It was Casey, humming softly as she fiddled with something in her hands.

"Casey--? What are you doing, Honey?" I said sleepily.

She turned. "I'm sorry, Paul," she used my other name. "I didn't mean to wake you." She was trying to fasten an ankle bracelet." She had her right knee drawn up to her chest.

"Baby, why don't you turn on a light?" I reached over and stroked her leg.

"I got it!" she exclaimed. She stuck her leg straight out, the gold ankle bracelet catching a sparkle from a light shaft coming from between the drapes. She was still naked and looked radiant in the low light. Her breasts never ceased to fascinate me! Smallish, like fat cones, pointing straight out. Her aureole was puffy, too, and her nipples stood out firm and wrinkle free.

She turned and leaned over on her tummy, crawling up until she could kiss me.

We kissed deeply and eventually I reached out and pulled her into my arms.

The kiss ended with both of us a little breathless! She looked into my eyes and smiled her sweet little-girl grin.

"I love you, Paul," she murmured.

"I love you, too, my sweet Casey," I hugged her to my chest. She lay her head on my shoulder and traced little patterns in my chest hair. "Where's Heather?" I asked.

"She's gone running," Casey sighed, then yawned. "She runs almost every morning."

About that time, we heard the front door close. A second later, Heather stood at the door. She was wearing a pink sweat suit and athletic shoes.

"Are y'all awake--?" she asked.

"Yeah," Casey sat up, yawned again, and stretched her slim arms outward.

"We're fixin' to get up."

"I'm gonna grab a shower," Heather turned and started for the bathroom.

"Want some company?" I asked, slipping out of bed and walking toward the hall.

She stopped at the door to the bathroom. "Sure!" She pulled her sweat shirt over her head. Her round luscious titties bounced slightly.

Casey giggled. "You two behave in there!" she teased. "I'm going to make some pancakes."

I followed Heather into the bathroom. She stepped out of her shoes and dropped her pants on the floor. I started the shower as she pulled her hair into a bun.

"How do you like the shower water?" I asked.

"Warm, but not hot," she said.

I stepped over under the water and held out my hand.

"Just a sec," she mumbled, a hairpin in her mouth. She finished putting up her hair and took my hand, stepping under the water with me. She turned her back to me. "Wash my back, please," she said in her silky soft voice.

I grabbed the soap and began lathering her, rubbing gently but firmly. I soaped her back and moved down to her exceptional pert butt. It was so round it looked like it had been designed with an artist's compass! I took each of her slim arms and washed them, just enjoying their shape and curves.

"Ummmm! This is NICE," she turned to face me. "Wash my boobs!" I took in her beauty as I worked the suds around those round and upturned titties.

I squeezed them and lightly pinched her firm nipples, causing her to giggle.

Then, I lathered her tummy and moved the soap down between her legs and washed her "tissy!"

"Hee hee hee!" she giggled and wiggled as I played with her pussy lips.


Gosh! You're getting me excited!" She threw her arms around me and pulled herself into my embrace.

My penis was now stiff and erect and, as she hugged me, it slipped in the suds between her legs! she jumped back and looked down.

She giggled again and looked up into my eyes. I felt her take my penis in both hands. She moved up and kissed me and moved my organ down to her soapy pussy and rubbed it there. She stood up on her tip-toes and I felt her spread her legs slightly and try to push my penis between her vagina lips.

"Heather! Oh! Wow!" I pulled her to me as she spread her legs more and worked my now long penis inside her sweet pussy. "Let me help you," I said.

I reached down and took her pretty bottom in both hands and pulled her up.

She instinctively wrapped her legs around mine and I felt my penis slide inside her, the soap acting as a perfect lubricant!

"OHHHHH!! Mmmmm! I l-l-love this!" she put her arms around me and pulled herself against me. I felt my member slip inside her some more and the tightness of her pussy caused me to gasp!

"Ahhh! Oh, Heather, babe!" I squeezed her rear end and held her in place for a moment. "Gosh! You are so TIGHT!" She pushed against me again. "Comon'! P-push it in some m-more!" I slid deeper and winced in a bit of pain as her pussy stretched my foreskin back to its limit!

