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Cate and Fiona

I have three older sisters, Cate, now 33, is the oldest, Fiona, 31, is the youngest. I am 30. My sisters and I grew up a year apart, and were reasonably close in interests due to our ages. Our father was a violent man towards our mother, when he got violent, my sisters and I would huddle together crying while he showed our mother all four walls of their bedroom.

By the time we were in our teens, our father's violence towards our mother had stopped, but my emotional reliance on my oldest and youngest sisters had not. I guess that is why we were and have remained close, it was probably emotional reliance on each other more than sexual attraction that made us close from a young age. As soon as I reached puberty I became attracted to two of my three sisters. Although my sisters are not the only women I am attracted to, they are the only women I have ever been in love with. This might change, but at this stage I honestly doubt it.

I would call Fiona beautiful, Cate is not, although she has a very pleasant face and a superb body due to the amount of exercise she does. I am not embarrassed about this story at all. I know that if I have had these experiences, then so have a lot of other people.


When I was fifteen, Dad was interstate working. Mom had not yet got home from work and I was alone with Cate who for some reason was not at work. I had just got home from school. Cate and I were arguing over the radio and what station it should be on. She was into a pop station and I was more into an indie station so the arguments were pretty much constant. She was two years older, depending on the month of the year, and would get pissed off with me when I didn't do what she said. This time she wasn't in a very good mood and I changed the station once too often. When I turned around, before I could get away, Cate had kicked me in the groin. I immediately sank to the floor and started rolling around in pain. Cate realised she had gone too far and knelt down beside me. My eyes were watering with the pain and she was telling me how sorry she was. After a minute or so, I crawled on to the couch, still bent over to take away the pain which was intense. She again said sorry and asked me if I was OK and how much it hurt. Without thinking I punched her in the breast, and said "about that much you stupid bitch". She doubled over, grabbing herself on the chest, and this time it was my turn to apologise. I hadn't meant to hurt her, I had seen my father hurt my mother and never wanted to see anyone go through it again. I apologised again, left and went to my bedroom, feeling like the asshole my father is.

I stayed in my room all afternoon resting, I had never been kicked there before and was surprised how much strength it seems to sap out of you when you are. Strangely, the feeling alternated between the dull pain, a sort of excitement with the occasional erection, and the sort of relaxed feeling I often felt after I had masturbated. My balls didn't seem to know what was happening, and whether they should be excited or not. I tried masturbating, but they couldn't seem to "handle" an erection, and the pain would make my penis go soft again. I lay around in this agitated state thinking for probably the millionth time what I would like to really do to her, and suffered erection after erection all afternoon. Sure enough, as soon as I went to touch my penis to masturbate, the pain in my balls made it go limp again. I had never been so frustrated since I first started masturbating at age 11.

Later, I kept thinking about what I had done to Cate and couldn't sleep. I could hear the faint noise of her television through the wall, so I went down the hallway and knocked. She told me to come in, and as I did she switched the set off. I said I had been feeling bad about what I did, that it had happened on the spur of the moment and was fairly surprised when she said "It's OK, I can't blame you bro, I probably deserved it".

I noticed that Cate had on the blue nightie which was my favourite and made her look her best. Her breasts had grown a fair bit in the last year, and I had looked at them every chance I had and watched them grow since I first became sexually aware. Not wearing a bra, her nipples were pointing against the material. Remembering I had punched her there, I wondered if Cate had been having the same sensation in her breasts, half-way between erotic pleasure and dull pain, that I had been having in my groin since she had kicked me. Immediately, I began to get another in the many erections I'd had that day. I wear nothing to bed, and before I left my room had quickly pulled on a pair of boxer shorts and a t-shirt.

My boxers started to bulge out in the front and suddenly I realised that I had forgotten to button up the front. I usually don't because it makes for easier access to pee when wearing jeans, without the hassle of having to undo the buttons. I couldn't believe that my penis was slowly starting to part the gap in my shorts and the tip was starting to poke out the front. I hoped she hadn't noticed, and was waiting for her to look away so I could quickly jam it back in my shorts, but the look on her face told me that she had. Cate was looking directly down at my crotch and staring with her eyes wide open. When I covered up to put it away, she said "....no...don't put it away....leave it" I haven't seen it since we were young".

