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Ronnie and Cheryl were twins, and they had twin cousins only four months older then them named David and Sara.

The two sets of twin cousins lived only a couple of miles apart and were together constantly growing up. Weekends would find Ronnie and Cheryl staying overnight at David and Sara's one night almost every weekend. And if they were not, David and Sara would almost always spend a night with Ronnie and Cheryl.

When the first of them (David) learned about sex, he of course told Ronnie and both boys shared what they'd learned with their sisters.

Sex became a normal topic of the four to discuss when they were all together during their teenage years.

How babies were actually made, a girl's period, a boys sperm contributing to fertilizing a girl's egg to make a baby. Those were all topics the four would talk about together.

Even when they reached puberty and the boys and the girls each learned the pleasures of masturbation on their own, that was soon shared with the other 3.

Things really began to heat up during those late Friday or Saturday nights when the kids would be together and all seem to congregate in one of their bedrooms when the parents of whoever's house they were staying at had gone to sleep.

Sara was the first one to be so daring as to show herself to the other three. Sara actually had shown her brother David her pussy and he had shown her his prick that very week. And when they told their cousins what they had done, Sara pulled down her pajama bottoms and her panties exposing her pussy to everyone. She also teased Ronnie and Cheryl by saying she bet they were chicken to do the same.

Ronnie and Cheryl were not quite as bold as their cousins, but they had to show they were not chicken. Both then exposed themselves. It was the first time that Ronnie and Cheryl had ever actually seen each other since they had matured sexually and had grown pubic hair. David also exposed himself that night.

That night led right to masturbating themselves in front of every one else when Sara did it and dared the others, calling them chicken if they didn't do the same. The two boys stroked their pricks until the came in tissue each had wrapped around his prick and each girl worked themselves with their fingers until they came.

The ever so bold Sara of course, was the one who took her hand one evening and masturbated her brother. Even he was surprised she did it and Sara had not done that for him before. Cheryl of course felt she had to do the same for Ronnie, and then both boys, at Sara's urging fingered their sisters until they came.

The sexual playground of those nights led to Sara bringing up what she said a girlfriend of hers had told her. The girl was like Cheryl and Sara in that she was a virgin and intended to stay that way, but she told about letting her boyfriend rub his exposed prick along her exposed pussy as they lay in the backseat of the car until he came. Naturally, the ever so daring Sara invited her brother to do that, and at the taunting of Sara, Cheryl wound up doing the same. Both girls wound up with their brother's come squirted all over their bellies. And both girls got so turned on, they pleaded for their brothers to bring them off with his finger.

Rubbing off sex between brother and sister became a regular thing on those weekend night sleepovers.

It wasn't Sara though who took things to the next level. It was Cheryl. The girls would sometimes have their brothers hard pricks pushed against their slots and they straddled them and slide their pussies up and down until each of their brothers got off. That of course was finished by the brothers getting the girls off with their fingers.

They were doing that one evening when Ronnie's prick did not slide up along Cheryl's slot as before. The head hit her slot at the correct angle and poked up inside her inside of sliding on up.

Cheryl gave out a "Ohh! Uhhh!" as her hole was penetrated by two inches of her brothers prick, the head fully inside. She then pulled herself back off of it. It had not really been a planned move.

Everyone laughed about it, including Cheryl, but they stopped there and finished off their usual way. Cheryl did say though the next day that she and Ronnie had done something Sara and David had never done. She's had Ronnie's prick at least part way up inside her.

Having something to lord over her cousin, Cheryl teased Sara about that the next week and told her she would be chicken to do it. .. Sara of course was not going to be the chicken and was not going to be outdone by her cousin.

She did the same that night, only her penetration was planned and deliberate. She even upped Cheryl one. She grunted with some obvious pain at her first penetration, but she gamely lowered herself all the way, taking David's cock all the way up in her cunt. Sara immediately pulled herself off, not wanting David to come in her of course. But she could then tease Cheryl about being too chicken to take all of Ronnie's cock up inside her.

Cheryl was hesitant to do so, saying she didn't want to risk having Ronnie squirt off inside her and make her pregnant. BUT, Sara's taunting of "Chicken. Chicken You're chicken!" caused her to take the chance just one time. She was off her brother's prick like lightning not wanting him to possibly come in her.