"Ooooo! Fuck me!" Her legs locked tight against the backs of mine and she shoved pussy onto my penis!

The pain ran the length of my penis as I sunk completely into Heather's sweet honey pot! She wasn't quite wet enough deep inside and I gasped and grabbed her bottom forcefully!

"Yuhhhhh! Oye! Ouch!" My head went back as I waited for the pain to subside.

She apparently wasn't feeling any pain for she giggled and put her hands behind my neck and leaned backward.

"Come on!" she said again. "Fuck me!" The pain passed and I looked down at this incredibly gorgeous little girl!

My penis was all the way inside her pretty pussy! Her legs were still hooked behind mine. Her fingers were locked together on the back of my neck and she was leaning back, smiling up at me. The shower water beat down on us and ran in rivulets down her breasts. Her nipples strained to poke out even more!

She pulled her butt back, then drove my penis inside again! "Uhhh! Mmm! Good!" Her eyes closed in ecstasy! "Is this how we do it in the shower?"

I was shaking and breathing hard. Gosh, she looked so beautiful! "Y-yes, babe!" I answered. "You're doing f-f-fine!"

She started pumping against me! She'd move her bottom back slowly until I was almost out of her, then she would ram my throbbing penis deep again!

"AHHH! I LOVE this!" she gasped.

After about a dozen thrusts, I knew I couldn't hold it any longer.

"Heather! I'm going to come!" She was moaning.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmm! Okay, come... Mmmmmmmm... "

"H-h-here it c-c-comes! HUHHHHhhhhhhhhh!" I came in wonderful waves inside her! My knees buckled and I thought I was going to fall! "Ohhh! Heatherrrr....baby! I'm coming girl!" I pulsed for several long minutes. She pulled up and kissed me passionately as she continued to pump!

Suddenly, she grabbed me around the back and hugged me tightly!

Slowly, my tremors faded. She was shaking and moved up to kiss me, her eyes narrowed and her lips quivering. She continued to kiss me until I had to break it off to get a much needed breath of oxygen! "Oh, Heather!" I gasped, hugging her. "Girl, you are such a good fuck!"

She breathed a gasping "Thank you," into my ear and held onto me tightly.

In a while, we relaxed our grasps.

"Did you come, darling?" I asked, kissing the back of her neck.

"Oh, yes! Definitely!" she nuzzled me.

She let her feet back down to the shower floor and my penis slipped out slowly.

she took the soap and began lathering me. I was weak as a kitten now and it felt fabulous to just stand there with my eyes closed and allow her to wash me all over!

Finally, we rinsed and stepped out of the shower, grabbed some towels and dried each other.

As we were hanging up the towels to dry, Casey appeared and stood in the doorway, leaning against the door frame.

"What were you two doing in the shower so long?" she eyes us suspiciously.

"I was getting freshly fucked!" heather said as she brushed past Casey and walked down the hall, a slight exaggerated wiggle in her gorgeous behind!

Casey watched Heather walk into the guest bedroom, then looked back at me.

She arched her back and stuck her titties out at me. "When are you gonna fuck ME again?"

She reached down and I gasped as she ran a small finger down and through her pussy slit! She held it out to me. "Taste?"

Gosh a mighty! The things my sweet and pretty Casey does to excite me! I had just had a great fuck with Heather and now, my penis throbbed at Casey's arousing, sexy act!

I lost my breath as I took her sweet hand in mine, slipped her finger into my mouth, closed my lips over it, then drew it out slowly, sucking gently. Oh!

It was so sweet and succulent!

She smiled seductively and backed out of the bathroom, making a little "come here" motion with her finger. I gasped and followed her into the bedroom.

What happened next just makes me tremble as I type the words! Forgive me if I make typographical mistakes!

Once in her bedroom, I stood and watched her with awe... She eased herself down on her little bed so very slowly. She ran a finger through her pussy slit again and held it out for me to suckle. Then, just ever so slowly, she scooted back on the bed, knees bent up slightly, spreading her pretty legs apart.

