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Celestial Encounter

I was luxuriating in a steamy bath, my head back against a rubber pad, eyes half-closed as I felt the heat seep through my muscles into my bones. This was my favorite time of the day, when I could shut the world away, relax, and let my thoughts drift free. As my mind drifted, my fingertips were almost unconsciously exploring my body. Eventually, as they inevitably always did, my fingers curved into the hollow of my crotch.

The outsized tub I was in is carved from a monstrous piece of black-and-brown onyx, an oval bowl that was filled with hot water and aromatic salts. The water spigot is gold, carved in the shape of a swan's head and artfully curved neck, the taps, also gold, its wings. The niche into which the tub is sat clad with floor-to-ceiling mirrors, which now reflected the image of my seventeen-year-old daughter Celeste as she entered the bath area.

"Celeste?" I chided her gently as I moved my hand from between my thighs. "I have told you time and again to please knock before you enter my bathroom." She was wearing blue shorts and white tee shirt, and that she wasn't wearing a bra was obvious from the way her nipples were tenting the shirt.

"Sorry Mom, guess I forgot again. You're too late you know," she added, grinning broadly. "I saw what you were doing when I came in."

"Oh? And just what do you think you saw?" I asked. I could feel my face flushing with sudden embarrassment. "I am simply taking a bath, as you can see."

"Come off it, Mom! You were playing with yourself." Giggling now, she sat down on the edge of the tub beside me, unashamedly and without a trace of embarrassment, looking down at my naked body. "Geez Mom...it's no big deal, you know? Hey, I've got an idea...can I get in there with you?"

"Wh..what?" As my mind raced furiously in an attempt to cope with what was happening, Celeste stood up beside the tub and quickly took off her jeans and tee-shirt. As she skimmed her panties down her shapely legs and free of her feet, my eyes were drawn to the dark, vee shaped, patch of her pubic hair. Nimbly then, she lowered her naked body into the tub to sit facing me.

"Ummm...the water feels nice."

The tub was so large that the two of us could sit quite comfortably, and even though I was a bit astonished that my daughter was in the tub with me, I was finding it quite titillating as well. I felt myself beginning to relax again. After all, she was my daughter, and what is so terribly wrong about taking a bath together? I lay my head back against the pad and closed my eyes, keeping them closed even when I felt her hand touch my leg just above my knee. It was only a few seconds later that her fingertips danced lightly up the inner side of my thigh. Encountering my complete lack of resistance, she moved her hand under the water until her fingertips touched the lips of my pussy. It was only then that I raised my head and opened my eyes to look at her.

"Celeste? What are you doing?"

"Just playing around a little bit, Mom," she said. She began lightly rubbing me, and it burst into my head, like a sudden revelation, that my seventeen-year-old daughter was not a novice at touching another female like this. She scooted herself forward then, so that my legs were on either side of her, her fingers still rubbing. It was almost as if I were dreaming the whole thing as she leaned forward to kiss me on the lips. I found myself returning her kiss, measure for measure, allowing her tongue to slide into my mouth even as she slid a finger deep into my pussy. Her finger in my vagina, underwater as it were, was a most incredible and pleasurable sensation, and I moved my hips in concert with the movement of her hand. Then I actually uttered a small mew of disappointment when she stopped kissing me and removed her hand from between my legs.

Celeste's voice sounded thick and heavy. "Let's get out of the tub and go to the bed, Mom. I'm so fucking hot I'm ready to bust!" Extricating herself from between my legs, she climbed out of the tub and stood there dripping, holding a hand towards me.

Hearing the word "fucking" coming from my daughter's mouth was strangely exciting to me as I took hold of her hand. I let her help me out of the tub, then followed like a little puppy dog as she pulled me towards the bed, the bath water dripping from both our bodies onto the carpeted floor. Pushing me down onto my back on the bed, Celeste lowered herself full length on top of me, to kiss me on the lips for a brief moment before squirming herself downwards. She paused to suckle one of my nipples for a second, then licked her way down over my stomach, until her head was positioned between my legs. I instinctively hooked my legs over her shoulders as her tongue licked the swollen lips of my vagina, then she began to suck and lick with a passion. I gasped aloud as her lips captured my clitoris, and as her tongue swirled knowingly, I ground my crotch against my daughters face and moaned aloud at the pleasure she was giving me. It was a pleasure that I wanted to give back. Desperately.

