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Casey 3 -- Summer Vacation

The Third Story in the "CASEY" series


I turned onto the street where my daughter, Janice, and granddaughter, Casey, lived. It was almost eleven-thirty in the morning and in just a few blocks I would be turning into Casey's driveway. My heart pounded and my hands trembled. It seemed like a dream that in just a few minutes, Casey would be mine for almost a month! School let out for the summer last Friday and today, Monday, I drove from my home near Copperville to Oklahoma City to pick up my sweet little girl. I hadn't seen her since February. Today was May 31, 1999.

Will and his sister, Lauren, had visited me yesterday. Will was excited about seeing Casey, too. They had been writing since last Christmas when Casey had stayed with me for a week. Lauren was staying the summer with Will and his Granny. As they sat on the very couch where Casey had "seduced" Will, I observed Lauren.

Lauren had just turned twelve, same age as Casey, but she is taller and thinner. She has long straight reddish hair and green eyes. She is really pretty, with a dazzling smile and cute little button nose, surrounded by a spattering of light freckles. She seemed very shy, like her brother, and said very little during the visit. She was wearing cut-off denims and a T-shirt. Naturally, I couldn't help but notice her long legs, thin, but not bony. Beneath her T-shirt it was very obvious she wasn't wearing a bra. Her small breasts were still forming and her nipples made little bumps as they poked at the fabric. In an odd innocent sort of way, she looked very sexy.

My thoughts went to Heather. Just a month or so ago, her father had taken a position in Springfield, Missouri, and it had almost broken Casey's heart. They were as close as sisters. We had even talked about her coming to my house this summer with Casey. Casey still wrote to Heather and they had tried to work it out whereby she could still come, but every plan fell through.

I had grown very fond of Heather during my February visit. Like Casey and I, we had developed a close relationship. She was, to me, another special girl in my life. I felt a twinge of sadness that she wouldn't be joining us this summer.

Suddenly, there was the familiar white and blue stucco home where Janice and Casey lived. I pulled into the driveway, turned off the engine, and lay my head back on the headrest. I closed my eyes, breathed deeply, and tried to relax. I heard the storm door slam and that noise caused me to look up quickly. It was my wonderful daughter, Janice, walking toward my car, arms folded across her chest. For May, it had been an unusually chilly day and she wasn't wearing a sweater. I smiled, opened the door, and stepped out. She hugged me tightly.

We drew back and I looked into her eyes. She looked tired. She still worked a full-time job and went to college whenever she wasn't working. She didn't have much time off.

"How are you, dad?" she smiled a tired but sincere smile.

"I'm doing well," I said. "But you look like you could use a vacation as much as Casey."

We turned and walked to the house. "I'm fine," she sighed. "I've got two days off from work this week and I've promised myself and Casey that I'm going to get some rest."

"Good!" I hugged her shoulder. "I want you to take care of yourself."

We walked into the living room. Just the sight of the couch where Casey, Heather, and I had made such sweet love caused me to tremble again.

"CA-SEY!" Janice called.

There was a bump, then the sound of small but running footsteps, and suddenly, Casey rounded the corner! She looked even more beautiful than my memories of her! She had her long light brown hair parted in the middle. Her bangs had grown out and were puffed up on top. She was wearing big hoop earrings that dangled as she walked. She wore a pair of pink capri pants and a white T-top. Her small feet showed through a pair of white sandals.

"PAW KEN!" she jumped into my arms and clung to me desperately!

"Casey!" Janice laughed. "Take it easy on your grandfather!"

"SORR-REE!" she moved back, looked at me, then hugged me tightly again. "I'm jus' so GLAD to see you!" I lightly nuzzled her hair and smelled her sweet fresh scent I had grown to love.

Suddenly, she stepped back and giggled loudly, that characteristic 'hic-up' on the end.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

Janice laughed (almost giggled), too! "She's got a surprise for you," she said.

Casey said, "Cover your eyes!"

"What--?" I put my hands on my hips.


I shut my eyes tightly. "Okay," I said. "I can't see anything..."

"DON'T OPEN THEM!" Casey squealed.

"Okay, okay!" I exclaimed.

There was a moment of silence, followed by a slight rustle.

"Okay," Casey said. "You can open them!"

When I opened my eyes, my knees went rubbery! There stood Heather! Her face was beaming in a huge smile, those perfect teeth sparkling! Her hair had been permed into one of those thousands-of-curls styles and fell all across her shoulders and down her back. She was wearing a pair of white short shorts, a sleeveless black blouse, and black flats. She looked gorgeous!

"Hi!" was all I could think of saying. I was flabbergasted!

Janice was apologetic. "I wanted to call you and make sure it was okay that Heather came along, but Casey wanted to surprise you. I hope you don't mind both of them for a month."

I swallowed hard and cleared my throat. My pulse was racing and my palms felt sweaty! "Er--- No...Heather can join us. That way, Casey will have a playmate."

"You talk to Mom while we finish packing," Casey said. She and Heather went back into her bedroom, giggling and talking a mile a minute!

Janice steered me into the kitchen and served me a fresh cup of coffee. We sat and chatted for a few minutes, mainly about her job and college classes. She showed me Casey's school pictures and gave me a 5 x 7. It was a marvelous picture. Casey looked so sweet and innocent.

Janice leaned forward as I took a sip of my coffee. "Are you quite sure you won't mind Heather coming along?"

"She's perfectly welcome, Jan," I said. "You know I've got plenty of room in that big ol' house, and Lord knows I get lonesome out there in the country all by myself."

"Well, I just want to be sure," Jan looked toward the living room. Again she talked low as she said, "I know Casey likes to sleep with you and... well... I don't know what Heather might think."

"Heather knows," I said. "She doesn't have a problem with it."

Janice looked slightly shocked. "Heather KNOWS--?"

I swallowed hard again and felt those darn butterflies take flight in my stomach! "Casey and I talked to her about it when I was here in February," I said. "I think Heather sorta became a little fond of me during those three days and she thinks it's sweet and okay."

Janice looked toward the living room again. "Well I'll be."

It was almost straight up noon when Casey and Heather appeared in the doorway and announced they were ready to go. We packed their bags in the trunk, hugged Janice one last time, and soon, I was driving us down the street.

Casey sat in the front next to me, and Heather was behind me. The girls sat quietly for a while, but soon they were giggling with hands over their mouths! I had a feeling something was up!

After a mile or so, I asked, "Okay... What is going on?"

They just giggled, Casey with that cute little 'hic-up' on the end!

I just shook my head and smiled and drove on. After a little while, I noticed Casey kept looking back at Heather. I reached up and bent the rear-view mirror down to see what Heather was doing in the back seat. Now as I've said before, I am financially secure, so I drive a nice 1998 BMW. All the windows are tinted except, of course, the front windshield, but when I looked back at Heather, I almost ran off the road!

"HEATHER RENEE'!!! PUT YOUR CLOTHES BACK ON!!" I gasped. She was lying on the back seat stark naked!

Both girls burst out in a long bout of the giggles!

"Awwww-- Nobody can see in!" Heather finally said.

Actually, what she said was true. My windows all around were the darkest tint allowable by law and no one could have seen her. About that time, I had to stop at a red light. I turned around.

"Hi," she waved. She was lying propped up on one elbow with her left knee bent and resting on the seat back. Great waves and masses of her beautiful curled hair fell all around her, creating a magnificent frame for her naked little-girl body. Her sweet smooth pussy as usual looked so wonderful. Her breasts, large for a twelve-year old, were round and firm, sticking straight out. Her red, fat nipples pointed out and slightly upward. She smiled at me seductively.

"Heather... you..." I stammered.

Then, she did something Casey probably taught her. She reached down and ran a finger into her vagina flower and drew it upward, then stuck it right in front of my face.


I was shaking like a leaf and those butterflies were as big as jumbo jets!

"Oh, Heather..." I was breathless! I closed my lips over her finger and she pulled it out as I sucked. There was her familiar sweet/salty/musky taste, similar to Casey's, but still distinctive.

Suddenly, a car horn blasted behind me! I turned back around quickly and stepped on the gas, almost jackrabbiting my car! The girls went hysterical with giggles!

A little later, we reached the interstate. I had to insist that Heather keep her clothes on! She put up a little false fuss, saying something about it being a free country and all, but she obeyed me.

They chatted as I drove along. I discovered why Heather was able to come with us. Seems her mom drove back to Oklahoma City to see some relatives and Heather was able to beg her way into coming with us.

As we drove along, I still had that vision of Heather lying nude in the back seat. And my penis was still a bit large just from my thinking about her! It was so incredible how gorgeous she was and only twelve years old! And Casey, too. They were both rare beauties and they were going home with me!

I glanced around at Casey. She was turned toward me so she could talk to Heather while I drove. She had her left leg pulled up into the seat, bent at the knee. Her pink capri pants were tight and fit her perfectly. I looked down between her legs where I knew her luscious sweet vagina flower lay. I felt weak suddenly as I thought about taking her pussy lips into my mouth and sucking gently. My gaze wondered up to her T-top. Her nipples were making little protuberances in the fabric of her top. She was almost four months older than when I last saw her and it appeared her breasts had grown a bit. I yearned to suckle those beautiful nipples, too!

"Paul, can I get fucked first when we get to your house?" Heather's question shocked me out of my dream world!

"No, ME!" Casey squealed. "I want to be fucked first!"

"You've been fucked more than me," Heather pouted. "I want to be first!"