Her perfect and naked little-girl pussy looked so very inviting, puffed out slightly, a hint of moisture where she'd slipped her finger through. she looked at me through the top of her eyelids, her head bent down, smiling with slightly pursed lips. I looked her over from head to toe. Her beautiful brown hair flowed across her so smooth and round shoulders... her titties stuck out straight, nipples red and firmed out... That creamy soft and slightly round tummy with the adorable navel... Luscious rounded thighs, a perfect amount of baby fat still remaining to make them so soft and touchable... cute slightly plump knees... and beautiful legs with thick ankles... tiny little feet, stretched out straight. Casey was a wonder to behold!

My penis throbbed! I glanced down and it was long and straight, pointing at Casey.

My heart pounded as I watched Casey. She spread her legs and reached down and with her fingers, gently opened her little pussy. The pinkness there caused my knees to weaken again!

"I love you," she said. "Fuck me."

She reached out to me and I practically scrambled to push my pulsing penis inside her! She drew her knees up and spread her pretty legs wide as I held my penis and worked it inside her. As I slid inside her, I realized she was soaking wet there! She was still incredibly tight around me, but I really wanted her badly and I wanted in her RIGHT THEN!

I looked into her smiling eyes. "Oh, Casey! I just can't believe how beautiful you are, baby!" I gasped. she put her arms around my neck and pulled me down to kiss. I pushed into her and heard an audible "SWUCKKK!" as my penis filled her, all the way to the hilt! "UHHHHHHHH!" I groaned as her tightness enveloped me.

"There you go," she murmured. "All the way inside me! All the way! All the way!" she wiggled and pulled herself tight against me. "Now fuck me, Paw Ken! And fuck me REEEEEAL GOOD!"

"Oh, sweet girl! Oh, my sweet Casey girl!" I felt the intense warmth and soft firmness of her pussy wrapped around my penis.

I pulled my penis almost all the way out. I pushed in "SLUUPPP!" Out. In. "SLUUUPP!" That sound of her pussy sucking against my penis was in itself intoxicating!

"Oh, Casey! I love you so much!" I kissed her and fucked her. I pumped her in and out, just loving to hear that "SLUUP!" sound!

She started pumping with me, pushing her beautiful hips against mine whenever I'd thrust! "SLUPPP! SLUPP! SLORP! SWUCK! SKUUCK!"

"OHHH! Paw Ken, I love to get fucked! UHH! UHH!" Casey and I were both in ecstasy! "OHHH! Fuck meeeee! Fuck meeee HARDER! Uhhh! Uhhh!" We were both thrusting almost to the point of being violent. I could feel the slippery and hot tightness of her pussy every time I pushed deep inside her and it was driving me wild with desire!

"YAAAHHHHH! OHHH! P-p-paw K-k-ken! I'm COMMMMMMMMING!!" Casey screamed. She bucked and rocked beneath me! "GODDD! YESS! I am COMMMINGGG! SO GOOD!" she squirmed and pushed, coming so hard that she lost the thrust synchronization we'd had! "OHHHH! Goll-Lee!!" I looked down at her titties shaking with my thrusts and I exploded! an electric rush of spasms as I shot inside her! She arched her back!

"UHHHHHHHHHH! CA---SEY!" My penis poured into her in wonderful waves!

"OHHH! God! I'm coming so good!" Casey grabbed my face and looked at me.

Her brow was furrowed in the look of bliss! "Oh! Gosh! I'm coming really deep!" I was growing weak fast! "Ca--sey... "

Suddenly, she pushed at me and my penis slipped out of her. "I want to see you coming!" she gasped!

She pushed me again, up to my knees, then she sat up quickly. She grabbed my penis and stripped the foreskin back completely! Another stream of come shot out, hitting her in the tummy!

"OH! YES!!" she squealed with delight. "Come all over me, I don't care!" She held my member up slightly and squeezed it again! A shorter stream spurted out and landed right on her chin!

She giggled and wiped at it and still another squirted on her hand as she was wiping! She giggled/hic-upped and stuck her sticky fingers into her mouth and sucked the come off! She giggled again, another hic-up on the end! "Really tastes kinda funny!" She looked up at me, then moved her head down and pushed my come-soaked penis into her sweet little girl mouth. I felt her suck as she pulled it out. She giggled/hic-up!

A few more spurts rolled out and over the head of my shrinking member and she promptly licked them off! I couldn't believe she was doing that!