We both watched transfixed as my penis rose to its full height and length, then slowly started to go down. As my penis went half erect, it poked straight across the room towards her. I went red in the face, looked embarrassed and Cate said "....Um...did my kick do that....you must be hurting from what I did to you?". I told her red-faced that I didn't seem to know what was going on, and that there had been a strange feeling down there all day, alternating between pain and excitement.

I had always been honest with Cate, except about my true feelings for her of course, and for some reason our relationship was one built on honesty. As my penis once again started to stand up, with it came the weak ache in my balls again. What she said next I didn't expect at all. I expected her to apologise again, but she asked me instead if I wanted her to rub where it hurt. The comment came out of the blue for me, my penis instantly sprang up, and I almost collapsed. This time the reason for my collapse was not a kick but the pure pleasure of the thought of her rubbing me down there. I was speechless, so just nodded my head slightly. I was transfixed.

She then said, "I can't believe I'm going to do this", and pulled me towards her by the hand, as she did this, she turned us around, so I was sitting on the edge of the bed. She then knelt down on the floor, walking forward on her knees, parting my legs as she came towards me. Her hand quickly entered my shorts, and as soon as it cupped the base of my balls, with the built up tension from the many erections that day, I began to come immediately.

I have never been one of those people who can fire my sperm six feet across the room. My ejaculation spurted out the top and the more there was, it began to drip down along the length of the shaft towards the base. Cate was looking at my eyes and hadn't noticed I had already come, but did when it began to drip onto her wrist. She kissed me full on the lips, then said "so soon David?" As it ran down the length of her hand, she began to coat both her hand and my balls with my own sperm.

Looking at the tip of my penis, she then said something else I didn't expect. "I've never seen real sperm before...". Cate leant her head forward and placed her tongue on the end of my penis, licking just once. As she moved back, a trail of semen hung between her bottom lip and the tip of my penis. I shivered with delight. Realising it was going to drip onto her chin, Cate quickly ran her toungue around the outside of her lips and said, "...It tastes salty, but nice.". Cate then leant forward again, this time allowing the whole tip to enter her mouth, licking and sucking on it gently. She then pushed my penis back towards me with her tongue, out from between her teeth, but still leaving it just between her lips, resting the tip against her closed teeth. Unbelievably my older sister then began to brush the outside of her teeth with my penis. The incredible feeling of her hard teeth on one side, and unbelievably smooth inside of her mouth on the other side of my penis caused me to go weak at the knees again. First one side of her mouth, then the other, I had never seen anything like this on the few videos I had watched, but couldn't believe how wonderful it felt. With the added feeling of her hand wrapped around the shaft and her long brunette hair touching lightly against my balls, I came again.

Cate ran her lips up and down the shaft cleaning it, then swallowed and said "I'm glad Mom and Dad decided to get you circumcised, your penis is beautiful David". I asked my sister if she had ever done anything like this before. Cate said "never, but I didn't imagine a penis in my mouth could feel or taste this good, thank you David, it was great". Because it was so good, I couldn't believe my 17 year old sister had never engaged in sexual activity with her mouth before, but said nothing.

Instead I felt her breasts lightly through her night dress, kissed her, whispered to her, asking if she wanted to have sex. Disappointingly, she told me it was that time of the month, and that there was no need for me to "apologise" to her, because she didn't hurt anyway. She said "I love you, and I'm happy if you are". I told her that her apology for kicking me in the balls meant I had to apologise for hitting her in the breast, and that I had to make up for it one day.

Incredibly, I was still aroused and also still had an erection, which she was still looking at and smiling. She said "one day" and I told her jokingly that she would have to kick me more often. I kissed Cate on the lips, and left the room. I lay awake all night with that erection. Cate's apology and first aid had done wonders, and I was able to masturbate on and off all night thinking about first her, then, for variety, my youngest sister Fiona.


A couple of years later I had been invited by a couple of friends to a rock festival in a small town about nine hours' drive from the major city I lived in. The festival was to be three days with about half a dozen bands on each day. The summer holidays had just started, we had been looking forward to the trip, some relaxation and a few days of plenty of beer and dope.