"He's MY Paw Ken!" Casey argued. "I get to be fucked first!"

"G-Girls, girls! Let's not g-g-get in an argument!" I was trembling at their frank discussion.

They both giggled loudly, holding little-girl hands over their mouths, and slamming their backs against the car seat! They laughed and giggled for several miles, apparently at my nervousness!

When we reached McAlester, we stopped at a MacDonalds for a break. The girls insisted we go inside. We had Dr. Peppers and french fries, then continued on our way.

It was about three in the afternoon when I pulled into my driveway. Both girls bounced out of the car and Casey took Heather on the grand tour of the house. I took the girl's bags and suitcases upstairs, then went back down to the big den and sat down in my favorite recliner for a rest from all the driving.

The girls walked in from outside and Casey led Heather upstairs to show her around there. I lay my head back and closed my eyes, just listening to them talking and giggling somewhere upstairs. I dozed off for a few minutes, and when I awoke, it was very quiet in the house. I sat up and looked around. Casey and Heather were both sitting on the couch, looking at some teen magazines.

Casey looked up at me and smiled. "Are you tired, Paw Ken?"

I yawned. "Yes, baby, I guess I was a little more tired than I thought I was."

"We didn't want to wake you," Heather said.

I smiled. They both looked so absolutely innocently downright GORGEOUS sitting there on the couch. I enjoyed just looking at them! I turned toward them slightly and lay my head down on the back of the recliner and just took in their beauty with my eyes. They went back to looking at their magazines. Every so often, one of them would glance up at me and smile.

Slowly, I felt my penis begin to grow. Just watching them and knowing how sweet they both were caused my body to tremble.

I looked at Heather in her shorts and sleeveless blouse, her skin so beautiful, pure, and smooth. Casey, sitting with her legs tucked under her, her hair so silky and pretty. Cute little toe-nails, painted red. Nipples poking against their tops. The tiny waists and contrasting hips and thighs, beginning to fill out and already stretching the material that covered them there. Lithe shapely arms with the feathery whitish little-girl down growing along their topside. In the right light, one could see that fine fuzz growing on their bellies, chest, and legs. It was so silky-transparent as to be almost invisible. But it was unique to little girls and to me, looked so very soft and feminine.

Casey suddenly put her magazine down, stood up, and stretched, arms out straight and her back slightly arched. She went to the screen door and looked out. Heather lay her magazine down, too, and joined Casey at the front door. I heard them whispering, but couldn't make out what they were saying.

A minute later, Casey walked softly over to me and crawled into my lap, cuddling against my chest. I put my arms around her and pulled her into my embrace. She looked up and back and we kissed.

"Oh, Casey, my sweet darling," I murmured. "I've missed you so much."

"I've really, really missed you, too," she closed her eyes and lay against my arm.

Heather came over and sat on the arm of my chair. I eased an arm around her and hugged her.

Casey sighed a long sigh which ended in a big breath blow, her cheeks puffed out. I suspected something was up! She looked up at me and smiled. Heather's expression was one of "Don't look at me!"

"What are you girls plotting?" I finally asked.

Casey brushed at her hair. "We... we just would like to..." She sighed again.

"We want you to FUCK us," Heather said.

Gosh Dog! When she said that my penis bucked against Casey's little bottom there in my lap! She jumped up and started giggling, that little hand over her mouth!

My breathing increased and I shuddered all over from the excitement. I started to say something, but it seemed like my vocal cords were paralyzed!

Heather stood up. "W-w-we have an i-i-idea," she was trembling, too!

Casey took me by the hand and leaned backward, pulling me up. "Comon', Paw Ken!"

She led me into the library, right over to the big library table!

"You mean," I was finally able to speak. "You mean, you want to do it on the library table?" I gasped, feeling my knees weaken.

"Yeah," Casey's eyes went wide with excitement. "We'll both lay on the table and you can fuck BOTH of us!"

My legs went rubbery! My mouth fell open! I tried to speak again, but only stuttered. "C-C-Casey---- I-I-I-I--" I could feel my penis throb!

Casey ran to the closet and pulled out a big armful of blankets and quilts. Heather grabbed a few that fell to the floor and they began spreading them out on the big solid oak library table, making a soft pallet.

As soon as they were satisfied, they started yanking off their clothes. I just stood there like a dumb-bell, watching them!

In less than a minute, they were naked! Oh! They were both even more beautiful than I remembered! Casey's breasts had grown! They were still like fat cones, sticking straight out with fat pink nipples, but they were definitely more round and fuller! They bounced slightly as she jumped up and down. "Comon'. Paw Ken! Get those clothes off! We wanna' be FUCKED!" She hopped up on the table.

My shaking hands started trying to undo buttons and zippers, but I seemed to be all thumbs. Heather came to my rescue, stripping my shirt off, then yanking my pants down. I stepped out of them and my now long, straight, and trembling penis bobbed in front of them!

Heather giggled and stepped back. She backed up to the table and pushed herself up on it beside Casey. There they were, sitting on that table, titties bare and pointing at me, pusses shining, legs dangling, big smiles, and masses of beautiful hair flowing around their bodies!

"Let's DO IT!" Casey exclaimed, scooting back, lying down, and propping her legs up on the back of the couch which sat a few feet in front of the big table. I stood between her legs now. She sat up on her elbows and smiled at me. "I'm READY!" she said.

Heather followed Casey's example and slipped back, lying beside her. She drew her legs up and spread them a bit! Now, I could see both girl's vagina flowers, puffy, bare, inviting, and definitely GORGEOUS!

I swallowed hard and composed myself. My desires took control of my nervousness and I held my penis in my hand and moved it up to Casey's beautiful little-girl pussy. She giggled and spread her legs for me. I slipped it between those so sweet pussy lips and pushed.

"UHHH! AHHHGH!" she yelled. "Oh! Gosh! I f-f-forgot how big you are g-going inside me!" she lay back quickly and arched her back. "Ummmmm!"

I pulled out of Casey, stepped over under her leg, and positioned my penis at Heather's pretty little pussy. I spread her pussy lips and pushed into her.

"NUHHH! Oh! OW!!" She jerked. "I know what you mean!"

I felt her warm insides tight against me! I pushed more and could feel the walls of her vagina pushing my foreskin way, way back! It hurt!

"OHHH! That's big, but I l-l-like it!" Heather mumbled and squirmed.

"Comon', Paw Ken," Casey reached out a little hand to me. "I'm ready for you now! Fuck ME first!"

I smiled and pulled out of Heather, moved quickly back in front of Casey and put my penis back into her warm pussy. I reached down with both hands and took her waist in my grasp. She knew what I was going to do. She lay back, closed her eyes, and arched her back completely off the table.

"FUCK me!" she almost yelled.

I was almost delirious with desire now! I pushed my penis into her and pulled her toward me! She grunted and moaned and squealed as I forced my penis into her. I moved a little at a time, feeling her tight around me, but also feeling the so hot and lusciousness of her sweet pussy! God how I loved it!

"AAAHAHH!" she wiggled against me! "GGGGET IN!" She gritted her teeth and suddenly grabbed my arms. "UHHHHH! IT HURTS!!!"

"Ohhh, baby! I want you so bad, but I don't want to hurt you!" I said.

Casey's body was arched and she was all tensed up. "OHHH! I can't HELP it! Y-y-you just fill me up s-s-so much..."

I pulled my penis completely out and stepped back.

"NOOO! Why'd you do THAT!" She glared up at me for a second, then broke up in a laugh. "Oh, dang! I really didn't want you to pull it out!" She lay back down and relaxed.

Heather spread her legs. "Come on and fuck ME!"

I moved back between Heather's beautiful legs and slipped my penis inside her. I pushed into her and she tensed up almost like Casey had done!

"UHH! Wow! You are just SOOOO BIG!" she raised up on an elbow and brushed hair out of her face. "Go ahead! Put it in me! Fuck me! I want to be really fucked!"

Her words made me gasp with desire! I grabbed her thighs and pushed into her hard! "Oh, baby, you are going to get fucked for SURE!" I licked my lips. She flopped back and those titties bounced. I pulled her and pushed into her!

"YAHHH! UMMM! Wow!" she bucked and jerked, rocking her head back and forth. Then, she looked up at me quickly. "DON'T you DARE pull out of me!"

I shoved into her again! I felt her pussy give and stretch my foreskin way back! "OWWW!" It was my turn to cry out! Still, I pushed and in one big move, I felt me slide all the way inside her!

"YESSSSSSS! Goll---LEE!" she arched her back. "MMMMM! Oh, I love being fucked!"

Casey sat up. "Are you ALL the way inside her?"

I puffed for a breath. "Yes, honey! I'm all the way inside Heather."

She watched as I started pushing in and pulling out. Heather tensed up. I could feel her pussy contract around my penis. It was like someone squeezing me really hard!

"OHHH-Weee!" I stopped. "Heather, baby girl, you're going to have to relax!"

She bit her bottom lip and I felt her loosen up just a bit. "OHHH! It feels so good, but you are so BIG!" Heather started to raise up on one elbow, but she lay back down. "UMMMM! GOD!" she rocked her head back and forth as I began pumping into her.

I loved these two girls! They were just so wonderful and sweet! As I pushed inside Heather and pulled out, I looked at her lying there, so pretty and girlish! Beautiful little flat belly, heaving as she breathed in and out in quick excited gasps. Her titties stuck absolutely straight up with those fat nipples, pointing up and backward. I reached and gently took them in my hands and squeezed! Wow! What firmness and yet so soft! I pumped in and out of her as I squeezed those magnificent breasts. This is living, I thought to myself!