"Celeste...baby...I want...I want to..."

It was as if she were reading my mind. Her mouth never once losing contact with my vagina, she twisted herself about so that we were head to toe, her knees straddling my head. My nostrils twitched at the pungent, woman-smell of her, then for the first time in my life my lips were touching another female's vagina. My tongue instinctively found Celestes's clitoris, and our moans of pleasure combined to form a single chorus of passion as we made love.......


Still naked, the two of us lay side by side on the bed, my arm around Celeste, her head nestled on my shoulder. I found it odd, and strangely disturbing, that I was feeling no remorse about what had happened. Surely I should be feeling something, shame... disgust... something. But all I felt was a warm, glowing, feeling of sexual release. I only knew that I had experienced one of the most satisfying orgasms I had ever known.

"Celeste? Darling? This wasn't your first time with another female, was it?" Not wanting her to think it was disapproval, I moved my hand down to cup over her breast. I felt her nipple puff against my palm as I gently squeezed my fingers. "Am I right?"

"Yes." she said, snuggling herself even closer to me, and kissing me on the side of my neck. "But it's your fault, you know. I mean Mrs. Carlyle was your friend, Mom...not mine."

"Mrs. Carlyle? Do you mean Anabell Carlyle. What does she have to do with anything?"

"She's the one who brought me out," Celeste replied, softly giggling. "You remember when you and Daddy went to Europe last year and had me stay with the Carlyles while you were gone? Well, her and her husband are into sex and they put the make on me. They didn't rape me or anything like that. They just played around for a while and got me good and hot, then the three of us had a party."

I could hardly believe what I was hearing. Anabell has been my closest friend for over five years, and I had never suspected anything like this. "Baby? Are you saying that Ted Carlyle had sex with you as well?"

"Sure! He's a little weird though," she said. "He likes me to pee on him." I shivered as her tongue licked at my ear. " Mom? I'm still horny, you know? I've got one of those strap-on dildo thingys in my room. Will you fuck me with it if I go and get it?"

Without waiting for an answer, she rolled off of the bed and padded nakedly across the floor and out into the hall. It was only a minute before she came back into the bedroom with the flesh-colored dildo in her hand. Along with a lot of giggling and teasing, between the two of us, we managed to strap the dildo on. Then Celeste lay down on her back on the bed and spread her legs wide apart.

"Fuck me now, Mom...I want you to fuck me!"

My heart pounding, I climbed onto the bed in between my daughters legs on my knees. Carefully positioning the bulbous head of the dildo at the lips of her pussy, I slowly pressed forward and she moaned softly as the shaft of the dildo began to penetrate. I lowered myself down until I was laying on top of her, then I kissed her and dipped my tongue into her mouth as I used my hips to push the dildo all the way into her. I began a slow movement of my hips then as I began to fuck her, the tempo slowly increasing, until suddenly I was sucking on her tongue and slamming the rubber dildo into her pussy like a jack-hammer. Ripping her mouth away from mine, Celeste began to babble almost incoherently as she neared orgasm.

"Fuck me...fuck me harder you bitch...give it to me...fuck me...fuck meeeeeeeeee....."


It was the next day that Celeste and I talked more about what had happened with the Carlyles. She said that Ted had only "done it" to her a few times. That he got his "rocks off" (her words) from watching Anabell and her "do each other". But sometimes when she and Anabell got done, he would ask Celeste to pee on him. At first she said she was reluctant to do it, because it sounded "yucky", but she said Anabell urged her so she finally agreed. They even had a rubber sheet of some kind that they would lay on the floor to keep the carpet from getting wet. Celeste admitted that she had now reached the point where peeing on Ted was sort of a "turn-on" for her as well. I didn't dare tell her that talking about it was a turn-on for me too. Not just yet anyway.

Maybe later...maybe I will tell her later.........


Her Beloved Sister
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