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Cheerleading Coach

Three men sat off to the side of the bleachers, looking out of place, but no one was looking. Most watched the Junior Varsity cheerleaders. The men watched one JV cheerleader, Marcie Mathews. They had good seats for Marcie Mathews watching as she did her routine at their end not thirty feet away, directly in front of them. Their eyes never left her body. No one noticed, but Marcie did.

The bleachers were always heaviest in front of Marcie, though she anchored one end position. Her section was heavily weighted with boys of all ages. That didn't bother her too much. Cheerleaders aren't bashful, and a weighted section away from the fifty-yard line was the sincerest form of flattery. Being placed on the end to spread out the crowd was official recognition. She didn't mind the attention or being used as a crowd spreader, it was the grown men sitting in groups that bothered her. She'd seen men look at her that way before, and the hungry look frightened her. Three in particular bothered her most. She felt like a lamb in a cage with those three wolves looking in with slobbering mouths, never once looking at the game or much of anything except her crotch.

She tried to concentrate on her routines, tried not to take notice, tried to focus on her family that sat five rows up from those men and to her right. Mom, Dad, and her kid brother and sister seemed oblivious to the men as they watched her twin brother play football and his twin jump and cheer.

The Mathews males watched the game; the females watched Marcie. Her mother watched the routine with a critical eye wondering what was on her daughter's mind that made her screw-up so many routines.

The men exchanged hungry looks and smiles each time Marcie assumed a suggestive pose. They nudged each other when she turned away and bent from the waist with her legs out wide, and made exclamations when she'd do the toe-touching jumping splits while facing them.

Jan Mathews hated that particular maneuver, a vulgar maneuver that sent the girls' skirts up to expose the under garment (uniform under garments, not panties, but they looked exactly like thin nylon off-the-shelf panties) with the thin unpadded crotch stretched tightly over their sex. The bend-over-ankle grabs were almost as bad and may as well be called, the show-your-cunts bend. Their skirt was just too short for that. It didn't show much ass, but it did show cunt.

Jan fought a losing battle to have the numerous crotch shots dropped or a true under garment adopted. The thin white panties - for that's what they really were - went with the blue and white pleated skirt, but dark blue would work just as well and wouldn't reveal details of the girls' sex when sweat turned the crotches transparent. The second half routines were positively vulgar, Marcie's especially.

Jan suspected something sinister in the opposition's lame excuse for keeping the vulgar routines and the panties that made them vulgar. Whether it was the dyke cheerleading coach, or the men behind the sports program, or someone higher; whoever the real opposition was, a small group of mothers couldn't sway them. Most of the girls and some of their mothers didn't seem to mind, but most didn't sweat like Marcie or possess a vagina with such full definition.

Jan tried to circumvent the opposition by having Marcie wear a mini pad in the crotch, but the dyke removed the pads every time. The girls had to undergo uniform inspections prior to going out on the field. The dyke made a big deal about making sure the panties were the official issue. To avoid the embarrassment of a locker room pussy pad removal, Marcie pleaded for pad-free panties.

Marcie was not one of the girls that didn't mind. She was a good girl, a church girl, an 'A' student, and a virgin at fifteen. Marcie was the only virgin on the squad and, hands-down, the most desirable.

She had the looks: big, emerald-green eyes; full, pouting lips; bright white teeth; a long mane of bouncy chestnut hair. She had the figure: proud breasts; a tiny waist; broad hips; and dynamite legs; a near hairless pouty pussy with definition. You could tell Marcie was a girl even in dry panties regardless of color. In the official uniform with wet under garment, you could tell she had a fantastic cunt between her legs. She had personality: a cheerful, innocent, bubbly little bouncing ball of fun. She came from a well-to-do family - All American. She had fans and her pussy had fans.

During the second half, when the panties would be soaked and the crotch-shot routines were every other routine performed, the bleachers in front of Marcie would fill. Her fans, at times, threatened to tip the bleachers on end. This did not go un-noticed by Marcie or her mother, but there was nothing they could do. Quitting was not an option, mostly because Jan would not hear of it. Her daughter was sure to make the varsity squad, and the varsity squad had much better routines and uniforms. JV was something they both had to endure.

The enduring was easier on Jan than Marcie as Jan didn't face a pack of hungry wolves, three in particular. It wasn't sweat that made Marcie's panties disappear, though Jan pretended it was for little Julie's sake, for Marcie's sake, as well. Marcie knew better, as did her fans. Her father and younger brother were fans when Greg wasn't on the field, and they'd forget all about Greg during a second-half crotch-shot routine.

The three men ogled their prey as the dyke coach stationed herself near Marcie to insure she put her all into the jumps. In the stands, Red turned to Luther and said, "Man, your sister sure is laying it on thick today."

"Yeah, she don't give a fuck. They're out to fire her dyke ass. She's getting her last shots in. She'll have Little Beaver sucking those panties up her snatch, chewing them up, and swallowing them into her mother fucking womb. Well, are you guys in? This might be our last Marcie show."

Stomper, the ex-biker and third partner in their speed shop business, said, "I don't know, Luther, we're talking major hard time if this don't go down like you plan."

"It'll go perfect. If it don't, look at it this way, we'll do twenty years, tops, but it'll take twenty to relive this upcoming week. Twenty years of kicking back, living off the state, thinking back on the best sex we ever had. Besides, when we get through with them, they'll want to keep this a family secret. Their biggest fear will be that we'll tell someone or let the videos out."

Red said, "I'm in. Fuck it. I gotta have that bitch. I want 'em all. Fuck it!"

Luther said, "Well, Stomp, it's decision time. You in or out?"

"Fuck it. I'm in. What about Stella? Is she in?"

"Yes, but she'll wait on my call. If things are going well, she'll join us. She'll be bringing Bubba, and Bubba will bring Sambo."

"Are you serious about putting that horse-cock nigger on Little Beaver?"

"On all three beavers. Hey, we're going to have a fucking orgy. He's bringing the party favors."

"He'll kill that little girl."

"Nah, she'll take it up the ass. We ain't killin' or hurtin' no one. I'll risk twenty with time off for being a good boy, but that's all. By the time he shows up, they'll be fightin' over the biggest dicks, and he's got the biggest dick. Sambo's a close second."

Red said, "You can't be serious about putting that big mutt of his on those kids?"

"Fuckin' 'A', I'm serious, and Mommy's going to help Sambo get mounted. You ain't seen the master at work. I know pussy, and what I don't know, Stella does. We also know opposite sex twins. If they're not getting it on, they want to real bad. God damn, would you look at the hot cunt on that bitch! Fuck!"

Stomper said, "Fuck, man, Stella's got that bitch worked up to a lather. This is the best show ever. Mommy must be beside herself."

All three looked slyly to their left rear and saw no joy in Jan's face. She had her jaw clenched as Stella ordered yet a fourth wide-stance-bend-over grasping ankles - the fourth in a row with jumping crotch shot beavers between them - the most blatant pussy exhibition Jan ever witnessed. Greg scored a touchdown but no one knew. He threw the football down once he realized that his sister was showing her pussy again.

* * *

The Fall break was a welcome relief when it came. Marcie hadn't been looking forward to spending a week at a lakeside cabin, but after that last game, she couldn't wait to get out of town. The gals busied themselves inside, setting up a kitchen of sorts. With no running water or electricity, there wasn't much to set up.