"Gosh, I love being fucked, but I like watching you fuck Heather, too!" Casey said, a little giggle/hic-up at the end. Her voice was just so CUTE!

"OHHH! I th-th-think I'm fixin' to c-c-c-c-come!" Heather gasped and gripped handfuls of blankets. "Yes---! UHHHHHH!"

She was making me throb! I felt the electricity that precedes an orgasm! "I think I am, too, darling," I said.

Suddenly, Heather jerked and arched her back completely off the table! "GUHHHHH! AHHH! Yes! Yes! I--I--I--I'm COMMMMMMMMINGGGG!! AHHHHHHHHHH--YESSSS!" She pulsed and I could feel her pussy vibrate around me. "NUHHH! UHH! UHH! UHHHH! Gosssssshhhhh! I l-l-l-love thissssss----!"

"Oh, God! I wish that dick was in me!" I heard Casey say. She was sitting on the table watching us, her legs crossed Indian style.

I pulled completely out of Heather. "Lay down and I'll PUT it in you," I said.

"YESSSSS!" Casey moved around quickly and got into position.

I stepped over between her legs and pushed my now soaked penis between her pussy lips. She lay down. I took her thighs in both hands and pulled her toward me.

"YAHHH!" she bucked. "OHHH! My goodness!" She grabbed her face with both hands.

"You okay, baby?" I asked.

"Go on!" Casey said. "Go on!"

I pushed into her. Slowly, I felt my still throbbing penis slide through her vagina lips and slip deeper inside. I pulled her hips toward me and could feel the hot flesh grip my member! She tensed up and groaned slightly.

My penis buried itself completely and I could feel it glide all the way into Casey! "SWUCK!" Her pussy sucked me in! She jumped and wiggled!

"OHHHHHH! Paw Ken! I k-k-know you're in-inside me!" Casey, smiled as her head rocked from side to side. "Ohhh! Boy, I LOVE this!"

She looked more beautiful than ever at that moment! Her arms, so perfect in shape, were spread out at her sides. That pretty light brown hair, all tangled, but still so gorgeous, lay everywhere under her. Her titties, like Heather's, stuck straight up, without any sag at all. The aureole was puffy and her nipples had firmed out until they were almost an inch long! Casey's breasts were the most beautiful I had ever seen in my life!

"Casey, my sweet lover, I am so much in love with you!" I rubbed her abdomen and caressed her pussy lips, now wrapped around my penis.

She looked up weakly and smiled. "I love you, too, Paw Ken!"

"I'm going to fuck you and give you my love," I said.

"Okay," she said.

I pulled almost all the way out, then pumped into her! "SWWUCKK!" That now familiar and sweet sound of her little pussy sucking on my penis!

"AHHHH!" she squirmed. "Oh! Boy that feels GREAT!"

I started pumping her with easy but firm strokes. "SUCK! SWUCK! SWERPP!"

I glanced at Heather. She lay still, watching us and smiling contentedly. She raised a hand and waved weakly. I could tell she had been completely satisfied!

"SKKUK! SWUCK! SUCKK! SWUCCK!" I continued to push in and out, fucking my wonderful sweet little Casey!

Amazingly, she raised up on her elbows and looked down at my penis moving in and out of her pussy. She was wobbling back and forth with my push-pull action. I could tell she was trembling all over.

I took her breasts in my hands and pinched her nipples. She smiled and watched me.

"Ohhhh..." her eyes began to slowly close. "Ohhhh... mmmmmm..."

"Casey--?" I was delirious with desire. "Oh Casey! I'm going to come!"

She lay back slowly, her eyes still closed. "Mmmmmmmm..."

I looked at her naked body there in front of me and my knees almost buckled when my come exploded into her! "AHHH! Uhh! Casey, babyyyy--- I'm coming---"

"UMMMMM! Ummmmm! mmmmmmmmm..." she was pulsing now, having a gentle but certainly a fabulous orgasm! Her vagina walls moved down the length of my penis in rhythmic waves! I had never felt it quite like that ever before!

She reached for me and our hands locked. I pulled her up to me and kissed her as we both continued to shudder with orgasms. When she realized I was kissing her, she began kissing me back hungrily. Then, she broke off the kiss and grabbed me tightly. "UHHHHHHHH! Ohhh! Ohhh! I'm c-c-coming so m-m-much---!!" she was shaking all over.

I felt my throes dying away, but could still feel my penis sticking far inside her. Her pussy continued to vibrate around me! I held my sweet little girl in my arms and stroked her hair as she enjoyed my loving.

Her moans gradually faded and suddenly the room became very quiet.

I kissed her hair and she lay her head on my shoulder, her eyes closed, her breathing gradually returning to normal. She sat there on the table, her head on my shoulder for long minutes.

"I could use a nap," Heather said very quietly. She still lay there where I left her, freshly fucked and happily content!

I brushed at Casey's hair. "Honey--?"

"Mmm mmmm," she never moved. Suddenly, she seemed like the little granddaughter she was, almost asleep on her grandfather's shoulder. I hugged her, my love pouring from my heart for this wonderful little lady I had fallen so deeply in love with.

I picked her up off the table and she locked her legs around mine. I took Heather by the hand and carried Casey upstairs to the big bedroom. Gently, I lay Casey down on the bed and then, and only then, did my penis slip from the warmth and sweetness of her pussy. She snuggled down into the softness of the bed.

I lay down beside her and she moved into her favorite position, her back against my chest, my arms crossed over her breasts. Heather slipped around behind me and nuzzled against my back, her titties pressing against me.

We were tired and in no time we fell asleep.


The telephone shocked me out of a deep sleep. The girls mumbled and groaned as I slipped from the embrace of their arms and crawled out of bed. I stumbled into the hall and grabbed the receiver.



"Hello? Anyone there?"

"Mr. Carson?" Will's voice sounded far away. "D-Did you bring Casey home with you?"

"Oh, hi, Will..." I yawned. "We were taking a nap."

"Gee, I'm sorry. I didn't know you were asleep," Will was apologetic and his voice trailed away.

"Yes, I brought Casey with me," I said. "And guess what-- Heather is with us, too."

Will started to say something but I only heard a cough, then, "Th-Th-That's great."

There was another awkward silence, then I Will asked, "Can I come... would it be all right if... Lauren and I would..."

I laughed lightly. "Sure, you and Lauren come on over. Give us a few minutes."

"Okay, sir," Will hung up the phone.

I walked back into the bedroom and sat down on the edge of the bed. I yawned again and shook Casey's leg. "Wake up, sleeping beauties. We are going to have company in a little while."

Casey raised up on one elbow. "Will and Lauren?" she yawned.

I nodded in the affirmative. "We all need to clean up a bit and get dressed."

"My clothes are downstairs," Heather sat up and brushed her hair back.

"Go get 'em!" I said as I headed for the bathroom.

Casey was right behind me. "I need to clean up, too. Heather, grab my clothes while you're down there!"

"Okee-dokee!" Heather ran out of the room.

A few minutes later, we were all dressed and in the den. I was sitting in my recliner while Casey and Heather sat on the couch looking at magazines again.

Casey glanced around ever few minutes, looking out the window across the hill in the direction of Will's house.

"What's Lauren like," Heather asked, not looking up from her magazine.

I turned and said, "Well, she's..."

"Look for yourself," Casey interrupted me. "Here they come now."

Heather jumped up and turned around on the couch, joining Casey in looking out the window.

"God, she's as tall as Will," Casey said.

"So that's the famous Will Billingsley," Heather said slowly.

Quickly, Casey bent and whispered something in Heather's ear.

"You WISH!" Heather replied loudly.

Casey broke up in a fit of giggles to which Heather joined.

In another minute, Will and Lauren appeared at the screen door.

Before he had a chance to knock, Casey was there in a flash. "Come on in!" she pushed open the door and they walked shyly into my big den.

Casey stood there for a second, then grabbed Will and gave him a big neck hug. He blushed red as she stepped back.

"Oh! It's good to see you, Will," Casey exclaimed.

Will shuffled his feet, blushed again, and opened his mouth, but no words came out.

"You must be Lauren," Casey smiled broadly. "I'm very glad to meet you!"

Everyone was introduced, some laughs and giggles were exchanged, and finally all four kids were sitting on the couch. When Lauren saw some of the teen magazines, she began talking about some of her favorite stars and the ice was broken quickly. All three girls got into a deep discussion about so-and-so being a better singer than so-and-so, and before long, it seemed Will and I had been forgotten.

Finally, sensing Will's discomfort, I suggested we take a walk down to the river to which Will readily agreed. We left the girls and their magazines and headed down the wooded path. I talked about the forest seeming really lush and green this summer, fishing, his school, and asked him about his "granny," but he seemed quieter than usual.

"Will," I finally said after a period of silence. "Is everything okay?"

She swallowed hard, forced a smile, and said, "Casey is just so pretty."

I laughed lightly and replied, "Yes, she surely is."

"And Heather, too," his voice trembled.

"Umm hmm," I agreed.

We reached the river, but he seemed disinterested. He sat on a big rock and stared out into space while I walked around, looking at the wildflowers and trees. Finally I walked over and sat on a big log across from him.

"What's the matter, Will?"

He shrugged his shoulders. "Nothin' I guess."