When the guys arrived to pick me up, my sister Fiona, who was a year older was hanging around having breakfast. Don, who had made no secret of the fact he had the hots for Fiona, asked her on the spur of the moment if she wanted to come for the festival. I knew Fiona didn't like Don, and was surprised when she said she had nothing better to do, there were a couple of bands she wanted to see, so would come. I wasn't too happy with him, although I got on OK with Fiona, I didn't really want my sister hanging around while I was partying and acting stupid for three days.

For most of the trip to the site we were followed and were following a VW convertible full of girls. The two in front were cute, there was also another two in back who weren't so hot and were trying to hit on some guys in another car a few back. Don and Brett flirted with the cute ones for a couple of hundred miles. I was trying to, but was not only not comfortable with hitting on girls while my sister was there, the girls thought Fiona and I were a couple and it was clear they weren't going to hit on me. We stopped to get gas, and the two girls told Don they'd meet up with us when we got there. I was hoping like hell that the old first impressions saying wasn't true, and I'd have a bit more luck with them when we got there. For the rest of the way, Don and Brett chatted as if they were in. I was 18, hadn't lost my virginity yet, and was getting extremely pissed off that this trip didn't look like it would change anything.

When we got to the site, it was beautiful. It was a natural amphitheater, with a flat area at the bottom and hills surrounding on all sides. Exploring through a pine forest we found a small river with crystal clear water and there were a few places to set up the tents in privacy. After setting up the tents, we headed back to the main stage to see the first few acts. The first night, Friday, was mainly small town local acts who, to be frank, were pathetic. Don and Brett were hitting on the girls, who I had since found out were named Julie and Kim. Their friends had disappeared to another part of the site and I hadn't spotted them since we had arrived. They had probably been hit on already. I was in a foul mood, said goodnight, left my friends and sister to watch the aweful bands and returned to the tent to console my self with drink and dope. Eventually, I crashed (passed) out in the tent.

Saturday I awoke to find a nice day and nobody around the tent area. I went for a swim in the river, explored through the forest a bit more, had a smoke and a few beers, then headed out for the stage. Saturday was to be the main night for bands, and the Pretenders, one of my favorite bands, were playing that night. I found the guys and we sat around for the afternoon, drinking and bullshitting to each other. Fiona had disappeared into the town to buy cigarettes and have a bit of a look around. The guys told me they had both been laid the night before and would meet up with Julie and Kim again later. I didn't know whether to believe them about getting laid, but knew if they were to meet up with the girls, my chances were basically nil. I told the guys I 'd catch them later and went for a walk to check out some more girls. After another wasted couple of hours being ripped off for food, beer and a T-shirt, the sun was going down and it was time to head for the stage.

The first few bands were big acts from the country I am in, probably unheard of elsewhere in the world. I was enjoying the show, liked all the bands, and was very relaxed and horny from the beer, the dope and watching all the gorgeous women hanging around. When it came time for the Pretenders , I moved as close to the stage as I could get. As I got close I spotted Fiona and pushed through the crowd to say hello. She was by herself and so was I, so it was better having someone to watch the band with than nobody. As I've said before, I wanked thinking about Fiona all the time, but didn't think there was any chance. I'd prefer to find some hot young girl, but that wasn't going to happen either, so I might as well hang out with my sister. As the band came on, there was a surge from the back, and we were now in a crush. I pulled another joint out of my pocket, lit it and passed it to Fiona. She took a couple of hits and passed it back. To be honest, I like the Pretenders, but not only because of the music. The main reason was that I had the hots for Chrissie, the lead singer, big time. Watching her up on stage I was getting a hard on, brass in pocket you might say.

As the crowd surged, I found myself behind Fiona, and she yelled to me that she wanted another hit. I was being pushed into her from behind by the crowd and I had to reach between her arm and body to pass it to her. As I reached around, there was another surge, and I found myself with my arm around my sister, pressed hard up against her breasts, with my crotch pressed into her backside. The crowd ebbed backward, I was hot and sweaty and my sister could not possibly not know that I had a raging hard-on. My shorts hid nothing, and her short skirt was hugged tightly to her body. My bare legs rubbed against hers every time the crowd moved, and there was nothing either her or I could do about it. I was looking at Chrissie on stage and at the same time the feeling of my sisters body on mine was making me even harder.