The guys unloaded the station wagon. The last to enter was Wally Mathews, the father, bound and gagged, pushed before three large men. He went sprawling to the rough wood floor and stopped all activity inside the cabin.

Jan screamed. Julie hid behind her mother. Greg and Steve stood stock still. Marcie went pale. She recognized the men. Luther picked Wally up and set him in a chair. He placed a boot on the edge of the chair, drew Wally's head back by the scalp, and placed a long knife to his exposed throat.

Everyone gasped. Wally was in a sweat with his eyes tightly closed. Luther waited for dramatic effect, then calmly said, "We're here to party with you folks. If we have fun, everyone will be fine; but if we don't have fun, he dies. I can't make it any simpler than that."

Jan stood defiantly before her girls and said, "You get out of here and leave us alone."

Luther said, "You must have him heavily insured. You obviously want him dead. That's fine; we can party without him."

Wally's eyes shot wide open. He stared hard at his wife. Jan changed her approach, saying, "No, I don't want him dead. Please, if you must, I'll go with you, quietly. Just leave my family alone."

"A noble gesture, but we can't let you have all the fun. Marcie, step out where we can see you."

Marcie hesitated. Jan held her back. Luther shook his head and said, "Ma'am, you just don't get it, do you? We're going to party whether you like it or not. The only question is, will numb nuts, here, survive?"

Jan's tortured mind rolled this over, then sent a signal to her limps to let Marcie step out. The nervous teen took that relaxed pose as a sign to do as the man said and stepped out.

She wore baggy shorts and loosely tied blouse. The short-sleeve blouse had the top two buttons undone, the next two buttoned, and the rest unbuttoned with the tails tied exposing her flat midriff. Wearing sandals with her long hair pinned back, she presented a sight they'd never seen - plain Marcie. Still, the three men ogled her as though she were naked, bringing a full flush to her features.

Luther whistled then said, "God damn, girl, you'd look sexy in a potato sack. Let your hair out. Fluff it up. Shake it out."

Jan fired back, "Leave her alone. She's just a kid, for Christ's sake. Can't you see she's scared half to death. What kind of animals are you?"

Luther tossed the knife to Red and walked up to Jan. He took her firmly by the hand and dragged her toward the door, saying, "You and me need to have a little talk, Mommy. Red, if I holler, slit the mother fucker's throat."

"Got it, Boss."

Luther marched Jan to a nearby tree, well out of earshot or eyesight. He spun her to face him, then pushed on her chest until her back was pinned to the tree. With his free hand he grabbed her between the legs and lifted her to her tip toes while getting in her face.

He roughly massaged and kneaded her pussy while saying, "Now get this straight. For what we've done so far, we could all get life. Adding rape and murder won't hurt. We are not about to back out now. Nothing short of a SWAT Team raid could stop us, and we both know that ain't gonna happen - don't we?"

Jan nodded slowly while her face took on a rosy hue. He continued, "What you should be thinking of is survival. Stop thinking about saving hymens and start thinking about saving asses. Capish?"

She nodded, but he pressed for a verbal response. She said, "I capish."

"Good, now, let's go one step further. When this week is up, and we have to decide what to do with all these witnesses, we'll have nothing to lose by planting you and your lovely family in the woods."

Jan made a pained expression and started a plea which he silenced by bringing the hand from her chest to her lips, saying, "We don't want that. You don't want that. Here's what we'll do. You have all week to convince us that you wouldn't dream of reporting this crime. You'd best be right there in the middle of the action, looking for all to see as though you are having the time of your life. You'd better come across as one perverted bitch, one horny slut, and you'd better be convincing."

"Oh, God, please, I couldn't. Tie me up like Wally and have your way with them. They'll get over that, but they'll never get over seeing me act that way."

"Sorry, that won't do. You'll look like a victim. In their eyes, you have to look like one of us, like maybe you hired us to do this."

"God no."

"I told you how you can save your ass and theirs. If you don't like that option, I guess this party will have a very sad ending."

He let that sink in. Jan finally said, "I'm not sure I can be convincing."

"I think you can. I'm holding your hot cunt in my hand. Even through these shorts I can feel you getting hot, excited, and wet. I'll bet your nipples are hard. Let's take a peek, shall we?"

Jan turned her head to the side as he opened two buttons and pulled out the cups, saying, "Oh, yeah, these are hard little puppies. They look like party hats. Nice tits, Jan. You don't mind if I call you Jan, do you?"

Jan shook her head as he unsnapped and ripped open her shorts, saying, "Let's check out the condition of this pussy."

The shorts slid down her legs and the panties were pushed to her knees. Jan stood trembling as his fingers invaded her intimate flesh. He said, "Good God, girl, you're sopping wet. This is a party pussy if I ever felt one."

Jan gradually turned her head back to look him in the eyes. He fingered her crudely and smiled, saying, "You're going to have fun this week whether you like it or not. You may as well like it and get with the program."

Jan wanted to deny his claim, but her drooling and inflamed pussy would have made her out to be a liar. No one had ever treated her like a slut. Only in fantasy did she experience the thrill. The reality was even better, and her passive acceptance made his leering smile grow.

Lester said, "Enjoying this aren't you? What's the matter, ain't needle dick giving you any? I'll bet you've been a good wife, haven't you?"

Jan relaxed against the tree and widened her knees to the limit the panties allowed. She found her voice and said, "I don't know about good, but I've never cheated."

"Well, don't you worry. We're going to take real good care of you this week. I'd take care of your itch right now, but I'm saving this first load for your sexy daughter."

"I wish you wouldn't. I can take care of all three of you. I want to; she doesn't. I'll be good; she'll just be scared. I'll appreciate it; she'll hate it. Please, let's make this a private party."

"Sorry, but she's the reason we're having this party. Resign yourself to that, Jan. The little one, too. What's her name, anyway?"

"Oh, no, not Julie, too."

"Julie...yeah, Julie too. Don't worry. You'll be busy teaching those boys how to fuck - on the mom training."

"You can't be serious."

"Dead serious. I told you, you're going to be a raging slut or you're all dead. When we leave here, I don't want you to even think about reporting this. When you try to explain your actions after this is all over, your family should all be looking at you like, 'Yeah, right. Sure you did.' If you do this right, act the part right, we won't have a thing to worry about - will we?"

Jan had to think about this, but she soon realized he had a good point and a well-thought-out plan - a plan that could work. They would be safe if things went as planned. There'd be no chance of her or Wally going to anyone. A smile slowly formed on her face as she saw how good the plan was and realized that their lives did not have to be in any real jeopardy.

Jan knew her initial impression of them was correct. The men weren't killers, but they were serious about their goal. They reminded her of satyrs, horny but playful. They were nasty little boys in grown men's bodies. Would the family believe her? She wasn't sure, but they'd be alive to have their doubts. Survival was all that really mattered. She said, "You've got this all figured out, don't you?"

"Fraid so. Now, can I count on your full and complete cooperation?"

"I suppose I have no choice. I do have one big request."


"Don't hurt anyone. I couldn't take that. Don't rape anyone. I couldn't take that either."

"We don't plan to do either, but we're prepared to do both. A lot depends on you."

"Let me handle Marcie. I know how to deal with her. Julie will be easier than Marcie, especially if Marcie goes first and has a good time."

"All right, but if I see you dragging your feet, I'll take over."