"Come on," I picked up a stick and began snapping off the smaller branches. "Tell me what's on your mind."

His face flushed and he shook his head. He looked down at the ground and made several little lines in the sand with the toe of his shoe. "I can't get her off my m-m-mind." he finally said, so quietly I almost couldn't hear.



"She's a very special girl."

Will sighed. "She's just so beautiful. Just so beautiful."

"You're wanting to fuck her again aren't you," I said, trying to sound matter-of-factly.

He blushed fiercely, still staring at the ground. He cleared his throat several times. In a barely audible voice he said, "I'd like to."

I stood up and put my arm across his shoulders. "Maybe you can," I said. "She's going to be here all month."

He looked up at me and smiled a small goofy smile. "Not with Lauren around I can't."

I winked. "Oh, you just never know what might happen!"

We started back up the path to the house. Will seemed to perk up.

"What do you think of my sister?" he asked.

"Lauren is gorgeous, too," I said.

"Yeah, I think so, too, especially since she's growed up some!" Will actually chuckled. I had to laugh with him.

By the time we got back to the house, Will had relaxed and we were talking about fishing.

Just as we reached the steps leading up to my big wrap-around back deck, the patio door slid open and all three girls bounced out. They were giggling like the twelve-year olds they were!

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Can we go swimming down at the river?" Casey asked.

I was surprised, but recovered quickly. "Oh, uh, sure. The water's not that deep. Just be careful."

"Come on, let's GO!" Casey ran for the path. Heather was right behind her, but Lauren didn't move.

Casey and Heather stopped where the path disappeared into the woods and turned to look back at Lauren.

"Aren't you coming--?" Heather asked.

Lauren looked back and forth between the girls and Will and I. "I-I-I don't have a SWIMSUIT..."

Casey laughed. "Oh, POOH! Don't worry! There isn't anybody around here for miles! We'll go skinny-dipping!"

Lauren looked at Will. Will blushed, but seemed to gather his strength and said, "C-Casey's right... there's no one anywhere around the river."

There was an awkward silence which was finally broken by Casey. "Come ON!" She make a gesture with her hand.

Lauren took a step toward the girls, but looked at Will and I. "Gosh, I don't know. I've never..."

Heather and Casey reached and took Lauren by the arms.

"You've never been SKINNY-DIPPING?" Casey exclaimed.

"No..." Lauren walked between them.

"Well, it's about time you experienced it!" Heather said.

Will and I watched the girls disappear down the path.

"They ain't got much time to swim," Will said. "It's already getting late."

I looked up at the sky. "Oh, they got at least an hour or two before it starts getting dark."

Will grinned. I noticed. "What's so funny?"

He laughed an unusually loud laugh. "I's just thinking about the look on Lauren's face when they told her they was goin' skinny dippin'!"

We both chuckled as we went into my big den.


We took Lauren down the path to the river. I could tell she was unsure about all this "skinny dipping" business. Heather and I laughed and giggled all the way to the water, hopefully trying to put Lauren at ease. The really funny thing was, neither Heather nor I had EVER been skinny dipping in our lives!

"Man! I just LOVE to be naked in the woods, don't you?" I said.

"YES!" Heather exclaimed. "As soon as we get to the water, I'm STRIPPING!"

"Me, too!" I said. "I just LOVE the feel of the cool water on my naked skin!"

"Oh, YES! I know what you mean," Heather giggled loudly.

Lauren blushed as she walked between us. "Do you guys go swimming here a lot?"

"It's a great place," I said, not directly answering her. "No houses within miles...Nobody around...just so secluded!"

"Yeah," Heather agreed. "Perfect for skinny dipping!"

"Now you're going to join us in the water, right?" I asked Lauren.

She looked around nervously. "Well... I'm not sure... Maybe."

"Oh, you'll LOVE it once you experience it!" Heather said.

We broke through the path onto the wide clearing which lay before the river. Everything was green and lush on all sides and across the river. As soon as Heather and I reached a big log over on the right side of the clearing, quite near the flowing water, we started taking our clothes off. Lauren stood near, but not watching.

In less that two minutes, we were nude and wading into the crystal clear shallow river. I was surprised at how warm the water was. I had half expected it to be cold. Heather and I dove head first into the deeper part. The river was only about five feet deep at the most all the way across and just perfect for swimming! We splashed and played while Lauren just stood near the log and looked around.

After a few minutes, Heather stood up in waist high water and put her hands on her hips. "Lauren! Are you going to have some fun or just STAND there?!"

I walked part of the way toward her. "Seriously, girl. There's no one around here. Come on and try it. I promise you'll like it."

She laughed lightly and kicked her sandals off. "Okay, I'll try it. I guess I can't live my whole life without skinny dipping at least once."

She pulled her top over her head then stepped out of her shorts and panties. I noticed she had really nice skin. Her breasts were really small, not much more than buds, but her nipples were large and stuck out straight. She had no pubic hair at all. As she walked into the water, I couldn't help but notice what a really cute butt she had! Really round and pert!

She splashed in and sat in a shallow rocky area. "Wow, this water is a lot warmer than I thought it'd be," she said. She splashed water across her chest and after a few minutes, joined Heather and I in the deeper water.

In less than five minutes, Lauren was hooked on skinny dipping! She had a blast! We played and swam for a long time, about two hours, and when I finally suggested we go back to the house, she didn't want to go! I convinced her that it would be getting dark before long and she agreed.

Heather and I stood by the big log as Lauren walked up to us.

"Well, how did you enjoy skinny dipping?" Heather asked.

Lauren giggled. "It was FUN! It felt so good not to have a bathing suit on. I liked being naked and out in nature!"

"I told you," I said. "There's nothing at all wrong with being naked."

"I love being naked, too," Heather said. "Gosh! If I lived out here, I think I'd go naked ALL the time!"

"Oh, me, too!" I agreed.

Suddenly, Heather and I looked at each other, straight in the eye! We both started giggling and holding our hands over our mouths!

Lauren got a puzzled expression on her face. That only make us laugh louder!

"What is WRONG with you two?" Lauren put her hands on her hips and looked at us as if we'd lost our minds.

I suppressed another giggle and tried my best to compose myself. "Lauren--you really enjoyed being naked, right?"

She nodded, "Umm hmm."

"And you KNOW Heather and I LOVE it, don't you?"

"Yeah..." she turned her head slightly and looked at us out of the corner of her eye. "What are you trying to say, Casey?"

Heather's eyes got big and she said, "What Casey's trying to say is...since we all LOVE going naked...Why don't we just GO NAKED the rest of the day!"

Lauren straightened up and looked at us incredulously. "Huh--?"

"Wouldn't that be GREAT!" I said.

Suddenly, Lauren understood. "Wait a minute! Wait---a---minute!" She backed up a step. "I'm not going naked in front of my BROTHER!-----or in front of Casey's grandfather! NO WAY!"

Heather and I laughed. "Heck, Lauren, they don't care!" Heather said.

"NAH! It won't bother them in the least!" I said.

Lauren's mouth fell open. She shook her head in disbelief. "Are you trying to tell me that you two have been naked in front of them before!?"

"Yes," I said quietly. "I have to tell you, Lauren. We are all very open minded here."

Lauren sat on the log and braced herself. After a minute or two she said, "Gosh. I've always thought of myself as open minded, too. But going NAKED in front of two guys- - one of them my BROTHER...I'm not sure."

I put a finger to my lips. "Now let's see..." I said. "We all know our bodies are covered in skin. We all know the basic shape our bodies come in. Everyone knows how boys and girls are different... so what's the big mystery?"

Lauren, shrugged her shoulders. She started to speak, but only shook her head.

Heather sighed. "Well, I just don't care if you go naked or not, Lauren, but as for me, I certainly am!" With that, she picked up her clothes and started up the path back toward the house.

I picked up my clothing. "We're not going to try to force you to do anything if you'd feel really uncomfortable, Lauren. But I know it wouldn't matter to Will or my Paw Ken. It's up to you." I turned and headed back to the house.

I had only gone a couple of steps when Lauren said, "W-Wait! I'll go with you." She tucked her clothes under one arm, slipped on her sandals and walked over beside me. She blushed. "What the heck! I really DO like being NAKED!"

"Are you SURE, Lauren?" I looked at her out of the corner of my eye.

She bit her bottom lip. "Not really- - - But...well...If you're really sure Will and your Paw Ken won't be shocked..."

"Whoa!" I exclaimed. "I never said they wouldn't be shocked. In fact- - I'm sure they will be!" I laughed. "They'll probably be VERY shocked!"

Lauren straightened up and tossed her hair back. "Hmmm! It might be FUN to shock my brother! He's always so shy and bashful."

I looked at her intently as she seemed lost in thought.

Suddenly, her faced brightened and she laughed lightly. "Let's go and shock them!!" And with that, she started back up the path toward the house.


Will and I were watching television when I heard the patio door slide open. Our eyes went wide and our mouths fell open as Heather walked into the den, stark naked! Will's face turned scarlet as Heather dropped her clothes on a chair, walked over to the couch and sat down beside him.

"Hi!" she said, waving slightly.

Will couldn't speak! He also couldn't take his eyes off her! (Me neither!)

"Where's Casey and Lauren?" I asked.

Heather tucked her legs under her and picked up a magazine. "Oh, they're on their way back." She started flipping the pages nonchalantly. There was an awkward silence until Heather finally looked up at Will. She smiled sweetly. "What's the matter? Haven't you ever seen a naked girl before?"