Full penetration of the girls having been made, there was soon more, and it was considered chicken to not go in all the way for at least an instant during their ruboff/masturbation sessions.

It was tough for the girls as well as the boys to instantly unjoin because it soon was feeling so good. And Sara of course would be the one to sit down on David's prick all the way one evening, holding herself perfectly still, not wanting to overexcite him, and then pulling out after a few seconds. Cheryl also matched that move that night.

The four teenagers were now at the point of playing with fire. They would hold themselves down on their brothers, wanting the other to chicken out and get off first. They could not follow up on that game of hold it in chicken the next weekend after they first did it because both girl's were in their periods, but the next weekend, they were on their brothers for nearly a minute for Sara and about 45 seconds for Cheryl.

The boys would lie as still as they possibly could in the excruciatingly pleasureful feeling of being up inside their sisters cunts, not wanting to move a muscle lest they come while still inside their sisters. Sara really got some mileage out of having beat Cheryl by so much time that night. They were together the next weekend, and even before they started their sexual games that night Sara had been taunting Cheryl about having lost the pull out contest the weekend before. "We both know I'll let David stay in me longer that you let Ronnie stay inside you tonight again because you're chicken Sara taunted.

Cheryl knew that Sara was not going to keep David inside her until he came, and that night she was determined to outwait her.

All four of the hormone driven lust-filled teenagers were tingling bundles of excitement when the girls slid their brother's peters up inside themselves and sat there straddling the boys.

Even though Cheryl was not moving a muscle, tensed up trying not to move, she felt like she was very very close to coming... She was just about ready to get off lest her brother come inside her, when she looked over at Sara. Sara grinned back naughtily, then actually worked her groin twice, settled back down very still and then said. "What's the matter, Cheryl Are you getting scared? You're chicken aren't you? You're too scared to stay like this much longer aren't you? You're scared Ronnie's going to come inside you and make you pregnant aren't you?"

Cheryl clenched her teeth, tried to think of anything else in the world to fend off her own pending orgasm lest it cause Ronnie to come, and held herself in place.

After a bit more, Cheryl saw Ronnie gritting his teeth, felt his body tensing trying desperately to ward off his own climax, and then felt a shudder go up and down her spine. Her eyes closed reflexively, her body shuddered from head to toe, and she groaned as her orgasm overtook her. Cheryl's eyes were fluttering open and closed as she shuddered in tremendous relief, and she saw Sara then pulling off David. She then happened to see her brother's eyes close and felt his prick pulsing inside her as she let out a mighty "Awwwwwwwwhh. Uhhhhh!"

In a little bit, Cheryl's orgasmic fogged mind began to function again and she realized her brother had been coming inside her as she orgasmed. Even with that sobering thought, Cheryl couldn't make her body stop having the release it needed and in spite of her conscious will, her body insisted on keeping Ronnie's prick inside her until her orgasmic release had been completed.

When Cheryl finally raised up, Ronnie's comeslick dick plopped out and a flood of her own juices and white milky come flowed back out of her sperm saturated pussy saturating Ronnie's balls, groin, and pubic hair.

Cheryl was immediately scared to death when she realized what she had done. She had wound up having her brother come in her totally unprotected pussy in her bid to not be the one to chicken out first.

Sara of course, did not take the bait and let her brother come in her after it happened. She told Cheryl she was not chicken, but she wasn't stupid either... "I'm not going to get myself pregnant." Sara replied. "And, were both fertile this weekend. Our periods were two weekends ago. Remember? I like David's prick inside me, and when we get some rubbers I'm going to let him fuck me all the way.. BUT I am not about to get pregnant! I'm not that stupid!"

The chicken games stopped after that night. BUT, it was too late for Cheryl and Ronnie. Six months later, Cheryl again told Sara she was chicken for pulling off her brother first that night. Sara conceded the chicken point that time. She said: "You're right. I'm chicken. You win. I'm chicken!" But Sara looked at Cheryl's protruding tummy and continued on. "Yes, I'm chicken. But, I'm not pregnant. You ARE!"

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