"I want you to take charge and be forceful, just let me work with Marcie. Order us around. I'll see that she obeys. Don't worry about Wally. He's no hero."

"We figured that much."

Lester pulled up her panties then her shorts. Jan stood straight and then straightened her clothes. Lester said, "Shall we go in and get this party started."

"We may as well. There's just one other request. I can't live with them thinking I hired you to do this. I can live with them thinking I was forced and eventually got into it. I'll end up being bad, being one of you, and having myself a ball. You'll be safe. I'll see that you all feel safe. That's my goal. I guarantee you'll be safe. Just with what I plan to do, I will never want this getting out."

"All right, Jan, we do this your way, but I had better see you coming around damn quick, capish?"


They walked casually, but as soon as the door opened, Lester gave Jan a hard shove through. She went with the shove with exaggerated motion, almost falling. She tried to look cowed and defeated, resolved to her fate. Lester ordered the furnishings re-arranged to suit him.

They moved the one large bed to the center of the big room, then had the sofa placed at the foot with a four-foot separation. They placed chairs on both ends of the sofa, then ordered the family to take seats on the sofa. They all took seats except Marcie who stood off to the side, trembling on the verge of tears. The ominous arrangement was not lost on her.

As one faced the sofa, they placed Julie at the far left next to Wally who had to be lifted and sat in place. Steve sat next to his father. Then Jan took a seat with Greg on the far right with Steve on Jan's right. Marcie stood at Greg's end. As Marcie saw them from right to left it was Greg, her mom, Steve, her bound dad, and Julie. All had somber looks of trepidation as Lester said, "Marcie, stand front and center."

The frightened teen, now with her hair undone and fluffed full, stood before Steve looking anxiously to her mother. Lester said, "Strip! Do it nice and slow, slow and sexy like. This ain't a ball game, this is a sex party. Act sexy. Mom, help her out."

When Jan started to get up, Lester said, "No, help from there. Talk her through it. You've been around. You look like you know how to get a rise out of a man's cock. Show Marcie how to get every cock in this room standing tall and saluting her beauty."

Marcie was now sobbing hard and appeared to be on the verge of wetting herself. Jan said, "Marcie, stop that crying. Stand up straight. Put your shoulders back, head up, and listen closely."

Marcie's sobs gradually faded as she followed the instructions. When the sobs ceased, Jan calmly said, "Marcie, these men are determined to go through with this. Get that through your head. You will not leave here a virgin, and you'll get no privacy. They want a party. They're here to have fun, sex fun, dirty sex fun. They like their sex wet and nasty. These men won't harm us if we party with them. It'll only get ugly if we give them a hard time. I will not allow you to jeopardize this family, do you understand that?"

Marcie nodded with a worried look. Jan continued, "Marcie, very shortly you're going to become a full-fledged woman. If you'll relax and go with it, you'll probably enjoy the experience. There's a lot to be said for making your first time one with an experienced man. My first was with a kid that knew less than I did, and it was anything but enjoyable."

Marcie's expression told everyone that she found this news shocking. Jan said, "That's right, I was not a virgin on my wedding night, not by a long shot. Few are, and your dreams of being one are just plain foolish. I'm sorry this had to happen this way, but in a way I'm not. That's right, if all goes well and no one gets hurt, if all that happens is a week-long sex orgy, I think that can be very beneficial. At least you won't need that embarrassing birds and bees talk that's three years overdue."

Lester piped in, "Can we get on with this? You can talk after."

"Yes, of course. Marcie assume the routine stance; feet apart, head up, shoulders back, hands on hips. Good, now start putting a sway in your hips. Remember, move your pelvic region in a figure eight like I taught you. That's it, only this time, it's not your pelvis so much as your vagina. It always was, but I could never put it to you that way."

Lester said, "And don't put it like that now. Save your clinical lingo for the gynecologist's office. Tell her to move her cunt, pussy, twat. There ain't no vagina's in here."

Marcie blushed furiously as Jan said, "Very well. Marcie, move you pussy in a figure eight. Keep your knees out and tilt your pelvis up more. You're trying to bring attention to your pussy. That was always the purpose, only now, we won't pretend otherwise."

Marcie began sobbing again and her movements became weak, extremely self-conscious, and reserved. Jan put sternness in her voice, saying, "Do not display that attitude, Marcie. This is no different from a cheerleading routine. Cheerleaders are there to excite the audience and pander to their sexual urges. Football is a combat, contact sport that also panders to the base desires in men especially. As a cheerleader, you were icing on the cake. Every move, every routine, every pose has a sexual connotation, and on your squad they aren't even subtle. These men are here because you invited them here with your seductive routine."

Marcie defiantly said, "That wasn't my idea. I hate those routines."

"I know, but the crowd loves them. A good cheerleader knows how to work-up a crowd without getting arrested. I'm a good cheerleader, and I taught you all I know. Now, I'm just being honest and telling you what it's really all about."

Lester interrupted to say, "This is getting interesting. Tell us what it's all about, Jan."

"It's all about sex and seduction. Cheerleaders are professional seductresses. That's how we see ourselves. Getting raped is a cheerleaders occupational hazard. I was lucky to never sustain injuries. Most of the girls on my squad when I was with the Raiderettes had been raped many times and gang rapes were fairly common. A pro cheerleader does not report rapes that she's not injured in. If anything, they brag about them. [looking to Marcie] Maybe, one day, you'll brag about this."

Red said, "You was a Raiderette? The Oakland Raiders?"

"The L.A. Raiders. When they were in Oakland, they didn't have cheerleaders."

This was news to Marcie, and news to the whole family, but the whole family quickly came to realize why she told that lie - although Wally was a bit slow. The men all took new interest in a real pro cheerleader. Red exclaimed, "Wow, no shit, you was a pro cheerleader!"

Stomper said, "Man, we really hit pay dirt, didn't we."

Lester said, "Can I call 'em or what? Okay, ya'll shut up and let the Mommy cheerleader talk. Go on, Jan. This is getting very interesting. Teach her the real ropes."

"I'm trying."

Jan ignored the hard, puzzled look her spouse gave her. Her pro cheerleading career was news to him, and he married her right out of high school. Jan addressed Marcie, saying, "I'll explain it the way Georgette Williams explained it to me on my first day at Raiderette camp. Pretend you have a marking pen sticking out of your cunt and you are trying to draw a large horizontal figure eight on a poster board."

Marcie blushed deep red. Jan said, "Do it like that and put feeling into it!"

Every Mathews eye had turned on Jan as Marcie, still trying to figure where her mother was headed with this charade, began to do the obscene movement. The move would have been more effective had she been naked with a marker pen in her twat, but not much more. The men had good imaginations and Marcie's moving crotch had their eyes doing figure eights as they stared holes in her shorts and licked their lips - or as Marcie saw them, muzzles.

The eyes on Jan gradually went to Marcie. By the time Marcie had everyone's attention once again, she'd adjusted the movement and was doing it well. Her blush had softened and she awaited further instructions. Jan said, "Now, place your hands behind your neck, elbows back, and try to get the eyes off your crotch and on your tits. No, keep the figure eight movements. As Georgette would say, "Place your boobs in competition with your pussy."

Stomper declared, "Man, that Georgette chick really knew her shit."

Jan said, "She did, and back in the early days, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders couldn't touch us."