Will quickly looked straight ahead and I saw his adam's apple go up and down as he swallowed hard. He cleared his throat. Then he looked back at Heather. "Y-Y-You are very pretty," he said, swallowing again.

She giggled lightly. "Why, thank you, Will!" She moved closer, her leg touching his, and put her arm in the crook of his. "Thank you very much!"

I believe I actually saw Will relax a little. He wiped at his forehead and looked around, but it was hard for him to keep from looking at Heather. He was about to say something when we both heard the patio door slide open. What he saw caused him to go bug-eyed again!

"Hi, guys!" Casey made a little wave as she and Lauren walked into the room. Neither were wearing anything except sandals!

My breath caught in my throat at the sight, but I made every effort to act nonchalant. "Hi!" I said cheerfully and avoiding looking directly at their nakedness. "Did you all have fun swimming?"

"Yeah!" Casey exclaimed. She sat on my knee. "That is the BEST place to go swimming! The water is perfect!"

Lauren stood to one side, blushing fiercely and not looking anyone directly in the eye. She had a cute body, slim but not bony, and small developing breasts. Her long red hair fell in damp strands across fair shoulders. Like most redheads, her skin was very white and her lips and nipples were cherry red.

"I bet you thought the water would be cold," I said, trying to make conversation.

Heather said, "I did! I was surprised it was so warm."

"It's not spring fed, that's why it isn't too cold," Will said, his voice trembling slightly. I was surprised he said anything at all.

"Well, we had a blast!" Casey sat back against me and I put my arms around her. She looked at Lauren. "Might as well have a seat."

Lauren looked around and walked over to a big easy chair near the side window. She sat down easily and lay her hands in her lap. As our eyes met, her face reddened again and she looked away quickly.

Casey suddenly sat upright. "Isn't Lauren pretty, Paw Ken!" she exclaimed.

"Y-Yeah, she certainly is," I wondered if anyone could tell my voice was shaky.

"Awww--" Lauren blushed still again and looked down.

"You ARE!" Heather sat up and looked at her. "You are drop dead gorgeous!"

Lauren laughed lightly. She tossed her head and flung her wet hair behind her. She looked straight at Heather. "I'm not as pretty as you and Casey."

"You are, TOO!" Casey said. "---Isn't she Will!"

Will looked at his sister. For some reason, most of his shyness seemed to vanish. "You are really pretty, Lauren," he said softly.

She blushed again. "Well, THANKS!" she giggled slightly. She looked up at him from a slightly lowered head. "I do believe that's the first compliment of that nature I've ever received from my brother!"

We all laughed and I felt any remaining ice melt away.

It became quiet, the only sound that of Heather, turning the pages in her magazine. After a while, she put her magazine down lay her head on Will's shoulder. I heard Will clear his throat and after a moments hesitation, took Heather's hand in his. She looked up at him and smiled warmly.

Casey leaned back in my arms, cuddling me, her eyes closed. "Ohhh...this feels so nice..." she murmured. I was still trembling some and could feel my penis, enlarged and stiff inside my jeans. It throbbed there against Casey's bottom. There was no doubt she could feel it, but she lay still. "Jus' sooo nice..." she repeated. Slowly, out of sight of Lauren, she dropped her hand down to her side and grasped my penis through my jeans. She squeezed slightly and I felt it pulse at her touch.

I nuzzled her hair and put my lips at her ear. "Oh, baby--- you don't know what you're doing to me..." I whispered, very softly.

Casey turned her head up to me and whispered back, "Oh yes I do."

My breathing was increasing as she squeezed me more. I was shaking all over and wondered if Lauren could tell. I didn't know what to do.

It was really quiet as we all just sat there in my big den. I glanced over at Will and Heather. Heather looked so beautiful, sitting there completely naked, her head on his shoulder, one pretty leg dangling over Will's, her gorgeous blonde hair falling across her shoulders, their hands locked. Her nipples were erect and pointing straight out.

"Gosh, it sure is quiet in here," Lauren's statement broke the silence and almost startled me.

Casey didn't open her eyes. "It's nice..." she murmured.

"Yeah---" Heather almost whispered.

Casey continued to squeeze my penis through my jeans and I was getting very excited. I squirmed, becoming very uncomfortable as it enlarged to its full size.

"C-C-Casey--!" I said.

She giggled loudly, hopped up out of my lap, and turned to face me.

She stood there for a minute, then glanced around at Lauren. "Watch this, Lauren!" she laughed. She plopped down on her knees in front of me and unbuckled my belt, unsnapped my button, and pulled down the zipper of my jeans. She laughed and in a quick motion, slipped my jeans off! My penis, long and straight, bobbed up in plain sight.

Lauren gasped.

Casey laughed.

Heather giggled loudly.

Will cleared his throat, wiped at his forehead, and his adam's apple bobbed up and down.

Lauren's eyes were wide and her mouth fell open as Casey slipped my T-shirt over my head. Casey stood there for a second, then turned and strode over in front of Will. "Your turn!" she announced. Quickly, she repeated her actions with Will, with a little help from Heather. In less than a minute, he was naked, too. His penis stuck up and throbbed slightly.

Casey did a little dance and whirled around. "Now we're ALL naked!" she giggled and came back over to me. She stopped at my side and clapped her hands. "Oh! Wow, Lauren! Look at my Paw Ken's penis!"

Lauren sat there in shock as Casey sat on the edge of the chair, reached over and took my big penis in her hand. She slipped the foreskin back and ran her sweet fingers across the top, making little circular motions.

Lauren looked over at Heather and Will. Heather had Will's penis in her hand and she was stroking it gently. Will was smiling, but I could tell he was a bit nervous.

Casey said, "I jus' LOVE playing with my Paw Ken's penis!"

"I like playing with Will's," Heather lay her head back on his shoulder.

Lauren's hands went to her mouth, her eyes still wide as she looked back and forth from me to Will.

"Lauren, you want to try?" Casey asked. Lauren sat up straight. Slowly her hands dropped to her lap. She shook her head 'no' and bit her bottom lip.

"Are you okay?" Heather asked.

Lauren's mouth opened but no words came out. Her eyes blinked rapidly for a minute, then she finally found her voice. "You are... playing... like... SEX!"

Casey slipped off the arm of the chair, down into my lap, sitting on my left leg, never letting go of my penis. "It's no big deal, really Lauren. We do it all the time."

"It's fun," Heather said. She moved and sat on Will's knees, facing him. She had massaged his penis until it was really big and he was breathing rapidly. She took both Will's hands and placed them on her breasts. "Squeeze my titties!" she giggled. Will didn't need to be told twice. I could tell he was really enjoying Heather. I couldn't blame him. She was gorgeous and sexy! He squeezed her breasts and lightly pinched her nipples. She giggled and squirmed on his legs. She reached down and pulled on his penis as he pressed his fingers into her pretty breasts.

"Gosh!" Lauren said, breathlessly. "I didn't know y'all did this stuff!"

"Come here," Casey held a small hand toward Lauren.

"Huh--?" Lauren fidgeted with a small gold chain she wore on her left wrist.

"Come over here and I'll show you how to play with a penis!" Casey said.

"Nooo! I don't want to!" she lay back in the chair and closed her eyes. "I don't want to play with it."

Heather turned to look at Lauren. "It ain't gonna BITE ya'!"

Lauren opened her eyes and looked at Heather, sitting on her brother's legs, her hands wrapped around his penis, his hands caressing her breasts. "I can't BELIEVE y'all are doing this stuff!"

Heather laughed and leaned forward. Will's arms instinctively went around her and he hugged her tightly. "Mmmmm! Will! You hug so GOOD!"

"You're pretty!" Will said. "You're REALLY pretty!"

Heather moved up slightly. She kissed Will on the lips. Then, she sat up straight and tossed her hair back. She grabbed his penis again and stripped the skin back. "You got a BIG dick!" she exclaimed.

Lauren gasped, "OH! Gosh!"

Casey laughed. "Paw Ken don't like you calling it that!"

Heather turned and looked at me. "What--? You mean the word 'DICK'--?"

I gave her a amused frown.

Heather burst out laughing and a second later, Casey joined her. Their laughter quickly turned into little girl GIGGLES! They giggled and giggled! They giggled so much, both of them stopped their playing with us and ended up wallowing on the carpet, tears streaming down their faces!

It was contagious! Lauren started giggling, too! She drew up her legs and sat in the chair, laughing along with Casey and Heather.

Will and I just sat there, amused but confused!

In a little while, all three girls calmed down and composed themselves as best they could. Casey and Heather made their way back to Will and I, a muffled giggle still escaping their lips occasionally.

Casey sat in my lap and snuggled against me.

"Are you two quite finished?" I asked.

She clamped a small hand over her mouth to stifle another giggle. Her belly shook with convulsions as she tried to stop laughing!

In a few minutes, she reached down and took my penis in her hand again. It had shrank a bit, but in a little while, she had it long and straight again!

The room became quiet once more.

"How's that?" she asked as she slipped the foreskin completely back.

I swallowed hard and tried to speak, but no words came out. I cleared my throat and finally said, in a hoarse whisper, "Really... nice..."

"OH! Heather!" I heard Will exclaim. We looked around quickly. Heather was again sitting on Will's legs, facing him, her knees bent and little feet straight back. I watched as she moved forward, squirming slightly. Will had his hands on her little waist and his head was back on the couch. He was clearly breathless!