Finally, she sat back on her elbows, knees bent and drawn up slightly. she giggled again and licked her lips. "I really don't like the taste all that much, Paw Ken," she said, bright eyed. "But I guess I just got too excited!" I lay down on my back beside her. I was pooped! I had fucked both little girls in less than an hour and I was drained of energy!

"Wow!" Heather's voice came from the doorway. She wore jeans and a pink T-shirt. "You two must have enjoyed that!" Casey jumped up and threw her hair back behind her. "Did you SEE us?" she asked, obviously excited.

"Umm hmm!" Heather rolled her eyes. "And what a fuck to watch!"

Casey grabbed her and hugged. "Oh, I'm so GLAD you got to watch us!"

"Hey!" Heather stepped back and looked down. "You got COME on my shirt!" Casey giggled, "Oh, that's okay! It'll wash off with a little water." She went to the bathroom, wet a washcloth, and came back and wiped it off Heather's T-shirt.

Suddenly, Heather burst into giggles!

We looked at her, puzzled. "What's so funny?" Casey asked.

Heather shook her head. "Here I was worried about a little come on my T-shirt...and I'm walking around with it still warm and sticky INSIDE me!" That broke us ALL up into giggles and laughs!


After we all washed up and dressed, Casey treated us to a delicious breakfast of home-made pancakes. She had made up the batter while Heather and I had been in the shower. The pancakes were wonderful with heaps of butter and maple syrup.

After breakfast, the girls wanted to go out "messing around" so we piled into my car and headed out. The weather had turned cold during the night, so we dressed warmly. I drove them to another mall, Quail Springs, in the north part of Oklahoma City. They tugged me into a music store and spent about an hour looking at CD's, teen magazines, posters, and videos. I found a bench and, as I watched them, looking at all the CD's and stuff and talking and giggling over the teenage pop stars, I saw them as the typical twelve-year-olds they were. It almost seemed as if I were seeing two different little girls than the two who a hour or so earlier had been deeply engrossed in passionate lovemaking.

There were lots of kids at the mall, but, because it was so far from their part of the city, they didn't run into anyone they knew. I saw dozens of other girls around their age and compared Casey and Heather to them. I saw some really cute girls here and there. A lot of them were slim with really nice shapes and some of them were quite "healthy" topside! The more I looked and compared, the more I became genuinely convinced that Casey and Heather seemed somehow happier and more satisfied with themselves and life in general.

There were a lot of pretty girls there, but most seemed somewhat disinterested or detached.

I remember one girl in particular who seemed to stand out. She was tall and slim, taller than Casey in fact, wearing white Capri hip-hugger pants and a short black top which showed her navel. She had a jacket tied around her waist, a cheerleader jacket I supposed, with her name printed on the back; Keri Anne.

She had long, straight golden blonde hair, parted in the middle, and striking blue eyes. She was extremely pretty. I watched her for a few minutes as she thumbed through a row of compact disks. After a while, she walked close to Casey and Heather. Suddenly, I realized something. She was beautiful indeed, but she wasn't smiling. Heather and Casey were laughing and giggling and just having a really good time. Keri Anne was with several other girls, but none of them seemed to be enjoying themselves. In that, Casey and Heather's beauty outshone Keri Anne's by far. I suddenly felt a warm feeling inside, knowing Casey, Heather, and I had a special relationship. We had shared ourselves with one another in a deep and profound way. Even though it was a relationship we'd probably never be able to reveal to anyone, we knew in our hearts it was healthy and a wonderful part of our lives now.

To my amazement, Keri Anne struck up a conversation with Casey and Heather.

They talked for a few minutes and then, I saw Keri Anne smile. I wanted to run over and tell her to smile more often. She was indeed exceptionally beautiful.

In a while, Casey and Heather paid for their purchases and we continued on, stopping at several other mall stores and shops. By lunch time, I was getting tired and hungry, so I suggested we find a place to eat. We found a restaurant there at the mall (the name escapes me) and sat down in a spacious booth.

The waitress came and we ordered. I sat across from Casey and Heather.

As we sat there chatting, who should walk by but Keri Anne. When she saw Heather and Casey she stopped.