Red said, "Yeah, seems I remember them Raiders cheerleaders kickin' ass back then. Man, they was hot. I can't get over this, a real NFL cheerleader, a Raiderette. Fuck! This is the ultimate."

Lester said, "Is it true what you said about pro cheerleaders bragging about getting raped and gang raped?"

"Absolutely. It's not just pro cheerleaders. I think that's true of all squads. For me, it was that way all the way back to Junior High. I remember after my first rape, I couldn't wait to get back to tell the other girls. Getting gang raped was like passing muster. That didn't happen to me until I was Marcie's age."

Red said, "Did you brag about that, too?"

"For weeks on end. Five of our top football players kept me out till three in the morning taking turns. It took weeks just to cover everything that happened to me. I was the envy of our JV squad."

Marcie listened knowing full well it was all lies and was annoyed that the men bought her mother's outlandish story, hook, line, and sinker. Despite her provocative dance, her mother had all the attention. Marcie fought the urge to shout out, "That's not true!" but soon realized what her mother was doing. She was trying to divert attention to herself, and her ploy was working. She had the men in the palm of her hands. They only gave the kid cheerleader occasional glances.

Marcie found her frustration level growing as her brothers and her father began to hang on every word as though they too were believing what her mother said. When Jan started sharing cheerleader secrets for inspiring rapes, Marcie wanted to scream.

Jan said, "The best way to get guys to make a move on you is with the jump and spread routine. You've seen Marcie do it countless times. What you do is single out one guy or a group sitting together and you aim your beaver shots at them. That's why you guys are here, I'm sure. Whether she meant to or not, Marcie sent out invitations."

Lester said, "Man, you got that straight. She sent out engraved invitations right to the three of us, every damn week."

Jan smiled and said, "Yes, I saw what she was doing, but what could I say. As a mother, I wasn't happy, but as a former cheerleader, I know the pressure she must have been under. The technique still works. I know that much."

Lester said, "So, what are you saying, that you don't hold us responsible?"

"Absolutely not. No, she invited you. She teased you beyond your endurance. I don't think it was deliberate, but that doesn't matter. I come from the school that says cheerleaders can't cry rape. A cheerleader that cries rape may as well hang up her pom poms. Only those that get hurt get any sympathy."

Marcie couldn't take anymore and said, "Am I supposed to be taking off my clothes or what? I was ordered to strip. So far, all I've done is dance in place, and no one is even looking."

Jan knew her ploy was working. She addressed herself to her daughter trying hard not to show a smug grin. She said, "I'm sorry, Marcie. We got side-tracked. Okay, sweetheart, start undoing the buttons of your blouse. Go slow, and give peeks of breast flesh as you do. Pause to feel yourself as though you just discovered you had tits. As Georgette used to say, 'When you touch yourself, look as though you're coping a feel, as though you can't wait to get at the goodies that lie under your clothes.'"

Marcie untied the tails of her blouse and slyly trailed her fingertips on the underside of her bra cups, saying, "Like this?"

"You're not on a football field, Marcie. You're performing for fans at a private gathering. You needn't be so subtle. Your actions should convey a need to get fucked. When you touch yourself, go for naked skin."

Marcie blushed but sent both hands under the bra and cupped her firm breasts, saying, "You mean, like this?"

"Yes, that's it. Now, undo a button. Show some of that tittie flesh you're touching, and try to get a nipple to peek out."

Marcie followed the advice and her upper swells gleamed with growing moisture as her fingers molded and squeezed. A pink-nosed puppy was forced over the distorted rim of her bra, bringing hoots and cat-calls from the excited men. They clapped and shouted, "MORE!"

Marcie undid the last button and let the flaps fall open, exposing her lace bra. Jan sat back with folded arms doing little to conceal her smug grin. Marcie was hot, on fire, showing her proud tits for the first time and enjoying the reviews. She kept pushing her tits out of the bra and looked eager to divest herself of the encumbrance. When it became pointless for her to wear it any longer, Jan told her to strip the blouse and bra off.

Marcie wasted no time and soon danced her naked titties, cupping the underside and rolling the turgid nipples. The men, even the Mathews men, were in awe. Jan was in awe. She'd never seen more perfect breasts: firm, full, teen udders; tightly-puckered, long nipples; snow-white, flawless flesh that arched up; double handfuls of tittie, bouncing and swaying, almost vibrating with her exaggerated movements.

The men were speechless, mesmerized by the provocative sight. Jan took this opportunity to glance over at Julie who sat forward, studying her sister's magnificent tits. Her own, just budding, held promise, and Julie looked hopeful that she'd develop like her mother and sister. Though she had little to show, she looked eager to show them.

She'd been admonished about going about without a bra, but she was not wearing one. She'd also managed to undo the top three buttons of her blouse. She sat forward to give her father a peek inside. Jan also got a peek and she watched her husband peeking at the berry-like right nipple he could plainly see on a plum-size mound of hard flesh. She was eager to get the party going.

Jan took inventory of crotches. The ones on either side of her were straining under hands crossed defensively on laps. Wally couldn't hide his as his arms were tied behind his back. She saw a wet spot at the plainly outlined crown of his penis and Julie's eyes kept darting to it. Wally looked embarrassed, especially when Marcie's eyes fell on his crotch, but all he could do was redden.

Greg was pressing his thigh against her bare leg unnecessarily. The body heat being transferred obviously added to his excitement, hers as well. She pressed back and got a look which she returned with a smile. On the far end near Julie, Stomper sat in a chair and was in the process of extracting his naked cock. Julie had the best view, but the sofa's arm blocked Jan's. All she saw was the head when he finally got it out. He looked big, probably eight to ten inches.

She looked left and saw Lester and Red follow suit. Red stood and took off his pants. He wore no underwear. His nine-inch rod sprang free and bobbed menacingly before Marcie's wide eyes. Lester extracted the biggest cock because it was thicker than the rest. He had nine inches, but the shaft was as thick as an infant's arm with a head the size of a baby's fist.

Jan stared and was caught staring by Greg. He smiled. She rested her hand on the bare skin of his thigh at the leg hole of his brief shorts. He sat stiffly under this unmotherly touch. Lester caught the move and made eye contact with Jan, giving her a nod. Jan squeezed the firm thigh and her hand slid up an inch placing her pinky under the material very close to a testicle, so close, she felt the heat. Seconds later, she discovered that her oldest boy wore no underwear.

Steve watched what was going on beside him and bravely rested his small hand on the bare upper thigh of his mother. This drew her attention his way. She smiled and got a squeeze. His leg then pressed against hers and she pressed back, making her knees fall apart suggestively. She placed her hand on his upper thigh and had both boys in the palms of her hands.

Marcie watched all this in amazement. Her mother seemed to have no shame or inhibition. Marcie watched her mother's left hand reach inside her twin brother's leg hole and draw out his six-inch erection. She stroked Greg's hardon as calmly as she'd fondle a cucumber at the market. Meanwhile, Greg slipped his fingers inside Jan's shorts and was stroking pussy over panties. Not to be left out, Steve's fingers attacked from the other side. Soon, little fingers vied for space in her mother's crotch. Marcie saw those little fingers delve under the panty leg bands as her mother's right hand went under the waistband of Steve's shorts to get a grip on his five-inch erection.