My arm was trapped between my sisters arm and body. I gave up struggling and just went with the flow of the crowd. The hornier I got, and there seemed no end to how horny I could get, the more I thought I could get away with. I manouvered my arm up around Fiona's neck, then, as the crowd ebbed and flowed, I allowed my arm to slip down further. The further I went, the more bold I got. Fiona didn't seem to me to be overly concerned, maybe the dope had taken away her inhibitions too? Finally, I found that my right hand rested on Fiona's right breast. I moved under her breast and squeezed upwards, and was amazed when Fiona's face turned back to me with a grin. This was unbelievable, she was enjoying it as much as I was. If she was enjoying it, I was going to keep going. I squeezed my left arm between her left arm and body and moved it up till my hand was also cupping her other breast. As the crowd continued to surge I rubbed my hands up and down her body.

Another song started. I then decided to just go for it, I was horny, stoned, and there was nothing I could do about it, nor wanted to do to stop. I allowed both my hands to move down her body until they were on the front of her legs at the base of the skirt. Trying as hard as I could to make it look like I was dancing, I crouched down quickly and straight back up, forcing both of my hands between her legs and lifted her skirt up at the front. We were both watching the stage and I hoped nobody in the crowd could see what was going on, but didn't really care if I put on a show, as long as Don and Brett couldn't see what was going on. As far as I knew, they were back on the hill.

I pushed downwards into Fiona's knickers with my right hand, then forced my left hand into the other side, then allowed my knees to collapse slightly, taking her knickers down as far as I could in front. I then lifted her skirt again, moved both hands around the back, and did the same, sliding them down over her backside. I moved my right hand back around the front, and didn't hesitate to head straight to her pussy. I didn't even have to move my hand. My sister was soaking wet from the movement of the crowd rubbing my finger backwards and forwards, her hand was resting on mine and moving it up and down as best she could in time to the crowd. I was still watching the stage. I could feel her body tensing, even in the crush. Suddenly the tension went out of her, she shouted in pleasure that could have been for the band but definitely wasn't, then pulled my hand away.

Fiona then reached around behind her and up against my crotch. I'm sure she didn't have to to know how hard I was. She left her hand there. The crowd was still surging, every time it did she would squeeze my cock as hard as she could. She then started to undo my zipper. In three or four crowd movements it was all the way down. She then reached into my underpants, rubbing away and having a good feel, then pushed my underpants down around my balls and violently pulled my cock out, allowing it to be stroked by her hand and rubbing the crack of her ass in tune to the music and the crowd.

Fiona then took her hand off my cock, moving both her hands up around her ass cheeks, pulling the skirt up as far as it would go around her waist. She then used the swell of the crowd to reached down move my move, to push her panties down as far as they would go, around her thighs to just above her knees. With the darkness of the night, there was only occasional flashes of light from the stage, and I was reasonably sure nobody would be able to see her knickers pushed down. Fiona then stood up on her toes, at the same time I bent down slightly and then moved up and now amazingly my cock was jammed between my sisters legs. Being in so tight in a large crowd, we were both by now soaking wet from sweat, although I doubt anyone else knew part of the reason why. I danced from side to side, Fiona moved up and down to the beat and eventually the tip of my cock was rubbing on Fiona's soaking pussy. I was looking at Chrissie still, but there was no way I was thinking about her any more. The more we moved the more I rubbed up against Fiona's ass and pussy. As the crowd held their hands up and jumped up and down, I crouched down slightly, held her tightly, and lifted my sister up. I then slowly allowed her to slip down, and now, amazingly, my beautiful sister was impaled on my cock. As the crowd jumped up and down, I was holding Fiona up, she had her hands waving in the air as if whe was dancing to the music. Her feet were no longer on the ground, I still had my arms tightly around her torso, there was no need to bother with pushing, the crowd was doing it for me. As the song drew to a close, I pulled out and came harder than ever before, squirting all over myself. We danced with the crowd for the last few songs. As the Pretenders finished, the crowd broke up, I wanted to kiss her, but didn't want to risk being seen by the guys, so just left her, telling her I was getting more beer and would catch her later. I had finally lost my virginity, and I couldn't be any happier than to lose it to her. I doubted I was her first, she had done that so well it wasn't possible.