"Did you find that poster you wanted?" she asked Heather.

"No," Heather answered. "The girl who works there said it'd been discontinued."

"That's too bad," Keri Anne said. "I couldn't find that Britney Spears single either."

They talked for a minute and Casey invited Keri Anne to sit and join us.

She smiled that infrequent gorgeous smile and sat down next to me. I'll have to say, she was so pretty, she took my breath away! Casey introduced me as "Paul" and the girls chatted as I listened. The waitress brought our order and took Keri Anne's.

As we ate, Keri Anne asked the girls about their school and they about hers.

She was indeed a cheerleader at Northwest Junior High, an eighth grader, thirteen years old, and lived with her father. Her mom lived in Chicago, her parents divorced. Keri Anne would lean forward in a gesture once in a while and I could see the swell of her breasts in the "V" of her top. Her titties were full and round. Once in a while, she'd glance at me, I'd smile, she'd blush, and turn away.

Finally, she turned to me and asked, "Uncle or what---?"

"Huh?" my eyebrows went up.

"Oh, no," Casey smiled sweetly. "Paul's our BOYFRIEND!"

Keri Anne dropped her hamburger! She smiled and said, "Yeah, RIGHT!" She picked it up and took another bite.

"She's not shittin' you!" Heather exclaimed. "Paul is our BOYFRIEND!"

Keri Anne smiled. "I'm not falling for that! He's an UNCLE or something!" she looked back at me. I smiled broadly.

Heather laughed loudly. Then she lowered her head and looked at Keri Anne very seriously. "HE fucked me in the SHOWER this morning, didn't you, Paul?"

"And then he fucked ME!" Casey said, imitating my smile.

Keri Anne's mouth dropped open. She slowly looked around at me.

"Actually, I did fuck Casey, but it was more like Heather fucked ME! She's dynamite in the shower!" I said, munching on a french fry.

Out of courtesy, I picked up the tab for Keri Anne's lunch. I felt it was the least I could do after she ran out of the restaurant without paying! And gee, she didn't even finish her burger!

We left the mall and went to a movie across town. I sat there in the theater, a pretty girl sitting on each side of me, holding hands.

Around five o'clock, we returned to Casey's house and stretched out on the bed for a nap. We left a trail of clothing from the front door, through the living room, down the hall, and to the bed. You have no idea how nice it feels to lay nude in a big queen size bed with two cute naked twelve-year-olds in your arms!

After our nap, we made a pallet in the living room floor and watched television.

Both girls had another good time taking turns masturbating me! The I sucked Heather's pussy until she climaxed, and after that, Casey's. We had a good time!

It was about nine-thirty when we all decided we were too tired to stay up any longer. Knowing that Janice, Casey's mom, would be back sometime tomorrow morning, we reluctantly retired to separate beds. Casey went to her bed, Heather to the guest bed, and I finally crawled into Janice's bed, where I was supposed to be sleeping in the first place.

I felt a twinge of guilt as I pulled the sheets and covers over me. I lay there for a long time, thinking of Casey and our sexual relationship. I thought about the future. How long would it go on? In my heart, I wanted Casey with me forever.

In my head, I wondered what would happen to me if she found someone else.

Lying there at that moment, I almost came to tears thinking about that possibility.

As reached up to wipe my eyes, I suddenly felt a small fragile body crawl in bed and snuggle close to me. I recognized my sweet Casey's fragrance. I pulled her close to me. And then, I heard her sniff and shiver.

"Honey, what's the matter?" I whispered and nuzzled her hair.

She broke down in muffled sobs. "I don't want you to go!" she cried.

I stroked her hair and held her close for a long time. Eventually, she quieted down and drifted off to sleep. I held her close all night.

Saturday Morning

"Dad---?" I felt someone shaking me gently awake. My eyes went wide!

Daylight flooded the room, and there by the bed stood my daughter, Janice!

And there I lay with Casey asleep in the crook of my arm! (Luckily, we had all made the decision to wear pajamas to bed!) I swallowed hard and my heart raced. I eased my arm from under Casey, fearful that she might awaken and go hysterical. She mumbled something, but turned over and slept on.