Lester shouted across to Julie, who was watching everything, "Hey kid. Help your old man out. Get his cock out and stroke it for him. The poor guy's about to bust a nut in his skivvies."

Julie looked eager but unsure as she fumbled with the belt buckle and fly. When she had his jeans laid open, Jan said, "Wally, raise up so she can get them off. They'll just be in the way. You may as well get rid of them and the underwear. Go on, lift up."

Wally looked to Lester, got a commanding look, then lifted free of the cushion. Julie worked the pants down to his feet, then went for the tented BVDs. With a look of ruptured trepidation, she stretched the waist band over the straining cock, keeping her eyes on it as she fought to get the shorts down. She then eased off the sofa to affect the total removal, including his shoes and socks.

When she resumed her place, Jan told her to take her father's cock and stroke it gently as she was doing for Greg. Julie looked at the hand stroking her brother's cock, then curled her fingers around the base of her father's and began pumping in a milking fashion. Awed by the cock she held, Julie's eyes never left it as her hand pumped harder and faster, prompting Jan to say, "Easy. Go easy. I can see he's ready to pop. Make it last. We have all week."

Marcie once again found herself getting scant attention and said, "Mom, shouldn't I get my shorts off, now?"

"Oh, yes, sorry. Yes, by all means, but remember, do it slow and sexy. Tease the audience. Don't rush this part. The unveiling of the pussy is the main feature of your act. You should appear eager to get at it, but not in a hurry to show it."

Marcie was eager to get at it and had her shorts unsnapped and unzipped in seconds. Still doing figure eights, she slid her fingers under the waist band of her panties and got at her pussy, prompting Jan to say, "That's it, don't be shy now. Get down in there and have at it. As Georgette used to say, 'Pretend there's a fire in your crotch and you're trying to put it out by hand. It's hot, so hot you can't hold your hand still.' Keep attacking. Yes, like that. Excellent!"

In her frenzied attack, Marcie's shorts had worked their way down her thighs to a point where they couldn't go further due to the spread of her legs. In frustration, she stood straight, placed her legs together and let the shorts fall to her feet. She kicked free, then resumed her stance wearing only the panties and ankle-strap sandals.

Jan said, "Good, they were just in the way and not important. The panties are. Get the panties back up and cover the mound. No hair should show, yet. That's it, snug them up tight so they mold to your cunt. We've all seen it like this, but refresh our memories. Excellent, now, turn around. Show your naked ass, first. That's it, bend slightly and thrust your ass out. Keep moving. Now the marker pen is in your asshole. Yes, that's it."

Jan paused to allow everyone to absorb the provocative sight before saying, "Now, Marcie, reach back with both hands and pinch the panty waist band at each hip. Slowly unveil your ass to the very bottom."

The panties dropped like a slow-moving curtain to reveal white moons as soft and pure as the breast flesh, showing the outline of her bikini. The skin surrounding had the golden hue of a fading summer tan, outlining a triangular patch of white split by a tight crack.

As the curtain neared the base, Jan said, "Keep going until we get a peek at your pussy lips from behind. Bend lower as you go."

All sat forward except Wally. He couldn't. They watched the crack curve under and then saw the moist labia peek from between her moons. The slit looked dark and slightly parted, Even her clit showed at the top of her slit. The girl was frothing at the cunt, and her audience was frothing at the mouth. Jan never saw a pussy look so erotic or so in need.

She stopped Marcie when all of her daughter's pussy could be seen from the rear and Marcie's hair began to puddle between her feet. Jan said, "Good, now stand straight and turn to face us. Leave the panties where they are."

Marcie returned to her previous stance. The panties were hanging lower, cutting across her pubic mound of sparse reddish brown curls. She stood waiting for instruction. Jan said, "Now, give us a peek at your pussy from the front, but just a peek. Hook the waist band just below your clit, then let them rest there while you try to get our eyes focused on you tits."

Marcie showed her clit and the strained panties pushed the little nub of flesh into prominence. She did her best to attract attention to her tits, but few eyes followed.

Wally suddenly stiffened and groaned. A surprise jet of sperm burst out of his cock and hit Julie square in the face, draping her nose. Julie wasn't expecting that, nor the second harder jet that hit her right in her open mouth. Most missed the first, but they all caught the second. Julie was ready for the rest and angled the spurting cock straight up, getting clear of the creamy fountain. Sperm shot up in ropy strands that arched high before falling back to Wally's lap.

Sperm soaked her hand and she sat with a mouthful looking at her mother for advice. Jan said, "You may as well swallow. It won't hurt you." Julie swallowed. Jan said, "I told you to slow down. See what happens when you don't listen. Now, take your hand away and let him rest up. You just wasted that load, but like I said, we have all weekend."

Jan then addressed her girls saying, "There's something you girls need to know if you're going to be good cheerleaders: good cheerleaders don't waste sperm. We pride ourselves on not wasting sperm. Sperm belongs in a cheerleader, not on a cheerleader. That's an unwritten cheerleader code. Sperm on the outside is wasted. It's a sign that you did sloppy work or miscalculated." Addressing Julie, she said, "When you saw him ejaculating, you should have taken his cock in your mouth and sucked."

Julie defensively said, "But, I didn't know."

"Well, you know now. I won't tolerate sloppy work from my girls. Marcie, do you understand?"



"Yes. It won't happen again. I promise."

The men exchanged grins. Wally just looked stunned as Julie began licking up the mess he'd made. Jan turned to Lester and said, "He doesn't need to be tied. He won't interfere with me when I'm training my girls, and as far as I'm concerned, Marcie invited you men here."

Lester looked to his partners and got shrugs or nods, then said, "Stomper, let him go. She's right. We were invited. You invited us here, didn't you, Marcie?"

Marcie looked to her mother, then said, "Yeah, I guess so. Whatever Mom says. If there's one thing I've learned, Mom knows cheerleading inside and out. She was a pro, after all."

Jan tried hard to detect a note of sarcasm in that statement, but she found none. Marcie appeared sincere. Their eyes met on the sly and Jan gave her daughter an approving smile, unnoticed by the others.

Stomper leaned across Julie to untie and ungag Wally. His cock bobbed in her face and she boldly played with it, prompting Stomper to laugh and say, "This fucking kid has me by the dick. She's a natural born cheerleader all right. Keep that up, sugar. I'll let you know when I'm about to blast off. We wouldn't want you to miss a drop."

Stomper took his seat on the armrest of the sofa after freeing Wally. Julie kept up the stroking of his much bigger dick, turning to look at her mother, saying, "Like this, Mom?"

"Yes, except slower. Go all the way to the tip and back down, but do it slow and easy. If he starts to blow, you get your mouth over the end and suck."

"You mean like this?" With that, Julie pulled the arching rod down and slipped her mouth over the end, hollowing her cheeks as she gave her mother a side glance.

Jan smiled and said, "Yes, just like that, only keep up the pumping action. Milk his dick into your mouth. You suck and swallow all through his climax. A good cheerleader adores sucking on a shooting cock, and loves eating sperm right from a cock. As Georgette used to say, 'A Raiderette will stand in a long line to suck a dick.' We often did when the owner came into the locker room."

Red said, "Lucky fucker. Can you imagine that, Lester? All the Raiderettes lined up to suck your dick. Man, what a lucky bastard."

Lester said, "Who was the owner back then, Jan?"

"Oh...uh, his name escapes me. It's been years."