I arrived back at the tent to find Fiona by herself. She told me she had seen the guys and they were crashing with Julie and Kim. We drank beer in silence, not knowing what to say to each other. Eventually I broke the silence and said sorry, I was drunk and stoned. I was hoping she wouldn't be embarrassed, it was me who deserved to be. Thankfully, her attitude was that what happens and she would remember our first and only time fondly. We agreed it shouldn't happen again. I told her she was my first and I was glad about it. I asked if I was hers and she said no, well, the first guy, but there had been Anne. Fiona told me about her ex-tennis partner Anne, how she had admitted to Fiona that she was a lesbian, and how Fiona had let Anne have sex with her once. Fiona said it hadn't excited her, she hadn't spoken to Anne since, and that now Anne had a girlfriend from what she had heard.

Fiona laid face down, drinking her beer, and flexing her leg, stretching the calf muscle. She said "I think I've pulled my right calf muscle dancing and standing up on my toes while you were doing that to me". As I laughed embarrassingly from her mention of our escapade, Fiona arched her back and yelled the muscle had cramped. My sister was obviously in pain, so I asked her if she wanted me to stick my thumb in the cramp and massage it until it went away. She told me she would like it as it was hurting quite badly.

As I massaged her calf hard with my thumb I looked at her legs closer and tried to look up the skirt again. In the poor light from the lamp I had no luck. Fiona was a tennis player, and I had always liked the legs of female tennis players, but hers were better than most because she also played basketball. Now I felt myself getting aroused again. When I asked her if the cramp was going away, she said yes and asked me if I'd get the vitamin E cream out of her bag. As I got the cream, without thinking I decided to ask her if she wanted me to massage all of her legs for her. She looked at me quizzically and said "no, but thanks anyway, I don't think it's a good idea". I was getting drunk from more beer, thought quickly, decided to ignore her, and started massaging her calf again. After a minute of this, I picked up the cream and squirted some onto the back of her thigh.

Fiona gave in quickly, told me not to get cream on the skirt because it wouldn't come out, then lifted up her backside while pulling the skirt up to just below her knickers so I could work her legs without seeing anything more. Naturally, I pulled her legs slightly apart so I could work all the muscles, not really planning anything further, but maybe my subconscious knew what I really wanted. The more I worked her legs the more aroused I was getting. Before too long I was losing any inhibitions I had and said to her "really, you do have the best legs on the courts you know". By this time, I think Fiona knew I was planning something and said jokingly "not only do you give me a massage, you give me great compliments also". I told her she deserved every bit of them.. I pulled the zipper down from the back of her skirt, and told her I would do her lower back as she probably need it after dancing for so long.

As I massaged her lower back I was starting to get more excited. While rubbing away I thought of how I should approach this. I know she had told me we shouldn't do it again, but my subconscious got sick of waiting, decided for me that I had done enough thinking, and before I knew it I had jumped on her straddling the back of her thighs. She asked me what I was doing and I muttered that my arms were sore from holding her up before and I needed to do this so I could use the weight of my upper body, and not just my arms. This killed two birds with one stone, and as quickly as possible, I undid the top of the skirt so she wouldn't have enough time to protest, told her to keep her chest buried in the sleeping bag so I couldn't "see anything", then pulled the skirt down to her waist.

The longer I massaged her tight back, the harder my penis got, and the more inhibition I lost. I then decided to just go for it again, not too quickly, but just progressively pull more of her skirt away as if it was the natural thing to do when massaging your older sister. As I told her again in a "brotherly" way that the rest of her body was just as good as her legs, she couldn't see me, so I undid the zipper on my shorts very quietly and pulled the tip of my penis out to free it. My penis wasn't very big, not having fully recovered from an hour before, and I didn't really want her to see it. I then moved up a bit further and wrapped my upper legs around the bottom of her backside. Every time I kneaded into her shoulders I would also squeeze my thighs together and move up just that little bit further as if it was the strain of the massage and not my mind that was taking me there. Eventually, my movements upward had taken her skirt with me and my penis was pointing into the air directly above the crack in her backside with only her panties between, still wet from the concert. I found it impossible to stop.