I stepped into the bathroom and slipped on my clothes with trembling hands, then went to the kitchen. Janice was putting on a pot of coffee, I sat at the bar. "Janice, I... "

"Casey get scared in the night?" Janice said softly. She flipped on the coffee maker, then turned to face me. She crossed her arms across her chest waiting for my answer. She was wearing slacks and a tan blouse. I thought about how much Casey looked like her mother.

"She--- doesn't want me to go home," I said.

Janice looked at me intently. "She sleeps with you doesn't she."

I swallowed hard and ran my fingers through my hair. My head lowered and I nodded. "Yes."

Janice stood there for a long time. I heard the coffee dripping. She turned and I heard the clinking of cups. She poured us both a cup of coffee, then she walked into the dining room and sat at the table. The silence continued for a long time.

We sipped our coffee. Somewhere in the distance I heard a dog bark. I couldn't look my daughter in the face.

Finally, Janice said. "I can't tell her NOT to sleep with you. I just can' t. Not after all those years when we slept together."

I finally looked up at her. "I love her. She loves me. That's what's important."

Janice looked up at me. "Dad, I have to tell you this. Maybe you'll understand...maybe you won't. But, when I slept with you, it was MORE than daughter loves daddy."

My eyebrows went up.

"Dad... I was so young, but not young enough to become... infatuated. I loved you... like... " she lowered her head. "--I was IN LOVE with you."

"Janice, I didn't know---"

"Oh, I never tried anything," she cut me off. "But, jeez! I thought about it often enough! I had daydreams about you and I- - -and- - -and- - -" I felt like I was about to sink into the floor. I didn't know what to say.

Didn't know where Janice was leading herself... leading me... leading US.

Janice stood up and walked over to me into my embrace. My arms went around her instinctively. She lay her head on my shoulder. I felt her arms hold me, almost in desperation. We stood like that for a long while.

Finally, she looked up into my eyes. "I love you, dad. I shall always love you. You'll always be the number one man in my life. I know now, I'll never be able to love another man like I love you."

"Janice, honey--"

"No," she cut me off again. "Let me finish this. I fell in love with you when I fifteen. I don't care what anyone else might say, I love you. Like a father, yes. But even deeper and more intimate than that. And no matter what I might read or hear or be taught by some minister or whatever, I know in my heart that my love for you... it's OKAY!" She smiled up at me and a single tear fell out of her eye. She brushed it away. She moved up slowly, her eyes closed, and she kissed me very lightly on the lips.

As she moved back, her eyes opened and she smiled. We stood there for a long while, just looking into each other's eyes.

"Janice," I sat back on the stool. "I know love is okay, no matter what the situation... "

Janice laughed lightly and walked back to the table. "Its okay, dad. I KNOW you don't love me like a... LOVER." she took a sip of her coffee. "And that's okay! Really!"

"Honey, I don't know what you're wanting from me," I said.

She cocked her head and smiled a big sweet smile! "I don't WANT anything! I just wanted you to understand something. To understand that if I fell in love with you... Casey could, too."

My eyebrows went up again.

Janice laughed again. "She already IS, isn't she!" I started to say something, but the words stuck in my throat.

"I don't want to know!" Janice waved me off and walked to the sink. She rinsed out her coffee cup then turned and sat back down at the table. She looked at me intently for a long moment.

Finally she said something I'll never forget. "I shall never keep you and Casey apart. I can tell you two have a special kind of love. Whatever kind of love you two have cultivated, whatever kind of bond you two have made, I shall never interfere, nor shall I question it."

I stood there for a while, letting Janice's words flow through my mind and heart.

I knew, with those words, it was time for me to go. I walked over to her and squeezed her arm. "She'll always be safe with me," I said. It was all I knew to say.

Janice looked up and smiled. "I know."

I turned to leave. "I'm going home."

"Dad," Janice stopped me.

I looked back.

"It's okay," Janice said.

And then, in that moment, I realized that Janice knew and accepted Casey and I and the love we had.

"You two need each other," she said. "It's okay."

I looked into my daughter's eyes. And suddenly, I saw that little girl of fifteen slipping into bed beside me, cuddling up with her back to my chest, my arms crossed over her pajama top.

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