"It could be. That sounds familiar. Bart Jones, I think was his name."

Lester gave her a knowing look then turned to Red and said, "At first I wasn't sure, but only a Raiderette from the eighties would know that Bart Jones owned the Raiders."

"I never doubted her. She looks like a Raiderette, and she sure knows her cheerleading."

Lester looked to Jan with another knowing look as he said, "Yep, she knows cheerleading inside and out."

Marcie watched this exchange closely. She could see that Lester knew of her mother's deception and wondered why he didn't expose her. She wondered why her mother made up that lie in the first place, and why she was acting like a slut was a complete mystery. She was acting. Marcie had no doubt. The way she languished between the boys, allowing them free and easy access to her crotch through the leg holes of her shorts while jacking them off was so totally unlike her. The boys weren't about to ask questions. They saw a window of opportunity and took it.

Their hands fought over the choicest spots between their mother's legs, but she appeared to enjoy the fight. Their mother watched Julie suck on a man's cock without the slightest bit of alarm or concern, and when Julie didn't seem in any hurry to remove her mouth from the cock, Jan told her to go ahead and suck him off as practice.

Marcie was confused, but she knew her mother hadn't done a one-eighty in twenty minutes. She was Mom when she left with Lester and someone entirely different on her return. Marcie was in no position to question her mother. All she could do was trust her judgement. Her father, on the other hand, didn't seem to have a clue and kept looking at his wife as though she were a total stranger; or worse, as though the real Jan Mathews was finally coming out.

Jan ignored him for the most part and concentrated on acting the role of a slut cheerleader - the only kind there was - or that was the impression she tried to convey. Red and Stomper were completely fooled and thought their every suspicion about cheerleaders had been confirmed. In a way, Marcie found this amusing, but she was not inclined to chuckle.

She had not lost sight of the seriousness of their predicament. They were totally at these men's mercies. She reasoned that if her mother had any plan at all it was to win their favor to spare anyone from violence. She was just as certain that saving her daughters from a virginity ending fuck was not part of the plan. Marcie kissed her virginity goodbye when she started doing the vulgar figure eights. It was only a matter of when.

She got the impression that her mother wanted her to act the role of a slut cheerleader, and as difficult as that was for her, she'd gradually got into the role and then the mind set that went with it. All the open sex play going on before her helped pave the way, but it was showing her ass and exposing her pussy from the rear that pushed her over the edge and changed her mind set. Marcie also discovered that being almost naked while acting lewd was easier if those watching were playing with each others genitals and not focused solely on her.

After Julie started sucking on Stomper's dick, the focus of attention shifted to her kid sister. Marcie thought this would be a good time to test her theory. While her sister sucked the man's dick, Marcie slipped a hand inside her panties and began stroking her slit, waiting to catch her mother's eye. When the eye was caught, Marcie said, "Mom, when can I take off my panties?"

Jan sat back and refocused her attention on Marcie. The men also took note after hearing her surprising request. All eyes were now on Marcie, and she kept up the pussy play, showing no shyness, not even a blush. To all that looked, Marcie came across as a horny teenage girl driven to public masturbation from witnessing a blow job.

Jan said, "You mustn't appear to be in a hurry, Marcie. You have them here, and you'll get what you want. By the time this week is up, you'll be fucked raw and walking bowlegged. What you need to do now is make the experience good for them so they'll sing your praises. Bragging to girls in the locker room won't do you much good if fans in the stands don't know you're as good as you look. You want these men as horny as you can get them, and you don't do that by stripping down and yelling, 'Hop on, boys.'"

Satisfied that she had the situation figured right, Marcie pouted, "But I'm so horny, Mom."

"I know, sweetheart, and that's good that you show it, but you want them as horny as you are - hornier. A super horny man is less critical, easier to impress, and easier to satisfy. Start by showing a little more pussy. Show them what those fingers are doing."

Marcie inched down the front of her panties to reveal her slick finger hooked inside her hole, dragging the slime up to her clit, then down the slit to her hole again. She did this several times, then said, "Like this?"

"Yes, that's very good. Now, show a little more. Move the panties to the tops of your thighs. That's it, now give them a better look at your pussy. Move the hand so they can see the hole they're going to fuck. Good, now display your clit. Show them how ready you are, how hot and horny you are. You want a stiff dick in you so badly you can taste it. Let them see that."

Julie was trying to steal the show. She had gotten on her knees, kneeling over the cock, sucking and jacking to beat the band. Stomper tried to hold back, but with Marcie's words and performance, he was a gonner and cried out, "Here she blows!"

Jan said, "Suck, Julie, suck! Suck hard, baby." Her ass was to everyone except Stomper. On impulse, Jan said, "Wally, pull her shorts down and rip that blouse off her. A cheerleader should always suck cock in the raw."

Wally only gave his wife one astonished look before launching himself into action. Julie's shorts and panties came down in one tug to her knees and he rended the blouse in two by ripping up the back. The two halves slid to her elbows leaving her effectively naked. While sucking, Julie moved her knees apart to better show her lightly-downed and sopping wet pussy. Her father cupped her sex as Stomper reached from the top and insinuated a finger into her ass.

Stomper cried out, "Fuck! It feels like a Hoover has me by the dick. Oh, yeah, baby! Suck that cum, bitch! Eat it! Fuck!..."

Sperm poured down the kid's throat as she sucked and swallowed as fast as she could. Julie ate it all without spilling a drop, then licked the dick while milking the last drops. When she finished, she fell back against her father's chest in a sprawl, turned her head to her mother and breathlessly said, "Did I do good, Mom?"

Jan reached across and tweaked a nipple, saying, "You did very good, Julie. Was it good?"

"Ummm, yes! I love sperm."

"Good, all cheerleaders love sperm."

Stomper stood and examined his deflating member, saying, "Man, what a cock-sucker! I ain't never had my dick sucked like that."

Marcie cried, "Mom, I wanna get fucked. This isn't fair. I'm the one who got them here, and Julie is going to suck them all dry before I get any."

Lester and Red sat with their mouths agape as Jan said, "You'll get fucked, don't worry about that. Julie is done for a while. We have six cocks and three cunts at this party. You'll get your share, but you're going to share. Now, get those panties off, you horny little slut."

Marcie whipped the panties off then assumed a wide-legged stance to properly fuck herself with both hands. Jan said, "Now, dance your way over to Lester and get close to do your figure eight dance with your hands behind your neck. Place everything at his disposal. Let him sample the wares."

Marcie sauntered over and straddled Lester's legs, getting her cunt over his cock as she assumed the provocative pose and dance. Lester used his dick to follow the figure eight pattern, keeping the head pressed against her slimy hole. Marcie made three eights then started sinking. The cock began sinking as well, sinking inside.

With three inches imbedded, Lester couldn't take the tease any longer. He grabbed her hips and yanked her down. Marcie squealed, more from surprise than pain. She had a grimace on her face as she sat firmly on Lester's groin with nine-inches of fat cock up her ex-virgin twat.

Lester's head had lolled back over the head-rest, then lolled right to look at Jan with a Cheshire-cat smile. He said, "This is fine pussy, Jan."

"I'm glad you like it. You're her first." To Marcie, Jan said, "He is your first, isn't he?" Marcie could only nod. Jan smiled and said, "Take a little time to adjust, then start moving up and down slowly. You fuck him. He shouldn't have to do a thing."