I then had to make a decision about what to do next. By this stage I had decided that nothing was going to keep me from my objective, and if she complained again that we shouldn't do it, it might break the spell her body was having over me, and I would probably want to stop anyway. I leant further forward, so I could massage Fiona's neck, arched my stomach forward sharply so my penis pushed against her panties above the crack in her backside. Here I was, virtually lying on top of my older sister, and she was face down with only a pair of panties on and her skirt around her waist. I didn't know the answer, but I didn't ask her if she wanted me to massage her backside in case she said no. I lifted up, and pulled her panties down over her butt, again as quickly as possible so she couldn't protest, then I poured some cream all over her butt. As I massaged, the effort pulled her cheeks apart and back together and the cream seeped down into the crack.

I then leant further forward, rubbed my chest up the length of her back, and allowed my self to relax down on top of Fiona. For the first time she opened her eyes, turned around to look at me, and I saw that a look between uneasiness and pleasure had come over her face. She took a sip of beer, and relaxed back down onto the sleeping bag.

We lay there for perhaps a minute, me breathing heavily from the effort, and judging from the look on her face Fiona was enjoying this as much as I was. I reached around and cupped her breasts, slowly starting to rock backward and forward, squeezing the nipples and spreading my legs as far as possible to let as much of my penis and skin come in contact with her ass. I was amazed how a male and female body could match in shape absolutely perfectly. As I squeezed her breasts, I ran my body up and down hers and by penis along the crack of her backside.

I felt the muscles of her buttocks contracting and releasing uncontrollably, My penis started doing the same. I slid back down her legs, knelt with cock poised in the air above her backside, grabbed the cream and put some onto my little finger. I ran my finger over the crack, and could feel her contracting and releasing her butt muscles again as I did it. I then inserted my finger in slowly, twisting and pushing further gradually, until it was all the way in. I lay down next to her and repeated the same with the three other fingers, one by one, taking as long as possible, perhaps half an hour or more, enjoying every second. Fiona had not made a sound except for the occasional grunt and moved only to lift her butt as the bigger fingers took their turn one after the other. I kissed her on the back of the neck and face for half an hour, telling her constantly how much I loved her and how beautiful she was, all the time slowly moving my fingers in and out of her ass one by one. She turned to face me, kissed me on the mouth, then took the cream off me, squirted some on to her hand and rubbed my hard cock slowly until it was ready. We tongue kissed for perhaps a minute, then she quietly asked me to please put my penis in her ass. Not needing to be asked twice, I got on all fours and massaged her butt deeply for perhaps another five minutes. Slowly I parted her cheeks, and lowered myself down into the crack. I rocked backward and forward gently, gradually pushing harder. As I entered her Fiona screamed in pleasure and pain. I grunted uncontrollably and before I had entered her all the way couldn't hold on any more. I could not stop myself squirting sperm into her butt and yelled out in ecstasy, Fiona came at the same time, pushing her ass up towards me to take my full length and shaking from side to side quickly. I could not and still cannot imagine that anything could be a more beautiful feeling than this.

We lay there, me on top of her, for five minutes or so, not knowing what to do or say. I pulled my still erect penis out of the ass, told her how much I enjoyed it, gave her a quick gentle bite on the backside, then lay down next to her with my legs wrapped around her. We fell asleep, naked and arm in arm.

The trip back was quiet. I don't think Don or Brett know what happened, at least neither have mentioned it to me if they do. I saw Fiona around college all the time, and at home, and every time I saw her I remembered it, and couldn't stop myself getting uncontrollably hard thinking about her. She treated me the same as she always had, not too close, but not like I was an asshole for doing it to her either. She had a boyfriend, James, Fiona and I hadn't repeated our episode, and thinking of Fiona and Cate while masturbating was all I had. I wasn't socially outgoing and had no girlfriends, and she did not mention it again and did not seem to want to repeat the episode.

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