"Mmmm! Boy-o-boy!" Heather exclaimed. She was pumping Will's penis, pulling the foreskin back and forth with quick but dainty movements. "Come on Will---COME for me! COME for Heather!"

He did! I saw him jerk in a spasm and then several long white streams of white semen spurted straight up!

"UHHHH! GOLL-LEEEE!! UHHH! UHHH!" Will's head was rocking back and forth as Heather continued to masturbate him.

"Look at this, Casey! Look, Lauren!" Heather turned to us as she pumped Will more. Semen ran out the head of his penis and down Heather's small hand.

Casey giggled! "He comes real big, don't he!" she said.

I glanced at Lauren. Surprisingly, she was sitting up straight and looking curiously at Heather and her brother.

In a few minutes, Will calmed and Heather moved up off his legs and stood in front of him. She held her hand out, semen dripping onto the big oval rug. She looked at me. "OOPS! Sorry!"

Casey glanced at Heather. "There's a bathroom in the Library," she said. She went back to sliding my foreskin forward, then all the way back. I was getting very breathless!

Heather headed for the bathroom as Will lay motionless on the couch, his head back and eyes closed. To my surprise, Lauren quietly stood up, walked to the couch, and carefully sat down beside her brother. She moved with such dainty, feminine movements. She sat on the edge of the couch, her hands in her lap, looking at Will.

After a minute or so, she said, "Will? Are you okay?"

Will lazily rolled his head toward her and opened his eyes. He smiled a drunken smile. "I'm fine."

Lauren swallowed hard and cleared her throat. "D-d-did it HURT--?"

Will almost laughed. "No! It feels really good."

Lauren sat back against the couch, keeping her distance from her brother. She crossed her arms across her chest. "I just don't understand how y'all can DO this!"

"It's no big deal, really," Casey murmured as she continued to play with me, not even looking up.

Heather came back into the room carrying a wet washcloth and walked over in front of Will. She kneeled in front of him and without a word, picked up his now limp penis and began cleaning the semen off, wiping gently and carefully. Lauren watched, her lips slightly pursed and eyebrows raised.

Will watched Heather, jumping slightly now and then when she touched a sensitive area. When she finished, Heather stood up and turned, walking back to the bathroom. "Thanks," Will called after her.

Lauren sat there for a few minutes staring at her brother's nakedness. Will turned and looked at her. He took in her nakedness and smiled a bit nervously.

She caught his gaze and laughed lightly. "What's the matter?" she said.

"You're pretty," Will swallowed hard.

Lauren squirmed uncomfortably and looked away, laughing slightly again. "I ain't either!"

Just then, Heather re-entered the room and plopped down on Will's other side. She smiled at Lauren and reached over and took Will's penis back in her hand. Slowly, she slipped the foreskin all the way back. Will jumped slightly and looked up quickly at Lauren.

"What's the matter?" Lauren seemed concerned.

Will swallowed hard again and wiped at his forehead. "N-nothing... it's still kinda ticklish!"

Heather slowly began easing Will's foreskin back and forth again. Lauren watched.

Casey was getting me very excited. She knew it, too, and began pumping me a bit faster.

"Are you gonna come, too, Paw Ken?" she whispered so the others couldn't hear.

"Oh, baby girl! You know I am!" I whispered back. I put my arm around her little waist and pulled her closer.

Suddenly, she let go and moved her bottom down into my lap, her back against my chest. My penis sprung up between her inner thighs. She spread her legs slightly and pushed my penis between her vagina lips!

"Ooo! Wait!" I gasped.

She didn't answer. I felt her raise her rear off me and push my long and straight penis into her pussy! She shuddered and tried to sit down on me.

I nuzzled her hair and put my lips at her ear. "You're not WET enough, darling!" I said.

She grabbed my hand and put my fingers on her naked little girl pussy. She looked up and smiled at me. That so wonderful and sweet smile on Casey's face just melted my heart!

I slipped a finger between her smooth vagina flower and felt the marvelous soft/firmness there. I knew I'd never get used to that delightful sensation!

I began massaging her all inside and felt her relax against me. She closed her eyes and murmured her cute little "Mmmmmm---" sound. In a few minutes, I felt her sweet honey juices begin to flow. I pushed my finger deep inside her and heard that little "slurrrrp" noise!

She jerked her head up and grinned really big at me when she heard that sound! She giggled with that characteristic "hic-up" on the end. "I think I'm about wet enough!" she whispered between giggles.

She raised up slightly and grabbed my penis. She pushed me again between her pussy lips and tried to sit down. I jumped as I felt the tightness of her vagina walls bend my penis! "Oh! Wait! Mmm!" I said aloud, not caring if the others heard.

Casey held herself posed over me, her hand still wrapped around my penis. Her back was pressing into my chest and I was pressing into the chair. "I gotta have you inside me!" she whispered breathlessly. "I just wanna fuck!"

"Go easy," I whispered into the silkiness of her hair.

She wiggled my penis around inside her and slowly began to sit down. I felt the tightness envelope my member as she eased her sweet little bottom over me. I felt the hot wetness as my penis slipped up inside Casey.

"Ohhhh... Mmmmm," she lay back against me. "This feels so good."

More and more she relaxed her rear end down and my penis pushed into her.

"Wow, Casey," I held her tightly. "Oh, gosh you are so tight against me. So very tight," I murmured. I pulled her face around to mine and kissed her. She wiggled on me and kissed back in her little girl way. Her lips were so soft it was almost unbelievable!

I winced again as she suddenly sat completely down and my penis buried itself deep inside her little honey pot! She shuddered again and grabbed both my hands. "Ohhhhhhhhhh... Paw Ken... ohhhhhhh..." She crossed my arms on her chest and clamped my hands on her breasts.

I squeezed her titties and lightly pinched her big nipples, rolling them between my thumb and forefinger. As I looked down at those perfect breasts, I knew I'd never get enough of them. They were just too beautiful!

Casey wiggled down more into my embrace and sighed long and breathlessly. She reached down and rubbed the bottom of my penis where it disappeared inside her. She sighed again and looked up at me. A big smile crossed her face and she said, "I think I'm just gonna sit here for a few minutes and enjoy your big dick way, way, WAY up inside me!"

"Casey..." I couldn't frown, even though she'd used that word!

About that time, I heard Heather say, "Lauren... Would you like to hold your brother's penis?"

I looked out of the corner of my eye. Casey bent up slightly to see what would happen.

Lauren sat there for a moment, looking down at Heather playing with Will's now erect penis. She sighed and looked up at Will.

Will rolled his head on the back of the couch and turned to look at his sister. "Lauren..." he sighed, his voice quivering. "I'd really like it if you held me for a few minutes."

Heather pushed Will's penis toward Lauren. Lauren looked down at it. It made a little jerk as Heather ran a finger across the shiny head. "Just hold it for a few minutes," Heather said.

Lauren looked up at the ceiling and rolled her eyes. "No thanks," she said.

Heather sighed. "You don't know what you're missin'!"

Lauren again crossed her arms over her breasts. She looked away for a few minutes, seemingly lost in thought.

Heather began pumping Will again, a bit faster, and Will was again becoming very excited.

Suddenly, Lauren looked back and scooted over against her brother. She reached over and took Heather's wrist. "Let go," she almost ordered.

Heather's eyes widened. She let go of Will's penis and lay her hands in her lap. Will's member bobbed. Lauren looked at Will. Will was becoming nervous and excited at the same time.

Lauren looked down at his penis, then back at Will. "Okay," she sighed. "I'm gonna try it. But I ain't sure if I'll LIKE it or not..."

"Oh, gosh!" Will said. "Gosh gee!"

"What's the matter?" Lauren sat back and looked at Will suspiciously.

Will wiped at his forehead and gulped. He was breathing hard. He looked at his little sister and smiled awkwardly. "I can't believe you're going to... you're so pretty... and... and..."

"WHAT?!" Lauren looked suddenly apprehensive.

"I think the whole idea is turning him ON!" Heather said, smiling sweetly.

Immediately, Lauren's face brightened and she smiled a mischievous smile. "Is that so, Will?" she leaned against him slightly.

Will swallowed, his adam's apple bobbing. He nodded "yes."

Lauren giggled and relaxed against her brother. She reached over and, using her first two fingers, made a little walking movement across his thigh. She "walked" right over and up the length of his penis! Will jumped as Lauren boldly grasped his erect member in her small hand.

"GOLL-LEE! It's WARM and kinda STIFF!" Lauren wiggled it in a few little circles. Will squirmed slightly and gasped.

"Mmmm! Gosh!" Will lay his head back on the couch but kept his eyes on his sister's hand wrapped around his penis.

Lauren tested the foreskin, working it slightly back and forward. Her touch was very gentle and dainty. She slipped the foreskin very very slowly, all the way back, as she had seen Heather do.

Will blew out a breath. "Oh! Gosh! Lauren, that's REALLY GOOD!"

"Really?" Lauren's face lit up again. "Does it feel THAT GOOD?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Will said emphatically.

Lauren slipped his foreskin forward, then slowly eased it completely back again.

"Like it?" Heather asked.

Lauren giggled lightly. "I can't believe I'm doing it... but... it's kinda fun to see my big brother in my power!"

"Oh, goll-lee! I'm all yours, Lauren," Will said boldly.

Lauren sat up and began pulling Will's foreskin back and forth with more vigor. Will gasped and lay his hand on Lauren's bare leg, just inches away from her pussy lips. She looked down at it and blinked rapidly for a second. Then, I saw her spread her legs slightly until Will's hand slipped between her legs.