Seconds later, Marcie began moving. At first, she just ground her cunt in place, but she soon began lifting up by inches, then by six inches, then all the way to the tip and back down. Turning to her mother, she said, "Am I fucking him right?"

"Yes, like that, only start building up more speed and put figure eights in your movements. The figure eight is the cheerleader's movement. When guys see us do figure eights, they know what we're suggesting."

Lester said, "Eight is now my favorite number. Red, you're going to shit when you feel this kid's snatch on your dick. It's like a snot-covered velvet glove gripping your dick. I ain't never felt pussy this good. I done died and went to heaven."

Oddly, Marcie found herself taking pride in his gross compliment. She also found herself enjoying the novel sensation of having a live organ filling her most intimate body part while spectators looked on. A candle, she realized, didn't hold a candle to the real thing. She was now thankful that she'd gone too far with the candle as there was no hymen to tear and spoil the experience. There was no blood, and no one seemed to notice or care that she wasn't actually a virgin.

Her audience had gathered all around her and were copping feels. She had a brother on each breast, a sister exploring her stuffed twat with inquisitive fingers, a mother stroking her thighs, and a father trying to get a finger up her ass. Red squeezed in and poked a stiff dick at her lips. When the opportunity presented itself, she licked or sucked.

More and more, she liked being the center of attention at an orgy. Furthermore, she came to like her mother's plan whatever it was. She discovered that she enjoyed being vulgar, using the filthiest language, and best of all, doing these things before an audience.

Marcie still couldn't get over the fact that the more vulgar she behaved, the more approval she saw in her mother's eyes. The lust she saw in her father's eyes was icing on the cake. Being treated like meat by her siblings was a novel sensation she never dreamed she'd experience or tolerate much less crave.

Her siblings treated her like an object they could have their way with, and they had no inhibitions about using her. Their mouths and fingers titillated private parts of her body adding to the thrill of her first sexual experience with a partner. Most of all, she liked the way her mother touched her.

Marcie's first fuck ended in a surprisingly quick blast of cum deep in her pussy. She milked that orgasm, then looked for Red. He found her and lifted her free of the spent tool. She came off with a wet-sucking pop, drooling sperm on Lester's lap that Julie dove on and began lapping.

Hands assisted in carrying her to her next customer. As Red sat, Marcie straddled his lap and immediately went to work on another stiff dick. He didn't last much longer, but at least he triggered her orgasm.

When Red discocked her, Stomper was ready. He had her stand, facing away. He stuffed her cunt from behind and fucked her hard as her upper body fell forward and her head lolled between her knees. He buffeted her cunt and poured another load into her well-used honey-pot. When he un-cunted, Wally cunted.

After her father screwed her, she was exhausted. They laid her face-up on the bed and invited the boys to sample their sister. She laid still like a rag doll as her brothers mounted her and added their seed to the others. After Steve finished, Jan sat by Marcie's shoulder, stroking her daughter's face. Their eyes met. Marcie smiled weakly. Jan returned a bigger smile, saying, "You're going to make a fine cheerleader, Marcie."

Marcie said, "I should. I'm lucky. I'm being privately coached by a pro."

Again, Jan looked for the sarcasm and again found none. She smiled and said, "I'm so proud of you, Marcie, so very proud."

"I know. I'm proud of you too, Mom."

Their eyes told all. Nothing more needed to be said. Jan saw no questions in Marcie's eyes, and no need for explanations. All of Jan's fears evaporated in Marcie's loving and accepting gaze. On impulse, Jan moved her lips to Marcie's to implant a loving, motherly kiss which brought cat-calls of, "All right, a lezzie show! Get it on, girls. Let's see some cunt sucking!"

Jan expected this response, but it took Marcie by complete surprise. After delivering the full-lipped kiss, Jan eased up a few inches to make eye contact. Their eyes spoke. Jan's said, "I'm game if you are." Marcie's said, "I guess so."

Marcie said, "Mom, I'm messy down there. Let me wash up first."

Jan sat up and said, "I'm a pro, remember. Your messy pussy will be a treat. Just relax. Let's give them a good show. I'm sure these guys would like to know what goes on in a cheerleader's locker room."

Stomper excitedly said, "You guys eat each other, don't you?"

Jan stood and said, "I have never known a cheerleader that wasn't nuts about pussy. Cheerleaders are notorious bisexuals, and cheerleader coaches are notorious dykes. Marcie's coach is a dyke, as was Georgette and every other coach I ever had. Licking the coach's pussy was an honor we fought over."

Lester said, "Hey, Marcie, did you ever eat that coach of yours? Is she really a dyke?"

[I'm sure you recall that Marcie's coach, Stella, is Lester's twin sister]

Marcie struggled up to her elbows, keeping her legs wide apart to respond, "Yes, she's a dyke, and I'm her favorite. She loves having me eat her on my knees before all the other girls."

"Does she have a nice pussy?"

"Yes. I love it. I'd eat her cunt for hours if she'd let me, but mostly I love showing off in front of the other girls. Like Mom says, it's an honor to suck the coach's cunt."

Red said, "God damnit, Lester, how come you never told us about that?"

"Because Stella swore me to secrecy." Lester turned his attention to the two women who eyed him curiously, saying, "Stella is my twin sister. She tells me everything. That's how I knew we'd be welcome and knew where to find you guys. She'll be here tomorrow, Marcie, so you can demonstrate your cunt-eating prowess."

Marcie and Jan exchanged surprised looks and concerned looks. Stella could blow everything...then again, Stella was behind everything. Lester would clue Stella, and Stella would be whatever she and Marcie said she was. This ruse was really for Red and Stomper, and to a large degree, Greg, Steve, and Wally who weren't sure what to believe. What they were wanting to believe made their dicks hard. Jan quickly addressed Lester, saying, "That'll be nice. Stella knows how much I appreciate the way she took Marcie under her wing. She not only made Marcie a better cheerleader, she turned her into a devoted cunt lapper. Nobody has ever eaten me as well as Marcie does."

Lester, holding back a smirk, said, "She said you were the most accommodating mother on the squad. She said you practically handed your daughter to her on a silver platter, begging her to whip the kid into shape for you."

"She wasn't exaggerating one bit. As I recall, I stripped Marcie naked and handed her into Stella's arms, and that was at the first meeting of the squad with their mothers present. I wanted to get Marcie started off right."

"That's what she said. She said no mother had ever done anything like that before, but it sure got things off on the right foot."

"Just glad I could help."

Julie sat up and cried out, "Mom, this isn't fair. How come you never told me? How come I never got a chance. I'll bet you I can do it as good as Marcie does. Wanna see?"

"You're not a cheerleader, yet, Julie. When you get on a squad, I'll do the same for you. In the mean time, I'll give you the opportunity to show what you can do. Don't worry about that. For now, you sit back and watch - watch and learn."

With that, Jan addressed the audience and reached for her top button, saying, "Let's get this show on the road. Since cunt games should always be done au natural, we'll begin with another strip show."

Lester interrupted, "We don't need another strip show. Just get naked. While your at it, why don't you tell us the story about that first meeting. From what Stella told me, it was one hellofa meeting. The guys will love it."

"Okay, if that's the way you want it." Jan began to disrobe, saying, "The first meeting took place in the girl's locker room long after school let out. I believe there were twelve girls there with their mothers. Men weren't allowed. A few may have been there with aunts or grand mothers, but most were mothers, and almost all had been cheerleaders at some point. As I recall, the one that hadn't been a cheerleader had another daughter that was in Stella's squad the previous year."

Jan removed the shorts, then paused in only her panties to say, "I suppose that's why Stella was so bold and forthright at that meeting. We adults knew the score. Only the girls were in the dark. Since four would be cut from the squad, the girls were all eager beavers. That's what we call a pre-cut squad - eager beavers. They're called that because they'll do anything to make the cut."

Jan shimmied out of her panties and tossed them aside. She then posed in all her naked glory with hungry male eyes devouring the charms she displayed. Her tits were bigger than Marcie's, but not as firm. Her thighs had a few extra pounds, but were anything but unsightly. What drew the eyes was her shaved pussy lips. To highlight her best asset, she sat on the edge of the mattress with her knees out, and her hands on her knees, a most unladylike pose, but a most provocative one.

Marcie came to sit beside her mother. She wanted to hear the story her mother was making up, but mostly, she wanted to see what had everyone so enthralled. She wanted to see the pussy she was supposed to be so familiar with, the pussy she'd soon be eating, the pussy she'd always wondered what would be like to eat. She was not disappointed. She thought her mother had a beautiful pussy, and she loved the way she boldly showed it.

Jan placed an arm around Marcie's shoulder and drew her close, saying, "And this little mink was the eagerest beaver of all. Weren't you, sweetheart?"

"Yes, especially after you told me what an eager beaver was and what would be expected of us. I couldn't believe my ears, but Mom never lied to me before, so I had to believe her."

Jan gave Marcie's shoulder a hard squeeze that no one but Marcie noticed. The squeeze was a signal that effectively said, "Don't say too much; this is my story." Marcie shut up and placed her hand in her mother's crotch as though she'd done it hundreds of times before. She toyed aimlessly with the pussy parts and Jan tried to pay this exciting contact no heed.

Jan said, "I could see Stella was not about to waste any time with this new squad of fresh girls, and with that unique crowd of mothers all knowing the score, she flat laid it out and told everyone how it was going to be. She confessed to being a lesbian, then went on to say that her girls had better toe the lesbian mark or they'd never make the cut."

Stomper said, "Man, you gotta be shittin' me. Lester, is she shittin' us?"

"She ain't shittin' you man. Shut up and listen. You ain't gonna believe this shit, but it's all true. I got it straight from Stella herself. Go on, Jan. Tell 'em what you did."

Jan smiled because every guy except Lester was on the edge of his seat, dying to hear more. Julie was pissed and sat back with folded arms, fuming. Jan went on, saying, "You could have heard a pin drop after Stella dropped that bomb. Those girls, even Marcie, were stunned."

Marcie volunteered, "I was. I mean, I never thought she'd come right out in the open and say that even though we all knew she was a dyke - I mean, a lesbian." She earned another squeeze.

Lester said, "She calls herself a dyke. You're not offending me if that's what you're worried about. Go on, Jan."

"Well, I wanted to make points and get Marcie off to a good start, so I raised my hand and was recognized. I stood and said, "My daughter is bisexual, but she's leaning more toward girls. She'll be no trouble at all."

A finger nudge prompted Marcie to speak, she said, "I was so shocked to hear her say that. I mean, I'd never done anything with any girl, and here she was telling all my friends that I was queer for girls. I was so embarrassed, but she is my mom, and I knew she knew what she was doing. I just smiled."

"She smiled, but she was smiling through a deep red face. Stella smiled and smiled big, then said, 'Is that so? Take off her clothes. Let's see what she's bringing to the squad. Have her face the group.'"

Red cried out, "Hot damn! Boy, that Stella is something else. I'll bet you liked ta shit, huh, Marcie?"

Marcie said, "No shit, especially when Mom dragged me to my feet and made me face all those people." A squeeze silenced her.

Jan said, "I wasn't prepared to go that far, but what could I do? It was a challenge. Stella was calling my bluff. I really had no choice, so I started taking off her clothes. Poor Marcie. I thought she was going to die. The poor thing was trembling as I took off her bra. When I dropped her panties, I thought she'd pass out. I didn't plan on picking her up, but I thought I'd better. I scooped her into my arms and handed her to Stella."

Stomper clapped and shouted, "Far fuckin' out! What'd she do, take her to a back room and girl fuck her? Stella'd do that shit. She don't care. What'd she do, Jan?"

"You won't believe this, but she girl-fucked my daughter right there and then."

This news was like a splash of cold water to everyone listening, everyone except Lester. They all became animated, expressing disbelief. Julie stood and cried, "I can't believe you never told me. Why didn't you tell me? Nobody tells me anything." She sat with a huff and folded her arms again.

Wally had a look of pure astonishment. The boys were all grins. The men were stroking new erections, talking excitedly among themselves, giving each other high fives. Marcie was finger fucking two pussies as Jan reclined on straight arms to bask in the effect of her outrageous story.

She could not believe that her own family bought that bull shit story, but they obviously did, and loved it. Julie was only upset that she'd been left out. They had no trouble accepting that she'd behave this way. As a result, Jan began thinking.

She thought about the way Marcie had also gotten excited by the tale. She enjoyed hearing it, though she knew the truth. She enjoyed toying with her mother's pussy and seemed genuinely enthralled by it. Her interest was no act. She looked upon the wide open beaver with a hunger reserved for horny males that had been at sea for months. She looked eager to get her mouth on it.

Jan mulled this over and then a bold idea popped into her head: Why ever come clean? Why undo what she'd done after the party ended? The party need never end. Only Marcie would know the truth, and she didn't appear to want the party to end either. A deliciously wicked thrill coursed through Jan as she thought more along those line. This was followed by a desire to get nastier and make the party even more interesting than it was.

After just a few minutes to ponder, Jan said, "Marcie, why don't you get on your knees between my legs and we'll show them what Stella did to you."

Everyone became silent and sat forward as Marcie slipped to her knees then inched between her mother's legs. Jan said, "Stella was in the position I'm in now with her skirt pulled up. She was not wearing panties, so Marcie faced a naked cunt, just as she is now. Stella reached out, took a handful of Marcie's hair, like this, and brought her face square into her cunt, just like this."

This act launched everyone from their seats. They crowded in to see Marcie's face wedded to the beaver. When Marcie was close enough, her tongue shot out and went to work immediately. By the time they had onlookers, the tongue was deep inside, laving the interior walls of Jan's cunt. Marcie's face was pressed in tightly, and not from the pull. Jan held her by the hair, but that was just for show.

Jan said, "Of course, she wasn't eating pussy as she is now. That first time, she was in shock. All she did was get her face fucked, but she got her face fucked good, by a pro. I stood right beside them the whole time and never said a word. Marcie's been a good little pussy pet ever since. Haven't you, sweetie?"

Marcie just nodded and kept eating. She was taught never to talk with her mouth full. Marcie was a good girl, and becoming a damn good cheerleader. She made her mother proud; she also made her mother cum. When Stella showed up with Bubba and Sambo, she made her mother a breeder and a grandmother nine months later. She would have had a bright cheerleading career had the videos not gotten out and the baby not been so black.

Oh, well, the story still has a happy ending. They got to keep Sambo, and he turned out to be great with kids.

The End

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