Will jerked his head around and looked down. He moved his arm up quickly, but amazingly, Lauren grabbed it with her free hand and gently lay it back between her legs.

Will looked at her, an almost humorous expression on his face. "Lauren--I--"

"It's okay," Lauren pressed his hand between her legs. "I kinda want you to touch me there while I'm touching YOU!"

Will began rubbing Lauren's vagina lips as she pumped his penis.

"Oh, God, Casey! Look at these two!" Heather said.

Casey was still sitting with my penis deep inside her. She looked lazily around and smiled. "Good for them," she said, her voice slightly trembling. "Paw Ken and I are enjoying ourselves, too." She raised her bottom up a tad, then settled back and my penis slipped back deep inside her.

Heather jumped up and walked a couple of steps toward us. "Are you two FUCKING?" She exclaimed.

Casey grinned.

"You ARE!" Heather turned to Lauren. "Look, Lauren! They're FUCKING!"

Lauren glanced our way, but she had an indifferent look to her eyes. I could see Will's finger was slipping inside Lauren's pussy as she pumped his penis.

Heather came over and sat in the floor in front of us, crossing her legs Indian style. "I wanna watch!" she said.

Casey giggled lightly and rolled her eyes, "Just go watch Lauren and Will," she ordered.

"Noooo---!" Heather grinned broadly. "I wanna watch ya'll fuck!"

"Go away!" Casey exclaimed and pushed back against me suddenly.

I was laying almost all the way back in my recliner now, and, as Casey pushed, the back of the chair suddenly gave way and we fell backward! Both of us grabbed onto the chair arms to keep from toppling over! Heather burst out laughing and flopped onto her back!

"Jee-Zus!" Casey yelled. She sat upright and turned to look at me. "This ain't no place to make LOVE!"

In one quick movement, she moved and stood up beside me, my penis slurping out of her honey flower. I winced at a slight pain as the action bent my penis slightly.

Casey lay on the big rug on her back. "Come'on, Paw Ken," she made an inviting motion with her sweet little hand. "Fuck me on the FLOOR!"

I eased out of the recliner and moved between her legs. As I posed my shiny wet member at her vagina, she grabbed it and literally jammed it inside her, arching her back to accept it. I jumped at her actions but, surprisingly, my very enlarged and straight penis slipped almost easily inside her.

"Ohhh, baby," I helped her by pushing inside her. "Gosh, you have such a..."

"What, Paw Ken?" Casey murmured.

"Such a sweet, sweet pussy," I said. I eased my weight on top of her and felt her legs lock around the back on mine. "Oh, sweet darling, I hope I'm not too heavy on you," I tried to push myself up on my elbows.

She pulled me into her embrace and I relaxed on her. "You're fine, Paw Ken," she whispered. "Ooooo, I jus' LOVE your penis inside me. I jus' LOVE it!"

Heather was lying beside us on her side, elbow on the carpet, her head propped up in her hand. She had such a warm and tender expression on her face. I glanced at her and smiled. She smiled back and winked!

"Lauren, oh Lauren," I heard Will gasp.

"W-what, Will?" Lauren gasped back.

As Casey and I made quiet love there on the carpet, I could hear Will and Lauren breathing hard and making little moans. I wanted to watch them, but I couldn't take my eyes off this incredibly beautiful little twelve-year-old lying under me. Casey wiggled and pumped against me and I pushed and pulled in and out of her. Her pussy began making slight "slurp" sounds again! Every once in a while, Casey's eyes would widen at one of the "slurps" and she'd almost giggle.

"Gosh," Heather whispered. "You two fuck so good. I love watching you."

Suddenly, I felt the rush. I started to stiffen to try and prolong it, but Casey read my actions. "Come'on!" she whispered almost hoarsely. She pulled me into her with all her might. "COME!"

I did. The intense waves of pure pleasure pulsed through me as I filled her wonderful perfect girl body full of my semen. She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me as deeply as her energy would allow. As I felt her little lips working against mine, I could feel the walls of her vagina throb along the length of my member.

"UHHHH!" she broke off the kiss and arched her back under me. "UHHH! I-I-I-I I'm c-c-comingggggg...."

For several long minutes, we pulsed together. Then, gradually, we collapsed on the floor. Suddenly, we were quiet, our breathing returning to normal. I rolled to my side and Casey rolled with me, pressing her sweet body into mine. I pulled her close and caressed her back, smelling that wonderful fragrance of her hair as it fell all around us.

As I lay there, Heather suddenly sat up and looked toward the couch. "Hey! Where'd they go--?" She stood up and glanced around the room. "I didn't see them--"

"OHHH! Wow!" we all heard Lauren's voice coming from the library.

Casey and I sat up and all eyes went to the big doorway which led into the library.

"What in the world are they doing in THERE?" Heather took a couple of steps toward the doorway.

"Ha Ha Ha HA HA HA!!!" Will laughed loud and long, something I'd never heard him do. We all ran toward the library.

No, they weren't making love on the big library table! Will lay on the oversize couch with his sister straddling him. She was tickling him in the belly and as he giggled and laughed, his erect penis bobbed this way and that. Lauren was laughing, too, and thrashing around over Will, her cute little bottom wiggling with her movements.

Heather, Casey and I stood there at the door, not saying anything, just watching. Both girls moved against me, one on each side and I put my arms around them.

Lauren stopped tickling Will and reached down and took his penis in her hand. She slipped the foreskin back and ran her finger lightly across the shiny exposed head. As she caressed his member, a slight contented smile crossed her face and she looked down lovingly at Will's penis in her hands. Will swallowed hard and smiled back at his sister.

"Is this nice?" Lauren asked, almost in a whisper.

"Yeah," Will said breathlessly. "Really nice."

Lauren pulled the foreskin forward slowly and then eased it all the way back. Will trembled. She began repeating this action, gently and deliberately, that contented smile never leaving her face. As she worked on Will, she suddenly became aware that we were watching. She glanced around, smiled, but continued caressing her brother's penis.

Heather came around the couch and sat on the coffee table, moving close to Will. Will and Lauren both looked nervously at her. "I jus' want to watch," Heather said.

Casey and I moved around and I sat on the arm of the big couch, behind Will's head. Casey snuggled in my lap. We watched Lauren as she slowly pumped Will's penis.

Heather sighed nervously as she sat there, taking it all in. I could tell she was trembling and was very excited just watching Lauren playing with Will. she reached over and lightly stroked Will's cheek. He looked up and smiled weakly, his adam's apple bobbing as he swallowed hard.

Then, Heather moved to the floor and scooted closer down toward where Lauren continued to masturbate her brother. She reached over and very softly took the base of Will's long and stiff penis in her hand.

"You don't m-m-mind, do you--?" Heather looked into Lauren's eyes, seeking approval. Lauren smiled and moved her brother's penis toward Heather.

With that, both girls began moving in unison, pulling the foreskin completely back, then slowly easing it forward.

"OHHH! My goodness!" Will wiped at his forehead. "Gosh-a-mighty!"

"Isn't this just soooo nice," Heather looked lovingly into Will's eyes.

Will nodded enthusiastically, again swallowing hard.

Heather and Lauren pulled and pumped Will over and over. I wondered what was keeping him from coming. He shuddered and gripped the couch cushions until his knuckles were white. Casey watched intently, occasionally looking up at me and smiling a little girl smile.

I looked at Lauren sitting astride her brother's legs. Her bare, white pussy looked so inviting. I could feel my still wet and a bit sticky penis grow slightly. Casey suddenly looked down, took it in her hand, then looked back at Heather and Lauren, pumping Will's penis.

"W-w-why--" Heather's words seemed to get stuck. "Why don't you just--" she brushed at her hair and looked directly into Lauren's eyes. She was nervously excited and I could tell she wanted something. "Why don't you just let him... just fuck each o-o-other."

Lauren didn't seemed to be shocked by Heather's words. She looked back down at her Brother's member in her hand as it jerked a couple of times.

Heather let go of Will's penis and moved back a little. "Go on," she motioned. "FUCK!"

"Nah," Lauren's expression still hadn't changed. "Don't think I want to do that."

Suddenly, I stood up and Casey slipped out of my lap. She stepped back, a bit surprised as I walked around to the front of the couch. I took Heather by the hand, stood her up, and moved her to one side. I reached down and took Lauren by both hands. She was also surprised as I pulled her up beside me.

"Will," I almost commanded. "Stand up." His eyes went wide, but he did what I told him. He stood up and I guided him beside me.

"Heather," I took her by the hand. "Sit down on the couch." Her eyebrows were raised, too, as she did my bidding. I glanced around at everyone. It was almost comical to see surprised and questioning looks on everyone's face!

"Scoot your sweet little gorgeous pussy to the front of the couch," I gently pulled at Heather and she did what I wanted. "Now, Will, I want you to kneel down in front of her and give her a nice sweet, fresh fuck."

Heather squealed with delight! "YES!!!" She smiled broadly and now moved enthusiastically and positioned her bare vagina at the edge of the couch.

Will gasped and also moved quickly on his knees. He took his still pulsing penis in his hands and moved it between Heather's pussy lips.

"Oh! Man!" Heather watched as Will worked his penis inside her. "Oh! Man! I'm gonna get FUCKED!!!"

Will's breathing was coming in quick gasps as her pushed into Heather. She must have been soaking inside! Will slipped in fairly easily.

"UGHHH!" Will froze. He threw back his head and closed his eyes tight. He held his penis in both hands, imbedded inside Heather. "Ohhhh gossssh..."

"W-w-what's wrong, Will?" Heather suddenly looked concerned. We all wondered what happened.

Will sat motionless for a minute, his head back, eyes closed. Finally, he said, "Heather, you are j-j-just so pretty."

She laughed lightly, "Well, gosh, thanks, Will," Heather brushed her hair back.

Will slowly looked down at her. "You are just so pretty." He let go of his penis and reached out with his right hand and stroked Heather's cute arm. "I just can't believe how lucky I am to get to fuck such a wonderfully pretty girl. I don't want to have an orgasm yet. I just want to look at you with my penis inside you. I just want to look at you for a little while."

"Oh, Will, you are just so sweet," Heather took Will's hand in hers and their fingers interlocked. "You're just so sweet."

Casey slipped down beside Will and put one arm around his waist. He glanced at her and they smiled. Then his eyes went back to Heather. "I just want to look at you," he said again.

Heather smiled and squeezed his hand. "Look all you want," Heather said softly. "Look at me and just fuck me all you want."

"Okay," Will leaned forward slightly and slowly pushed into Heather.

"Gosh..." Lauren almost whispered. "My brother is..." He words brought my attention back to her.

I was kneeling in front of her, between her long legs. I gently took her by the waist and pulled her toward me.

"What are you gonna do--?" Lauren's eyes widened.

"Lauren," I slipped closer to her and my once again erect penis wobbled in front of her white, bare vagina flower. "I am going to fuck you."

She swallowed hard and, in a manner not unlike her brother, wiped at her forehead. She said nothing as I took my penis in my hand and worked it between her beautiful pussy. Her skin was beautiful. Being a redhead, the normal pinkness of her lips, nipples, aerole, and inside her pussy was redder than most girls. I spread her vagina lips apart and wiggled my stiff member inside. She was quite moist from all the playing around she and Will had done.

I pushed inside her and, not unlike Casey, felt the incredible tightness of her vagina walls envelope my penis.

"Oh-UHH!" she arched her back as I pushed deeper. "Uhhhhhh..." then she relaxed a little when I stopped.

"You okay?" I asked.

"Oh, golly GEE!" she bit her bottom lip lightly and shut her eyes tight. Then her eyes went wide and she looked down at my big penis about a forth of the way in. "Did you...?"

"Not yet, sweet girl," I was breathless and extremely excited looking at Lauren's beautiful nude body in front of me. Her legs were spread apart and I paused to stroke them, running my hands along her outer thighs, then exploring the soft sweetness of her inner thighs. I moved my fingers up across her flat belly, across her navel, and up to her small red titties. I squeezed them lightly. She broke into a wonderful smile when I cupped my hands over them and squeezed again.

"They ain't very big," she said.

"They are absolutely marvelous," I whispered.

As I caressed her body, I pushed inside her a little more. She closed her eyes and arched her back again. "Go on..." she murmurred. "Go on..."

Now even more delirious with desire for this gorgeous little girl, I pushed a little too hard and felt her vagina stretch my foreskin to its limit. "OUCH!" I gasped and pulled out to relieve the pain.

Lauren jerked her head up. "W-what's the matt--"

I gasped again and blew out a breath. "You're just so tight, Lauren," I said, a little laugh at the end.

She shuddered and tried to laugh, too. "I-I-I never had a...in me before."

"OHHHH! Goshhhh!" Heather moaned. Lauren and I glanced around at Heather as Will slowly pumped into her. She sat back, watching Will's penis slide in and out. Casey sat on the floor next to Will, her cute head laying against the cushion, inches away from the action. A sweet little girl smile played across her pretty face. She was obviously enjoying it all!

"Oh man, you all are so beautiful," Will said looking at Heather, then at Casey, then glancing at his nude sister. "I jus' want to fuck ALL OF YOU! Jus' wanna FUCK YOU AND FUCK YOU AND FUCK YOU..."

"MMMMM!" Heather jerked her head up and winced her eyes. "Mmmmm! Godddd! I feel it...I feel it..."

"Are you gonna COME Heather?" Casey asked.

"UHHHHHHHHH! Yessssss!" Heather arched her back and her wonderful titties shuddered as she had a long orgasm. She bucked ever so slightly as Will pumped her a little harder. "GAAAAHHH--LEEEEmmmmmmmmmmm..."

Casey sat upright and reached over and stroked Will's penis as he pulled out, then drove all the way in. "Oh, gosh, fuckin' is so good." she murmured.

"Ohhhh, dammmnn, I came so nice..." Heather rocked her head back and forth slowly and gently as her orgasms continued. "Soooo nice----"

Will looked at Casey. "Can I fuck you, too?" he asked, his voice trembling.

Without a word, Casey hopped up, turned, and sat down hard next to Heather. She scooted her round little butt up to the edge of the couch and spread her legs. Will swallowed hard, his breathing coming in quick gasps.

"Come on in," Casey said as she reached down and spread her naked pussy lips apart.

Will almost jerked out of Heather and walked on his knees around her legs and in between Casey's. Lauren laughed lightly as she watched her brother clumsily wiggle his erect penis between Casey's small vagina lips. He slipped in and immediately went all the way to the hilt of his member.

"UHHH! Wow! Wow! Dad-gum!" Casey jumped as he slipped inside her. "Goll-lee your dick is almost as big as Paw Ken's!!"

"Oh, Casey, I'm sorry," Will stammered. "It's just that-- just that--"

"What, Will," Casey reached up and stroked his hair.

"I-- just wanna fuck you so much," Will's hands shook as her touched Casey's tummy.

"Well, DO it!" Casey looked at him seductively. "Fuck me, Will. Fuck me REAL good! Fuck me REALLY, REALLY good!"

"Oh, Gosh! I am! I am!," Will was shaking all over as he started pumping his long straight penis in and out of Casey. "Oh, man, I thought of this all winter and spring! Jus' thought so much of fucking you Casey..."

"Mmmmm..." Casey closed her eyes and leaned back, a dreamy expression across her face. "Mmmmmmmmm----"

Lauren and I looked back into each other's eyes. I leaned forward and kissed her red lips. She tried to kiss back. As she made sucking movements on my lips with her own, I tried slipping inside her again. She was becoming a lot wetter and I could feel my penis slowly filling her up.

I felt her hymen suddenly and stopped. As she sucked on my lips, I thrust hard.

"YAHHHOWWW!" She jerked hard against me. "UHHH! Owwww..."

I pulled her into my embrace. She was stiff as a board. "Relax, sweetheart...relax, baby..." I said. "I had to break you."

She closed her eyes and slowly relaxed and I lay her back against the couch. I slipped deeper. She was tight, but she was also sopping wet!

"Uhhhhhh..." Lauren moaned. "Did...you...break my..."

"What, darling?" I asked.

Her eyes were still closed. She laughed and licked her lips. "My cherry."

"Mmm hmm," I looked down and pushed deeper into her. She arched her back and laughed again. Again I pushed into her and felt my big penis slide all the way into this gorgeous little twelve-year-old girl.

She lay quietly, her eyes remaining closed as I began fucking her. I wanted her badly and I wanted to come! I pumped harder and harder. She just lay there, a smile across her face. I looked down and watched my glistening round penis as I slipped in and out of her tiny, bald pussy. I took her thighs in my hands and held her firmly as I pumped into her. Each time I pushed, I glided all the way in, her vagina lips mashing into my pubic hair.

"Lauren, I'm fucking you, baby, and I'm going to come," I said.

She lay there, smiling, eyes closed, and said quietly, "Okay..."

Somewhere, seemingly far away, I could hear Will and Casey moaning as they came together. My attention was solely on beautiful Lauren. I looked at her beautiful white skin, so flawless and lovely. The cute freckles splayed across her nose and cheeks, arms, and upper chest. Her strawberry red nipples standing out firm and desirable. The delicious girly curves of her slim body. The flat tummy. The slight puffiness of her vagina as it stood out between her legs. That did it! I let it fly! I came! My semen spewed and squirted inside her in tremendous waves of pure pleasure!

Lauren, beautiful Lauren, jerked suddenly and I felt her body spasm.

"OHHHH! UHHH! MMMMM! Wha----Muhhhh!" she rocked her head from side to side much like I'd seen Casey and Heather do. Beautiful Lauren was having her first orgasm. I watched her wiggle and squirm as I kept pumping her. I was loving fucking this little girl. She was so precious and so luscious! I watched my penis slipping in and out of her soaking wet pussy! Come ran out and down the side of the couch. It didn't matter. I fucked her some more. I wanted to fuck her for a long time!

A minute or two later I felt my rush begin to subside and my body was weakening fast. My knees felt like rubber and I was suddenly very tired.

"Can I fuck my sister?" Will's voice surprised me.

I pulled out of Lauren and fell backward on the floor, exhausted! Then, almost like a dream state, I saw Will move into my place and easily slide his still erect penis into Lauren.

Lauren looked lazily up at him, a contented smile still on her face. "Hi," she said.

"Oh, Lauren," Will was shaking like a leaf. "I want to fuck you, too."

"Okay," Lauren closed her eyes and lay back.

Will slipped into her and started fucking his naked pretty sister.

I closed my eyes and listened to his groans as they intensified until he came inside his sister's pussy. Lauren just lay there, apparently now completely satisfied and content.

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